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al-jazeera. hello welcome to this al-jazeera news hour live from doha. coming up in the next sixty minutes president trump ramps up the rhetoric warning rusher of an imminent u.s. strike in response to the alleged gas attack in syria. and the world health organization demands on handed access to check crippled survivors show signs of having been exposed to chemical weapons. and algeria begins three days of national mourning after the country's worst plane crash kills more than two hundred fifty. celebrations in as a by. john as president aliyev wins a fourth term in
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a village that was boycotted by the opposition. but let's start with syria and the strong language is coming from washington about how it will respond to saturday's suspected chemical attack in duma which isn't far from the capital damascus the white house press secretary sara saunders says no timetable is being set for potential military action against the syrian government and that all options remain on the table that despite the president comes early a tweet warning russia to get ready for missiles to be followed wolf from white house correspondent kimberly halkett. this is how the united states responded to last year's nerve agent gas attack in qana by attacking a syrian air base with tomahawk missiles and it's how the u.s.
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may act again. to the truck display of the syrian government for a recent suspected chemical attack outside damascus with their troops on the ground in syria he's also accusing russia of complicity for supporting president bashar al assad in a series of tweets on wednesday morning president donald trump warned missiles will be coming and taunted get ready russia because they will be coming nice and new and smart russia has proven themselves to be responsible in part for this they guaranteed that the use of chemical weapons by syria would not happen again they failed it that russia shot back in the war of words with trump it says there's no proof a chemical attack occurred on facebook the russian foreign ministry spokeswoman posted a smart missile should fly towards terrorists and not towards the lawful government which has been fighting international terrorism for years. it will be met and it
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will be met forcefully for days trump has been meeting with top military leaders and advisors. clued in on wednesday with defense secretary general james mattis we're still assessing the intelligence ourselves and our allies for still working on this. there are also reports a u.s. navy carrier task force led by the u.s.s. harry truman is sailing towards the region trumps also been conferring with world leaders like french president bakr all and british prime minister theresa may. it's an astonishing and confusing wrapping up of rhetoric for a president who said just a week ago that he wants to get out of syria what is clear is it appears the united states is determined to hold those responsible for the suspected attack accountable can really help get al-jazeera at the white house our listener lived out to another
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of our correspondents in washington d.c. along to animal chill sense of where the president is in terms of what action he's going to take i'm weighing. well we don't really know because the statements that been coming out of the white house have been inconsistent we know that the president has in the last forty eight hours had a number of phone calls with president mccraw of france and prime minister theresa me of the united kingdom we know that some of his most senior security advisers have been meeting that was cheered by his vice president mike pence it included general dunford who's head of the joint chiefs of staff essentially america's top military officer and also james mattis his defense secretary we have a president who in the past has said we shouldn't attack syria because it would cause too many problems for america during the line that's when he was candidate trump we have a president who two weeks ago yesterday said that he was very keen in getting out of syria very quickly and then we have
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a president who says in the last forty eight hours that within forty eight hours there will be missiles heading towards russia we know that you're heading towards syria we know that all options are on the table that is a line we heard again and again and again during the white house press briefing where america actually is at the moment we're not entirely clear what the president wants to do next or that's not entirely clear either the fact that he's canceled the trip to the proposed trip to latin america for the organization of american states does that suggest that this is likely to be a larger operation with regard to syria. well you know that's not unconnected to his domestic problems notably the fact that his personal attorney had his offices searched in the last twenty four hours by the f.b.i. it's being dressed up as he wants to concentrate solely on syria but the american operation anywhere in the world can make sure that the president is securely
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plugged into operations and could well be carried out anywhere in the world and so that's not entirely. tied in to what we or may not happen in syria what is clear though is that the russians this time round have been a lot more forceful in seeing look you cannot attack syria we know that just over a year ago you launched the attacks in syria and it appeared then that there were certainly discussions with the russians certainly discussions of targets with the russians but in the last year the russians have become much more deeply embedded with the syrians and know if the americans the french and the british were to target syrian military positions there is the very real possibility that they could end up killing killing russian soldiers and the russians don't tend to back away from that sort of provocation so it may well be that the o.p.c. w. the organization for the prevention of chemical weapons is no saying we can go in
