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is that each day some people will live until to morrow so many innocent people from around the world the bats and balls are several years old the really good players that end up trading cricket academy and maybe one day play for the national team. as we embrace new technologies rarely do we stop to ask what is the price of this progress what happened was people started getting sick but there was a small group of people that began to think that maybe this was related to become a disclosure on the job an investigation reveals how even the smallest devices have deadly environmental and health costs we think ok we'll send our you waste to china but we have to remember that air pollution travels around the globe death by design on al-jazeera. there's no one way of telling the story keeping is to the right and to be respected the best our desire is great we actually get to know the person for he tells.
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us and russia trades rights of the united nations over suspected chemical attack in syria donald trump puts military action on the table. then james up in this is a live from house a coming up the f.b.i. raids the home and office of the u.s. president's long time lawyer the man at the center of one hundred thirty thousand dollars payment to a porn star. mark zuckerberg admits facebook could have done more to protect user data as he apologizes to lawmakers on the eve of his congressional testimony. and under siege world heritage sites in yemen could be destroyed because of the fighting between the saudi led coalition and the rebels.
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the u.s. president says he'll make a decision shortly on how to respond to a suspected chemical weapons attack in syria donald trump says all options are on the table including military action a syrian aid organization says dozens died in saturday's attack in the rebel held town of duma near the capital damascus the syrian government's ally russia denies it happened we're making a decision as to what we do with respect to the horrible attack that was made near damascus. and it will be met and it will be met forcefully. when i will not say because i don't like talking about timing so we're going to make a decision tonight or very shortly thereafter. you'll be hearing the decision but we can't let atrocities like we all witnessed and you can see that this horrible
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we can't let that happen they attack on was the focus of an emergency meeting at the u.n. security council it was a fiery exchange between the u.s. and russia moscow's warning of grave repetitions in the event of a u.s. strike on syria mike hanna reports from the united nations despite a plea for unity in the council there was little in evidence the emergency session originally called by nine security council members and the new british ambassador summed up the majority position options are on the table we will want to be evaluate base in the light of what we know we prefer to start with a proper investigation but we will keep in touch with. us in front from the russian ambassador though an alternative narrative his argument that any chemical attack would have been carried out by opposition groups under the direction of american advisers the intend t. claimed to justify military action against the syrian government and scathing words
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directed at the us ambassador across the chamber. you misguided if you think you have friends the so-called friends of yours are only those who cannot say no to you and this is the sole criterion for friendship in your understanding the us has proposed the establishment of a un investigative mechanism with an initial one year mandate to identify perpetrators of chemical attacks and while calling for security council action the ambassador made a not so veiled threat. history will record this as the moment when the security council either discharged its duty or demonstrated its utter and complete failure to protect the people of syria either way the united states will respond as the western allies gather did intense conversation the possibility that in the face of ongoing security council division some members could contemplate unilateral
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and forceful action mike zero united nations the f.b.i. has raided the home and office of donald trump's personal attorney michael cohen has been at the center of a controversy involving the president and a porn star if you are agency's documents relating to one hundred thirty thousand dollars payment cohen said he made to stormy daniels she claims she was paid to keep quiet about a sexual encounter she had with trump twelve years ago trump says he has no knowledge of the payment would speed dial easterbrook in washington d.c. what happened i. hi jay well this is a big bombshell this evening in washington. michael cohen has been the president's personal attorney has been his fixer his advisor for over a decade twelve years in fact now this investigation today you had federal
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prosecutors going into his home going into his into his office and seizing e-mails correspondence between the president and cohen tax records business records and the in the like that could provide a connection between the president and stormy daniels now this whole this investigation was not part of robert muller's probe into the russian meddling into the twenty six thousand election but information that muller uncovered during his investigation was handed over to federal prosecutors now president trump wasted very little time this evening bashing moeller for the investigation and this latest investigation into his attorney it's a disgraceful situation it's a total witch hunt i've been saying it for a long time i've wanted to keep it down and we've given. i believe over a million pages worth of documents to the special counsel. they continue to just go forward and here we're talking about. syria we're talking about
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a lot of serious things with the greatest fighting force ever and i have this witch hunt constantly going on for over twelve months now. any idea what happens now and i'm wondering the what people feel about this. well it is this is an interesting development we're watching it unfold. what everybody is sort of wondering is what this might mean with the president and robert muller he's you know from time to time he was he was discouraged last summer from firing about the probe. and he mentioned this evening that he you know he he didn't fire him last summer but he may have to be talked out of doing that again. you know he also his justice department was in charge of turning over prompting this investigation so it will be interesting to see how he responds to
