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in the first century. al-jazeera is there when a story breaks but when schools are good to see what happens next we should be unpredictable and fired by the barriers for a model barricaded the only seven streets that lead to hear the movies now is we will about change people have gone to hear barrier the mission of the national army is to search the entire one complex and i'll just do a story is about telling it from the pupils first but to what they think is happening in their country.
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all of us say we want an independent investigation our resolution achieves that goal russia's does not. dead log the un us and russia the resolutions on investigating chemical attacks in syria fail to go through. this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. and i'm sorry i started facebook i run it and i'm responsible for what happens here. under pressure mark zuckerberg faces members of congress and takes responsibility for the facebook privacy breaches. present donald trump welcomes castles amid the white house less than a year after kucing donor of funding terrorism plus. why
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move to legalize abortion in argentina is sending people to the streets. rival proposals from the u.s. and russia to investigate chemical weapons attacks in syria have failed to pass the u.n. security council both sides called for new inquiries but a u.s. plan to assign blame was rejected by moscow rescue workers they dozens of people died as a suspected chemical attack in the town of duma on saturday mike hanna reports from the united nations. yet another security council session on syria and yet another veto. the twelfth exercised by russia since the conflict began twelve members were in favor of a u.s. led proposal to set up an independent body that would investigate chemical attacks and identify perpetrators voters old reconstitute and similar markley this is
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a moment of truth a vote that we are faced with today so i would call upon each of the members of the security council speaking on behalf of france to take proper stock of what is at stake here and to live up to their responsibilities and to the us vote in favor of the american draft resolution as the day was the council continue to splinter a russian proposal for an investigative mechanism fails to get the nine votes needed to pass the u.s. not even needing to veto and an explanation of how it differed in two ways from the u.s. led resolution the key point is our resolution guarantees that any investigations will truly be independent russia's resolution gives russia itself the chance to choose the investigators and then to assess the outcome there's nothing independent about that the tone of discussion was no less a serb big than in previous sessions the russian ambassador repeating his assertion
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that the us and its allies were seeking a pretext to take unilateral action against the syrian government. if you take the decision to carry out an illegal military adventure and we do hope that you will come to your senses well then you will have to bear responsibility for yourselves. what you're trying to do is plant resolutions that has been on the show for a long time in order to find a pretext in the course of the session all members expressed support for the fact finding mission of the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons o.p.c. w which will investigate this past weekend's alleged attack the key issue though while the o.p.c. w. is empowered to establish whether or not a chemical attack took place it has no mandate to identify the state or non-state actors that may have been responsible. for the second russian proposal failed to pass and apparently non-controversial resolution supporting the work of the o.p.c.
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w. failed to get the necessary votes those opposed to pointing out the chemical watchdog was already at work arguing such a resolution was superfluous and at the end of this day so too it appears for the security council. i can are united nations. israel as annoying as forces were behind the attack on an airbase in syria on monday terror on says seven iranians were killed an airstrike on the task at military base and blames israel for the attack and homes and warns it will not go without a response israel's defense minister says television was not responsible. for me to cover i don't know what happened no who was responsible for the attack on the airbase the only thing i do know is that we won't allow iran to establish any kind of existence in syria no matter what it takes we don't have any other option is accepting the existence of iran and syria is accepting
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a rope around our neck the french president is urging saudi arabia to end the war in yemen money. talks with the saudi crown prince mohammed bin salam in paris on express concern of the humanitarian situation any yemen and says france will host a conference on the issue in the coming weeks. the gulf crisis was on the white house agenda on tuesday president trump played host to the cache i met in the oval office some said the relationship between the u.s. and castro is working very well has more from washington. a crucial moment for the emir of qatar he's the man who just a few months ago publicly sided with his country's we gen y. balls but in the white house a clear sign of chopped being turned in march it's a great honor to have the emir of qatar with us it's a friend of mine before i entered the world of politics he's a great gentleman very popular in his country his people love him we're working on
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unity in that part of the middle east and i think it's working out very well this country is under blockade by saudi arabia the u.a.e. egypt and bahrain reiterated his commitment to build a strong relationship with washington our economy quarter ship is more than one hundred twenty five billion and our aim and goal is to double it in the next coming years our military. cooperation is very solid very strong as everybody knows that the heart of fighting terrorism is from a data base last year donald trump accused qatar alone of financing extremism. he says all of the gulf rivals have a part to play those countries are stopping the funding of terrorism that includes u.a.e. it includes saudi arabia it includes guitar and others who have now become