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and search that area the russians are offering a military escort that may be a diplomatic way out and certainly syria sunders was asked at the white house briefing is there a diplomatic element being discussed and she repeated again no options are off the table alan fischer live in washington thank you well rory challenges our correspondent in moscow and he gave us more from there. well the russian response to escalating tensions around syria is to say don't do anything that would destabilize the country any further donald trump's tweets seems to be a direct response to something that the russian ambassador to lebanon said recently in an interview to a hezbollah controlled t.v. channel which was essentially that if there was a u.s. military strike against syria in any form then russian air defense systems would
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shoot u.s. missiles out of the sky and hit back against the launch sites of those missiles now he seems to be slightly misquoting something that the russian chief of general staff general gerasim off said about a month ago which was that if russian personnel russian infrastructure was threatened by u.s. strikes in syria then there would be such a response so we don't quite know whether this misquoting was intentional or not but the russian general response to all this has been not really to take donald trump's bait the foreign ministry says that any u.s. missile should be targeted at the terrorists in syria not as the foreign ministry puts it the legitimate governments assets governments and the kremlin has said rather dismissively that russia does not deal in twitter diplomacy that they are more serious in their approaches. well meanwhile the world health organization is
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demanding immediate unhindered access to confirm reports of more than five hundred people in duma a showing signs of having been exposed to chemical weapons it says is partners on the ground in duma have reported symptoms that include difficulty in breathing and disruption to the central nervous system a solid binge of aid has more on the situation in june. it's a strange wait inside syria where air strikes or missile strikes by the united states are imminent people on the ground in the seized area of where this chemical attack on saturday but may have been telling us about their difficulties and their suffering not moving the moving image is only getting worse after this attack and this rhetoric that's been ratcheting up between the united states and russia a fight is on the ground are not actually hopeful by anything that will be moving after these strikes because they say this is not the first time that the united
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states will be carrying out these strikes and they say that the united states will be warning the russians in advance of how and where it's going to hit them so it is a very strange wait for them dearly for the u.s. president is tweeting about his attack he's saying that is going to be shiny and new missiles that the russians are going to face inside syria but yet he's going to warn them in advance as well on the ground inside duma more people have been able to meet today allow five thousand people left for another northern part of syria people have been besieged there for years and activists on the ground are saying that or with all of this rhetoric the suffering of the people inside syria or the fate of the assad government which has been carrying out attacks with impunity is not going to change. ok well the u.k. is considering joining any military action in syria the prime minister to reason is called an emergency cabinet meeting for says say she's also ordered british submarines to move within missile range of syria that's according to reports at
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least the russian president vladimir putin he's spoken by phone to the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu mr putin reportedly urging him to avoid taking action that could destabilize the situation meanwhile iran has pledged to stand with the government of president bashar al assad against any foreign aggression now turkey is another country with a big interest in syria's got many troops in the north of the country and the prime minister banally. durham says the u.s. and russia are acting like street fighting bullies. period there at that are they threatening each other by tweeting do you expect the world to remain a spectator to your mutual exchange of words the disappearance of millions of people in the future of the region mom is always better no my messiah was better launch it if you launch it this will happen it's a street fight the fighting like street bullies but who's paying the price for it civilians this isn't the time for competition it's time to heal the wounds of the
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region. well the u.s. has threatened military response to chemical attacks in syria before but is only acted one it's entirety thirteen two rebel controlled areas of ghouta were hit by rockets filled with a nerve agent the u.s. reckons that more than a thousand people were killed in that attack many governments blamed president the then president barack obama said syria had crossed a red line and that the u.s. should respond but strikes didn't happen when syria agreed to a u.s. and russian plan to destroy its chemical arsenal the last declared chemical weapons were shipped out of syria for destruction in twenty fourteen russia was the guarantor of that deal last year more than eighty people were killed in an attack on rebel held chicken now that was the worst chemical attack since the one in computer and president trump promised to retaliate and seventy two hours later the
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u.s. launched fifty nine cruise missiles at shiloh that this now let's go to hillary mann leverett who served on the national security council for three u.s. presidents is joining us now live from washington d.c. thanks for joining us what are the main considerations that now have to be taken into account by president trump and his team. well the most important i think for president trump is that he has made this promise that he would retaliate for a chemical attack he is made this part of his domestic political platform here in the united states and it's increasingly important to him as he's looking toward the twenty thousand congressional midterm elections here in november and his own reelection in two thousand and twenty that he is able to make good on his campaign promises in the promises he has made as president so the first and most important
