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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 11, 2018 7:00pm-7:33pm +03

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get the undocumented unfound he started clearing kids report that someone had been picked up and his parents didn't even know kids were just literally being disappeared trumps war on gangs on al jazeera. a new poll ranks mexico city is the poll with worst in the world for sexual violence many women are attacked while moving in the crowded spaces of the metro buses and even at the hands of taxi drivers the conversation starts with do you have a boyfriend very pretty and young you feel unsafe threatened i think about how to react what do i do if this gets worse no money on the uses a new service it's called loud drive it's for women passages only and drawn by women drivers pull for some extra features like a panic button and twenty four seven monitoring of drivers.
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president trump taunts russia in a tweet telling it to get ready because missiles will be coming to syria. hello i'm maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up a military plane crashes into a field in algeria killing two hundred fifty seven soldiers relatives and crew. sentences seven soldiers to ten years in prison for killing ten ring the muslims the two journalists still face up to fourteen years for investigating the massacre . of. thousands of south africans gathered at a stadium in soweto to celebrate the life of winnie magic is that mandela.
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russia has told the united states it's smart missiles should be aimed at terrorists not at the syrian government this after the us president donald trump warned of a missile strike in syria following a suspected chemical attack in duma on twitter he wrote russia vows to shoot down any and all missiles fired at syria get ready russia because they will be coming nice and new and smart the added you shouldn't be partners with a gas killing an animal who kills his people and enjoys it will trump tweeted after an early a warning from the russian ambassador that any u.s. missiles would be shot down washington has been threatening military action after the alleged chemical attack russia's defense ministry has called it a fabrication saying there's no evidence of poisonous substances but you put your. but you get there peter which i want to stress on the ninth of april the day after
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the alleged chemical attack in duma russian military specialists in the area of radiation chemical and defense and also medics arrived in the place of the silage chemical weapons incident they took samples of the soil and collected the remains of the so-called use of chemical weapons their expertise was conducted and it showed the absence of chlorine or poisonous substances well world health organization says that more than five hundred people have been treated in duma with symptoms suggesting the use of toxic chemicals they include difficulty breathing and disruption to the central nervous system the u.n. health agency says this is based on reports from its partners in duma it's demanding immediate unhindered access to provide care for the victims we have correspondents want to bring events for us from washington moscow and on techies border with syria first though let's go to our white house correspondent kimberly how get so those who are hearing that president trump has made his intentions regarding syria very clear. he seems to enjoy building up this sense of suspense
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but how imminent could any potential military action be. well the white house is saying that in fact the still all options remain on the table so this also said the president's tweets are official white house policy so this is being taken very seriously many though very gaffes the president using social media to essentially almost declare war trying to make sense of whether or not this is another negotiating tactic by the president who often speaks very brashly boldly and then dials back his rhetoric but so far we've really seen no evidence of dialing back just the opposite for days we've seen an intense building of sort of the military option in terms of the consultations that have been going forward with the president his top military leaders there seems to be this evidence that the president is building a case through videos through photographs that a chemical weapon attack has occurred in duma despite the denials by russia and
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syria and certainly we've seen the president conferring with tough world leaders not only the french president but also the british prime minister we've heard on from the president on monday mariam that in fact of the solution would be made sometime within twenty four to forty eight hours that window appears to be closing still we have no decision at the same time it appears that the president is saying as he said all along that he may not tell us what is going to happen until it occurs after the fact that something that he said to reporters in the cabinet room on monday so we're left with this very muddy sort of trying to attempt to read the tealeaves if you will in terms of the president signals that still appear to be as you point out ratcheting up with some sort of military option soon to be imminent all right thanks very much kimberly allocate at the white house let's go to war a challenge now in moscow and i'm just reading something in about the kremlin saying that we don't participate in twitter diplomacy as they describe it following
