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tv   King Hussein Of Jordan Survival  Al Jazeera  April 13, 2018 9:00am-10:01am +03

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yes about. al-jazeera fluent in world news in australia more indigenous children are being taken from their families than ever before. when i went east investigates whether history is repeating itself. on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where every. getting to the heart of the matter if not stuff like injury the turkish cypriot leader calls you today and says let's have talks would you accept facing realities what do you think reunification of look like there are two people think the peace for unification is the only option for prosperity of south korea hear their story on talk to al-jazeera.
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i know that i'm aurora colorado how the top stories here on al-jazeera yes present donald trump still hasn't made a decision on how to respond to a suspected chemical weapons attack in syria. prime as the choice of may and mess his national security team to consider his options reports from washington d.c. and deny that james mattis was already settled to meet lawmakers to talk about the budget but with the growing threat of military action against syria this gave the house armed services committee the chance to drill for more information but what is the power see the department of defense regarding strategy regarding the assad regime its future in the syrian civil war is there a strategy with the president warning russia in a tweet that nice new and smart missiles were heading to syria is defense secretary insisted there was concern any strike could lead to
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a bigger battle we're trying to stop the murder of innocent people but on a strategic level how do we keep this from escalating out of control the idea of deescalating the tension is also a theme coming out of moscow with a warning russia will protect. its people on the ground this is all this which is this this is the task for each and every country in the world to protect its citizens on the ground so our people aleph soldiers they're there not for conquering i don't know conquering syrian people they are for protecting syrian people across capitol hill cia director mike pompeo was meeting senators seeking confirmation is the new secretary of state. when president trump launched his last attack in syria almost exactly a year ago he didn't seek authorization for the use of military force from congress . says he won't need at this time either i believe that he has the authority he
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needs to do that i don't believe we need that new a match for the president to engage in the activity you describe but uncertainty of what's to come still lingers not least. because the president says the decision still hasn't been made and we're looking in very very seriously very closely at that whole situation and. we'll see what happens folks will see what happens what makes we a final decision is washington's uncertainty has a lot syria and the russians to move many machinery and protect important weapon systems and whether any military action would put american troops in syria even greater risk alan fischer al jazeera washington meanwhile syrian flags are now flying in dream of the town where that suspected chemical attack took place the loss of thousands of joshua's and fighters and their families have left the former rebel stronghold as part of a russian sponsored evacuation deal there been nationwide protests in india over allegations the ruling party is trying to shield suspects in
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a rape and murder case an eight year old girl was abducted held hostage in a temple raped and then killed in jalan kashmir police say the attack in january was planned to force a muslim in logic community to leave their homes in majority area to government ministers from the b j p party the party of islands in the interim modi have been rallying support for the accused claiming it is a conspiracy against hindus. chinese president xi jinping has attended what the government says is the biggest naval drills in the street just south china sea or than ten thousand personnel seventy six fighter jets and forty eight warships took part in the exercises japan has welcomed decision by the u.s. to explore the possibility of rejoining the transpacific trade partnership donald trump has asked of viruses to see if a better deal could be negotiated it would be a major policy reversal for the u.s. president who withdrew from the pack soon after taking office citing concerns about jobs. mammal has pledged to begin repatriation over him to refugees in bangladesh
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as soon as possible the social welfare minister made the comments as he met bangladesh's foreign minister in dhaka after visiting refugee camps at cults as bizarre and thousands of palestinians up in power and for the first friday of protests in the gaza israel border fence health ministry says more than one thousand six hundred demonstrators have been shot by israeli forces thirty of them killed journalist covering demonstrations say they fear being deliberately targeted . those are the headlines al-jazeera world.
