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a story fourteen hundred years in the making. a story of succession and leadership. tells the story of foundation and the emergence of an empire. the caliph episode one on a. al-jazeera . has swept every year.
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the fallout over an alleged chemical attack in syria continues with the u.s. president told trump promising a major policy decision within forty eight hours. this comes as more than fifty thousand people including rebels and their families prepared to leave the town of duma after a fierce government assault. hello this is out zero live from london also coming up millions of facebook users find out if their data was compromised off to see. admits not enough was done to prevent misuse. israeli interrogates is accused of taunting a jailed palestinian teen activist it to me. and hungry zines immigration need of it to oban wins a third time in power but election observers say it was not an equal playing field .
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so the fallout over an alleged chemical attack in syria is continuing with the us president donald trump promising a major policy decision within forty eight hours speaking at a cabinet meeting trump again condemned the attack on the rebel held town of duma which is syria's civil defense says it killed at least forty people the syrian government has denied responsibility for the attack while its ally russia has dismissed such views as a provocation but trump says nothing is off the table in terms of military action we are studying that situation extremely closely we are meeting with our military and everybody else. and will be making some major decisions over the next twenty four to forty eight hours. we are. very concerned what a thing like that can happen. this is about humanity we're talking about humanity.
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and it can't be allowed to happen let's speak to a white house correspondent can be how it can be that the president saying nothing off the table some major decisions are going to be made within the next twenty four to forty eight hours and one wonders what direction this might take. certainly that is the question on so many minds and that is the debate that is taking place in washington where a series of emergency meetings are taking place here in and around the white house on next steps not only was the president there speaking as he was about to begin a cabinet meeting on the issue there was also an emergency session of the national security council where the principals of the national security council met to debate and discuss next steps and there is also another meeting being held here at the white house around six pm seven pm local time twenty three g. approximately is when there will be a meeting of senior military leaders to also discuss what needs to happen the
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president though very strong in terms of how he feels and his reaction to the images that he is seeing coming out of duma following that toxic gas attack the fact that in his words it was atrocious it was horrible you heard him say that this was about humanity this can't be allowed to happen very similar to the feeling of the president almost one year ago when again there was a reaction by the united states to the chemical weapons that attack that occurred some three days later the president launching airstrikes now the question is whether the president will have a similar reaction after seeing these latest images because russia has been talking about this is a provocation trump himself has been quite aggressive in tone towards russia on this today. very aggressive something we've not seen from the president in terms of specifically naming vladimir putin but we did see that on social media over the weekend of the president once again pointing the finger at russia for accusing it
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of supporting the syrian government of bashar assad in fact his quote is if it's russians if it's syria if it's a ron all together we'll figure this out also questioning why the syrian government is not allowing inspectors in if it claims it is not responsible for this attack why is there no ability for inspectors to go in to prove that claim that's one of the things that's being discussed as well we know from the secretary of defense general mattis he is working with nato as well as qatar to address this issue he says he is working with allies so there are certainly are many indications right now nic that there are next steps that are going to be happening very very soon if not by the end of the day according to the president in terms of some type of response that may be led by the united states or a committee will even if the timing but with these things develop a complete how can reporting well the united nations security council meeting later monday to discuss the suspected chemical attack britain says it's working with its highlights to agree a joint response to the incident while the u.s.
