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mexico at least is out of mexico we'll see some big downpours on choosing the slot a little further south which as we go on into wednesday elsewhere across the region is fighting fire with more tropical sunshine it's a pretty wet weather too just developing just around the panhandle over the next big downpours coming through some big downpours to into the pacific northwest but in between it's fine warm and sunny. there with sponsored by qatar makes. the scene for us when they're on line what is american sign in yemen that peace is almost possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sat there are people there are choosing between buying medication and eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist just posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera.
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this is al-jazeera. hello i'm sam this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes the u.s. president warns of action over the latest suspected chemical weapons attack in syria which russia denies. radio farda these confirm the authenticity of a video showing soldiers celebrating after shooting a palestinian protester. two decades on from the deal which sealed peace in northern ireland serious political divisions remain alive in belfast and in sports the first two champions league semifinalists will be decided later on this tuesday liverpool hoping their star striker mohamed salah is fair. enough to take on
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manchester city next quarter final. now the diplomatic fallout from saturday's suspected chemical attack in syria is growing as the hostile rhetoric between western powers and russia intensifies britain's prime minister to resign may says the attack which killed more than forty people was barbaric she was echoing comments from the french president both have refused to rule out military action or rush or insist the attack was staged by the syrian opposition the foreign minister has now invited international inspectors to visit the site. we have invited explicit from the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons to duma and we will strive for this visit to happen we cannot blindly believe the results that are produced by investigations at a distance but as a tense meeting of the un security council on monday the u.s.
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ambassador implicated russia and iran in the attack referred to syria's president bashar assad as a monster later u.s. president donald trump promised a response within twenty four hours we're making a decision as to what we do with respect to the horrible attack that was made near damascus. and it will be met and it will be met forcefully and when i will not say because i don't like talking about timing so we're going to make a decision tonight or very shortly thereafter. and you'll be hearing the decision but we care where atrocities like we all witnessed and you can see that it's our oh we can't let that happen moscow is warning of grave repercussions if there's a u.s. strike on syria michaela reports from the u.n.
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. despite a plea for unity in the council there was little in evidence the emergency session originally called by nine security council members and the new british ambassador summed up the majority position options are on the table we will want to evaluate days in the light of what we know we start with the proper investigation but we will keep in touch with our very close allies to us and from the russian ambassador though an alternative narrative his argument that any chemical attack would have been carried out by opposition groups under the direction of american advisers the intend t. claimed to justify military action against the syrian government and scathing words directed at the us ambassador across the chamber richard was a. you misguided if you think you have friends the so-called friends of yours or only those who cannot say no to you and this is the sole criterion for friendship in your understanding the us has proposed the establishment of
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a un investigative mechanism with an initial one year mandate to identify perpetrators of chemical attacks and while calling for security council action the ambassador made a not so veiled threat history will record this as the moment when the security council either discharged its duty or demonstrated its utter and complete failure to protect the people of syria either way the united states will respond as the western allies gathered in intense conversation the possibility that in the face of ongoing security council division some members could contemplate unilateral and forceful action. mike hanna al-jazeera united nations royal challenge joins us now from moscow so as i mentioned there has been an offer from russia for investigators to go and check out the site of that suspected chemical attack there
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was the word from russia is that offer going anywhere. you know what russia's saying what sergey lavrov the russian foreign minister said a few hours ago was that we cannot have a repeat of the situation that followed the incident last year when chemical weapons inspectors didn't go to the sites they conducted their investigation offsite and now love rob says that this led to a report contains such language as highly likely and highly possible and things like that which russia says just does not wash does not carry so what they are saying is they will guarantee the security of p.c. w server global chemical weapons watchdog experts from the o.p.c. w to go to duma and collect samples taken away take them to
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a laboratory and get them properly tested russia says that its own specialists are been to duma along with syrian red cross personnel and they didn't find any evidence of a chemical weapons attack so russia says it is going to be drafting a un security council resolution to this effect as far as i'm aware it hasn't gone anywhere yet but we'll wait and see how far it travels of course there are going to be people in western capitals and within the syrian opposition to say this. amounts to an effort to whitewash this event when chemical weapons inspectors get to the sites there were found it cleaned up. because this place is in control is controlled by the syrian army and russian military police that whatever weapons inspectors get there won't find perhaps what they've been looking for it does look like there's a least a big possibility of
