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tv   Division  Al Jazeera  April 12, 2018 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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you ever your. winning the will of the people hinges on the mass media state p.r. machine let's go into overdrive. but just who is influencing. we just don't know yet where the lines will be drawn between what can be said and what conduct. some journalists decided to sacrifice their integrity for outside the polling the media opinion the listening post base time on al-jazeera getting to the heart of the matter if not stuff like injury the turkish cypriot people calls you today so let's have this would you accept facing realities what do you think reunification would look like there are two people think the peaceful unification is the only option for prosperity or for south korea hear their story on top to al-jazeera.
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hello there i'm jim mcdonald here among the top stories on al-jazeera has president donald trump says he's meeting senior advisers to decide whether to launch military strikes on syria earlier chum tweeted that an attack could be very soon or not soon at all america's allies are weighing up their support french president manuel makkal says he doesn't doubt the syrian military was behind saturday's suspected gas attack in duma which is prime minister to resume a says the u.k. will coordinate with the u.s. president trump will set a time frame of the for action and white house correspondent kimberly health has been following the twists and turns in washington. the president not giving a very clear indication just to see hasn't really for the last week in terms of his overall syria strategy we're still left in the dark the president tweeting as you
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mentioned thursday morning that attack on syria could happen sooner or not at all well he went further not really elaborating on those comments but doubling down on them as he spoke from the cabinet room of the white house take a listen. very very. situation. you see what happens in. the world in a position where. he said this morning we've got a great job we have just absolutely decimated. we have to. be made. so the president dialing back the rhetoric we saw one day earlier when he was pointing the finger at syria russia threatening to launch missiles now it seems that he has had some sobering second thoughts perhaps because of the input of his secretary of defense general james mattis who was here at the white house yesterday again at the white house today for another meeting of the national security council
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as he says they are still assessing evidence and will provide options to the president if appropriate so certainly there is some careful consideration going on the president still keeping as the white house press secretary has said for days all options on the table but for now in terms of that timeline initially the president said he would have a decision early in the week within forty eight hours that window has no clothes still no answers except to say that it could happen soon well russia's ambassador to the u.n. has criticized what he says are aggressive messages coming from washington. we can look to exclude any possibilities unfortunately because we saw with messages that the coming from washington they were very big because. they know we have the hope. i wish there was a look at the through proper channels and this to be a dangerous individuals develop and i think the international chemical weapons
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inspectors are on their way to syria and will start investigating the duma attack on saturday syrian government flags were waved in the street says its troops fully took over the former rebel stronghold thousands of rebels and their families have been bused to northern syria as part of an evacuation agreed. well global chemical weapons for stocks as a highly pure type of know for chalk nerve agent was used to poison a former russian supple agent and his doctor in england last month britain blames russia for the attack on surrogate and junia script and moscow to nice in full. president trump's pick for the new u.s. secretary of state was confronted by an antiwar protest as a confirmation hearing in washington mike pompeo told senate says he'll seek peaceful solution to the north korean standoff impale is currently the head of the cia if confirmed to replace rex tillerson who was fired last month after repeatedly clashing donald trump. and other palestinians been killed that of protest camp site
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close to the israeli gaza border health officials say the man was shot dead by israeli forces earlier israel fired at hamas positions in gaza killing one how most fights are leaving another person injured israel said the strikes were in retaliation for a bomb attack on a military vehicle and stick which didn't cause any casualties. all those are your current headlines do stay with us the calle it is up next some will be back in just under half an hour's time see them for. the caliph. a form of rule in a slam. that lasted for almost thirteen centuries.
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from the death of the prophet muhammad. to the overthrow of the last ottoman caliph in one thousand nine hundred twenty four. the arabic ten to twenty eighth twenty five which actually in essence simply means a success at all or a deputy. the ruler of the islamic world would call himself confederacy. successor goldsmiths and. through the centuries. the title of qana is a term that has been used. at the time of use. in june two thousand and fourteen. in militant group calling itself the islamic state in iraq and the levant or i so. declare the establishment of a caliphate. they call rejected by most muslims around the world.