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the voice of. the third king of the house of my kingdom of jordan. a controversial. political crisis. and. he came to power
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crisis after his grandfather's nation. and he joined egypt and syria in the one nine hundred sixty seven. he walked a tightrope between the arab world israel the palestinians and the west. cynical
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opportunists maneuvering to stay in power or a major political figure whose legacy is still felt in the middle east today. this is the story of king of jordan. the twentieth of july one thousand nine hundred fifty one was a critical day in the history of jordan. king abdullah
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lebanon has the founder of the kingdom was attending friday prayers at a lock the mosque in eastern jerusalem when he was confronted by a young palestinian man. abdullah was shot dead at the gate of the mosque. he had paid the ultimate price for what palestinian thaw as his too close relationship with the new state of israel. jordan had annexed the west bank and jerusalem along with its palestinian population in the one nine hundred forty eight war that they call. the catastrophe. abdullah's death would determine the life and career of his grandson the teenage princess. and the fullest than even. i was. going to vomit or do any of the. media the usual or done that maha custom uni work let me out of the law.
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god gave you that. list in what i did men so i met holocaust as an ordinary one of the many well is that anybody. that be with their own yet when i see. one another that we haven't had. done. was murdered in front of his fifteen year old grandson prince has then been a law. passed in had had a very special relationship with his grandfather. the death of the king had a profound effect on him both at the time and throughout his life and career. it brought home how serious the threat to the crown could be and the gravity of his responsibilities this king in the years to come. but also i would
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want to believe that. through the dirt as he or the. genitals or the buses. or that of us would love so that. the last to leave. this could. that assassination created huge uncertainty in jordan and triggered a succession crisis. it was unclear who should succeed king abdullah under the constitution his eldest son crown prince talal was next in line but things weren't quite that simple. the law was in switzerland undergoing medical treatment.
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reports and rumors circulating at the time in royal circles and in the press that that prince talal was suffering from mental illness. king abdullah had signed the anglo jordanian treaty with britain in one nine hundred forty eight and some reports said that crown prince talal was hostile to britain and its interventions in jordan. they said this had caused a major disputes between father and son. there were also those who favored the king second son now if an abaya law a successor. the intrigue thickened and drew in the british and the other branch of the hashemite family ruling in iraq.
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a lot of work come out. of it as a while back i seem to go and i look up a lot about you know imagine or don't feel about internationally but i was here. in dekalb. although. years i live here my and it but i'm not up on that basis he said. well i know how that about you but yeah yeah he was here what the d.p. were here i will of everything please. that. the decision was that prince now you should act as interim regent of jordan. he assumed the role on the twentieth of july nine hundred fifty one and ruled in his
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older brother's place for seven weeks until the time on was deemed fit to take the throne on the six september. the principal british military figure in jordan for over a decade had been surge on baggot garb known locally as globe pascha. he commanded and trained the jordanian army and along with other leading politicians was opposed to the region now yes. club now played a key role in the succession crisis. he and prime minister told fear kabul hooda decided to bring prince talan back from switzerland to succeed his father but this was part of a longer term plan to cultivate the young princess theme. they saw potential in him as well as some of his grandfather's qualities but as he was too young to become king and his supporters wanted to put his father on the throne until the time was
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right for hussein. another key player in the intrigue was hussein's mother queen zain is shut off zain was the most prominent woman in the hash of my choice of family she had a strong personality and spoke four languages. she would support hussein throughout his long and difficult career but now used all her influence to implement clubs machiavellian plan to put the law on the throne. needless to say when prince now have and his men discovered clubs plan they began to plot their own routes to the crown. of those. would. be here by the house. go hard on that i was imagining that killing i was beside
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a lot of bad that it not fall into the mattress it. gives them a goofy ass and mow the pub or a duel and italy me a kind of the had our ivan from mobile i remember like a lot of reassure the a year that and the economy up in the irish for debate that has me and or do me while bidding upon the i haven't well had a contest that can be had been this really might the well. bottom one way that look i don't owe a palm island a villa can deliver a larger odor no matter how dark. but prince now if plan failed and left the way open for the law to succeed his father as king. on the sixth of september one nine hundred fifty one. arrived in amman and went immediately to parliament to be sworn in as the new king of jordan.
