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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 11, 2018 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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used to offer its protection but recently that changed. the forests around palma are disappearing fast as they have been right around papua new guinea we have lost everything we've been here two years ago we were just a new year and a new go to be tree or maybe looking at the birds flown out of the truce new guinea has more of asia pacific for remaining rainforest than any other country but special agricultural business leases threaten them they were supposed to be issued to agricultural companies to clear land they intended to farm on. this supposed to avoid emotion in reports like this but this scene is just profoundly depressing when i first took my breath away i mean just look at it this is a landscape. donald
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trump tells russia that missiles will be coming defying moscow's warning not to attack syria's government. thugs all rommany watching all jews their allies my headquarters here in doha also coming up a military plane crashes after takeoff in algeria killing more than two hundred fifty people. and war crimes judges overturn an acquittal for serbian ultranationalist virus. but he won't go back behind bars. and facebook box mark zuckerberg faces u.s. politicians for the second time in two days to explain a massive breach of the user's privacy.
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welcome to the program the u.s. president has warned russia that missiles will be coming to target syria's government donald trump's tweets was a response to a warning from russia that american missiles would be shot down russia to shoot down any and all missiles fired at syria this week tarted great get ready russia because they will be coming nice and new and smart to you shouldn't be partners with a gas killing an animal who kills his people and enjoys it the u.s. has been threatening military action after a suspected poison gas attack in the rebel held town near damascus well we have a challenge standing by in moscow for a reaction out of russia will be live to him in a moment but first let's go to our white house correspondent and kimberly healthcare there would have been a great deal of anticipation kimberly what the president would do next and these tweets seem to sort of ramp up the rhetoric at least. certainly i mean
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this almost amounts to a declaration of war by the u.s. president on social media certainly something we've never seen before this president tends to speak very boldly and brashly often as a negotiating tactic it's unclear whether that is what is taking place right now but certainly the white house has been very clear repeatedly in the last forty eight hours the president saying that he would make a decision that window seeming to close very soon and still we have not heard from the white house how the response will be with regard to what they say is amounts to a chemical attack in duma but certainly the white house has said repeatedly all options are on the table now the president another one of his tweets seemed to almost be pleading with russia to change its behavior noting the fact that relations between the two countries deteriorating to the point of the cold war levels certainly there is no question though that the white house is building a case for some sort of military response we've seen that in terms of the consultations that have been going on the emergency sessions on syria with meeting
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with top military leaders of course the white house says it is also building a case in terms of evidence looking for largely with videos and photos that in fact a chemical weapons attack has occurred something that we should know russia and syria say it is not the case as well we've seen the president canceling his trip to latin america something that he said was necessary because he needs to oversee the syrian response as well as the fact that he's made telephone calls with the leader of the france as well as britain saying that there would be some sort of ford nation that's taking place so when you put all of this together in terms of its totality certainly it does appear that something is imminent but again no signal yet from the white house on when this could take place it was cool so you can believe the president likes to keep things close to his chest to a certain extent but it was really the baikal miscarry society again. absolutely this is something that is really striking in all of this and
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particularly since we saw donald trump on the campaign trail in two thousand and sixteen mocking former president barack obama saying that he was telegraphing foolishly and this hurt the u.s. mission in iraq so this is something that he said he would never do he doesn't like to telegraph his moves but it appears that's exactly what he's done removing that element of surprise and even sort of revealing the tactical methods that are under consideration that tweet when he uses the word smart essentially what he's pointing to is the use of tomahawk missiles that are guided with precision satellite technology and certainly we've seen the use of this before in twenty seventeen in april when the u.s. launch strikes on that syrian air base whether or not that is something is being considered to get it certainly appears that that is what is under discussion revealed by the president's tweet something that he said he would not do but now has done mostly what has happened certainly in the coming hours for the moment kimberly thank you let's cross over to a correspondent rory channel and susan moscow i mean the russians really have said
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what they had to say that they've really hidden the thought that they would defend syria come what may so that statement so really no great surprise except pretty their reaction to what mr trump has to say. yes so they have responded to donald trump's tweets we've had comments from various lawmakers who said things like these are irresponsible comments also that these tweets have horrified the world is a car of a who's the foreign ministry spokeswoman has said that the u.s. is missile shouldn't be targeted the legitimate government of syria has been fighting as she puts it international terrorism on its territory for several years rather the u.s. that smart missile should actually be targeting the terrorists themselves she or also went on to stoke the kind of conspiracy angle of this by saying we're chemical
