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to entrepreneurs on tell us what i mean by a wide fundraiser empowering them to reclaim their futures weak ation them out of bestowing my shit that's how to make the bastards and build new prosperous communities some of them invest the money into the business the school from life uganda part of the rebel education series at this time on al-jazeera. stories of life. and spiration. a series of show documentaries from around the world. that celebrate the human spirit. against the arts. al-jazeera selects hunted.
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syrian medics say at least seventy people have been killed by a suspected chemical attack in duma in eastern kentucky. hello again i'm watching al-jazeera live from my headquarters here in doha also coming up the former president of brazil lula da silva begins his twelve year prison sentence ending a year long fight to stay out of jail plus everything about this family about this tragedy is unprecedented and it's overwhelming. sports fans in canada mourn the loss of at least fifteen members of an amateur hockey team killed in a bus accident. also this half hour a welcome sight on the sarajevo skyline the city's gondola makes a return for the first time since it was destroyed in the bosnian.
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our top story syrian medics say at least seventy people have been killed in a suspected chemical attack in the rebel stronghold of duma in eastern guta the syrian government is calling it a fabrication the military has intensified its bombardment of duma in recent days after talks with the rebels collapsed the huckster house more quick warning you may find some images in this report distressing. believe it or not these children are the lucky ones basic and crude imagine see caffein victims of a suspected chemical attack but they survived they didn't these are the latest victims in eastern as regime forces at clay city defeated him in the rebel held pocket medical sources on the ground say victims at. to say symptoms consistent with mixed nerve or chlorine gas exposure syrian state media has dismissed talk of
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the regime using a poison gas as fast sickle. local hospital staff say many of the victims of saturday's attacks were treated for suffocation only a few number of physicians and medical are lived. through the are in the work manual there are these right now are there shield in basements and use indorse you know chemical weapons like chlorine or some of those by the fact that this gas goes down to the basement and those people who are now or taking shoes from barrel bombs are getting security source chemical weapons and that's where the casualties are high and that's who is the high number of people. the syrian government forces stepped up their offensive on the rebel held duma after a ten day truce collapsed. the russian brokered cease fire fell through of a disagreement over evacuation rebels hundreds of fighters and their families were convoyed out of jumah but josh al islam one of the main rebel groups refused to go
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to lane present overall conquest this is the most important the biggest city in the area and by capturing it actually they would be just finishing off all of the presence of the opposition and despite i mean very important strategic area surrounding the mosque is not only that they would be evacuating the area from the most formidable position force which is jason islam or the army of islam. with the latest standoff between acid's government and the last rebel held town scenes like this looks set to continue. how does their al-jazeera. has more now from the aleppo countryside. as a buffer domiciled that the one million dollar sources inside the city of duma say the death toll. continues to rise as more families are found inside their home and medics say it could be chlorine gas mixed with
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a nerve agent or sarin gas which is an internationally banned substance that it seeps through to the homes and bunkers civil defense is finding it difficult helping those in duma especially with continued airstrikes al-jazeera sources say there are ongoing negotiations between syrian rebels and the russians to reach a cease fire in the past forty eight hours the number of people killed has passed one hundred eighty this includes dozens of women and children. well the u.s. state department put out a statement about what's going on in east and go to seeing this russia ultimately bears responsibility for the brutal targeting of country the syrians with chemical weapons russia's protection of the acid regime and failure to stop the use of chemical weapons in syria coles into question its commitment to result in the overall crisis bruce fein is the former u.s. associate deputy attorney general he's calling for drastic action against the russians. well i think there are. a menu of possible
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retaliatory measures that could be taken by the west the united states see europe could list i believe russia as a state sponsor of terrorism based not only on the complicity if you with the cole belligerency with syria in using chemical weapons in syria but also now we have a second incident in great britain where it seems quite clear that russia used chemical warfare to kill or at least attempt to kill two or three of its expatriates and that would in a pose very very strict economic sanctions against russia stricter than those that have been posed after ukraine. it's a very grim prospect but it may well be that the only way you could deter additional uses of chemical weapons because a one strike fair didn't do anything when it was attempted about
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a year ago by mr trump. is to threaten to arm mr assad's opponents with chemical weapons so it's like a nuclear weapons. the former president of brazil luis enough to silver has just begun a twelve year prison sentence off being convicted of corruption now this was him entering a jail in the city of kut a team his supporters protested all of the celebrated saying the guilty should pay for their crimes. but. did not go without a fight he defied a friday deadline to hand him self into police then on saturday he addressed his supporters outside the metal workers union headquarters near. the crime that i committed is a crime they don't want me to repeat my crime was to put black people in poor people in the university and able them to buy their own home if that was the crime i committed i would like to say that i will continue to be
