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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 15, 2018 11:00am-11:34am +03

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the united nations security council rejects a russian proposal to condemn the u.s. air strikes in syria. i'm jane that and this is al-jazeera live from doha also coming up the u.s. warns of more strikes if bashar assad's regime uses chemical weapons again. a call for venezuela's president to restore democracy ahead of upcoming elections which many call a sham. cantonese opera for a new generation children in hong kong given old art form a new lease of life. here and security council has voted down
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a russian draft resolution condemning missile strikes on syria by the u.s. france and u.k. the draft criticize what it called aggression on friday the three countries fired more than one hundred rockets in response to a suspected chemical attack which they blame on the government of bashar al assad has been used up in a gruesome news learned that the organizers of the aggression didn't even white for the elementary establishment of facts by an international organization which is authorized to do that they supposedly determine everything for themselves and you determine who was guilty i spoke to the president this morning and he said if the syrian regime uses this poisonous gas again the united states is locked and loaded. when our president draws a red line our president enforces the red line. international inspectors have non arrived in damascus to investigate this is fated chemical attack in duma a week ago has the latest from beirut. chemical weapons inspectors arriving in
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damascus late on saturday the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons issuing a statement saying that the team will now commence their work there providing little operational details but this team will visit do mother town of duma the time the town or the site of the alleged chemical weapons attack and they will be inspecting the area investigating determine whether or not a chemical weapons attack actually occurred now there are some questions on whether or not they will be able to carry out an independent investigation because when this alleged attack happened the area was under the control of the rebels a few days later russian military police entered and now the area is under the control of the syrian government now the o.p.c. w a mission taking place a day after western allies carried out airstrikes targeting what they said were the syrian government's chemical weapons facilities now the western allies saying they
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didn't need to wait for any findings because they have proof they didn't you know show this proof or show this evidence but they said they had proof that this chemical weapons attack actually happened so the o.p.c. w carrying out its mission we have to point out that the mandate of the opi c.w. is to determine whether or not an attack actually happened but they cannot apportion blame but we did hear western allies say that if the syrian government does carry out another chemical weapons attack they are ready to respond but definitely if the o.p.c. w says there was an attack that took place and we're not expecting any airstrikes to follow country two claims by russia and syria the u.s. insists all of its missiles hit their intended targets practical head as the latest from the pentagon. i used three words to describe this operation precise overwhelming and effective at the pentagon claims of success as they roll out slides to show what they say is total destruction of three chemical weapon sites in
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syria a research facility a bunker and a storage area in all one hundred five missiles and bombs fired from u.s. british and french ships submarines and aircraft the pentagon says russia didn't try to fire back and they claim all of syria's attempts to shoot them down failed we've attacked the heart of syrian chemical weapons program i'm not saying they're not going to be able to reconstitute their theory and it's not saying that it's going to continue but this is dealt them a very serious blow so that i think that's that's the core of what i'm saying u.s. president donald trump was quick to claim victory on twitter writing mission accomplished a spokesperson here at the pentagon tried to clarify that rather broad statement saying this particular mission was successful or accomplished they admit though they didn't destroy all of syria's suspected chemical weapons russia and syria have denied that chemical weapons were used investigators from the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons arrived in syria hours after the strikes the u.s.
