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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 14, 2018 12:00am-1:01am +03

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twenty one decrease and right a possibility so the winds coming in from the north east direction i were the next couple of days right never so far away as we go on through sunday and right not so far away from japan i will the next couple of days is making its way from lee west and pushing to the east. a story fourteen hundred years in the make. a story of succession and the leadership. as josie that tells the story of dispute and division. the caliph episode to. just.
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this is zero. hello there i'm julie macdonald this is the news hour live from london coming up. the good lord is big with a vengeance but with a difference the u.n. secretary general is cold war warning as tensions increase between russia and the u.s. over syria. one person has died and hundreds more palestinians are wounded during the latest protest at the gaza israel border. komi will be forever known as a disgraced partisan hack scathing criticism from the white house of former f.b.i. boss james cole way ahead of the publication of his controversial new book. i'm joining us in doha with the day's sports including a clash of the european titans as cup holders realm of
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a draw against by munich for the champions league semifinals. the cold war is back with a vengeance but with a difference the words of the u.n. secretary general antonio good terrorists is warning the situation in syria is in such chaos and chaotic that it poses a serious threat to international peace and security he was speaking at a security council meeting called by russia who insists there's no evidence of a chemical attack in the syrian town of duma the u.s. and france say the government of president bashar al assad has reached a point of no return i can of reports from the u.n. . it to some both cheeks for the russian ambassador but any hope that the russian one american for a trick would wreck should dom was soon dashed as the ambassador's continued what this week has become a familiar confrontation in the security council denial of any attack on one side
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the story in the pudding. your there when you there is no credible confirmation of this l. specialist found no traces of toxic substances the residents of duma know about no such attack all information about the alleged attackers have been provided by n.t. government forces forces who have interest in such development of events an incredulous response. i started to listen to my russian friend and respond. but instead i'm in awe the silly of how you say what you say with a straight face i really really the secretary general's impassioned call for unity in the council was clearly ignored and turn your good terrorists painting a bleak picture of the world facing multiple conflicts the cold war is back with a vengeance but with a difference the mechanisms and the safeguards to manage the risks of escalation that existed in the past no longer seemed to be present and another familiar scene
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at the start of the session the us ambassador once again entering with her french and british allies and in an apparently posed huddle sending a clear signal of joint concern and possibly joint action mike hanna al-jazeera united nations russia's foreign minister has warned it has irrefutable evidence which proves the chemical attack on the syrian town of duma last saturday was staged as defense ministry says its interviewed people who were filmed receiving treatment in the hospital and that it was all fake to build anti western sentiment also accuse britain of being directly behind the application does that citizen i would advise us to wait for results because the o p c w commission under pressure from russia and the syrian government has left for syria there will be zuma there are a specialist couldn't find any chemical weapons flooring or whatever being used we have irrefutable evidence that it was another staged event at the hands of the
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security services of a state which is very eager to be in the front lines of a rossa furby complain all the u.k. was swift to deny what it still scribing as bizarre allegations this is great task it's a blatant lie it's the worst piece of fake news we've yet seen from the russia propaganda machine but i would like to take this opportunity to state categorically to you the world's press that britain has no involvement and would never have any involvement in the use of a chemical weapon. the u.s. state department says it believes the syrian government is responsible for that alleged chemical attack we can say that the syrian government was behind this attack we talked about this the other day the white house address this as well we know that this was a chemical weapon that was used in syria the exact kind or the mix that we are still looking into there are some television shows out there in the united states
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that have started to ask well why aren't we releasing all this intelligence information right now a lot of the stuff is classified at this point so those things we're going to hold pretty close to the vast. expertise from the global chemical weapons what the o.p.c. w. are arriving in syria to investigate that alleged chemical attack santa has more now from neighboring beirut. the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons their inspectors are going to head to begin their work on saturday of course the town where these sites are the site of the alleged chemical weapons attack these inspectors are are to investigate exactly what happened and come up with their findings but there are already questions on whether or not they will be able to find exactly what happened because some there are some concerns that the evidence has been tampered with simply because there is a new on the ground when this alleged attack happened the rebels were in charge of
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the town and now it is in the hands of the russian military and the syrian government and it's not just that clearly this mission this fact finding mission its mandate is to determine whether or not a chemical weapons attack actually happened but in its mandate it cannot apportion blame and this is something that the u.n. secretary general referred to in his speech to the u.n. security council he welcomed the arrival of these inspectors and their mission but he said we need to go further now it's not clear whether or not the decision by the united states and its allies to target the syrian government is in one way or the other linked to the outcome of the findings of the opi c.w. we heard from the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. saying that the u.s. britain and france they all have proof that there was a chemical weapons attack but what is clear is that tensions have somewhat eased and that there are contacts behind the scenes contacts even the turkish president or do go on making it clear that he is