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is in the council to adopt a new resolution to condemn the continued use of chemical weapons in syria the u.n. human rights chief says council members should offer more than just feeble condemnations. and staying in syria russia and president bashar al assad's government have both accused israel of current has strikes on a military base in homes they say two fighter jets struck at the time space can read several people for iranians are said to be among the dead the science is believed to be controlled by iranian forces which back the syrian government then a honda has more now from beirut in neighboring lebanon. there's really a government has not confirmed whether it was responsible for targeting the syrian air base in the central province of homs but the russian government and damascus they're both blaming the israelis saying this really is are responsible now it's not the first time there's really government strikes targets inside syria they've done it on numerous occasions over recent years but this is the first time that
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russia blames israel or points the finger at israel and it's not just that the russians are also demanding an official explanation from the israeli government on why this base was targeted in the past russia used to turn a blind eye and keep silent what has changed could it be a message to the u.s. administration or other western nations who are talking about some sort of military response to suspected chemical weapons attacks so this the airstrike coming just hours after a new surrender deal has been reached in the town of duma in eastern water where the main rebel group their official islam has agreed to surrender. they are leaving from the last rebel pocket in eastern huta duma has surrendered up to eight thousand fighters from the rebel group and more than forty thousand of their family members and anyone else who wants to leave are being bussed out of the city the russian military has given them safe passage to rebel held areas in
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northern syria as part of a deal that also involved. releasing all of its prisoners many of them held for years and among them women and children they arrived at a government controlled crossing late on sunday. the deal came after suspected chemical attack in the city that killed dozens of people doctors and rescue workers saying many of the victims suffocated informed at the mouse symptoms indicative of exposure to some kind of chemical agent damascus and its backer moscow dismissed the claims as fabrication it isn't the first time chemical weapons are. to have been used by the syrian government against civilians hours after the attack agreed to return to the negotiating table it wasn't clear why the initial deal collapsed on friday but when it did the pro-government alliance launched an all out military offensive to pile pressure on the rebel group the evacuation deal reached or what
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amounts to a surrender is similar to the agreement with two other rebel factions in eastern huta who gave up after a fierce bombing campaign. was hoping for a different deal that would allow it to remain in control of duma but under the overall jurisdiction of the government that didn't happen what they did manage to get is a guarantee that russia's military police will enter the city and those who chose to stay won't be harassed or detained by state security forces much of duma is now rubble the largest urban center in the eastern suburbs of damascus has been a target since opposition fighters captured the area in two thousand and thirteen. it was the main hub of anti-government protests close to the capital and from there rebels were able to threaten the government seat of power by frequently launching rockets into neighborhoods. seven years later the pro-government alliance is
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declaring victory but the seven week offensive killed nearly two thousand civilians this is the worst defeat suffered by the opposition since the fall of aleppo in late two thousand and sixteen. beirut. facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg has apologized to u.s. lawmakers for a previously breach affecting millions of users in a written statement he admitted his social media network did not do enough to protect users data. in washington where he'll appear before two congressional committees on choose. today and wednesday will answer questions about the misuse of up to eighty seven million users personal information facebook has begun contacting the affected uses giving them detailed information about what happened and how they can protect themselves friends francisco is an associate professor at ross called
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university and he says that facebook is concerned it's losing users you should consider that really what is happening is that facebook is in crisis communication mode. so they want to appear sympathetic they want to appear responsive even proactive. and so they. devise a strategy of trying to inform the user and. slightly change their practice the reality is the soon enough they're going to go to their usual strategy which is that of doing as little as they can only where necessary and when this area so probably we're going to hear more news from facebook try to kind of apiece the attention the reason from the this crisis but very soon if great the forces that work towards changing their practices and by the way not only facebook coming in all other companies that i have indiscriminately collected i've listed all possible
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dangers about the users very little is going to change their business model doesn't really leave much leeway for them to change path i joining my voice to the one of other kind of experts that really say that if facebook really wants to be transparent if really they want to be forthcoming if they really want to change for the greater good of to kind of improve their service really they should join and they should kind of try to add that their strategy base for example one thing them both just to do the listeners is to look up for the general data protection regulation that is going to become effective in europe in may now this regulation is a set of laws and articles that are forcing businesses to treat users data according to very specific standards facebook us all other companies school and all