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christine became crown prince and then left for britain to resume his education at the private and privileged herro school. but the lawless rule was brief. his health deteriorated and a year into his reign the jordanian council of ministers appointed a committee to assume the authority of the aging king. middle of it and here. in atlanta at the back when there had been a huge well back to him had been a latch. is that enough right. but not up on e f c
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wow g b to cut a deal to be had to be to our jill belich i'm more solid parmelee he kind of a silly daughter. or the manner of how the at the. magician or the magician or. broke. the melich when one of the. male. american i would be there. in august one nine hundred fifty two prince hussein was on holiday in geneva with his mother and family when an envelope arrived from the jordanian prime minister addressed to his majesty king hussein. it described what had happened in amman. his father had abdicated and
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hussein was now to become king. prime minister though fear kabul hooda had informed the national assembly that king was no longer able to exercise power. he presented reports on his health signed by five doctors three jordanian and two from abroad. under the jordanian constitution if the king was incapacitated by mental illness the national assembly could depose him and transfer power to the crown prince. for same arrived in a man to reception of mixed feelings among the jordanian people. they were still recovering from the assassination of king abdullah when poland was deposed after less than a year now they were presented with
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a seventeen year old as his successor. the constitution stipulated that hussein couldn't take the throne until he was eighteen by the muslim calendar. so a regency council was formed of the prime minister members of the house of representatives and senior senators to perform the functions of the monarch. in the meantime forseen returned to britain to spend six intensive months at the royal military academy at sandhurst. on the second of may nine hundred fifty three a sane reached his eighteenth birthday by the muslim calendar.
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he processed through the streets of amman to cheering crowds and made his way to parliament to take the oath of office. similac. and.
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his thing was crowned the third king of jordan. on the same day his cousin was crowned feisal the second of the other country under strong british influence in the region iraq. for same became king at a time of uncertainty and instability in the region he faced three main challenges . first the british. gaap the law had agreed the anglo jordanian treaty with them in one nine hundred forty eight allowing them to maintain military bases there. their presence was a dominant one. second. israel and the palestinians four years after the founding of israel and georgians annexation of the west bank and its palestinian population sane had to deal with this enormous
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issue. thirty. had overthrown the egyptian king putting the future of monarchies in the arab world into question and influencing sustains future relationship with. the same surrounded himself with a small circle his mother queen zain his uncle shadi fawcett have been jimmy and from hashemite iraq. his cousin and lifelong friend they had it in shock and a core group of men who'd been loyal to king abdullah mainly from inside the army. from. some of them. at c.s.e. and they live in. the felt the feet of the who the summit of the fairly well
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behaved hash and lady in a row on her come by and a half a minute then woke up a year after his stain became king in october one thousand nine hundred fifty three the vulnerability of the west bank became crystal clear. israeli troops led by ariel sharon overran the village of could be. it was a glimpse of the future. israel claimed there were palestinian infiltrators in the village who carried out operations inside israel but at least sixty nine civilians were killed including women and children another woman or domain who i know dude had made it in f.c. who wouldn't let the empty quack as it had made it in the am well to tell your mother would you don't accept but i will ask erudition or than i would have said what on the organ if he can fuck it up who are hostile to more of that infamous than him look at how the hottest young woman went after the fittest and he and so i
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can will call when can hardly be forgotten yeah it'll just give you what i'm not you have the bottom of the nasa when atlantis a on a number eleven and how does one know who they shot by then governor ventura was a holiday now why is it. going to call mr madness then again but if the postman who at that because even the most. who does he want. to go to them they know i'll be home. that the side but i mean how. was hard by all the the layer of the. whole gun jump woman's body we bought since. the attack on libya was a key moment in her scenes relationship with the palestinians who felt the jordanian army did nothing to stop this radius. it asked questions of georgians presence and draw in the west bank and provoked protests across the