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i still took root and expanded in iraq and syria. two countries flung into violence by the political turmoil and foreign intervention of recent years. the turmoil revived sectarian differences the goldbach for ten centuries between sunni and shia mosques. and the little bit of them is us yes you are nuts and if you did what. then the son i just miss not talking football to son it all took his assessment a little bit about that. i'm not you know as a human you know. this is the story of the great split within islam. of how the split a rose from
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a dispute of who should succeed the prophet muhammad. this is the story of the common. the by our mosque. outside mecca and saudi arabia.
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it was here in the year six twenty two that the delegation from the town of medina made by on a pledge of support and shelter to the prophet muhammad. shortly after he left mecca. and mcgrady into medina with a group of followers. over the next ten years muhammad built the first islamic state. but in june sixth thirty two the prophet died and his capital medina. leaving the young state without
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a leader. there's a tradition that says that the muslims on that day were like sheep on a rainy night they were frightened and huddling together and it's not clear whether or not the prophet had made any plans for his succession. within hours of the prophet's death senior figures in the most in community came to. whether to choose a successor to the prophets a caliph. the debate was long and intense. it was the emigrants from mecca was on. the was chosen to be the first caliph in islam. and it was so with that i will leave him alone but about the muscle.
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dini. that a belly and with. food well home their men the value to him and how there was. but though they were from his tribe. not the immigrants were from the prophets close family the hashemites. the descendants of muhammad's great grandfather passion. at that time in arab society the family was understood as a much larger unit collateral lines uncles brothers cousins and so long all considered to be part of the clan. senior among the hash marks was a highly mahomet's cousin husband of his one surviving don't fall to mother and father
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of the prophet's only living grandson has. undone hussein. but when the decision to choose the caliph was taken i was busy elsewhere. at the time of the prophet's death we know that he was ali who was in charge of the payroll arrangements. as a jew to full respectful son and all cousin with caring for the prophet's body. the next day in the medina mosque i will walk was given by on the oath of allegiance by the majority of the muslim community. ali however was not one of them. what happened that day
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but saw the seeds of a political divide that would gradually evolve. into a deep religious schism. the division of a slam. into soon and she. if you ask a sunni or shia muslim about that moment of mohammed's death in the decision about the leadership you will get two very different aunts as the sunnies suggest that he hadn't actually made any clear plans for his succession eyes death the shia would say that he had and that he was to be succeeded by his first cousin and son in law ali. three months before his death. the prophet muhammad made a famous speech here and we got the home. an ancient resting place on the route from mecca to medina. a speech that has been
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interpreted ever since in two very different ways. all people are forms whoever i've been most that. i live here is to be his master. or. be the support of whoever supports him. and then enemy of whoever opposes him. and they felt that through time. there's this moment where if your sunni you believe the prophet. gave away the leadership of his family if. you believe he gave the leadership of the family but also the whole community. the prophets been just celebrated by shia to this day. each year a feast is held on the anniversary to commemorate what shia see as muhammad appointing
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ali to be his successor. but the mainstream majority the sunni have no such priests. and no doubts about the legitimacy. and the caliphs who succeeded him. shortly after becoming calif. i will buck faced his first major challenge a tribal revolt against the islamic state. in this moment of peril. chose unity over division and gave the oath of allegiance
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to the cult of. the man. back that caffeine with that in more i.e. enter says shell i'm ok send. in a film s. and some that she has been mostly mean. the whole. fee was she had a kettle and the kind of slam and the hole. at the bottom. of a box room last that just two years. as he lay dying in nominated almost as a successor. ten years later and six forty four. on the second caliph was assassinated.
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while leading don't prayers in medina. on his deathbed. he dictated how successor should be chosen. six of the closest companions of the prophet. would come forward together and choose one amongst. the four days of deliberation. was named the third caliph. once again. chosen. part of the by. and then for him the man when he's. in favor of. the new caliph came from a family of the christ tribe called the or my utes. the founder i've always coveted the leadership of christ. standing in his way was
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his uncle hashem the patriarch of the hashemites. this rivalry that would fester through the centuries. how the truths in mecca decades earlier. in the pagan years before the birth of this land. in the year six ten. in this cave outside mecca muhammad received the first revelation verses of the koran which set him on the path of prophecy. the emergence of a prophet among the hashemites antagonized there my it's. and their leader abu
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sufyan. and. another now been as a bin man of one. and them a lot of guy with a muzzle on. darwin a noble one of the men i know an addict. for twelve years the maids led a campaign of persecution against muhammad and his followers in mecca. persecution which culminated in their emigration to medina and six twenty two. but when the prophet returned to conquer america. and realized resistance was futile and joined slammed.