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his deputy attorney general and his attorney general over this situation all right thank you brian melanie sloan is a former federal prosecutor as she says trump is nervous about special counsel robert miller focusing part of his probe on his personal lawyer. this started months ago apparently in march when muller's became interested in the stormy daniels issue and he apparently uncovered information my guess is it may have also new things new evidence may have come out and then last thursday night president trump got on the news and said that he had no idea how this payment was made one hundred thirty thousand dollars that was paid to stormy daniels michael cohen was his lawyer but you'd have to ask him so there are so many questions and now it's being reported that mr cohen is being investigated for bank fraud wire fraud and campaign finance violations that would be was that hundred thirty thousand dollars
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paid to stormy daniels in order to hush her up in order to help mr trump's chance of winning the presidential election this happened remember only twelve days before the election so there are myriad intentional charges michael cohen is facing and no wonder mr trump is very anxious michael cohen seems to be the person who knows everything and if mr cohen decides that he wants to save his own skin and he wants to speak about president trump if he's going to in fact turn state's evidence against mr trump then this is very bad news indeed for the president only the president knows exactly what michael cohen knows about his business dealings and his relationship with stormy daniels facebook chief executive mark zuckerberg has apologized to u.s. politicians for a previously breach affecting millions of users in a written statement he admits the social media to a didn't do enough to protect people's personal information so who are going to appear before two congressional committees on tuesday and when in washington d.c. he'll answer questions about the misuse of data of up to eighty seven million uses
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facebook is also contacting the people affected to tell them what happened and how they can protect themselves particularly and has been following developments in washington d.c. . c.e.o. and founder of facebook mark zuckerberg has really escaped much public scrutiny in the past that is changing with this cambridge analytical scandal people just didn't realize that if their friends downloaded apps that their profile could be targeted as well and so now facebook c.e.o. is trying to get ahead of what has been growing outrage that the company's been slow to react to he's up on capitol hill meeting privately with key members of the senate and then he's going to have two days of testimony music spec to deface improved tough questions so in ahead of that they are announcing some steps that they will notify the eighty seven million users affected by the cambridge analytical gandel they're going to change how their website works that they're going to add almost five thousand new employees to work on security also saying that they are going to follow the new european union step privacy standards that
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are pretty strict that they're going to apply to every facebook user across the globe in the near future and that they're going to work with foundations and academics to study exactly how social media impacts elections so basic message terms are covered today in this testimony that was released ahead of his visit is that he is sorry that he should have done better the company should have done better and they will in the future still probably not be enough to keep him from getting some pretty tough questions when he sits down with members of the u.s. house and senate still ahead of al-jazeera. israeli interrogators accused of taunting jailed palestinian teen activist ahead to me plus. getting to grips with turbulent times while military cooperation a major talking point between capitalism in and the u.s. secretary of defense.
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by the sky and i mean the ancient harbor or off the coast of the italian riviera. and over the clouds are gathering for us in parts of china now you can see a few are not choose day a little bit some pieces of cloud there but it really begins to thicken up as we head through wednesday and then anywhere from hunan province across today's young could see a few outbreaks of rain looks like shanghai is ahead of all of that but even here we're seeing a bit of an effect because it's bringing down the temperatures a bit so twenty four degrees still rather reasonable for it not quite as high as it has been for the southeast and parts of asia plenty of showers here at the moment we're seeing quite a few lively ones over the philippines but most of them are towards the west across parts of somalia again we'll see plenty of showers here as we head through the next couple of days further north there is more in the way of dry weather through parts of thailand across cambodia and into parts of vietnam here it looks like it should
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be mostly following drawing forests in india it's been pretty wet in the north recently that's also been affecting us in the northern parts of pakistan you see the area of cloud hair and it's not going anywhere in a great hurry so still for many of us it's going to stay rall the wet and some snow still over the mountains to to the south of that though we could only dream of snow here necco up of forty one degrees really very very warm for us there will be a few more showers in parts of shoreline. there with sponsored by the time he's. tracing the four from prosperity to financial ruin this is precisely the movement where we humanized that nothing was first wealthy in greece the devastating impact to save the banks means also to save the deposits both in their recent visits and the failure to prevent disaster banks and political leaders of the people who needed to learn of this our goal are from democracy to the
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markets on al-jazeera. i think in a mind of the top stories this hour u.s. president on the chances you'll make a decision shortly on how to respond to a suspected chemical weapons attack in syria trump says all options are on the table including military action. dozens are said to have died in the alleged attack on saturday. that this attack was the focus of an emergency meeting at the u.n. security council there was a fiery exchange between the u.s. and russia which denies that this attack even took place moscow warned of grave revocations in the event of a u.s. strike on syria. and donald trump has described an f.b.i.