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a strike on syria which russia says will have consequences what kind of consequences is russia contemplating. well i think that russia is sending a few messages at the moment it has. a naval drill going on of the most of the moments with its black sea fleet which is stationed parts of it are stationed off the mediterranean coast near syria it has this weapon system the s four hundred which supposedly provides a sky cover able to shoot planes and missiles out of the sky if they're launched against targets inside syria now this drill has supposedly been on the prods for a while but it was just announced in the last few hours perhaps rumors of a sort of surfacing yesterday so this i think is designed to send
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a signal to the u.s. military and any of its allies that if they do launch any kind of punitive strike against targets in syria they might have the russian military can to contend with to. leave it there for now thank so much already chalons. that iran says seven iranians were killed there strikes on the military base in syria on monday it blames israel for the attack in homs and warns it will not go without a response israel has not commented on the strikes us and our government has repeatedly said though the base was being used by iran to supply arms to hezbollah in lebanon the united nations is sounding the alarm about the number of people who fled syria's eastern the more than one hundred thirty thousand people have left the area in the last four weeks the u.n. describes the situation as spiraling about forty five thousand people are now living in shelters in the damascus countryside others are in overcrowded camps
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nearby so to hold that has more from beirut. the united nations expressing concern about the fate of tens of thousands of people people who used to live in the ones rebel controlled enclave of eastern huta tens of thousands have moved into government controlled territories during the conflict while frontlines were changing they they fled to government controlled territories and they are now in government run centers with little aid and fifty thousand people already bussed out of the enclave and taken to the north of the country which areas under the control of the rebels and fifty thousand more will be bussed out from the town of duma in the coming days so one hundred thousand people made newly displaced adding to the millions already of syrians who have been displaced by this ongoing conflict they arrive in the rebel held north with really nothing and many of them do not have any money to rent apartments so they are living in tents with little aid and it live
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for example is not a safe place that constantly is targeted so people are not safe as well in the united nations is worried about the security of some of these people because when they move into those who moved into government rolled territories some are taken in for questioning and young men are forced to join the army so the united nations expressing concern one official has said that if live for example in the north is the biggest displacement camp in the world so one hundred more than one hundred thousand people love will will most likely never return to their homes the daughter of a former russian double agent who was poisoned in the u.k. has been released from hospital police in britain say yulia script holland her father surrogate were exposed to a military grade nerve agent in the town of souls free in early march moscow denies any involvement. well obviously i welcome the fact that scruple has been discharged
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from hospital and i wish her the best for her continuing recovery it's a huge thank you to all the staff of the hospital in salzburg who have looked after her and her father so well christine blanchard is the medical director at seoul's for the district hospital she says union her father responded well to treatment but they are at different stages in their recovery we have now discharged from salisbury district hospital yuliya has asked for privacy from the media and i want to reiterate her request i also want to take this opportunity to wish her well this is not the end of her treatment but marks a significant milestone her father has also made good progress on friday and i'm stuart he was no longer in a critical condition although he's recovering more slowly than you we hope that he too will be able to leave hospital in due course lawrence lee has more from london
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now. well if anybody had said just over a month ago when union sagesse triple were poisoned they'd be getting better i dare say nobody would have believed it at all because it's supposed to be extremely powerful nerve agents and yet here we are now sufficiently well vastly improved if not completely better to have been discharging her father surrogate who it is guests or assume was the actual targets of the nerve agent attack by whoever was behind it is going to follow as well and so it does raise the question which is still completely unanswered how come if it was not aren't they both dead and was it as powerful as people say or what actually happened and we don't really have any answers those questions at all and of course because there's a there's a bit of a gap in what the british authorities are telling us that's trying to still be exploited by the russian side so where is yulia now well the metropolitan police