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by six forty four. the rising islamic state had expanded into a vast empire. and the caliphate that come into the hands of an almighty. last month. with man was a genius but employed far too many of his young cousins to me odds were they are still crap of mecca and they'd been great leaders the pagan resistance and super making these characters who were his lovely cousins was also you know a bad political position. a rebellion erupted against off man's alleged nepotism. in six fifty six. and after twelve years as kind of. he was killed and his house in medina. by the un has. a sufficient lead what was it then him and the nest the half of that in
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a how when and. how and when i can buy that that it was had to and then islamiya the wyly and yes that she . was. almost a quarter of a century after the death of the prophet. ali finally became the fourth. who are bashed up if we. allow the n.r.a. you know about it with a mind of enough fan that it bothers him. within my. many of off mom's relatives who were hostile to all his leadership imo always demanded that all the handover
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the killers. the dispute quickly escalated. and to strengthen his position i removed the capital from medina to his own power base in kuwait from iraq. because nomic state was now divided into. east under a hushing my calif and the west under an oh my you. gov. misha that you shouldn't i didn't wish to be she out here on the well that she was always that. you know enough and that could limit she. meant that mo had done when the american had booted out and that his ship for did what they put.
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in six fifty seven. marched his army into syria to crush the mob yes mutiny. off to days of bloody skirmishes and on the last day of the battle. the army of malia was on the first shock defeat. in my mind and also that famous malia. malia. you know. that it can. be kind of initiative i didn't. know who was on that. kind of slots and another to have. water when the heads up when i can hold a company that well that it can color that it's little enough. to
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have the whole. covered idea months achin that the whole month of the tat they have got to matter and then the clutch of. these dissidents from ali's army how it is fixed on the roof this way to bring an end to the struggle. the moment it was chosen fresh dawn prayers of the twenty seventh of january sixth sixty one. the seventeenth day of the holy. month of ramadan. three assassins made their way to three different places to fight for ali damascus for malia and for style to egypt from ma yes. all of the us saw this in the office look at the wall of the sofa and saw the phenomena of the force that israel with saudi especially when it. wobbled.
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not just in iraq. a holy place to she almost. they believe is buried here. for them he is more than a kind of. he has any man. imbued with religious authority that could be passed on only through his bloodline. so when i least death the caliphate passed to his older son. but he would not be long in the post. can the system through fifth know where they can and no lame can to cool imagine and walk. a joy there's
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a lot while we have there's a lot of media what the fuck are hyla and yet the nationalist has an even highly and he will he levy well karma has a and i do with one at the as i know it because he has a human. form. damascus. thirteen centuries ago the my you capital. though the caliphate remained in the chorus tried. it had passed from the hashemites to oh my yes. and there it would remain for the coming century. the crunch point really comes late in not always rain when he designated his son. as his successor and this was
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a real touch point for generating controversy and opposition. is each succession on the death of ma we are in six eight. triggered the series of events that resonate to this day. in a defiant show of opposition and hossein younger son of ali refused to pledge allegiance to his ear and set off towards mecca on pilgrimage. on the way. he began to receive messages asking him to come to iraq. where his supporters plan to install him a scallop. he gathered together his family and decided to move to confront his father's. former capital. unfortunately for st
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his plan got to the a myatt governor of iraq and he was able to block his route to the city of kuta and so hussein was trapped without substantial military support at a place called tabbouleh. and it was at karbala in october six eighteen that hussien and his small band of supporters met their bloody fate. in makati team. in middle of folly when they said. that the men had met through a. yanni at the math or well how to do it at the. bottom of. the measure a few that. he and his entourage many of his family were massacred and
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his head was sent to his ied in damascus. each year on the anniversary of the battle of karbala. around the world marked the event and public displays of penitence. extending sometimes even to ritual self punishment. to atone for their forebears failure to support that hossein. it's really seen as the great tragedy of islam from the she respective this is vic the great disaster is that the prophets family didn't get to take caliphate into leeds muslims. but seventy years after karbala. the revolt would finally succeed in bringing the caliphate back to the family of the prophet. the hotshots.