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a mediating in this crisis in one way or another saying that the contacts between the russians and americans are continuing and there is a possibility that tensions can be eased now whether or not this can stave off military strikes it is still not clear still to come on the al-jazeera news hour yes in india over. takes men accused of raping and murdering a child. you'll. bring cost issues should be a satire about robert mugabe's final days in power as the barbarians test the boundaries. of video replays for referees no thank you says the english premier with joe later in sports. health ministry says one palestinians been killed and more than seven hundred fifty others have been injured during ongoing protests along the gaza israel border two
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hundred of the victims were injured by live israeli fire friday's protests are being dubbed as flag burning day a part of an ongoing call for a right of return for palestinians how a faucet has been at the protests and has more. protest organizers had called this third friday of demonstrations along the gaza border the day of burning the israeli flag demonstrators carried a mocked up coffin there in the pictures of israeli soldiers whose bodies are believed to have been held in gaza since the twenty fourteen war. but at the center of this protest for a third week with thousands of teenagers and young men are mom prepared to approach the border fence despite the all too obvious risks israeli soldiers had already killed more than thirty demonstrators and injured more than a thousand with live fire in the first two protests. the sixteen year old ismail salim understands the dangers all too well he was shot and injured in the initial
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round of demonstrations against donald trump's declaration in december recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital in the last hour. i want to send my message to the world that we have the right to live like other nations and other children living through both should not be our destiny while other flippin pace and stability. protection such as. was delivered in the film of tiles burned to provide a scream from israeli snipers since the last protest israeli troops have erected a secondary fence at this site three hundred meters inside gaza and territory protesters made repeated sometimes successful attempts to drag sections of it away israeli soldiers responded with tear gas and live bullets. not necessarily satellite what level and still people are being taken towards the ambulances another injured man here with a gunshot wound to the lower leg that has been a tactic throughout for the last three weeks the israeli military has been were
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missing to continue to use life i reduce these posters they believe they can go that right throughout the day israeli army released video of what it said was an attempt to breach the border fence in southern gaza it said molotov cocktails and i e d's as well as rocks have been thrown towards israeli troops accusing gaza's ruling faction hamas of using the protests as cover it's a charge the organizers reject pointing to the sheer number of a mom demonstrators who've been shot since the protests began is sure to kill and show it to me as thinking that by doing that they're going to intimidate and terrorize people but the people are quite detailed men to come to organize nonviolent peaceful protests in order to send a message to the whole word to tell them that i did you and is it wishing according to what i would it said the demonstrations are due to carry on into the middle of next month when israel celebrates its seventieth anniversary and palestinians mark seventy years of what they call nakba the catastrophe. gaza's overstretched
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ambulance crews and hospital staff know that at least until then this is how friday's will be a force at al-jazeera gaza. white house has dismissed former f.b.i. director james cole mees new book which is critical of president trump as a poorly executed p.r. stunt the president fired. since he was investigating possible collusion with russia and the troubled campaign committee how it has more on the way. the newest allegations by former f.b.i. director james comey has the white house on the attack instead of being remembered as a dedicated servant in the pursuit of justice like so many of his other colleagues at the f.b.i. are komi will be forever known as a disgraced partisan hack that broke a sacred trust with the president of the united states komi was fired by u.s. president donald trump in may of last year for comi told congress that
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investigators were looking into the truck presidential campaigns ties to the russian government in a new book a higher loyalty komi paid to a picture of it in secure self-possessed leader comparing him to the mob boss says he was prosecuted but it was the salafis allegations about an incident in a moscow hotel room in twenty thirteen that has deeply upset the president when he was still f.b.i. director comey met with trump to discuss unproven reports the russians film trouble with prostitutes according to komi trump was concerned his wife would think the allegations were true and i remember thinking how could you where i think is a one percent chance you're with prostitutes other moscow i'm a flawed human being but. this is literally zero chance that my wife would think that was true trump denies the allegations and took to twitter calling komi a leaker a liar and a slimeball he's repeatedly denied any collusion with the kremlin during the
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campaign but the russia investigation continues under special counsel robert muller for truck campaign officials have already been charged. the latest allegations come at a tense time in syria trump is deciding whether to retaliate for an alleged chemical attack there has got so much on his mind right now that he in the best of times doesn't seem to be making good decisions i think his decision making in foreign policy could be even worse because of all these so-called distractions the book could also overshadow another key policy decision next week donald trump will sit down with japanese prime minister shinzo abbay to discuss his upcoming meeting with north korean leader kim jong un and his nuclear program b. of a meeting is scheduled to begin the same day james komi book is released can really help at al-jazeera at the white house they have been mass protests in india
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over allegations that the ruling b.j. is trying to protect men accused of raping and murdering a child in kashmir demonstrates to say the crime is being used as a political religious tool or. the rape and murder of. spot widespread outrage. was anger at the brutal attack of an eight year old girl anger that hinder right wing groups had much to in defense of the eight hundred mean accused of it if the slogan city is in the name of the hindu r.j. she'd amen in the name of the country india being the least for the accused i'm not the victim then i don't know what kind of country real growing up in and what kind of country we are i don't think in this country in which direction the went missing in january in a hindu dominated area in indian administered kashmir. could betted body was found days later she had been strangled and repeatedly gang right.
