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people that begin to think that maybe this was related to become a disclosure on the job and investigation reveals how even the smallest devices have deadly environmental and health costs we think ok we'll send our you waste to china but we have to remember that air pollution travels around the globe death by design on al-jazeera. we hear to jews can be recovered israeli palestinian affairs we covered the story with a lot of intimate knowledge we covered it with that we don't dip in and out of the stories we have presence here all the time apart from being a cameraman it's also very important to be a journalist to know the story very well before going into the fields covering the united nations and global diplomacy for al-jazeera english is pretty incredible this is where talks happen and what happens here matters.
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this is al jazeera. from london coming up in the program. supporters of former brazilian president. stop him from surrendering to authorities to begin a twelve year prison. funerals are held in goals of a some of the protests by israeli forces. dozens of civilians are killed in the rebel held syrian town of duma as government forces continue the ground and. two people are killed and more injured author of run crashes into a crowded western germany. and on fire here with sport including manchester city's title celebrations are put on hold after man united down their rivals.
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so then we begin in brazil where thousands of supporters of former president alluded to silva have prevented him from surrendering to authorities to begin his twelve year prison sentence for corruption. the seventy two year old told supporters in his hometown of salt but not a combo that he would give himself up just a day off to defying a judge ordered to do so last year luna was found guilty of taking bribes from an engineering firm in return for helping award state contracts. addressed to supporters insisting he is not leading. i'm doing a very conscious very conscious thing i told the com rates that if it depends on my will i would not go but i will go i'm going because they will say tomorrow that it is out of the way that lula. no i am not hiding i'm going to go there so they know
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i'm not afraid so they know i'm not going to run and i'm going to put my innocent. well joining us from sao paulo is a jersey reporter to later he's a journalist for a brazilian newspaper welcome to the program a city. what's your assessment of this that we saw addressing his own supporters what's the why you the public opinion within brazil. is completely divided i would say that almost fifty percent supports and other how far we against him so it's a very complicated exposed nation especially now that he is leaving in presidential campaign and he's now left field it's completely open so as far as he is concerned first of all do you think once he's in prison will that be the end of demonstrations. possible to say it's very difficult because for instance in two
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thousand and thirteen there are no signs that there there is going to be some turmoil and there's no they kind of minutes were great and we have the biggest demonstration of that we have or have so from now on and it seemed the only certainty in this election it's uncertain it's very difficult to make any predictions especially about how the public is going to do what they are going to do if they're going to demonstrate in the streets and which side is going to demonstrate more than others it's probably the most difficult political situation that i've ever seen since it's one hundred eighty nine where i started over. himself what's his position i think he's done he will have to serve his term oh out of house is difficult to say because more are. saying that he can do it
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the supreme court but i think it's fair to say that he's probably going to serve or for a couple of years now and he's not going to be completely out of the politico scene because he's going to try to. persuade voters to vote for his candidate but the fact is that he doesn't have. another candidate to support right now he showed up today in the protests a couple of names some of them not even from his own workers' party so it's completely open the scene on the left we don't know who is going to be lula's political heir so so not out of the political scene but what chance do you think of him becoming president at some point in the future. very very few because even if he gets out of jail well first he needs to go inside and seen
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people outside this. building in there are not going to let you out but that once he's in jail you know it's going to be very difficult for him to get out in time. to the elections but mark difficult event is that the fact that the justice system is not going to allow him to be a candidate for he was. free to be out of jail so. he is going to be kind of sucking the maker but won't be king getting one all right great to get your expertise on this. thanks very much for the. pleasant. funerals have been held in gaza for the ten palestinians killed by israeli forces during a friday's protests at least thirty people have died since demonstrations began last week thousands of protesters accompany along the israeli gaza border to demand the right of return for palestinian refugees among those buried was
