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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 13, 2018 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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fear rhetoric is easily abused. deployed to klein's investigative new initiatives to come back gangs simply being used to target the undocumented and vulnerable we started hearing kids report that had been picked up and his parents didn't even know kids were just literally being this appeared trumps war on gangs on al-jazeera when the news breaks. on the mailman city and the story builds to be forced to leave it would just be when people need to be heard women and girls are being bought and given away in refugee camps al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring the winning documentaries and. i got to commend you on hearing is good journalism on air and online.
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at fan supreme court bad for the prime minister of our washington from politics for life. welcome to al-jazeera live from my headquarters in doha with the end of the parana also ahead met signals from washington of a military action against syria. a show of force says the aging status naval exercises of the disputed south china sea. is the beginning of this is. the bit where the democratic republic of congo. crossed the lake. to get away. will be retracing their journey.
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we begin with breaking news from pakistan with the supreme court has battened former prime minister now washington from politics for life a five judge bench announced a decision in the capital islamabad the three time former prime minister was removed from office last year after being convicted of corruption kemal high there has more from islamabad in a landmark word day by bulger stone supremes called now why sheriff stands disqualified for life from becoming member of parliament from contesting the elections or heading his faction of the pakistan muslim league now watch now the word it comes at a time when the parliamentarians had questions as to whether this particular ban. for a time frame or beyond the supreme court making it clear that anyone found guilty of violating this constitutional clause which pertains to honesty and integrity of course standish qualified for life story huge disappointment for the pakistan
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muslim league now was richard the ruling party by the across pakistan people would believe that a prime minister who is already facing serious allegations and already an accountability court much standish qualified for life. let's move on to other news now u.s. president still has lost made a decision on how to respond to a suspected chemical weapons attack in syria on thursday an emergency u.k. cabinet meeting was held women's disagreed on the need to take action and france president emanuel said he now had proof that the syrian government used chemical weapons and and would decide whether to respond in due course russia has called another u.n. security council meeting for friday with secretary-general antonio good tears will brief the member countries in washington trumpet his national security council discuss possible military action the defense secretary james mattis says any strike
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has to be balanced against the threat of creating a wider conflict well mike hanna has more from the united nations on thursday's debate at the security council. the security council held a closed door session on syria the scald by bolivia to discuss what it called the rising rhetoric however the russian ambassador vasoline the bend came and spoke to the media after the meeting he said the immediate priority was to avert war when asked whether he meant war between russia and the us this is what he had to say we can look any possibilities unfortunately because we saw with messages that the governing for washington they were very big because. they know where the hope. i wish there was. through proper channels and these two go to be in a dangerous dangerous development. and yet another security council meeting on
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syria will be taking place friday this has been called by russia which is also the secretary general to brief the council. and say the hall has more now from beirut. the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons their chemical weapons inspectors are now in damascus according to the organization they will begin their mission on saturday the team will head to the town of the site of the suspected chemical weapons attack they will inspect the site they will investigate but already questions on whether or not this mission will be a success questions like has the evidence been tampered with because there is a new authority on the ground is now under the control of the syrian government another question people are asking is whether or not the people will speak freely because of the new authority on the ground and there's a third question and that is the o.p.c. w. can only decide whether or not a chemical weapons attack happened it cannot apportion blame so will this fact
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finding mission be enough to stave off the possibility of strikes on syria or is the u.s. president donald trump. waiting for the outcome of the mission before deciding on whether to target the syrian government but one thing is clear attentions have somewhat eased there have been behind the scenes contacts contacts being led by turkey turkey playing a mediator being a nato member trying to mediate between russia an ally of turkey and united states and we also understand that there is ongoing contacts between the russians and the americans because the situation is very dangerous the possibility of open confrontation between regional and international players is really on the table but still the possibility of strikes is still on the table despite the fact that tensions have eased japan has welcomed a decision by the u.s. to explore the possibility of rejoining the transpacific trade partnership. to see