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one for president trump is his own credibility it's not so much what's happening on the ground in syria or about syrians but president trump and his own credibility in his domestic political context all right so you know that his national security short story i was going to say is going to say given that you carry on please carry on hillary. given that his national security council is in a bit of a tough position because they have to come up with military options that make president trump look credible but do not get the united states essentially into world war three with russia iran and other players who are on the ground in syria so it's a very very tough problem for the national security to come up with a solution how do you come up with military strikes that allow president trump to keep his credibility but not actually do something that changes the battlefield dramatically in syria so militarily speaking what needs to be the actual objective . that that's a very important question but the to have an
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a military objective the typical problem put before the national security council would be that this is a problem that you want to solve but that's not really what president trump is doing here the last after he last retaliated against syria last year almost a year to the day when syria last how to chemical attack there have been many other allegations of chemical attacks in syria and nothing from president trump so it's not really that he wants to solve this problem he wants to keep good to his word so militarily you can see general mattis is really trying to be cautious try to work with allies focus on what he needs to look at in terms of syria's air defenses but you're not really looking at a coherent military strategy to solve a problem because they don't want to change what's going on on the battlefield in syria they don't want to they actually they don't want to replace bashar al assad's
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government in fact as far as they're concerned the political dynamic is pretty good for them isis is been almost destroyed in syria and this is a good story for the trump administration they don't really want to change that but they they have to do presumably that have to do a lot more than they did last time a year ago when fifty nine cruise missiles were. fudge and told to basically empty across time is going to have to do a bit more than that's all they end perhaps more importantly they're going to have to avoid any direct confrontation with russian military personnel and home to a. yes the attack the american retaliation last year was very carefully calibrated to do very little damage to do almost nothing to change the strategic dynamics or even the tactical dynamics on the ground in syria the united states basically bombed runway but not even any of the syrian jets on the ground were even
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really destroyed in any material sense so to do more this time he doesn't have to do that much more but you're absolutely right he's going to have to do something that shows that he has somehow made good to his word that he's going to restore american the american ability to deter bashar al assad from using chemical weapons but the bar is not that high because we the united states didn't do that much damage last year so i think what we're looking at here is much more of a theatrical presentation than it is any real military strategy to change the dynamic on the ground in syria hillary mann leverett good to talk to you thank you very much. we're going to come in this audience here in news hour including. was our. round over the video that shows israeli soldiers celebrating after their shots of palestinian will speak to depict. the serbian nationalists voiceless says he's proud of his war crimes as he sentenced to ten years in jail.
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and more drama in the champions league with this time spanish side round madrid booked their place in the semifinals leaving event and we'll have the details. algeria is observing three days of mourning after a military plane crash near the capital o.j. is killing everyone on board most with military personnel and their families but the dead or so include dozens of refugees many on a whole and has more. two hundred fifty seven people were on board the military aircraft it went down shortly after takeoff crashing near a military airport south of l.g. is the defense ministry says that many of the passengers was soldiers some of them accompanied by their families a number of people survived this family was among those being treated hurt when the plane crashed into
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a field close to where he was working. i could see that as soon as the plane took off it started falling the plane flew over my head and came really close the wing clipped me as i was jumping to get out of the way then it burst into flames have survived by the grace of god the military aircraft was on its way to the algerian region of bash it stopping all fintan dove it's a region on the border with the disputed territory of waste in sahara thousands of whiston sahara and have sought refuge there the policy area front a group that's been fighting for the independence of western sahara sit in a statement that thirty of the passengers will whiston so hiren's heading back after getting medical treatment in algae is the aircraft was a soviet designed to military transport plane the crash is likely the worst in algeria is aviation history maidana hond al jazeera. saudi arabia says it's intercepted