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says it didn't need to wait for their findings they have evidence enough but they've provided none of it to the public whine a lot of this has to do with intelligence and and i'm very happy to show evidence if i can but we were very confident about the decisions we made the u.s. is not saying this is over they say that depends entirely on what the assad government decides to do next particle hane al-jazeera at the pentagon syrians divided about the strikes government supporters call them illegal and the western allies hypocrites of the opposition says the strikes don't go far enough and on a tax by the syrian government must be stopped some avenge of a supports wasn't up on turkey's southern board. this is what's left of the burrs a scientific research center targeted by missiles from the u.s. britain and france the site near the syrian capital damascus was among three
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alleged chemical weapons facilities hit during the joint operation the u.s. hopes the assad government got the message that its actions will not go unpunished was. the dorm on syrian state media was that of defiance in the face of what they called tripartite aggression. we did not sleep at the right honestly we went to the streets to support the army and the air force struck down the missiles. was syria's war has divided opinion in the middle east people came out in solidarity with the assad government in cities where their support for iran and hezbollah or there is high and the u.s. sentiment to the relief of the syrian government and its allies the operation was limited instead of a much discussed sustained attack the syrian government thanks it's russian partners for the warning about the much anticipated strikes after days of tough rhetoric between u.s. and russia the syrian government had already evacuated military installations and cleared potential targets and allies of bashar al assad have been unequivocal in
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their support. he shared last night's strike that happened at dawn against syria is a crime i clearly announced that the us president the french president and the british prime minister are criminals and have committed a crime. those on the receiving end of the syrian government's attacks involved welcomed the military action and we support the american strike because we support everything that targets the syrian regime we know that this bombardment will not lead to the fall of the regime and targets this criminal regime we are supporting i suspected chemical attack on duma last week predictably support the allies of the assad government and those who oppose that while russia denies the attack ever took place turkey says assad's actions must have consequences their own gender just didn't follow the up it was unthinkable to leave all the attacks the regime has conducted an ant said that is why we welcome this operation because we can't
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tolerate what has happened in the perpetrator has to pay for it and the regime has to understand that this inhumane and lawless attack will not stay on. the syrian opposition backed the turkish president's call for an end to all kinds of attacks against civilians the u.s. britain and france see that assad wasn't targeted the government forces and assets remain intact the intention they say was to force the assad government to stop using chemical weapons but according to a syrian opposition member the message that they seem to have received is that the assad government and its allies can continue their killings just not using chemical weapons. other syria. syrian government forces say they've retaken eastern go to their remaining rebel stronghold there the capital damascus the last opposition fighters and their families have left the city of duma russia's defense ministry says twenty one thousand people have departed syrian soldiers launched the offensive on eastern go to end slavery backed by russian support.
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leaders of arab league nations are taking part in the annual summit in saudi arabia president bashar assad is not attending the meeting following syria's suspension from the group and twenty eleven the summit is likely to focus on the conflicts in syria and yemen as well as the status of jerusalem the agenda of this is summit of the americas was supposed to focus on tackling corruption at the u.s. led strikes in syria diverted the discussions as john holeman reports from. the photo point as planned but then the u.s. led missile strike on syria overshadowed the agenda at the summit of the americas i call upon every nation in this hemisphere freedom to support this military action taken by the united states and our allies and to support it publicly several countries hinted that they did justin trudeau went further canada stands with our
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friends in this necessary response and we condemn in the strongest possible terms the use of chemical weapons and last week's attack in eastern go to. the humanitarian and political problems in venezuela also took center stage more than a dozen countries signed a statement calling for among other things free and fair elections. here and it also of course where we'll win this one we will continue to be generous with the venezuelan people there are brothers but will be implacable with the oppressive regime and sort of. want us to see the venezuelan president nicolas maduro himself who is uninvited to the summit he was defended in his absence by the foreign minister of like cuba who traded blows with paints. it's no more going to be it's not at all democratic to outtalk venezuela and mention president maduro when he's been excluded and isn't here to despond i do ject the insulting to
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cuba and venezuela the castro regime is systematically cept the wealth of a great nation and stolen the lives of people. it's a far cry from the last summit when barack obama's hunch ache with castro symbolized storing relations or relative regional home in a way that's been replaced by division and high profile absences including the us president donald trump some of questioned if the event itself is still relevant as evidence to the contrary post peru pointed to a written commitment from countries to fight corruption that was a summit sufficient theme and a relevant one that's in america's been shaken by region wide bribery scandal. but the document has no influence from measures and the sum ended with little evidence it's done much to clean up that reputation john home and. lima. still ahead on al-jazeera. i. south africans unite to say