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if a better deal can be negotiated the president previously described the deal as a disaster it would be a major policy reversal for trump who withdrew from the pact soon after taking office citing concerns about jobs that close eleven pacific rim countries. china's navy is to hold live fire drills in the taiwan strait next week the exercises come at a time of heightened tension with the u.s. one of washington's support for the republic of china regards taiwan as a breakaway province the announcement came as the country's navy concluded the biggest ever free tribute in the contested waters of the south china sea adrian brown reports. in this see where so many countries have territorial claims and unprecedented display of chinese military power images likely to uncertain some of china's neighbors. it was the top story on chinese state
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television running for more than twenty two minutes. the fleet review involved forty eight warships a nuclear powered submarine and china's sole operating aircraft carrier the leone ing the display also included seventy six aircraft including bombers and fighter planes as well as ten thousand servicemen and women. dressed for battle issuing orders their commander in chief president xi jinping armed with words for a military he's determined to strengthen. building a strong navy has never become so urgent as today will carry out the thought of beauty a strong military new era. just forty eight hours earlier before an audience that included world leaders president xi had sought to present china as the guarantor of free trade now in the south china sea that contains some
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of the world's busiest shipping lanes he had another message these are our waters and we have the strength to defend them. the display happened as three navy usa craft carrier battle groups pass through these contested waters. china claims almost ninety percent of the south china sea and for the past few years has been reinforcing its claim by building artificial islands it denies they have a military purpose some of these warships are now sailing towards the narrow strait that separates china from taiwan to take part in a live fire drill next wednesday the first such exercise in more than twenty years adrian brown al-jazeera beijing. thousands of palestinians are preparing for a third friday of protest along the gaza border fence health ministry says more than sixteen hundred demonstrators have been shot by israeli forces so far and
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thirty of them have been killed let's go to our correspondent harry for that he is joining us live from there and we're already seeing some activity today harry what's happening there now. that's right here in east gaza city there are five locations up and down the border fence where these protests are taking place here they have already been three injuries so far this morning today is the organizers saying is a day of burning the israeli flag and hoisting the palestinian one hundred twenty meter high flag poles have been erected in each of these five locations just behind me you may be able to see a kind of a makeshift coffin a fake coffin which bears the pictures of israeli soldiers who were captured whose bodies still remain here in gaza after the twenty fourteen war so there is a certain amount of of almost taunting of the israelis with this kind of action nonetheless what we have seen over the last two fridays has been
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a great number of unarmed people being shot by israeli snipers hundreds of protesters more than six hundred the gazan health ministry says thirty one of those being killed thirty one of those demonstrators being killed along with two other bodies which have been held back on the israeli side of the fence now among those statistics palestinian journalists line remain injured in hospital maybe some of them have been discharged but nine were hospitalized with some serious leg injuries one of course was killed last week so we've been speaking to some palestinian journalists here about how they feel about the preparations they've been making ahead of this friday's protests. jameel the hand inside homage to la we get ready to film it one of the protest camps along gaza's eastern edge it's a quiet midweek day featuring families with young children and their well back from the area where israeli troops have used live fire on the past two fridays but they
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wear their protective equipment nonetheless this. after the journalists were shot last friday the family told us don't go we as journalists we send a message no matter what my wife or mother says we love our work because of that will keep coming here. last friday freelance photographer yasser tiger was shot in the upper body as he covered the protests the bullet entered his armpit where his flak jacket clearly labelled press could provide no protection he died in hospital but it's not just the death of yasser more times or that has his colleagues worried the palestinian journalist syndicate says there's a deliberate policy by the israeli army of targeting journalists in order to intimidate them certainly nine other journalists were injured by gunfire during last week's protests. israel has denied targeting members of the media at the same time it's accused of being on the hamas payroll without providing evidence. in gaza's sheaffer hospital we meet. a freelance photographer he was shot in the left
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leg and needed three surgeries the latest transferring muscle from one leg to the other. upstairs is beginning what could be a twelve month recovery like a freelancer he's worried about the impact of being without work for so long minutes after capturing these images of injured protesters being rushed away for treatment he found himself making the same journey. i was wearing a flak jacket and helmet suddenly while i was working about four hundred meters from the fence the israelis shot me with a live bullet in the leg it broke the bind because it was an explosive bullet. but he says the job of documenting these protests and the israeli response to them was worth the risk a sentiment shared by t.v. cameramen on who despite his family's concerns will be back on shift at the border on friday. and jamil is indeed here is just
