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pressure to recognize water as a human right and put its management back into public hands is increasing i think that the european commission would be very very true those words are probably on anybody's family kids. those people who see every two years something to invest the profit of a one dollar up to the last draw on al-jazeera discover a wealth of oh good when in programming from around the clock challenge your perception of what i was hearing sounded so far fetched that i thought there were guys but lo and behold it was truly groundbreaking documentary. fearless journalism very early life then reality. see the world from a different perspective on al-jazeera.
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the cold war is back with a vengeance but with a difference un secretary general's cold war warning as tensions increase between russia and the u.s. over syria. are there i'm julie mental mones and this is sound just live from london also coming up on persons died and hundreds more palestinians are wounded during the latest poll tests at the gaza israel border. protests in india over claims the winning b.j. p. is trying to protect a man accused of raping and murdering a child and then you had a volkswagen that sustaining the company death unusual going. on welcome to the program the cold war is bad. with a vengeance but with
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a difference the words of the u.n. secretary general antonio good terrorists is warning the situation in syria is in such chaos that it poses a serious threat to international peace and security the u.s. and its allies are considering launching missile strikes against syria after a suspected chemical attack by counter reports from the u.n. . some both cheeks for the russian ambassador but any hope that the russian and american rhetoric would record dharm was soon dashed as the ambassador's continued what this week has become a familiar confrontation in the security council denial of any attack on one side of the story only put those doing your there when you there is no credible confirmation of this l specials found no traces of toxic substances the residents of duma know about no such attack all information about the alleged attackers have been provided by n.t. government forces forces who have interest in such development of events an incredulous response. i started to listen to my russian
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friend and respond. but instead i'm in awe the silly of how you say what you say with a straight face i really really the secretary general's impassioned call for unity in the council was clearly ignored and turn your good terrorists painting a bleak picture of the world facing multiple conflicts the cold war is back with a vengeance but with a difference the mechanisms and the safeguards to manage the risks of escalation that existed in the past no longer seem to be present and another familiar scene at the start of the session the us ambassador once again entering with her french and british allies and in an apparently posed huddle sending a clear signal of joint concern and possibly joint action i can argue syria united nations russia's foreign minister has warned it has irrefutable evidence which
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proves the chemical attack on the syrian town of duma last saturday was staged its defense ministry says its interviewed people who were filmed receiving treatment in hospital and that it was all faked to build and to russian sentiment moscow's also being directly behind. those that citizens so i would advise us to wait for results because the o.p.c. w. commission under pressure from russia and the syrian government has left for syria there will be zuma there are a specialist couldn't find any chemical weapons or whatever being used we have irrefutable evidence that it was another staged event at the hands of the security services of a state which is very eager to be in the front lines of a recent survey complaining well the u.k. was swift to deny what its describing is is our allegations this is great task it's a blatant lie it's some of the worst piece of fake news we for yet seen from the russia propaganda machine but i would like to take this opportunity to state
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categorically to you the world's press that britain has no involvement and would never have any involvement in the use of a chemical weapon. well experts from the global chemical weapons will stall the o.p.c. w. arriving in syria to investigate the alleged chemical attack in a honda has more now from neighboring. the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons there inspectors are going to head to begin their work on saturday of course the town where these sites are the site of the alleged chemical weapons attack these inspectors are are to investigate exactly what happened and come up with their findings but there are already questions on whether or not they will be able to find exactly what happened because some there are some concerns that the evidence has been tampered with simply because there is a new authority on the ground when this alleged attack happened the rebels were in
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charge of the town and now it is in the hands of the russian military and the syrian government and it's not just that clearly this mission this fact finding mission its mandate is to determine whether or not a chemical weapons attack actually happened but in its mandate it cannot apportion blame and this is something that the u.n. secretary general referred to in his speech to the u.n. security council he welcomed the arrival of these inspectors and their mission but he said we need to go further now it's not clear whether or not the decision by the united states and its allies to target the syrian government is in one way or the other linked to the outcome of the findings of the opi c.w. we heard from the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. saying that the u.s. britain and france they all have proof that there was a chemical weapons attack but what is clear is that tensions have somewhat eased and that there are contacts behind the scenes contacts even the turkish president or do go on making it clear that he is a mediating in this crisis in one way or another saying that the contacts between
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the russians and americans are continuing and there is a possibility that tensions can be eased now whether or not this can stave off military. drake it is still not clear. health ministry says one palestinians been killed more than seven hundred fifty others have been injured during ongoing protests on the gaza israel border two hundred of the victims were injured by live israeli fire friday's protests have been dubbed as flag burning day in a part of an ongoing call for a rights of return for palestinians hari fawcett's but not the protests. was. the protest organizers had called this third friday of demonstrations along the gaza border the day of burning the israeli flag demonstrators carried a mocked up coffin there in the pictures of israeli soldiers whose bodies are