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raid at the home and office of his personal lawyer michael cohen as a disgrace and a total witch hunt kerns been at the center of a controversy involving the president and a porn star stormy daniels claims she was paid to keep quiet about a sexual encounter she had with trump twelve years ago. it's come on our top story this suspected chemical attack in syria as the international fallout continues tens of thousands of rebel fighters and their families are moving out of doom it's part of a russian sponsored exchange which requires the jaish islam rebel group to surrender all prisoners before leaving center how to reports. they are leaving from the last rebel pocket in eastern who. has surrendered up to eight thousand fighters from the rebel group and more than forty thousand of their family members and anyone else who wants to leave are being bussed out of the city the russian military has given them safe passage to rebel held areas in northern syria as part
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of a deal that also involved. releasing all of its prisoners many of them held for years and among them women and children they arrived at a government controlled crossing late on sunday. the deal came after a suspected chemical attack in the city that killed dozens of people doctors and rescue workers saying many of the victims suffocated informed at the mouse symptoms indicative of exposure to some kind of chemical agent damascus and its backer moscow dismissed the claims as fabrication it isn't the first time chemical weapons are believed to have been used by the syrian government against civilians hours after the attack agreed to return to the negotiating table it wasn't clear why the initial collapse on friday but when it did the pro-government alliance launched an all out military offensive to pile pressure on the rebel group the evacuation or what amounts to
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a surrender is similar to the agreement with two other rebel factions and. gave up after a fierce bombing campaign. was hoping for a different deal that would allow it to remain in control of but under the overall jurisdiction of the government that didn't happen what they did manage to get is a guarantee that russia's military police will enter the city and those who chose to stay won't be harassed or detained by state security forces much of duma is now rubble the largest urban center in the eastern suburbs of damascus has been a target since opposition fighters captured the area in two thousand and thirteen. it was the main hub of anti-government protests close to the capital and from there rebels were able to threaten the government seat of power by frequently launching rockets into neighborhoods. seven years later the pro-government alliance is declaring victory but the seven week offensive killed nearly two thousand civilians
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this is the worst defeat suffered by the opposition since the fall of aleppo in late two thousand and sixteen. beirut. thirty one palestinians are now confirmed dead in gaza after the israeli army opened fire on demonstrations that began ten days ago gaza's health ministry says a forty five year old man was killed on monday from wounds he sustained during protests on friday tens of thousands of people have travelled to the border of israel demanding the right of return for palestinian refugees more than two thousand four hundred people have been injured most of them by live ammunition from israeli army gunfire. supporters of joe palestinian teenager i had to maybe have released footage of her being questioned by the israeli military in the video two men are heard making comments about the seventeen year olds fair skin and eye color to me was detained in the sand after being filmed slapping an israeli soldier no
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home in the occupied west bank. has more from ramallah. it's a video that supporters of a had to be me say exposes the abusive tactics used against the palestinian teenager in an attempt to coerce her into a confession members of to me family say the video highlights verbal harassment and intimidation by two male israeli interrogators they say one portion showing the two men referring to me as hair color and eyes is particularly troubling and inappropriate. for. anyone. but. the free the to me means campaign released the footage to the media at a news conference on monday in ramallah in the occupied west bank her father says israel decided to make an example of his seventeen year old daughter in order to discourage palestinian children from resisting the occupation. they wanted to
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break it to break her is the symbol she represents in front of her generation. to me was arrested in december after this video of her slapping and hitting two israeli soldiers outside of her house in the village of. went viral. her younger cousin had been shot in the head by the israelis with a rubber coated steel bullets during protests against settlement expansion in the area her case through international criticism and to me became a hero to many palestinians israeli officials have defended to me as arrest saying they're protecting their soldiers and stopping what they call the incitement of violence last month to me agreed to a plea deal with israeli prosecutors to avoid more serious charges that could have led to her being imprisoned for years human rights defenders say what happened to me is not an isolated incident to present so i think it is. widespread practice and all sorts to represents the israeli oafish of. the target.