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a few yards behind us filming the ongoing events at the border fence we've also been speaking to some of the young men who seem pretty determined to get pretty close to that fence one of us telling that telling us that he would be throwing stones today that it was his right that this was his land and that he shouldn't fear what he says a cowards hiding behind hills and sniping at them we spoke to another young man more extraordinary case he had been injured during the protests against the trump declaration on making on the recognizing jerusalem as the capital of israel he had the kind of steel pins in his leg that you saw in that report but extending up and down his leg past the knee joint all the way down into his shin and he was back here saying that what else was he supposed to do that he didn't want to carry on living in war he wants to live as a anybody around the world and he had to come and make his voice heard as well israel has released the same for his foreign ministry saying that it views this is
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hamas instigated violent confrontations but these protests a cover for attempts to breach the security fence and that is taking the kind of security measures that any other country around the world would do carol thank you very much for that five for that with the latest from those protests. still ahead on the bulletin. was outrage in india over the rape and murder of an eight year old girl analysts say the voting. is shielding the accused. however it doesn't get a lively shall as seasonal rains across southeast asia have got hundred ninety millimeters to frank twenty four. as with this ill clutches storms which are in the
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process of just edging further west which you can see them just explode on the screen there making the way further west was and that will be the case we go through the next few days to the chance to some heat of the day showers there's plenty of sunshine in between they'll push over towards some moderates awards the malaysian peninsula as we go on through the next day as i said by the end of the week had just about all of us could see some showers on the spells of greatest dry in thailand bangkok at thirty six degrees we've seen that sort of temperature recently in sioux city australia a lot of warm still in place across that eastern side of oz but down into the southeast we've got this area of rain this area of cloud just filtering its way through the winds will swing around to move a southwest direction just like how the temperatures tumbled over the next day or two eighteen in adelaide eighteen in melbourne as well thirty there for sydney city falls back to around twenty four but down to was a southeastern corner just sixteen degrees there for melbourne much of our straight it will at least be dry maybe want to want to show showers just pushing up towards
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the cape york peninsula followed dr perth looking good here with a high of twenty five. in australia more indigenous children are being taken from their families than ever before. when east investigates whether history is repeating itself. and how does iraq. zero where ever you.
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could have you with eyes on al-jazeera these are all top stories supreme court has bad form upon this to now wash away from politics the life of judge bench and alice the decision in the capital islamabad the three time for the promised it was removed from office last year on corruption allegations. the u.s. defense secretary has played down expectations of an imminent attack on syria following president trump's comments that missile strikes could happen soon all told this comes as the syrian government takes over the rebel held town where a suspected chemical attack took place on saturday and china's military has announced plans for a live fire naval drills in the taiwan straits next week the exercises come at a time of heightened tension over increased u.s. support for the on the republic china regards taiwan as a breakaway province. there have been mass protests in india of allegations that
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the ruling b j p is trying to protect men accused of raping and murdering a child and jungle in kashmir demonstrators say the crime is being used as a political and religious tool she headed for has more. protesters angry over the rape and murder of. god where the eight year old girl was kidnapped and attacked in january police say it was part of a plan to force her muslim the magic community to leave the area. was abducted and held hostage in the temple for days her tattoos were hindu. slogan cities in the name of the hindu god she'd amen in the name of the country india being the least for the accused i'm not the victim then i don't know what kind of country be a growing up in and what kind of country we are in this country in which direction
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. on social media people also call for justice saying the horrendous crime should not be about religion but about the murder and rape of a young girl. hindu nationalists rushed to the defense of the queues including lawyers and government ministers from prime minister narendra modi's party party of the same to. the us be the support you know the supporting picks and the leader of the support see what i mean everything to be actually gets to the prosecutor says threats have been made on her life how to sing people can sing lead to games is not be free i believe i personally feel that this is something which is really unfortunate. rahul gandhi leader of the indian national congress held a candlelight vigil for us of are saying the government is not doing enough for victims like her there is an attempt to use politics and use communalisation to protect those who have committed such crimes and