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a ballistic missile fired from yemen over the capital riyadh the fight has claimed responsibility through a twitter account associated with the rebels they say they were targeting the saudi defense ministry there were no reports of damage servia arabia also shut down two unmanned drones people who say well aimed at riyadh's oil facilities here because article there are many of these advancements showed the capabilities of the cooties this is what changed the equation in the rules of the political game and also managed to change the strategy of defense that's what we've noticed these missiles can determine the targets cortlandt and hit them accurately. meanwhile the yemeni our national army has recaptured the coastal city of midi from the who says it follows a three day operation backed by a saudi led coalition more than ten thousand civilians have died in yemen civil war since twenty fourteen. now palestinian who says he was the man shot by an israeli
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sniper in a video that emerged this week insists he was not posing a threat tom or i will dhaka was hitting girls are in december which is when the video was filmed it shows israeli soldiers celebrating the shooting her a force it went to talk to him in gaza it's. dark it is nearly four months into an eighteen month recovery from the moment he was shot by an israeli sniper. he says he is the unarmed man in this video shot last december apparently through the sights of another soldier's rifle. as he falls the soldiers cheer in celebration. of war. we have here. a short drive from his home in northern gaza is the area near the separation fence where the shooting happened israeli military says it has the right
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to enforce a one hundred metre buffer zone on the gaza side a right unsupported in international law it says the man targeted was the suspected leader of what it calls a two hour violent riot involving stone throwing and attempts to sabotage the fence . remembers it differently and. some young people near the border were lying on the ground they couldn't get out so i came to protect them and asked them to go back to the israeli shot me. an image shot from the palestinian side appears to show a darker in red near the fence gaza's health ministry says one person was injured by israeli fire on the day in question the twenty second of december duckers hospital record shows treatment for a gunshot wound on the same day he insists he was in no way a legitimate target. for seconds had another out of the give you an upset how am i a danger to the israelis we were on our land we didn't cross i was in the buffer zone i had no weapons in my hands i had nothing. but makes time abductors case
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singular is of course the way it was captured and the celebrations that followed but it's not an isolated incident by any stretch just over the last couple of weeks hundreds of palestinians have been shot and injured here in gaza by israeli fire. since the so-called great march of return protests began on the thirtieth of march the health ministry says israeli forces have killed thirty demonstrators and injured sixteen hundred with live fire many like a shot in the lower leg often with devastating consequences israeli military is promising disciplinary action against the soldiers who shot the video and who celebrations it says did not suit the degree of restraint expected there will be no action against the soldier who pulled the trigger israel has made it clear that targeting unarmed protesters who approach the fence remains official policy ahead of the next round of protests on friday herefore said gaza. as
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a bi jones president is also in a full consecutive term in office after a contentious snap election sixty five percent of the ballots counted. has already got eighty six percent of the votes the election that was boycotted by opposition parties who described it as a sham nieve barker reports. he's laid azerbaijan since two thousand and three and now in trying to be president for another seven years. there were multiple candidates in the race but only ever one front runner politics in azerbaijan is a family affair and lives wife was made first vice president last year. succeeded his father haider president in the early ninety's the former k.g.b. general clamped down hard on opponent while at the same time opening up the country's huge energy reserves to international companies. this one's crumbling post soviet republic is now one of the world's fastest growing economies balancing
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relations with azerbaijan's former soviet moscow russia and the west this country is one of the main partner. from the point of fuel energy security but at the same time this country. between russia and iran these folks in the smart foreign policy helps. to have good relations with only ber's i but the economic boom hasn't benefited all many people struggle on low incomes have made growing inequality. and this is what happens to antigovernment protesters . leading opposition parties boycotted the election accusing him of vote rigging and nobody can speak out in the ways that challenges the government and not face consequences and that means freeways are either in prison or outside that was there
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by john where they keep quiet to many azerbaijan is a post soviet poster child an international player the host of major cultural and sporting events but it is to this day the only former soviet republic to witness the rise of a ruling in a city as the nation gets richer one family the l.d.s. remain firmly in control. demonstrators in the central african republic have laid bolt is outside the u.n. building in the capital bangui to protest against an operation against armed groups in largely muslim neighborhood the red cross quickly removed the boat is which had been wrapped in sheets or in plastic and then laid on the ground at least twenty one people were killed in the un operation in the mainly muslim p.k. five section of the city officials are unsure whether the victims were caught in the crossfire all whether they were deliberately targeted. one of the victims of
