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i think that maybe this was related to become a disclosure in the job an investigation reveals how even the smallest devices have deadly environmental and health costs we think ok we'll send our e waste to china but we have to remember that air pollution travels around the globe jeff i design on al-jazeera. i don't really feel liberated as a journalist was. getting to the truth as it always does with his job. and a simple message for every gang you will find in a climate of fear rhetoric is easily abuse story and will be proven true trying to investigate new initiatives to combat gangs simply being used to target be undocumented unfound we started hearing kids report that someone had been picked up and his parents didn't even know kids were just literally being disappeared trumps war on gangs on al jazeera.
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i've been rachel rating my deep concerns about the risks of the current impasse the u.n. secretary general warns the crisis in syria could spiral out of control as international tensions escalates. other armed citizen this is al jazeera live from london also coming up one person has died and hundreds more palestinians are wounded during the latest protest on the gaza israel border mass protests in india over claims the ruling b.j. pay is trying to protect man accused of raping and murdering a child plus. bringing clothes shoes shoes one is unthinkable a satire about robert mugabe's final days in power as zimbabweans test new
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boundaries. first to the u.n. where secretary general antonio terrace has warned that increasing tensions over syria could ignite. full blown military escalation i don't think you're at a council meeting in the past few hours could terrorists all members to act responsibly the meeting was called by russia in response to threats of military action made by the us and its allies against the syrian government following last saturday a suspected chemical attack on duma increasing tensions and the inability to reach a compromise in the establishment of an accountability mechanism certain to lead to a flea blown military escalation in my contacts with you especially with the permanent members of the security council i have been
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regenerating my deep concerns about the risks of the current impasse and stressed the need to avoid the situation spiraling out of control well let's go live now to the united nations and al-jazeera as mike hanna who's been listening in to that whole debate mike some of the key players have been speaking what sort of things you've been hearing well so it's what we've been hearing throughout this week of this the fourth emergency session on syria held in the past week alone once again the to and fro between russia and the u.s. in particular allegations being thrown across the counsel table the u.s. absolutely adamant that russia must accept responsibility for what is happening in syria as a guarantor of the fact that there were allegedly no chemical weapons within syria as to the issue of action by the u.s. and its allies this is what the u.s. ambassador had to say our president has not yet made a decision about possible actions in syria but should the united states and our
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allies decide to act in syria it will be in defense of a principle on which we all agree it will be in defense of a varied rock international norm that benefits all nations. let's be clear assad's most recent use of poison gas against the people of duma was not his first second third or even forty night use of chemical weapons the united states estimates that assad has used chemical weapons in the syrian war at least fifty times well and from the russian ambassador at the mill you're afraid in that there was no chemical attack at that syria was not responsible even if there was an attack this is what he had to say the slogan that but there is doña that when you there is no credible confirmation of this our
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specialists are no traces of toxic substances the residents of duma know nothing about such attack all information about has been provided by anti-government forces who have an interest in such a development of events we have waited justification to believe and information to believe that what took place was a provocation with the participation of certain countries intelligence services would. and certainly a touch of confusion creeping into this ongoing argument with a russian general a senior russian general alleging that yes there was a chemical attack he said but it was not carried out by syria he maintains he quotes witnesses as saying that britain was in some way behind the attack the british ambassador has reacted very very strongly to this calling the allegation bizarre and reiterating that this was pure russian propaganda saying that britain has had no involvement and would never had any involvement in any form of the use of
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a chemical weapons at my kind ally from us from the united nations will join me in the studio is out as a senior political analyst now in the shower i think many people include myself being waking up in these last few days since president made that initial a very bullish remark about missiles thinking maybe that it's happened overnight to get a sense that they've now there must would during a bit the pulling back a bit from that threat and really having second thoughts about it absolutely absolutely despite all attempts by the halley and others to say well we never actually said that we were going to attack and that in fact and i'm not sure why she said as a mother of two a wife or veteran. i appreciate president drum not rushing to war certainly they're really trying retroactively now to say that. you know the twitter world is one thing the real world is of course a whole other thing and the president can tweet whatever he wants to do seven am