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because of my daughter should be killed they should be hanged they should be punished that's it eight men are accused of abducting her and holding her at a temple by include a retired government official and four police offices all of them reportedly to be local hindu mean who are connected to a land dispute with the girls muslim community. mania angry that this rally in support of the accused included members of the b j p the party of prime minister and that interim order doing body of the same to egypt is also a body here they are simply the support for the rules you know they supported based legality supports you and i don't think there will be actually. opposition leader raul gandhi little gathering to remember in new delhi at the same place with thousands of people demonstrated in two thousand and twelve against a brutal gang rape in the capital. as if this case has ignited religious tensions
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in the disputed kashmir region but protesters say her rape and murder is a reminder of just how much more needs to be done right across india to protect. and medium one hand. it is preparing to host the eight summit of the americas in the event by two men yes president donald trump cancelled his attendance last minute then is with him president nicholas mcdougal wasn't invited due to political and humanitarian issues that call john home as more. it's the biggest gathering of leaders in the western hemisphere but this year the focus in the summit of the americas is on two men who want even going country proved this top venezuelan president nicolas maduro he's not invited it's a mark of his growing isolation as venezuela's humanitarian and financial crisis rumbles on and it prepares for elections seen by several neighboring countries as
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illegitimate. in lima venezuela will be at the top of the agenda countries attending the summit will discuss the topic insisting this election is not valid because it's not a democratic election or. president but this is not border and it's going to hold no issues will be decided in that summit it is a real waste of time and we're making here's another no show president trumps canceled he says to deal with the syria crisis. some analysts believe there's another implicit message he doesn't have liked in america as one of his priorities . that he just looks down on the region and the spices its people. also not present the leaders who will take power later on in what is a busy electoral year in latin america whatever agenda the several lame duck presidents here want to pursue may not be followed up on by their successes
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corruption is a huge deal it's specially in latin america right now and it's the main theme of the summit the region's been really shaken by bribery scandal and while some countries have taken steps to prosecute politicians others have failed to do so with the two days of tools can help cure that long term is debatable but the discussion should at least be less tense with the president's trump i'm a doodle out of the picture. well john joins us now live from new hi there john so what's been the significance then of chon not going along. you're first of all to know he's the first u.s. president that hasn't come to one of these summits so it is a big deal and it does seem to have been casting a bit of a power over the whole event the fact that the most powerful country in the region isn't turning out this of course he is sending surrogates his daughter ivanka trump and also the vice president there's also something interesting here in terms of the united states wanted this to be the year in which they pushed to be the power
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within through it's in this region instead of china so him not turning up remains seeing if it has some sort of influence on that we've just heard about another president who is not going to be turning up from sources in the cuban government saying that raul castro is also not going to be attending the summit and that's really important because it was going to be his last regional event before he steps down as president of cuba so there's a couple of no shows that are starting to tour right here in the summer it does seem to be losing a bit of it shine and jon benet's ailing president nicholas mitchell also isn't coming because he hasn't been invited by the host country but venezuela nonetheless is one of the top issues at the summit right. here that's exactly right he was uninvited by peru but venezuela has been constantly coming up a lot of presidents or a few presidents coming out with some quite hard to get for the summit the president of argentina saying we've got to talk about the elections that are coming
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up in venezuela the parties elections around democratic according to him there's also the on going crisis in venezuela will countries apply sanctions now the u.s. also was going to have a voice in that because president trump was very keen for other countries to start taking up sanctions against venezuela now he's not here so that could be both a curse because he's not here to drive that. maybe also a blessing because there were worries that he might be a bit too forceful in trying to get latin american countries to do something about venezuela they don't like being told what to do obviously in their own backyard so no latin american leaders we have to deal with that question them so john let me there joining me live for me much on thank you. pakistan's former prime minister now is sharif has been banned from politics for life five supreme court judges made the ruling earlier on friday sharif was from this office last july over craft allegations well he and his ruling pakistan muslim league have repeatedly denied
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allegations of corruption kemal high has more now from. a landmark decision by the supreme court which would have huge implications for the ruling party bloggers don muslim league now why now now why should a void earlier dish qualified by the court in july of last year or what the problem are data leak can there be of course they are facing a probe by the national accountability court now why should he have and his supporters of course have been doing that your dish anything that they're being worked on my from day one the whole crowd. around quite conclusion the reject you all form the people belonging to the. families who've been staunch. that inclusion in. all of the shore you know over to the waterfront of will. it will remain a black sport on the beach of the. however another politician from the.