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as we embrace new technologies rarely do we stop to ask what is the price of this progress what happened was people started getting sick but there was a small group of people that began to think that maybe this was related to the chemical spill if you're in the job and investigation reveals how even the smallest devices have deadly environmental and health costs we think ok we'll send our you waste to china but we have to remember that air pollution travels around the globe death by design on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where ever you.
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tell them to want to hold him on the top stories on al-jazeera yes president donald trump says his meeting senior adviser has to decide whether to launch military strikes on syria or they are trying to get to venice haq could be very soon are not certain at all america's allies are waiting up there supports the british prime minister it's reason they said after an emergency cabinet meeting that the u.k. will coordinate with the u.s. president trying to set a time frame for action. that we're looking at very very seriously very closely the whole situation. we'll see what happens folks here see what happens is. that the the world puts us in a position like that as i said this morning we've got a great job with isis we have just absolutely decimated isis but we have to make them for the decision so they'll be majorly said. to the u.n.
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has criticized what he says are aggressive messages coming from washington. we could not exclude any possibilities unfortunately because we saw with messages that the covering for washington they were diverted because. they know where that i hope to i wish that was that the three proper generals in this theory that they be it is the individuals develop so that international chemical weapons inspectors are on their way to syria will start investigating the duma attack on saturday syrian government trucks were waved in the streets as opposition forces left their former stronghold thousands of rebels and their families have been bused to northern syria as part of an evacuation agreement. the global chemical weapons washtub says a highly pura type of no woodchuck nerve agent was used to poison a former russian double agent and his daughter in england last month burson blames russia for the attack on surgeon scopa moscow denies involvement.
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president trumps pick the new u.s. secretary of state was confronted by antiwar protesters had a confirmation hearing in washington like i'm pale told senators still seek a peaceful solution to the north korean standoff but bill is currently the head of the cia if confirmed to were place it rakes to listen it was fired last month after repeatedly clashing with donald trump. because of the current headlines stay with us right now the killing continues that will be back with the news hour just under thirty minutes time hope to see them apply. at home i'm a southern jordan. in
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the eighth century it was a settlement of one of the two major branches of the hashemites. the prophet's own family of the christ tribe. known as the bus its these were descendants of a law bus one of muhammad uncles the other branch where the eyelets descended from. the prophet's cousin and son in law. in seven sixteen abdulla one of the eyelets arrived in and how my name a with a strange story. had i thought any been at you thought it must rot i live in almost a limb and i've been many of them
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a who had. you know what i shall be modeled for. some minister they met. our beloved died and my mom. but in his final hours he confessed to his our bus a cousin muhammad that he was the head of a plot to topple my it's. not a do. is be a living i'm a little luck of the and the only min and me in the living into someone that even i meet but in a. who million you really know me and then i'm going to do what in the my little realize i'm gonna sure i don't share our own free b. day living we have the men and the mohammed.
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over the next thirty years this message persuaded many islet she has to join the bus it goes. in seven forty six. the secret movement turned into full blown revolution in the eastern part of the islamic empire and what is today the shia state of iran. it's very very hard to say whether the abbasids used the attic. they certainly wanted to accrue as wide a support base as they possibly could and they were certainly wanted those who supported and k. live to join them movement. within three years the a bus it's had captured coup for. the colorful capital of ali.
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it was in this mosque that the name and identity of the caliph in waiting were finally revealed. they proclaimed a man a scale if called abu allah. and he was a descendant of one of the prophet muhammad's uncles and he based his claim to the caliphate on that kinship with the prophet mohammed. and seven fifty. bastards and to damascus the capital of the mighty mighty it states. the largest empire yet. but in the years to come they would struggle to maintain the unity of the vast state they now controlled.
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by the mid century the bussard said seize control of the caliphate but that little for their cousins. a sense of betrayal to cold and fermented among the islands. in a bold and dangerous move they declare the rival caliphate in medina. and a busted army was rushed to the city. its roof to sleep crushing the rebellion. in the midst of the but deluded enough but she knew of it and. as the moment they let the assault of a. and they had let the corn up the minute little minute to libby. as she did at low enough she.
