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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 11, 2018 10:00pm-10:33pm +03

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that miami really is a place where two worlds meet we can get to washington d.c. two hours to get it on jurists in the rest of central america is about the same time but more importantly is where those two cultures north and south america beats us to teach it like it's a very important place felt there was a bit of a simple necessities for every gang member you will find in a climate of fear rhetoric is easily abused deployed food lines investigative new initiatives to combat gangs a simply being used to target the undocumented and found we started hearing kids report that source who had been picked up and his parents than even though kids were just literally being disappeared trumps war on gangs on al jazeera.
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president trump taunts russia telling it in a tweet to get ready because missile are coming to syria and they says the world health organization says five hundred people treated in duma have symptoms which point to the use of toxic chemicals. on the program algeria announces three days of mourning after a military plane crashes into a field killing all two hundred fifty seven people on board. counting is underway in azerbaijan for presidential elections but there's only one the likely winner after the main opposition boycott the event and risking their lives to find safety but look at the dangerous truth that tens of thousands of people are taking to flee the democratic republic of congo.
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thank you for joining us russia has told the united states its smart missiles should be aimed at terrorists not of the syrian government this follows u.s. president on trump's warning of missile strikes on syria following a suspected chemical attack in duma on twitter president from for wrote russia vows to shoot down any and all missiles fired at syria get ready russia because they will be coming nice and new and smart he added you shouldn't be partners with a gas killing animal who kills his people and enjoys it. trumps tweet followed an earlier warning from a russian ambassador that any u.s. missiles would be shot down he also suggested that the launch sites would be targeted washington has been threatening military action after the alleged chemical attack russia's defense ministry has called it a fabrication saying there is no evidence of poisonous substances but you put your
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. but you have there peter which i want to stress on the ninth of april the day after the alleged chemical attack in duma russian military specialists in the area of radiation chemical in defense and also medics arrived in the place of this alleged chemical weapons incident they took samples of the soil and collected the remnants of the so-called use of chemical weapons their expertise was conducted in it showed the absence of chlorine or poisonous substances as part of that statement the world health organization says more than five hundred people treated in duma have symptoms which suggest exposure to toxic chemicals they include difficulty breathing and the structure into the central nervous system the u.s. health agency says this is based on reports from its partners in duma it's demanding immediate unhindered access to provide care for the victims. well our white house correspondent kimberly halkett is monitoring events from washington so it looks like twitter diplomacy is alive and well at the white house what else has
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trump had to say. well certainly we're waiting to hear from the woman who speaks on behalf of the president the white house press secretary calling in and scheduled briefing for about thirty minutes from now but they rarely start on time i should add the other thing that we've seen a bit of movement here at the white house reports wide reports that general mattis the defense secretary is here at the white house although i can't confirm that personally i did not see him walk in but certainly that is being widely reported here in the united states this is certainly an escalation that has been going on barbara for days we've seen the president meeting with top military leaders not just general mattis but others here at the white house we've seen him meeting with emergency sessions with principals of the national security council and of course he's also held and been conferring with world leaders like the french president emanuel macra as well as the british prime minister treece i'm a essentially what we've got here is the united states building
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a case with photos with videos of a chemical attack that has occurred despite the denials by russia as well as syria that this is the case now certainly the president has also done other things like canceling his trip to latin america because the white house says he wants to oversee the response to syria but at this hour it's still unclear what exactly that response is so kimberly the president is coordinating or at least talking to a lot of other western powers but he does appear to have removed the essence of surprises something which of course in the past he said he'd never do but then again in the past the also said he was likely going to pull out of syria so i guess a lot of conflicting messages coming out of the white house. it's pretty hard to discern right now what this white house to syria policy is at this hour because it seems to vacillate depending on the president's statements or not on the day you're right just a week ago he was saying you want to get out of syria now we're seeing this military escalation reports of destroyers moving closer to the region as well you
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talk about this removing the element of surprise and that's exactly what that tweet did that you talked about at the beginning of the store the fact that the start of the show rather the fact that he has in the words smart said that he would use the tomahawk missile something we saw the united states use one year ago in syria so certainly the president is telegraphing something he mocks former president barack obama for doing but now appears to be doing himself carefully how could the white house where of course waiting for that news conference i know you will be there to analyze it with us for the moment thank you well as we heard earlier a russian ambassador did say that any u.s. missile heading into syria would be shot down rory chalons now has more reaction from moscow. well the russian response to escalating tensions around syria is to say don't do anything that would destabilize the country any further dollar trumps earlier tweets seems to be
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a direct response to something that the russian ambassador to lebanon said recently in an interview to a hezbollah controlled t.v. channel which was essentially that if there was a u.s. military strike against syria in any form then russian air defense systems would shoot u.s. missiles out of the sky and hit back against the launch sites of those missiles now he seems to be slightly misquoting something that the russian chief of general staff general gerasim off said about a month ago which was that if russian personnel russian infrastructure was threatened by u.s. strikes in syria then there would be such a response so we don't quite know whether this misquoting was intentional or not but the russian general response to all this has been not really to take donald trump's bait the foreign ministry says that any u.s.