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other companies that collect huge amounts of data in from a day we have to abide to these standards and they can be controlled they're true. asperin see it's not going to be just the self-regulatory act they are going to have to abide to these standards so i think that it's a good that facebook is forthcoming with this information but i think it's very legal and it's just part of this crisis communications strategy most should be done thirty one palestinians have now died in gaza after a series of demonstrations that began ten days ago gaza's health ministry says a forty five year old man died on monday from wounds he sustained during protests on friday tens of thousands of people have taken to the border area with israel demanding a right of return for palestinian refugees more than two thousand four hundred have been injured around fourteen hundred of them by live ammunition from the israeli army. supporters of jailed palestinian teen once of his that i had to meet have
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released footage of her being questioned by the israeli military knowing me well. let me. in the video two men heard making comments about the seventeen year old to fair skin an eye color to me was detained in december of the being filmed slapping an israeli soldier in the occupied west bank in march she accepted a plea deal which will see her in prison for months she's one of around three hundred fifty palestinian youths in israeli custody. well. we. don't even know you got any idea what that made. me
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i'm still to come on the program former south korean president lee myung bak his for me challenge with bribery imprisonment and tax evasion. i don't think anyone is ever going to be brought to justice. twenty years on from an agreement to end sectarian violence or not and families are still struggling with the loss of fluffy . how the rain that was in iran two days ago is still falling but now he's done this same frontal system just on the edge of your screen behind the tolls not completely cotton down there are some bright top clouds here that indicate hail storms showers of rain lashley in beirut in lebanon and syria and i think significantly in
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southern turkey and if anything this generation the circulation might produce rather more way of rain in northern iraq northern syria and something to eat and there is the cloud bands still there were down through kuwait bahrain and then to counter and east and saudi it's got the potential to generate one to thunderstorms but i think most of the potential has now been spent now that's a cloudy picture quite a dusty one more recently from the gulf states we think the wind is dropping is that slightly improved come wednesday there's still fairly regular shastri out the tropics but once again we generated quite significant rain in namibia botswana and south africa what topped clouds here again unfortunately not so much for cape time but go to the east i want to get focus around you have this big that's the area where shall start to build during tuesday and on wednesday they fade but it's still wet in mozambique.
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but again a reminder the top stories here on al-jazeera and president donald trump condemns the syrian government's suspected chemical attack in duma and says he will decide
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on a major policy decision within forty eight hours. russia and syria have accused israel of carrying out strikes on a military base in homes which is said to be controlled by iranian forces. and facebook c.e.o. . has apologized to u.s. lawmakers for a previously breach affecting tens of millions of users admitting his social media network did not do enough to protect people's data. independent monitors it questioning the fairness of hungary's elections which sold it to oban went straight as prime minister the organization for security and cooperation in europe says other continents were not able to compete equally with oil bans ruling france party voters had a wide range of political options but intimidating and seen a photograph eric media bias and opaque campaign financing constricted
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the space for genuine political debate. hindering voters' ability to make a fully informed choice the ability of contestants to compete on an equal basis was significantly compromised by the government's excessive spending on public information advertisements that amplified the ruling coalition's campaign message when old bans two thirds majority will allow him to press ahead with constitutional changes and hardline policies on immigration his journey home now from budapest. analysts talk to fatigue left wing activists thought an energized opposition would strike a blow to victor all bands power they were wrong maybe now i'm starting to look i mean our country hungry is still not there where we would like it to be but it's already started to go the way that it chose for itself we're going to go together this way in victory or been declared himself the defender of traditional hungary
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and values a familiar theme the enemy mainly muslim refugees poised to invade despite a large fence built on hungary's southern border in defiance of brussels also those who enable the pro immigration n.g.o.s and independent media. he's changed the constitution before how far might be prepared to go now it's really on for seeable i mean i'm pretty sure that he will go against civil society organizations he tried to shut them down he probably tried to limit their finances i think he will go against independent media outlets would still exist in the country and i also think that he might go against independent judiciary. there's a name for viktor all bands system of government he calls it a liberal democracy it's basically the primacy of populist nationalism over individual freedoms and along with popular economic policies half the voters of this country support it those who don't are in for
