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in museums taking part in the project called a meeting point and as well as bringing people together one of its aims is to emphasise the contribution of migrants right up to the present day to western culture. because i've been here for some time i can help them with lots of things that mrs ford to me the great thing is it's not just about museums about forming a new life it is a part of life it's culture as we embrace new technologies rarely do we stop to ask what is the price of this progress what happened was people started getting sick but there was a small group of people that began to think that maybe this was related to become a disclosure on the job and investigation reveals how even the smallest devices have deadly environmental and health costs we think ok we'll send our you waste to china but we have to remember that air pollution travels around the globe death by design on al-jazeera.
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precise overwhelming and effective the us verdict on allied missile strikes that targeted chemical weapon sites in syria. there are live from london also coming up the pentagon says the strikes will set syria's chemical weapons program back years. meanwhile at the u.n. security council a draft russian resolution that would have condemned the allied action is voted down and on the top story. tens of thousands of south africans bid when the medic is elemental of farewell at a state funeral and so wetter.
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under the u.n. security council has voted against a resolution to condemn the overnight military strikes by the u.s. u.k. and france against the syrian government is the most significant attack against president bashar assad and the first coordinated retaliation for last saturday's suspected chemical attack on duma washington and its closest allies launched more than one hundred missiles targeting a scientific research facility in damascus and to chemical weapons storage facilities now homes one was also a minute she command center syria says it shot down thirteen incoming missiles over damascus while its ally russia says syrian forces intercepted seventy one cruise missiles throughout the country u.s. president donald trump has praised the strikes as perfectly executed calling it mission accomplished. syrian opposition says the strikes by the western powers do not go far enough and that all attacks by the syrian government must be stopped so i'm going to have a report. on turkey's southern border with syria. this
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is what's left of the burrs a scientific research center targeted by missiles from the u.s. britain and france the site near the syrian capital damascus was among three alleged chemical weapons facilities hit during the joint operation the u.s. hopes the assad government got the message that its actions will not go unpunished was. the dawn on syrian state media was that of defiance in the face of what they called tripartite aggression. we did not sleep at the right honestly we went to the streets to support the army and the air force struck down the missiles. was syria's war has divided opinion in the middle east people came out in solidarity with the assad government in sitting there their support for iran and hezbollah or their is high and the u.s. sentiment to the relief of the syrian government and its allies the operation was limited instead of
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a much discussed sustained attack the syrian government thanks its russian partners for the warning about the much anticipated strikes after days of tough rhetoric between u.s. and russia the syrian government had already evacuated military installations and cleared potential targets and allies of bashar al assad have been unequivocal in their support louis. he shared last night's strike that happened at dawn against syria is a crime by clearly announce that the us president the french president and the british prime minister are criminals and have committed a crime. those on the receiving end of the syrian government's attacks and bombs welcomed the military action and we support the american strike because we support everything that targets the syrian regime we know that this bombardment will not lead to the fall of the regime targets this criminal regime we are supporting i suspected chemical attack on duma last week predictably support the allies of the assad government and those who oppose it when russia denies the attack ever took
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place turkey says assad's actions must have consequences their own gender just didn't follow the up there it was unthinkable to leave all the attacks the regime has conducted an ant said that is why we welcome this operation because we can't tolerate what has happened in the perpetrator has to pay for it and the regime has to understand that this inhumane and lawless attack will not stay on. the syrian opposition backed the turkish president's call for an end to all kinds of attacks against civilians the u.s. britain and france see that assad wasn't targeted the government forces and assets remain intact the intention this here was to force the assad government to stop using chemical weapons but according to a syrian opposition member the message that they seem to have received is that the assad government and its allies can continue their killings just not using chemical weapons some of a job or other syria. russia is strongly condemning the strikes accusing the united