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missile should be targeted at the terrorists in syria not as the foreign ministry puts it the legitimate governments as sides governments and the kremlin has said rather dismissively that russia does not deal in twitter diplomacy that they are more serious in their approaches. now where three days of mourning have just been announced after a military plane crashed. killing everyone on board most were military personnel of the dead also include members of an independence group and dozens of refugees there on the hong has more. two hundred fifty seven people were on board the military aircraft it went down shortly after takeoff crashing near a military airport south of l.g. is the defense ministry says that many of the passengers was soldiers some of them
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accompanied by their families a number of people survived this family was among those being treated hurt when the plane crashed into a field close to where he was working. i could see that as soon as the plane took off it started falling the plane flew over my head and came really close the wing clipped me as i was jumping to get out of the way and then it burst into flames i've survived by the grace of god the military aircraft was on its way to the algerian region of bash it stopping all fintan do it's a region on the border with the disputed territory of waste in sahara thousands of whiston sahara and have sought refuge there the polisario front a group that's been fighting for the independence of western sahara sit in a statement that thirty of the passengers will whiston so hiren's heading back after getting medical treatment and now g. is the aircraft was a soviet designed to military transport plane the crash is likely the worst in
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algeria is aviation history maidana honed al-jazeera. saudi arabia has intercepted a who c. ballistic missile fired from yemen over the capital riyadh the who is easy to say that were targeting that the fence ministry in riyadh there are no reports of damage. well saudi air defenses also say they've shot down two unmanned yemeni drones in southern saudi arabia one of the drones was targeting the international airport the second was in the province who the rebels a said they were targeting saudi arabia's oil facilities just in broke is a research fellow of air power and technology here in london he said such activity from the who these is it to reinforce their strong presence and the manpower in the region i think the timing is potentially more about keeping up a steady drumbeat of missile attacks to show. send
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a message to saudi arabia but also to other actors who are watching in the region and beyond that the threat isn't going away that they are not being militarily defeated. and probably hoping to send the sort of message that a wait and starve them out approach isn't working so perhaps the timestream time has come for something else i believe from the perspective maybe dialogue. i'm not sure that's going to work but it's certainly an interesting fact to the movies have kept up this regular drumbeat of strikes rather than trying to concentrate all their available assets for one can big action early exit polls suggest azerbaijan's autocratic president president. has easily won a force consecutive term in office the election was boycotted by opposition parties who are angry the vote from was moved forward from october neve barker reports. he's laid azerbaijan since two thousand and three and now eleven trying to be president red velvet seven years. there were multiple candidates in the race but
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only ever one front runner politics in azerbaijan is a family affair lives wife mary was made first vice president last year. succeeded his father heyday president in the early ninety's the former k.g.b. general clamp down hard on opponent while at the same time opening up the country's huge energy reserves to international companies. this one's crumbling post soviet republic is now one of the world's fastest growing economies balancing relations with azerbaijan's former soviet moscow russia and the west this country is one of the main partner for the repeal in union from the point a few energy security but at the same time this country is located between russia and iran these folks in between the smart foreign policy helps as a bridge on to be and to have good relations with only ber's i but the economic
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boom hasn't benefited all many people struggle on low incomes have made growing inequality. and this is what happens to antigovernment protesters. leading opposition parties boycotted the election accusing him of vote rigging and nobody can speak out in the ways that challenges the government and not face consequences and that means free will he says are either in prison or outside of his or by john well they keep quiet to many azerbaijan is a post soviet post a child an international player the host of major cultural and sporting events but it is to this day the only former soviet republic to witness the rise of a ruling in a city as the nation gets richer one family the only arabs remain firmly in control . still to come in this half hour police in indonesia