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believed to have been held in gaza since the twenty fourteen war. but at the center of this protest for a third week with thousands of teenagers and young men armed prepared to approach the border fence despite the all too obvious risks israeli soldiers had already killed more than thirty demonstrators and injured more than a thousand with live fire in the first two protests. the sixteen year old ismail salim understands the dangers all too well he was shot and injured in the initial round of demonstrations against donald trump's declaration in december recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital in the last hour. i want to send my message to the world that we have the right to live like other nations and other children living through both should not be our destiny while other flippin pace and stability. protection such as it was was delivered in the film of tiles burned to provide a scream from israeli snipers since the last protest israeli troops have erected
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a secondary fence at this site three hundred meters inside gaza and territory protesters made repeated sometimes successful attempts to drag sections of it away israeli soldiers responded with two. gas and live bullets. not necessarily seven o'clock now and still people are being taken towards the ambulances another injured man here with a gunshot wound to the lower leg that has been a tactic throughout for the last three weeks the israeli military has been we're missing to continue to use life i reduce these posters they believe they can go that right throughout the day israeli army released video of what it said was an attempt to breach the border fence in southern gaza it said molotov cocktails and i e d's as well as rocks had been thrown towards israeli troops accusing gaza's ruling faction hamas of using the protests as cover it's a charge the organizers reject pointing to the sheer number of a mom demonstrators who've been shot since the protests began is sure to kill and short term aim at thinking that by doing that they're going to intimidate and
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terrorize people but the people are quite detailed men to come to organize nonviolent peaceful protests in order to send a message to the whole word to tell them that i did you and visited wishing according to what i would its head the demonstrations do to carry on until the middle of next month when israel celebrates its seventieth anniversary and palestinians marks seventy years of what they call nakba the catastrophe. gaza's overstretched ambulance crews and hospital staff know that at least until then this is how fridays will be a force that al-jazeera gaza. there have been mass protests in india over allegations the ruling is trying to protect men accused of raping and murdering a child in kashmir demonstrators say the crime is being used as a political and religious tool mariana honda has more than. the rape and murder of a safe spot widespread outrage that was where anger at the brutal attack of an
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eight year old girl anger that hinder right wing groups had much to in defense of the eight hundred mean accused of it if the slogan city is in the name of a hindu arjay she'd amen in the name of the country india being the least for the accused i'm not the victim then i don't know what kind of country we are growing up in and what kind of country we are in this country in which direction the went missing in january in the hindu dominated area in indian administered kashmir. could betted body was found days later she had been strangled and repeatedly gang right. because of my daughter should be killed they should be hanged they should be punished that's it eight men are accused of abducting her and holding her at a temple they include a retired government official and full police offices all of them reportedly to be
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local hindu mean who are connected to a land dispute with the girls muslim community. mania angry that this rally in support of the accused included members of the b j p the party of prime minister and that interim order doing body of the same to egypt is also a body here they are simply the support to lose you know the support if it's illegal to support sue i mean i don't think there will be actually. opposition leader raul gandhi later gathering to remember in new delhi at the same place with thousands of people demonstrated in two thousand and twelve against a brutal gang rape. in the capital one zero zero zero six this case has ignited religious tensions in the disputed kashmir region but protesters say her rape and murder is a reminder of just how much more needs to be done right across india to protect women and girls midian one hundred a designer. still to come on the program. scathing criticism he will for it be for
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ever known as a disgraced partisan hack scathing criticism from the white house a former f.b.i. boss james called me ahead of the publication of his controversial new book. the break here's a quote of the choose the satire by robert mugabe's final days in power as zimbabweans test a new bank to ease. we've got some cooler weather at last making his way into southeastern parts of australia this area cloud and rain rolling across south australia into victoria will introduce a cooler south westerly wind as we go through the next couple of days of eighteen celsius for adelaide seventeen degrees there in melbourne quite a prostrate one he's down in price to sydney at around thirty celsius for the time
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being twenty two celsius there for perth nazi bad getting up to thirty in alice some of temperatures as we go on into sunday generally fine and dry for much of australia down to the southeast and going to that blustery weather will make its way through so i just for melbourne notice twenty four degrees for sydney should stay fall into the gold coast still looking good for the commonwealth games and on the other side of the tasman what we're seeing a bit of rain making its way across new zealand at the moment sliding through pushing further east was it'll be a bit of a mixed bag as we go on through the weekend just across just what the numbers around for oakland say twenty one degrees and right a possibility so the winds coming in from a northerly direction over the next couple of days right never too far away as we go on through sunday and right not too far away from japan i will the next couple of days is making its way from the west and pushing to the east.