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of the opposition was also disqualified on the same. day of college has said that there is. the law but the ruling government is saying. no why should he have to dress up or die you have already been called by the it's called full court and also one of them has been stand for a month or jail however the ruling party is not going to accept their verdict the people across. the. board. by the country's supreme court decide any ambiguity for taming. a satire about the coup the longest serving the. taking center stage in harare the plate opening with. something that would have been unthinkable showing his thirty seven you. one was. the production
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called operation rigorously begins with grace mcgee the former first lady insisting she can do what ever she nights i was his wasn't. was a god i was then robert mugabe emerges accompanied by army generals who tell the ninety four year old and grace they are under house arrest the i. didn't consent to that i knew i was. the performers acting what happened on november fifteenth when soldiers and armored vehicles blocked roads to government offices parliament and the courts then president mugabe was confined to a private residence zimbabweans marched in the thousands demanding he step down eventually the man who had ruled zimbabwe for thirty seven years was forced to
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resign we have was. read out to me i think now that mugabe is gone and him or someone is president some are testing how far they can push the boundaries further serving me of robert mugabe you do. but the question is did we speak out in both thirty seven years people watching the play got a chance to laugh at themselves and the country. in the process the government often criticized theatre productions and had i suppose a sensitive issues some zimbabweans also display in the case that things are changing have come true for others on social. since mugabe's removal a few protests have been allowed doctors and teachers marched demanding more money there's always a line that's never to be crossed your head subtle threats from the military from
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the the government. use this online space responsibly in cults use their need to have a sponsor believe in quotes i i it's not clear how much creative freedom zimbabweans have mugabe is fair game because he's no longer in charge whether people can openly mocked the current leadership is another story. al-jazeera. still to come on the. room where you are laying out is the beginning of this year and then the other the rebirth of the democratic republic of congo by laying the gun to get to where you. will be retracing their journey. from burning fires to boko haram we take a look at some of the eye catching photo selected for this year's prestigious world press photo or watch. formula one world champion lewis hamilton sets the pace ahead of the chinese plan b. but only just details and support makes the show.
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hollow we're looking at some warmer weather spreading right across europe over the next few days but for the time being the water is generally confined to the eastern half of the continent still a fair amount of for having said that further west a little bit of cloud there some wet weather still in place just around the western side of the med and also into germany for go on into were saturday that will make its way further east was probably seeing some heavy rain it pushes over towards the baltic states here's the water started to push in london eighteen celsius seventeen there in paris matric gets up to around eighty degrees and about time too we'll see the cloud still there for the western side of the bed but it should become dry in the process twenty one celsius for vienna sort the numbers around for moscow twelve degrees here with temps getting up to around sixty eight in moscow. go on into
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sunday still swamp than me mid twenty's therefore was a cloud we have in the west the med will push over towards italy and the balkans brighter skies coming back and there you go he's a warming trend only fourteen in london on sunday notice but by the middle of next week i'm promising you temperatures nearer the a low twenty's are not too bad at all hot weather that continues across the eastern side of north africa karo thirty five degrees but we have got cloud and right to the northwest a cool wet one in algiers just fourteen celsius. on counting the cost how to get ahead in digital advertising why the new mad men dislike regulation but like harvesting everything they can about you the french president's big terrorist boss why oil i mean you were in focus this week counting the cost on a. morales was just ten years old when
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a devastating earthquake struck mexico city in one thousand nine hundred five the quake damaged her family's apartment and the government moved them to distant shack around seventy families who lost their homes in that earthquake still live in this county ca going to get up at the government raised our hopes and then abandon us politicians have promised that they won't allow a repeat of what happened after the earthquake in one thousand and five but the cost and complexity of i was in hundreds of people living in camps is a major task and one that many people here think the government failed.