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a palestinian journalist yassin would taja the thirty year old was shot in the stomach while covering the protests on friday fourteen other journalists have been injured in the violence june reports knol from occupied west bank. despite the blue protective vest he was wearing and despite the fact that the word press was in place and on the front of that best palestinian journalist yassin was shot by israeli forces while covering the mass protest in gaza on friday yes it died early on saturday. night at his funeral in gaza hamas leader is a tribute well i did not buy i salute all the journalists and priests who lost their lives in the same way those who have gone through the road of suffering in order to portray the reality for an oppressed people a frustrated people and the season gaza and all across palestine but it's the image
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of dignity for a proud people a brave people a straightforward people brave able to turn the table and the hardest of times for palestinian journalists gathered in the occupied west bank to commemorate yasser according to the palestinian journalist syndicate seven other journalists were also injured in protests on friday the syndicate described them as deliberate crimes committed by the israeli army and called on the united nations to do more to protect journalists in ramallah there was shock and. the journalist they want to send a message say that even the journalist in gaza or in was the same. for the first of all as it was the. second as a journalist their duty is to cover up what happened yes it was thirty years old well known and well liked yes it was a gentle soul this is how everybody describes them he was a gifted journalist
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a gifted photojournalist and documentary filmmaker in leaves behind a wife and a two year old child. and he has united everybody in sorrow and in mourning because he was so so gentle and so gifted and so dedicated journalists stood in solidarity with their dead and wounded colleagues this is not going to make us feel helpless or hopeless it will i think as it did before make us more determined. now and the syndicate has more tools at its hand to defend the rights of journalists to expose israeli actions and to attempt to hold it accountable in international forums so that's a new window of hope if you will that we didn't have before words of encouragement at a time when strength and fortitude may be needed more than ever before. ramallah
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in the occupied west bank hospitals have declared a state of emergency jew to a severe shortage of supplies has a two hundred. there isn't an easy atmosphere in the ward the patients are in pain but this is silent worry of those around them that is most striking. but not in the hoody cannot contain his despair he has three sons all three maimed to protest is the last one to be injured and his condition is the most worry he has already lost his left leg in an accident a few years ago now his right one is at risk. he lost his leg because of the two governments we have one would agree to transfer him the other would refuse anyone who cares about us please help me get my son out of gaza he needs treatment to please help me save this leg. medleys in the
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next bed in agonizing pain his mother is angry at all parties. living in gaza is like living in a sealed box she says they only care about themselves. a man was among the first to arrive at the hospital on friday it was early in the day many more would follow the sheer number of injured putting stress among already fragile system dr ayman sahab and he says it's now bursting at the seams. we declared a state of emergency and once his who carrying three or four patients had this time we had three hundred cases in one day that's fifteen times more than the capacity of the emergency unit and we've used all our stock. injuries are in the lower part of the body external fixators for limbs antibiotics and dijon other necessities have run out or are in short supply getting anything into gaza requires a lengthy and complicated process under normal circumstances the health system
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suffers from a shortage about half of the drugs needed and a third of the equipment are lacking but the situation gets even further complicated by political developments the. seventeen year old mohammed a sports lover was told that nothing more could be done here in gaza there are treating his leg is torn and he's losing a lot of blood he needs to be transferred to the occupied west back the hospital there is waiting the people work is done by the israelis won't allow him to make did journey no one has been able to get out since the protests began. listens for my tears roll down his cheek and hope is all but gone. there's no solution each time they make us dream of reconciliation failed my generation has lost the one after me that's why we go to the. friends to express the misery we live in. it's that sense of hopelessness that continues to draw do
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you still was do border fence many might come back on a stretcher some will never fully recover without that help meet. well people in the u.k. have been expressing their solidarity with palestinians killed in gaza hundreds of demonstrators gathered in london demanding the u.k. government condemn israel's actions they also called for an end to the siege of gaza. during the call been called the killing and wounding of palestinian protesters and outrage. coming up here on the news life after bricks it came from and bari how they will survive and thrive once britain leaves the european union. begins registering hundreds of thousands of venezuelans who fled the economic crisis back home. to sebastian vettel clinches pole position for the bahrain grand prix car will be here with all those two thousand.