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a criminal i he's the victim he says of a campaign to block him standing i'll tell you his presidential elections elections many believe he would win. since dilma rousseff impeachment we have seen a coup d'etat starting in two thousand and thirteen they have been trying to get rid of not only delma but lula and the left wing parties so i support is in sao paolo delayed his exit while all this came to see him off at the airport saying farewell to the man they praise for lifting millions of resilience out of poverty through the chains brazil had a huge influence across latin america yet the reaction to the full of this once great political leader has so far been muted perhaps because he's become just another victim of the corruption scandals sweeping brazil. paolo is lewdness heartland but the crowds here was small all those elsewhere in brazil came out to celebrate his imprisonment. will eat all the politicians who stole who took money
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from brazil from security from health care how many people died whitening lot of hospitals that's all dirty money if they guilty they should go to prison i know there is just. one of the many business people and politicians from across the political spectrum to be caught in the web of corruption investigations sweeping brazil that he is by far the biggest to someone to others just a common criminal gangs shriner al-jazeera. thousands of mourners have attended funerals in gaza for the ten palestinians killed by israeli forces during friday's protest along the israel border at least thirty people have died since demonstrations began last week thousands of protesters are camping along the border to them on the right of return for palestinian refugees among those buried was the palestinian journalist yes the thirty year old was shot in the stomach was covering the protests on friday fourteen of the journalists have been injured since the demonstrations began nine days ago mohammed reports now from the occupied west bank
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. that despite the blue protective vest he was wearing and despite the fact that the word press was in place and on the front of that best palestinian journalist yassin was shot by israeli forces while covering the mass protests in gaza on friday and yes it died early on saturday we were going to carry right now at his funeral in gaza hamas leader is a tribute well how do you want to hide here i salute all the journalists and priests who lost their lives in the same way those who have gone through the road of suffering in order to portray the reality for an oppressed people a frustrated people and the season gaza and all across palestine but it's the image of dignity for a proud people a brave people a straightforward people brave able to turn the table and the hardest of times for
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palestinian journalists gathered in the occupied west bank to commemorate yes it. according to the palestinian journalist syndicate seven other journalists were also injured in protests on friday the syndicate describes them as deliberate crimes committed by the israeli army and called on the united nations to do more to protect journalists in ramallah there was shock and anger. the journalist they want to send a message saying that even the generals in gaza or in with by the same. for the first avoid as opposed to his second as a general has done their duty is to cover up what had been yes it was thirty years old well known and well liked yes it was a gentle soul this is how everybody describes him he was a gifted journalist a gifted photojournalist and a documentary filmmaker in leaves behind a wife and a two year old child. and he has united everybody
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in sorrow and in mourning because he was so so gentle and so gifted and so dedicated journalists stood in solidarity with their dead and wounded colleagues this is not going to make us feel helpless or helpless it will i think as it did before make us more determined and now won't the syndicate has more tools at its hand to defend the rights of journalists to expose israeli actions and to attempt to hold it accountable in international forums so that's a new window of hope if you will that we didn't have before words of encouragement at a time when strength and fortitude may be needed more than ever before. ramallah in the occupied west bank still to come here on al-jazeera the amir cast kicks off a charm offensive in the u.s. ahead of talks with donald trump on the gulf crisis plus. a movement to change the
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way the women in libya see what equal society. hello there we've been seeing some severe storms over parts of north america recently here's the area of cloud that gave us a very violent thunderstorms their worst over parts of texas and louisiana that's where we thought the worst of the winds and a lot of hail activity as well all of that is edging its way eastwards though and on sunday for most of us along that eastern coast it does look like it should have passed it won't be particularly warm they washington d.c. only getting to around nine degrees and forcing new york will only be topping at around eight the next system is galloping its way across the plains that's here bringing a lot of wintery weather little way working its way across the great lakes region there as we head through monday still some snow to be seen so we haven't quite lost
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the wintery weather just yet but the west mostly fine for so long that western coast hot in l.a. there a foot around thirty two degrees even further towards the south so we've got just a handful of showers the rain popping up over parts of cuba and across his ponyo i think we'll see a few more as we head through the next day or so before the west is where we have more persistent rain that stretching from parts of mexico and then all the way down towards costa rica along this west coast line here plenty of rains to be seen for south america one is always a certainly been wet recently more showers still to come sunday looks to. why the gender pay gap the u.k. names the companies where men are paid more than women in the new blood diamonds found in electric cars and smartphones while facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg gets ready to answer some big questions. counting the cost.
