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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 11, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm +03

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the scene for us where on line what is american sign in yemen that peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join a sunset there are people there are choosing between buying medication and eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who is an activist and has posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. sometimes for that we're really looking into the hearts and the soul of those directly involved in advance taking place very good at telling all sides of the story from the political elite to those people who think that you really get to know what's happening on the ground that's very important for me as a third generation past like and i often feel that my continent is misrepresented and we've changed that your story is important to us it doesn't matter where you come from.
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the robin you're watching the al-jazeera news our life my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes early morning tweets from president trump pipe and tension between washington and moscow. also a military plane crashes up to take off in algeria killing more than two hundred fifty people. and of course in nearby moves forward with charges against two reuters journalists. and i've had a similar go to sports news as five times european champions barcelona are dumped out of the champions league and a stunning upset by a telly in club roma better more later in the program. welcome to the program u.s. president donald trump has warned. russia on twitter that missiles are coming after
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moscow is there that will shoot down any american missiles launched against syria's government our relationship with russia is worse now than it ever has been and that includes the cold war there is no reason for this russia needs us to help with their economy something that would be very very easy to do and we need all nations to work together stop the arms race well in his second tweety went on to say russia valves to shoot down any and all missiles fired at syria get ready russia because they will be coming nice and new and smart you shouldn't be partners with a gas killing animal who kills his people and enjoys it while we have correspondents standing by rory chalons is in moscow will get some reaction from russia in a moment but first let's go to kimberly how tos in our washington d.c. bureau kimberly there's been a great deal of anticipation about what the president would do next the tweet that
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he's just sent seems to ramp up that rhetoric rhetoric at least. many people reading that wondering if they've just watched the president the united states use social media and twitter specifically for some sort of declaration of war there certainly is an awful lot of an ease in the united states and i suspect around the world with reading that tweet given the fact that essentially the president has taunted russia vallium to shoot down incoming strikes so certainly there is a brashness and a boldness that is making many i'm comfortable certainly the president tempted to soften that with another one of his tweets where he sort of implored russia to change its behavior pointing out the fact that the deteriorating relationship is now on the level or beneath that of the cold war between the united states and russia but essentially what we've known for days now is that the white house and the president specifically working with military leaders coordinating with allies around the world working on some sort of response probably
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a coordinated response building the case that there was a chemical attack in duma something that both serious well as russia deny we've had the president canceling his trip to to latin america to the summit of the americas according to the white house so that he can oversee the response to syria certainly this is significant we know that the president laid out a timeline a monday of having some sort of decision on the response in the next twenty four to forty eight hours it appears that window is closing we still have not seen any sort of decision by the president but you have to remember the president did say on monday that when something does happen luckily the media and the world would be finding out after the fact so still watching very closely the white house continuing to say all options on the table of course the sign that you know we all we really waiting for the white house to perhaps give any of the media over the global audience and the inkling as to when any action might happen with regards to
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retaliation retaliatory strike against syria. power and gas talk over the weekend i mean the white house of being strangely tight lipped about this. tightlipped but then at the same time we've just seen the president do what he accused barack obama of doing in iraq and what he promised he would never do especially when he was campaigning in two thousand and sixteen to become president that is to telegraph his moves as commander in chief but essentially that tweet there has said exactly what the president hopes he will do he's revealed his methods the very key word in one of those tweets that you listed there was the word smart that seems to indicate the president would like to use tomahawk missiles that are guided by precipitation technology satellite technology we've certainly seen this type of technology used before when there was attacked by the united states those strikes in april of twenty seventeen using tomahawk missiles launched from a navy carrier so certainly this is unique in that the president is doing exactly
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what he said he wouldn't do and that is telegraphing his moves whether or not this is some sort of negotiating tact which is certainly characteristic of this president to speak very brashly and then dial it back it is unclear for the moment to the committee will leave it come back to us when things change let's go over to our challenge our correspondent in moscow i mean the russians have never really had the thought that they defend that i come what may so that statement in the last hour or so is of no surprise. well the russians a reactive to donald trump's tweet. by saying that well that is a car of a or as the foreign ministry spokeswoman says the moscow believes the united states should actually be targeting terrorists with its smart missiles rather than the legitimate government that's been fighting international terrorism on its own territory for several years that was her comments. she also went on to say that did