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and forty five people being killed in a suspected chlorine gas attack in the syrian town of duma women and children are among the dead the government has launched a fierce and ground offensive on the rebel held area which is the last remaining stronghold near the syrian capital syrian state media has denied the use of chemical weapons well this was the state of play in eastern guta on february eighteenth when the renewed military offensive began the rebels were firmly in control of the key towns and villages this is how it looks now rebels have lost control of most of the territories juma city is now the focus of the assad government's aerial bombardments and ground attacks. this report. the skies over duma had been quiet for two weeks then this. residents counted more than fifty
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airstrikes and say twenty barrel bombs were dropped on the city. one day into the assault syrian civil defense reported the use of chlorine gas they took at least fifteen people to hospital. syrian state you said the assault was in retaliation for jaish al islam or the army of islam shelling residential areas of neighboring damascus it said four civilians were killed and twenty two injured josh i'll islam tonight the attack. the german duma is clearly visible syrian civil defense the white house descended on the rubble dodging the airstrikes . they risk you dozens of people this man was found under what was left of his heart. after the air attack tanks came down the road syrian soldiers tightening their grip on one of the last rebel strongholds
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in the country this is the most important the biggest city in. and by capturing it actually they would be just finishing off all the presence of the opposition in this i mean very important strategic area surrounding damascus a defiant jaish al islam posted this photo after the u.s. strikes began the caption a commander and officer reinforce the city fronts of duma . but the rebels territory is shrinking and the death toll climbing a russian brokered cease fire has allowed for three waves of evacuations with more than four thousand fighters and their families leaving duma a fourth convoy was mentally on thursday but never did. many doctors and nurses have already left dinner for those people pulled out of the rubble treatment is becoming ever more difficult to find shallop alice al-jazeera. two people have died in several others have been injured after a man drove a car into
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a crowd in the german city of munster police say the suspect and killed himself the investigations are continuing this evening as dominic cain now. emergency workers deal with the aftermath of the incident a vehicle driven at speed into a crowded urban area it happened without warning. there was a loud bang and screaming and then the police arrived and everyone was sent outside because the english here but i felt i didn't see much as there were lots of police everywhere a lot of people were running away screaming. the perpetrator took his own life after steering his vehicle into the crowds the authorities working on the basis he did not have what they call a terrorist motive to knock the guy according to the current state of the investigation and it is still the perpetrator plowed into a crowd of people was a german citizen and not as it was everywhere alleged a refugee something similar the details are being already examined officers believe
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the perpetrator had been psychologically disturbed for some time late on saturday evening armed officers were searching his home trying to find any evidence which might shed some light on his motives this incident has shocked. chancellor angela merkel released a statement making clear how the incident has shaken the country and promising all assistance of the police investigation germany has been on a state of raised alert for several years saturday's incident means it's unlikely that level will drop anytime soon dominic a al-jazeera. the last major rallies have been held in hungary before sunday's election most polls predict the right wing prime minister viktor orban will win a third term his final campaign speech was filled with anti immigration rhetoric as jane hall reports from southern hungary the opposition is accusing his government of corruption and or for terror in measures. i have to eight years in
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power the man who critics say is building an all for terrorism state in the heart of the european union is seeking reelection. to be built the fence defended the southern border who said no in brussels to any immigration that danger is not passed they can hardly wait to start again. among the prime minister's opponents the newly elected mayor of an obscure southern town finding sudden fame after a united opposition rally behind him to defeat the ruling party candidate exposed to attacks everyday criticism lies accusations so there's fortunately enough it's not that russia still mr all about its ideal state is a liberal democracy like russia but people don't get shot here because of their opposition views what swung the election the independent candidates way was a campaign highlighting official corruption in this small town voters were won over
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it seems by a national scandal involving the misuse of european union funds to install some standard street lighting the company involved is owned by victor or bans son in law . there are questions about a dry and. infrastructural farms the cost flooring them to more than double what it should have been. if indeed it should have been built at all so this is you found what they're stealing but they're spending unnecessarily and of course this new france are the only source of economic growth in hungary in the last quite a few years you'd think people would be outraged. that the current government cannot be accused of things that have not been proven fleeting but facts are facts . i mean the opposition is opposition because they always find something to criticize it i think voters decide of
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a lot of issues not just corruption. the problem is that those who are outraged by corruption are crumbling public services support opposition parties that refuse to unite on the national level like me therefore to defeat the state and its media machine that plays on people's fears pumping out stories that distort deflect and distract journal al-jazeera in southern hungry farmers in the united kingdom are concerned about how they will make money if britain leaves the european union they rely on tens of thousands of workers from abroad and billions of dollars from the e.u. to keep up production and the hayward has more now from leicestershire. after months of early starts and late finishes on the farm getting the right price at market is. profit margins a tight so every dollar counts. steeped in tradition melton mowbray has one of
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britain's oldest livestock markets what matters here is what the future may hold after. the concern is where we're going to take a big cage and injuring. a. continent. that's going to continue. to grow anything any good. for more than forty is the way britain a spawn taz been shaped by brussels when it leaves the european union it's inevitable the way the form of operate will have to change brics it means an end to the four billion dollars british farmers receive in a you subsidies membership of its common agricultural policy and leaving the single market which allows the free movement of people to produce. in lincolnshire there's a break in the weather allowing wratislaw from bulgaria to plant strawberries every