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and they target children by different groups for instance by torturing them by others through them by detained them many are outraged by the video especially by the presence of one of the two interrogators i've seen i don't know hundreds of off interrogation sessions i have never seen a military intelligence officer present in one of these interrogations simply never seen it in hundreds of interrogations of huge is not he's not. he's not police he's military intelligence why was military intelligence presence there the israeli army says it's passed a complaint filed by to me is lawyer of improper conduct by the investigator to the justice ministry and it's being examined palestinian activists say that perhaps most of all i had to mimi's case has highlighted the plight of palestinian children . aid organizations say there are around three hundred palestinian minors currently
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being held in israeli jail and whose cases by god to me are being heard or will be heard before a military court and according to activists those miners will ultimately also have to enter into plea bargains or risk facing long term detentions how much of them. in the occupied west bank at least fifteen people including children have been killed in an air strike in yemen local officials say a saudi led coalition planes targeted the house in the south western city of tire as the area has seen heavy fighting between saudi backed government forces and the who think rebels they backed by iran. the international red cross has called on all sides in the yemen conflict not to shell one of the country's oldest towns a bit is a u.n. world heritage site but there are fears that many of its historic buildings will be reduced to rubble reports. sabots fortified walls and minarets have stood for more than a thousand years but the war during the last three years has left its mark and best
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concern continued fighting between the saudi led coalition and who is here rebels could damage the town's archaeological sites beyond repair. some of the bombing around the city of zab it and inside the city of zab it resulted in damage of some building ceilings and walls cracks and we as a public body to preserve the historic cities cannot do anything with. zappa was yemen's capital between the thirteenth and fifteenth centuries it sits south of today's capital sana in an area largely controlled by heathy rebels it's also close to the main highway linking the port of her data and the city of thais a crucial supply line where there's been some of the heaviest shelling. the town's heritage was already under threat before the war began in twenty fourteen the un's cultural agency a place that bit on the danger list almost twenty years ago more than a third of its ancient buildings had been replaced by ones made of concrete and
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recent bombing has any made things worse a lot of. the bombing of sheer restaurant affected our houses they cracked and some was a month because of the shelling. when zob it was yemen's capital seven hundred years ago the town's islamic university was known as oxford of the east a reference to one of the world's famous universities in the u.k. there's glory days of gone but conservationists don't want what's left of the ancient city to disappear completely barbara and go out to syria. the gulf crisis and syria's war are top of the agenda in talks between cattles amir and the u.s. president but in the lead up to that meeting on tuesday the focus has been on the importance of america's military base in. reports from washington d.c. . it's shaped i mean been hammered authorities first official visit to the u.s. since president donald trump took office his first formal meeting in the u.s.
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capitol was with the u.s. defense secretary james mattis expanding military corporation was near the top of their agenda or were you very close to each other especially coping there is and we've moved to more than. a few or many. side by side in. qatar hosts the americans for what military headquarters in the middle east centcom their date military base is give a toll for u.s. operations in the region we intend to continue working together with debility in the caribbean the caribbean or italy and that can work both good or affected by many and occasionally encounters coming terrorism between united. was countering the spread of iran malign influence in the region this is a crucial visit for qatar's in me for the last ten months his country has had to
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deal with a blockade imposed by sandy arabia the u.a.e. behind and egypt. remains open for the dialogue as long as it's. there is nothing confined to the sovereignty of the states but that as long as they are respecting the international law as long as they offer spec and our people and their whites this is what's up until we know what that region entire region is suffering from a lot of crises and cannot afford more because two weeks ago sounded a crown prince mohammed bin send then met the u.s. president saadi arabia and its allies say the embargo imposed on qatar won't be lifted alas doha changes is foreign policy what we have seen so far is that the crisis has brought in external actors such as russia to. and iran into the region which makes it even more dangerous because the instability there. would increase if
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the us is perceived to lose influence and able to solve the crisis would indeed g.c.c. itself a meeting between goals. in the us for nurses but is now expected to take place later this year the u.s. is trying to nara differences among its rival our allies it's biggest concern but a failure to find a political solution to the quizes could further erode its standing in the region and undermine its push to defeat i still. washington d.c. nigeria's president mohammed who bihari says he'll run for reelection next year the announcement ends months of speculation the seventy five year old came to power in twenty fifteen promising to be tough on security and vying to end corruption but africa's top oil producer went into recession a year later many blamed for in crude prices and attacks by rebels in the oil rich niger delta bihari also spent five months in the u.k.