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say we will not comment on protective security arrangements for personal safety reasons which means that the british have got or it is assumed that they'll be asking what she knows and who might have wanted to do this which of course is infuriating to the russian side since they would very much like to have her as well for their own purposes and a half and it seems at the moment and so they put on twitter a short time ago we congratulate you liz cripple on her recovery yet we need urgent proof that what is being done to her is done on her own free will and implicit in that very provocative statement of course is the idea that the british are doing things to her but initially against her wishes which is an implication of something very sinister and so you still have this unanswered situation how did the british know with the with the russians when they won't provide imperial proof and the russians still saying well if you can't provide that proof then why do you still say it was us in this bitter bitter war of words between the two sides carrying on just as you earlier is seemingly much better. plenty more still ahead on the news
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hour including former rebel leader was arrested in kombi a pretty fragile peace process under strain. and swartz will hear from the new masters champion who is enjoying the view from the top of the golfing world. people are protesting in colombia after the president said he wouldn't hesitate to extradite a former fog negotiator who's facing drug smuggling charges he so censorious was due to take up a parliamentary seat being promised as part of the arrangement his arrest could cause problems for the colombian peace deal signed back in two thousand and sixteen rob matheson reports. the. drumbeats in bogota marking what these protesters believe could be the end of colombia's fragile peace deal supporters of the former fark negotiator known as hi sue son to say his arrest brings the shaky agreement to
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a halt. to the colombian people what today shows is that it's a failed peace process and with this peace process all of the fark should prepare themselves for what is coming from today on his two sentries enters a hunger strike. these cell phone pictures are said to show the arrest of his to son treece whose real name and say also has come london's is accused of trying to smuggle several tons of cocaine into the u.s. and colombia's president says he won't hesitate to extradite sentries because he's been told there is conclusive proof of his guilt seek we will give you a process if g. process is fulfilled and if there is irrefutable evidence then there are grounds for extradition for crimes committed since the signing of the accord and i will not stay my hand in authorizing that the man known as hi sue son treece who is blind has played a key role in the talks which led to the signing of the twenty six. peace deal when
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fark wearables put down their weapons reforms as a political party and agree to stop dealing in drugs fog members now can't be prosecuted for drugs offenses committed before the agreement was signed but sentries is accused of importing the drugs to the us after the deal was done he had been expected to take up one of ten parliamentary seats which the fark party had been guaranteed supermom and you know this is extremely serious because it sends a very disastrous demoralizing message that creates a lot of uncertainty it's a very bad message for the colombian people for the former combatants and for the peace that our country so badly needs so far the demonstrations have been small but there is now real concern for the future of the peace deal which ended over fifty years of violence in colombia rob matheson al-jazeera. china has filed a trade complaint with the world trade organization against the u.s. . to impose new taffs on imported steel and alan minium in
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a speech on tuesday president xi jinping sought to reassure foreign investors wired about a potential trade war china correspondent. from shanghai. shanghai's dramatic skyline is a symbol of the economic reforms that began in china forty years ago but president xi jinping chose another part of the country to announce a deepening of those reforms the setting for his speech was the forum on the island of hina a key diplomatic event and so the perfect setting for an important policy announcement . an announcement that sought to sooth foreign investors now worried about a trade war between china and the united states. that this year we will significantly lower the import tariff for vehicles and also reduce tariffs for some other products we will work hard to import more products that are competitive and
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are needed by our people she wouldn't say how big the cuts would be over when they would happen but reducing such tariffs are one of president trump's main demands and the chinese leader may have had trump in mind when he warned against a cold war mentality and protectionist policies the disadvantage china almost five out what we hope that the developed countries will stop imposing the limits of the normal and reasonable trade of high tech products and lift the export control of high tech products to china. cue the applause from an audience that included world leaders appreciating perhaps the irony the china's communist party now sees itself as a pillar for free trade the president's speech was big on promises but vague on detail but his words seemed to be conciliatory and there appeared to be a message to the united states and others concerned about chinese trade practices president xi promised to protect intellectual property rights another major area of
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concern in washington a further attempt to present china as a responsible rules abiding member of the global trading system adrian brown al-jazeera shanghai u.s. special counsel robert muller is investigating a payment made to the president on trump's foundation in two thousand and fifteen by cranium billionaire according to a new york times report the newspaper says victor open took paid one hundred fifty thousand dollars to the foundation in return for trump making a twenty minute video appearance at a conference in kiev well thank you very much. you know you have a wonderful person and again viktor i've known for a long time and he is a tremendous guy tremendous guy so it's a great honor to be with everybody. ok joins us now live from washington d.c. let's start with first of all this raid that is taking place we understand on the
