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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 13, 2018 11:00am-11:34am +03

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city or storage he said people should use no more than fifty liters of time water per person per day. about a third of the city's residents live in informal settlements like this one and you can see in about four percent of the water for generations they've already been collecting it through communal taps all sources say the city will reach day zero on the ninth of july that's when they'll turn off the water in the hopes to have it only the communal council stay on. the city's taps of fed by reservoirs this is one of the largest. gallup where four years ago they would have been on the twenty five meters of water since then the province has suffered the worst drought on record. water saving measures have already postponed a zero by three months everyone here is hoping the winter will soon bring enough rainfall to make sure the road never come.
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down supreme court bans former prime minister now washington from politics for life . well al jazeera live from headquarters in doha with me and the parana also ahead let signals from washington all the military action against syria. a show of force says beijing stages naval exercises in the disputed south china sea and in a surprise move sri lanka's president suspends parliament. for breaking news from the supreme court has bad former prime minister now watch today from politics for life a five judge bench and the. decision in the capital islamabad the three time former
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prime minister was removed from office last year after being convicted of a corruption of hosp on didn't come out hi this is joining us live from islamabad so what does this mean kemal for cities and for the ruling for his ruling pakistan muslim league was potty. obviously as far as the ruling party is concerned richardson government as they're already critical of the war dig saying that this is a joke however it should be remembered that this is a unanimous decision by the country's supreme court which is the apex court of the country day of college now saying that anyone who is just qualified under article sixty to one x. which pertains to honesty and right now is of a parliamentarian making it incumbent. it is also the same under the same provision
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that now why should a voice disqualify back in july last year in the pan am of papers case there was also another leader a senior leader of the opposition from emraan khan's party john good to reno was also disqualified in december of last year for the say under the same provision so indeed they are called now saying that there was no ambiguity about their timeframe of their disqualification that their qualification would be for life mr nawaz sharif younger daryn will not be able to continue to take part in any elections had any all phrase all become members of parliament and kemal you mentioned the panama papers remind us why it is the supreme court disqualified today from holding office last year and the revelations in the panama papers that led to all of this. well indeed that was a turning point for the show dave because you're
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a very become prime minister for the third time he had the majority in parliament however the relevation revelations story from the panama papers data leaks showed that he had and his family had properties overseas and of cost and the case was that medicaid and he was drugged under article sixty two one f. which pertains to understeer and right nation he was disqualified despite the fact that there was a lot of opposition from the ruling party then rent across the country saying that he had the mandate and i did was the warders who had to decide his future the court now making it quite clear that anyone who while that particular provision of the constitution should under any circumstances should know that he will be disqualified for life the government of causing that this is a joke now why should evolve god's will call it political richter migration but the
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country's judiciary again dependent and is also in a position to make some bold decisions come out thank you very much for that that has come out high there with the very latest from islamabad thank you. to other news now the u.s. defense secretary has played down expectations of an imminent missile strike on syria james mattis said any strife would have to be balanced with the threat of creating a wider conflict but early on thursday president donald trump said a missile strike could happen soon or not at all alan fischer reports now from washington d.c. that neither james mattis was already settled to meet lawmakers to talk about the budget but with a growing threat of military action against syria this gave the house armed services committee the chance to drill for more information but what is the power see the department of defense regarding strategy regarding the assad regime its future in the syrian civil war is their strategy with the president warning russia in a tweet that nice new and smart missiles were heading to syria is defense secretary
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insisted there was concern any strike could lead to a bigger battle and we're trying to stop the murder of innocent people but on a strategic level it's how do we keep this from escalating out of control the idea of deescalating the tension is also a theme coming out of moscow with a warning russia will protect. its people on the ground this is all this which is this this is the task for each and every country in the world to protect its citizens on the ground so our people ologist soldiers they're there not for conquering i don't know conquering syrian people they are for protecting syrian people across capitol hill cia director mike pompeo was meeting senators seeking confirmation is the new secretary of state. when president trump launched his last attack in syria almost exactly a year ago he didn't seek authorization for the use of military force from congress
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. says he won't need at this time either i believe that he has the authority he needs to do that i don't believe we need and that a new a matter for the president to engage in the activity you describe. but uncertainty of what's to come still lingers not least because the president says the decision still hasn't been made and we're looking very very seriously very closely at that whole situation and. we'll see what happens folks we'll see what happens what me swe a final decision is washington's uncertainty has allowed syria and the russian allies to move men in machinery and protect important weapon systems and whether any military action would put american troops in syria at even greater risk alan fischer al-jazeera washington. well with the uncertain signals coming from washington tensions have been high across the middle east because funds in a hole there is joining us live from beirut now and that those amidst those tensions aina the chemical weapons watchdog you have now arrived in syria.