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on counting the cost how to get ahead in digital advertising why the new mad men dislike regulation but like harvesting everything they can about you french president's big terrorist boss white oil the ruble and i mean you were in focus this week counting the cost on the edges you know. this is the opportunity to understand in a very different way where they're before something happens and we don't leave. our mind our top stories here are currently on al-jazeera the u.n.
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secretary general has said the cold war is back with a vengeance speaking at the security council it warned about the dangers of escalation over syria as tensions continue between the u.s. russia. russia and syria say they have irrefutable evidence to back to the suspect chemical attack to no stage moscow's accused directing involved in the provocation . gaza's health ministry says one palestinians been killed and at least seven of those have been injured during ongoing protests on the israeli border. at the white house has dismissed former f.b.i. director james coleman as new book which is critical of president trump as a poorly executed p.r. stunt the president fired komi last may while his agency was investigating possible collusion between russia and the trump campaign committee how could has more now from the white house and is that me. the newest allegations by former f.b.i. director james comey has the white house on the attack instead of being remembered
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as a dedicated servant in the person. of justice like so many of his other colleagues at the f.b.i. are komi will be forever known as a disgraced partisan hack that broke a sacred trust with the president of the united states komi was fired by u.s. president donald trump in may of last year for comi told congress that investigators were looking into the trunk presidential campaigns ties to the russian government in a new book a higher loyalty komi pates a picture of it in secure self-possessed leader comparing him to the mob boss as he was prosecuted but it was the salafis his allegations about an incident in a moscow hotel room in twenty thirteen that has deeply upset the president when he was still f.b.i. director comey met with trump to discuss unproven reports the russians film trouble with prostitutes according to komi trump was concerned his wife would think the allegations were true and i remember thinking how could your wife think as
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a one percent chance you're with prostitutes or moscow i'm a flawed human being but. this is literally zero chance that my wife would think that was true trump denies the allegations and took to twitter calling komi a leaker a liar and a slimeball he's repeatedly denied any collusion with the kremlin during the campaign but the russia investigation continues under special counsel robert muller for truck campaign officials have already been charged. the latest allegations come at a tense time in syria trump is deciding whether to retaliate for an alleged chemical attack there has got so much on his mind right now that he in the best of times doesn't seem to be making good decisions i think his decision making in foreign policy could be even worse because of all these so-called distractions the book could also overshadow another key policy decision next week donald trump will sit
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down with japanese prime minister shinzo on. to discuss his upcoming meeting with north korean leader kim jong un and his nuclear program b. of a meeting is scheduled to begin the same day james commies book is released kimberly healthy at al-jazeera at the white house through is preparing to host the eight summit of americas in lima well the events being dominated by two men u.s. president donald trump canceled his attendance last minute and venezuelan president nicolas maduro who wasn't invited due to political and humanitarian issues john holdren has this report. it's the biggest gathering of leaders in the western hemisphere but this year the focus in the summit of the americas is on two men who won't even going country proved this top venezuelan president nicolas maduro he's not invited it's a mark of his growing isolation as venezuela's humanitarian and financial crisis
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rumbles on and it prepares for elections seen by several neighboring countries as illegitimate. in lima venezuela will be at the top of the agenda countries attending the summit will discuss the topic insisting this election is not valid because it's not a democratic election or. president but this is not for the and it's going to have no issues will be decided in that summit so it is a real waste of time and we're making here is another no show president trumps concert he says to deal with the syria crisis. some analysts believe there's another implicit message he doesn't have liked in america is one of his priorities . that he just looks down on the region and the spices its people. also not present the leaders who will take power later on and what is a busy electoral year in latin america whatever agenda the several lame duck presidents here want to pursue may not be followed up on by their successes
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corruption is a huge deal is especially in latin america right now and that's the main theme of the summit the region's been really shaken by bribery scandal and while some countries have taken steps to prosecute politicians others have failed to do so with the two days of tools can help cure that long term is debatable but the discussion should at least be less tense with the president's trump i'm a daughter out of the pitcher don't homan al-jazeera lima tensions are running high in indian administered kashmir violent clashes between indian forces and separatists have led to several deaths and ongoing protests get a little bit as how dylan has the story. can be you know was planning on getting married in just a few weeks instead she's attending her fiance stuart show heels family says she had just left his uncle's house when he was shot and killed. he walked out to the