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offices and home of one of trump's lawyers how is that being interpreted there. well this is being interpreted in that i'll give it to the words of the president he tweeted this morning saying that he believes that is a total witch hunt he also is very concerned that in another tweet that attorney client privilege is dead in other words the right to privacy that usually is protected from law enforcement but the president feeling that that is no longer the case with that raid that is occurred on michael cohen's the offices of the president's lawyer michael cohen so what this means to me is it really raises new questions and whether or not the president is likely to fire robert mueller the special counsel is certainly something that he can do but he has repeatedly the white house has said no that isn't going to happen but certainly after the ranting that took place on monday following the news of the raid on those offices the
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president seemed to give many the suggestion that in fact he may be making a move with the special counsel certainly he's not happy as dianne easterbrook reports. before a meeting with military advisors over syria and angry president donald trump blasted a new federal investigation into personal attorney michael cohen it's a disgraceful situation it's a total we're trying to answer that for a long time but for it to keep it down we've given. i believe over a million pages worth of documents to the special counsel the investigation into cohen stems from special prosecutor robert miller's probe into russia's meddling in the twenty six thousand presidential election moeller apparently found information about cohen that he turned over to federal prosecutors cohen has been under scrutiny for admitting that he paid adult film star stormy daniels one hundred thirty thousand dollars less than two weeks before the election daniels claims the
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payment was hush money over an affair with the president trump denies the affair and any knowledge of the payment but a former federal prosecutor says the documents confiscated in monday's raid could show a connection between the president and the porn star it is very unusual for a lawyer to have his office served a search warrant by the f.b.i. and that means there it happens when there's something called the crime fraud exception so there is obviously a belief by somebody who has looked at the evidence that mr cohen and his client mr trump may have been involved in some kind of criminal activity cohen's attorney says his client is cooperating with investigators but said the decision by the u.s. attorney's office in new york to conduct their investigation using search warrants is completely inappropriate and unnecessary it resulted in the unnecessary seizure of protected attorney client communications between
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a lawyer and his clients the new investigation could put president trump on a collision course again with special prosecutor robert mueller who he threatened to fire last summer and who he now says the stepped over a line die in us to broke al-jazeera washington suddenly stormy daniels as we were talking about earlier this concern over ukrainian payments explain to us what the concern is with that payment. yeah a lot of concern said to me about all kinds of payments involving the trunk campaign the trump foundation that's the one we're talking about this time one hundred fifty thousand dollars payment that as you pointed out at the start of the segment was made to the foundation by that steel magnate in the ukraine viktor pinchuk now why is robert mueller looking at this payment well essentially what he's looking at and the scope of this has always been the influence of foreign money on donald trump's presidential campaign initially the scope really narrow
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looking at russia specifically but now we know is broadening now you'll remember that there was a subpoena earlier in the year for the trump foundation to turn over a whole range of documents apparently within those documents if fact it was disclosed or discovered that there was this one hundred fifty thousand dollars payment so why is this important again robert mueller looking at all kinds of different interactions these investigations often follow the money that is exactly what's going on here but certainly now this scope in terms of the russia probe has broadened all right thanks for the can believe how could it is ready military the israeli minister of the has confirmed that a video showing an israeli army sniper shooting a palestinian across the border in gaza is authentic. the footage was broadcast on israeli television israel's army says the incident
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happened in the revelation comes as thirty one palestinians died off of the israeli army opened fire on demonstrators have been protesting for more than a week the israel border. that smith is in west jerusalem for was first of all what else is these really trees saying about this video which appears to show someone doesn't appear to be posing any threat being sniped that it's. some of this video appeared first of circulating in israel last night and was on the main television news channels and it's called the attention really because first of all it seems that there's a palestinian is the not posing any threat and then later in the video the apparent what is to click disturbed people is the celebrations that the soldiers the snipers colleagues heard to tape make the palestinian is shot so the israeli military has come out within the last hour or so with the statement trying to justify what you
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say about to see in the video and the statement essentially saying that this came after a two hour long riot at the gaza fans west stones with rocks with road and somebody trying to get through the fence the military says they tried to use verbal warnings they fired tear gas to try and disperse the crowd and then after that they resorted to firing this warm shot which is what you're now going to see in this video. that it was my money what about what it what it will.