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weapons experts warn that smart missiles might destroy all evidence of the use of chemical weapons on the ground perhaps she suggested this whole idea was actually to quickly cover up the provocation that russia has long been saying that the united states is engaged in regarding this chemical weapons attack with smartness are so that international experts would have nothing to look for as evidence when they get to the scene that's what she wrote on facebook and of course we are expected to go to the foreign ministry later in this program for a statement need to hear what they have to say rory but in the meantime the defense ministry that that in the meantime the russians have been making overtures to the p c w i mean what are they planning to. yeah well these are the chemical weapons experts them are is a car of it was referring to in a facebook post and they have been invited by russia russia says that it will
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guarantee their safety and security sergey lavrov the russian foreign ministry foreign minister was saying yesterday that we cannot have another situation like we had in the aftermath of the can she couldn't chemical gas incidents where the o.p.c. w. didn't send experts to the actual sites because they fear for their own safety so that the location wasn't secure enough well this time saying we can absolutely guarantee the safety and security of chemical weapons experts and they should go there they should get samples they should send them for analysis etc now the o.p.c. w says e's planning such a trip at the moment is not necessarily because it's been invited but because that's what it should do anyway bans it's asking the syrian government to make the necessary arrangements to facilitate this trip we don't know exactly what it's going to be but in the coming days now the o.p.c. w.
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has said that if it does get to the location and it does collect evidence and it does do what it's supposed to be doing there this will not be for apportioning blame it will just be collecting evidence and remember of course that yesterday in the un security council their work competing draft resolutions being tabled by the united states and its allies and russia both of them calling for an independent inquiry into this incident both of those draft resolutions were torpedoed by the opposing side so diplomatically we're still at an impasse but the o.p.c. w. is planning to visit duma will full member leave rowin of course come back to that situation changes thank you. as if it's the us now where the republican house speaker paul ryan says he won't run for reelection he'll serve out his current term before retiring in january ryan's announcement follows a series of regional election wins for democrats and mounting republican concerns
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about holding on to their majority in the house of representatives present donald trump acknowledged the decision on twitter saying ryan would leave behind a legacy of achievement. a military plane has crashed in algeria killing at least two hundred and fifty seven people now it happened near the blue fabric military airport south of the capital algiers maria honda has more. two hundred fifty seven people were on board the military aircraft it went down shortly after takeoff crashing near a military airport south of l.g. is the defense ministry says that many of the passengers were soldiers some of them accompanied by their families a number of people survived this family was among those being treated hit when the plane crashed into a field close to where he was working going to pull over i could see that as soon as the plane took off it started falling the plane flew over my head and came
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really close the wing clipped me as i was jumping to get out of the way then it burst into flames i've survived by the grace of god. the military aircraft was on its way to the algerian region of basheer stopping all fintan do if it's a region on the border with the disputed territory of waste in sahara thousands of whiston sahara is have sought refuge here the policy area front a group that's been fighting for the independence of western sahara sit in a statement that sushi of the passengers will whiston so hiren's hitting back after getting medical treatment in now g. is the aircraft was a soviet designed to military transport plane the crash is likely the worst in algeria is aviation history made in one hand al-jazeera renegade libyan general khalifa haftar has reportedly suffered a stroke and is in europe for treatment some media outlets have been reporting that have to was initially taken to jordan before being moved to a french hospital but other reports quoting his spokesman say have to is in good
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health he leads a militia known as the libyan national army and the u.n. accuses forces loyal to him of carrying out mass killings. yemen's who the rebels say they evolved a drone strike on one of saudi arabia's oil facilities the target was the oil giant a saudi aramco is based in province the company though says its facilities and they're operating normally and safely. you and judges in the hague have caused a war crimes acquittal full serbian nationalist politician. they sentenced him to ten years behind bars but he'll remain a free man because of time already served in jail. didn't show up for the verdict not drawn ditch constable from the hague. he has been found guilty for persecution on political racial and religious grounds of known saabs exactly on the cross
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just not in boston and croatia even in vojvodina. problems in the north serbia among other crossly as well as for their potations and forcible resettlement before two years he was being acquitted of all charges for the charges included in the store cruel treatment the destruction of the villages destruction of religious buildings and the pillaging of public or private property culliver prosecution has base the indictment on hate speech and during the war he is sending volunteers from serbia to croatia and boss the un has a goatee and the court chambre didn't prove a systematic attack against boston and cross happened but of the conclusion of the tribunal was that the plan of establishment of the greater serbia is a just political process not a crime and the statements such as these let the prosecution be for two years to
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conclude that the render judgment was in a shop contrast with all other judgments rendered by i.c.t. i. spent eleven and javier us in the hague that tension the unit this time will be included in tow his sentence which means that he is a now also formally free. well still ahead here on al-jazeera a south african says farewell to the anti-apartheid campaign and i was the mother of the nation and when i. was. asked confirmation from israeli soldiers were caught on camera celebrating after shooting a palestinian man to stay with us.