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the united states know that smart missiles of the type that trump has been saying that he'll use against syria might destroy evidence of chemical weapons usage on the ground in syria now that is an interesting comment in itself i think because it's slightly goes against what a lot of rove was announcing yesterday when he was speaking which is that russian. experts have been to duma and have said that they found no evidence whatsoever of chemical weapons usage so a slightly strange mix of messages coming out of the foreign office at the moment and of course with regards to what happened at the weekend russia certainly making overtures to the o.p.c. w. what's happening there. well the yeah the russians of invited the o.p.c. w the global chemical weapons watchdog to travel to duma and visit the sites to see
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what has gone on. now and made that invitation yesterday and yesterday also the o.p.c. w. said that he would indeed make this visit first the this visit only coincided with the invitation by the russians and wasn't necessarily instigated by it they say that they will be preparing to make this trip soon and that they have requested that the syrian government put in place all the proper requirements for making sure it can happen the russians of server they would guarantee o.p.c. w chemical weapons experts security on the ground which is one of the reasons why the o.p.c. w said that they never visited their conscious sites a year ago. this is happening of course despite the fact that last night in the un security council there were calls both from the russians and the united states and
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its allies for a separate independent enquiries draft resolutions or tabled by both sides and neither side managed to get its draft resolution through despite all that the o.p.c. says that it is planning on making this trip to duma well though we'll leave it there for the moment i'm sure we'll be hearing more from both moscow and d.c. as the day progresses thank you let's go to north africa now where a military plane has crashed in algeria killing at least two hundred fifty seven people now it happened near the military airport south of the capital algiers marianna honda has more. two hundred fifty seven people were onboard the military aircraft it went down shortly after takeoff crashing near an airport south of l.g. is the defense ministry says many of the passengers were soldiers some of them accompanied by their families a number of people survived this family was hit with the plane crashed into his field was all over i could see that as soon as the plane took off it started
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falling the plane flew over my head and came really close the wing clipped me as i was jumping to get out of the way then it burst into flames have survived by the grace of god the military aircraft was on its way to the algerian region of bashir with a stop in to do for that's a region on the border with the disputed territory of western sahara without sense of people have sort refuge twenty six western sahara and were reportedly on board the crash is likely the worst in algeria is aviation history made in the hand and jazeera well let's get more this war correspondent on the hood of the war he joins us now from tripoli in neighboring libya just bring us up to speed on what we know about the circumstances around the crash and the destination of the flight. well so hill according to the algerian defense minister two hundred fifty seven
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passengers were killed in that crash including ten members the crew of the of the plane and also most of the passengers are military individuals and they have actually had their family members with them and the route of that plane was to transfer those military individuals from bill feyerick. to the soul of the west. namely to the towns of bashar and. southern west of the journey are also according to state television algerian estate television around two twenty six police or your members were on board that plane the police tell you as you know so that's the liberation movement of the western sahara now defense minister. has ordered an investigation into the crash but local sources say that
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preliminary findings say that one of the engines or the four engines of the plane ignited and also the right wing of the plane was set on fire and the pilot tried to turn back to. around thirty kilometers to the south from the algerian capital but unfortunately the plane exploded over a farm just very close to the airbase as you know that this type of plane they're illusion seventy six has four and it's has four engines and it's very it's a very big plane but now the investigation team is trying to find out the actual reasons behind that crash and also. a medical team is currently trying to retrieve the corpses of the victims two i did defy them thank you of course so we'll get more updates from you and when we get
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them the mood of the way thank you. now staying in the region renegade libyan general khalifa have to has reportedly suffered a stroke earned is in europe for treatment and some media outlets have been reporting that half the was initially taken to jordan after being moved to a french hospital but other reports quoting his spokesman say have to is in good health he leads a militia known as the libyan national army and the u.n. accuses forces loyal to him of carrying out mass killings. yemen's who the rebels say they've launched a drone strike on one of saudi arabia's oil facilities another target was the oil giant saudi aramco space in design province the company though says its facilities that are operating normally and safely seven straight hours in the central african republic of lay bodies outside the u.n. mission building in the capital dong at least twenty one people were killed during a un operation in the mainly muslim p.k.
