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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 9, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm +03

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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together. in the hardest hit area.
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this is al jazeera. hello i'm sam is a band this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes the russian military blames israel for missile strikes against an airfield in syria. lee myung bak becomes the latest former south korean president to face corruption charges. and landslide victory for hungary's prime minister he wins a bird consecutive term. install patrick breed wins the first major golf tournament of the year reclaiming the masters by a single stroke to secure the biggest title of his career is so far. we begin this news out in syria where as strikes have targeted
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a military base just hours after news of a suspected chemical weapons attack in the east in the quarter the u.n. security council is expected to meet later on monday to discuss the attack meanwhile rebels have began leaving doom or at least a little sore after a deal was reached with the government on that in a few minutes but first the air strike in homs where russia says two israeli fighter jets carried out air strikes on that base in central syria killing several people israel hasn't responded to the claim of its government previously said the base was operated by iranian forces who backed bashar assad a long time rusher in the war syria is calling the strike and israeli aggression. on the presidents of france and the u.s. a chemical weapons were used in syria on saturday more than forty people were killed in the attack on the east in the water near the capital damascus the u.n. security council is due to discuss the attack later on monday as more.
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entire families babies children adults dead the people who remained in duma thought they could shelter from the air strikes in the basements of buildings instead witnesses say they suffocated from a suspected chemical attack they were trying to hide from being in shelters but when the city was hit but. there was no longer blows to hurt people became to refine its skills on pretty. intense airstrikes by the syrian government and its allies began on saturday when this is reported barrel bombs with some sort of gas being dropped. it's reported that ambulances in the hospital were hit by a strike on the red crescent can no longer operate leaving a small team of medical professionals with scarce supplies to tend to the injured. the familiar cycle of accusations denials and calls for action has begun using language heard after last year's confirmed chemical attack on schickel which killed more than eighty people the syrians and the russians call the allegations farcical
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and staged the russians offered to send their own experts to investigate and disprove the claims because. the united states called for an immediate end to the attacks and for the international community to respond it said russia was betraying its commitment to the u.n. and the chemical weapons convention president trump was more specific calling president assad an animal and a u.n. security council meeting has been called. meanwhile people say life and deal are already difficult after weeks of intense fighting has become miserable your own car . some grim pictures that i was a little holder joins us from beirut and we're looking at some pictures there of the aftermath of that suspected chemical weapons attack and now we have a strike on a syrian base was do we know about that. well there has been no official confirmation from the israeli government but the israeli defense minister
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did say that the air force has now resumed operations in syria if this is indeed confirmed that the israeli government was responsible for this strike targeting a base in the central province of homes it will be the first targeted strike by the israeli government since their plane was downed in february now the russian government and the syrian government are blaming israel they're saying israel was responsible for this and it is the first time really that the russians are pointing the blame on israel in the past they've turned a blind eye and they've kept silence and want to silence in one way or the other they approved these these strikes so israel is still not confirming and the russians also demanding an official explanation from the israelis on why they targeted this base now we understand that this base is manned not just by the syrian army but by their allies their iranians there are iranian militiamen at this
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base and israel has said this time and time again they have a red line in syria and that is iran cannot entrench itself militarily in syria they will not allow this to happen and saying no on the other issue going on does it look like an evacuation is getting underway in duma. yes that evacuation is underway up to eight thousand fighters and up to forty thousand members of their families as well as anyone else who want to leave they are going to be bussed out of duma taken to the rebel controlled territories in the north of the country this is part of the so rendered deal between the syrian government and the rebel group in charge of duma and as part of that deal as well josh will islam have to release the captives the pro-government supporters they were holding captive for years they were released late on sunday so the evacuations are under way a day after that chemical attack like you just mentioned socialist land returning to the negotiating table because talks collapsed on friday after an initial
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agreement was reached. dating us on the situation there on the ground well the earth yeah salty for air bases a key military location in the war in syria it's located in the middle of the country just west of palin iraq in december two thousand and sixteen i saw briefly took control of it the same month russian syrian programming forces took it back became a main base for operations for iran's forces in february israel attacked the base saying it was being used to arm hezbollah let's bring in retired jordanian air force general who joins us now live from amman good to have you with us details are sketchy the israelis are not confirming the allegation that they were involved in this attack but from the indications you've seen so far what do they point too. if we take it from military aspect it's