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a troubling four years but it just isn't a bust choice for us because they are. every rule hungary they are didn't respect the people in hungary they think they can do anything the hungry people. very much like these from or been. in the sun outside hungary's impressive neoclassical parliament building on the banks of the danube a million. the guard is on constant parade where once an e.u. flag flew there are now hand banners invoking nostalgia for a lost imperial past. these are all bands innovations in a country cementing its place as a standard bearer for rightwing nationalism in europe jonah how al-jazeera budapest at least fifteen people including children have been killed in an airstrike in yemen yemeni officials say the side led coalition planes struck
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a house in the southwestern city of ties the area has seen heavy fighting between saudi backed government forces and the who three rebels the family of a u.s. journalist killed in syria is suing the government of president bashar al assad over her death marie colvin was working for the london based sunday times when she was killed in homs in two thousand and twelve an official has more now from washington d.c. recall than was a well known and hugely respected foreign correspondent who spent time in conflict zones she wore a distinctive eye patch the result of an injury when a grenade exploded while reporting in sri lanka she was killed in holmes and twenty twelve the end of the syrian civil war know a new lawsuit lodged in court in washington d.c. alleges she was deliberately targeted by senior syrian government figures the documents they were submitting into evidence illustrate that the regime really at the highest level had adopted
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a policy of launching joint military and intelligence operations against media workers and their sources and this included both foreign journalist syrian journalist media activist even everyday syrians that were you know recording a demonstration on their cell phone. call then was an american citizen she was buried near where she grew up in new york state her family are behind the lawsuit. foreign governments normally can be sued in u.s. civil court but there are exceptions for countries designated by the state department sponsor of terrorism syria is comely on that list her sister says she thinks of marie every day we filed the lawsuit as soon as we could collect enough evidence to prove that ray had been targeted and i really did that one of the motivations was personal and like i just talked about but i also wanted to bring attention to the suffering of the syrian people for all the pain that my family has gone through their thousands and thousands of syrians who have suffered in the same
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way one of the key pieces of the lawsuit is the testimony from a former syrian intelligence agent could named ulysses who confirmed the idea of targeting colvin was discussed and agreed at the highest level among those also lodging testimony with the court former us ambassador to syria robert ford it is important to record in a thorough judicial manner. for oppressive acts the kinds of war crimes that the syrian government committed the family is hoping there will be no hearing and the judge will simply make a recommendation for damages against the city and state the only reaction from damascus syrian president bashar al assad one said marie colvin got what she deserved alan fischer al-jazeera washington turkey has begun deporting hundreds of afghan refugees who were found to have entered the country illegally in recent weeks and nearly seven hundred refugees will be returned to afghanistan this week
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including more than two hundred who arrive from eastern turkey on sunday rights groups have criticized the move saying that they will be sent back to a war torn country with their lives at risk. at least sixty people are believed to have died in indian easier in the past week from drinking illegal homemade the whole police have raided properties in and around the capital jakarta looking for those responsible for the home brewed products rising alcohol prices have fueled the black market for bootleg liquor in the news or is the world's most populous muslim country and drinking alcohol is from the point but not illegal. the former south korean president lee myung bak has been indicted on several corruption charges he has been accused of taking bribes corporate tax evasion and embezzlement his successor probably going today was sentenced to twenty four years in prison for corruption on friday kathy novak has more now from seoul. lee myung bak was
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president between two thousand and eight and two thousand and thirteen and these corruption charges are linked to his time in office he is accused of bribery embezzle meant tax evasion and abuse of power it's alleged he improperly received about ten million dollars from institutions including south korea's spy agency as well as the country's biggest conglomerate samsung he's been in detention since he was arrested last month and in that time has refused to be questioned by prosecutors but in the past he has denied the charges against him saying that his arrest was a politically motivated leak comes from the opposite side of politics to the current liberal president moon j n in the past he has also apologized for causing concern among the south korean public he now becomes the fourth former south korean president to face trial over corruption allegations his arrest his indictment comes just days after former president packin hay was sentenced to twenty four years in