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the mind of the top stories here on al-jazeera the u.n. secretary general has said the cold war is back with a vengeance speaking at the security council he warned about the dangers of escalation over syria as tensions continue between the u.s. and russia. russia and syria say they have irrefutable evidence that saturday's suspected chemical attack in duma was staged most schools accuse britain of being directly involved in the provocation. let's get more on the syria crisis joining me from washington d.c. is while he's the c.e.o. of engage an advocacy group for american muslims he was also a signal syria adviser to former u.s. ambassador samantha power so a very warm welcome to the program i want to how do you feel at the moment hearing the sorts of let's say wait that's being batted back and forth at the u.n. . thank you for having me it really as a yogi berra once said it's deja vu all over again as somebody who has worked at
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the state department for a number of years and the u.s. u.n. mission for a number of years we've heard the accusations by the russians that these are distorted lies intrudes and maybe even fabricated evidence but at the end of the day this is a refutable the syrian regime. by all counts seems to be responsible for this leave its use of c.w. which was my count is well over forty and perhaps over fifty and while what i thought the argument that why not wait until the o.p.c. w. investigators have concluded their investigation and then take action what why does it have to happen. the o.p.c. w. which which where we support and the russians and the united states are actually on its executive committee is by its very mandate an able to attribute use of chemical weapons all it can do is tell us that chemical weapons have been used the body that
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was created the joint investigative mechanism that the russians actually shut down last year would have told us who was responsible and in fact in two thousand and sixteen the joint investigative mechanism told us that the syrian regime was responsible for their use at least on three occasions and right after that pronouncement the russians refused to renew its mandate so therefore even of the o.p.'s w goes in it is prohibited from attributing responsibility what should the world major powers be doing right now how how is it that progress could be made however small. unfortunately if you're referencing the russians really progress cannot be made at this point seven years after this horrible horrible war there seem millions of people displaced and over half a million killed the russians are at the end of the day active belligerence for the
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regime and the allied militias against the syrian people predominately those who oppose bashar al assad so therefore if we're talking about a solution it's going to have to come without the russians and it's going to have to include really a coalition of countries that have had enough whether it's the united states whether it's the french the british arab countries such as the saudis or the m.r.i.'s whoever it is the solution is not going to involve the russians and as somebody who was in the administration the previous administration and i'm somebody who opposed the iraq invasion just to be clear but in this case unfortunately really there has to be some kind of response to this repeated violation of human rights in syria while i'll say it there joining me live from washington d.c. sir thank you tensions are running high in indian administered kashmir violent clashes between indian forces and separatists have led to several deaths and ongoing protests kathy lopez has the story. may have been
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a i was planning on getting married in just a few weeks instead she's attending her fiance's funeral show heels family says she had just left his uncle's house when he was shot and killed. he walked out to the washroom and was fired upon by police forces his body was just lying there we tried to help him but officers didn't allow us hours passed before we were allowed to go near him. the twenty five year old was one of four people who died earlier this week and indeed at minister kashmir following clashes between the police and kashmir separatist sixty people were injured. on friday police fire tear gas to disperse dozens of protesters in the capital srinagar we just want to see done so that became the one life that we did want to do it not jobs not development not take and to be do you stand with all those in a sense wanting him to be a family because at the ngo to be able it was going to be the incident of. the
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fight over kashmir is part of a seventy year old plan conflict between india and pakistan both countries claim ownership of the region at least twenty four people have been killed this year in violent confrontations but police say those who died in the latest incident were aggressors not innocent civilians the. qur'an parvez a human rights activist says civilians were openly targeted by indian forces it doesn't matter for me that the media is a militant. and so every killing is always considered as legitimate by india. they. kashmiri civilians say the situation is becoming unbearable for some of the deaf ears anti-government protests and fighting so far this year shark heels family knows only too well the hike human cost that's being
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paid. the young al-jazeera syrian asylum seeker has been stuck at k.l. airport for more than a month may not be allowed to stay in malaysia. was deported from the united arab emirates and has tried but failed to get into ecuador and cambodia and the malaysian government is considering giving him special status for a slew of reports from kuala lumpur. so an airport isn't the most comfortable place to spend a night for hassan al contact it's been home for nearly forty nights hassan's rail holds syria has been devastated by war he wants to go to a third country that will accept him but hasn't found one when al jazeera spoke to his son he told us he wanted to get word out to his family that he thinks it's going to be ok or. so or are just thinking. what's happening with the economy do. you want something or there are nothing but