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crack down on illegal alcohol after he kills more than one hundred people just one . i. and thousands of south africans gather at a stadium and so went toe to celebrate the life boat winning maybe he's a lemon that. now springtime in the french riviera should be beautiful it stops at the moment it's more like winter that wraps of clouds you can see this being of a spade brought sun storms cold rain even snow to central spain southern france the high ground at least it's nothing like it should be the temperature in madrid is about eleven degrees at best now it's obviously much the most other places in fact the real warms still exists in eastern europe twenty six in book
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rest twenty one in vienna say much better off they say on the coast of the black sea or even the north sea than you would have the french for here at the moment and it's not just at the moment either i think you have found a similar disappointment during thursday the rate is still there still not much better in madrid the sun should be more rain coming into portugal and showers seem likely in the middle of france thirty's rather woman here still enjoying some shine to the east last probably right there's more rain on its way through germany be a few shows the south we think spring is sort of settled in here it's just having a hard job maintaining it so further west and of course some of that will spill out into morocco now geria once again we've had a fair amount of rain already in morocco it looks like says he's ok brightish eighteen ribot but come friday and the rain well it's not a comeback. one day for a ride with the country and the playground. and even
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castro to show you right now. if we could. bring cuban cigars in this magnificent it's a chronicle of the revolution and its aspirations through the prism of its architecture. unfinished space. welcome back here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump has warned russia that smart missiles will be fired at its ally syria trump is threatening a military response to
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a suspected chemical attack two miles south today but russia denies involved. at least two hundred fifty seven people have been killed when a military plane crashed in algeria it went down shortly after taking off from ports south of the capital g.'s and early exit polls suggest also practical leader that's president. has won a force consecutive term in office the election was boycotted by opposition parties who described it as. nearly sixty thousand people have fled fighting in eastern democratic republic of congo since january to seek refuge in neighboring you'll get the that's according to the medical charity doctors without borders most of the new arrivals have fled fighting in the tury province al jazeera as malcolm webb said this report now from king while the refugee camp and you get. all these people ran for their lives. and now patients run thin they're
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waiting for buses to take them to a place to make new homes in this refugee camp in uganda rita liza's stories typical a few days ago a militia attacked her village in congo he killed her neighbors with machetes she fled with her five children she's pregnant with her six. we saw the fighting had started then they started burning houses with people inside so we went into the forest and hid for three days then we decided to run and we came to uganda. militias from the lendu ethnic group been attacking villages in breeches province called it to re since january the u.n. says that supports more than seventy thousand to flee here uganda many more displaced back at home people have lost their family members and women are subjected to sexual and gender based violence before and during flight so they
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came very traumatized very tired in some needed very raw and they needed medical attention so. some people described the violence as ethnic rita says he's not she says the attackers killed anyone and everyone she's in i think glenda herself the same as them some people here say they don't know why they've been forced from their homes now of the suspect congo's government is behind it trying to stay in power by further postponing the long overdue presidential election the government denies it regardless people people arriving here in uganda. the u.n. says more resources donors threatened to cut funds for refugees in uganda when government officials were implicated in a corruption scandal yeah but new arrivals still need help at the moment a lot of the refugee settlement is a vast expanse of bush people are given plots wreath is being given her here.