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yes the chemical weapons inspectors from the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons they arrived in damascus late yesterday and what we understand from the organization they will start their mission tomorrow saturday so they are going to head to duma the town of duma where this suspected chemical weapons attack happens now there are already questions being raised on whether or not this mission will be a success because duma is now under the control of the government according to a surrender deal the fighters the rebels they have left now when this team reaches duma will the evidence have to have been tampered with these are questions that are being asked and what the people who are still living in to must speak openly because of the new authority on the ground and there's another question this chemical weapons watchdog can only decide whether or not a chemical weapons attack has actually happened it cannot apportion blame so is
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this mission going to be enough to stave off the possibility of strikes or is trump all waiting for this mission to produce its outcome before deciding on whether or not he intends to strike syria but one thing is clear that tensions have somewhat ease with the ongoing diplomatic contacts behind the scenes saying i thank you very much for that. lives in favor of thank you. now japan has welcomed a decision by the u.s. to explore the possibility of rejoining the transpacific trade partnership donald trump as an asked advisors to see if a better deal could be to go shaped and the president previously described the deal as a disaster it would be a major policy reversal for the u.s. president who withdrew from the pact soon after taking office citing concerns about jobs the t.v. pay includes eleven other pacific rim countries. now china's navy is to hold live fire drills in the taiwan straits next week the exercises come at
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a time of increased tension with the u.s. over washington support for the island republic china regards taiwan as a breakaway province the announcement came as china's maybe concluded its biggest ever fleet review in the contested waters of the south china sea by china correspondent adrian brown reports. in the sea where so many countries now have territorial claims an unprecedented display of chinese military power image is likely to unsettle some of china's neighbors it was the top story on chinese state television running for more than twenty two minutes the fleet review involved forty eight warships a nuclear powered submarine and china's sole operating aircraft carrier looming the display also included seventy six aircraft including bombers as well as ten thousand servicemen and women. will all dressed for battle issuing orders their
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commander in chief president xi jinping armed with words for a military he's determined to strengthen. building is strong the v.a. has never become so urgent as to day will carry out the thought of beauty in a strong military a new era. just forty eight hours earlier before an audience that included world leaders president xi had sought to present china as the guarantor of free trade now in the south china sea that contains some of the world's busiest shipping lanes he had another message these are our waters and we have the strength to defend them. the display happens history u.s. navy aircraft carrier battle groups pass through these same contested waters. china claims almost ninety percent of the south china sea and for the past few years has been reinforcing its claim by building artificial islands it denies they have
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a military purpose. some of these warships and i'll sailing towards the narrow strait that separates china from taiwan to take part in a live fire drill next wednesday the first such exercise in more than twenty years adrian brown al-jazeera beijing. sri lanka's president has suspended parliament for a mom amid a growing rift with the prime minister supporters of president might city saina voted for a no confidence motion against prime minister don and became a singer last week but were defeated lawmakers to the prime minister have since threatened to quit the coalition and a pressuring the president to resign parliament will reconvene after the eighth of may and often and as has more from colombo. the suspension of parliament by president my three policy recently who proved the house by virtue of a gasket at midnight on thursday took everyone by surprise it was a bolt out of the blue now just over a week ago we had
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a no confidence motion defeated a no confidence motion brought against the prime minister which threw the government into crisis the reason being that a sizable amount sixteen government ministers from the president of freedom party chose to break ranks and vote for the no confidence motion another group also decided to be absent from the voting so this has caused problems as to a way forward you know different camps saying that the minister should stay work with the president the prime minister's supporters saying that they should be removed that is untenable they continue with the government now the no confidence motion itself was a huge sort of a shake for the government source close to the president's office told me that it was almost like a bomb had exploded with everything thrown into chaos however he said things were cooling down and he said that this is spencer and might be a way for things to settle to allow