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country as palestinians accuse the jordanian army of failing to protect their people. the young king was faced by mass social unrest and forced to confront the most complex problem the middle east had ever faced and one which remains today palestinian refugees. but palestinian anger was not only directed at jordan britain was also their targets and sir john bagot club and particularly. he commanded the jordanian army and the palestinians accused glop pascha of complicity in the cookie attack and their failure to defend the people of the village a sort of fear of a tool. to be. sure that more fertile mr mr or mr or them to live in a more. organ of them said what i was like or what the above us were going about
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and occurring and i thought i was here to look at the salon with you. more so much at that for a bit in the early or had them in her. to be in madrid that just with the feel she has a low volume. to work up a little further or got a couple of fissures in other words and limit her with then you have a strategy levitical the. in the front of. the right shoulder. and the oldest you worked at the morgue with. whichever. effectively around the jordanian army staines relationship with him was crucial but difficult. was much older but there was more. to say
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knew that he and his country would never be truly independent as long as the british remained in jordan. coming up how for saying would address this strange relationship and end forty years of british military involvement in jordan . one day fidel castro arrived to the country club and the decide to play god. and certainly if you didn't castro said to she give you a magic shade good good. very good source cuban so far in this magnificent. a chronicle of the revolution and its aspirations through the prism of its architecture cuba's unfinished spaces on al-jazeera. there is in a very short time to be a trusted news source wherever you are in the world here we want to know what's
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going on there and to find out very quickly we know look at the news some nations prison. we are probably international everybody will lend something watching our coverage. be showing that we can be the best international news and most trusted source of stories that people actually can't find elsewhere and that's going to continue. a story fourteen hundred years in the making. a story of succession and the leadership. as josie that of the story of dispute and division of the heart. the caliph episode to just.
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and there are those of a problem in doha with the headlines on al-jazeera the u.s. president. still hasn't made a decision on how to respond to a suspected chemical weapons attack in syria russia has called another u.n. security council meeting to discuss the situation meanwhile syrian flags are now flying in dubai the town with suspected attack took place the last of jaish al islam fighters and their families have left the former rebel stronghold as part of a russian sponsored evacuation deal. they have been mass protests in india over allegations that the ruling party is trying to shield suspects in a rape and murder case an eight year old girl was abducted held hostage at a temple raped and then killed in jammu and kashmir in january police say the attack was planned to force the muslim community to leave the room to the joshua area to government ministers from his dominions or more to the j.p.
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have been rallying support for the accused saying the case of the conspiracy against hindus. chinese president xi jinping has attended what the government says are the biggest naval drills in the disputed south china sea more than ten thousand personnel seventy six fighter jets and forty eight warships took part in the exercises. japan has welcomed a decision by the u.s. to explore the possibility of rejoining the transpacific trade partnership donald trump has asked advisors to see if a better deal could be negotiated it will be a major policy reversal for the u.s. president who withdrew from the pact soon after taking office citing concerns about jobs. at least five people have been killed in somalia following a bomb blast at a packed football stadium the explosion hit a stadium in the coastal town of beit allah the armed group al-shabaab has claimed responsibility for the attack sri lankan president said he said there has
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temporarily suspended the country's parliament on till may the move came off of the government promise to cabinet reshuffle following an unsuccessful no confidence motion against prime minister downing become a single thousands of palestinians are preparing for a food fight a of protest along the gaza israel border fence gaza's health ministry says more than sixteen hundred demonstrators have been shot by israeli forces so far thirty of them killed when local journalists covering the demonstration said they fear they are being deliberately targeted. as the headlines on al-jazeera do stay with us al-jazeera world continues next. by one nine hundred fifty six the scene of jordan was embarrassed by the continued british military presence in his country and was looking for ways of ridding himself of the army commander sir john bagot club.
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opposition parties were also emerging arab nationalists socialist and communist. to them the british were presented colonial domination and they thought the king a puppets in imperial hands. the scenes grandfather had not tolerated opposition but for now sustain observed the emergence of new political factions with interest. until one had hung in check on the husband the famous husband full of theming with. maher. that. can chuck them in a henry g. but in that. kind mohan of our world. that how we're canonical when we aren't the more the weren't there.