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she's got some plastic sheets a few simple rules now she asked to build a shelter that's what she'll be living in for the weeks ahead and use the tools to start selling the land and growing some food and now it's starting to rain rita lost her husband when she fled she and her children now have to wait for somebody to help them put up a shelter it might be safer here for their struggle over malcolm where al-jazeera chiang wali refugee camp you can buy. them a stranger is in the central african republic have laid some of the bodies of those killed in recent violence outside the u.n. mission building in the capital bangui at least twenty one people were killed during a un operation in a mainly muslim neighborhood mohammed adel reports. once again the people of central african republic
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a witnessing renewed violence at the headquarters of the un peacekeeping mission in the capital bangui hundreds of angry demonstrators laid out the bodies of at least sixteen people they say they were killed in violence between armed groups and un peacekeepers in the p.k. five neighborhood a muslim district in the majority christian city. the population of think if i. don't know what's going on exactly who is attacking they know that the they are going to attack force but they are attacking everyone so people react to it and they start fighting back within it and. that night from two am up to eight am in the morning. local security forces along with peacekeepers launched an operation in the area on sunday to discuss and dismantle the basis of militias they accuse of extortion and attacks and singletons until now the un mission has been unwilling to provoke
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a fight over this coming the fighters it argues that given the few resources and troops utah's it's challenging to maintain security a common occurrence of peacekeeping in the modern age. central african republic has been struggling to return to stability since two thousand and thirteen when the mainly muslim silica groups pushed out president francois. provoking with elliot to the killings by the largely christian militias known as until. self-styled defense groups that sprung up in p.k. fire claim to protect the muslim brotherhood and their it's how about a simple as a box full of religions the warlords who run these militias also fighting for power and wealth. but thousands have been killed since the conflict started when hundreds of thousands more have been displaced into comps in and outside the country now with that in new blood is there's little hope of them returning home soon mohamad
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a while just. facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg is testifying in the u.s. congress for a second day about the massive breach of user's private they to the thirty three year old billionaire apologized several times and promised to make meaningful reforms to protect data privacy facebook has been in the spotlight after the personal information of eighty seven million users was harvested by the political consultancy firm cambridge analytics. it's clear now that we didn't do enough to prevent these tools from being used for harm as well and that goes for fake news foreign interference in elections and hate speech as well as developers and data privacy we didn't take it broad enough view of our responsibility and that was a big mistake it was my mistake and i'm sorry i started facebook i run it and at the end of the day i'm responsible for what happens here police in
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indonesia are trying to tackle the legal alcohol trade after more than one hundred people died in one week from drinking bootleg liquor high taxes and a crackdown illegal alcohol in muslim majority in the nisa has created a black market among the poor the fasten reports now from she can link. people thought at first they were suffering from a bad hangover but doctors soon discovered it was much worse those who rushed to hospital just days after buying drinks at a food stall had organ failure and blurred vision more than one hundred people have died so far one of them was twenty two year old her research her man who had just started working as a motorbike taxi driver together without a man and he drank liquor from a plastic bottle for around two us dollars the cheapest and only drink available he and two of his cousins died. this drink should not be sold if it was up to
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me i would kill the person who make this that's how i feel right now if i would meet him he has taken my son's life police have started raiding food stalls and small shops where illegal drinks are being sold in the neato it a majority muslim population has restricted sales of alcohol it's also increased import taxes on liquor in the past few years but each year hundreds die after drinking bootleg booze including foreign tourists and this is what the victims have been drinking police are still trying to find out what exactly this made but investigators believe it contains macdonald a box of chemicals that the usual alcohol in this case it's probably mixed with energy drinks that give it its flavor. some other things have been found containing mosquito repellent we found this producer making illegal drawings in two thousand and fifteen mixing apple alcohol used to disinfect wounds with caffeine and
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a chemical coloring substance despite an increase in demand he has since stopped. bhalla meant has been discussed in a bill to partially ban alcohol in indonesia but researchers have found that since alcohol sales have been restricted that due to bootleg drinks have doubled in there's actually not necessary to to ban alcohol because consumption is one of the laws in the world the problem is those who want to go home they need alcohol that is safe so they have more urgent issue for the government always to make sure our recorded alcohol is suppressed and more recorded a whole should be made more on the go and more accessible lawmakers are still debating how far reaching the alcohol ban should be they hope that with a partial ban police will crack down harder on those who produce and distribute illegal drinks but religious and teacher lanka say drinking cheap spirits has