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a failure mission because the syrian defense or the russian defense shoot five eight so really they didn't achieve their objective but it is business as usual for the israeli and they did that and their money convert convoy and bases but i think this mission the chemical attack on the duma behaved the way for the israeli to do such strike with consultation with the american taking the green light the french and the other in forming also the russian about their move in there because the russian control most of the syrian management there so. what's the significance of it to the israelis is it the presence of iranians there there is a lot of variance there are some russians there also and it's the biggest base in
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syria it's got like fifty four shelter for it to two runways but the way to do such business if you want to really make this base inoperative you must have air campaign aircraft on top of the airfield the really. otherwise they would repair it in about four or five hours and they will be back on the air again so the mission is not very successful it is an act of war but i don't think the israeli strategy is working regarding. iranian influence or hezbollah or you know to stop sort of logistical base or transfer. to hezbollah or to live a normal so what sort of repercussions might there be for this attack if you can hear me i was asking you about the repercussions that might unfold as
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a result of this attack you mentioned there's a lot of people there not only syrian forces by the iranians and russians and hezbollah to. i don't think the russian or the syrian or anybody would retaliate on that as we see the the chemical thing god and the security council will really paralyze so it is will be business as usual i said will still stay in carrying his glory in that attack probably if there was another agent like setting or something like that then we possibly see another attack from the us or something that could mean a lot that is the norm now on the he will keep in using this and just the people keeping people under his may see and that's will affect you know the battle in a way by demoralizing the people the same and they feel islam let me inform that they should leave really two months ago because there is no point if they stay or
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leave they will not change a lot of what's happening on the ground in syria. for now thanks so much not more not been off. let's continue talking about what's going on in syria there's been a lot of developments obviously james bays joins us here our diplomatic editor in the studio live good to have you with us james a lot's been going on let's start with the u.n. security council supposed to be meeting to talk about what's been happening especially the chemical weapons alleged chemical weapons attack in syria what can we expect out of that meeting on that front well that meeting is nine hours from now and i have to agree with our last guest the general that not much is going to happen at that meeting because we know the divisions on the u.n. security council on syria we've already had the russians coming out and supporting their syrian ally and say they didn't carry out the chemical weapons attack and there is actually nothing that anyone can do because they used to be a body that investigated these things the joint investigation mechanism or jim that investigated
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a number of different chemical attacks in syria it found that the syrian regime carried out for ice all carried out too but no action has been taken on any of those instances even though they apportion blame in those six instances and russia unhappy with the work of this mechanism vetoed the renewal of its mandate in november so there's not even any any body to investigate these attacks in the if this goes nowhere in the u.n. security council james just given your experience with diplomatic affairs this increase now that we've had the tweet from donald trump which you know he vowed that there will be a big price to pay does that indicate. looking at some of the diplomatic signals going on that there may already be some deliberation or prepared to act unilaterally i'm sure they're thinking about that i'm sure they're talking to their allies one of those allies of course is israel and it looks like no confirmation and israel doesn't always announce things when it does them that israel has taken action that may well have been in coordination with the united states they probably
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told the u.s. they were going to do this. or we'll leave it there now plenty more questions but we have to leave it there for now thanks so much our diplomatic editor james space plenty more still to come on the news hour including. warnings from iran's president that any u.s. withdrawal from the nuclear deal is a bad idea plus. northern ireland confronts the legacy of the troubles twenty years after the end of the conflict plus. the formula one pit stop the cause an injury and forced a top driver to quit the bahrain grand prix. former south korean president lee myung bak has been indicted on several corruption
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charges lee has been accused of taking bribes corporate tax evasion and embezzlement it comes three days after his successor was sentenced to twenty four years in prison for corruption kathy novak has more from seoul. lee myung bak was president between two thousand and eight and two thousand and thirteen and these corruption charges are linked to his time in office he is accused of bribery embezzle meant tax evasion and abuse of power it's alleged he improperly received about ten million dollars from institutions including south korea's spy agency as well as the country's biggest conglomerate samsung he's been in detention since he was arrested last month and in that time has refused to be questioned by prosecutors but in the past he has denied the charges against him saying that his arrest was a politically motivated leak comes from the opposite side of politics to the current liberal president. in the past he has also apologized for causing concern
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among the south korean public he now becomes the fourth former south korean president to face trial over corruption allegations his arrest his indictment comes just days after former president packin hay was sentenced to twenty four years in her corruption trial accused found guilty rather of abuse of power and bribery amongst other charges u.s. media are reporting north korea has told u.s. officials it's willing to discuss the denuclearization of the korean peninsula the two countries have been in contact the head of a planned meeting between kim jong un and donald trump next month it will be the first time a sitting u.s. president has held talks with the north korean leader hungary's prime minister could pass new laws banning n.g.o.s that support migration by may after winning almost fifty percent of the vote in sunday's election victor all of them is for this politic campaign that a strong anti immigration platform critics say he's landslide win will now allow him to press ahead with constitutional reforms joho reports from budapest. things