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a force that is infuriating and while the religious and political bickering continues to divide the country this still no justice for the innocent little girl whose life was so brutally taken to her for. three long as president has suspended for a month but a growing rift with the prime minister supporters of president that is anna voted for a no confidence motion against promises on and become a single last week but what defeated lawmakers loyal to the prime minister have since threatened to quit the coalition and a pressuring the president to resign polman to reconvene after the eighth of may when elfin and as has more from colombo. the suspension of parliament by present my three policy recently who proved wrong the house by virtue of a gasket at midnight on thursday took everyone by surprise it was a bolt out of the blue now just over a week ago we had
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a no confidence motion defeated a no confidence motion brought against the prime minister which ruled the government into crisis the reason being that a sizable amount sixteen government ministers from the president of freedom party chose to break ranks and vote for the no confidence motion another group also decided to be absent from the voting so this has caused problems as to a way forward you know different camps saying that the minister should stay work with the president the prime minister supporters saying that they should be removed that is untenable they continue within government now the no confidence motion itself was a huge sort of a shake for the government source close to the president's office told me that it was almost like a bomb had exploded with everything thrown into chaos however he said things were cooling down and he said that this is special might be a way for things to settle to allow a cooling off period so that we don't have this group moving on march to the
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opposition and shaking the very balance of government. now the democratic republic of congo is not attending its own donor conference in geneva on friday saying that the u.n. has exaggerated the number of people who need aids or the violence has subsided and cost side many people have not received food aid you should lack of funding the escalating violence has displaced more than four million people within the d.r. sea and since december alone seventy thousand have fled fighting in the east to camps and they bring uganda well malcolm where we trace of refugees journey has traveled from uganda's capital kampala to the chung wolli camp where most of the refugees are settled he then headed to cosign your landing site on the shores of lake albert in the d.r. see this is where many refugees take boats to escape to uganda and finally he visits badia and a cab for people who fled the fighting and malcolm is joining us live from bernie
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announcer tell us about where you are malcolm. we're in a camp for displaced people which is a collection of thousands of shelters built on a muddy slope in the town of when you're really ten thousand people staying here it's raining at the moment the shelters are just plastic see stretched over simple structures made of sticks the floor inside them is bad so you can imagine what this kind of rainfall does for the conditions of the people here they all slept here about three months ago when military attack people were caught up with machetes some were shot and so thousands fled and tens of thousands more fled across lake albert to neighboring uganda and we retrace the journey of some of those refugees starting in the chiang wali refugee camp in uganda let's take a look at that story now. it's taken days for cooma corinne and her children to get from have village in the democratic republic of congo to the safety of this
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refugee camp in uganda with two year old patrice yes. and she septic sprays just too much. life in the camp begins with frank scenes in a medical check. fled her village after her brother in law was killed by a militia with machetes. his father was left behind. when the fighting started we were serious as a people ran away but my husband wasn't around so i waited it asked to everyone least i was a sixteen i decided to run. coom is among thousands who fled to uganda since the beginning of this year most of them arrive here by boat on the shores of lake albert that borders the two countries the un registers them before taking them to the camps. to retrace their journey across the lake. in a wooden boat normally. when it's carrying passengers already. very often it
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will only only we will look at all the boat and think it. was. all wrong when the rain already. going to. the u.n. says the people who took this journey are among millions of congolese in urgent need of help displaced by multiple conflicts across the country he says the crisis is neglected and he wants governments meeting at a conference in geneva to donate around one and a half billion dollars when we reach the congolese side of the lake we found more people who fled their homes many here couldn't afford the boat unlike those in uganda they receive most no assistance that the government says the un has greatly exaggerated the number of people affected by the crisis and so it's not attending the conference. back. we are not trying to deny that there is
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a humanitarian problem but we don't consider it's at that level we have to avoid making a business and of the humanitarian situation which discourages investors you can bring economic development. it's clear that many congolese desperately need help chronic poverty makes a crisis much worse. with me here is even limine was a manager for the norwegian refugee council which is a humanitarian organization that works with people in some of the camps like this one around to in your state and do you have enough resources to help these people oh we have to do limits that repulses because of a lot of you know i do you base your are coming around. in a way we are in from being in and not all the n.r.c.