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but by seven pm there is of course a different considerations to be taken and certainly what seems to be from the vivarium meeting of the you at the u.s. or at the white house national security council is that. just general mattis the secretary of defense have been quite reluctant in america rushing to war certainly america rushing to war without strategy and america rushing into war without the allies that would be my next question what is if they do rush to war if they do eventually with the international pressure seeming to be building from france from the u.k. as well as america what did they actually look at beyond the strikes are they looking at regime change are they looking at something to change things and you know demonstrably this is the thing i mean from the french we hear that they want to talk to the russians about the future of syria from the british we're talking about probable responsibility by the syrian regime. in the united states
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there's lots of talk about the absence of strategy that there is talk of bombarding the upholding of the ban on the use of chemical weapons but that this is not part of a global strategy about what next for syria that's why that truck there is keep saying this is going to be a repeat of the two thousand and seventeen response to the use of chemical weapons which means it's going to lead to nothing or other say and this is a very interesting theory is that in fact this might lead the syrian regime and its russian and iranian backers to ticket you know an x. or not against opposition against the syrian people that they will use the the attack on syria in order for them to further expand their repression or repressions and will barmen of the syrian population so annoyed we really don't see light in
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the end of the thermal even if there is a military just quickly i notice there has been the need to have to necessarily iris as responded today friday saying present time your tweets do not scare a syria iran russia it sounds like they will still singing as a group of biasing and. any separation between these three powers not there's one bargain visible bar month we're going to see them corliss together and certainly the russian umbrella that interest everyone i think everyone should be afraid if the united states britain and france starts a bombarding a a list once again if it's spring break like back in two thousand and seventeen but if there is something more meaningful or think your future everyone should worry i think the interesting thing just quickly is really to see what's ever happening now leading to something more interesting for the syrian people that have suffered a lot over the last seven years they're going to get your thoughts a mile in the shower thank you for joining us gaza's health ministry says one palestinian has been killed and more than seven hundred fifty others have been
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injured during ongoing protests along the gaza israel border that includes two hundred people who were injured by the israeli fire hundreds of others suffered other types of injuries including being hit by rubber coated steel pellets and being overcome by tear gas friday as protests are being dubbed flag burning day and part of an ongoing call for a right of return for palestinians since the process first began at the end of march thirty four palestinians have been shot dead by israeli forces will carry forth it has been at the protests and has more. well the sun has set here east of gaza city along the border with israel but the protest while it is winding down is continuing some several hundred mainly young palestinian men remain. a buffer zone which the israelis have unilaterally declared some three hundred meters inside gaza territory where since the last protest they've erected a secondary fence many of the protesters trying to dismantle sections of that fence
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during the course of the day and we've seen dozens of injuries the gunshot wounds that we've seen have largely been to the lower limbs again that is very much the israeli policy that we've seen throughout the last three weeks they had threatened to continue to use live fire against protesters and they made good on that threat throughout the course of the day israeli military has also been broadcasting images of what it says are people trying to breach the border fence at various locations throwing what they say are improvised explosive devices towards israeli soldiers but the organizers of these protests maintain and some of the evidence that we've seen today suggest that these are still largely overwhelmingly peaceful protests there have been young children families coming here and that the people who have been approaching the border have gone unarmed as they did so the organizers say that this will continue until the middle of may marking the seventieth anniversary of the creation of the state of israel what palestinians call nakba the catastrophe . since a calm day on al-jazeera pakistan's former prime minister now is shareef is banned
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from politics for life after being removed from office for corruption plus. laying out is the beginning of this the advent of the other the rebirth of the democratic republic of congo. where they began to get their way through one thing will be retracing any. color the weather still remains unusually disturbed across parts of the middle east areas of plath spilling outs of syria iran pushing across iran and that's producing some rather live fish i was from time to time fifty to seventy millimeters of rain coming out of some of these actually thirty celsius there in baghdad eastern parts of iraq will see some cloud on the right has some very heavy rains to western areas
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of iran is nothing a little further north was up towards the caspian to see if you shall is just around maybe a georgia azerbaijan over the next to die also that cloud extends all the way over towards tech menaced on his back is a few showers there making their way into afghanistan as well prices guys do come back in behind still not just some showers southwest inside of iran so if you shall was recently into the arabian peninsula seems to be running just on this little bad of cloud it slides right down is that western side if you haven't always a possibility of want to light shows as we go through the next few days but it is brightening up dry weather coming in behind temps is in doubt how to around thirty three degrees how to fish aspiration into central parts of south africa this area cloud that again is also in the process of easing away with bright skies coming back into the eastern cape.