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we really are going to see the spring rains setting in across central parts of china over the next couple of days warm southerly winds for hong kong pleasantly warm a little on the human side twenty nine celsius be can see this little line of right which runs right into the hearts of china because from thursday into friday if anything that will pay a pop possibility of some localized flooding for the south no such problems the heat continues with the clear skies clear skies across much of south asia but also some lively showers as well we come down into southern parts of india has seen some big storms here. was a sink some very heavy rain some parts seeing a seventy millimeters of rain and we may well see similar values as we go one through the next few days actually the cloud never really too far away from the southern tip of india and sues for lanka wanted to show was a possibility further north but not quite as widespread here the hate still very much in evidence call kata could touch forty one celsius on thursday afternoon forty four not pull over the next couple of days more of the same as we go on into
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a friday lots of sunshine too across the peninsula but also some lively showers see some storms around the southern end of the red sea recently a few showers up towards casa of all places temperatures in doha at thirty three degrees. paint the scene for us where they're on line what is apparent that peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join a sunset there are people there are choosing between buying medication and eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist just posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera.
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welcome back you're watching out of their arms the whole robin a reminder of our top stories president donald trump has warned russia on twitter that missiles will be coming hours after russia's ambassador to lebanon said his country will shoot down any american missiles launched against syria's government it follows international outrage over a suspected chemical attack in the town of duma on saturday a military plane has crashed in algeria. south of the capital algiers his defense ministry says at least two hundred fifty seven people have been killed most of the victims were military personnel. also u.s. republican house speaker paul ryan says he won't run for reelection ryan's
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announcement follows a series of regional election wins for democrats a mounting republican concerns about holding on to their majority in the house of representatives. facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg is testifying u.s. congress for a second day about the massive breach of users private data he sat through a five hour grilling on tuesday when he admitted to making a mistake. let's have a quick listen to his parents be full the house of representatives and then and calmness committee and ourselves to be a financial institution although you're right that we do provide tools for people to send money so you've mentioned several times you started facebook in your dorm room in two thousand and four fifteen years two billion users and several unfortunately breaches of trust later facebook's today is facebook today the same kind of company you started with a harvard dot edu email address well mr chairman i think we've evolved quite
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a bit as a company. when i started it i certainly didn't think that we would be the ones building this broad of a community around the world i thought someone would do it i didn't think was going to be us so we've definitely grown and you've recently said that you and facebook have not done a good job of explaining what facebook does and so back in two thousand and twelve and twenty thirteen when a lot of this scraping a user and friend data was happening it ever crossed your mind that you should be communicating more clearly with users about how facebook is monetizing their data i understand that facebook does not sell user data per se in the traditional sense it's also just as true that facebook's user data is probably the most valuable thing about facebook in fact it may be the only truly valuable thing about facebook why wasn't explaining what facebook does with the users data higher priority for you as a co-founder and now as c.e.o. mr chairman you're right that we don't sell any data and i would say that we do try
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to explain what we do is as time goes on it's a it's a broad system you know every day about one hundred billion times a day people come to one of our products whether it's facebook or messenger instagram or whatsapp to put in a piece of content whether it's a photo that they want to share or a message they want to send someone and every time. there's a control right there about who you want to share it with you want to share it publicly to broadcast it out to everyone do you want to share with your friends a specific group of people do you want to message it to just one one person or a couple of people that's the most important thing that we do and i think that in the product that's quite clear i do think that we can do a better job of explaining how advertising works there is a common misperception as you say that is just reported often keeps on being reported that for some reason we sell data i can't be clear on this topic we don't sell data that's not how advertising works and i do think we could probably be