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those threats made by president trump on twitter. the russians have been very keen to say to warn the u.s. against doing anything rash what's the latest from the kremlin now. yeah the russian government is basically saying don't do anything that's going to destabilize the situation in syria any further now of course donald trump's tweets iran seems to be inspired by something that the russian ambassador to lebanon was saying to hezbollah controlled t.v. channel basically that. the russian air defense systems in syria would be ready to shoot out of the sky any american missiles that came into the country now he was referring there to something that was said about a month ago by the russian chief of the general staff general gerasim off but he
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didn't get it quite according to what gerasim off actually said got to ask him off said a month ago that only if american missiles were threatening russian troops russian lives russian infrastructure in syria would this kind of response be taken but the message from this ambassador perhaps erroneously about misremembering what his generals office said was that actually any american airstrikes would be blown out of the sky any way that the the general russian response to what. donald trump tweeted earlier has been not to take the bait to maintain the line that what happened in duma was a provocation. was nothing to do with the syrian government the foreign ministry here says that any u.s. missile should be aimed at the terrorists in syria not so the legitimate government and as you say dmitri peskov the kremlin spike's spokesperson says we don't engage in twitter diplomacy we take a much more serious approach is. thank you very much rory chalons in moscow let's
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go to sullivan john eight now is and gas and head on the tacky syria border and of course we have seen the humanitarian situation in syria deteriorating to new levels with each week with each month and here the pa says i must be concerned about what the military action my how far the military action might impact the situation for civilians. omarion it's a strange rate right now in syria where people have been waiting on the spread before to forty eight hour period but president trump announce that he will be launching strikes and then taunting the russian government again today that he will be launching this missile strike very soon and it's imminent and that doesn't seem to be bothering a lot of people on the ground especially the fighters to say one that this isn't the first time that the u.s. will be launching strikes on russian and city and government targets and b. we know that according to the different confliction agreement between the united states and russia the united states will tell the russians in advance like it did
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the previous time that it would be launching these strikes on the ground inside the boom or that's the last remaining rebel stronghold people have been telling us about how this airstrike this weapon attack on south of this chemical attack achieved its objective it broke the will of those fighters in their thousands who've been besieged inside duma for years the allowed russian police to come in and inspect this area according to the russian media they did not find anything which they guessed that a chemical attack was carried out and according to doctors on the ground who have been witness to this attack and have been treating patients they say they've been treating people in their hundreds in these chemical attacks so it's a strange wave of strikes that are pending but according to syrians and activists on the ground these might not change anything for them all right thank you and some avenger of aid and and gas.
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a military plane has crashed in algeria killing more than two hundred fifty people most on board all military personnel although the dead also include members of an independent group and dozens of refugees the aircraft came down shortly after takeoff as marianna honda explains two hundred fifty seven people were on board the military aircraft it went down shortly after takeoff crashing near a military airport south of l.g. is the defense ministry says that many of the passengers was soldiers some of them accompanied by their families a number of people survived this family was among those being treated hurt when the plane crashed into a field close to where he was working the last thought i could see that as soon as the plane took off it started falling the plane flew over my head and came really close the wing clipped me as i was jumping to get out of the way and then it burst
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into flames have survived by the grace of god the military aircraft was on its way to the algerian region of bash it stopping all fintan do for it's a region on the border with the disputed territory of waste in sahara thousands of whiston sahara have sought refuge there the policy area front a group that's been fighting for the independence of western sahara sit in a statement that thirty of the passengers will whiston so hiren's hitting back after getting medical treatment in now g. is the aircraft was a soviet designed to military transport plane the crash is likely the worst in algeria is aviation history made in the hond al-jazeera. and again libyan general has reportedly suffered a stroke and is in europe for treatment some media outlets are reporting that have to was initially taken to jordan before being moved to a french hospital but other reports quoting his spokesman say house that is in good health he needs a militia known as the libyan national army the u.n.