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welcome back to remind all of the top stories. the u.n. security council has been meeting to discuss the rights of military action in the
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u.s. on its allies against the syrian government following last saturday's suspected chemical attack russia and syria talk with strange the us ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley has told the council washington believes syrian government still says i've used chemical weapons at least fifty tellings chair in syria's seven you and the health ministry says one palestinian has been killed on the seven hundred injured others have been injured during protests along the gaza israel border. the main mass protests in india over allegations the ruling b j p is trying to protect men accused of raping and murdering a child in kashmir demonstrates as say the crime is being used as a political and religious to marry on the honda has. the rape and murder of. spot widespread outrage. was anger at
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the brutal attack of an eight year old girl anger that hinder right wing groups had much to in defense of the eight hundred meaning accused of it if the slogan city is in the name of the hindu r.j. she'd amen in the name of the country india being the east for the accused i'm not the victim then i don't know what kind of country real growing up in and what kind of country we are i don't think in this country in which direction the went missing in january in a hindu dominated area in indian administered kashmir. could betted body was found days later she had been strangled and repeatedly gang right. because of my daughter should be killed they should be hanged they should be punished that's it eight men are accused of abducting her and holding her at a temple they include a retired government official and four police offices all of them reportedly to be local hindu mean who were connected to
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a land dispute with the girl's muslim community. mania angry that this rally in support of the accused included members of the b j p the party of prime minister and that interim order doing body of the same to egypt is also a body here and they are simply the supporters to lose you know the support hippest least he supports you and i don't think that will be actually. opposition leader raul gandhi later gathering to remember in new delhi at the same place with thousands of people demonstrated in two thousand and twelve against a brutal gang rape in the capital. as if this case has ignited religious tensions in the disputed kashmir region but protesters say her rape and murder is a reminder of just how much more needs to be done right across india to protect women. and grooms medium the hunt to see. pakistan's former prime minister now as sharif has been banned from politics for life five supreme court judges made
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a ruling early on friday sharif was removed from office last july aggressed allegations that he and his ruling pakistan muslim league now as have with painted the denied allegations of corruption kamal hyder has more from a song about a landmark decision by the supreme court which would have huge implications for the ruling party progress on muslim league now watch i don't know why should a void earlier disqualified by the court and july of last year over the problem are dead or leak scandal of course is facing a probe by the national accountability court now washer dave and his supporters of course have been taunting the judiciary saying that they're being whisked to my from a day one the whole trial very quite controversial the reject you all form the people belonging to the. families who've been staunch one until. that inclusion and . all of the short you know over to the waterfall of will. it will remain
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a black spot on the beach of history. however another politician from the bogard found that he can solve all of the opposition was also disqualified on the same article in december his party of god has said that there is no word of god the law but the ruling government is saying. now why should he for such a border you have already been called by the court for contempt of court and also one of them has been sent for a month or jail however the ruling party is not going to accept their verdict the people across pakistan of course really say that there is indeed a border shared by their country's supreme court which despite any ambiguity pertaining to a dish going to produce milk. the u.s. government is warning it may cut tens of millions of dollars in aid to pakistan
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this year if it does not do enough to fight human trafficking pakistan has struggled to eradicate bonded labor especially in brick kilns where children off to work the warning is another blow to u.s. pakistani relations in january president trump suspended two billion dollars in u.s. security assistance saying is i'm about to have failed to crack down on terrorist groups the democratic republic of congo is shunning its own term a conference in geneva on friday saying the u.n. has exaggerated the number of people who need eight escalating violence has displaced more than four million people within the d.l.c. according to the u.n. and as malcolm white people the plight of congress these refugees shows no signs of abating. it's taken days for cooma corinne and her children to get from how village in the democratic republic of congo to the safety of this refugee camp in uganda with two year old patrice yes. and two sceptics praised just too
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much life in the camp begins with frank themes in a medical check who misled her village after her brother in law was killed by a militia with machetes. husband his father was left behind they don't know when the fighting started we were very scared other people ran away but my husband wasn't around so i waited after everyone left i was alone so then i decided to run. when no one. among thousands who fled to uganda since the beginning of this year most of them arrive here by boat on the shores of lake albert borders the two countries un registers them before taking them to the camps . to trace their journey across the lake. in the wooden boat. is already. very often.
