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what makes this movement of this era we're living from so unique all this is really an attack on truth itself is a lot of misunderstanding a distortion isn't what free speech is supposed to be about the context is hugely important level what to publish if you have a duty to be offensive or provocative or whatever lies people do setting the stage for serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. we understand the different scenes. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you al-jazeera.
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syrian state media accuse israel of launching missile strikes against a military airfield in syria there's been no confirmation. michelle kerry this is al-jazeera life and also coming up calls for the un security council to meet to discuss the chemical attack near damascus which killed dozens of people. becomes the latest former south korean president to face corruption charges . and nationalist prime minister viktor orban wins of third term in a landslide election victory. syrian state television says several people have been killed in an air strike on a military air base in il near israel has not responded to syrian state media
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reports accusing it of carrying out that attack and the israeli authorities have previously said the us air base is run by iranian forces which backed the also government and the war the us said it's not conducting air strikes in syria but is watching the situation closely so in a hunter joins us from beirut so as they say in a sense this has happened has there been any more progress towards figuring out who did it what happened why what do we know. well the syrian state media reported an overnight attack targeting one of its air bases in the central province of homs the t. for air base initially it blamed the united states it said that it was most likely conducted by the u.s. military the pentagon denied that it immediately denied that that statement as well as france france also denied carrying out any military operation in syria now the united states and france both denying just hours after the presidents of both
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countries held a phone conversation and agreed on a joint in response to retaliate against what is believed were a chemical weapons attack in duma a few hours later syrian state media said that these strikes were launched from israel now there has been no official confirmation from the israeli government but the israeli defense minister did say that our air force has resumed operations in syria if indeed this was conducted by the israeli military it will be the first time since the israeli jet was shot down over syrian airspace in february so it will be the first time since that downing of the israeli jet now this air base in the central province of homes as it's believed to be an iranian base because there are a lot of iranian fighters in this base this is their main base in central the central province of homs and as we know the israelis have been targeting iranians in syria
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all right so let's let's shift for just a moment to talk about the evacuations that are supposed to be happening and what is the progress on that the status of that. well like i mentioned this is specter chemical weapons attack that happened on sunday and it was after that attack that the rebel group in charge of duma agreed to surrender now their fighters have begun evacuating to my they're being bussed out of duma heading to the north of the country and it's not just the fighters and their families who are leaving they have released detainees government supporters who were held in jails for many years now those detainees have arrived in government controlled territories now this evacuations will continue for at least forty eight hours and once that is over eastern who is under the full control of the syrian government the syrian government really launched a fierce bombing campaign on february eighteenth almost two thousand people were killed mostly civilians women and children so that evacuation process is now under
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way after talks collapsed on friday but agreeing to surrender on sunday and how to live for us there thank you zain so the presidents of france and the u.s. both agree that chemical weapons have been used in syria on saturday more than forty people died in this attack on eastern near the capital damascus and. the instructor their teams to defend cooperation in preparation for a u.n. security council meeting later on monday. earlier tweeted that there will be a big price to pay for the jamaica ass attack and label the syrian president bashar al assad an animal and for the first time since assuming office trying to criticize assad's ally russian president vladimir putin and held him in iran responsible syria and russia have denied any role in the chemical attack as name has more. entire families babies children adults dead the people who remained in dumas thought they could shelter from the air strikes in the basements of buildings
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instead witnesses say they suffocated from a suspected chemical attack how not to look at their docking duma with chemicals many children have been killed in tents airstrikes by the syrian government and its allies began on saturday. when this is report a barrel bomb with some sort of gas being dropped we were trying to hide being in shows but when the city was hit but looks a go. and there was no the white people became sort of fights scared on prison rescuers say they're struggling to get to the survivors and retrieve the bodies of the dead because of a strong fluorine like smell they don't have the protective gear they need the health care system in duma has been decimated. unfortunately would delimit number of medical suffer no stigma. for the sometimes and the treatment