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states france and britain of violating international law and the u.n. charter moscow called an emergency security council meeting mike hanna has more from the united nations. this is the first time the council has met on syria this week a series of meetings that have served only to illustrate the massive divide on the issue the secretary general's repeated calls for unity ignored they are all members to show restraint in these dangerous circumstances and to avoid any acts that could escalate smetters and worsening the suffering of the syrian people the meeting was called by russia and its close ally in the council but libya and outrage was expressed at the strikes took place even as international experts arrived in damascus to investigate whether or not a chemical attack actually took place or brings up an aggressive new standard of the organizers of the aggression didn't even wait for the elementary establishment of facts by an international organization which is authorized to do that they
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supposedly determine everything for themselves and the term and who was guilty u.k. ambassador argued the strikes were justified in terms of international law and in the representative from france was adamant that in the absence of diplomatic agreement the strikes were the only form of sanction against syria that remained and the us ambassador threatened further action i spoke to the president this morning and he said if the syrian regime uses this poisonous gas again the united states is a lot and loaded. when our president draws a red line our president enforces the red line. like every resolution on syria introduced in the past week this one failed only russia bolivia and china voting in favor this well short of the nine votes that would have necessitated a veto from one of the permanent members despite a hopelessly split security council france says it will introduce yet another
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resolution this one addressing the dismantling of a chemical weapons program in syria also aimed at forging a cease fire and a durable political solution for those seeking some straw to clutch in the diplomatic breakdown away from the implacable confrontation in formal session members of the council continue to informally even affectionately engage mike hanna al-jazeera united nations you know his state is hailing a victory after those missiles were fired into syria the u.s. military says all of the targets that they were aiming at were fully destroyed and they believe there was no loss of life atika hane is the latest. i used three words to describe this operation precise overwhelming and effective that the at the pentagon claims of success as they roll out his lights to show what they say is
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total destruction of three chemical weapon sites in syria a research facility a bunker and a storage area in all one hundred five missiles and bombs fired from u.s. british and french ships submarines and aircraft the pentagon says russia didn't try to fire back and they claim all of syria's attempts to shoot them down failed we've attacked the heart of syrian chemical weapons program i'm not saying they're not going to be able to reconstitute their theory and it's not saying that it's going to continue but this is dealt them a very serious blow so that i think that's that's the core of what i'm saying u.s. president donald trump was quick to claim victory on twitter writing mission accomplished a spokesperson here at the pentagon tried to clarify that rather broad statement saying this particular mission was successful or accomplished they admit though they didn't destroy all of syria's suspected chemical weapons russia and syria have denied that chemical weapons were used investigators from the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons arrived in syria hours after the strikes the u.s.
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says it didn't need to wait for their findings they have evidence enough but they've provided none of it to the public whine a lot of this has to do with intelligence and and i'm very happy to show evidence if i can but we were very confident that the decisions we made the u.s. is not saying this is over they say that depends entirely on what the assad government decides to do next particle hane al-jazeera at the pentagon. or on the effectiveness of the strike that speak to ashford she's a research fellow at the cato institute a u.s. based think tank so much indeed for joining us so how much difference do you think that this will make to assad's ability and the inclination to use chemical weapons in future. i think it's very hard to see these strikes making much of a difference tall in terms of keep ability chlorine gas which is what he's mostly used recently is very easy to me quit chemicals that are easily available and in
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terms of his inclination well trust and trust need similar strikes and year ago last april to stop inside use of chemical weapons the assad regime used chemical weapons eleven times last year so these attacks don't seem to deter the regime from actually using the well so what do you think is next i mean we've heard from nikki haley the she was saying the united states is locked and loaded to strike again if assad as is believed to have used chemical weapons and again so what do you think we can expect in future from the u.s. and possibly france and the u.k. as well to be honest it's difficult to say that we have these strikes last year and then the u.s. didn't response to another of a number of other attacks throughout the year and then destroyed recently which appears to be i guess covered more broadly in the media present trump evidently troops response to so it's really not clear if the u.s. will actually continue to action if assad makes another attack in the future as