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the u.n. says the people who took this journey are among millions of congolese in need of help displaced by multiple conflict across the country he says the crisis is neglected and he wants government meeting at a conference in geneva to donate around one and a half million dollars when we reached the congolese side of the lake he found people who fled their homes many here couldn't afford the boat and unlike those in uganda they received almost no assistance but the government says the un has greatly exaggerated the number of people affected by the crisis so it's not attending the conference. but. we're not trying to deny that there is a humanitarian problem but we don't consider it's at that level we have to avoid
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making a business out of the humanitarian situation which discourages invest we can bring economic development. it's clear that many congolese desperately need help chronic poverty makes the crisis much worse malcolm webb al-jazeera to re province in the democratic republic of congo. i report by the united nations children's agency says the armed group boko haram has abducted more than one thousand children in northeast nigeria since twenty thirteen many of the children were taken from school girls in twenty four team more than one hundred of those two hundred seventy six girls are still missing in s.f. says nearly two thousand three hundred teachers have been killed and fourteen hundred schools destroyed by back around me just has more from the future when the report detailed happenings in northeastern nigeria especially between two thousand
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and thirteen to two thousand and eighteen a period of five years of book quite an operations but we've known long before the chief of those who abducted in two thousand and fourteen of boko haram atrocities involving the kidnap and up duction of young girls and children from their own homes even in may degree we've seen and heard parents talking about fighters who are then living in a degree in the early part of the insurgency walking into their homes dropping something like fifteen twenty dollars and pick up their daughters and saying that the money is for dolly now experts are saying that the psychological impact of the book. crisis will be seen is beyond what we see what we've seen in terms of loss in infrastructure or loss of month in the education sector there are a lot of parents who still insist that they're not taking their kids to school simply because it's not safe to do so last month was spoken to the father of the
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only girl taken from who still remain captive in the hands of a book or a flight is in-depth who said he has of the children in school and is contemplating on withdrawing the because it's no longer safe and it's sought risky to take his children to school and that's what experts are pointing at and they believe that this will linger on for some time to come. volkswagen's new head says he'll consider selling its truck and bus businesses have but d.s. unveiled his plans at his first news conference as c.e.o. on wednesday he took over from who led the carmaker through the financial and reputational blow it took after meeting to cheating on diesel emission tests twenty fifteen. an ethical ego driven and with leadership style like that of a mob boss scathing assessment of u.s. president donald trump in a new book by the former f.b.i. director james comey it comes out less than a year after comey was fired by the president and the gallagher reports from
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washington. become more famous than me. even before james komi book hits the shelves it's making headlines in creating more headaches for u.s. president donald trump in exits from a higher loyalty truth lies in leadership the former f.b.i. director writes this president is on ethical and untethered to truth and institutional values his leadership is transactional ego driven and about personal loyalty so many also alleges the president asked him to investigate rumors of a videotape showing don trump with prostitutes in a russian hotel room he claims the president wanted to put the first lady's mind at ease i am extremely careful i'm sure rounded by bodyguards i'm surrounded by people and i always tell them anywhere but i always tell them if i'm leaving this country be very careful. because in your hotel rooms and no matter where you go you're going to probably have cameras all i can tell you is the f.b.i.