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washroom and was fired upon by police forces his body was just lying there we tried to help him but officers didn't allow us hours passed before we were allowed to go near him. the twenty five year old was one of four people who died earlier this week and indeed at minister kashmir following clashes between the police and kashmir separatist sixty people were injured. on friday police fire tear gas to disperse dozens of protesters in the capital we know that we just want to see them so that we can live our life the way it did want to do it not jobs not development not to and to be do you stand with all of those in a sense you are being killed and their families because at the end the debate was going to be the incident of. the fight over kashmir is part of a seventy year old plan conflict between india and pakistan both countries claim ownership of the region at least twenty four people have been killed this year in violent confrontations but police say those who died in the latest incident were
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aggressors not innocent civilians in the. qur'an parvez a human rights activist says civilians were openly targeted by indian forces it doesn't matter for me that the media is a militant. and so every killing is always considered as legitimate by india. they. kashmiri civilians say the situation is becoming unbearable for some of the devil yes antigovernment protests and fighting so far this year sure heels family knows only too well the hike human cost that's being paid katia locus of the young al-jazeera pakistan's former prime minister now is sharif has been banned from politics for life five supreme court judges made the ruling earlier on friday sharif was removed from office last july over graft allegations. pakistan was dimly have repeatedly denied allegations of corruption.
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volkswagen has unveiled its new head the incoming c.e.o. has to manage v.w. growing list of struggling car brands all stemming the financial and reputational damage of its mass and massive emissions cheating scandal when it came that's more on the man now in the driver's seat. he's a man with a vision at least that's the image his company wants to portray dees takes charge of at a time of potentially hard choices when some in the automotive industry believe w. which also skoda audi say at and porsche should slim down and concentrate on core brands wanted to lister's. it is our goal to make bargain one of the industry's leading companies when it comes to profit innovation and sustainability. but one issue that won't go away is the so-called diesel gate affair when v.w.
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fixed emissions tests to show diesel was cleaner than it actually was dealing with it has already cost the v.w. group more than thirty billion dollars and now seemingly its chief executive his job. was appointed in twenty fifteen at the height of the scandal but in recent times has come under official investigation for what he knew about it and when by removing him and appointing does some analysts believe this move is a statement of intent from v.w. people dodge and bang for the op but there are folks a cleanup operation is underway it felt like and the rest is leaving after he more or less concluded the diesel scandal and what is needed now. for mr t. it is a visionary and a great supporter of the mobility which is said to be massively pushed forward. so the decision is right also the new structures within v.w. pulling the different brands in order to have better steering it's a step in the right direction mission that's clearly something senior executives
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here in v.w. headquarters believe the question will be whether the vision the new boss is something that customers will like the look of dominic kane al-jazeera evolve spork . talks between the nigerian government and boko haram on the release of schoolgirls kidnapped from chip and twenty fourteen. resident bihari says the setback is due to disagreements among the abducted says comes a new report by the united nations says boko haram has adults at one thousand cells and northeast nigeria since twenty thirteen s.s.s. nearly two thousand three hundred teachers have been killed fourteen hundred schools destroyed by the glee acquitted just says more now from a pooja when the report detailed happenings in northeastern nigeria especially between two thousand and thirteen to two thousand and eighteen a period of five years of book quite an operations but we've known long before the chagos were abducted in two thousand and fourteen of local gram atrocities
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involving the kidnap and up duction of young girls and children from their own homes even in may degree we've seen and heard talking about fighters who are then living in a degree in the early part of the saliency looking into their homes dropping something like fifteen twenty dollars and pick up their daughters and saying that the money is for dolly now experts are saying that the psychological impact of the book what our crisis will be seen is beyond what we see what we've seen in terms of loss in infrastructure or loss of month in the education sector there are a lot of parents who still insist that they're not taking their kids to school simply because it's not safe to do so last month was spoken to the father of the only girl taken from who still remain captive in the hands of a book or a flight is in-depth who said he has of the children in school and he's
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contemplating on withdrawing them because it's no longer safe and it's sought risky to take his children to school and that's what experts are pointing at and they believe that this will linger on for some time to come. a satire about the coup that toppled zimbabwe's longest serving leader robert mugabe is taking center stage in harare the play openly ridicules mugabe and former first lady grace something that would have been unthinkable during his thirty seven year rule erin metacity has more now from harare. when was. the production called operation rigorously begins with grace mcgee former first lady insisting she can do what ever she nights i was his wasn't. was a god i was then robert mugabe emerges accompanied by army generals who tell the ninety four year old and grace they are under house arrest the.