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were met at the degree no where the dustbin where the do or where the indians were told melissa june we're going to have. this minto really i'm a little poker moved from thought seventy. minutes you know you know i have a hard time no one comes of yemen cabin in the middle of the room and coffee and clean rug. sustained based further opposition over a new regional alliance the baghdad cocked supported by the us it was created in one nine hundred fifty five by britain iraq turkey iran and pakistan partly to combat soviet influence in the middle east sustain was tempted by the military and financial support it would provide but arab nationalism turned out to
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be a stronger force protesters led by opposition parties took to the streets and has seen complied by deciding not to join the baghdad pockets d.m. has really had a machine a powerful come see him. gelatin the shuttle she has shifted or done the arctic lay there like. met. how the allies are made. up the as well had they did the hustle that sent elephants army a lot of our home seen. but that of the whole part of the help that. held by the who are these your men. laugh and let the of the have a fever a few months of shock and. happiness and knew how come cheap the earlier michelle.
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obama put. more of them up to devour on a shock. coloma sherry i had to be ahead of an. off bottle. if you were to hide show reality one more call would surely the egyptian president gamal abdel nasser is where lesion shipped with jordan with tens. he believed what he called reactionary regimes and arab monarchies should all be toppled. nasser had led the free officers and nationalist movement in the egyptian army to remove king fahd of egypt in one nine hundred fifty two. a similar group now developed within the jordanian army its aim was to remove a saying but the king managed to get rid of them and gloves and the british in one fell swoop. kinko sainz relationship with britain embarrassed him among the jordanian opposition and the nasser's egypt ridding himself of club became his
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number one priority. the main disagreements between the two men was the complete absence of jordanians among the senior officer ranks of the army. will be able to will earlier middleburg on. the about the grow you mother. grow kind of which to. me so i mean you know what i mean if you have a comes. with some sort of a skinny lame can anybody who has muscle have a bot and they are jewish fused enough. that maybe it'll go to about about in the last missy of i'm a b. b j sinead i don't scold me or any i love the. t.v. must cut up the loss of my mother whom you have actually really finish it unappreciative first if you've got about them bumping this group of thirteen sawyer
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overbooking from me. so mary. then presented her sane with the opportunity he'd been waiting for. on the twenty eighth of february one nine hundred fifty six gave the king a list of jordanian officers he proposed to demobilize from the army. this deeply angered the king but gave him the chance to act. he convened a secret meeting of a number of loyal army officers. he told them about his desire to get rid of club and asked them if they were ready to take over command of the army when they agreed the same took the decision that night to dismiss general club and expel him from
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jordan. why did he do it because there was a group of free offices in jordan in the arab legion who were inspired by the example of the free officers who carried out the revolution in egypt in nineteen fifty two and they wanted to get rid of the british influence and to get rid of glob pasha and kinko same realized that if he didn't cooperate with these nationalists elements in his army they would they may topple him. the next day on the first of march nineteenth fifty six justin's forces began implementing his decision to expel the. club's
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residence and a man was surrounded and all. communications cuts. in christine informed the government of his decision and ordered prime ministers to me to fire you to tell club of his dismissal and that he had to leave the country immediately. no one. should tell comes here so you have pressure and he make girl i don't like you do what you do i'm your national. your genetic command which is about we are not really anything but you can only a custom for what you should do on my issues are what ashleigh. generated so you can read the news over the budgeters more not in libya level as you do and
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many reading about it but christian was an for them by the film industry was. also. what happened when j. . tried it and huge well lo bash. well but here tony. jordan was thrown into a state of shock. opinion was divided some hailing the move to expel the club and the british others fearing a british backlash. nasr didn't speak the news with and thought it was just a british american trick. while the british on the other hand thought nasir was behind the plots they protested but hussein spoke to the army and the nation.