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year eighty thousand seasonal workers are needed in the u.k. to harvest pruett ploughs and vegetables seventy five percent come from romania and bulgaria the rest are largely from other parts of the e.u. for our business and many businesses like ours if we can't have access to a labor force. that is generally from from eastern european we will stop growing so fruit simplest that we wouldn't have the stuff to carry out the picking and packing the u.k. government says it's determined to get the best deal for the food and farming industries subsidies will be replaced by a different payment system the promise leaders say that after years of red tape bricks it could provide an opportunity we need to have a policy which the government is committed to do which reduces sustainable. profitable farming. high productivity fantastic animal welfare and great
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environmental benefits if that's possible to do that and that's what we want to see happen back at the market all eyes are on the next blocks many here are hoping changes to the political landscape will healed good results and the heywood al-jazeera the last to share. at least fourteen people have died after a truck collided with a bus carrying a canadian youth ice hockey team it happened near the town of tears dale in northeastern scotch when the humboldt broncos were on their way to play a game kind of as prime minister justin trudeau is among those paying tribute to the victims. the texas national guard has sent hundreds of troops to the u.s. mexican border following president donald trump's call to stop illegal immigration which he says is that a crisis point on friday defense secretary james mattis authorized funding for up to four thousand personnel to be deployed along the border in four southwestern states colombia has started registering all venezuelans who have entered the
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country without documents the u.n. is assisting with the ambitious project and aims to help deal with the growing influx of people fleeing the economic crisis in neighboring venezuela and as i see reports now from on the colombian side of the border. catulus and his family have been living in colombia for three months illegally and a lack of medicine and food for their three year old daughter rosie left him no choice but to leave venezuela when they heard the colombian government was registering migrants in the country without the threat of death or taishan they wanted to be first in line. but we saw it as an opportunity hoping it will bring us benefit in the future they are super all their personal information and about our health condition and if the baby in particular massive numbers of desperate venezuelans have arrived in the past year tory to say they could number more don't half a million but there's no exact figure that's why it launched the registration look
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at them able to give me the money them so much because we want to know how many migrants there are and in what condition so we can measure what services we can offer an estimate costs because it's very expensive the basics are health and education services so the colombian government has set up more than five hundred registration points like this one across the country it will operate for the next two months this is a major humanitarian emergency especially for a country that has never before had to deal with such a massive influx of migrants. the united nations is assisting and says columbia can't be left alone to deal with the exodus. of the sea the arrival of the venezuelan population is a regional issue it's not only colombian so it's time to start a more coordinated effort across latin america and hopefully this can be the first step the colombian police and soldiers have been the ploys to support the effort oh
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those being counted include mothers with small children some of the women are pregnant with no money for a room many sleep on the street you know i know we are all just here hoping to work to help ourselves and those back home hopefully this will help formalize our situation i'm pregnant she's got five children they're all hungry and cold at night the colombian government has made it more difficult for venezuelans to cross the border but with no end in sight to the troubles in the country stemming the flow is just one challenge for these and the people caught up in the crisis alison there. with are. much more still to come on the program including thousands of families fearing for their future after the tourist island is shut down by the philippine government. i'm subpoena stretched and gotten under way to ancient twelfth century statues stolen from the city in the one nine hundred eighty s. i found their way back out. and by munich seal the german title tell you
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how they did it in school. hello again the storms in the south eastern parts of europe easing now they have been pretty ferocious over the past day or so and you can still see the clouds with us on the satellite picture there but they're breaking up a little bit and as we head through into sunday there's really not a great deal left on our charts so looking fine in the east then it's in the west we've got more in the way of clouds snaking up across the peyronie's there are not through the british isles and into scandinavia lots of rain lots of snow through scandinavia as you'd expect and it's still with us as we head through monday this time just pushing a little bit further to the east so across the northern parts of italy and still up into the u.k. it's still looking pretty wet the eastern parts of europe though looking fine
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unsettled them pretty warm at the moment twenty one there rimbaud in and around eighteen in kiev now some of that unsettled weather in the western parts of europe is also affecting us in the northern parts of africa and it's also edging its way towards the east as you'd expect say heavy showers there over parts of our area on sunday including for us in our gere's we're also expecting a few showers around to musea as well it all clears away though as we head through monday and then for most of us it does look a good deal brighter quiet for all of us though if a more cloud of rain is edging its way towards morocco and it could be from reaches there in robots. with. we're heading to the place so deep in the proven amazon it's taken us two days on this boat just to get from the search current dangerous mccaughey techno look at what is being done to protect one of the region's most iconic creatures cars are
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disappearing because the el eagle patch change with the main research us wanted to see if reintroduction of the class was a viable option to save some of these population particularly of techno on al-jazeera. and. when the news breaks. on the mailman city and the story builds to the forests only. when people need to be heard women and girls are being bombed and given away in refugee camps al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring in award winning documentary and live news on al-jazeera i got to commend you on hearing is good journalism on air and online.