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accuses forces loyal to him of carrying out mass killings. now saudi arabia has intercepted a hoofy ballistic missile fired from yemen over the capital riyadh say they were targeting the defense ministry in riyadh are no reports of any damage saudi ed offense is also saying that they've shot down two unmanned yemeni drones in southern saudi arabia one of the drones was targeting the international apple is the second was in just an province the rebels said they were targeting saudi arabia's oil facilities like email lists mari is editor in chief of the yemen post me on the line now from the yemeni capital sana and so just hearing there about the saudis intercepting a who's the ballistic missile also two unmanned drones shot down in southern saudi arabia is it your sense that the situation is escalating there from the who's the
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side ready for. a special group of people would be bigger yesterday amal grew up there are stored there this fall threats about richard's orders to get it toward. their authority or solve the problems of. the property because it's the first part of the top of that record and it was a few earth right here target where it was everywhere sort of the politics i'm going to present thought repugnance photographically up to ten. people it's about work and or what work i am looking to do. to give appeared on both sides all right well you know we might catch up with you a bit later. with a apologize for the quality of the sound there but actually earlier on we also was
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speaking to justin bronco a research fellow at a power in technology here in london and he said that this activity from the who sees is aimed at reinforcing their presence and their man power in the region i think the timing is potentially more about keeping up a steady drumbeat of missile attacks to show you send a message to saudi arabia but also to other actors who are watching in the region and beyond that the threat isn't going away that the who things are not being militarily defeated. and probably hoping to some sort of message stop a wait and starve them out approach isn't working so perhaps the timestream time has come for something else i believe from the perspective maybe dialogue. i'm not sure that's going to work but it's certainly an interesting fact to the movies have kept up this regular drumbeat of strikes rather than trying to concentrate all their available assets for want of a big action and without as they are still to come for you on the program to find
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words from the international vojislav shell he's been sentenced to ten years in jail for war crimes. we didn't take a broad enough view of our responsibility and that was a big mistake. and mark zuckerberg pledged to use this as a congressional hearing into the cambridge analytics data scandal continues. we really are going to see the spring rain setting in across central parts of china over the next couple of days warm southerly winds for hong kong pleasantly warm a little on the human side twenty nine celsius we can see this little line of rain which runs right into the heart of china we go from thursday into friday the funny thing that will pay a pop possibility of some localized flooding for the south no such problems the
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heat continues with the clear skies mostly clear skies across much of south asia but also some lively showers as well we come down into southern parts of india has seen some big storms here sure lanka was a seeing some very heavy rain some parts seeing over seventy millimeters of rain and we may well see similar valleys as we go one through the next few days actually the cloud never really too far away from the southern tip of india into shore lanka wanted to show was the possibility further north but not quite as widespread here the heat still very much evidence kolkata could touch forty one celsius on thursday afternoon forty four not poor over the next couple of days more of the same as we go on into friday lots of hot sunshine too across the region potentially but also some lively showers season storms around the southern end of the red sea recently a few showers up towards casa of all places temperatures in doha at thirty three degrees.
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or benefit. witness documentaries that open your eyes. at this time on al-jazeera. come back without as they are the top stories this hour u.s. president on a trump is used to it up to warn russia that smart missiles will be fired at its
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ally syria the russian foreign ministry responded on facebook that. target terrorists not a lawful government. two hundred fifty seven people have been killed when a military plane crashed in algeria it went down shortly after taking off from airport south of the capital. saudi arabia has intercepted a ballistic missile fired from yemen over the capital riyadh say they were targeting the defense ministry in riyadh. one of the stories we're following demonstrations in the central african republic of late some of the bodies of those killed in recent violence outside the u.n. mission building in the capital bangui at least twenty one people were killed during a u.n. operation in the mainly muslim p.k. five neighborhood so peacekeepers and the army target groups mohamed a dog reports. once again the people of central african republic a witnessing renewed violence at the headquarters of the un peacekeeping mission in
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the capital bangui hundreds of hundred demonstrators laid out the bodies of what list sixteen people they say they were killed in violence between armed groups and un peacekeepers in the p.k. five neighborhood a muslim district in the majority christian city. population will think if i. didn't know what's going on exactly who i thought they knew that the they're going to attack force but they are attacking everyone so people react to it and they start fighting back within it and. that night from two am up to eight am in the morning. local security forces along with peacekeepers launched an operation in the area on sunday to discuss and dismantle the basis of militias they accuse of extortion and attacks and said with means until now the un mission has been unwilling to provoke a fight over disclaiming the fighters it argues that given the few resources and