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a very big advocate we appreciate. the events in syria also near the top of the edge and the u.s. administration is said to be seriously considering. following alleged chemical attacks by syrian army in duma on the outskirts of damascus. the president and the one in blaming syria. for the alleged atrocity and seventy years of war we can't tolerate with a war criminal record to tolerate was someone who could more than half a million office own people and this matter should and the media but u.s. officials are concerned they own going d.c.c. crisis could undermine a coup dated bush and the syrian conflict there's still talk of trump leading a summit meeting to the almost year long diplomatic standoff but divisions among the rivals persist this is a significant moment for the emir of qatar months ago president trump singled out
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qatar accusing it of funding extremism now the emir of qatar is being commanded by the same president and top u.s. military commanders for fighting terrorism and promoting stability in the middle east. washington d.c. facebook founder and chief executive mark zuckerberg has admitted making mistakes as he gave barely five hours of testimony before u.s. congress he says he's sorry about the privacy data breach and the social media giant reports from washington d.c. . ditching his favorite group t. shirts for a suit this was a polish to facebook c.e.o. with a performance to match mark zuckerberg apologized for the massive data breach that impacted eighty seven million users worldwide we didn't take a broad enough view of our responsibility and that was a big mistake and it was my mistake and i'm sorry but the importance of this appearance was not lost on one senator it should be
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a wake up call for the tech community. we want to hear more without delay about what facebook and other companies plan to do to take greater responsibility for what happens on their platforms with the core issue was summed up with one question from democrat to victor but mr zucker berg would you be comfortable sharing with us the name of the hotel you stayed in last night. no. mark zuckerberg was called in front of the senate after it was discovered millions of users data was improperly obtained by you key piece political consultancy cambridge analytics the use that information to target ads to help donald trump's presidential campaign and the brics it referendum in the u.k. the facebook founder says steps will be taken to ensure such a data breach can never happen again but one senator asked if he was ready to follow through on that promise i believe you have all the talent my question is
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whether you have all the will to help us solve this problem yes senator do you believe the european regulation should be applied here in the us regardless of whether we implement the exact same regulation i would guess that it would be somewhat different because we have somewhat different sensibilities perhaps the most contentious exchange came when republican ted cruz accused facebook of political bias are you aware of any ad or page that has been taken down from planned parenthood senator i'm not but let me just kind of i move on to work sorry about move on dot org i'm not specifically aware of about any democratic candidate for office. i'm not specifically aware i mean i i'm not and i'm not sure mark zuckerberg revealed facebook is looking into potential russian links to the cambridge analytical breach and also that the company has cooperated with special counsel robert mueller who's investigating possible collusion between the russians and donald trump's presidential campaign mark zuckerberg spent the weekend
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preparing for this appearance and it showed he'll no fees members in the u.s. house at a separate hearing on wednesday with the threat of greater regulation for the entire take industry standing on the other side of that performance alan fischer al-jazeera on capitol hill so has her on now to stand. by our. proof of how israeli forces took aim at palestinian protesters who were opposing the threats. and the patch of land to build a makeshift highway follow one of the thousands of desperate families who fled the democratic republic of congo. hello all of a sudden the deep calls been sitting in
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a cab and the plain states which you still see from this grayness here seems to be warming up to some degree the temperature is allowed to come up to about fifty eight in chicago or wednesday in twenty four in denver there's still snow around you can see it's fairly obvious just not far away from toronto attempt to reach seven but doesn't mean you won't get some snow during the day and still the potential for the back in most of the canadian side of the border so what's happened winter was hanging on and now it seems to be disappearing there don't hold your breath but that might as well in calgary come thursday snow way down the rockies you can see quite clearly so no it's not over yet still nice and warm in illinois and to the south that want this pretty across to washington too was new yorkers even if the temps are a bit in toronto by the end of it this is probably just a tease south of all this and this wet weather in florida few big showers around cuba and the bahamas most declared appears to be trying to build in places like mexico or costa rica cheri couple of countries for the next couple of days
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wednesday on thursday at the same time showers look a bit more likely in jamaica possibly his spaniel but mostly still relatively quiet . in a country with high youth unemployment one of the nice agent helps turn school children into entrepreneurs on tell us what i mean by their one fundraising empowering them to reclaim their futures we teach them how to operate this story in my shoes how to make the best mates and build more prosperous communities some of them invest the money into the business of school for life uganda part of the rebel education series at this time on al-jazeera.