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i don't get him out of the top stories here on al-jazeera a supporters of former prison in president lula da silva have prevented him from surrendering to authorities to begin his twelve year prison sentence for bribery palestinians have mourned the dead killed by israeli fire in gaza on friday one of them a prominent journalist covering the protests at least forty five people the people killed in a suspected chlorine gas attack in the syrian town of duma women and children. malaysia's prime minister has unveiled a lavish manifesto complete with cash benefits in a bid to woo his key voting bloc ahead of may's elections now. under pressure to improve his coalition's performance after support eroded in the last two polls over his role in a massive corruption scandal involving the one m. d. b.
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state fund he denies any wrongdoing this time around he's set to face a challenge from his former mentor not to him high meant fortunately he has more from the malaysian capital. all across the board this is becoming a familiar sight flags of the ruling coalition nearness barzani but it seems that support trindle in the last few years it lost its truth as majority in two thousand and eight and in two thousand and thirteen in the popular vote for the first time this is the first election since news of a corruption scandal surrounding state investment fund one m d b broke more than four and a half billion dollars has allegedly been siphoned from the fund such a broad prime minister not yet not yet has denied any wrongdoing and malaysian investigations have not found any evidence of impropriety challenging is his former mentor and former prime minister mahathir mohamad the ninety two year old was angered by the scandal he's returned to politics and sets up
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a new party opposition politicians say the odds on stacked against them the government has changed. its into the used a new and fake news law and not this opposition party has been banned for thirty days elections have to be held within the next sixty days but that widely expected to be held soon. to choose stolen from the pool for to use be returned to their own display at new york's metropolitan museum of all to until a historian saw the law and insisted that they were returned to his submenus restroom. investment is busy streets it's still don't you find archaeological wonders this is done the haiti an ancient waterspout statues of gods and goddesses decorated but many a replica of the statue of beatrice here still comes from our eyes says this is the site of the chancellor research at the hindu gods shivah and his wife barbara was
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told of the early one nine hundred eighty placement was put here for devotional purposes these are gods and goddesses and they're living it when suddenly they get lifted and taken away what is tragic is that it's not only a stealth from museum it's stealth from a living museum style from a living culture many of these statues are several hundred years old but most are not secured even one hundred sixty seventy's and eighty's thousands of statues and other heritage items were stolen from gotten undervalue many of them are in museums in the west most of them never make their way back home but the obama show statue which was with the new york's metropolitan museum of art has found its way back to the museum discovered an eleventh century statue of buddha had also been stolen. we were often standing order as a gift. of two thousand and fifteen. in reviewing the offer of gift cards
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went back and looked at the bangles and seminal publication and discovered the work was published as having as having stolen in the summer of two in the mid nineteen eighties and in the course of that investigation also discovered the room of a house for that which was living you know a storage room in the bin in the museum for thirty years. all of those have the same the same history i refused to register for the collection but rather suggested . initiate a conversation with the government with about its return here the return statues were unveiled at the palace apartment of archaeology museums i didn't know the legal obligation to return cultural artifacts but your quest for repatch nation can be made if there is proof that it was stolen there are just people got the accord we don't know how many of our statues are scattered around the world we have records of some of them and we'll try to get them back through the interpol the statues of buddha and she even parity will be displayed at the national museum and
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that might do but some community elders have done the haiti one to see she vanished by back on the street where they used to be there for they were snatched and taken to the united states and as they were katmandu. the leaders of one of the largest rebel armies in men say they're becoming increasingly frustrated by peace talks with the government and may just walk away negotiations have stalled between the government and the various rebel groups that have kept me in ma in a state of almost permanent civil war for decades it's a national attention has been focus recently on record in state where the. solidarity army emerged in two thousand and sixteen with attacks on police outposts they say they're fighting on behalf of the muslim or hindu minority for the north has also the catch in independence army it's been a fighting the government for control of the region and its resources and other fronts lies to the east where the nationalities democratic alliance army is