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the top stories for you so far today the u.s. state department says it is deeply concerned after reports that at least seventy people were killed in a suspected chemical attack in the syrian opposition stronghold of eastern kentucky ski workers posted videos of victims in duma which appear to show symptoms consistent with a gas attack syrian government sources are denying responsibility. the former
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brazilian president lula da silva has arrived in prison to begin a twelve year sentence for corruption last year a little guilty of taking bribes from an engineering firm in return for helping its to get state contracts and thousands of mourners have attended funerals in gaza for the ten palestinians killed by israeli forces during friday's protests along the border at least thirty people died since the demonstrations began last week. the emir of qatar has started his tour of the united states ahead of white house talks with donald trump on tuesday the u.s. president is said to want to ease tensions between gulf countries after initially supporting the blockade of qatar the enemy is first stop was in miami from there. as the story. after. a crucial visit. ton months into the blockade that was imposed by saudi arabia the united arab emirates and egypt the gulf diplomatic crisis is likely to be at the center of talks between
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shaped i mean been hammered out of fannie and us president donald trump i think all the parties have to come to the table with not sitting at a conditions. if the countries are willing to engage in a productive. serious discussion. and willing to sit and discuss. the issue of our sovereignty is an issue that in the beach at the qataris charm offensive in the u.s. is in full swing at the feet a curious crowd gathers at the landmark bay front in miami what an exhibit promoting the gulf nation is underway while trying to leave three the rocher will move on to other u.s. cities in the coming weeks my belief as ambassador was that relationships matter not just between governments but between people who feel very honored i mean they can choose any more of the world that they chose miami and we see that narrative
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playing out over and over again and we see so many different countries throughout the world choosing miami to do business choosing miami. and visit try to create more economic opportunities i met bin jasim is minutes of economy he leads a delegation of businessmen seeking to expand trade with the us for us the blockade the state whatever from economy point of view will find we can live with all of those companies as the gulf diplomatic crisis drags on the qatari government continues to diversify its trade potus cottle's investments in the u.s. for example as to mated at one hundred forty six billion dollars. including ninety two billion dollars in plane purchases for carter's national carrier the u.s. has a long standing relationship with the gulf rivals it's been trying to broker a deal but his been no breakthrough so far raising fears of further instability in
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the region about al-jazeera miami. the u.s. national guard has confirmed it will deploy up to four thousand troops to the border with mexico after calls from president trump to beef up security the initial deployment will include five hundred soldiers and military equipment including helicopters the urgency to increase manpower on the southern border follows a sharp rise in the cold border crossings from u.s. customs and border protection says it called more than fifty thousand undocumented immigrants last month one persons died in a fire of the building that bears the u.s. president's name the blaze began on the fiftieth floor of trump tower in new york donald trump has tweeted that the fire has now been put out the sporting community in canada is in mourning after fifteen junior ice hockey players from the same team were killed in a bus crash the humboldt broncos were traveling near the town of tisdale in scott shewan province when a truck crashed into them mike hanna has more a scene of devastation and three kilometers of highway sealed off by police the
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hockey team was on its way to a must win playoff game in the northeastern town of nepal when when the crash occurred there were twenty nine people aboard the bus including the driver rescue efforts were hindered by the remote location and helicopters were flown in to ferry the injured to hospital everything about this family about this tragedy is unprecedented and it's overwhelming. including the trench will open ring of support our organization has received hockey is the game that links all communities in the far flung reaches of canada's north and all we're touched you know all throughout canada we see teens going out into the into the canadian winters on buses all the time and you know it's all a thought in parents and fans minds about what could happen and unfortunately has happened to the home of mourners gathered in the hockey teams