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doing a clearer job explaining that given the misperceptions that are out there live pictures solve. the chief executive of course facebook speaking to the house of representatives and the g. and commerce committee let's bring in as she had her town say in washington d.c. of course one of the committee members that she had to say the most valuable element to all facebook is mostly it's it's use the data so he's getting really much of a grilling in the house as he was perhaps in the senate. yeah but i think the reason why we heard about rather pointed exchange just there is because there was a perception during the senate hearing on tuesday that some senators didn't really grasp the facebook business model they were kind of suggesting that facebook sold users data facebook doesn't sell data it offers targeted advertising and of course the ability of apps to sort of take data from us but it doesn't actually sell data itself or that was a point which led to some observers of the senate hearing on tuesday thinking that
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zuckerberg did pretty well on tuesday he was allowed to evade questions sometimes it seemed at some who didn't really understand the facebook model amde another reason why is ok but was thought of done quite well on tuesday was there was a sense that senators weren't prepared yet to legislate to regulate facebook through congress through the lord they seem still despite some pointed questions to be willing to allow facebook to fix itself rather be for the government to step in to regulate more forcefully what facebook does or perhaps even to break facebook up because of its monopoly status so what's the aim then of mark zuckerberg speaking to this committee of energy and commerce i mean what did they hope to get out of this meeting all of this you might say conversation interrogation however you want to describe it. well clearly there's a great deal of public alarm about how big facebook is and the amount of power it has over our information now that is the question the how what does congress want
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to do and that's why do they want to actually take forceful action to legislate all we just got to have a nice bit of grandstanding in congress once again and i was about. to go back in and take care of things themselves without any level of action that's what facebook's stockholders are hoping for there is a hope that this committee they have a better investigative arm so perhaps the members of congress on this committee will be slightly better prepared they'll be able to to seize upon any evasions for a mug zuckerberg and there were plenty of evasions on tuesday about his one hope for example i mean questions. on whether facebook is even a monopoly about zuckerberg didn't answer that question on tuesday questions on the harvesting of data for example the cambridge analytical scandal that we've been covering a great deal of al-jazeera was there a decision by facebook management not to inform uses that that data was being harvested by came out of the figure for example questions on discrimination. whether they track our movements online facebook even when we're not logged into
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face but we know that they do do that but again zuckerberg was allowed to evade that point in the senate testimony the question is now having seen the senate testimony where the house representatives will be a bit harder on zuckerberg she up on choose day we heard one of the senators say tomorrow. if there's a will there's a way is there a way. to six the problems that have been highlighted in the lead up to the senate hearings and house savings in your opinion do you think that this is actually resonating with mark zuckerberg and his officials in facebook and do you think there is a will to try and sort the problem out before it gets any worse. i mean just judging by the stock market reaction to testimony on tuesday shows up four and a half percent it's clear that those who are making a great deal of money out of facebook that they don't think that there is a will in congress to act forcefully divisively through legislation against
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facebook and there again i'm afraid we'll just i mean it's very difficult to to to discern that that level of commitment amongst congress that something now must be done we did get that sense on tuesday that members of congress are still willing to allow facebook to fix itself and that's very good news for those october perhaps not the greatest news for consumers who are worried that their data is being harvested in ways we don't even know about well for the most we'll leave it there and continue to monitor what mark zuckerberg has to say thank you. a palestinian who says he was shot by a palestinian man who was shot by an israeli sniper the video that emerged this week insists that he was not a threat to mir was hit in garner in december which is when the video was filmed it depicts israeli soldiers celebrating the shooting how the force that went to talk to him. it's. dark it is nearly four months into an eighteen month recovery from
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the moment he was shot by an israeli sniper. he says he is the unarmed man in this video shot last december apparently through the sights of another soldier's rifle. as he falls the soldiers cheer in celebration. that he can. get. we have here. a short drive from his home in northern gaza is the area near the separation fence where the shooting happened israeli military says it has the right to enforce a one hundred metre buffer zone on the gaza side a right unsupported in international law it says the man targeted was the suspected leader of what it calls a two hour violent riot involving stone throwing and attempts to sabotage the fence . remembers it differently and. some young people near the border were lying on the ground they couldn't get out so i came to protect them and asked them
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to go back then the israelis shot me. an image shot from the palestinian side appears to show a darker in red near the fence gaza's health ministry says one person was injured by israeli fire on the day in question the twenty second of december duckers hospital record shows treatment for a gunshot wound on the same day he insists he was in no way a legitimate target store we had to care for seconds had another out of god given to how am i a danger to the israelis we were on our land we didn't cross i was in the path azhar and i had no weapons in my hands i had nothing. but makes time abductors case singular is of course the way it was captured and the celebrations that followed but it's not an isolated incident by any stretch just over the last couple of weeks hundreds of palestinians have been shot and injured here in gaza by israeli fire. since the so-called great march of return protests began on the thirtieth of march the health ministry says israeli forces have killed thirty demonstrators and