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last month's suspected nerve agent attack in the u.k. city of souls freeman has made her first public statement since leaving hospital the british government accuses moscow of being behind the attack on the former russian spy surrogate script powell and his daughter yulia in a statement issued by the british police you list says she doesn't want any russian embassy services uses that her cousin in russia victoria who has been trying to visit her is not welcome in the u.k. and does not speak for her nor her father. still to come here on the al-jazeera news. we didn't take a broad enough view of our responsibility and that was a big mistake mark zuckerberg gets a rough ride on day two of a hearing into facebook data breach. a journey from conflict to more chaos in uganda we tracked the rage of families who fled fighting in the
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d.l.c. . and he was suspended for an ethical behavior but now the former president sepp blatter says favre is moving in the wrong direction joe will have the details. he ruled for nearly half a century a controversial political figure in the cold in the middle east and one who was never far from crisis at home or abroad. in a two part series. tells the story of king hussein of jordan. episode one so violent on al jazeera. news is happening faster than ever before from different places from different people and you need to be part of back you need to be able to reach people wherever
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they are and that means being across all social media platforms this is where our audience lives as well as in front of a t.v. they're on their smartphones they're on the tablet they're on the computer. and that's the way al-jazeera is of all into the true media network. take a look at the top stories here on the al-jazeera news the white house says all options are on the table for a u.s. response to saturday's suspected chemical attack in the syrian town of duma that follows an earlier tweet by president trump warning the syrian government's main
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ally russia to get ready for missiles to be followed. in while the world health organization is demanding immediate unhindered access to confirm reports that more than five hundred people in days are showing signs of chemical weapons exposure. algeria has announced three days of mourning after a military plane crash killed two hundred fifty seven people the aircraft went down shortly after taking off from the photic military airport that's close to the capital outlay is most of the dead soldiers and their family. the amir of qatar has met u.s. politicians and business leaders in washington d.c. he's trying to secure trade deals to counter and see and blockade imposed by four arab countries since june of last year. reports. qatar has been on a diplomatic offensive in the u.s. checked i mean. he has matched senior business and political figures.
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his country is one of the wealthiest in the world and is planning to further expand its investment. in the u.s. our economy partnership is more than one hundred twenty five billion we have plans to double the number in the near future a qatari business delegation is touring the u.s. to promote investment opportunities in the gulf states. last june sandy arabia u.a.e. and egypt imposed an economic blockade on qatar accusing it of supporting terrorism its charge doha has strongly denied qatari officials say their economy remains solid at the beginning of the g.c.c. crisis us president donald trump made statements critical of qatar but in recent weeks the president along with top military and financial leaders have raised in
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the region the u.s. has approved the sale of advanced walk it systems to worth three hundred million dollars i wish we had many more partners like you we have a trade surplus you invest in our country we have a military base and you work on terrorist financing where thoughts so thank you for all that you do the u.s. has invited gulf leaders to discuss the future of the region sandy arabia's crown prince mohammed when sandman met president trump three weeks ago the u.a.e. as crown prince mohammed bin has pushed to be the last gulf to me try his visit is shadowed for the coming weeks qatari say the erotic crown prince is the architect of the blockade and the white house has more. urgent both at this point
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what this visits are doing is to reinforce with the school that we're not going to do anything in the language or the action the u.s. gulf dispute might lead to further instability and increase in iran's influence in the region finding a solution to the growing differences among gulf rivals is going to be a challenge for the u.s. administration the blockade in countries insist on maintaining their embargo a less changes its foreign and domestic. well the qatari government is unlikely to backtrack on what it considers to be an issue of sovereignty. washington d.c. and staying in washington the republican house speaker paul ryan says he won't run for reelection he'll serve out his current term before retiring in january ryan's announcement follows a series of regional election wins for democrats amounting republican concerns about holding on to their majority in the house of representatives. two u.s.
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border agents have been reprimanded for trying to illegally force an injured man across the border into mexico the office has made no attempt to identify himself and no medical assistance a violation of international treaty but reynolds reports. a new case spotlights the tensions at the border between u.s. and mexican officials a mexican official recorded the cell phone video in march of two thousand and seventeen it shows two uniformed u.s. border protection agents escorting a disheveled and apparently mentally disturbed man in handcuffs up to the border at calexico california mexican authorities on the other side challenge them saying if the man is a mexican citizen he should be properly repatriated through the mexican consulate in the u.s. after his identity and nationality have been confirmed would i have known.