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could hardly have gone better for prime minister viktor orban. the queues of voters that stretched long and late into the night were not a sign of an opposition fight back as some had hoped it stayed the ruling few days party picked up strong support in rural areas cementing another big majority win and a third consecutive term for mr all banned. in the past or ban has used his majority to alter the constitution changing the electoral system to favor a victory for few days and curbing media freedoms some fear he wants to go further now threatening the independence of the judiciary and trouble is likely to beckon for those who worked against him he promised some kind of retaliation towards the opposition parties and especially n.g.o.s i think what we'll see is continued that back on these n.g.o.s especially left wing and liberal n.g.o.s that operate in hungary and i think that to be the first reaction after the results because they
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will blame these n.g.o.s for haidar now the. center of the balance of power in parliament is largely unchanged and many hungary and will be bitterly disappointed according to the opinion polls there is probably a majority of people who oppose or ban and his brand of populist rightwing nationalism amplified by xenophobia and even anti semitism but their efforts to unite a divided opposition to draw large numbers of people to the polls and to vote tactically have clearly failed. these are worrying times not just for liberal minded hungry and concerned about this country's pariah status in europe but for the leaders of the e.u. as well who seem powerless to do anything about it. john holl joins us now live from the hungary and capital good to have you with us journo how much of a further shift towards populism has happened.
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what i think is quite hard sammi to tell necessarily how much of this is being about populism and how much of it has been about actual policy certainly there's been populism at play there's always been populism at play in victoria bands rise to power and his sustaining power over the last eight years but i think it's often overlooked that he's had some pretty solid economic policies as well that have seen average wages in this country rise by some thirteen percent over the last eight years so he's got popularity on those sort of fronts as well but let's delve deeper into this victory for viktor or bad and talk to my guest. who's now list with political capital here in budapest thanks for joining us. it is a much bigger victory isn't it than a lot of people were predicting this time yesterday when they thought they thought that the opposition had been really mobilized at the polls and was going to deliver some sort of a blow to the government why didn't that happen do you think and indeed should just
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one message really yesterday in the elections and gain more support especially among voters living in the countryside living in villages in smaller look at it and indeed feed us was almost the only party which could mobilize its voters which could gain more support. for years before it besides the small m.t.d. green party gain more support but apart from these parties all other opposition parties actually had about the same amount of food stand they had four years ago. now he. probably want to two thirds majority we haven't got a final result yet but that would of course give him control over the constitution he's not being afraid to change the constitution before how far do you imagine viktor orban may be willing to go this time there are suggestions he's about to move on his opponents in n.g.o.s and civil society that he may even move to threaten the independence of the judiciary. we could see in the last seven eight
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years that victory or bones power is actually based on a tight control over over the society over politics we could see that he dismantled independent institutions and he cut back for instance powers of the constitutional court and on the father independent institutions so victoria bonn has actually no really really limits in terms of kind of the mass to institutions which had limited veto or bunts power so the lesson for victoria bond was or it could be from the last seven eight years that he actually could go as far as he wants and also if you look at the international level at the european level first before we also could see that there was no real and strong objection to words to the policies into the measures which will be dormant passed in the last couple of years these are extraordinary things to be saying all day of a man who emerged in the late eighty's as a young democratically motivated activist who was demanding the removal of soffit
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and communist forces from this country what happened in the meantime doing exactly it's a very interesting part actually. took in the last twenty five years and more than twenty five years he started out as a liberal politician. directing towards the towards the west and accepting the west and accepting for instance liberal economy policies that in the middle of the ninety's he turned turned to words conservative ideologies and we could see in the last decade in from the middle of the two talons that he increasingly turned towards populistic bodies. the words radical populistic id's and since two thousand and fifteen since the migration trying to seize it or bond is emphasizing the only topic the migration topic and he has a really harsh stance in terms of migration you mentioned a moment ago there that he would have been bolstered by the fact that there's been very little pushback from the other leaders of the european union and from brussels real pushback that's been able to get in his way that would have been noticed as