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defending the kokang ethnic group and confronting what it calls government oppression and then there's the current national liberation army it's been fighting since nine hundred forty nine for the independence of me and my second target ethnic group second largest ethnic group i should say when he reports now from the territory held by the current rebels. for almost seventy years fighters from the qur'an national liberation army have been taking up arms against the government they want self-determination for the people of korean state most of which is controlled by the rebel group the government says it wants peace in the ethnic minority areas but in the remote villages of korean state rebel fighters aren't so sure. we worry about fighting happening again at any moment so we have to keep our soldiers prepared how can we trust me and large government and military everyone in the world knows about them and even their own citizens can't trust them one of the
12:38 am
main problems is that the government led by state council our own son suchi doesn't have control over its own military the army ran the country for almost fifty years and is still the most powerful body in me and mob the relationship between the civilian government and the military is not good a source connected to the army has told al jazeera that has to be resolved before peace talks with rebels can make progress so far the myanmar government has held two peace conferences with rebel groups there's also a so-called nationwide cease fire agreement in place so-called because there are still many groups that haven't signed that deal among those that have these guys the qur'an national liberation army and yet fighting continues as this footage shot by a korean fighter last month shows the cease fire agreement isn't holding. as always its civilians who suffer the most with almost one hundred thousand refugees living in camps across the border in thailand. move to move we want to go home but we
12:39 am
don't dare because the ceasefire agreement hasn't brought peace we cannot trust the seas are remote in the meantime soldiers in rebel areas a holding their ground like they have for decades the most experienced fighters never believed the armed struggle would still be going but. we have fought against them for so many years so we know that myanmar will not give us a quality easily not only the karen but other ethnicities too so we have to fight for our rights but if we cannot make peace in our time it will be up to the next generation. for rebel armies disbanding permanently seems a long way off as many in this divided country continue to head in different directions when hey. al-jazeera korean state me and ma japan has deployed its first marine unit since world war two the two thousand strong amphibious rapid deployment brigade will defend the country's remote islands that along the east china sea is meant to boost the country's troops against possible attacks from china which is up
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pacing japan in its defense spending so they go in mauritania cooperating over the development of a large offshore gas field discovered last year but there is a growing dispute over fishing rights and this new reports from san louis that's led to the death of a saying in these fishermen and retaliation against mauritanians appearances can sometimes be deceiving fourteen in shopkeepers have to fall. into bed they put a friendly smile when a customer walks in but they fear being attacked again. my own customers who are trying to kill me they stole goods and destroyed the shops some of them i've known them since they were children they were so angry this is mobile phone footage of the attack in february a crowd of senegalese fishermen gather around more italian owned businesses. they chant arabs out go home you don't belong here they're protesting the killing of
12:41 am
five to enjoy a sudden fall that he was shot dead by morton in coastguards they say he was fishing in mauritania waters. i want justice and someone needs to pay for the death of my son this is how the fisherman delivered justice for father's death. the shopkeepers call the police station across the street for help to take them an hour to show up the damage is already done. we go out to sea to meet the men behind the attack. or somewhere between senegalese in mauritania territorial waters who finally find them when they've been out all night their catch is bigger. we have to go further ranch to find fish but the mauritanians are putting pressure on us if they find us they control our boats sometimes they steal our catch we don't trust them the mortician coast guard shoot on sight fishermen caught in their territory dozens of fishermen have been killed hundreds arrested and their haul seized in
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these boarding waters mauritanians illegal have still not found an agreement over fishing rights. they say it's menacing. just about a fishing dispute it's about who controls the waters and the precious resources that. the largest gas field ever found in west africa was discovered here last year it contains over fifty trillion cubic feet of resource potential sufficient for thirty to fifty years of production both countries have agreed to share their resources politicians promise this new wealth will bring the communities together but with no fishing agreement in sight and growing resentment towards mauritanians in sao louis the fight over the oceans well is for now also in distress after five generations of shopkeeping in salary mauritanians no longer feel welcome. nicholas hark al-jazeera salary. bollywood actor jailed for five years for poaching has been
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granted bail by an indian court fifty two year old solomon carr was released from prison in the city of georgia after spending just two days behind bars he was found guilty on thursday of killing two endangered species of antelope in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight while shooting a film under his bail conditions the actor cannot leave the country without the court's permission residents of the philippines most popular holiday destinations say they have long been squeezed down by the millions of tourists who arrive each year few of them have been able to find work on the border now now that it's been closed down for six months they fear they'll struggle to survive so well and has visited a village on boracay and sent this report. the people are the original inhabitants of broccoli island their store says she grew up in a peaceful setting with no worries the tilde their own land sea food was abundant