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bad news for the peacetime. have an air conditioner. for. what it's like. but has and says he's getting worried because he only has nine more months on his passport says he hasn't tried to contact syrian officials in kuala lumpur that's because he doesn't want to be sent back he's been surviving on the kindness of strangers including a sudanese student osama subir who heard about the syrian plight via social media. because. so. since hassan story went viral there have been many office of help people have been donating money to pay for his ticket out of malaysia the home
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ministry told al-jazeera they are deciding whether to allow him to stay but hasn't says that might only be a temporary solution as malaysia does not recognize refugees so he still looking for a way out florence louis al-jazeera kuala lumpur the democratic republic of congo is shelling its own doha conference in geneva on friday saying the united nations has exaggerated the number of people who need aid. un says escalating violence is displaced more than four million people within the country and that since december alone seventy thousand have fled fighting in the east of d.r. see for camps in neighboring uganda where malcolm webb has we traced the refugees journey says travelled from uganda's capital kampala to the chiang walid camp on the shore of lake albert where most of the refugees have resettled event costly to consented landing site on the sea side of the war this is where many refugees take pools to escape to uganda and finally he continued to nia to
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a camp for internally displaced people. it's taken days for cooma corinne and her children to get from her village in the democratic republic of congo to the safety of this refugee camp in uganda with two year old patrice. anti septic's praise just too much. life in the camp begins with frank scenes in a medical check. fled her village after her brother in law was killed by a militia with machetes. husband his father was left behind i did. when the fighting started we were thierry skitt other people ran away but my husband wasn't around so i waited after everyone leafed i was alone so then i decided to run. as among thousands who fled to uganda since the beginning of this year most of them arrived here by boat on the shores of lake albert borders the two
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countries un registers them before taking them to the camps. retraced their journey across the lake. is already. very often. others of. the u.n. says the people who took this journey are among millions of congolese in urgent need of help displaced by multiple conflict across the country he says the crisis is neglected and he wanted governments meeting at a conference in geneva to donate around one and a half billion dollars when we reached the congolese side of the lake we found more people who fled their homes many here couldn't afford the boat and unlike those in uganda they received almost no assistance that the government says the u.n.
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has greatly exaggerated the number of people affected by the crisis so it didn't attend the conference. we're not trying to deny that there is a humanitarian problem but we don't consider it's at that level we have to avoid making a business and of the humanitarian situation which discourages investors you can bring economic development. it's clear that many congolese desperately need help chronic poverty thanks to crisis much worse malcolm web al jazeera it to re province in the democratic republic of congo china's they've the is to hold live fire drills in the taiwan strait next week the exercises come at a time of high tension with the u.s. over washington support for the island china guys taiwan is a breakaway province in unspent came as the country's navy considered its biggest ever fleet the view in the contested waters of the south china sea adrian brown
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reports. in the sea where so many countries now have territorial claims an unprecedented display of chinese military power image is likely to unsettle some of china's neighbors it was the top story on chinese state television running for more than twenty two minutes the fleet review involved forty eight warships a nuclear powered submarine and china's sole operating aircraft carrier the looming display also included seventy six aircraft including bombers as well as ten thousand servicemen and women. dressed for battle issuing orders their commander in chief president xi jinping armed with words for a military he's determined to strengthen. building a strong navy has never become so urgent as today will carry out the thought of
12:43 am
beauty in a strong military your new era. just forty eight hours earlier before an audience that included world leaders president xi had sought to present china as the guarantor of free trade now in the south china sea that contains some of the world's busiest shipping lanes he had another message these are our waters and we have the strength to defend them. the display you have with this three u.s. navy aircraft carrier battle groups pass through these same contested waters china claims almost ninety percent of the south china sea and for the past few years has been reinforcing its claim by building artificial islands it denies they have a military purpose. some of these warships are now sailing towards the narrow strait that separates china from taiwan to take part in a live fire drill next wednesday the first such exercise there in more than twenty
12:44 am
years adrian brown al-jazeera beijing the chief executive of telegram says the apple uses built in systems to get around a ban and russia earlier russian court ordered that access to the telegram messenger service be blocked impacting on millions of users it comes after the company repeatedly refused to give russian state security service access to its users secret messages telegram allows its more than two hundred million global users to communicate via encrypted messages. and as well in photography rinaldo schmidt has been awarded the prestigious world press photo of the year prize though more than four thousand five hundred f. one hundred entries into that competition well schmidt's winning entry was this striking full tilt taken during anti-government protests in caracas last may while this picture won first prize in the people story category it is of