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with all decisions related to syria of course u.s. policymakers really have to balance the idea preventing these chemical weapons attacks against the risk of overthrowing the assad regime and creating more chaos inside syria what are the the potential for any kind of progress on the political front we know that to purchase broken to add to one and that core is also been talking about the the trying to push forward on that on the diplomatic front what do you think the state of that is now off to these strikes. well it's interesting that the trump of ministration base it wasn't donald trump came into office a very year ago has largely abandoned the diplomatic approach to syria and if the administration were to be engage whether it's through the geneva process or the process in a star or something else entirely there is i think some possibility of progress in the diplomatic front that could at least create a cease fire that would help to lower casualties but until the administration is
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willing to do that it's very difficult to see it happening what about the role of russian oil as a minute do you care say the center venture by the allies in part as a test of russian to see how far they're prepared to go in backing the syrian ally . i'm not sure i would see this as a test i think everybody on both sides of the atlantic was extremely relieved that last night straits did not escalate into something worse the russians did not use their air defenses they did not retaliate against the attacks and all the reports are that moscow is quite relieved smarting that these attacks were not larger than the sort of limited strikes that we saw so i think everybody is actually grieving quit sire relief that these strikes to escalate any further and asher thank you very much indeed for your time thank you. at the funeral of anti-apartheid activist we need magic is
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a lie mandela has been held in south africa thousands of people gathered in her hometown so eto the bay tribute to the woman known to many as the mother of the nation she died nearly two weeks ago in johannesburg at the age of eighty one after a long illness catherine story so in this report from the funeral. we might give their loved one denis casket is brought into their land a stadium where rapturous applause was in the tens of thousands of south africans skipped a beat had to buy the best way they know to song and dance thank them because of different political parties sat side by side with dominating collars of cleaning yellow for the african national congress was part of and read for economic freedom fighters whose ideology shaped president cyril ramaphosa described as a b.s. revolutionary still lives on and the mission that's called have. as it
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strives each day to fulfill its destiny as a united peaceful and prosperous and just society. to many south africans just lost only a freedom fighter doing apartheid she also stood with the poor afterwards most people will relate to. even after apartheid ended she wants to fight for their rights she often said that south africa may have. a maniac next to know what it really mean to have economic and social freedom people have talked of her desire to see bad distribution of life and a passion for young people and how frustrated she was about the wealth disparity between the minority white and elite black south africans on one hand and majority to pour on the other we also have to go back and decide for ourselves what natural justice means as a country so i think that people feel aggrieved the african majority in this
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country many of them feel incredibly still aggrieved. by the idea that people who had brutalized traumatized that. dispossessed them live among us. we mandela was also embroiled in controversy she's been accused of human rights abuses during apartheid but she had been the dish of the a.n.c. it was criticized or vilifying and abandoning half to apartheid some of them by police but i mean it's if you have turned it on you know turn over on that or person dead killed there can be done you know fine art that's our present day we're ready to be late in front of the world after all was said and done winnie mandela as potential slowly made its way through so with the township she calls home to a memorial cemetery where she was buried. people say she never wavered for. life black south africans and they say she's a hero. to have this bag. program including.
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the peruvian capital lima the biggest gathering of national leaders in the western hemisphere. after i saw iraq's political parties begin campaigning for upcoming elections as rebuilding efforts continued. hello temperatures in southeastern australia last week was still hovering around record values well the season's changed snow has been sighted in the southern obs has been cited in. tasmania as well these multiple fronts systems being quite active in knocking a temperature back and bring some significant rain stormy weather and of course snow the temperature in melbourne is that a seventy nine is quite a stiff breeze as well as twenty in adelaide as don imus better in sydney in fact
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perth beat you or twenty five in perth gets even warmer come monday bit of cloud admittedly there's not much change elsewhere except less clouds slightly lighter winds so it's feeling ok i think now of course much of that cloud swings around tasman sea and eventually hits new zealand and this is no exception that's exactly where those clouds those fronts are going as a result here is the full cost of sunday and onshore breeze possibly from the north on the western side of south island so fourteen in christchurch might feel much the same as it's war in oakland it twenty one a day later the whole lot's curling through so it could be raining virtually anywhere but temperature wise quite surprising despite the rain is still too into an openness to nineteen in christchurch but there's a fair old breeze and distinct lack of sunshine.