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that i was going to as the u.s. and mexican officials argue the man flails about and lays on the ground one of the u.s. officers says the man looks like he's mexican but they do not attempt to determine his identity. as a mexican official points out that the man has a knee injury the u.s. agent repeatedly tries to make him go over to the mexican side. eventually the man gets up and the u.s. officers allow him to wander away through traffic the man was eventually left in a park on the u.s. side about a month later he was hospitalized for observation and it was determined he was in fact a mexican national at that point he was processed and repatriated to mexico mexican
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authorities file. an official complaint over the incident after an investigation that two u.s. border agents were reprimanded but not fired a spokesman for the border protection agency says their actions were quote not consistent with our normal procedures but he said the video merely showed an isolated incident a recent survey by an immigrant advocates organization shows a quarter of migrants interviewed reported abuse or aggressive behavior by u.s. border officials robert oulds al jazeera los angeles now the boss of facebook face more tough questions on the final day of testimony about the massive breach of uses private data facebook has been in the spotlight after the personal information of eighty seven million users was harvested by the political consultancy firm cambridge analysts think it's clear now that we didn't do enough to prevent these tools from being used for harm as well and that goes for fake news foreign
2:38 am
interference in elections and hate speech as well as developers and data privacy we didn't take it broad enough view of our responsibility and that was a big mistake it was my mistake and i'm sorry i started facebook i run it and at the end of the day i'm responsible for what happens here right let's bring to david mccabe now who is a technology reporter also has an online news magazine he's in washington d.c. so we've had two days of saying sorry pretty much but will the way facebook is run actually change. well you know that is the big question coming out of these hearings will he change his approach how he runs facebook will the policies of facebook change they of course have already rolled out some changes about how third parties can access data about how users can see privacy settings but what we saw at
2:39 am
these hearings was that he is resistant to changing the overall business model of facebook which is based entirely on the harvesting of user data and taking that data to help target ads that's right he seemed quite resistant when he was confronted directly with the opportunity if you like to to advocate for much more regulation more in line with the european model for instance you know he has said the company is open to regulation you start out some very vague ideas but certainly he did not get behind some sort of sweeping regulation of facebook that i think some critics of the company would like to see but it's not clear that there is the appetite for that even in congress let alone at facebook and in silicon valley and i'm just wondering this this must have played rather well for many of the congressional figures who are seen to be acting quite tough with one of the country's biggest billionaires you know and
2:40 am
a top see just wondering was there more to it actually than perhaps the political theater. you know i think it was the first time that he has testified in front of congress and that years a big deal facebook is a massive company with a huge effect on people's lives so it is a big deal when they get to hear directly from the c.e.o. in that context at the same time as you mentioned he is excellent political theater for a lot of these members although what we saw yesterday was in the senate a lot of them seemed to be not particularly prepared for the hearing prickly when it came to sort of the technical elements of facebook and that and in a perfect in fairly poorly in the press coverage this morning and so i'm just wondering what the overall what little the actual outcome will be what is that what is the tangible result if any from these two days of hearings and you know i think our reporting shows from conversations with lawmakers that they're not any closer really to regulation of facebook i do think that they do they put facebook on
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notice they essentially said clean up your act or we might have to come in and clean it up for you all right ok david kay thank you very much indeed now the u.n. says more than fifty seven thousand people from the eastern part of democratic republic of congo have now fled to uganda this in the last few months since december many of them are leaving because of militia attacks in the province of it turi the violence has led to humanitarian crisis well the thirteen million people are in need of help that's twice as many as last year while seven million the facing severe food shortages half of them a children the political situation is unclear with president kabila still in office even though his term officially ended in december twenty sixth seen elections have been set for december twenty eighth seen but there's not a huge amount of confidence that they will indeed take place. al jazeera as malcolm webb is retracing the refugee journey from the end to the beginning he's traveled