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troops utah's it's challenging to maintain security a common occurrence of peacekeeping in the modern age. central african republic has been struggling to return to us to billeted since two thousand and thirteen when the mainly muslim cynical groups pushed out president francois. provoking with elliot to the killings by the largely christian militias known as until. self-styled defense groups then sprang up in p.k. five claiming to protect the muslim brotherhood and. its however not a simple as a box full of religions the warlords who run these militias also fighting for power and wealth. thousands have been killed since the conflict started when hundreds of thousands people have been displaced into camps in and outside the country now with renewed violence there's little hope of them returning home soon mohammed atta while jazeera. nationalist politician. has been sentenced to ten years in jail for
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war crimes he said he was proud of the crimes attributed to him and would repeat them in the future. joshua was initially acquitted by a u.n. court of committing crimes against known substring the balkan wars in the one nine hundred ninety s. that's now been partially overturned in the hague on appeal as he served twelve years in pretrial detention a judge ordered his sentence be considered as time already served a nine randi kaye has more from the hague. he has been found guilty for persecution on political racial and religious grounds of known sobs exactly cross just not in boston and her and even in vojvodina it's probably in the north serbia among the crowds leave as well as for the provision and forcible resettlement before two years or he was being acquitted of all charges for the charges
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included in the store cruel treatment the destruction of the villages destruction of religious buildings and the pillaging of public or private property culliver prosecution has baze the indictment on sheds hate speech and during the war he is sending volunteers from serbia to creation and boss the un has a goatee and the court chambre didn't prove a systematic attack against cross happened but of the conclusion of the tribunal was that the plan of us publish meant of the greater serbia is a just political process not crime and statements such as these let the prosecution be for two years to conclude that the render judgment was in a shop contrast with all other judgments rendered by i.c.t. i. spent eleven and furious in the hague that tension unit this star will be
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included in toe his sentence which means that he is a also formally free. voting is just closed in a contentious not presidential election in azerbaijan results will likely extend to crunch it will have president and how many of you seeking a fourth consecutive term in office election was boycotted by opposition parties who described it as a sham they've accused the government to preparing to rig the vote u.s. republican house speaker paul ryan says he won't be running for reelection ryan says he will serve out his current term before retiring in january is announcement follows a series of regional election wins for democrats and mounting republican concerns about the possibility to hold on to its majority in the house of representatives president donald trump to eat at the raw and would leave behind a legacy of achievement i really do not believe what or i stay or go in twenty nineteen is going to affect a person's individual race for congress i really don't think
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a person's race for congress is going to hinge on whether paul ryan speak or not so i really don't think it affects it look if we do our jobs which we are we're going to be fine as a majority. facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg is testifying in the u.s. congress for a second day about the massive breach of uses private data the thirty three year old billionaire apologized several times and promised to make meaningful reforms to protect data privacy facebook has been in the spotlight after the personal information of some eighty seven million users was harvested by the political consultancy from cambridge analytical. it's clear now that we didn't do enough to prevent these tools from being used for harm as well and that goes for fake news foreign interference in elections and hate speech as well as developers and due to privacy we didn't take it broad enough view of our responsibility and that was a big mistake it was my mistake and i'm sorry i started
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facebook i run it at the end of the day i'm responsible for what happens here. shabba tansey is monitoring events for us there in washington. a ton of contrition we're hearing now from what's in much so far from today's hearing slightly less patience among members of congress in their house in the senate hearing on tuesday there's a consensus that did pretty well certainly facebook shares are up for the half percent during and after his his testimony last time i checked actually today. shows were actually exceeded yes there is close by about almost a percent or so so clearly investors not too worried at the moment about the line of questioning the we're hearing in congress that we are hearing much more about the potential for legislation and regulation to be passed by congress to oversee what facebook is up to there was a sense in the senate that still sentences were willing to allow facebook to fix
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its own problems before congress actually stepped in here in the house wearing a lot more about potential but untrue legislation but having said that those are still able to still able to obfuscate a little bit unfair on several different issues but less patience in congress today . and jab we know that europe is about to mandate more privacy for facebook consumers what did zach about it have to say about whether these standards would be applied to all of its users around the globe. this is a really interesting example of the ways of treating these these hearings initially he said that the general data protection regulation that will go into effect in late may in europe which gives facebook users the right to opt in to data harvesting clear terms and conditions that we have to sign up explaining exactly what will happen to the data the right to know what sort of data is being harvested