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last year for treatment of an undisclosed condition that led his opponents to say he wasn't fit enough for the top job. french police have used tear gas and stun grenades in a dawn raid to clear out environmental activists from the size of an abandoned airport project about two and a half thousand police battled with the protesters who fought battles stones plans for the airport said not to don the laundry in western france were abandoned in january after years of protests but many of the anticapitalist activists refused to leave a restaurant in jordan's capital which started as and i did one man has transformed an entire community tashkin a reports from amman. mahmoud noble seen wanted to find a way to help the poor mobilize jordan's youth and support rural women but when he shared his ideas with others they were dismissive he decided to press on anyway he
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founded what he calls a social solidarity restaurant in amman offering free meals to those who can't afford one it's called as whitey and means my support system in arabic but that's the idea of where we can support the social fabric with. the restaurant is run solely by volunteers most are young women and college students paying customers purchase what's called an invite write a message and it's posted on this board of kindness no bull see says it's intended to preserve the dignity of those getting the free meals and also make a connection. that people here treat us well there is a respect between the clients and the customers. in the last three years thousands of people have been able to enjoy good food for free especially with what's going on in jordan and syria with having to support seventy refugees and
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that dream is great and it's nice when you come to pay us and you're able to support the community and all the food is sourced locally and bought from women in rural areas. volunteers say they love giving back and are also learning about entrepreneurship bushra says no one cares that she's a syrian refugee. that's a problem with my nationality i work with the french companies they treated me kind of in a. way so i would love to be with people but they accepted me as a man as what he has been such a success it's expanding later this month the doors will open here at a second restaurant it's about an hour's drive outside of the capital in a town that's struggling the founder not only wants to keep growing across jordan but in other countries as well as as what he has thrived suit to has the surrounding area once dilapidated this is now
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a colorful stretch of small businesses and perhaps most importantly with people from diverse segments of jordanian society natasha to name al-jazeera among. top stories on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump says he'll make a decision on how to respond to suspected chemical weapons attack in syria trump says all options are on the table including military action dozens are said to have died in the alleged attack on saturday. we're making a decision as to what we do with respect to the horrible attack that was made near damascus. and it will be met and it will be met forcefully. when i wrote not say because i don't like talking about timing so we're going to make
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a decision tonight for very short leave there after. you'll be hearing the decision but we care what atrocities like we all witnessed and you can see that or we can't let that happen the attack was the focus of an emergency meeting at the u.n. security council there was a fiery exchange between the u.s. and russia which denies the attack happened moscow warned of grave replications in the event of a u.s. strike on syria donald trump has described an f.b.i. raid at the home and office of his personal lawyer michael cohen as a disgrace and a total witch hunt currents at the center of a controversy involving the president and the porn star stormy daniels says she was paid to keep quiet about a sexual encounter with trump twelve years ago. facebook chief executive mark zuckerberg has apologized to u.s. politicians for a pretty easy breach affecting millions of users in a written statement he admits he says the media network didn't do enough to protect
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people's personal information zuckerberg will appear before two congressional committees on tuesday and wednesday in washington d.c. thirty one palestinians on are confirmed dead in gaza after the israeli army opened fire on demonstrations gaza's health ministry says a forty five year old man died on monday from wounds he sustained during protests on friday tens of thousand people traveled to the border of israel demanding a right of return for palestinians. inside story is coming up next. just hours after news of another suspected chemical attack in.


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