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well loaded by a lot of right wing nationalists in in poland in austria and italy it's going to be a source of some warry isn't to brussels this new big victory and the fact that there's really not much they can do about exactly the position of its orbán has was really reinforced yesterday and it's really strong very strong today in the european union beach oregon can claim that he is probably the most he has the most support among conservative politicians in the european union and he's a very strong member of the european peoples party and that's actually the reason why the european peoples party at the fans he doesn't veto or a bunch of policies in the european union so he has a very strong ally in the european union however we can look at the region we can look at poland for instance also the czech republic populist voices have been strengthened also the election results you know sales election results in italy so we can see that this populist i.d.s. populist politicians. very power is increasing and the european union can
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be concerned about that ok we'll surely we're going to leave it there thanks very much for some analysis here from budapest on a big win and unexpectedly big wins at the say for viktor orban on the ruling three days party in sunday's parliamentary election back to john hala. supporters of jailed palestinian teenager had to maybe have released footage of her being questioned by israeli military authorities in the video two male interrogators are seen leaning towards the sixteen year old and making comments about her fair skin and i color show me was detained in december after being filmed slapping an israeli soldier near her home in the occupied west bank in march she accepted a plea deal which will see her imprisoned for eight months she's one of approximately three hundred fifty palestinian youths and children currently in israeli custody mohamed jump june joins us now live from ramallah so i understand
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the contents of that video raise a lot of questions about whether her rights as a minor are being respected. yeah that's absolutely right some of that's what members of her defense team were saying today in this press conference when they were presenting that video to the media here they were saying that this really shows crimes being committed that the fact that i had to mimi was interrogated not just by a police interrogator but also they say by a military interrogator one member of her defense saying that's unprecedented as far as he is concerned when it comes to palestinian children who are being interrogated and also they say this goes against international law this goes against the geneva convention they say that the international community should be absolutely appalled that this was allowed to happen in this really showcases how difficult things are here for palestinian children who are arrested by israeli forces now i want to go through a little bit of what we saw in the video as it was presented to us there was
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a transcript that was provided to us as well of course there were those those scenes that vignette that you described a minute ago in which that the mimi shown being asked about her skin the transcript says this as she was asked when i think of my little sister i see her here really a blond my little sister is blond and her eyes are like yours not like me this was something that was pointed out by her father bassam who also spoke was saying this is completely inappropriate for interrogators to be making remarks about her appearance about the color of her skin the color of her eyes the color of her hair they said that's extremely inappropriate and should be illegal also we saw scenes in which the mimi was pressed repeatedly about her mother and about her relatives in this video we're told the interrogators are attempting to try to get out to mimi to incriminate members of her family who were there when she slapped and kicked and
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hit those israeli soldiers which is what got her into so much trouble in the first place so members of her team saying multiple occasions over the course of many hours are that the mean. it was asked to try to incriminate her mother cousins of hers as well members of her family that were there when she was arrested as they say that's in the been allowed and most of all they were appalled by the fact that there was no lawyer everybody we spoke with today say that this video clearly shows that i think the mimi did not have a lawyer present was not given a lawyer was not provided a lawyer and that also goes against international law sammy so given all of that imagine the family is probably not very happy about this video what are they planning to do about it they're extremely distressed by it they want first and foremost for this video to be seen by as many eyes as possible they say this really showcases the dire situation not just that the many other members of the i mean the family but for palestinian children in general as you mentioned as well rights groups here say that there's many of at least three
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hundred children who are still in detention by israeli forces and that's just in the past several months we've heard many times by children's rights advocates on the palestinian side saying that palestinian children do not get a fair shake when they are arrested by israeli security forces that oftentimes they have to accept a plea bargain that their case never goes to trial that's in fact what happened in the case of out that to me who pled out and instead of facing several years in prison eight months in prison because of the plea deal that she reached with israeli military prosecutors now all that aside the family says that they have lost in the fischel complaint with the israeli government after this video came out and that they will be pursuing that but they don't expect that the israelis will do much to rectify the situation sami all right we'll leave it there thanks so much for that update on how much of june. the chief prosecutor for the international criminal court says war crimes may have been committed during mass protests in gaza
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thirty people have been killed by israeli forces since demonstrations began in march the thirtieth more than two thousand have been injured with many suffering serious wounds from israeli gunfire the i.c.c. says hamas may also have committed crimes if it's determined civilians we use to shield military activities. canada's prime minister paid tribute to an ice hockey team at a vigil in the town of humboldt fifteen people were killed including ten players when the team bus crashed in the province of saskatchewan on friday police are trying to determine the cause i don't want to be here. but it's good that we are. friday i don't want to go to the game but my kids beg me to go to the hockey game we travelled up and arrived at the scene shortly after the bus. and walked up from the scene and i never want to see again.