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all of these provisions will go into effect in the european union in may the question is what will those protections be afforded to all facebook customers it had been thought that so the outside the u.s. and canada they would be these regulations or your facebook users because they through the process in our language will be governed by these rules of first talk about so yes u.s. users will also get these protections burned twenty minutes later when he was pushed really everything identical protections in the u.s. as there will be no the e.u. he said weakly he vacillated again so we don't really care about that and that's kind of hope is treating this woman at saying definitely we've learned our lessons we're going to protect our consumers in the next but then you get a bit more a little bit more of a sort of all right thank you very much amber tansey with the latest on the a comeback hearing there on capitol hill. sentenced seven soldiers to ten years in prison each for their involvement in the killing of ten men during a military crackdown on wrangel muslims the military says the soldiers joined
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police in that but just villages in carrying out the killings and racking state last september. has been accused of ethnic cleansing against their hang. but a court in myanmar has refused to drop a case against you roy says journalists accused of obtaining secret government papers on the crackdown. and chow so arrested in december while investigating the killings of those ten remain command they face a potential prison sentence of up to fourteen years. oh i'm not happy at all the men who carried out the killings were only sentenced to ten years do you think that's fair. i would like to ask the government does the syncing of the murder is fitting with democratic standards we journalists just did our job in line with our rights of a free press in a democratic country and now we are facing a possible sentence of fourteen years and the murderer is only got ten. a memorial service has been held in south africa for the woman many called the mother of the
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nation thousands attended the ceremony for when america's salamon dollar in soweto where she lived and forward against apartheid catherine soil was that. south african celebrating when and where did this and extraordinary life the contribution she made to the catches the parish a struggle the forty thousand capacity to land a stadium in soweto was not as fool as expected but the thousands who turned upside down or knowing how bravery the mainline exide and others like her has spent the late mandela in prison those who knew her best talked of her last. and she trusts a part forgiveness and it's one of those things that when ever she spoke about she would have cheered us in had our eyes checked the tears would look stroked only at face and she would say so to us i don't have just any ball because i
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sense the pain up to the thresholds tears don't come out and you will. there is debate about how she should be remembered she is accused of human rights abuses during apartheid then afterwards came a criminal conviction as well as allegations of fraud many south african say there has also been a lot of propaganda to tarnish bringing to the most important thing is to outsmart those that that thinking they can destroy you because you've come in with the commitment to serve her state funeral will be held here in soweto on saturday through the very. real risk and setting because so where talk was at the very heart of the struggle for the liberation i'm not the only game winnie mandela never left the town still even atapattu the many people on the out relates to we need to emulate wives ever it seems sad to see. six achieved and one needs
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to do exactly what. they will promise to love for the rest you know what i like to know even. if the government has declared ten days of mourning that will culminate in her burial on saturday we need mandela will finally be laid to rest at a memorial cemetery in johannesburg a woman who many say has inspired the car each and besides catching sight jadis back. quick look at the top stories now russia has hit back at u.s. president donald trump's warning of a missile strike in syria and the head of russia's lower house of parliament has told the interfax news agency that moscow is in direct contact with u.s. military chiefs over the situation the u.s. has been threatening a response to a suspected chemical attack in the former rebel stronghold of duma on saturday well
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health organization is saying more than five hundred people treated showed symptoms of chemical poisoning trump tweeted that russia should get ready because missiles will be coming but moscow denies involvement in the attack that you want your food that you get there peter which i want to stress on the ninth of april the day after the alleged chemical attack in duma russian military specialists in the area of radiation chemical and defense and also medics arrived in the place of this alleged chemical weapons incident they took samples of the soil and collected the remnants of the so-called use of chemical weapons their expertise was conducted in it showed the absence of chlorine or poisonous substances. saudi arabia has intercepted a hissy ballistic missile fired from yemen over the capital riyadh the roofie say they were targeting the defense ministry in riyadh there are no reports of damage algeria has announced three days of mourning after a military plane crashed killing two hundred fifty seven people it went down shortly after taking off from military airport near the capital algiers it's
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thought to be out syria's worst ever add disaster on the world's deadliest plane crash in two thousand and fourteen. serbia nationalist politician voice says he's proud of his war crimes after being sentenced to ten years in jail was initially acquitted by a un course of crimes against known serbs during the balkan wars that's now been partially overturned in the hague on appeal. of the top stories more news coming up in twenty five minutes time off to witness which is next.


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