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eventually. though i mean at the words of limit that the biggest. will really. clear with them look. now the israeli military says in regards to the distribution of the video and the comments that you hear on it it says the they do not suit the degree of restraint expected of i.d.f. israeli military soldiers and those people will be dealt with by commanders accordingly because the nature of what they say the celebrations they say is
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particularly shocking and is prompted dr erik out who's the pillows executive committee chairman of the pillows executive committee he says that such hate and contempt for the life of a palestinian reflects the cruel mentality of israel's military occupation sami ever in a way i understand of the israeli defense minister is praising the shooter which is going to no doubt cause some questions on how seriously the israeli military will will investigate this house we'll talk about that next time finale that was burned its record thanks so much from west or isn't. we've got to get some weather now and everything is here with news of we talk about spring warmth for a change you know about cold encounter for the last two days with rob we got some more warm news for you go some woman news you know not with the doom and gloom sammy this absolutely gorgeous weather into central in the eastern part not so great for the western notice but stand in front of that pretend it's not happening lovely clear skies in across central and eastern parts of your big area of high
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pressure that acts as a lid on the atmosphere it suppresses the cloud it keeps it clear it keeps it five and sunny there's that messy weather which is spilling in from the atlantic with some rain and some snow over the high ground actually but further east as i look at the temperatures that we have here then moscow nineteen celsius just a few days ago we were struggling to get to around four or five degrees so that's the glorious spring won't we're talking about twenty four in berlin should be around about twelve degrees of this time of year so very much on the warm side you can see that little plume of warm air right down into central parts further north you can see stockholm is a little on the cold side just six degrees celsius and the not so great for the west we got some rain we have got some snow you see some snow over the higher ground of the pyrenees a fair bit of it certainly a possibility and that's just making its way over towards the alps as we go on through the next twenty four hours or so still warm enough twenty celsius there for paris we getting up to around sixteen sixteen celsius for paris or twenty there in zero eight and thirteen in london meanwhile we've got the water continuing down
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towards the southeast and bucharest could touch twenty five semi. thanks so much all still ahead on al-jazeera a rare public grilling from facebook's chief over the failure to protect the personal doll sort of nearly nineteen million users the mantle versus the pro to jay all those years prime minister faces a challenge from the policies next month's election. in school to multi playoffs waltz in face basketball's rather biggest league and they'll be here with that story. and we're heading to the place so deep in the proving there was on it's taken this two days on this boat just to get there from the search current dangerous macaws looks at what is being done to protect one of the region's most iconic creature those cars are disappearing because the legal pad trained with the main research
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most wanted to see a reintroduction of mcconnell's elizabeth i watching to say some of these population pretty good you know techno on al-jazeera and. the furniture.
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you're watching out of syria time to recap our headlines now u.s. president dog trump says all options are on the table including military action in response to a suspected chemical attack in syria on saturday britain and france have echoed similar sentiments saying us its government and its backers must be held to account . the united nations is sounding the alarm about the number of people who fled syria system of water more than one hundred thirty thousand people have left the area in the last four weeks the u.n. describes the situation as spiraling. the daughter of a former russian double agent two who was poisoned in the u.k. has been released from hospital usually a script that fathers were exposed to a nerve agent in march the incident sparked a diplomatic crisis between the u.k. and russia. tuesday marks twenty years since the signing of the good friday
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agreement which ended more than three decades of conflict in northern ireland the area which is part of the united kingdom seen growth in sectors like tourism and film production but political divisions have sharpened since the u.k.'s decision to leave the e.u. part of the first is in belfast joins us live there so a lot must be on the minds of people how they reflecting on this day. i think it's very much a day of mixed emotions i mean of course there's enormous satisfaction that the last twenty years have seen a marked decrease demeaned us in all of political violence although at a low level it has continued but i think there's also some frustration that this anniversary falls at a time at which northern island has not had its own government devolved to ministration for more than a year and that was a key part of the peace agreement but for more important perspective on all this
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i've got gerry adams the former leader of shin fein the irish nationalist movement and of course one of the key negotiators back in one thousand nine hundred eight is this an anniversary to celebrate mr adams yes because we can celebrate the fact that hundreds perhaps thousands of people are all a map and. that our young people about and had to go to prisons or to those of prisons or those with greaves on society why they let are going to just sort of and this society generally has been transformed and you know making peace isn't a single event it's a process and you know up to every day work it out process dealy apply yourself to meeting the challenges and moving of course the might be people watching from outside will be saying hang on there isn't a government anymore there's the potential uncertainties of bricks it is peace under threat in northern ireland no i think not there is no community support for