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five neighborhood that's all peacekeepers and the army target armed groups officials are unsure whether the victims were caught in the crossfire or deliberately targeted on sunday two people including a peacekeeper died when fighters attacked un troops near the president's residence . now the u.n. says more than fifty seven thousand people from the eastern democratic republic of congo have fled to uganda since december many are leaving because of attacks by militia in the northeastern province to woody the violence has led to a humanitarian crisis that more than thirteen million people are in need of help twice as many as last year while seven million are facing severe food shortages half of them are children the political situation is unclear as well president joseph could be a is still in office even though his term officially ended in december twenty sixth seen no date has been set for elections which have repeatedly been to spawn and now al jazeera is malcolm where busy retracing the refugees journey from the end to the
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beginning now he's traveled from uganda's capital come to that chiang wali refugee camp where most of them sheltering right now he's crossing lake albert heading from there could send the landing site on the congolese side from where refugees are fleeing the fighting before getting on water he sent us this update. i'm standing in uganda this is lake albert and on the far side you can just about see killed in the democratic republic of congo and it's after in those hills in recent months that militia have been attacking villages setting hearts on fire chopping people up with machetes killing some and that's what prompted thousands to get in boats across the lake we can see some of the kinds of boats here that they've been using these wooden ones have an engine strapped on the back that's a better way to cross but for people who can't afford a ticket in one of those they have to get in a canoe and paddled in which case the crossing can take one or two days lakes prone
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to bad weather strong winds heavy rains and storms it's not uncommon for boats to capsize and some refugees have drowned on the way but those that make it here are registered by ugandan government officials and by the united nations and then they're taken from here a couple of hours drive into uganda to the chiang wali refugee settlement we went there and spoke to some of the new arrivals let's take a look at that story. all these people ran for their lives. and now patience runs team there waiting for buses to take them to a place to make new homes in this refugee camp in uganda. free to liza's stories typical a few days ago a militia or attacked a village in congo they killed her neighbors with machetes she fled with her five children she's pregnant with her six dogs the dogs and get them good to restart the fighting had started then they started burning houses with people inside so we went
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into the forest and hid for three days then we decided to run and we came to uganda . militias from the lendu ethnic group has been attacking villages in rita's province called history since january the u.n. says that forced more than seventy thousand to sleep here in uganda many more displaced back at home. people have lost their family ministers and women are subjected to sexual and gender based violence before and during flight so they came very traumatized very tired and some needed very raw and they needed medical attention so. some people described the violence as ethnic return says he's not she says the attackers killed anyone and everyone she said i think lendu has the same as them some people here say they don't know why they've been forced from their homes now other suspect congo's government is behind it trying to stay in power for
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the postponing the long overdue presidential election the government denies it. regardless cooper riving here in uganda. the u.n. says more resources donors threatened to cut funds for refugees in uganda when government officials were implicated in a corruption scandal earlier this year that new arrivals still need help at the moment a lot of the refugee settlement is a vast expanse of bush people are given plots been given her here she's got some plastic sheets a few simple rules now she asked to build a shelter that's what she'll be living in for the weeks ahead and use the tools to start selling the land and growing some food and now it's starting to rain rita lost her husband when she fled she and her children now have to wait for somebody to help them put up shelter it might be safer here for their struggles
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over malcolm webb al-jazeera chiang wali refugee camp you can bet plenty more ahead here all the al-jazeera news are including facebook both small business to do better while being grilled about privacy failures and. confirmation from israel it's all just we're caught on camera celebrating after shooting a palestinian man. and one of europe's most successful football teams has a night to remember in the champions league peter will be here with the details in sport. mirrors army has sentenced seven soldiers to ten years each for their involvement in the killing of ten men during a military crackdown on revenge of muslims now the military says the soldiers
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joined police and buddhist villagers in the killings in rakhine state last september near mars army has been accused of carrying out ethnic cleansing meanwhile a court in me and maher has refused to drop a case against two reuters journalists accused of obtaining secret government papers on the crackdown while alone and choice who addresses arrested in december they could face charges and amir mars official secrets act which carry a prison sentence of up to fourteen years. was well i'm not happy at all the men who carried out the killings were only sentenced to ten years do you think that's fair in the end and yet i would like to ask the government does the syncing of the murder is fitting with democratic standards we journalists just did our job in line with our rights of with free press in a democratic country and now we are facing a possible sentence of fourteen years and the murderer is only got ten. and a serbian nationalist politician has been sentenced to ten years in jail for war
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crimes. was initially acquitted by a un court of committing crimes against known serbs during the balkan wars during the one nine hundred ninety s. but that's not been partially overturned in the hague on appeal that's the very latest on this from the hague our correspondent there is ronde that is sometimes all some water does. verdict from the original one i will bring justice to the victims. yeah he has been found guilty for persecution on political racial and religious grounds of just grotz in avoiding a knot in boston and has to go in and gracious just in vojvodina it's a province in the north of serbia among others across to live as well as for their petition and forcible settlement before two years he has been acquitted of charges included murders stored cruel treatment the destruction of villages and