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people and we've seen people. have seen people should dying with you to get it's reported that ambulances and a hospital were hit by airstrikes and the red crescent can no longer operate leaving a small team of medical professionals with scarce supplies to tend to the injured the familiar cycle of recriminations denials and calls for action has begun using language heard after last year's confirmed chemical attack in qana coom which killed more than eighty people the syrians and the russians called the allegations farcical and staged the russians offered to send their own experts to investigate and disprove the claims the united states called for an immediate end to the attacks and for the international community to respond it said russia was betraying its commitment to the un and the chemical weapons convention people say life in dumas already difficult after weeks of intense fighting has become even more
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miserable. local officials say the russians negotiated a deal with the remaining rebel group duma jaish a slam buses began arriving to evacuate the fighters their families and anyone else who wanted to leave with recent gains by the syrian forces in the strategic town on the outskirts of damascus j.c.l. a slam had limited options left. natasha going to. amman. as a spokesman for the syrian white helmets he told al jazeera the evidence shows that chemical weapons were used and now we're not. getting it and we have a lot of videos and photos published by the white helmets and we also published a statement this morning to clarify the details of what's being done in duma the times of fics consequences and how women and children have been affected we have also published videos of the arrival of what how much to the effect of places to
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treat the civilians. our diplomatic editor james bass joins me now in the studio so two significant things happening happening in syria at almost the same time these air strikes that there still seems to be some question about and then the chemical attack as well all which will be addressed and the u.n. at some point today there's a lot on the plate for the international community to figure out right now there's a security council meeting twelve hours from now at the u.n. in new york actually there were two different calls for security council meetings russia called for one because of threats to international peace and security and then separately the u.s. plus the five e.u. countries who sit on the security council currently kuwait peru and ivory coast called for a meeting they've decided to have one meeting to discuss this issue the chemical attacks issue but i'm sure the airstrikes will also be discussed the chemical attacks there is nothing the u.n. security council can do it's completely paralyzed on this issue it used to have
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something called the joint investigates gate of mechanism which was investigating chemical attacks in syria and apportioning blame it decided that for chemical attacks of the past were carried out by the assad regime and to were carried out by isis when it came then to what action should they take what is going to get out and then they couldn't come up with any solution there was promises on the security council and it ended with them trying to renew the mandate of this mechanism which had to be renewed by the security of america it's have out they they vetoed it so there is no agreement on. the chemical weapons issue the u.s. has in the past just last month nikki haley the ambassador said the u.s. is prepared to go it alone on this issue the current reports we have is that the u.s. didn't go it alone but perhaps one of its strongest allies did ok who might that be well that's israel is it legal for israel to act if it was israel well this certainly is not a chapter seven resolution that allows the use of force in place so they can't say
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that they can say perhaps it was self-defense that they felt that they were under threat there is a law school in the un charter that says you can act in self-defense i think that will be very very debatable if that's seen to be allowed in international law my current early analysis and we have no firm proof yet that it was israel is that israel did not like this iranian base it does not like the iranians operating in syria the timing gave them a very good excuse and they're not going to get the condemnation at this time that they might get at other times because of the chemical attack so based on past actions how do you expect israel to to address this going forward how do you think they're going to acknowledge if they did and or defend themselves well they often don't acknowledge their actions so it's not clear whether they will acknowledge this whether they will crow about this if it was israel i'm sure there was
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discussion with the u.s. i have to say you have a u.s. administration currently that's not really full of foreign policy chiefs you have a president but he doesn't even have a secretary of state and his national security advisor only starts working a few hours for the white as a holiday quite a first day ok james diplomatic editor thank you james. the chief prosecutor of the international criminal court says israel and hamas may have committed war crimes during mass protest in gaza thirty people have been killed by israeli forces since demonstrations began on march thirtieth more than two thousand. had been entered but many separate serious ones from israeli gunfire israel's defense minister told reporters that all the protesters were linked to hamas or smith has more from lester is on. israel's defense minister avigdor lieberman says that all the activists trying to challenge is in gaza a hamas military activist she says that everyone is connected to hamas everyone gets a salary from hamas in gaza of course not everyone in gaza is connected to hamas