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a return to violence there are these small groups that you mentioned in your first answer but i don't have popular support i don't have started to that of a brain they don't have reason to even for their existence and they should go away they boss majority of people hogs and tarty and briefest the peaceful and democratic way which is at the core of the. fredi agreement what's causing the current difficulties are they thought the good friday agreement as rates be assessed so that some elements here are against people having rights and they haven't come around to the view that rights are good for everyone back so yes that's a big a sure and also the fact that the d u p r in a pact with the english tories are putting not before the inverse of people here but look that's the main unionist party and you talk about the governing
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conservatives investments in front of audiences but the dots temporary you know the democratic unionist party which is the big unionist party and a pact with the tories as liberal lost forever that that's you know there's always a nab or a flow in every process so we're in a bit of a nab but that will pass not something we do nothing no we have to continue to write rates work with other people the prosperity process when i went as should same going to get back in government with the d u p here and get that process back on the right well we had a drop agreement west a democratic unionist party just over a month ago i was part of not i think to do you peter acted in good faith with us unfortunately when she went back on her own party she didn't get support so you know it's not going to go away these issues and suddenly your viewers may be interested the greats being denied to people here are available everywhere else in these things whether it's margie quality whether it's indigenous language rights
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whether it's a bill of rights there are a pledge about everywhere else on these items so it's only a matter of time before we get the political insecurities back up and there's lightning today as a good day i also think more importantly we celebrate the agreement the core principles of the agreement are good for nine as they were them and they will be good for the future when you look back all those years new see how peace came to northern ireland often one thousand nine hundred. do you ever feel my god i wish we'd done that in one nine hundred seventy one thousand nine hundred eighty eight and saved a list lives i've said that many times but said i i for started to conceive him to write a barge on to david was allers and terms of how you would get peace as a matter of deep regret that it took so long you know darts you know that drug company held we count on to the past the past is past there obviously are issues which need to be dealt with but we are where we are the future is greater than it
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was twenty years ago and i think what's good well and political well we will continue to make progress gerry adams one of the key architects of the one thousand nine hundred eight good friday peace accord meant joining me here in belfast but you don't know. that's part of the phillips than belfast the u.s. has in the u.s. rather protests has been held on capitol hill ahead of facebook boss mark zuckerberg appearance before congress health thanks to congressional committees over the next two days in washington d.c. and also questions about the misuse of data of up to eighty seven million people now monday's apologized to u.s. politicians for failing to protect users against privacy breaches. i think al hain has mall. mark zuckerberg up until now known for his laid back style his stunning college invention that made him a very young billionaire but perception of the facebook founder seems to be
4:40 pm
changing just listen to the chief economic adviser to the president is he going to wear a suit and tie a clean white shirt because you know that is going to get you right as my funds are last year you know do you think this is you going to behave like an adult as a major corporate leader or give me this phony baloney look what is it but he's a sound reason was that kind of signal you know wearing a suit instead of that trademark gray t. shirt and mobbed by reporters zuckerberg met privately with key senators monday his message he's sorry he made a mistake it won't happen again after their meeting senator bill nelson explained zuckerberg has reason to take that tone my sense is that he takes it seriously because he knows that there is going to be a hard look at regulation if it's not his site someone else can be misused for people who are trying to do us harm. and i believe you understand that regulation could be right around the corner so could big fines millions of
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dollars ephemeral investigators conclude that facebook wasn't living up to a past agreement to protect privacy so now facebook is promising changes restricting who can see user data expanded new stricter privacy protections demanded by the european union to all of its users worldwide allowing research into the effects of social media on elections and increasing security staff privacy advocates say that won't be enough i think it's frankly absurd that people are suing that the company that cause these problems is going to fix these problems this is precisely why we need democratic out ability we need public oversight for these companies zuckerberg performance on the hill could have a big impact on whether there is new oversight and accountability and whether a growing number of people continue to unfriend the site pedicle hain al-jazeera washington more than fifty seven thousand people in eastern democratic republic of
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congo have fled to uganda since december according to the u.n. most of the refugees are escaping due to attacks on villages by militias in the northeastern province of the tour let's take a closer look then at the humanitarian crisis in the d.l.c. over thirteen million people need help that's twice as many as last year and more than seven million face food shortages paf of them children the political situation of the country's unclear president joseph kabila is still in office even though is term officially ended in december two thousand and sixteen and his government has repeatedly perspire and presidential elections. as malcolm way of his retracing the journey of the refugees. all of the people here who arrived here in uganda in the last few days having fled violence at home in the democratic republic of congo and all the people that we've spoken to tell similar stories they say militia came to