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commission came to that i knew i was. leaving the performers are acting what happened on november fifteenth when soldiers and armored vehicles blocked roads to government offices parliament and the courts then president mugabe was confined to a private residence zimbabweans marched in the thousands demanding he step down eventually the man who had ruled zimbabwe for thirty seven years was forced to resign we was. read out to me i think now that mugabe is gone and innocent and is president some are testing how far they can push the boundaries purpose of america's robert mugabe you do yes. but the question is did we speak out in both thirty seven years people watching the play got a chance to laugh at themselves and the country. in the process the government
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often criticized theatre productions and had i suppose a case sensitive issues some zimbabweans also display in the case that things are changing have been true for others on social. since mugabe's removal a few protests have been allowed doctors and teachers marched demanding more money there's always a line that's never to be crossed. subtle threats from the military from the government. use this or lens based responsibly in courts use their need jetted sponsibility in courts i was. was it's not yet clear how much creative freedom zimbabweans have mugabe is fair game because he's no longer in charge with the people can openly mock the current leadership is another story. on al-jazeera. and you can find that much more about the stories on our website that al-jazeera dot com.
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or mind ever top stories here on al-jazeera the un's secretary general has says the cold war is back with a vengeance speaking at the security council until he of a terrorist warned about the dangers of escalation over syria tensions continue between the u.s. and russia the u.s. and its allies are considering whether to launch missile strikes against syria after a suspected chemical attack on the town of duma. russia's foreign minister has warned it has a refusal evidence which proves saturday's attack was staged his defense ministry says it has interviewed people who were filmed receiving treatment in hospital and that it was all fake to build and to russian sentiment all schools also accuse britain of being directly behind the application. lives that's it isn't that i would advise us to wait for results because the o.p.c. w. commission under pressure from russia and the syrian government has left for syria
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there will be zuma there are a specialist couldn't find any chemical weapons flooring or whatever being used we have irrefutable evidence that it was another staged event at the hands of the security services of a state which is very eager to be in the front lines of a rossa for becoming very gaza's health ministry says one palestinians been killed and at least seven hundred of those have been injured during ongoing protests along the gaza israel border freddy's protests are being dubbed a flag burning day and a part of an ongoing call for the right of return for palestinians says the boat just began at the end of march more than thirty one palestinians have been shot dead by israeli forces there's been mass protests in india over allegations that the ruling b j p party is trying to protect men accused of raping and murdering a child in kashmir the body of a cif a banjo and a jewel girl who belong to amuse them nomadic tribe was found in january this week hindu right wing groups protested against the arrest of eight hindu men
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the white house has dismissed former f.b.i. director james coleman is new book which is critical of president trump as a poorly executed p.r. stunt well trump was called call me a leaker liar and a slimeball the president fired called me last may while his agency was investigating possible collusion between russia and the trump campaign that said your firm up today stay with us counting the cost is coming up next as always thanks for your company but by. fifty three member states. one iconic figurehead as leaders of the commonwealth descend on london for its biennial meeting al-jazeera asks how much does the commonwealth matter in today's world and where does it go after queen elizabeth follow the commonwealth heads of government meeting on al-jazeera.


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