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again you're watching out there has a reminder of our top stories this hour i will propose rules from the u.s. and russia to investigate chemical weapons attacks in syria have failed to pass the u.n. security council and outrage over a suspected chemical attack on the town on sausage day. the crisis in the g.c.c. and security issues have dominated a meeting to end cause of the mistakes i mean been in how they dealt poly the u.s. president at the white house donald trump says he's working extremely well with castle. and facebook founder and chief executive mark zuckerberg has finished only five hours of testimony before members of u.s. congress he said he was sorry about the privacy days a breach at the social media giant talk about admits the way facebook connects with other apps was designed in
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a way that's not good. one on our top story the resolution on chemical attacks in syria failing to go through the u.n. robert ford is a former u.s. ambassador to syria he says there is little hope of progress on syria at the u.n. . i think the odds of any productive united nations security council resolutions addressing the syria conflict are nil are zero and i'm going to be very frank here. i was involved in the two thousand and thirteen negotiations with the russians with secretary john kerry. russian foreign minister lavrov was there and the russians pledged that if the syrian government used chemical weapons again the russians would accept that chapter seven measures be discussed in the security council resolution and the russians broke there were many times issued vetoes and the russian simply aren't credible and i did i think the americans have reached the
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point where they no longer have confidence that anything productive can come out of the united nations and therefore as ambassador halley said they are prepared to act out side the framework of the united nations israeli military has confirmed a video showing an army sniper shooting a palestinian on the gaza border is authentic and says the soldiers involved will be disciplined said in say it shows how gazans was shot despite posing no threat to us ready forces but despite reports from western very slim. this israeli soldier has in his sights a palestinian apparently unarmed standing a few meters beyond the separation fence the divides israel from gaza just by being there this man is according to israel's military regulations a legitimate target for a sniper the army imposes a minimum one hundred metre buffer zone into garza's territory it's a regulation with no backing in international law the video seems to have been
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shared on social media by one of the soldiers. we don't know who the victim is or what he was doing in the time before he was shot israel's military says it happened in december the delight the snipers colleagues take in hitting their target doesn't change the fact that the israeli military won't consider the snipers actions unlawful but it's according to one human rights group here. we have his keep hearing that anybody who is coming close to their true defense will be sure anybody who support this if they think in those demonstrations is part of the hamas and they want to destroy israel everybody is a terrorist then what's rationed so totally to me so if the public debate here
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that is being conducted by the being led by the political level. showing the prettiest thing in the snow deserving the same rights as any other person. it's not surprising that they think they're in a statement israel's military says the video depicts a short part of the response to a violent riot which included iraq hurling and attempts to sabotage the security fence and lasted about two hours during the riot means were taken in order to disperse it including verbal warnings and calls to halt using riot dispersal means and firing warning shots into the air after none of these were successful a single bullet was fired towards one of the palestinians who is suspected of organizing and leading this incident well he was a few meters from the fence he was hit in the leg and injured i don't talk at shot that might on the sniper high fines from his buddies has of course devastating real life consequences in the last two weeks in gaza more than fourteen hundred people have been injured by life israeli snipers many crippled for life thirty one people
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have died. but it's me i'll just era west jerusalem. more than fifty seven thousand people from eastern democratic republic of congo have fled to uganda since december according to the un many are leaving because of attacks on villages by militia in the north eastern province of tory the axis has led to an unprecedented humanitarian crisis more than thirteen million people need help that's twice as many as last year and more than seven million face severe food shortages half of them children the political situation is unclear president joseph could be there is still in office even though his term of fishley ended in december two thousand and sixteen and no dates been set for elections which have rain repeatedly postponed malcolm webb is retracing the journey of the refugees from uganda's capital kampala the chiang wali refugee camp. all of these