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religious buildings and pillaging of public or private property anybody prosecution has baze the indignant on shushes hate speech and his sending volunteers from serbia to croatia and bosnia and herzegovina also called chambre didn't prove a systematic attack against both prods happened but of the conclusion of the tribunal has the plan of a stop of the great serbia is just you know political project not crime and statements such as. these like the prosecution to conclude that the render judgment was in sharp contrast with all judgments run the by i.c.t. i will see what will say prosecution but we'll see what we'll say the family of victims nobody but we talk about family of victims not here today he'd be shocked before two years just now we will just listening what's good they can say
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anyway she spent eleven and hof years in the hague that tension unit this will timepiece time will be included into his sentence which means that he's now also formally freed well we'll leave it half an hour seventy await for reaction from the balkans as to that very for the moment adnan roundish thank you for joining us from the hague. facebook boss mark zuckerberg will face more questions later from u.s. politicians about the massive breach of uses private data and i sat through a five hour grilling in congress on tuesday when he admitted to making mistakes helen fisher has more from washington d.c. . ditching his favorite great t. shirts for a suit this was a polish to facebook c.e.o. with a performance to match mark zuckerberg apologize for the massive data breach that impacted eighty seven million users worldwide we didn't take
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a broad enough view of our responsibility and that was a big mistake and it was my mistake and i'm sorry but the importance of this appearance that was not lost on senator this should be a wake up call for the tech community we want to hear more without delay about what facebook and other companies plan to do to take greater responsibility for what happens on their platforms with the core issue was summed up with one question from democrat to dick durbin mr zucker byrd would you be comfortable sharing with us the name of the hotel you stayed in last night. no. mark zuckerberg was called in front of the senate after it was discovered millions of users data was improperly obtained by yuki beast political consultancy cambridge analytics the use that information to target ads to help donald trump's presidential campaign and the bricks at referendum in the u.k.
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the facebook founder says steps will be taken to ensure such a data breach can never happen again but one senator asked if he was ready to follow through on that promise i believe you have all the talent my question is whether you have all the will to help us solve this problem yes senator do you believe the european regulation should be applied here in the us regardless of whether we implement the exact same regulation i would guess that it would be somewhat different because we have somewhat different sensibilities perhaps the most contentious exchange came when republican ted cruz accused facebook of political bias are you aware of any and or page that has been taken down from planned parenthood senator i'm not but let me just ask and i have on another work sorry about move on dot org i'm not specifically aware of about any democratic candidate for office i'm not specifically aware i mean i i'm not in a not short mark zuckerberg revealed facebook is looking into potential russian links to the cambridge analytical breach and also that the company has cooperated
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with special counsel robert mueller who's investigating possible collusion between the russians and donald trump's presidential campaign mark zuckerberg spent the weekend preparing for this appearance and it showed he'll no fees members in the u.s. house at a separate hearing on wednesday with the threat of greater regulation for the entire tech industry standing on the other side of that performance alan fischer al-jazeera on capitol hill well zuckerberg also told the hearing that facebook is using artificial intelligence ai to weed out fake accounts which spread hate speech or meddle in elections. senator the most important thing that i care about right now is making sure that no one interferes in the various twenty eighteen elections around the world we have an extremely important u.s. mid-term we have major elections in india brazil mexico pakistan hungary coming up and we're going to take a number of measures from building in deploying new ai tools that take down fake
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news to growing our security team to more than twenty thousand people to making its that we verify every advertiser who's doing political an issue to make sure that that kind of interference that the russians were able to do in two thousand and sixteen is going to be much harder for anyone to pull off in the future. is a researcher at the harrah's center for practical ethics out talks with the university joins me now from oxford via skype good to have you with us live on al-jazeera. the facebook founder of the apologized in the heavens you think it was enough i think that apology was necessary but it's certainly not sufficient i think we should bear in mind that james because apologized many times before and it's not clear that this time is any different in the past it just comes to making special and it has failed. the hearing was about getting ounces from. again do you think we got the ounces that his subscribers to facebook wanted to hear. i think it wasn't
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very informative partly because we had already a lot of information from the media scandal but partly because it was mostly just about promises and again apologies and i think we should make sure that these are not cop outs we're actually implementing services that do protect people's privacy in terms of terms of the issue of responsibility what is interesting is a debate brewing on the evan creasing responsibility that he and facebook have in terms of whether they are a tech company or a content company and if you're a content company then you have a responsibility for that content i.e. what is on your website whether it's a hate speech or anti homophobic or about pre-planned abortions or not the issue of responsibility is now the decision that he has to take on board and how much of a responsibility facebook is as a company is willing to take yes i think facebook and other similar companies have
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made a huge effort in the past to make sure that they are not liable for their content but as reality just shows it's very hard earned not to have responsibility because there are important consequences and huge consequences that attack democracy that affect people that affect. really the system so they can just say well it's not up to us because somebody has to be responsible when he talks about ai having a huge impact on an organization like facebook and what it provides a i also requires an element of being taught by a human being and therefore there are human imperfections in that whole process how do you see that sort of working together. yes i think i is an important element and certainly it's been and musingly revolutionary and helpful but i think we ought to be careful that it's not used as a copout again as just an empty promise because it has been shown that algorithms