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injured sixteen hundred with live fire many like a shot in the lower leg often with devastating consequences israeli military is promising disciplinary action against the soldiers who shot the video and who celebrations it says did not suit the degree of restraint expected there will be no action against the soldier who pulled the trigger israel has made it clear that targeting unarmed protesters who approach the fence remains official policy ahead of the next round of protests on friday harry forsett al-jazeera gaza. south africans have said their final goodbyes to the woman many call the mother of the nation winnie mandela now the memorial service was held and so where to where she lived and fought against apartheid the activist and former wife of south africa's first black president nelson mandela died last week at the age of eighty one when he was no uncompromising methods cheering the struggle katherine saw he has more from sweater. we're in to celebrate sorry mood here long as it is
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a wet or beautiful one having fun for this ng and just saying that you are too or not we need magic is the element in the heart of extra well i know right out of one tradition she made towards the struggle we were told this is not all isis that she made. the society going away from her children she was actually going to lead and all girl. by them and banished to a far away volatile religious shadowrun was still forged on where very real for the people are saying that they're here to celebrate all night of the order with a lot of debate about your life as well she has a checkered history has been a little knowing and folded and rights abuses during that particular time marriage was ridiculous going forward other than a little talking about a very intimate details about how possible life but many people will hear him say. i'm your model for life women don't know what as you make mistakes we're not
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problem like she did a lot of us i would walk to the wrong quite a legacy that is we should do the struggle to. south africa and on saturday have funeral services going on here in orlando as well which is in so when i was said that you know very significant and symbolic because so what it was a very hotly struggle and then unsealed by tide of movement and winnie mandela never left even after she stayed here in fact i've been speaking to some of my neighbors who sold me the money i get them once told the reading of what led to a gas together and after the night there is always a when everybody else left for the suburbs she was there with my king and pushing for better i don't know the only thing we had was that no not even if you have i'm late spring you might examine it and i will.
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your challenges there i'm still robin these are all top news stories president donald trump ers warned russia on twitter that missiles will be coming after moscow said it'll shoot down any american missiles launched against syria's government washington wants to hit president bashar al assad's forces which it blames for a suspected chemical attack in the rebel town of duma near damascus on saturday but the russian military says samples from the site did not contain any poisonous substance and it's deploying its military police in duma from. a military plane as question algeria near bullfighting airport south of the capital algiers i'll jury as defense ministry says at least two hundred fifty seven people have been killed most of the victims are military personnel there is no word yet on the cause of the crash which happened just after takeoff u.s. republican house speaker paul ryan says he won't run for reelection rides announcement follows a series of regional election wins for the democrats and mounting republican
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concerns about holding on to their majority in the house of representatives. he when judges in the hague have cost a war crimes acquittal for serbian nationalist politician yet to show show they sentenced him to ten years behind bars. he'll remain a free man because of time already served in jail shell didn't show up for the verdict facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg is testifying at the u.s. congress for a second day these are live pictures about the massive breach of user's private data he sat through a five hour grilling on tuesday when he admitted to making mistakes. renegade libyan general khalifa haftar has reportedly suffered a stroke and is in europe for treatment some media outlets have been reporting would have to was initially taken to jordan before being moved to a french hospital but other reports quoting a spokesman say have to is in good health he leads a militia known as the libyan national army the u.n.
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accuses forces loyal to him of carrying out mass killings south africans are saying their final good byes to the woman many call the mother of the nation official memorial service has been held for winnie by the seller mandela it was taking place in sweater where she lived forty against apartheid the activist and former wife of south africa's first black president nelson mandela died last week at the age of eighty one she played a leading role in the battle against white minority rule those were the headlines the stream is next to stay with us. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the way around. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera international bringing the news and current of families that matter to you. how does iraq.


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