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but what the defense minister is trying to do is continue the narrative that israel has tried to portray israel's government and israel's military that these are hamas led protests that these protesters are trying to breach the fence to invade israel to try and challenge israel's territorial integrity and so it's defending itself against that of course our reporters have seen on the ground from the side from the gaza side that essentially these protests all peaceful but the challenge for israel is that if it excepts the majority of peace people are protesting peacefully then there has to acknowledge the demands those protesters a making the demands for a relaxation of the blockade over gaza a chance to allow exports from gaza a chance to allow people to travel more freely and expound fishing zones these are what people want to try and make life in gaza more barrel still ahead on al-jazeera northern ireland confronts the legacy of the troubles twenty years after the
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international agreement to end the conflict plus. i'm scott either in shanghai or one organization is teaching about the damage of plastics because the nearby yangtze river puts the most plastic in the world's oceans than any other river. hello there there's plenty of fine settled weather across many parts of europe at the moment but not quite for all of us if we look at the satellite picture we can see the cloud hand marching its way northwards across britain and up into scandinavia and that's making things rather grey and at times a pretty way for us to that area of cloud is working its way eastwards and so here it is there is a pause of italy as we head through monday heavy downpours out of that and it's not feeling that cold behind it look at that in madrid ten degrees that's quite disappointing for april and as we head through into choose day the temperatures
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will drop even further so this time a maximum will just be nine there's also likely to be some snow over some of the higher ground as well to generally quite cool lame for the western parts of europe the further east it's very different there's plenty of sunshine it's also very warm twenty two in berlin and twenty four in warsaw for the other side of the mediterranean also plenty of fine settled weather to be found here as well but not quite for all of us for the west more in the way of cloud and that is edging its way eastwards as we head into chews day we'll see that over parts of our area and into choosier the as we head through the day could be thick enough just to give us one or two showers and should be a brighter day for simmer rocker there looks like robots will see a maximum temperature of around seventy degrees.
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watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories right now russia's military says two israeli fighter jets carried out an air strike on a syrian military air base that killed several people at eko syria's earlier accusation that israel was behind the attack on the tired space in homes israel has
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not responded to the presidents of france and the us both agree the chemical weapons have been used in an attack in syria on saturday more than forty people were killed in eastern canada security council is due to discuss this later on monday. and the chief prosecutor of the international criminal court says israel and hamas may have committed war crimes during mass protests in gaza thirty people have been killed by israeli forces since demonstrations against israeli occupation began on march thirtieth more than two thousand have been injured many by israeli gunfire. former south korean president lee myung bak has been indicted on a host of corruption charges police been accused of taking bribes corporate tax evasion and embezzle money that comes three days after his successor parklane hey was sentenced to twenty four years in prison for a separate corruption scandal at the novak joins us live from seoul so cathi this indictment what do we know about it what are the details. well lehman was
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president between two thousand and eight and two thousand and thirteen so these corruption allegations are associated with his time in office the charges include embezzlement bribery tax evasion and abuse of power among other things he's accused of improperly receiving about ten million dollars from institutions including the nation's spy agency as well as south korea's biggest conglomerate samsung he was actually arrested last month and he has been in detention since then so this is now the formal indictment and he has been refusing to be questioned by prosecutors in that time but in the past he has denied the charges against him saying that his arrest is politically motivated he comes from the opposite side of politics to the current liberal president. and then he has also in the past apologized for causing concern among the south korean public so even though he denies the charges he says
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that he feels a guilty conscience and ultimately responsibility lies with him and not with other people that may be because there is a potential that prosecutors may seek to widen this investigation and also question his wife and his son in connection with these corruption allegations richelle so as we mentioned this is all happening after the former former former president president park has been jailed how is how is the public in south korea taking all of this and with so many things happening to their former leaders. yes well now former president lee becomes the fourth former president to be facing trial over corruption allegations he and former president park come from the same side of politics and there is a bit of a political defied when it comes to the reaction amongst the south korean public elderly more conservative south koreans tend to side more with presidents including
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president lee park saying they were angry at the heavy sentence that was leveled against former president park when she got twenty four years over those corruption allegations but i think more broadly when you look at the hundreds of thousands of south koreans who came out to protest when that corruption scandal involving former president park and a was in the news there was a mood for change this view that it had become such a normal news story for former presidents to be involved in corruption scandals that south koreans had had enough and then the current liberal president mugabe and came to power promising to stamp out that kind of corruption and one of the things that he has been promising to do is propose perform to the constitution excuse me so that he can take some of the power out of the hands of the office of the president so i think largely south koreans do tend to support those moves for show all right kathy novak live for us in seoul cathy thank you. prime minister viktor