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a cooling off period so that we don't have this group moving on mass to the opposition and shaking the very balance of government. still ahead on the bus and the modified palestinian journalists covering protests in gaza city being targeted by israeli from first. through tranquil the brave you can you. can see if any should go until. the weather remains very disturbed across western parts of europe but things will cheer up as we go on through the next few days i am pleased to say nace in southern france sixty millimeters of rain in twenty four hours except plenty of cloud across that western half of euro east west split this one and the cloud will continue to tumble its way in from the atlantic little spin of their just around spine and post-school clear skies come back in full france heavy
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rain there a big area of low pressure now making its way across germany and that will continue to drive further east which is because through the next couple of days friday is going to be a wet day for a good part of germany the walk he's already in place we getting up to twenty four celsius in walsall twenty in kiev mid twenty's there four to caress behind that we're starting to see temperatures lifting fourteen in london won't see about a drier day to calm across the northwest side of yet still pretty cold in madrid just the same degrees bouncing up the last to around eighteen celsius but still a few showers into that western side of the mediterranean but you want to see showers into france eighteen in london that's twenty back will see some rain making its way towards that eastern side of the year up and then it warms up for all as we go into next week meanwhile northwestern parts of africa seeing some lousy downpours with rain moving across algeria. there with sponsored by cats on. the scene for us there on line. and in yemen the peace is possible but.
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not because the situation is. because no one cares or if you join us on sept. this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who has posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. good to have you on al-jazeera these are our top stories supreme court has banned. from politics for life
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a five judge bench announced the decision in the capital of. the three time former prime minister was removed from office last year on corruption allegations. the u.s. defense secretary has played down expectations of an imminent attack on syria following president trump's comments that missile strikes could happen soon or. this comes as the syrian government takes all of the rebel held town of suspected chemical attack took place on saturday and china's military has announced plans for a lot of fire drills and the taiwan straits next week the exercises come at a time of heightened tension over and u.s. support for the republic of china regards taiwan as a breakaway province. thousands of palestinians are preparing for a third friday of protest along the gaza israel border fence gaza's health ministry says more than sixteen hundred demonstrators have been shot by israeli forces so far thirty of them have been killed our correspondent how force it is joining us
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live from gaza now and what are we expecting today harry. well each of these fridays has been if you like branded in a different way the first was the land day protest the second was the day of burning tires this one is going to be the day of burning the israeli flag and hoisting the palestinian one in its place at five separate locations along the border the protesters last night they are acted these twenty meter flag poles and we've seen one of the flags one of the israeli flags that's being prepared people actually as they've been arriving they've been walking over it and as you can see they've been already approaching the the buffer zone that the israelis have imposed in front of the security fence that as they call it the separation fence between gaza and israel and the protesters are here preparing for what could be another dangerous day we've already seen as you say hundreds of people hit by israeli live
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fire we've seen thirty one demonstrators killed two other bodies have been which have been retained on the israeli side of the border and among those statistics have been palestinian journalists there be nine injured we've seen some of them in hospital very serious leg injuries and of course one killed last friday we've been speaking to some of their colleagues this week about how they feel about preparing for what could be another dangerous day. we get ready to film at one of the protest camps along garza's eastern edge it's a quiet midweek day featuring families with young children and they're well back from the area where israeli troops have used live fire on the past two fridays but they wear their protective equipment nonetheless this. after the journalists were shot last friday the family told us don't go we as journalists we send a message no matter what my wife or mother says we love our work because of that
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will keep coming here. last friday freelance photographer yasser tiger was shot in the upper body as he covered the protests the bullet entered his armpit where his flak jacket clearly labelled press could provide no protection he died in hospital but it's not just the death of yasser more times or that has his colleagues worried the palestinian journalist syndicate says there's a deliberate policy by the israeli army of targeting journalists in order to intimidate them certainly nine other journalists were injured by gunfire during last week's protests. israel has denied targeting members of the media at the same time it's accused of being on the hamas payroll without providing evidence. in gaza's sheaffer hospital we meet. a freelance photographer he was shot in the left leg and needed three surgeries the latest transferring muscle from one leg to the other. upstairs is beginning what could be a twelve month recovery like