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and they were free to roam and they call the home but not anymore they feel they're being squeezed out around two hundred of them live in this tiny village provided by the government a few years ago. some of us work in hotel construction others go fishing there not many of us get to do it life is hard here because there are different people who live their. life in the village is in stark contrast to the rest of the island settlers have moved in the sea and the at these are now marginalized. is now one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world more than two million visitors a year but fewer than fifty at the surrey able to work in the hotels and bars construction in the island has grown exponentially over the last twenty years
12:45 am
revenues from businesses here make up around twenty percent of the total tourism industry in the country but president of the good that artist says the situation is no longer sustainable and has ordered the closure of the island for six months. the government says around half the businesses on brac i violated environmental rules to thirty believes the island is already uninhabitable. you're going to work there it's mainly but many people in brockway see that's an overreaction and cruel specially to the more than thirty five thousand filipinos dependent on the island for their livelihoods i'm glad that the president is paying attention to the island so. but i just don't understand why the law abiding citizens will be punished as well. the government's been accused of not being clear
12:46 am
about its plans for border by. state officials say there will be an emergency fund to help businesses and workers during the six months the island's close. was to start. the hope there resupply and for them to they say the story of development is a continuing story of injustice that those who have always lived on the island and have their ability to call their own now stand to lose even more. dog an. island central to do. so to come here on the program and maybe even training christiane to read all the constant stories sensational goals. and much more coming before. hiding from mentality how beekeeping is kept in the minds of young afghans and providing an alternative to be
12:47 am
a true. cape town's water running out city hall for a g.c. people used more than fifty metres of top water per person per day about a third of the city's residents live in informal settlements like this one and you can see him about four percent of the water for generations they've already been collecting it and communal times also as they say the city will reach the. zero on the ninth of july that's when they'll turn off the water in the homes to have it be the communal councils stay on. the city's taps of fed by reservoirs this is one of the largest. because they'll gallop where four years ago they would have been on the twenty five meters of water since then the provinces suffered the worst drought on record. water saving measures have already postponed day zero bice three months
12:48 am
everyone here is hoping the winter will soon bring enough rainfall to make sure the days erode never come. again thousands of christians have been celebrating orthodox easter at the church of the holy sepulcher in jerusalem it is the sites of the holy fire ceremony that's been smith now it's right here in the old city just behind that just the gate is the church of the holy sepulcher the place where christians believe christ died and rose again from the dead and today that church is packed with thousands of orthodox christians waiting for a miracle waiting for what they say is the holy fire. and when the greek and
12:49 am
armenian patriarchs entered christ's tomb they waited for what they believed was a light and a fire truck sent by god or the cops kristine's believe. that a flame essentially a light and a flame emerges right out of the stone of christ's tomb getting to the event itself is not without difficulty and not without control the suit most of the orthodox christians in gaza haven't been given permission to come here. and palestinian orthodox christians in the west bank have to apply for israeli permission to be given access to the quota that will allow them to come to the church that even those people here have been stopped by and sorry the israeli police say it's a matter of crowd control the docs or r.t. say they're taking it too far and denying people the right for access but now as
12:50 am
you can see the flame is carved all these flames have been really hard on the flame that came from the live shot of the holy supple and from here this flame will be carried across to the eastern orthodox churches all over the world. the right across the way to a teller be that will be able to tell you this flame just so fear to get over to moscow out into the afternoons until the sun tis will be orthodox. and these people genuinely believe that they seem to know because they can place. ok let's move on to the first. thank you nic we start with the latest from the master's call for the gusto we're halfway leader patrick rate is still at the top of the leaderboard on day three a short time ago the american had a four shot lead over a roaring malcolm roaring rickie fowler reed is playing in just his second masters
12:51 am
tournament while the best completed round of the day so far belongs to spain's john ramsey carded a seven under par sixty five to move eight under overall and in his first masters appearance since two thousand and fifteen tiger woods finished on even par for the day he remains for over for the tournaments heading into sunday's final round. some success so far in this comeback and. i'm getting there. i wish this week would have been a bit better hopefully tomorrow i can shoot something nice get me to even par even even in the red i think that will be a good goal tomorrow and hopefully get it done. manchester city will have to wait at least another week to lift the english premier league trophy after losing to local rivals man united on saturday city were two goals up at half time the paul pogba scored twice for united in the space of two minutes to get them back in the game chris smalling then completed the turnaround if they'd held on to the lead