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just sounds and everyone here again. to greet chris. i just feel so lost in the moment what have all the way the withdraw but also ahead on al-jazeera some home comforts we have details of the special treatment brazil's former president is receiving in jail. and its borders show time for baseball breakout star and he's here with that story. from dusky sunsets over the sprawling savannah. to sunrise atop an asian metropolis. hello it's raining again in fiji these islands of had a pretty wet time democrat a stormy time this season in fact another storm is growing in the cloud silver is
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just here the capital on the main island but you see the cloud has gone to the south and in the bigger disk to this northwest corner the figures falling out of the sky quite large to some places but to q two hundred eighty millimeters that's a long way away from this disc which actually represents a tropical cycling as tropical cycle which has indeed been named isn't particularly big it's called kenny but it will strengthen now oversee its path is quite important no it isn't a vanuatu but it will come i think in the next twenty four hours quite close to fiji and its course of the next four days i take it down towards but a long way away from new zealand the figures are great at the moment but it might just reach the category one hurricane equivalent as it drifts towards the mainland of fiji and that is going to be most likely daylight during tomorrow there on the big island not far by the story is completely different it's remarkably hot for early winter in fact sydney has just broken a record that goes back to eight hundred fifty nine the hottest april day at just
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over thirty five c. . the weather sponsored by cat time race. tracing the fall from prosperity to financial ruin this is precisely the movement where we hear lies that nothing worse first will be enjoying the devastating impact to save the means also to save the deposits of all of the merry citizens and the failure to prevent disaster banks and political leaders are the people who needed to learn a lesson our goal or from democracy to the markets on al-jazeera. al jazeera is there when a story breaks the good schools today to see what happens next. on the fired by the leaders square model barricaded the old seventh street that leads to here in the middle east now is big change people have gone here the area the mission of the national army is just sixteen times more income tax and i'm just your stories about
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telling it from the people's perspective what they think is happening in their country. they're watching out zero time three lines now russia and syria say two israeli fighter jets carried out on a military base in central syria several people are believed to have been killed in the the osce base in homs israel hasn't responded to those previously said the site is controlled by iranian forces the presidents of france and the us a chemical weapons were used in an attack in syria on saturday forty people were killed at
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least in the whole time the un security council was due to discuss the attack plans for monday. former south korean president lee myung bak has been diluted on several corruption charges to be accused of taking bribes corporate tax evasion and embezzle months last week his successor was sentenced to twenty four years in prison for corruption. iran's president has warned the u.s. against withdrawing from the two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal saying his country's response will be quote stronger than imagined house and rowhani was speaking at an event in teheran u.s. president all trump has repeatedly said he will pull out of the deal which was agreed by iran and major western powers including the us or horse hires jim is a political commentator and professor of media at farce news faculty joins us now live from the iranian capital tehran good to have you with us let's all kind of unimaginable reaction is iran hinting at.
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hello and thanks for having me well let me explain the situation a little bit more you know ever since two thousand and five the second term of george w. bush the united states' approach towards iran changed and its top priorities shifted from regime change to containment george bush failed to rally international support for doing so only obama and hillary clinton could team up in the aftermath of post election riots in tehran two thousand and nine to enforce a set of sanctions to force the iran to contain its nuclear industry but donald trump is not the president that could rally international support so he's using a different strategy and simulation through using the madman strategy to seem unpredictable to seem like a madman and he managed to success in rallying european support to certain
1:35 pm
levels but not with regard to iran they have a couple of plans plan a is forcing iran to comply with the nuclear deal and agreed to provide more and more concessions in other areas of its power that's a specifically its regional influence and miss island this tree this this plan has already failed plan b. which is now more in focus is forcing iran to continue with the deal with the europeans and also provide a smaller set of concessions in its other areas of power like miss island regional powers and in return for a way a smaller package of economic merits in iran that that's exactly why iran when the us first that warned to drop the deal like ten months ago said it would continue to deal with europeans but now it's a couple of months that it is stated that it would not continue the deal if the u.s.