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a freelancer he's worried about the impact of being without work for so long minutes after capturing these images of injured protesters being rushed away for treatment he found himself making the same journey. i was wearing a flak jacket and helmet suddenly while i was working about four hundred meters from the fence the israelis shot me with a live bullet in the leg it broke the bind because it was an explosive bullet. but he says the job of documenting these protests and the israeli response to them was worth the risk a sentiment shared by t.v. cameraman joe klein who despite his family's concerns will be back on shift at the border on friday. and you can see an ambulance there that is heading out to the border area with the first injury that we've seen a somebody was carried from the defense area very quickly towards our ambulance and so that's already more evidence that this could be another day where we're going to
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see a lot of this going on indeed become a man that we were speaking to is just a few yards away from us here so he is back on shift as we were expecting and the israelis of course are trying to say that this is a security measure they the foreign ministry has put out a statement saying that the protests are being used as cover for breaches of the security fence and other activity by hamas and they say that any country would do the same in order to protect its borders given the course of international condemnation of what's been going on here a space of a number of foreign governments would respond somewhat differently to that point but so far we haven't seen that the height of these process that is due to take place after friday prayers in two or three hours time kara thank you very much for that correspondent hard for that who's going to be monitoring those protests and all the developments from them and gaza thank you u.s. president donald comes along many for secretary of state has faced tough questions
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from senators at a confirmation hearing my pompei was grilled on everything from iran and north korea to his views on islamophobia as well as the investigation into alleged russian meddling in the two party and sixteen election when the senate will vote on has nomination later this month rosalind jordan reports. the antiwar demonstrators were there when mike plumb pale arrived for his confirmation hearing. you know. so too was a cascade of tough questions from congressional democrats about the secretary of state nominees views on north korea we have a responsibility to achieve a condition where kim jong il is unable to threaten the united states of america with a nuclear weapon the iran nuclear deal which pompei o has opposed in the past and if there's no chance that we can fix it i will recommend to the president that we do our level best to work with our allies to achieve a better outcome and a better deal and his willingness to be a truth teller not a yes man to u.s.
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president donald trump republican rand paul who has already promised to oppose upon pales nomination some here worry that you're going to be too much in agreement president actually where you're going to be too much in disagreement with the president but pump pale also faced tough questions about what some call his anti muslim views do you have any views that the muslim faith or people believe in worshipping other gods is that just something negative in our country hey you can look at my record you don't have to take my word for it here today my record is exquisite with respect to treating people of each and every faith with the dignity they deserve and pompei o even faced questions about the president's alleged efforts to undermine the special counsel's investigation into russian meddling in the two thousand and sixteen u.s. elections if the president were to fire the special counsel or to interfere with his investigation that it would put the rule of law genuinely at risk if that were
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the case and if that happened would you resign your post as secretary of state in order to demonstrate that we are a nation of laws not of men my instincts tell me no. my instincts tell me that my obligation to continue to serve as america's senior diplomat will be more important at increased times of political domestic turmoil for nearly five hours on thursday mike pompei o tried to be as diplomatic as possible about his views before skeptical senators his future now rests in their hands as they debate whether to forward his nomination to be secretary of state to the entire senate rosalyn jordan al-jazeera capitol hill. now an ethical ego driven and with a leadership style like that of a mob boss that is the scathing assessment of us president almost and a new book by the former f.b.i. director james comey at comet's less than a hair off to connie was fired by the president and agalloch of imports from
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washington become more famous than me. even before james combs book hits the shelves it's making headlines in creating more headaches for us president donald trump in exits from ohio a loyalty truth lies in leadership the former f.b.i. director writes this president is on ethical and untethered to truth and institutional values his leadership is transactional ego driven and about personal loyalty so many also alleges the president asked him to investigate rumors of a videotape showing don't trump with prostitutes in a russian hotel room he claims a president wanted to put the first lady's mind at ease i am extremely careful i'm surrounded by bodyguards i'm surrounded by people and i always tell them anywhere but i always tell them if i'm leaving this country be very careful. because in your hotel rooms and no matter where you go you're going to probably have cameras i can tell you is the f.b.i.