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can be biased and can hurt peoples by have can make mistakes and also a i at the moment is very very limited so it's not clear at all that this problem is that ai will be able to weed out taint speech in five or ten years has any basis or see what does happen corrosive vella thanks so much for joining us from oxford. well it's time for the weather has everton starting obviously in north america we are starting with america so that's right winter is just hanging around like a bad smell but we have seen some spring like weather and there will be some warmth over the next couple of days has a spring like weather then in the form of severe storms hundred seventy millimeters of rain just around the florida panhandle and that has produced some very a lively weather for some have seen some big house storms taking places in northern florida are too far from jacksonville actually we are going to see this in the process of moving away they say things quiet down here watch this guys coming in
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behind for at least that southeastern corner further north you can see of course in christ guys and here's that wintry weather that we've been talking about this is connecticut new england no stranger to snow even in april of course but a good old the dumping of snow coming through here at least it is in the process of warming up having said that say temperatures in new york around twelve celsius eight degrees there for what they go some snow just around the lakes just around lake erie pushing up into on terrio into quebec and a little area snow just coming in across the mountain states twenty six celsius there for denver i highlight that because temperatures will change as we go on through the next few days he has a fifteen celsius in new york world starting to make its way through a little bit of snow and then you can see some more snow just starting to spill its way in off the rockies that will slide further east which as we go on through the next day old say temperatures in denver struggle just six degrees. thanks very much evident well still ahead here on al-jazeera south africa's farewell to winnie
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mandela. and it's cheap but talks that look out the whole is killing people across indonesia now the police cracking down. and a franchise record in the n.b.a. for philadelphia peter will be here to explain all of that in sports to stay with us here on al-jazeera. partly.
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and monday put it well on i g z the u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for dry riverbed like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the war. play or sing of his or her mind top stories present double trouble has warned russia on twitter the missiles will be coming hours after russia's ambassador to
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lebanon said his country will shoot down any american missile launched against syria's government it follows international outrage over a suspected chemical attack in the town of duma on saturday. a military plane has crashed in algeria near to fabric port south of the capital algiers algeria's defense ministry says at least two hundred fifty seven people have been killed most of the victims are military personnel. there's no word yet on the course of the crash which happened just after takeoff. near mars army has sentenced seven soldiers to ten years each for their involvement in the killing of ten men during a military crackdown on writing of aslan's the military says the soldiers joined police and put his villages in the killings in rakhine state last september.
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now. the israeli military has confirmed that a video showing army sniper shooting a palestinian across the border in gaza is authentic and that soldiers involved will be disciplined the video shows soldiers praising the sniper after he shoots the palestinian close to the fence israel says the video which was filmed in december followed riots and warnings from troops but it's not the only case of unarmed palestinians being targeted now palestinian journalist yasser was shot and killed on friday despite wearing a flak jacket with clear press markings as he filmed the protest at gaza's border with israel in made twenty fourteen palestinian teenagers mohammed good to have been a deal no water were killed by israeli soldiers during a knock per day protest near ramallah c.c.t.v. video released afterward showed neither had posed a threat when they were both killed israel close an investigation into the incident and in march twenty sixth in an israeli soldier shot palestinian sharif in the head
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while he was lying wounded on the road a law zaria was found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to a year and a half in prison. is the israel and palestine director for human rights watch joins me now from ramallah thanks very much for joining us if you actually describe these incidents as unlawful and calculated killings then how do they get investigated impartially and honestly. the answer is it's frankly likely not to happen in israel the reality is that israeli investigations going back for the majority fifty years of occupation and even before that have been a whitewash operation i mean if we look back at the two thousand and fourteen war there were over five hundred complaints filed around three hundred incidences that took place during that time that the israeli authority only looked into thirty four thirty seven instances and actually only found three soldiers guilty of any crime
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and that crime was theft the reality here is we're not talking about a case of excessive force we're talking about killings planned at the highest levels of the israeli government that greenlighted firing an unarmed demonstrators the reality is it's time for international investigations we've called on the international criminal court to open a formal investigation into serious crimes in palestine and they should look at the accountability of senior israeli officials who have ordered these killings and continue to sanction the use of fire against protesters if that is the of what you're hoping for how do you think this particular investigation is going to proceed when what the investigation is about is security offices laughing while a sniper is shooting but the investigation is not about the sniper. the defense minister lieberman has been very clear i mean there is clear video evidence showing a soldier firing at a demonstrator who poses no imminent threat as is required under international law