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their villages with guns machetes people were hacked to death people had limbs cut off or shot hearts were set on fire so they fled to make the perilous journey here many walked for days on foot and crossed by lake albert in rickety boats overfilled the strong risk of storms some boats that capsized but those that have made it here say they're glad to be here it's safer than what's going on at home and now they're in this refugee settlement they're waiting for humanitarian workers to give them a few simple ice and to get started they were given a plot of land where the have to make a shelter out of sticks and plastic sheeting start digging the ground so they can start to produce their own food now we're living like that for months until they can build anything more substantial but all the people here say that this is a better deal than what's going on at home at the moment and one thing that many people have said is that they're not willing to go back or not in till there's been an election in congo and one that's had
4:44 pm
a peaceful outcome thousands of passengers are stranded at german airports as workers from the country's biggest union go on strike over pay the airline the stances canceling more than eight hundred flights the union verde wants a six percent pay rise for public sector employees strikers also affected nurseries rubbish collection and swimming. talks are being held across libya as part of efforts to resolve the country's war u.n. officials hope dialogue will help usher in presidential and parliamentary elections by the end of the year mood has more from tripoli. these meetings are supposed to be held in civil libyan cities and will gather all categories of the libyan society especially those who have not got a chance to take part in the libyan current political landscape an amateur and have done more tomorrow i'm optimistic about this conference hopefully we will have
4:45 pm
a reconciliation in place and then we can return to the good old days we are one nation after all libyan of course all have been occupied with and with and we hope these talks will achieve reconciliation between tribes and cities so that we can be one hand in one state and one government and one people other than the veto or all the stakeholders should be one woman they should speak openly to each other that's the way it should always have been also the meetings will gather former rebels those who support a renegade general theory for heftier minorities and this ability heads even those who support the former regime of a good death and the aim of all these meetings is to come up with a solution to the libyan crisis after gathering as many opinions as possible. voters in malaysia will head to the polls on may ninth it's an election seen as a big test for prime minister najib razak he's been under severe political pressure
4:46 pm
because of corruption allegations which he rejects and now faces a challenge from his former mentor and jeeves ruling national front coalition has been in power for more than sixty years supporters eroded though over the past two elections former prime minister mahathir mohamad was his mentor during two years in power but he's returned to politics with a new party ideas opposition alliances criticising the vote saying electro boundaries have been redrawn in the ruling party's favor and on thursday the opposition was banned from campaigning for thirty days prime minister najib dissolved parliament last week and then the fifteen million malaysians are expected to vote florence gluey has more from war in southern malaysia. norrish ambon am i used to be very certain about which political party he supports not any more the businessman who lives in the southern shore state says it's getting harder to make
4:47 pm
a decent living the price of making goods the price of making the resource is no longer at that level. and then the cost of making money this is how you are but the cost of living becomes higher. malaysia's economy grew by five point nine percent last year but rising living costs has become a concern for many people who have returned to the ruling party in every single election but in the past couple of years the opposition coalition has been gaining steady support the ruling bars a national coalition has been in power since independence more than sixty years ago but lost the popular vote for the first time in two thousand and thirteen since then the prime minister has been caught up in a corruption scandal surrounding malaysia's state investment fund known as one m d b more than four and a half billion dollars has allegedly been misappropriated from the fund set up by not malaysian police and the attorney general have so far not found any evidence of
4:48 pm
wrongdoing but not job and his allies are said to be facing the strongest challenge former prime minister mahathir mohamad is leading the opposition coalition's bid the ninety two year old veteran politician fell out with over one. and has returned to politics to try to oust him but political analysts say unseating the incumbent will be tough ruling party you know have been in power for so long and this kind of managing the goal but they're also working with the rules so that it helps. in the last few weeks the government redrew the electro boundaries in a way opponents say gives it an unfair advantage there's also a new law to ban so-called fake news which critics say is an attempt to stifle dissent more recently opposition party has been ordered to do thirty days because
4:49 pm
of missing paperwork florence. johor state malaysia. the international red cross has called on all sides in the yemen conflict not to shell one of the country's oldest towns be there is a u.n. world heritage site the raf fears many of its historic buildings will be reduced to rubble barber and gopal reports. sabots fortified walls and minarets have stood for more than a thousand years but the war during the last three years has left its mark and there's concern continued fighting between the saudi led coalition and who he rebels could damage the town's archaeological sites beyond repair. some of the bombing around the city of sabot and inside the city of zab it resulted in damage of some building ceilings and walls cracks and we as a public body to preserve the historic cities cannot do anything when. this happened was yemen's capital between the thirteenth and fifteenth centuries it sits
4:50 pm
south of today's capital sana'a in an area largely controlled by heathy rebels it's also close to the main highway linking the port of her data and the city of thais a crucial supply line where there's been some of the heaviest shelling. the town's heritage was already under threat before the war began in two thousand to fourteen the un's cultural agency the place snap it on a danger list almost twenty s. more than a third of its ancient buildings had been replaced by ones made of concrete and recent bombing has any made things worse a lot of. the bombing of a restaurant affected our houses they cracked and some walls and lent because of the shelling and when it was yemen's capital seven hundred. the town's a slum mckenna vestey was an oxford of the east a reference to one of the world's famous universities in the u.k. . glory days of gone conservationists don't want what's left of the ancient city to
4:51 pm
disappear completely. while still the common al-jazeera in spalt boss a lot of her had to face roma in the champions league quarter final second leg and they will tell you how they getting along.