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from uganda's capital kampala to the qiang gali refugee camp where most of them a sheltering and now he's crossing lake albert heading from the cast sandy landing site on the congolese side that's where refugees are trying to escape the fighting before getting on the water he sent us this update. i'm standing in uganda this is lake albert and on the far side you can just about see killed in the democratic republic of congo and it's after in those hills in recent months that militia have been attacking villages setting hearts on fire chopping people up with machetes killing some and that's what prompted thousands to get in boats across the lake we can see some of the kinds of boats here that they've been using these wooden ones have an engine strapped on the back that's a better way to cross but for people who can't afford a ticket in one of those they have to get in a canoe and paddled in which case the crossing can take one or two days lakes prone to bad weather strong winds heavy rains and storms not uncommon for boats to
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capsize and some refugees have drowned on the way those that make it here are registered by ugandan government officials and by the united nations and then they're taken from here a couple of hours drive into uganda to the chiang wali refugee settlement we went there and spoke to some of the new arrivals let's take a look at that story. all these people ran for their lives. and now patience runs teams there waiting for buses to take them to a place to make new homes in this refugee camp in uganda. free to liza's stories typical a few days ago militia were attacked a village in congo killed her neighbors with machetes she fled with her five children she's pregnant with her six week old she didn't get one good to restart the fighting had started then they started burning houses with people inside so we
2:44 am
went into the forest and hid for twenty days then we decided to run and we came to uganda. militias from the lendu ethnic group has been attacking villages in rita's province called history since january the u.n. says that forced more than seventy thousand to sleep here in uganda many more displaced back at home get. i have lost a family ministers and the women are subjected to sexual and gender of airspace by . this point during flight so they came very traumatized very tired and some needed a very raw and they needed medical attention so. some people describe the violence as ethnic return says he's not she says the attackers killed anyone and everyone she said i think lendu has the same as them some people here say they don't know why they've been forced from their homes now other suspect congo's government is behind it trying to stay in power for the postponing the long overdue presidential
2:45 am
election the government denies it. regardless people can thrive being here in uganda. the u.n. says more resources donors threatened to cut funds for refugees in uganda when government officials were implicated in a corruption scandal earlier this year that new arrivals still need help at the moment a lot of the refugee settlement is a vast expanse of bush people are given plots wreaths is being given her here she's got some plastic sheets a few simple for. now she asked to build a shelter that's what she'll be living in for the weeks ahead and use the tools to start selling the land and growing some food and now it's starting to rain rita lost her husband when she fled she and her children now have to wait for somebody to help them put up shelter it might be safer here for their struggles
2:46 am
over malcolm webb al-jazeera chiang wali refugee camp uganda. mammals government has sought to reassure range of refugees in bangladesh saying their repatriation is a priority social welfare minister when the at i is the first senior official to visit her hindu refugees who fled to cox's bizarre to escape a crackdown in state. the serbian nationalist politician vojislav says shell has been sentenced to ten years in prison for committing crimes against known serbs during the balkan wars of the ninety's says shell was initially acquitted by un cold but that verdict has now been partly overturned sonia reports he had spent more than eleven years at the hague taking a belligerent stand at the tribunals investigating war crimes in the former yugoslavia it. is a man without remorse. the serbian ultranationalist was acquitted two years ago of
2:47 am
committing crimes against humanity but on wednesday a un court reversed that decision. finds mr socials criminal responsible and imposed a sentence of ten years in prison in absentia despite the court's verdict he remains unrepentant speaking from belgrade after the ruling shesh l. told al-jazeera that he would do it all over again. are preparing to be even more active in political life preparing to repeat all my war crimes and crimes against humanity. amid the bloodshed of the war shesh else extremis politics played a role in inflaming the persecution and violence against non serbs in the former yugoslavia an attempt to fulfill his vision of a greater serbia his original trial was beset histrionics and delays and he was eventually granted provisional release being diagnosed with cancer. she shall
2:48 am
return to his home in belgrade his popularity boosted teamed up with political allies that shared his pro russian extreme nationalist use. the supporters turned out in droves for his rallies i shall has described the latest ruling as illegal maybe little appetite to indulge his continued presence on serbia's political stage serbia is seeking membership of the e.u. a move he is battling opposed to sony vaio al-jazeera. depression will have the emotions of bold play of the day bold.