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the sun now bus it's consolidated their dominance of the center of the state from their newly built capital but that. but they had failed to exert the same control over the provinces of the far west. in seven fifty six and all made fugitive prince called abdulrahman reached under lucio. only six years after the collapse of his grandfather's caliph and. he succeeded in
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reviving your maid in a city with go to. as its capital. and i'm up present moment over that will send to them what you want to be done is not a hold of the defense if you must come up obviously done on your own don't you know another. one and i bet you know. what it was on the other hand the amount enough of a club doesn't fit out of that if you'll have a semi or adult fit and that was. the old maid and the written under the cea was the first to break from the kind of fit . but it would not be the last. soon another states at the western edge of the muslim world and the massive it would break away from their bus routes. and this time it would be their own cousins
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the islets. but at the canal of the sort i don't know if. and when this it must work in the event i do because they got it all off i thought after i took. a lesson yes you know and the whole you. had. in seven eighty eight you did east and alledge fugitive arrived here in the moroccan city of my will a decent room. a city that now carries his name. recognizing him as a descendant of the prophet's local burma tribes were quick to offer him their oath of allegiance as ruler of the region. and so was born the recent emirates
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the first independent state. that is how. you'll get until the. what. if a. good and. a that may have been a bit of money. but with a new and expanding state just three years old it beasts died. he was laid to rest here in the city that still bears his name. it greece had allegedly been poisoned on the orders of harun al-rashid. the most famous soviet bus caliphs.
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the statue of shock and shot i said in back that. the two main characters of a thousand and one nights. legendary stories inspired by the opulence of harun al-rashid scored. the golden age of the a bus in calif it. but that a spot but you got to do nia then the whole head had met you know. that that. with a few. hundred sea island but i live where that
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excitement. and that out of the. scholars began the great task of transcribing and translating the cultural and scientific works of former civilizations. encouraged and supported by the bus of caliphs. muslims began adding their own scholarship to the stock of human knowledge. laying the groundwork for europe's run of songs in centuries to come. in siena or the west gnosis and the center had written not only philosophical texts but also a very important treatise and medicine was translate into latin became the standard textbook for european medical schools for centuries. but the golden age of the
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a bus its was destined to be short lived. in eight thirty six the eighth about. it kind of. moved this capital here to some era in iraq. it was also to be a military base for the caliphs new army. an army of target mercenaries. toughened by life on the steps of central asia. an army. that would soon erode the power of the caliphs. but there are still i would be yet died she and she and i my site and there are more we don't know about. how you like that are martha sim in a letter that was wow home. and know who with an ak eighty.
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eight forty seven here and some era turkic army commanders installed and moto a kill as the tenth of bassett calif to. do. and for a century to come. they would effectively root the caliphate. appointing deposing torturing and even killing a string of twelve caliphs who are little more than puppets. well let me tell you that jani in less if it's me was sherry at the county. of us but you know what's even worse what. come out according to. the caliphate really had become a symbol and had no effective power anymore and in the muslim world we had a motive huge of different political regimes in the various reaching from us today
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spain to this continent. often this period is seen as a period of decline because of these political divisions. but it wasn't just a matter of the slow fracturing of the state. at its western edge the new threat was on the rise. match day. this small town on the two newseum coast would soon emerge as the seat of a rival caliphate. and this new caliph would not be sunny. but she. it on heartland of shiite islam in the modern world. today
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shia make up around fifteen percent of the global muslim population of more than one and a half billion. and their belief it is the title of eman a not caliph that confers the right to rule. the vast majority of shia in the world are known as twelve or. they follow a hear read a terry line of twelve a man's descended from the prophet's cousin and his wife fatimah the prophet's daughter. a line ending with the last eman al mahdi. the twelve or she belief holds that i'm madly disappeared in some era and eight seventy four. he will reemerge at the end of the world as the ultimate savior of mankind. and you know she has been in
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the mimic them a human being has shia. militia it was here the clue to look. here were if he should live that a shrewd maneuver that he for people whom. in body. were bit dirty for in the in. for the better will she be will a ship liberty. but this holy commandment was no protection against the deep divide the belief. of cause him a mosque but that. the shrine of the man who mocks the vision of she has him into two strands. it is the tomb of the seventh of the twelve years in ams
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. cause i'm who died here in the year seven one thousand nine. others however dispute his status. they consider the real seventh to be his brother it's my. they came to be known as this my. the two over. which additionally. not interested or did not strive to take political power because they believed that they were waiting for the return of the man the so that at that point the righteous rizzi would be consoled and anything in between would basically have risen to rule and it's there. but for the ismaili shia. there was to be no waiting for the return of the man. by the late nineteenth century. there preaching had taken root among the berber tribes
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in north africa. a new movement was on the rise. with this roots firmly in the shia tradition. let me add added men at what i know how to. live and after that. all i've been a couldn't honestly mean and the thought of offering it. yet again for an s.s. how dekha vet what are you mad. but the head oh what. bait. in the year nine hundred and nine in cairo on tunisia. all by the law a man claimed to be a descendent of this my was declared the caliph of the first ever shiite caliphate . it would be known as the phantom and after the fall to my daughter of the prophet
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muhammad. an ancestor of all the men. the concept of the ian lee caliphate is completely different from the apostle kind of thing because of the claim to divine inspiration and divine guidance which the thought put forward they certainly developed institution which was theoretically completely different from the of. the fatah meds now began to expand their state westwards into the most of it. but this would lead to a clash with another major muslim power. and soon the islamic world would find itself in a surreal position. yeah
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. by nine hundred twelve they were made emirates in under sia was over a century and a half old. ruled from cordoba by the eighth m.e.u. obdurate among the thirds. after crossing all rebellions. and uniting under the sea and look towards expanding southwards across the mediterranean. yes starvation and of the fucking caliphate what is no.