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orban has won a third consecutive term and his party has increased its majority his fit as party secured almost fifty percent of the vote on what he called a decisive victory and that result paves the way for hand to press ahead with his hardline policies. passed. things could hardly have gone better for prime minister. the queues of voters that stretched long and late into the night were not a sign of an opposition fight back as some had hoped it stayed the ruling party picked up strong support in rural areas cementing another big majority win and a third consecutive term for mr all. in the past or burn has used his majority to alter the constitution changing the electoral system to favor a victory for and curbing media freedoms some fear he wants to go further now threatening the independence of the judiciary and trouble is likely to beckon for
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those who worked against him he promised some kind of retaliation towards the opposition parties and especially n.g.o.s i think what we will see is. a liberal n.g.o.s that operate in hungary and i think that to be the first reaction after the results because they will blame. the balance of power in parliament is largely unchanged good many will be bitterly disappointed according to the opinion polls there is probably a majority of people who oppose or ban and his brand of populist rightwing nationalism amplified by xenophobia and even and to semitism but their efforts to unite a divided opposition to draw large numbers of people to the polls and to vote tactically have clearly failed. these are worrying times not just for liberal minded hungry and concerned about this country's pariah status in europe but for the leaders of
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the e.u. as well powerless to do anything about it jonah how al-jazeera budapest. iran's president has warned the us against withdrawing from the nuclear deal saying his country's response will be quote stronger than imagined. he was speaking at an event in tehran the us president has repeatedly said he will pull out of the deal which was certain read by iran and major western powers including the us in two thousand and fifteen. families of people killed in the conflict in northern ireland say they fight for justice their fight for justice rather has not been forgotten it's now twenty years since a landmark deal known as the good friday agreement that ended decades if i had in between the irish nationalists catholics and pro british protestants correspondent army philip supports from the rural county. in small farming towns in gentle valleys and quiet country lanes they remembered dark days we came along
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after action and just as we're torn in the end here they were on the other side of the bank there are those who are old and they opened up on us here just. three gone i was thirty two full of holes in which you're so lucky you can imagine what it's like it was just after eight o'clock on a sunday morning in one thousand nine hundred seventy two richard and his brother robin protestants and part time soldiers of the british army and their father drove into their farm and an ira ambush robin died richard has lost hope the men who killed his brother will ever be caught in order to. think. it's quite possible a man overboard or either very old man or. one horse a point but no one monitored you. know turned over say. anybody doing home for. us so no clue what just
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almost all of the violence of the troubles was here in northern ireland part of the united kingdom but just occasionally it would spread to the south of the republic which you can see the other side of that water geraldine o'reilly a catholic was fifteen years old just two months after robin was killed so was she by a bomb planted by pro british paramilitaries she was buying chips on the high street another passing boy also killed antony is geraldine's brother he survived the bomb by ria his wife he struggled not to let his last define his life for three of the sort of. let go of a no because i don't think anyone's ever going to be brought to justice no you know what or we can do know is that the peace agreement to take this is a lot different. from these what i hope for the of them never have been a good journey would end so. it's good to stay like that it's happening
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at the moment in the north you know where there is no god for a start you know but i do know that the people want peace and we want peace here as well to families justice has eluded them both and yet they cherish this peace even as they fear its fertility. to be phillip's al-jazeera county from mama northern ireland. brazil's former president isn't missing out on seeing his favorite football team in action despite being locked up. in the silver has some home comforts now that he's in prison for corruption and money laundering. reports from the southern city of korea to. move the silva spent the first full day of his twelve year sentence here at the federal peace prison in could achieve a small crowd of supporters with a peace guard protested nearby the t.v. was installed in his cell so he could watch his favorite football team quote indians play a big game salute