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people ran for their lives. and now patients run again they're waiting for buses to take them to a place to make new homes in this refugee camp in uganda. rita liza's stories typical a few days ago a militia attacked her village in congo we killed her neighbors with machetes she fled with her five children she's pregnant with her six see if you go out the door . we saw the fighting had started then they started burning houses with people inside so we went into the forest and hid for three days then we decided to run so we came to uganda and the militias from the lendu ethnic group been attacking villages in breeches province called it to re since january the u.n. says that the cost more than seventy thousand to flee here you can and many more are displaced back at home people have lost their family ministers and women are subjected to a sexual in the gender of a space by
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a little before and during flight so they came very traumatized very tired and some needed a very raw and they needed medical attention so. some people describe the violence as ethnic rita says it's not she says the attack has killed anyone and everyone she's in i think lendu has the same as them some people here say they don't know why they've been forced from their homes now of the suspect congo's government is behind it trying to stay in power for the postponing the long overdue presidential election the government denies it regardless people keep arriving here in uganda. the u.n. says more resources donors threatened to cut funds for refugees in uganda government officials were implicated in a corruption scandal yeah but new arrivals still need help at the moment
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a lot of the refugee settlement is a vast expanse of bush people are given plots rita's been given her here she's got some plastic sheets a few simple rules now she asked to build a shelter that's what she'll be living in for the weeks ahead and use the tools to start selling the land and growing some food and now it's starting to rain rita lost her husband when she fled she and her children now have to wait for somebody to help them put up a shelter it might be safer here but their struggles over malcolm webb al-jazeera chang wali refugee camp you can. take he is in the process of deporting three thousand afghan migrants in the right scripts of course sized to sending them back to their war torn country and putting their lives at risk some have arrived back in afghanistan have been talking about their experiences and a hoax has this report. an unceremonious and what could have been
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a life changing trip the first contingent of deporting hundreds of illegal afghan migrants started on sunday forming an orderly queue in asm airport in northeastern turkey these migrants a chance to back to their home country part of a deal between anchor in kabul to send all three thousand afghan migrants from them back. one person who's recently arrived back in afghanistan is now as we've been like most refugees he was hoping to get a better job to look after his family of twelve. dollars overhaul the car one of the reasons that i went to turkey was because of the daily explosions and suicide bombing in kabul one explosion would shut down the businesses nearby for two weeks we got used to seeing people in the morning but with no guarantee of seeing them again in the evening. he shows us the websites and afghan ads that offering tuck ish visas and residency cards for three thousand u.s. dollars per day he took the cheaper and well trodden path pain smugglers instead
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the standard fee for afghans is between one thousand and one thousand three hundred dollars he describes walking through deserts and mountains and to cross in the iranian border with kurdish smugglers. from there he was driven in an airless container packed with around one hundred fifty people including whole families on the journey which had held such high hopes for him those were dashed fast while army. men and dozens of young afghans who try to go to turkey are committing a big mistake they don't understand the pain of going through illegal routes sometimes walking for hours and freezing cold running all falling especially on crossing the iranian border when nearly ninety percent do it illegally i've experienced the mountain crossing we have seen dead bodies of people who died of thirst so many bodies of afghans dying there. he is now back in kabul and is running a restaurant setting local dishes his desire for a new life in turkey is now a jaded memory. is there. argentina's congress has started public
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hearings on whether or not to legalize abortion a growing demand for changes in the law has led the conservative president. to soften his pro-life stance and abortions are only legal if the mother's life or health is in danger and when the pregnancy as a result of rape trial is about reports. it's a debate that divides this country deeply and that's why i own to state hundreds of people took to the streets to make their voices heard. join an obvious says that abortion needs to be legalized in argentina so that women like her have some type of protection i am poor i hardly make enough money to support my child and i'm tired of seeing women living in shelters taking care of children they cannot support and the reason they have them is because there is no education we need a law that would guarantee sexual education that will assist women to get concert civs i will allow women to have an abortion if they don't want that child. abortion