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and he said that that soldier should receive a decoration should conduct an exemplary service and that the only ones that should be investigated are the whistleblower who came forward with the video it's the same line they've used regarding the killings that have taken place on land day and last friday and so it's quite clear that the israeli government not only is not investigating prior wrongdoing is not investigating current instances in the standards around the use of force so it's quite clear that at best we're going to get a whitewash operation but even that seems to be too much for this israeli government who now doesn't even want to have the pretense of opening investigation is there any difference between an investigation shooting a palestinian protest to the journalists that was shot over the weekend to swallow . look investigations can look into all instances of the use of force the problem that human rights watch has documented with israeli investigations going back many years is they're not
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independent they are conducted by the military and for the most part they consist of what is basically an operational deep grief so where the soldier reports what they did and they're more or less patted in the back in an instance like this where the soldiers have been following very clear orders that authorize firing on instigators and firing on those that approach the border fence regardless of the threat level they posed the investigation must start with the most senior officials of the officials aren't even willing to look into many of these cases in the case of ya sort of the journalist you know defense minister lieberman yesterday said that he was on the hamas payroll and even if that allegation was true it doesn't have any bearing on whether or not he posed a threat which again is the standard under international law these really government response has been basically to continue forward and i think that the reality now is we need to focus on how there can be in accountability in international fora given the impunity for abuses here in the country i think for
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the moment we'll have to leave it very interesting debate certainly in suing us to what's going on in the occupied territories for the moment thanks so much for joining us now japan's foreign minister says his country will work closely with south korea to help a denuclearized north korea is in seoul for talks with south korea's foreign minister it's the first such meeting in two years and comes ahead of a summit between north and south korea later this month japan's prime minister shinzo of it will be meeting donald trump next week the u.s. president is expected to meet north korea's kim jong il in may or early june. police in indonesia are taking aim at the illegal alcohol trade after more than a hundred people died in one week from drinking liquor high taxes and a crackdown on legal alcohol in muslim majority indonesia has created a black market amongst the poll some reports now from selling in west java
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people thought at first they were suffering from a bad hangover but doctors soon discovered it was much worse both rushed to hospital just days after buying drinks at a who still had organ failure and blurred vision one hundred people have died so far one of them was twenty two year old man who had just started working as a motorbike taxi driver together with other men and he drank liquor from a breasted bottle for around two u.s. dollars the cheapest and only drink available he and two of his cousins died. this drink should not be sold if it was up to me i would kill the person this that's how i feel right now if i would meet him he has taken my son's life police have started raiding food stalls and small shops where illegal drinks are being sold in the majority muslim population has restricted sales of alcohol it's also
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increased import taxes on liquor in the past few years but each year hundreds die after drinking bootleg booze including foreign tourists and this is what the victims have been drinking police are still trying to find out what exactly it is made of but investigators believe it contains a box of chemicals instead of the usual alcohol in this case it's probably mixed with energy drinks that give it its neighbors. some other things have been found containing mosquito repellent we found this producer making illegal drawings in two thousand and fifteen mixing apple alcohol used to disinfect wounds with caffeine and a chemical coloring substance despite an increase in the month he has since stopped . by element has been discussing a bill to partially ban alcohol in indonesia but researchers have found that since alcohol sales have been restricted that due to bootleg drinks have doubled in
4:43 pm
indonesia there's actually not necessary to to do bad alcohol because consumption is one of the lowest in the world the problem is those who want to consume our home they need a hole that is safe so they have more urgent issue for the government always to make sure our unrecorded a whole is suppressed and more recorded a whole should be made more for the war and more accessible lawmakers are still debating how far reaching the alcohol ban should be they hope that with a partial ban police will crack down harder on those who produce and distribute illegal drinks but religious and she challenge i say drinking cheap spirits has become a habit and no way to escape the daily struggle to make a living they say clamping down on the black market will be difficult as long as there's a demand for affordable alcohol step fasten al-jazeera. west jaffa. well
4:44 pm
let's just bring you some news coming out of the us being reported by reuters the u.s. house speaker paul ryan has just stated through his spokesperson that he will not be seeking reelection intends to retire from congress he is of course a congressman for wisconsin has been the house speaker for several years was a critic of trungpa joining the presidential campaign but has been quite supportive in certainly the last year or so this statement does read this morning speaker ryan shared with his colleagues that he this will be his last year as member of the house he will serve out his full term run through the tape and then retire in january and that's from his spokesman brendan buck and of course that is just before the midterm elections which the republicans deem to be a very difficult vote in the upcoming months this will not help matters in the caucus and not be a fight certainly for his job and whether the congress or the speaker of the house
4:45 pm
will become more right wing or not we will see we'll have more on that from our washington bureau later in the program. currier now to another big story coming out of africa south africans are in fact saying their final goodbyes to the woman many call the mother of the nation an official memorial service is being held for winnie mandela and she's the former wife of nelson mandela is taking place since the wetter where she lived and fought against apartheid the activist and the former wife of the first black president died last week at the age of eighty one she played a leading role in the battle against white minority rule katherine has more from so what. yeah it is quite. yet. but now we might be hearing something that he. was that he had.