1:36 pm
drops and kills the nuclear deal that's why iran is showing you know tougher and tougher. or our stance with regard to the u.s. possible action in coming weeks may i guess if reading the situation for your perspective if you think the the u.s. policy is not working why does iran feel compelled to give this sort of warning to the u.s. well as i said before the deal without a united states would be impossible look at the plan b. there's the cases in focus is that europeans would require iran to comply with all its undertakings under the nuclear deal and provide more and more concessions with regard to its missile a regional power iran has a study that does iran think that you need to have an opinion. the u.s. will pull out of the deal but somehow the appearance will get even tougher with iran yes that's true but of course
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europeans show to be a good cop so they are requiring a smaller set of stations with regard to its missile and regional power iran has a stated it's to continue that the old first europeans should not at. all demand more concessions from tehran be they need to make up for you know the economic losses in the shoot their old regulations against the secondary impact of the united states sanctions which will be reimposed with the regard to iran and help their industries and private firms and three our iran shoot have some meaningful modifications and it's our nuclear undertakings with regard to the nuclear stockpiles the centrifuge machines and so on and so forth ok ok so does i have to i really don't want to be very much and likely what sort of unimaginable actions options does iran have. and i was
1:38 pm
trying to explain the same thing that if this doesn't happen which seems to be unlikely by the europeans iran has prepared a very vast and interesting package the package includes a very rapid installation of all the nuclear capabilities that it had before reinstall it and installing the new centrifuge machines that iran you know has been conducting research in the last couple of years and it is made lots of breakthroughs with regard to centrifuge machines iran has had lots of developments with regard to its research programs and it didn't inforce them because of the nuclear deal but once the nuclear deal is gone it would be free to enforce and to implement all those projects but the package is not just limited to the nuclear industry iran has also prepared a set of responses with regard to its missile program as well as its regional clout
1:39 pm
it is using all its power components to provide a very tall of a response to be a very strong message to donald trump. and i will leave it there for now good to get your analysis on back. straightness prime minister is coming under more pressure to resign malcolm turnbull's party has failed to top thirty successive opinion polls use that excuse to remove his predecessor tony abbott in two thousand and fifteen hundred thomas reports from sydney. back in september twenty fifth one of the reasons malcolm turnbull gave for overthrowing his predecessor tony abbott was that abbott had lost thirty opinion polls in a row that means that thirty times in a row the opinion polls had shown that the government would lose an election to labor one held the next day. said that that was unsustainable it showed that the government at the time was on track to lose the next election will now malcolm
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turnbull has failed his own test he has reached that milestone thirty times in a row opinion polls have shown that he and his government are on track to lose the one thing though that prevents a leadership challenge is that there is no clear successor to malcolm turnbull no one of those in his party can agree who should take over from him and also at the same opinion polls show that the australian public does not want another new prime minister there were four changes of prime minister in the five years to twenty fifteen the australian public has had enough of that so for now malcolm turnbull looks like. brazil's former president isn't missing out on seeing his favorite football team in action despite being locked up in our salute to the silver has some home comforts now that he's in prison for corruption and money laundering. the reports from the southern city of course. of the silver spent the first full day of his twelve year sentence here at the federal police prison in could achieve or
1:41 pm
a small crowd of supporters with a police guard protested nearby the t.v. was installed in his cell so he could watch his favorite football team code indians play a big game salute the result there on the top floor of this federal police prison segregated from the other inmates receiving special treatment as perhaps befits a former president but nonetheless a prisoner a convicted criminal. who was defiant addressing his supporters before handing himself into police saying he's innocent he's the victim of a campaign to prevent him from standing in october as presidential elections elections many believe he would win. no i'm not hiding i'm going to go there and see their faces so they know i'm not afraid so they know i'm not going to run and so they know i'm going to prove my innocence they need to know that he said he'll put his name forward for those elections although his conviction means he's barred from political activity for eight years. even from behind bars lou they
1:42 pm
will keep all of us we believe he's the one to lead us out of the current crisis in brazilian politics. not just about punishing former president lula but all the brazilian people we are suffering the loss of the rights we fought so hard to achieve. the seventy two year old has been a huge teacher in brazilian politics for generation who's president from two thousand and three to two thousand and ten and before that an opposition firebrand a new union leader but now all sides in brazil's embattled political scenario will have to get used to life without the man the whole country simply knows as. the first batch of six hundred afghan refugees to be deported from turkey has left the country ankara says the move follows a major influx of refugees crossing over from iran rights groups have criticized turkey for deporting them to countries where this conflict saying it's putting the
1:43 pm
refugees lives at risk families of victims in the decades long conflict in northern ireland are still fighting to ensure their relatives get justice between the late one nine hundred sixty s. and one nine hundred ninety s. about three thousand five hundred people were killed society was generally divided along political and religious lines with most catholics opposing british rule in northern ireland and protestants wanting it to continue a political resolution to the conflict known as the troubles was reached in one thousand nine hundred eight with the signing of the good friday agreement for twenty years later the pain of those who lost people in the conflict remains our u.k. correspondent philip reports from the wrong country of. in small farming towns in gentle valleys and quiet country lanes they remembered dark days we came along after action and just as we're torn in the end here they were on the other side of the bank there are those who are old and they opened up on us here just.