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and your book bob who will be my wife will. wow you i remember. how you would come to blow up on what how after what you know without. bribe. you know an uproar and lee do you know. my family made of you know what i mean not . a new do your problem in your are broad area remarkable you've run up. would there clearly not a large new law here i mean you we don't remember a lot have no matthew now where lurker you might be out where many are going to. come out who are. a mere mama wow. i do wish that you could suggest that he would just. get to just look into the arc of the. sentence to. know more just the doctor than take
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a. that would show them of the future of the community for i would come and meet our you or a neighbor's or the one herbalist and what would we do with look at what we got out of it you were going to have got there and one of them got more out of me. but gloves expulsion wasn't the only momentous events of one nine hundred fifty six . so sane decided the time was rights to hold parliamentary elections but his advisors didn't necessarily agree and were split on the issue. those against thought pro nasir left wing parties opposed to the king would win. for them elections represented a threat to the throne but the king insisted on their going to have. the elections took place on the twentieth of october one nine hundred fifty six and her scenes
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advisors deepest fears were realized. left wing and socialist parties one a parliamentary majority. one of the m.p.'s elected was yakutia dean the former secretary general of the jordanian communist party. he want to see true presenting jerusalem. the a month and a said to him seemed about developed that it can only end. the thought of them all day with no hope that the hawk will part of the muckluck on the economy and now a man with a long on god then good for the mullahs selborne not either hargrove or the minute of more than a third funny minute to john miller. or than i have in the way of pocket a gun in ballot and win for feeling that i have. no single party won an outright majority but still
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a man and his national socialist party won the most seats with eleven. and nabulsi himself failed to win a seat but he became prime minister of the first elected government in jordan as leader of the largest party in parliament. and his government was leftist. and anti hashemites. it competed with the king in decision making and try to undermine him. opposition to the king grew and even extended to the army. has seen received reports of plans to stage a military coup against him. to king would not tolerate this and increasingly feared attempts to overthrow him so he dismissed. and dissolved parliament. violence erupted over the dismissal and in one nine
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hundred fifty seven there was an attempted coup. sustained declared martial law. when civilian rule returned the following year political parties had been banned. internal security was tight and. jordan had become a totalitarian state. that for one in one hour and in one of its june until they were in a rug look professional are a borehole or nafta and a sham on a month that are on the market going home companion when the other with a bad kammen we are fortunate than the harm. we're thirty one of them were and yet can a time mother win a nickel and then americans. who are. eligible. for. the. preemptive coupe yeah i mean
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columbus to bucky. looked out of the water but mark obama going to look up what was the book that had a colleague on it wyman who am i am. no sooner had sustained dealt with his domestic crisis than a bigger and more complex challenge a rose on the arab international stage on the twenty second of february in one nine hundred fifty eight egypt's president nasser announced the creation of the united arab republic unifying syria and egypt with himself as president. then i'll serve. the loss of flicker good all i'm going to give out of him but you've done a motherly. michiru abiola then you tell me
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die promo out of it. must be clear. of the nurse or i'll be your den mom. no progressivity she was selected. billet i'm not here to listen lick with a friend who say environmental science so. maybe not army from arts college only need to be. overbid a draw. you to him him putting. as a counter to the egypt syria republic jordan formed the hashemites union with iraq . but it did not last long. five months later on
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the fourteenth of july christine received a dramatic phone call telling him of a coup against the hashemite monarchy in iraq. an army officer. awesome overthrew hussein's cousin king faisal the second when the army broke into the royal palace and killed him and the entire iraqi royal family. the news shocked can crossing it lost a branch of the hashemite family and was now isolated in relation to nasr is united arab republic. the u.a.e. are orchestrated a series of events the destabilize the jordanian regime not least the assassination of its prime minister has. one thousand nine hundred sixty. concussed saying
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also accuse the u.a.r. of making several attempts on his own life. the u.a.r. was a constant thorn in the same side until it's the solution in one nine hundred sixty one. but relations between sustain a nasr still remain tense and nasr began increasingly to play the palestinian card against him. on the thirteenth of january one nine hundred sixty four bit gyptian president sent out invitations to the first arab summit in cairo. a sane was first on the guest list. when it comes. did the summit announce two crucial decisions that would directly affect this thing . the first was the setting up of a joint arab military command to deal with israel in case of a potential attack the second was the creation of