4:46 pm
to be that he knows. people like i same way the same they just here to celebrate the extraordinary life to celebrate the struggle that she face she was a teacher in the face of the struggle for liberation and for that she suffered immensely she was a free song she was held in solitary confinement was kept away from her shoes read she was a banished to some firewood village where she didn't know at anybody's a people here say that they disagree on how are the how carriage and that's why they're here in a stadium along the stadiums i feel like the falcon and the passage of stadium but it's not cool because today is a walk stand with the school day but the funeral service is going to be held here as well on saturday and it's expected to be the stadium is expected to be moved to
4:47 pm
the breed even exudes coming back and these blades olanda stadium is in so went to which he's hugely significant and symbolic because so when he was very much the heart of the struggle for liberation and the have been time against apartheid movements as a people i hear a lot of people here relates to winnie mandela and then they tell us just celebrate how and what she did for this country not an old law and has been marking the twentieth anniversary of the signing of the agreement which ended decades of violence but it's also a time of mixed feelings that the deal brought divided communities ties together but there's also political deadlock while the united kingdom's decision to leave the european union has brought whole questions about identity and economics back to the full body phillips reports from the northern island capital belfast. the class of ninety eight told their reunion at queen's university belfast the men and
4:48 pm
women who made peace a day to celebrate the dramatic reduction in violence that good friday agreement brought to northern ireland to what else the devolved government that was an essential component of the agreement has not function did over a year where. one key player insisted peace is not at risk institutions will be back on clears the good friday agreement remains the accord which is going to politics on the side and on our agents on the side and on relationships in the end to look for future so i think the future is very bright from the opposite side of northern ireland's divided not a key player said britain's withdrawal from the e.u. should not damage the agreement perhaps of this one so. it remained completely different there is no interaction between them all but what is happening at the moment is some people. are trying to use bricks that put on their mind the agree.
4:49 pm
and i hope that they are on successful doing so later the chief negotiator for the united states senator george mitchell and former president bill clinton were honored with the freedom of belfast i will always be grateful that i came to belfast when peace of been made but the city was still troubled when was it good and decent people had to actually make a decision to do the right thing to be the right sort of person to give children the right sort of future. it was a fortunate when. that blew me here one of the men from the good friday agreement outside her needed to bring peace to northern iraq. on top of the federal budget yet. i don't think the role of the modern day. i've heard about fighting basement is no longer back on the brink.
4:50 pm
it was a time when as the irish poet seamus heaney wrote hope and history rhymed and elusive harmony that can never be taken for granted. my. belfast well still ahead. tell us about the athletes who disappeared from the commonwealth games. gold coast to stay with us.