1:44 pm
three gone i was thirty two full of holes in which you're working in the mines on horseback it was just after eight o'clock on a sunday morning in one thousand nine hundred seventy two richard and his brother robin protestants and part time soldiers of the british army and their father drove into their farm and an ira ambush robin died richard has lost hope the men who killed his brother will ever be caught not after but hey i'm thinking. it's quite possible a man overboard or either very old man or. what was the point but no one monitored you. know turned over say anybody doing home for. us so no clue what just almost all of the violence of the troubles with here in northern ireland part of the united kingdom but just occasionally it would spread to the south of the
1:45 pm
republic which you can see the other side of that water geraldine o'reilly a catholic was fifteen years old just two months after robin was killed so was she by a bomb planted by pro british paramilitaries she was buying chips on the high street another passing boy also killed antony is geraldine's brother he survived the bomb berea his wife he's struggled not to let his loss define his life put three of a sort of. let go of a no because i don't think anyone's ever going to be brought to justice no you know what are we can do know is that the peace agreement to take this is a not to for. the families know what i hope for the of them never happen a good journey would end so rough states know that it's good to fight stay like that it's happening at the moment in the north you know where there is no government for
1:46 pm
a start you know but i do know that the people want peace and we want peace here as well to families justice has eluded them both and yet they cherish this peace even as they fear its fertility. to be phillip's al-jazeera county for mamma more than ours. a volunteer restaurant. to help the homeless in. one of the world's toughest food prices in morocco.
1:47 pm
1:48 pm
restaurant and jordan's capital amman which has been providing thousands of free mails to the homeless is so successful it's now expanding stothard is an idea to help one man transform that entire community but that's what i'm opposed for my man . mahmoud noble seen wanted to find a way to help the poor mobilize jordan's youth and support rural women but when he shared his ideas with others they were dismissive he decided to press on anyway he founded what he calls a social solidarity restaurant in amman offering free meals to those who can't afford one it's called as whitey and means my support system in arabic but that's the idea of where we can support the social fabric within the within sight to the restaurant is run solely by volunteers most are young women and college students paying customers purchase what's called an invite write
1:49 pm
a message and it's posted on this board of kindness noble see says it's intended to preserve the dignity of those getting the free meals and also make a connection. the people here treat us well there is the respect between the clients and the customers you know. in the last three years thousands of people have been able to enjoy good food for free but especially with what's going on in jordan and syria with having to support so many refugees and that dream is great and it's nice when you come to pace and you're able to support the community and all the food is sourced locally and bought from women in rural areas volunteers say they love giving back and are also learning about entrepreneurship bush says no one cares that she's a syrian refugee i think that's a problem with my nationality i work with the french companies i think it. kind of
1:50 pm
in that. way so i would love to be with people that they accepted me as i am as what he has been such a success it's expanding later this month the doors were open here at a second restaurant it's about an hour's drive outside of the capital in a town that's struggling the founder not only wants to keep growing across jordan but in other countries as well as as what he has thrived suit to has the surrounding area once dilapidated this is now a colorful stretch of small businesses and perhaps most importantly with people from diverse segments of jordanian society natasha to name al-jazeera amman still more goals to talk about so it's a good thing and these here thank you so much sami what american patrick great has won the masters the first of the year's gold mage's is the first major win for the twenty seven year old from san antonio texas and one that came after
1:51 pm
a strong challenges from some of the world's leading players in the final round up the national cools my counter reports. patrick reid began the final round with a three stroke lead it was knowing that others would come at him and they did the above. first northern irishman rory mcilroy. who drew within one shot before a pair of bogeys took him out of contention am go. go go then a previous masters winner jordan spaeth with five birdies on the first nine turning in the two one of about a birdie on the sixteenth brought him a share of the lead but it was enough to last was
1:52 pm
a bad read kept his composure and the sole lead with a brace of birdies. who was. ricky follett kept tension going until the end. of a birdie at the last bringing him one behind the leader of the was off to seventy one holes patrick we had this putt to become masters champion of the would lie was enormously i felt like. a lot of pressures kind of lifted and kind of taken off of me because you know the fans yes or chair for me but they're you know some of them are more for rory and you know same time he had a lot of the guys you know picking him to win over me and it's just how all sings that the more
1:53 pm