4:52 pm
and these here to get us all caught up on the sports thank you so much sammy well barcelona and liverpool are in pole position at a fair champions league quarter final games barcelona guys around the with a four one lead while liverpool fans are hoping strike
4:53 pm
a mammoth salah wins his race to be fit for the match against manchester city paid a stunning report liverpool find themselves in an excellent position ahead of a quarter final second league champions league match against manchester city they lead three no after the first leg and star striker mohammad sylar has been back in training ahead of the match even if the field injured in the first leg to emphasize how important the egyptian is to liverpool's calls he has made at thirty eight goals in all competitions the season but the reeds cannot rely just on one player if they hope to progress to the semifinals it's pretty clear that you know defending a tree no leave here. is going to be a bit of a strange situation but i think we need to come in with a mindset it's still no no we want to win the game. and we know it was scoring goals. as for man city they are coming off a second straight defeat after the liverpool loss at anfield pep guardiola as men
4:54 pm
wind down three two to local rivals manchester united in the league the premier league leaders not only need to regroup but must overturn a big deficit in order to go through to the final four to go through have to make almost a bus again so great a lot of chances between incl and you could the chances considerately chances in the chances are going to receive them. you know the so well in order to perceive it all the conditions you have to make almost perfect in two to go through because the result is stuff is rigid about you have ninety minutes elsewhere five time european champions barcelona head to rome with a four one first league lead the legal leaders are hoping to book a first semifinal spot since they last went all the way and won the tournament in twenty fifteen you're going to if we stay focused on our game we have an advantage that is hard to overcome for wrong but roma may have many qualities you never know what can happen in a match but we want to stay one hundred percent focused on our goal but we really
4:55 pm
want to win this match. as for roma they will be hoping to make home ground advantage count they appear to have a mountain to climb as they aim to reach the semifinals of europe's elite club competition for the first time since one thousand nine hundred eighty four peter stammered al-jazeera and argentina paraguayan a year ago i have officially launched their joint bets are twenty thirty world cup tournaments will come inside for the one hundredth anniversary of the first world cup that's a place in your acquired the proposal features eight host cities in argentina two in paraguay and two in europe like. the san antonio spurs and the oklahoma city thunder clinched their spots in the n.b.a. western conference playoffs with wins on monday night's oklahoma eighth trip to the postseason in the last nine seasons with a one fifty eight and ninety three win against thing mommy hates all tools that are scoring the twenty seven points they hate already assured of a place in the playoffs. and world an olympic eight hundred metre champion caster
4:56 pm
so many has been adding to her medal collection at the commonwealth games in australia the south african winning the fifty hundred meter title in a fraction over four minutes it was a personal best and games record so many will be aiming for another gold eight hundred meters on friday. one hundred meter champion a carney some binay of south africa says he's a means to replace you saying bolt to the top of the sport on monday he pulled off a shock when in the final on australia's gold coast to make his former world champion yohan blake was the favorite but he finished down. no use saying is a really great he's the greatest sprinter to ever live and. to be put in a sentence with him is really great and motivating him i believe in myself to go out there and put the best that came in you know always make sure that i'm the best athlete i can be and the best that can mean that can be on the track and that brings out you know the best times there i would take you know but i know that i'll
4:57 pm
be working hard to be you know number one sprinter work hard to be the top bent and just you know for that boy that he has left. and scottish cyclist john archibald was feeling the pain of the games after a painful crash in the men's individual time charlie won silver in the individual pursuit on the track and still managed to get over the finish line and eleventh pikes. you masters champion patrick reid is already focused on adding to his major title collection the american celebrates the biggest win of his career so far the trip to new york's empire state building reed held off strong challenges from rickie fowler and jordan space shuttle gustus so when the famous green jackets. you know once you win one of the guys always say sometimes i know now it was sunday kind of you know you kind of slack off a lot of stuff but all the sleep the feeling i had yesterday and i made up part of the last even though it's only three feet in the journal and russia had going through a body that feelings i believe why i can't wait to get back out grinding and get
4:58 pm
back out you know in the trenches against these guys and you know try to once more . the los angeles angles breakout star has been named american league player of the week the japanese rookie has stood out as both the hits and pitcher in the opening games of the n.l.p. season he didn't play a day after striking out twelve in seven schoolis innings against oakland for that didn't stop the angels beating the texas rangers as they continue their best start to a season in more than three decades. ok more sports throughout the day but that is it finale sammy. that's it for this news hour back in a couple of minutes though with another full bullets and so do stay with us here on al-jazeera. as we embrace new technologies rarely do we stop to ask what is the price of this
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progress what happened was people started getting sick but there was a small group of people that began to think that maybe this was related to the kind of exposure and an investigation reveals how even the smallest devices have deadly environmental and health costs we think ok we'll send our e waste to china but we have to remember that air felician travels around the globe jeff i design on al-jazeera. al jazeera. where every your. what makes this moment this era we're living through so unique all this is really
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