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in the next episode of techno the team looks into the environmental impact of waste management trash is a big business plan for the smelly building next to the complexities of recycling when these different plastics are landed together then the recycling becomes difficult to impossible and the science that office solution is very easy for us to have a hundred percent recycled material techno on al-jazeera. and again a reminder the top stories here are there enough nations security council has voted against a resolution proposed by russia condemning the american british and french missile
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strikes against the syrian government. u.s. president donald trump has praised the strikes as perfectly executed washington and its closest allies launched one hundred missiles. and thousands of people gathered in so what for the funeral of south african anti-apartheid activist. the biggest gathering of heads of state in the western hemisphere has been taking place in peru in the eighth summit of the americas nita's from across north south and central america hope to tackle corruption and overcome differences on trade and the political process in venezuela has also been a main focus of the meeting but there are several several notable absences including u.s. president donald trump who pulled out of the last moment. john heilemann joins us live from lima so the summit has now finished what's been achieved. well the peruvian president would say what's been achieved is an agreement on
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corruption which is the main theme of the summit he says it's an achievement because the last two summits ended without an agreement where corruption is an especially big deal in latin america it's still shaken from a huge bribery scandal reach really rocked the entire region but when you listen to the heads of state talking about this main thing in the plenary session they seem to be more keen to talk about what they've already done to combat corruption rather than what their shortcomings have been and what their failings are just as an example the president of mexico talked about an anti corruption system that's been put in in the country. as being under. his government was. doing its very flawed. agreement. of. we've seen it so far the last john holl worst he went from
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a nexus one came back down fishing lines got too bad sorry about that political parties in iraq have started campaigning for upcoming elections nearly seven thousand candidates will compete for three hundred twenty nine seats in next month's vote and they faced tough challenges in the aftermath of the three year war to defeat eisel reports says they doubt the military announced the defeat of iceland december two thousand and seventeen many it out there have been displaced people of return to their homes in most parts of the country life is slowly returning to something up forty eight. but the struggle to unite a country for generations divided along sectarian lines is far from over could the elections on may twelfth help some say model tall what was up again what i thought . there was campaigning won't change anything they have the same faces they just change their posters and banners and much nepotism is involved. there's
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a colored field of convenience with five major shia analysts two sunni two kurdish and some smaller parties and independents current prime minister hi they're all about the end he's produced as a new deal maliki had separate lists within the ruling da a poet. the leader of the but that organization is allied with the iranian backed shia militias known as the popular mobilization falls is. the powerful shiite cleric the dowser with a strong support base among book that's poor has allied with communists prime minister but is popular with many of the country's sunni minority who thank him for risking them from life and i saw. but sectarian feel is still run deep in iraq and really just loyalties have traditionally been exploited by parties during elections and some view his government just couldn't so i want the book. it does not matter
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if not as long as this corrupt government his ruling from the green zone to blend snatched from the iraqi people and it's brought the owners. in the seminole tunnel must mufon kurdish region political loyalties are changing after the cut is regional governments failed to from them bid for independence last the new parties a second to challenge the traditional ruling ones the p u k and k d p and of course regional players will be watching events closer than some politicians are warning me because i'm talking not to meddle in the pool and exploit mistrust between shia and sunni voters mahomedan to al-jazeera well there are seven hundred fifty thousand syrians have sought refuge in neighboring jordan which has been a huge strain on the country's resources and economy but a new joint initiative by the government and un refugee agency is hoping to reduce the impact by training refugees to join the local workforce edition on a report from sahab. more strict mohammed jamal of the life he
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built in syria his job as a factory supervisor has allowed him to create a new one in jordan and restore his dignity for every day american at that hour for a year and the beginning i could not provide the basic necessities of life for my sending and my wife thank god now i'm having a decent life. jamal is one of thirty syrians recruited from refugee camps working at el san about the diaper manufacturer has been hiring syrians for five years and they now make up fifteen percent of its workforce when we started this process it was very open this those motives if it ultimately to the all in all in vitamins what's happening at al sanibel and other factories in jordan could mark a new approach to how the international community assists refugees three quarters
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of a million syrian refugees are registered in jordan which has put a strain on the country struggling with high unemployment and cost of living the hope is by providing work for refugees they will contribute to not drain the economy this would make let's say a link to listen to this one of our larger purchases floors are down and because of some of. some of the employers would come from outside to florida and start having their new projects the government has made it easier and cheaper for syrian refugees to get work permits and streamline the process for companies looking to export to the european market the u.n. refugee agency u.n.h.c.r. has established eleven recruiting centers now more than ninety five thousand syrian refugees mostly men are working in factories farms construction sites and stores.