2:49 am
2:50 am
a memorial service has been held in south africa for the woman that many called the mother of the nation thousands attended the ceremony but when a medical mandela in some way to where she lived a force against apartheid catherine saw i was there i was out of africa and celebrated my duties and of mandela's extraordinary life the contribution she made to the catch his parishioners struggle the forty thousand capacity to land a stadium in seoul where talk was not his food as expected but the thousands who turned up sat and balanced or knowing how bravery the mainline exide and others like i had spent the late now some mandela in peace and those who knew how best talked of her last week and she trusts
2:51 am
a part forgiveness and it's one of those things that's when ever she spoke about she would have a chance in hell eyes fact that she would look photo not faith and she would say so to all i don't have just any ball because i felt the pain up to the thresholds just don't come out anymore oh there is debate about how she should be remembered she is accused of human rights abuses during apartheid then afterwards came a criminal conviction as well as allegations of fraud many south african say there has also been a lot of propaganda to tanishaa to the most important thing is to outsmart to those that that thinking they can destroy you because you've come in with the commitment to save prostate feud. or will be held here in soweto on saturday through these huge really significant setting because so where talk was at the very heart of the
2:52 am
struggle for the liberation of not the only thing we knew mandela never left the town issue even after our part to the many people he relates to we need to emulate pride every each of these apps you saved our chiefs and we need to do exactly what you do there will be mama we love the world we still want to live even. if. the government has declared ten days of mourning now will culminate in her burial on saturday we need mandela will finally be laid to rest at a memorial cemetery in johannesburg a woman who many say has inspired them with her car each and defiance catching sight johannesburg. time for this fall's use now his joe thank you very much will for a second night in a row there's been high drama in the last days of the champions league realm and rate went into the second leg of their quarter final against eventis leading three
2:53 am
nil but they found themselves at the receiving end of three goals from the italians at the burnable with the score locked at three three on aggregate it looked like it would go to extra time until captain a new ventus legend jan luigi proof on gave away a contentious penalty and was then red carded real madrid's christian or an elder had no problems finding the net from the spot and it's right al who go through to the semi's for three on aggregate well from high drama to a lot last a game at the allianz arena as by in munich carried their two one aggregate win into the semi's thanks to a goal a stroll with severe on wednesday so that brian realm of trade roma and liverpool into the last for the draw for the semifinals takes place on friday. bassline exited the total mint on tuesday after a sensational comeback from roma to reach the semi's on the away goals will romans were in the mood for a party after that victory so much so that the club's president ended up taking
2:54 am
a swim in one of the city's fountains that's a violation of local rules and he ended up in hot water. i want to thank the mayor for my well deserved fountain fine. four hundred fifty euros. certainly got caught up in the excitement izing was a great night for all of us in rome. but i also don't want to encourage other people to jump into fountains. except if they want to fix the fountain and i think it would be a great personal gesture to fix the fountain in front of the pantheon and so i'm going to donate two hundred in the two hundred thirty thousand euros to it the quarter finals of the europa league regime on thursday also will go into the second leg against c.s.k. moscow with a strong four want to volunteer even so the english club cannot take anything for granted after seeing how roma overturn the same deficit to defeat also lona and
2:55 am
this competition is especially important to all still as they are outside the european qualification places in the premier league the winners of the europa league game automatic entry into next year's champions league your body gives you going for seven but you know it's not the end. guide to stage or off course we focus on it because in the premier league a very. very very very slim chance to catch up but. your critique is of course one of the big targets of the season no. meanwhile two time europa league champions athletico madrid to take a two no lead into their last eight clash portuguese side sporting atletico were held to a draw at city rivals real madrid in the spanish league on sunday but diego simeone these men have won their last six outings in the european competition and all four quarter finals in the europa league take place on thursday in the other two
2:56 am
lats here to take a four to lead to souths burke marsay will look to overturn a one mil deficit when they host like tick what we countdown to the world cup in russia this competition to secure the twenty twenty six tournament a joint bid from the usa canada and mexico is up against morocco as the only candidates they'll find out in june who will get to host it but morocco has criticised football's governing body for moving the goalposts when it comes to selection a new five man fee for task force will hold technical inspections for both candidates and could disqualify them before they even get to the congress vote for murphy for president sepp blatter who was banned for unethical conduct is concerned about the new rule. but i see you know that there is a movement there we'll take you away from the congress. decided on the candidates by posing a kind of special committee called task force to give them
2:57 am
a search warrant to read they could even decide who will be a candidate not that's not possible a third of the cameroonian athletes competing at the commonwealth games on the gold coast have gone missing the three weightlifters and five boxes disappeared over the course of the last few days and team officials have conceded that there are unlikely to return it follows a similar situation at the london two thousand and twelve olympics when seven athletes from cameroon deserted the team and stayed in europe instead of returning home commonwealth games organizers have urged these athletes not to overstay their competition visas which expire next month. this is obviously a issue that. that team cameron is monitoring very very closely and until it becomes you know a real issue in terms of eyepieces and so forth we would obviously need. to take that very seriously but you know right now it is certainly something that's. you
2:58 am
know the safety and welfare of those athletes from that from a team cameron perspective is being taken very seriously but we are. monitoring that situation with team cameron now here's a shot you don't see every day and it comes to us from the last sixteen at the brazilian basketball league regional team. training in extra time against vasco da gama and their playoff game when shooting god did him a shot up pulled off a desperately intentionally missed a free try to score the winner in fact it seemed the same may have made against his team just three weeks earlier a shot i says he didn't train for it i'm cold it just pure instinct and that is for now more later lots more news to come sit don't go away stay with us here.
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