12:45 am
a nigerian called a show who was kidnapped by boko haram and given a suicide bombing mission she was strapped with explosives but managed to find help there had to crisis also featured in the contest this picture for bangladesh so the group of rahane joe watching on his house was burned across the border in the unmarked it caves third in the general news category well this photo was taken in london and shows an american tourist being comforted by a passer by following last march's attack on westminster bridge the picture came second in the sports news stories category i've been speaking to jesco denzel a photographer who won first prize in the contemporary issues category in this year of contest and he told me more about the inspiration behind this bill. i would see this award for a photo of part of the larger body of work to do last year in the city of lagos in nigeria and that story was about it is about we waterfront communities under wraps
12:46 am
money goes. to communities that have been there for a long time for over a century which and they are arranged fifteen settlements and. now the city of lagos like the media city of lagos grew around and they are not in the right place don't seem to be in the right basically more and basically the city wants to get rid of fleas communities that suggest go on wondering what you think the power is right now particularly when we live in this world of kind of communication overload of a simple kind of one moment in time shot what's the power of forceful journalism right now one still image still a lot of power that makes people maybe stop for a second or for a minute and think about that. situation and that is described in this photo and. i think there is still
12:47 am
a lot of power in that one joint of all the photos in the competition and some of which will be able to show on screen ever did you have one that really spoke to you apart from your own obviously. well obviously winning image is a credibly powerful image and. that's a few other which is that we've impressment to one winning images are the blindfolded rhino that sweetly it just looks like you know like an amazing. say so and like an amazing painting person of the beauty and that image to and for you just will have had to decide on your subject heading to decide you know what it is that you're going to cover next is it the kind of stories that really speak to you is it about people who can't tell their their story but i mean in our times it is hard to discover stories that are really really untold it's always worth going to
12:48 am
places where. other people might be reluctant to go and in this case of lateness. least communities are pretty much in the heart out of the city in the city center many are let's say most residents of lagos and on the one set foot in these communities because they believe in the. official version told by the city government saying they're. bad places and it's criminals and terrorists living there so after get rid of those plays and so i think it's worth going there and taking a look and showing that and flags that as honest and hard working people who down to onto the elite get out of their homes where they've been living for. caves. still to come on the al-jazeera news hour the new head of. the company. going
12:49 am
forward. in sport caster semenya does a rare double at the commonwealth games joel will have those details next. business updates brought to you by qatar where we're going places together.
12:50 am
business updates brought to you by qatar where we're going to get the. new head. of struggling car brands also tackling the financial and reputational damage from its massive emissions cheating scandal when it came has more on the man in the driver's seat. he's a man with a vision at least that's the image his company wants to portray these takes charge
12:51 am
of at a time of potentially hard choices when some in the automotive industry believe w. which also skoda audi say it and porsche should slim down and concentrate on core brands wanted to lister's in folks one can see that it is our goal to make bargain one of the industry's leading companies when it comes to profit innovation and sustainability. but one issue that won't go away is the so-called diesel gate affair when v.w. fixed emissions tests to show diesel was cleaner than it actually was dealing with it has already cost the v.w. group more than thirty billion dollars and now seemingly its chief executive his job. was appointed in twenty fifteen at the height of the scandal but in recent times has come under official investigation for what he knew about it and when by removing him and appointing does some analysts believe this move is
12:52 am
a statement of intent from v.w. people dodge and bang for the op but there are folks a cleanup operation is underway it felt like and the rest is leaving after he more or less concluded that diesel scandal and what's needed now a visionary for mr t. it is a visionary and a great supporter of emo billeted which is said to be massively pushed forward at volkswagen so the decision is right also the new structures within v.w. pulling the different brands in order to have better steering it's a step in the right direction that's clearly something senior executives here in v.w. headquarters believe the question will be whether the vision their new boss is something that customers will like the look of dominic kane al-jazeera evolve spork let's get all the day's sports with joe. julie thank you we've had a dramatic few days in european football that culminated in a draw earlier to find out which teams are playing each other in the champions league semifinals and that itself threw up a mouthwatering traill byron. a five time
12:53 am