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abdulhadi says by working his way up to factory manager he's now in a position to provide opportunity. is a very good for me i'm happy because i hated my reward at el sanibel having syrian refugees as part of the workforce has had another effect the owner says it's brought a unity and an understanding that everyone whether a syrian refugee or a jordanian is first and foremost a human being natasha going to name. the had jordan. somalia's refusing to ship military equipment belonging to the united arab emirates officials at airports in the northeast and put on province say the shipment cannot leave somalia and marotta offices had been trying to transport the goods to the us using a private military aircraft a somali federal government has accused the u.a.e. of adopting policies they believe
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a sabotaging the east african nation chinese consumers are being encouraged to boycott american products and services in response to u.s. president donald trump's threat to impose tariffs on chinese goods this may have a huge impact on u.s. products like beef which are heavily on middle class consumers from china. what correspondent jim brown reports from china from shanghai. it's freezing inside this storage room it has to be the boxes contain prime u.s. beef fresh from the nebraska prairies a seventeen ton shipment recently arrived at this shanghai meat importer that was before the escalation in trade tensions between china and the united states and the threat of new tariffs on u.s. beef the firm's boss initially feared the worst being left with a lot of expensive meat on which he'd make little or no profit. when we heard there might be a twenty five percent tariff we thought oh no he can't do business anymore. his
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concerns have subsided but he still faces another problem uncertainty. we can only make plans when trade relations between china and the united states are stable that's why we're not totally sure how often and how much we should buy so far we've bought seventeen tons and sold two tons and if it really does come to a trade war it's going to be several more weeks before the new tariff on beef is applied and more young says he feels uneasy he will continue to import u.s. beef because he says they'll always be demand for what he regards as a quality product he just won't import so much of it instead he'll buy more from australia new zealand and canada young says that after president xi jinping speech on tuesday he's less worried about a trade war happening now she promised to deepen economic reform and to improve the
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business environment for foreign investors the appetite for beef in china is being driven by the country's growing middle class consumption has risen more than ten percent in the past five years so when china lifted a thirteen year ban on u.s. imports a year ago it was well. commutes here for many chinese consumers though u.s. beef remains an on of fordable luxury to follow the american beef really doesn't have that much to do with chinese people how many chinese people eat american beef not even ten percent of the use of the food if the imported american beef certainly becomes much more expensive i probably will go for something else after all we also have good beef in china and from other countries the american people is not irreplaceable not words the u.s. beef industry wants to hear amid declining beef consumption at home it's relying on global demand a demand that is increasingly being led by china adrian brown al-jazeera shanghai.
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taking a look at top stories there not nations security council has voted against a resolution proposed by russia condemning the american british and french missile strikes against the syrian government it was defeated eight votes to three with four abstentions syria and russia used the debate to criticize the strikes strongly . when you've got. the united states supported by power lies launched airstrikes against military and civilian targets in the syrian arab republic without a mandate from the united nations security council and in violation of u.n. norms and principles of international law and aggression against a sovereign state was carried out again. in an act of cynical to staying with a group of western countries decided to take military action without waiting for the results of the investigation russia condemns the attack against syria in the
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strongest possible terms u.s. president donald trump praised the strike says perfectly executed is the first coordinated retaliation for last saturday's suspected chemical attack on duma the u.s. and its allies launched more than one hundred missiles targeting a scientific research facility in damascus and to chemical weapons storage facilities in their homes i spoke to the president this morning and he said if the syrian regime uses this poisonous gas again the united states is locked and loaded when our president draws a red line our president enforces the red line where the allies have been criticized for authorizing the strikes before the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons produced its report and inspectors from the o.p.c. w. have now arrived in syria's capital damascus and other news the funeral advantage
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party activists we met dickies a low mandela has been held in south africa thousands gathered in her hometown so wet oh she died nearly two weeks ago at the age of eighty one the biggest gathering of heads of state in the western hemisphere has been taking place in peru in the eight summit of the americas leaders from across north south and central america had talks on topics including tackling corruption and differences on trade . so for now up next it's techno that's watching. a society's progress is dependent on the quality of its experts we need more of finest professionals a top priority is to why do you wait in your generation to study find new teaching methods are infusing thai still to become the agents of change taking them out of the classroom to solve problems in their local communities level education inspiring science in thailand at this time on al-jazeera.
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we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera. this is techno a show about innovations that can change lives the science of fighting a wildfire we're going to explore the intersection of hardware in humanity and we're doing it in the unique way. this is a show about science at all our now allies scientists tonight true. it's everywhere but our. landfills overflowing is so smells so bad but some.


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