4:51 pm
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welcome back it's time for sports ace peter so thank you so much five times european champions barcelona have video eliminated from this year's champions league at the quarter final stage by italian club roma the italians trailed for one from the first leg of this time but a stunning three own win so roma go through on away goals at barcelona's expense that made just the third side in the competition's history to come back from a three goal deficit in the knockout stages this will be just a second ever samy final in europe's elite club competition. you look at. one hundred eighty minutes we played the first like was like c. minus but last night was an a plus for everybody and for the whole stadium right now has been extraordinary playing against an undefeated team and what i said to my players is that they had to lose at some point and they lost bad and this is not luck this is what happened in this clinic and. no doubt it's a painful defeat we all dream to win such a tournament but only one team can win it's the end of the world for us in
4:53 pm
a very unexpected way and now we need to move on same as every other time we've lost we need to go through this moment and there are difficult days ahead of us who doubt but we need to focus on the competitions and try to win them because we haven't won anything yet none of the two losing like this hurts a lot it hurts us and it hurts our fans but we need to move on now. like liverpool's passage to the semifinals was a little more straightforward even though manchester city took an early lead you can collapse men that would win two one on the night and five one on aggregates. became the reds all time leading goalscorer in the champions league with these eight strike it will be difficult in a semi as well one hundred percent so but we are now in a semi zone for us where we should enjoy the moment and. and yeah the moment because it's. obviously a while ago who was in the in the semi's it was
4:54 pm
a while ago that i was innocent i mean i know we're together there's a lot that's called quite a cool moment and really have people that are so lovable or off to the semifinals for the first time in a decade now they have been fears of violence off the city's bus was targeted before the first day but i'm happy to tell you that liverpool's team bus arrived safely in manchester without any incidents. now more champions league action coming up later on wednesday you venters will take heart from fellow city our club romer's performance heading into their second league quarter final against real madrid the spanish club have you ventus three nil in the first leg in a match that will be remembered for that stunning cristiana rinaldo bicycle kick goal the thirty three year old has scored twenty times in his last ten games. i'm not thinking about playing without christiane we have him and we're happy about it there are a lot of people who remember for morale greats like alfredo to stefano and
4:55 pm
a lot of people really a lot of people and i am one of them will remember christiane i being at this club we have him and we have to take advantage of it and german champions by munich will host severe in the other time by and beat the spanish team to want away from home in the first leg and they are now eyeing a fourth semifinal spot in five seasons yeah i love equanimity to redesign i think we can be really happy with winning two one away from home but it isn't over yet it's not like when we beat the sheep five nil in the last round so the two one is good but civilly have played a great match against manchester united in the last sixteen they're still a very good and dangerous team and in football anything can happen so i just ate a cameroonian athletes have gone missing at the commonwealth games in australia's gold coast the three weightlifters and five boxes were last seen on monday and tuesday all of the athletes still have valid visas until next month and according to the commonwealth games federation or allowed to travel freely it's not the first
4:56 pm
time cameroonian athletes have gone missing the same thing happened at the twenty twelve london olympics with seven athletes disappearing on that occasion. this is obviously the. issue that. the team cameron is monitoring very very closely and until it becomes you know a real issue in terms of basis and so forth we would obviously need. to take that very seriously but you know right now it is certainly something that's. you know the safety and welfare of those athletes from that from a team cameron perspective is being taken very seriously but we are obviously monitoring that situation with team camera. there's just one more round of games to be played in the n.b.a. before the playoffs begin and on wednesday it will be a straight shootout between the denver nuggets and the minnesota timberwolves for the final playoff spot in the western conference on tuesday the philadelphia
4:57 pm
seventy six is warmed up very nicely for the playoffs by setting a franchise record fifteenth consecutive victory they met the atlanta hawks and took the honors one hundred twenty one one hundred and thirteen of j.j. redick scoring twenty eight points the hawks experiencing they would this season since two thousand and five. one of the fiercest rivalries in sports center stage in major league baseball on tuesday as the boston red sox hosted the new york yankees the yankees lead the overall head to head but on this occasion it was boston who triumphed in emphatic fashion the red sox dishing out a fourteen one hiding with mickey bets the start of the night betting a grand slam on the night as well that is a home run with each of the other three bases loaded resulting in four runs.
4:58 pm
and the man who became famous steering the recent n.c. double a college basketball championship sister jeanne threw out the first pitch before the chicago cubs first home game of the season sister jean was kids and out in cubs here with her own personalized jersey to cheat didn't bring the cups any luck though they lost eight five to the pittsburgh pirates and that's all the sport for me more coming up again later so that's great thanks very much peter well i'll be back for the full half hour of these on the other side of the break them till you've been watching the al-jazeera news out with the whole robert the peter stuff from realty but what we've seen a few moments. i am doing this for the benefit of saddam people. so bad they see the importance of
4:59 pm
guys. who witnessed documentaries that open your eyes. at this time on al-jazeera. in a country with a high youth unemployment one of the nice asian helps turn school children into entrepreneurs gun tell us what i mean by a wide fundraising empowering them to reclaim their futures we teach them how to operate destroying my ship lies how to make the best life and build more prosperous communities some of them invest the money into other businesses school for life uganda part of the rebel education seems at this time on al-jazeera. the extremely remote location of this rainforest used to offer its protection but recently that changed. the forests around palmy over disappearing fast as they have
5:00 pm
been right around. papua new guinea we have lost everything. we have been here two years ago we would just a new year and a new devoted big tree or maybe looking at the birds not all the troops new guinea as more of asia pacific for remaining rainforest than any other country but special agricultural business leases threaten them they were supposed to be issued to agricultural companies to clear land they intended to follow. is supposed to avoid emotion in reports like this but this scene is just profoundly depressing when i first took my breath away and i just look at it this is a landscape this brings out.


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