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but also all the money to run our top story here today how limited resources because like yeah all not come in at the same time and those who were like came out threads where i sifted and you know we need to like find out at that time so we good those who are doing gods and as it stands in camp of education and when i saw we saw all the. they also said the same thing in silence of war it's income cellphone use ration it was an insult of health conditions here are clearly terrible and he had more of those what could he do to improve the situation for the people. if we have more resources i think but now who are doing champs out we have to improve the living conditions of the places where they live because that's you can see when it rains like this that far off or start up the road in most of the shell paused and you know start thinking for a very small resources but that's what the we in the shelters are we have to
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improve living conditions and also the case john we have to like. expand you know like to include small schools because for now we only have seventeen schools dealt with like i said and i got to understand yes is lost children who want to run this as i.g.p. to a local route who are not in the displacements com that's the. case in the city thank you very much stephen i was leaving the mean. refugee council is the chassis which works in some of the camps like this one around the town of grain getting heavy here so thank you in doha malcolm thank you very much for that joining us live from that refugee camp and thank you. now u.s. vice president mike pence is planning to meet venezuelan opposition. cheering friday some of the america is the mission as part of regional efforts to increase
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pressure on that is where the president. is blaming egypt for the failure to reach an agreement with a dab project where talks on the ground project in ethiopia ended with no agreement between the three countries that will be the largest in africa costing five billion dollars egypt fears it will significantly reduce the amount of water flowing downstream. seen the lack of seriousness and cooperation from the egyptian side and that's the reason for the failure of the khartoum negotiations egypt proposed the one nine hundred fifty nine agreement in the negotiations we renew our position by rejecting this agreement because ethiopia was not part of it and therefore this proposal is a red line and rejected by all means we do not recognize any agreement that we were not a part of the collapse of negotiations is the result of egypt introducing this old convention as an option.
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for the headlines. pakistan's supreme court has banned for. from politics for life a five judge bench and a decision in the capital islamabad the three time former prime minister was removed from office last year off to being convicted of corruption. one thing is pretty clear that now i should use political future no more here of course was gunning to become the country's prime minister despite the fact that he was disqualified. after the ruling party came out with legislation in parliamentary toward allow for mr shareef to be the head of a party that was struck down by that called saying that anyone know why laid the constitution early clause to do and which pertain to do on
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a thursday and write their names will be disqualified the u.s. defense secretary has played down expectations of an imminent assault on syria following president traumas comments that missile strikes could happen soon or told the syrian government has now taken over the rebel held town of burma where suspected chemical attack took place on saturday chinese president xi jinping has attended what the government says of the biggest naval drills in the district the south china sea more than ten thousand personnel seventy six fighter jets and forty eight ships took part in the exercises china's latest show of force comes at a time of the increased tensions with the u.s. of the sea is a trade war and washington's increased involvement with taiwan with china which china claims as its own territory. sri lankan president felicity saying that has abruptly suspended parliament until the eighth of may the move comes amidst
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a growing rift between city cena and prime minister become a singer. thousands of palestinians are preparing for a third friday of protest along the gaza israel border fence these are live pictures from the gaza strip gaza's health ministry says more than sixteen hundred demonstrators have been shot by israeli forces so far thirty of them killed among the dead was yasser with a freelance photographer and local journalist covering the demonstrations say they fear they're being deliberately targeted as the headlines on al-jazeera want to want to east is coming up next. ten years.


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