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a result there on the top floor of this federal police prison segregated from the other inmates receiving special treatment as perhaps befits a former presidents but nonetheless a prisoner a convicted criminal. who was defiant addressing his supporters before handing himself into police saying he's innocent he's the victim of a campaign to prevent him from standing in october's presidential elections elections many believe he would win you. know i'm not hiding i'm going to go there and see their faces so they know i'm not afraid so they know i'm not going to run and so they know i'm going to prove my innocence they need to know that. he said he'll put his name forward for those elections although his conviction means he's barred from political activity for eight years. even from behind bars lou they will keep all of us we believe he's the one to lead us out of the current crisis in brazilian politics. it's not just about punishing former president lula but all the
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brazilian people we are suffering the loss of the rights we fought so hard to achieve. the seventy two year old has been a huge feature of brazilian politics for generation president from two thousand and three to two thousand and ten and before that an opposition firebrand a new union leader but now all sides in brazil's embattled political scenario will have to get used to life without the man the whole country simply knows as. the longest river in asia has become one of the world's most polluted plastic on the yangtze river a slowly killing marine life in the east china sea and beyond scott high level parts from shanghai. three generations of new ijaz family are out cleaning up plastic along the mouth of the gang's the river one of the worst spots in the world for plastic pollution. but. i'm here to protect the ocean there's
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a lot of trash on the beach we saw a video where turtle and held a straw and it bled a lot so when people try to help get the straw out of its nose littering endangered species. one of the biggest plastic consumers in the world china's numbers are staggering for instance package delivery services in two thousand and sixteen used fourteen billion the plastic bags and with the rapid increase of food delivery options it's estimated that sixty million plastic containers are used each day many cannot be recycled. one campaigner at the environmental group that organizes these volunteer cleanup outings says people seeing the pollution drives the message home . i think we can look beyond the numbers when we're talking about the marine waste to the public statistics of their abstract media to bring them here to see with their own eyes and participate in activities like this that's a more direct way to make the public realize the severity of the problem according
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to an environmental journal the yangtze river and its tributaries here carries one point five million tons of plastics into the sea each year through some of china's biggest cities the last one here in shanghai before it meets the east china sea and then the plastic makes its way to the pacific ocean nature magazine recently reported that what's known as the great pacific garbage patch is much larger than previously thought twice the size of france and containing seventy nine thousand tons of plastic chinese environmental protection ministry admits there's a big problem and recently announced that a restructuring plan is in the works. the plan will create better conditions for fighting the battles against pollution. an improving ecological environment obliged responsible and have every reason to do a better job in coming days. and the pace of that job to quicken
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as scientists predict that if the flow of plastic into the oceans is not slowed by twenty fifty the amount of plastic in the oceans will outweigh the fish it's got to al jazeera shanghai. the headlines right now on al-jazeera freshers military says two israeli fighter jets carried out an air strike on a syrian military air base that killed several people at syria's earlier accusation that israel was behind the attack on the space and homes israel has responded that it's previously said the iranian forces which backed the government in the war or has more from beirut and neighboring lebanon. if indeed this was conducted by the israeli military it will be the first time since the israeli jet was shot down over syrian airspace in february so it will be the first time since that the downing of
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the israeli jet now this air base in the central province of homes as it's believed to be an iranian base because there are a lot of iranian fighters in this base this is their main base in central the central province of wrongs and as we know the israelis have been targeting iranians in syria. the presidents of france and the u.s. both agree that chemical weapons had been used in an attack in syria on saturday more than forty people died in eastern the u.n. security council's to discuss this later on monday. iran's president has warned the u.s. against withdrawing from the nuclear deal saying his country's response will be quote stronger than imagined rouhani was speaking entered events in tehran the us president donald trump has repeatedly said he will pull out of that deal which was agreed to by iran and major western powers including the us in two thousand and fifteen. former south korean president lee myung has been indicted on corruption
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charges he's been accused of taking bribes corporate tax evasion and embezzlement that comes three days after a successor pachmann hey was sentenced to twenty four years in prison and a separate corruption trial. minister viktor orban has a clear victory and parliamentary elections are nearly all the votes counted his right wing anti immigrant to desk party won a third successive term and power as are the headlines news continues keeper an al-jazeera inside story is next. getting to the heart of the matter if. the supreme leader calls you today and says let's have two weeks would you accept facing realities what do you think reunification would look like there are two people keep the peace for you and fusion is the only option for prosperity do you. hear their story on talk to al-jazeera. ministers voters in the hungry go to the.


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