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is illegal in argentina in most cases but the health ministry says that between three hundred seventy and five hundred thousand clandestine abortions are carried out every year. of women are hospitalized because of complications in the procedure some of them die there also are driscoll being detained. the hearings are going to be ongoing for over a month when at least one thousand people will have the right to express their views on abortion the vote is expected to happen in june and it's going to be the first time in this country's history that congress will debate the legalization of abortion. but there are many who are not happy with the possibility of decriminalizing abortion in the country. they also took to the streets on tuesday. we want to save the mothers but also the babies all lives are important and that's why we're pro-life in argentina we defend life not murder. the
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hearings include we now doctors journalists and doctors who are hoping abortion will be legalized in the country. against it members of the powerful catholic church and politicians among others the debate has already polarized argentinean society and he will probably intensify in the months ahead. well a lot of the twentieth anniversary of an agreement which ended decades of killings and violence but it's still a time of mixed feelings because of a political deadlock. phillips reports from belfast. the class of ninety eight told their reunion at queen's university belfast the men and women who made peace a day to celebrate the dramatic reduction in violence that good friday agreement brought to northern ireland but what else the devolved government that was an
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essential component of the agreement has not function did over a year. one key player insisted peace is not at risk. from. the good friday agreement. the accord which is going to go. and relationships in the. future so i think the future is very bright from the opposite side of northern ireland's divide another key player said britain's withdrawal from the e.u. should not damage the agreement britain's. agreement completely different there is no interaction between them. but what is happening at the moment is some people are trying to use it to agree. and i hope that they. later the chief negotiator from the united states senator george mitchell and
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former president bill clinton were honored with the freedom of belfast i will always be grateful i came to bill first when peace of been made but the city was still troubled when was in good and decent people had to actually make a decision to do the right thing to be the right sort of person to give children the right sort of future it was a fortunate. the only here one of them that's the big part of the outside pressure he needed to bring to the world and. it's being celebrated that i think people will then i think that. i think basement is no longer back that brings i was. it was a time when as the irish poet seamus heaney wrote hope and history rhymed and elusive harmony that can never be taken for granted was to be philip's
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al-jazeera belfast. she was there at the top stories rival proposals from the u.s. and russia to investigate chemical weapons attacks in syria have failed to pass the united nations security council both sides called for a new inquiry is to be set up but a us blame for the attacks has been rejected by moscow vomit the muscular you have already appointed the guilty party before the investigation you do not need the investigation you do not want to hear anything you do not want to hear that no trace of a chemical attack was found in duma you've simply been looking for a pretext all this time they were really only two key differences between our draft and russia's. but those differences. first russia wanted to give
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themselves the chance to approve the investigators who were chosen for the task and second russia wanted to have the security council assess the findings of any investigation before any report was released does any of that sound independent or impartial so russia's proposal wasn't about an independent and impartial investigation at all it was all about protecting the assad regime the gulf of budget crisis and security issues have dominated the meeting between councils amir shakes i mean bin hamad all pommy the u.s. president at the white house donald trump says he's working extremely well with cattle. vice president emanuel mark rowlands urging saudi arabia to end the war in yemen during talks in paris with saudi crown prince wouldn't sell none my corn expressed concern at the humanitarian situation in yemen and facebook if executive
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mark zuckerberg has testified for nearly five hours in the u.s. congress he says he's sorry about the privacy data breach of the social media giant myths the way facebook connects with other apps was designed in a way that's good over the next two days doc about will be questioned in detail about the cambridge allison scandal and russian meddling in the u.s. presidential election. there's i had lines of it back with more news here on al-jazeera after rebel education. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera. education. and universal rights to expand arise and offer better prospects the post to a better light.


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