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home town of humboldt it has a population of less than six thousand and the sadness made even more acute by the fact that everyone in this town knew everyone who died or was injured on the stay mike hanna al-jazeera. two people have died and several others were injured after a man drove a car into a crowd in the german city of munster police say the suspect then killed himself security officials say the incident is not terror related dominic kane is their. emergency workers deal with the aftermath of the incident a vehicle driven at speed into a crowded urban area it happened without warning and work and i got there was a loud bang and screaming and then the police arrived and everyone was sent outside as that's what i thought i didn't see much as there were lots of police everywhere a lot of people were running away screaming. the perpetrator took his own life after steering his vehicle into the crowds the authorities are working on the basis
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he did not have what they call a terrorist motive to knock the guy according to the current state of the investigation and it is still worry the perpetrator plowed into a crowd of people was a german citizen and not as it was everywhere alleged a refugee something similar the details are being examined officers believe the perpetrator had been psychologically disturbed for some time late on saturday evening armed officers were searching his home trying to find any evidence which might shed some light on his motives this incident has shocked. chancellor angela merkel released a statement making clear how the incident has shaken the country and promising all assistance to the police investigation germany has been on a state of raised alert for several years saturday's incident means it's unlikely that level will drop anytime soon for several years germany has been on a raised level of alert against the threat of violent attacks this incident means
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that level is very unlikely to drop anytime soon dominic came al-jazeera minster. lawyers for bill cosby have called for one of the jurors to be removed from the u.s. comedian's retrial for sexual assault the juror legibly said he thinks cosby is guilty and the case should be over defense lawyers say it demonstrates the man may be biased cosby's retrial which begins on monday involves a woman who says he drugged and assaulted her back in two thousand and four his first trial ended with a hung jury. in india the bollywood actor salman khan has arrived back home in mumbai after he was granted bail to appeal against his conviction for killing a rare antelope twenty years ago he was met by jubilant supporters as he left jail in the city of job for early on saturday he was sentenced to five years in prison for killing the protected animal while shooting a film khan will remain free pending the outcome of the appeal for other bollywood stars also accused in the case were acquitted. libya has long been one of the
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world's strictest male dominated societies a years of conflicts and an increase in lawlessness as only marginalized women even more but female activism is on the rise in some areas. reports now from misrata. their voices are not often heard but a community leader is determined to change that she wants women to play a bigger rule in improving society. at this fair she and other female campaigners have taken the initiative to fundraise for those most in need the sick and the poor . the income of the spare is dedicated to cancer patients in the city other than that we've also created job opportunities by opening a weaving workshop for poorly and we've also trained. but it is not easy women find themselves at the back of every queue and it comes to seeking help even
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when it is not for themselves women here say they're the first female activists to do this type of work helping others in the city of misrata and they're planning to continue but in a male dominated society they say they face a lot of challenges. if a radio announcer says in libyan society social restrictions on women are a major handicap and whenever a woman progresses she gets picked on not just by the men but other women too she tries to address those issues through her radio show well then. there are several obstacles derailing women's activism i faced a lot of difficulties at first our society did not accept the idea of a female presenter media used to be politicised during the former regime and asked people activists in order for us to express ourselves we need a lot of strength and resilience. this presentation to cancer patients is proof
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altima and her friends are making some progress it is want to step out of time but they remain hopeful gender equality is not just a distant dream. misrata. it has been raised on a smoking volcano in chile emergency teams have been sent to the bio bio region at a possible eruption the chief volcano in the ending is one of the biggest and most active in the entire country the area is largely rural but a popular tourist destination to. the cable cars back is part of the story of a skyline is the first time since it was destroyed during the war in bosnia in one thousand nine hundred two the twelve million dollar reconstruction projects taken two years to complete bullshit has a story. the serial cable car climbs high above the bosnian capital up the slopes of mount tri babbage the venue for the bob sleigh vents in
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the one nine hundred eighty four winter olympics it was popular with families for walks and picnics but when serb forces beseeched the city in one thousand nine hundred ninety two month trip of each became a place of horror artillery attacks were launched from it slopes snipers took up positions to pick off victims and for years after the war few people dared to venture there for fear of triggering landmines at the reopening there were emotional memories boy. that is a symbol of sorry and of our generation for those who remember i remember that we grew up in the same neighborhood we were rather mysterious and even used to open a float and try to get out and the lowest levels it was it was some seven meters high our entire generation was mysterious we love it that is the symbol of sarajevo . dino remembers the construction of the original cable car almost sixty years