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her corruption trial accused found guilty rather of abuse of power and bribery amongst other charges. uganda's constitutional court is hearing the opposition's case against scrapping the presidential age limit ugandan parliament voted overwhelmingly in favor of removing the age limits of seventy five last year it paved the way for the seventy three year old president mr veiny to seek reelection in twenty twenty one about opposition lawyers say proper legal procedures to change the constitution were not followed nigerian president mohammad do bihari as announced he's running for re-election next year it ends months of speculation over whether the seventy five year old will seek a second term in office opposition candidates say bihari is unfit for the presidency after spending five months in the u.k. last year to treat an undisclosed condition on tuesday will be exactly twenty years since the british and irish governments and northern ireland's main political
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parties signed the good friday agreement during the so-called troubles society was generally divided along religious lines with most catholics opposing british rule in northern ireland and protestants wanting it to continue but two decades after the landmark agreement to end the violence many on both sides still believe justice has not been achieved u.k. correspondent bobby philips has more from the rural county if amanda. in small farming towns in gentle valleys and quiet country lanes they remembered dark days we came along after action and just as we're torn in the end here they were for us a little blank there are those who are old they opened up almost here just. three gone i was thirty two full of holes in it you're so lucky you can imagine what it's like it was just after eight o'clock on a sunday morning in one thousand nine hundred seventy two richard and his brother robin protestants and part time soldiers of the british army and their father drove
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into their farm and an ira ambush robin died richard has lost hope the men who killed his brother will ever be caught not all but hey i'm thinking. it's quite possible a man overboard or either very old man or. what was the point what an old monitor jian. there was. no time to oversee. anybody doing home for. us from now through almost all of the violence of the troubles was here in northern ireland part of the united kingdom but just occasionally it would spread to the south of the republic which you can see the other side of that water geraldine o'reilly a catholic was fifteen years old just two months off to robin was killed so was she by a bomb planted by pro british paramilitaries she was buying chips on the high street
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another passing boy also killed antony is geraldine's brother he survived the ball berea his wife he struggled not to let his last define his life for three of a sort of. let go of it no because i don't think anyone's ever going to be brought to justice no you know what order we can do now is to get the peace agreement done take this as a not to for. her what i hope for the of them never happen to get to anyone and so . it's good. that it's happening at the moment in the north you know where there is no government to know but i do know that the people want peace and we want peace here as well to families justice has eluded them both and yet they cherish this peace even as they fear its fertility. to be phillip's al-jazeera county thought mama told her not.
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to remind the top stories here on al-jazeera and the fallout over in the alleged chemical attack in syria is continuing with u.s. president donald trump promising a major policy decision within forty eight hours speaking at a cabinet meeting trump condemned the attack on the rebel held town of duma as he that's at least forty people are reported to have died in the incident the syrian government denies responsibility or russia says it hasn't found any traces of chemical weapons in duma. remake in some major decisions over the next twenty four to forty eight hours. we are. very concerned what a thing like that can happen. this is about humanity we're talking about humanity. and it can't be allowed to happen. the u.n. security council is meeting in a few hours time to discuss the suspected chemical attack and do more on saturday
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that britain says it's working with its allies to agree a joint response to the incident while the u.s. is urging the council to adopt a new resolution to condemn the continued use of chemical weapons in syria. russia and syria are accusing israel of carrying out has strikes on a military air base in central syria they say two fighter jets struck the entire space in homes killing several people four radians are said to be among the victims . facebook see cuz apologized to u.s. lawmakers for a pretty breach of fact in tens of millions of users in a written statement she admitted his social media network did not do enough to protect people's data he's due to appear before two congressional committees on choose day and on wednesday to answer questions about the misuse of up to eighty seven million uses personal information. independent election monitors say they're questioning the fairness of hungry selection after the prime minister was reelected for
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a third consecutive term the organization for security and cooperation in europe says other candidates were not able to compete equally against viktor orban at least fifteen people including children have been killed in an airstrike indictments south western city of tire as officials say shelling by the saudi led coalition hit a house in the did not district. right up state with headlines here not to make stop its inside story. just hours after news of another suspected chemical attack in.


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