a hundred you know chatter you have in your ear about expectations and everything the harder it is to play golf and you know i just kind of went out there and just tried to try to play golf the best i could and try to stay in the moment not worry about everything else he's not scared. i think you guys of you know seen that previously from from the ryder cups and the way he plays you know places he's not scaring off or so you know play aggressive and you know play his game you won't back down i don't i don't necessarily see him as someone that backs up and will let you come back into the tournament you have to go catch him and proudly wearing the green jacket to the mostest champion. salutes the crowd celebrating the first of what he hopes will be many more mage's mike hanna al-jazeera now the world of cycling has been paying tribute to belgium at rada michael died following
1:54 pm
a crash in the paris review rice on sunday the twenty three year old crashed off i through the events and was found unconscious by rice docked died in hospital after suffering a cardiac arrest. a ferrari mechanic had his leg broken at the bahrain grand prix after a disastrous pit stop involving kimmie reichen and. stop stop stop stop stop stop stop because if you stopped i couldn't drive over his pit crew colleague when i mistakenly being given the all clear to move off despite not having all of his wales attached he was forced to quit the rice as teammates avastin vettel once on so when his second straight grand prix of the new season while defending champion lewis hamilton finished third that after starting down in ninth grade. there was some frustration points in the race where you know they could hear me so i had to choose particular points in which i could speak to them so communication is really difficult when you're trying to catch sebastian is
1:55 pm
twenty five seconds ahead to know exactly what you need to do in order to not kill your tires but make it so that you can catch him at the end is difficult if you don't get that feedback it makes it kind of frustration and most biggest name valentino rossi was barged off the track of the argentina groom pre-buy his rival mark mark has mark has given a penalty the saw him finish outside of a points for rossi finish down and nineteenth due to time lost by that crash ridden scout prochoice won the race he leads the world championship after two races. it was nice to win there's no doubt about that but it was to be expected to be honest i came into the weekend thinking i could leave here with a chance of being first or second with mark and we ended up winning i was comfortable in the bio i felt i took my risks i stayed with riders that i probably should should have and would have been able to drop if i needed to now know down to the biggest show in baseball is right now show here tawny has once again been front and center for the los angeles angels this time as
1:56 pm
a pitcher the japanese star retired the open days first nineteen batters straight up just one hits like a seven shutout innings in his home teaching driving a tractor close to some crowd something unheard of a dangerous stadium so early in the year this is our tani's first season in the game's top pro league he's highly valued because of his ability to both pitch and hits a twenty three year old has already scored three hundred runs for the angles. christian and all those score for the tenth consecutive game thirty rail at madrid despite his side having to settle for a draw against local rivals madrid in the league it's all so right now those twenty six goal in total in his past fourteen games gareth bale setting up ronaldo for the open a shortly after halftime and swung griezmann level for athletics rail next by eventis in the second leg of their champions league quarter final rajel three up from the first game. when i look overall we played pretty well we deserved better we had many chances but in the end we couldn't win that football so we created lots
1:57 pm
of chances in the first half if we weren't successful but then we scored in the beginning of the second half and we had ten to fifteen minutes where we struggled after that but overall i'm happy because we had very good intentions such a shame we couldn't get the three points they would see games in the english premier league on sunday chelsea held a one one draw by west ham their hopes for top four finish in champions league qualification next season taking another backward step they came from a goal down to beat southampton three two. now slaton abraham of each was unable to repeat his deputy heroics for the l.a. galaxy the swedish striker scored twice in his first game for the galaxy as his team won all three not such a good time for him this time the thirty six year old couldn't quite inspire a comeback against sporting kansas city galaxy losing soon. and over the coming days we'll be keeping an eye on one of the world's toughest foot race day two of the marathon day solve all the marathon of the sounds is
1:58 pm
underway in morocco says deserts have a six day event says competitors taking on a two hundred and fifty kilometer course or small they have to carry all their own food and sleeping equipment only strictly russian water is provided by the organizers. good luck to them that is all the sport for now let's get facts of some months you can find much more in our website the address for you that al-jazeera don't call me will see all the stories we've been telling you about as well as our lead story the situation in syria with a strike team for advice they're. back with richelle in a moment. from
1:59 pm
the foreign ministry. these stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the. al-jazeera as we embrace new technologies rarely do we stop to ask what is the
2:00 pm
price of this progress what happened was the will started getting sick but there was a small group of people that began to think that maybe this was related to the kind of disclosure and the job and investigation reveals how even the smallest devices have deadly environmental and health costs we think ok we'll send ari waste to china but we have to remember that air pollution travels around the globe jeff i design on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. sweat every.


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