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meant a big threat for the us terms of the political control all the better but that existed in india. to strengthen his position. in one twenty nine. abdurrahman declared the under the sea an emirate an independent almighty caliphate. three centuries on from the founding of the title the islamic world was now divided between three colors. to sony and one. the ultimate result of that really was a decline in the value put on the notion of the caliphate itself so it leads to huge rifts politically speaking within the community as well as the religious differences that these different caliphate sick know.
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and the suffering of the a bastard caliphs continued under turkish military domination. but by the mid tenth century a new force had emerged. the boy or. a persian then a city. put an end to turkish control of a caliphate. but no boy was home shia while my baloch of assume. live a normal. shihri manner don't look at the american on a well known level and of the i don't have the sunni for and i'm on the ground going to become the real. we're still
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what's to come for the our bassett's. and nine sixty nine a phantom it on me captured egypt. three years later the forefront the macallan and moyes abandoned his capital back the tunisia and headed east. for the next two centuries the newly built city of cairo which serves as the seat of the shia. the fatah it's considered back caliphate universal so ideally they wanted to expand that palace from their original base in north africa back into each it on into syria and ultimately to encompass the whole islamic world they weren't able to achieve that and will instead happened in the tenth century was the islamic world became divided between a number of different caliphate. meanwhile
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in the west. a storm was gathering. christians uniting under the banner of the cross. we're looking eastward to conquer the holy lands. and. the approaching struggle could not have come at a worse time for a divided muslim world. and for the caliphs or at their weakest point as they turned to face the crusades.
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we've had some and usually warm weather across the eastern side of australia recently that will break over the next couple of days down to the southeast where we have got to be clear skies at present but this little system moving through the bite that's been spinning away that's going to introduce some cool wetter weather as we go on through the next day or two the guy that's making its way towards adelaide twenty three celsius fragile eight twenty five degrees for melbourne it moves in the cloud and the rain comes in it's temp to struggle to get around seventy or eighty and then as we make our way into the weekend twenty celsius
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twenty two celsius there for perth as we go on into saturday some fine and dry weather as is the case across much of australia could see a few showers just run that eastern side of queensland having said that a few showers in the process of making their way across new zealand at present had some very lively winds here recently things is quiet and down over the next couple of days attempt is just getting up to around twelve celsius in crisis a little bit of what weather just coming into central possible not its way further north as you go through saturday but prices guys do come back in behind twenty two degrees or twelve celsius there for christ bright skies for japan on friday make the most of it is clouding over pretty wet across the korean peninsula and southern parts of japan for the weekend. in australia more indigenous children are being taken from their families than ever before. when east investigates where their history is repeating itself.
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and how does iraq. it's impossible to underestimate the size and scale of the economic crisis it's not just about the billions trillions of dollars of debt it's not just about the banks it's not just about the governments it's about real people . he ruled for nearly half a century a controversial political figure in the cold in the middle east and one who was never far from crisis at home or abroad. in a two part series al-jazeera world tells the story of king hussein of jordan. episode one so violent on al-jazeera.


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