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director has no credibility. online attack ads funded by the republican national committee aimed to discredit komi he was fired in may last year the trumpet ministration initially said he was dismissed over his handling of the f.b.i.'s investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails but president trump gave other reasons so it confused me when i saw on television the president saying that he actually fired me because of the russian stick. and learned again from the media that he was telling private leave other parties that my firing could relieve great pressure on the russian first occasion book comes out next tuesday at a time when the president is already besieged with domestic problems his personal lawyers offices were raided by the f.b.i. earlier this week and the fallout from accusations made by a former adult film star continue the picture james komi paints of president trump is unflattering to say the least the former f.b.i. director compares trump to a mob boss who demands loyalty over the rule of law his account of serving the
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president may not sway trump space but the memoir is already a bestseller and gallacher al-jazeera washington. if european government is blaming egypt for the failure to reach an agreement with saddam over a controversial dam project all talks on the ground renaissance stand and ethiopia ended with no agreement between the three countries the dam will be the largest in africa costing five billion dollars egypt fears it will significantly reduce the amount of water flowing downstream in. we have seen the lack of seriousness and cooperation from the egyptian side and that's the reason for the failure of the khartoum negotiations egypt proposed the one nine hundred fifty nine agreement in the negotiations we renew our position by rejecting this agreement because ethiopia was not part of it and therefore this proposal is a red line and rejected by all means we do not recognize any agreement that we were not a part of the collapse of negotiations is the result of egypt introducing this old
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convention as an option. to us vice president mike pence planning to meet venezuelan opposition leaders and during friday's summit of the americas the meeting is part of regional efforts to increase pressure on women when president. and venezuelans were among several groups of protesters rallying in the capital ahead of the summit john homeless and lima. the summit of the americas the biggest gathering of heads of state in the western hemisphere has yet to begin but already people are protesting here in lima peru the people here at venezuela and they're protesting against the venezuelan government which is currently presiding over a humanitarian and financial crisis among them is the exiled ex mayor of caracas who told us what he hopes the heads of state will do in the summit of the americas because only then will muslims jani they should declare the sanctions against those
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guilty of corruption and crimes against humanity and those who are linked to drug trafficking and terrorism. the issue of venezuela is going to feature on the agenda but the host country peru has already sent a message but uninviting venezuelan president nicolas maduro is going to be another leader who isn't going to be attending the summit and that's the united states president donald trump he's decided to stay at home to deal with the syria crisis and a lot of people here feeling the message that sends is that latin america priority for him without president trump the rest of the leaders here a left to do with the summit central theme and that's corruption especially in latin america bravery scandal has unfolded this for the sake of the returning some countries have prosecuted politicians other countries have failed to do so the question is if they should still be able to come up with concrete solutions to what
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is an age old problem here. again on the product and on holiday headlines on al-jazeera pakistan's supreme court has banned former prime minister now washed away from politics for life a five judge bench announcing decision in the capital islamabad the three time former prime minister was removed from office last year after being convicted of corruption come on hi there has more from islamabad. one thing is pretty clear that no wash areas were degraded future no more here of course was gunning to become the country's prime minister despite the fact that they were disqualified. after the ruling party came out with legislation in parliamentary toward allow for mr shareef to be the head of a party dad was struck down by that called saying that anyone know why he laid the constitutional clause do you think you do if we support gay and do
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the right direction it will be disqualified the us defense secretary has played down expectations of an imminent assault on syria following president trump's comments that missile strikes could happen soon or not at all the syrian government has now taken over the rebel held town of the where the suspected chemical attack took place on saturday. chinese president xi jinping has attended what the government says are the biggest naval drills in the disputed south china sea more than ten thousand personnel seventy six fighter jets and forty eight warships took part of the exercises china's latest show of force comes at a time of heightened tensions with the u.s. the see is of a trade war and washington's increased involvement with taiwan which china claims as its territory. sri lankan president said he santa has abruptly suspended parliament until the eighth of may the move comes amidst
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a growing of rift between city cena and promises of a single. japan has welcomed a decision by the u.s. to explore the possibility of rejoining the transpacific trade partnership donald trump has often visors to see if a better deal could be negotiated the president previously described the deal as a disaster it would be a major policy reversal for trump who withdrew from the pact soon after taking office citing concerns about jobs. those are the headlines on a train that's coming up next. a very important source of information for many people around the world. have gone i'm still here to go into areas that nobody else has talked to people that nobody is talking to and bringing that story to the forefront.


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