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ago as a seven year old he even helped the workers later he was one of the first passengers . yes. or when i was a kid the queue used to go all the way down the street people used to wait for two hours to get a scene from. the old cable car used to transport up to three hundred thousand people a year the new one may take even more. but we expect more than five hundred thousand passengers a year and i'm aware that this is an ambitious saying but i'm convinced we can make it for those who make the trip there will always be a reminder of the war the mountain station will be named after the first victim of the sable siege bieber was killed on march second one thousand nine hundred ninety two guarding the old cable car paul chowder john al jazeera. thousands of christians have been celebrating orthodox easter at the church of the holy
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sepulcher in jerusalem as the sites of the holy fire ceremony has been smith right here in the old city just behind just the gate is the church of the holy sepulcher the place where christians believe christ died and rose again from the dead and today that church is packed with thousands of orthodox christians waiting for a miracle waiting for what they say is the holy fire. and when the greek and armenian patriarchs entered christ's tomb they waited for what they believed was a light and a higher job sent by god an orthodox christians believe. that a flame essentially a light and a flame emerges right out of the stone of christ's tonight getting to the event itself is not without difficulty and not without controversy most of the orthodox christians in gaza haven't been given permission to come here. and palestinian
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orthodox christians in the west bank have to apply for israeli permission to be given access to the quota that will allow them to come to the church that even those people here have been stopped from and surround the israeli police say that my fear of crowd control the docs or party say they're taking it too far and denying people a right for access but now as you can see the flames coming all these flames have been really starting to flame that came from within. the holy supple and from here this flame will be carried across to the eastern orthodox churches all over the world there are crushed waiting i tell of evaporated even to take this flame to sow fear to yet a van to moscow that it soon as phones and the world. centers of the orthodox faith and these people genuinely believe they've seen
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a miracle taking place. this is al jazeera these are the top stories the u.s. state department says reports of at least seventy people have been killed in a suspected chemical attack in the syrian rebel stronghold of eastern ghouta are quote horrifying it says if confirmed it will demand an international response rescue workers posted videos of victims in duma which do appear to show symptoms consistent with chemical gas attack syrian government forces are denying responsibility. the former brazilian president lula da silva has arrived in prison to begin a twelve year sentence for corruption last year lula was found guilty of taking bribes from an engineering firm in return for helping the firm to get state contracts. i'm doing a very conscious very conscious thing i told the comrades that if it depends on my will i would not go but i will go i'm going because they will say tomorrow that
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lula is out of the way that lula is no i am not hiding i'm going to go there so they know i'm not afraid so they know i'm not going to run and i am going to prove my innocence. thousands of people have attended funerals in gaza for the ten palestinians killed by israeli forces during friday's protests along the border at least thirty people have died since demonstrations began last week. two people have been killed and dozens were injured after a van was driven into a crowd in the german city of munster the driver died at the scene after shooting himself official said the incident was not terror related the u.s. national guard has confirmed it will deploy up to four thousand troops to the border with mexico after calls from president trump to beef up security the initial deployment will include five hundred soldiers and military equipment including helicopters the urgency to increase manpower on the southern border follows a sharp rise in illegal border crossings last month. one person died in
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a fire of the building that bears the u.s. president's name the blaze began on the fiftieth floor of trump tower in new york donald trump has tweeted that the fire has now been put out there has been raised on a smoking volcano in chile emergency teams have been sent to the bio bio region ahead of a possible eruption the chief volcano is the and in the end he is one of the biggest and most active in the entire country up next is counting the cost i will see you in about thirty minutes with thirty minutes of al-jazeera will see that. the benefit of saddam people so they see the importance of. documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera.


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