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a new independent body to represent the palestinians what would become the palestinian liberation organization the p.l.o. . medical center and. another lebanon for the. future of the one who went to school i don't. know who had. been. the most. that's not people are going to come out of austin in the bath they have a. look at one of the shock lady who was shot while of the stella the skill let's not let him have the secret of the massive crowd a. commodity whether half covered one of them of the one hundred finest in the other house while the other that it bucky at the moment that was going to be home
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of the target for the stadium. well medical center with seven. this is a bad wish that. yeah yeah. yes that was a slightly albee not what is that it is listed that's where we're going to have. a wonderful set up a little one jack island kind of a sati. at the end of main one nine hundred sixty four the formation of the palestinian national council was debated at a conference in jerusalem. king christine not only attended the meetings but also the liver to speech to send out his personal message and expressed his serious concerns. when you know you're a liberal. and i'll just give you. you have to have you know maybe you know to look
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at just a. little bit have you know what i look for your i'll move i can i let you. talk a little walk a dog i love it but. i didn't look at the. good good and not let me look but they. didn't build up to the how do you do what i did in the pub i'm not so i. don't want to hear good. and i like that you have to get up when shy people of the. robot out of them will be a body but i want to be you have one. i've been up up up a lot or be yemen for the feed in return the palestinian liberation organization pledged not to interfere in jordan's internal affairs or was jordanian citizens of palestinian origin.
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football. cleaning voting today on what the good. thang mean by. clean easy medina to look. but a lot of iron in one like a can or. cannot. let about the foot a lot of a lot of other. fellas the media has so bad still i saw you in a moment see you. a camel a plausible big one constantia sense of morale and the men feel you were in
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a sort of previously zero zero zero zero when it had to support a military policy embellish with her a problem or said iraq and then passed out there's gonna what changes the optimism of. it but then math still could be a full of sydney i'm abt after the middle of all the sear see one of them goodness all i've been listening to or the village of heaven for me any. the philistine in order that. the world will. work whatever. the p.l.o. came into being on the twenty eighth of may nineteenth sixty four through a series of concessions by both sides which they hoped would set the tone for the future. but at the time no one present first of all what would happen seven months later. on the first of january one nine hundred sixty five
9:57 am
a military communique was issued by fatah the palestinian liberation movement led by yasser arafat's it's announced the start of the palestinian armed struggle. fatah and would go on to play a key role in his teens life and career and in the middle east as a whole for the next four decades. he ruled for nearly half a century a controversial political figure in the cold in the middle east and one who was never far from crisis at home or abroad. in a two part series al-jazeera world tells the story of king hussein of jordan episode
9:58 am
to. face. on al-jazeera. hello the weather has been rather disturbed for central parts of the middle east recently some rather disturbed weather making its way out of iraq into iran area a cloud here sweeping in across the region this kind of stock actually we're going to see further showers or longer spells of rain as we go through friday bright skies behind here is fine dry and sunny some gorgeous sunshine coming through over the next couple of days but you notice the right nest of in place in say that eastern side of iraq up towards the north east pushing up towards azerbaijan georgia and armenia a little bit of wet weather too just into northern areas of iran at this stage an easing over towards afghanistan south of that it's bright and sunny and it will become increasingly bright and sunny across the reagan peninsula over the next few
9:59 am
days friday here in doha temperatures getting up to thirty five celsius there for back a little as we go on into saturday but essentially a lot of dry and sunny weather channels of wanted to share was that into saudi arabia still a chance of some showers into central parts of south africa was you go on through friday we have got the clear skies a little further north this little area of shabby rain heavy storms there the process of filtering out as you make our way into saturday more showers the familiar the mozambique and more rain for tanzania. the scene for us where on line what is american sign in yemen the peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sat there people that there are choosing between buying medication eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an
10:00 am
activist who's close to the story joined the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where ever you are. as we embrace new technologies rarely do we stop to ask what is the price of this progress what happened was people started getting sick but there was a small group of people that began to think that maybe this was related to the kind of disclosure in the job and investigation reveals how even the smallest devices have deadly environmental and health costs we think ok we'll send our you waste to china but we have to remember that air pollution travels around the globe death by design on al-jazeera.


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