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director has no credibility. online attack ounds funded by the republican national committee aimed to discredit komi he was fired in may last year the trumpet ministration initially said he was dismissed over his handling of the f.b.i.'s investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails but president trump gave other reasons so it confused me when i saw on television the president saying that he actually fired me because of the russian stick. and learned again from the media that he was telling private leave other parties that my firing could relieve great pressure on the russian first occasion book comes out next tuesday at a time when the president is already besieged with domestic problems his personal lawyers offices were raided by the f.b.i. earlier this week and the fallout from accusations made by a former adult film star continue the picture james comey paints of president trump as unflattering to say the least the former f.b.i. director compares trump to
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a mob boss who demands loyalty over the rule of law his account of serving the president may not sway trump space but the memoir is already a bestseller and gallacher al-jazeera washington. a summer tire about the coup that toppled zimbabwe's longest serving waiter robert mugabe is taking center stage in harare the play opening ridicules mugabe and for first lady grace something that would have been unthinkable showing his thirty seven year old how much has more from her one was. the production called operation reg a-c. begins with grace mcgee former first lady insisting she can do whatever she nights . business wasn't. oh god i was. in robert mugabe emerges accompanied by army generals who tell the ninety four year old and grace they are under house arrest the. a.t.v.
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. commission is going to forget i am i the only one of. the performers acting what happened on november fifteenth when soldiers and armored vehicles blocked roads to government offices parliament and the courts then president mugabe was confined to private residence zimbabweans marched in the thousands demanding he step down eventually the man who had ruled zimbabwe for thirty seven years was forced to resign we have was. read out to me i see now that mugabe is gone and innocent and is president some are testing how far they can push the boundaries of the serving me of robert mugabe you do so good years yet. but the question is did we speak out in both thirty seven years people watching the play got a chance to laugh at themselves and the country. in the process the government
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often criticized theatre productions and had i suppose a case sensitive issues some zimbabweans also display in the case of things are changing have come true. but others on social. since mugabe's removal a few protests have been allowed genius doctors and teachers marched demanding more money there's always a line that needs never to be crossed if you had such a threat from the military from the government that use this or lens based responsibly in courts use their need jetted sponsibility in courts i. do i it's not clear how much creative freedom zimbabweans have mugabe is fair game because he's no longer in charge whether people can openly mock the current leadership is another story. al-jazeera. and don't forget to check out more run news content or video at al-jazeera dot com.
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it's going to remind you of the top stories here an al-jazeera the u.n. security council has been meeting to discuss threats of military action from the u.s. and its allies against the syrian government it follows last saturday a suspected chemical attack on duma the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. told the council washington believes a syrian government forces have used chemical weapons at least fifty times during syria's seven year war our president has not yet made a decision about possible actions in syria but should the united states and our allies decide to act in syria it will be in defense of a principle on which we all agree it will be in defense of a varied rock international norm that benefits all nations let's be clear assad's most recent use of poison gas against the people of duma was not his first
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second third or even forty night use of chemical weapons. the united states estimates that assad has used chemical weapons in the syrian war at least fifty times but. remain defiant russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov says moscow has irrefutable proof that the attack was staged with the help of foreign agents to restrain an anti russian campaign. gaza's health ministry says one palestinian has been killed and at least seven hundred injured during ongoing protests along the israel border friday's protests are being dubbed flag burning day and a part of an ongoing call for rights of return for palestinians. in mass protests in india over allegations the ruling b j p is trying to protect men accused of
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raping and murdering a child in jammu and kashmir the body of a safe and an eight year old girl who belongs to a muslim nomadic tribe is found in january this week hindu right wing groups protested against the arrest of eight engine men. and a report by the united nations children's agency says the armed group walk around has abducted more than one thousand children in northeastern nigeria since twenty thirteen unicef says nearly two thousand three hundred teachers have been killed and fourteen hundred schools destroyed by the group there's a headline stay with us here on inside story is coming up next.
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burning the israeli flag palestinians protest again along the gaza in.


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