champions by in munich were drawn against title holders rail madrid in a clash of two european titans yeah this is this is it is an exceptional encountering european football against the current reigning champions and the reigning champions in the spanish league as well as the winners of the u.s. super cup they also won the fifa club world cup it is a team with players that have an incredible ability so it's by and rails fourth meeting in the knockout phase of the champions league since two thousand and twelve the spaniards have beaten the german opponents in their last five matches in any of the semifinal you'll see liverpool's mohamed salah returned to his former club roma the first leg of the semifinals will take place on april the twenty fourth and twenty fifth with a return leg a week later. the only plays of the three options we had we have never played before so. that's already exciting. i think it's
12:54 am
a how it always is and should be it's difficult will be to difficult games because the fantastic side who saw the two games against barcelona if somebody only saw these two games and you know already pretty much everything about room. the draw for the last four of the europa league also took place on friday two time champions atletico madrid will face arsenal while most say plays sulzberger sulzberger overturned a four one deficit to lot c. on thursday to make it through to the semifinals english premier league clubs have voted not to use video replay technology in the league next season instead officials decided to extend trials of the video system referee or vast system for another year before choosing to adopt permanently in the league it will continue to be used in cup competitions the technology has been adopted by most of europe's major leagues for next season and will be used in the world cup in russia. south africa's caster semenya has made history at the commonwealth games on australia's
12:55 am
gold coast becoming just the third female to win both the eight hundred and fifteen hundred metres titles so many a is the reigning olympic and world champion over eight hundred meters and the twenty seven year old storm to victory in her favorite event on friday in a new cold war games record time of one minute fifty six point six eight seconds. there was also a second gold of the games for uganda's joshua to prove chip to gain in the ten thousand meters the twenty one year old holding off counted as mohammed achmad to win in the games record time check today also won the five thousand meters he's the first man in over seventy years and just the second ever to win both commonwealth titles. meanwhile there was a clean sweep for kenya in the men's three thousand metres steeplechase reigning olympic and world champion concepts the skipper took taking the gold medal ahead of compaction abraham abraham to be what an aimless career. and in
12:56 am
those catarina johnson thompson claimed the women's heptathlon title the twenty five year old who won the world indoor pentathlon crown earlier this year led the field heading into the final eight hundred metres race she crossed the line in fourth in that which was enough to see her win gold head of canada's nina schultz and fellow english athlete emerson it's johnson thompson's first senior outdoor title she'll now bid for a third gold of twenty eighteen at the european championships in august. meanwhile two indianapolis have been sent home from the gold coast for violating the game's no needle policy triple jumper rakesh barber and race walker it fun thirty were asked to leave after a needle was found in their room in the athlete's village is the second violation of the rule by the indian team at these games we have asked the commonwealth games association of india to ensure these departments on the first flight available as
12:57 am
we have previously said as we have previously said the commonwealth games take a no tolerance approach to these matters when the calm of the. sea is no toll and the commonwealth games means no tolerance are suspended. it is unfortunate that so they can see because they are insisting up to billing them so many times i don't know how did. and so i think should number been defending formula one world champion lewis hamilton set the pace in friday practice ahead of the chinese go on pray but only just the mercedes driver with seven thousand of a second quicker than for ariz kimmie reichen in the second session in shanghai elton's teammate valtteri bottas was third fastest with sebastian vettel just behind in his ferrari after victory in the first two races of the season vettel leaves the world championship standings by seventeen points from hamilton's. broken
12:58 am
runner rasheed elmore beattie has won the world's most grueling foot race for a sixth time he finished the marathon day sabol just over twenty five minutes ahead of his nearest rival and brother mohammed the ultra marathon takes competitors over two hundred thirty seven kilometers through the rough moroccan terrain they also have to carry all their equipment for the six day race american runner magdalena brulé won the women's race. and that is all the sport for now but to julie in london. joel thank you well you can find that much more about the stories we're following on our website you can head straight to. al-jazeera calling with dot com with loads of video on demand right there that's me for this news hour i'll be back in just a sec but by. then
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the next episode of techno the team looks into the environmental impact of waste management trash is a big business with an unfortunate the smelly business to the complexities of recycling when these different plastics are blended together the recycling becomes difficult to impossible and the science that offers solutions it's very easy for us to have a hundred percent recycled material techno on al-jazeera. water an essential resource for all humankind across europe pressure to recognise water
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as a human right and put its management back into public hands is increasing i think that the european commission would be very very that is what's wrong with us is she on anybody is the only field. goals people who see everything as something to invest the profit of they want all up to the last drop on al-jazeera discover a wealth of award winning programming from a round the clock challenge your perceptions but i was hearing sounded so far fetched that i thought there was eyes but lo and behold it was true groundbreaking documentary. fearless journalism life that we at last see the world from a different perspective on al-jazeera.


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