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become a habit and no way to escape the daily struggle to make a living they say clamping down on the black market will be difficult as long as there's a demand for affordable alcohol that fasten al-jazeera chichen lanka west java. man lars army has sentenced seven soldiers to ten years in prison each for their involvement in the killing of ten men during a military crackdown on the range of muslims the military says the soldiers joined police and buddhist villagers in carrying out the killings in rakhine state last september and mars army has been accused of ethnic cleansing against the hague meanwhile a court in myanmar has refused to drop a case against two voices journalists accused of obtaining secret government papers on the crackdown why long and chaucer who were arrested in the center while investigating the killings of those ten range of men we just told you about well
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they face a potential prison sentence of up to fourteen years. a memorial service has been held in south africa for the woman that many called the mother of the nation thousands attended the ceremony for winnie might because element in soweto where she lived and forty against apartheid catherine sawyer was there. was south african celebrated we need my duties in a monday extra ordinary life the contribution she made to the conscious the parisian struggle the forty thousand capacity to land a stadium in soweto was not his full is expected but the thousands who turned upside down or knowing how bravery the main un exide and others like her has spent the late mandela in prison those who knew her best talked of her last. and she trusts about forgiveness and it's one of those things that when ever she spoke about she would have chance in hell was packed the cheers would
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look photo no face and she would say so to us i don't have just any wall because i said it's the pain up to the threshold tears don't come out and you will oh my god there is debate about how she should be remembered she is accused of human rights abuses during apartheid then afterwards came a criminal conviction as well as allegations of fraud many south african say there has also been a lot of propaganda to tarnish bringing to the most important thing is to outsmart to those that that thinking they can destroy you because you've come in with the commitment to save for prostate funeral will be held here in soweto on saturday these are you've. written setting because the web was at the very heart of the struggle for the liberation of winnie mandela never left the council even atapattu i don't know many people in the out relate to we need to emulate dr have i it seems
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perhaps you see through i change and we're made to do exactly what you do there will be a mockery level we still want to live and even to wallow in it. the government has declared ten. morning now will culminate have burial on saturday we need mandela will finally be laid to rest at a memorial cemetery in johannesburg a woman who many say has inspired them with a car each and finds catching. johanna's back. you can find that much more on everything that we have been covering on our website there it is on your screens right now the address al jazeera dot com you can see our top story there and that threat by president trump on twitter about potentially striking syria.
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now a reminder of the headlines on al-jazeera russia is hit back at u.s. president donald trump's warning of imminent missile strikes in syria and the head of russia's lower house of parliament has told the interfax news agency that moscow is in direct contact with the u.s. military chiefs over the situation well the u.s. has been threatening a response to a suspected chemical attack in the former rebel stronghold of duma on saturday the world health organization says more than five hundred people treated showed symptoms of chemical poisoning from tweeted that missiles will be coming but moscow denies involvement in. that you cut your throat that you get there peter which i want to stress on the ninth of april the day after the alleged chemical attack in duma russian military specialists in the area of radiation chemical and defense and also medics arrived in the place of this alleged chemical weapons incident they took samples of the soil and collected the remnants of the so-called use of
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chemical weapons their expertise was conducted in it showed the absence of chlorine or poisonous substances. algeria has announced three days of mourning after a plane crash killed two hundred fifty seven people the military plane went down shortly after taking off for the camilla tree airport near the capital. the government says most of the dead were soldiers and their families it's thought to be a worst ever air disaster and the world's deadliest plane crash since two thousand and fourteen saudi arabia has intercepted a who the ballistic missile fired from yemen over the capital riyadh there who these say they were targeting that the fence ministry in riyadh there are no reports of any damage. azerbaijan's autocratic leader president. is said to win a fourth straight term in office with two thirds of counting completed the country's election commission says. eighty six percent of the vote the election was boycotted by the main opposition parties who described it as a sham
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a surge in violence in the eastern of acrostic republic of congo has led to an exodus of refugees to neighboring uganda medical charity doctors without borders says nearly sixty thousand people have crossed the border since january the refugees accuse groups of carrying out murders and forced this place when those are the headlines for news of half an hour the screen is next. my name so in your.


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