12:52 am
city would have won the title with a record six games to spare the loss follows a three nil loss to liverpool in the champions league which they'll now try to overturn in their next outing on choose day. of course it was you have that moment in the mornings the last two games every time their ideas critical so the shoot four times in target to go and so when this happened it's so complicated to win the games they were great enough to score mosul congratulation to united so now i'm going to try if you are brave enough and you know to stand up again and and focus and. mentally the game was over. it was all a game. so i'm really pleased. for the players and it's three points are very important because now we need six to finish top four and. we need obviously a few more but i think now we have a good chance to finish second. earlier on saturday liverpool were held to
12:53 am
a goalless draw after ten in the merseyside derby the reds were missing most who picked up an injury in that midweek win over man city we controlled the game we played a game we wanted to play have i'm not here to to play a while to day. one that makes sense so it was quite difficult i think to have over ever do get the game they wanted challenges stuff like that that i was really happy with that in the first half. a lot draw means liverpool stay of third in the table but they're under pressure from tottenham who won at stoke spurstow level on points with your going to side and with a game in hand but both are a long way clear of fifth place chelsea who play on sunday apt to talk man city still have a thirteen point lead over united and will secure the title if they win at tottenham next saturday while in germany byron munich have sealed a record extending six the bundesliga title in
12:54 am
a row they did it by defending defeating all the berg four one away with five more rounds to spare him as rodriguez and iron robin were among the goal scorers the wind gives them an unassailable twenty point lead ahead of shaka and byron can still win more silver war this season they're still in the champions league and germans german cup competitions barcelona have extended their unbeaten streak in the spanish league to thirty eight matches matching the all time records after a hat trick from leo messi saw them beat league anus three one at home on saturday barsa are now seven games away from becoming the only team to go a whole thirty eight game legacies in without losing a match. around madrid face city rivals that logical madrid on sunday and they'll be hoping for more heroics like this from kristina rinaldo after his stunning overhead kick goal in the champions league the portuguese star repeated the feat in a training session. formula one world championship leader and sebastian vettel has
12:55 am
clinched pole position for sunday's barring grand prix the german edged out his ferrari teammates kimmy reichen him who will line up alongside him in the rovers saving driver valtteri bottas has qualified for reigning world champion lewis hamilton qualified fourth of but will start from ninth after being slapped with a five place grid penalty due to an unscheduled gearbox change. australia's jack miller claimed his first ever moto pole position ahead of the argentina grand prix they do have a rider braved these conditions to beat out danny and johanns arco spain's mark has he was the clear favorite to take a fifth straight argentina pole race from six position. and cameroon has been hosting the first ever african festival of martial arts more than forty countries are being represented at the event with thirty different martial arts disciplines on show including kung fu organizers hope it will inspire more young people in
12:56 am
cameroon to take up the sports and that's all your sport for now it's now back to make in london. things were much. mud have grown opium poppies are being encouraged to make honey instead the project is also giving women the chance to earn money in a country where many really work outside their homes. the business of bees is harming for nineteen year old student frozen. in a northern afghan village where few women work frozen as bees gather nectar from the flowers near her home frozen collects their honey and sells it making her a rare local female entrepreneur a lot easier to endanger at first there were lots of issues because the village i live in is traditional and women are not allowed to work outside the one i started
12:57 am
beekeeping i realize it's easy then i told the people about beekeeping and they accepted it and allowed me to do the job. three years ago frozen got a loan and bought two beehives in her first season she sold enough money to pay back home and still make a profit now twelve of the blue boxes surround her family home last year she made fourteen hundred fifty dollars that's more than double the average annual household income in afghanistan as it gave the kapoor going to be keeping arrived in our village frozen showed huge interest and i was happy i supported her because it has been my dream to have a daughter who could find a job like this and make a future for herself the hives are part of a long term project across afghanistan partly sponsored by aid agencies farmers who might have grown opium poppies are encouraged to keep bees and collect honey instead. roseanne's honey is sold in this shop in the nearby city of mazar e sharif and demand is said to be growing. here we want the government to stop
12:58 am
importing poor quality foreign honey and instead improve our own afghan honey. human rights watch says nearly three million afghan girls still don't go to school and only thirty seven percent of teenage girls can read and write but frozen says she's determined to create a more golden future for herself by studying economics and building her honey business slowly rob matheson al-jazeera. plenty more of that story and all the other stories that we've been covering of course on our web site al jazeera dot com is the address but that is it for this news hour we back in just a couple minutes with more of the day's news but for now.
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