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farewell to the mother of the nation. rising sea levels are creating some of the world's first climate migrants. by the skyline of asian harbor or off the coast of the italian riviera. i was about to get warmer and warmer over all of europe not just central eastern europe which has been enjoying the sunshine for a while also this class been the west that has bit more benign the looks issue in north africa you may not agree it's an area of low pressure pumping out warmth from africa and dust to east and sides were talking about up over for the ball couldn't and greece and to the west that spinning low to west of our own will help to eventually pump up some wont here so we've got to easily teens in london twenty in
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zurich and that circulation is producing another cloud rather less in the way of rain i think we'll see more rain develop this is come monday for italy in slovenia and suits and ups are austria and beyond but the wants is still with it is temporary not quite as nice it might be a pretty good spring weather otherwise now i said you know i agree if you are in the north west africa algeria in particular where they have been really suffering from a northerly wind been quite strong and it's been raining to some to a millimeter is in the capital of algeria now that is obviously easing to some degree the low is still spinning it's been a stronger wind now and the rain is edging ever slowly eastwards into northern tunisia never last sunday is not the best day have to wait for monday to things really improve me from then and still not guaranteed sunshine. the weather sponsored by qatar and he's. getting to the heart of the matter if most of the turkish cypriot people called you today and says let's have two homes would you
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accept facing new realities what do you think reunification would look like there are two people keep the peace for unification is the only option for prosperity you . hear their story on talk to al-jazeera. watching out is there a mind of our top stories at this hour the u.n. security council has voted down a russian draft resolution condemning missile strikes on syria by the u.s. france and u.k. on friday the three countries five more than one hundred rockets in response to
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a suspected chemical attack. syrian government forces say they have retaken the eastern go to the remaining rebel stronghold near the capital damascus the last opposition fighters have left the city of duma russia's defense ministry says twenty one thousand people including rebels and their families have left. leaders at the summit of the americas in peru according to venezuela to hold a free and for presidential election next month they say the vote should be illegitimate if the country didn't to store democratic standards. the funeral of anti-apartheid activist when he made his element has been held in south africa thousands of people gathered in her hometown of so waited to pay tribute to the woman many know as the mother of the nation she died two weeks ago in johannesburg . at the age of eighty one off to a long illness and so reforms. we need to give dennis kaskade his boss into their land a stadium. welcomed by the. tens of thousands of south africans
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came to be how goodbye and the best way they know through song and dance i need them because of different political parties sat side by side with dominating collars and grinning yelling for the african national congress a spot of and red for economic freedom fighters whose ideology shaped president cyril ramaphosa described as a b.s. revolutionary still lives on in that nation that's called have mama. as it strives each day to fulfill its destiny as a united peaceful and prosperous and just society. to many south africans just most holy a futile fight or doing apartheid she also stood with the poor afterwards most people will relate to. even after apartheid ended she wanted to fight for their
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rights she often said that south africa may have. a maniac next to know what it really mean to have economic and social freedom people have talked of her desire to see that distribution of land a passion for young people and how frustrations she was about the wealth disparity between the minority white and elite black south africans on one hand and majority to pour on the other we also have to go back and decide for ourselves what natural justice means as a country so i think that people feel aggrieved that the african majority in this country many of them feel incredibly still aggrieved. by the idea that people who had. traumatized that. dispossessed them live among us. we mandela was also embroiled in controversy she's been accused of human rights abuses during apartheid but yet the leadership of the a.n.c. was criticised or vilifying and abandoning half to apartheid some of them are
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playing but i mean it's you have to earn it or you know turn it around that's a person that can take can be done you know turn our that's our present day ready to be late in front of the right after all was said and done we mundell as potential slowly made its way through so with the township she calls home to a memorial cemetery where she was buried. people say she never wavered from fighting for a better life for black south africans and for that they see she's a hero cathy zoi al jazeera johannesburg political parties in iraq of start of campaigning for parliamentary elections next month nearly seven thousand candidates are competing for three hundred twenty nine seats but they face tough challenges following the three year war against eisel now madrid are reports. since they doubt the military announced the defeat of iceland december two thousand and seventeen
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many it out there have been displaced people of return to their homes in most parts of the country life is slowly returning to something up or to normality but the struggle to unite a country for generations divided along sectarian lines is far from over could the elections on may twelfth help some say model tall well let's look at the what i thought here have to do with those campaigning won't change anything they have the same faces they just change their posters and banners and much nepotism is involved there is a colored field of candidates with five major shia analysts two sunni two kurdish and some smaller parties and independents current prime minister hi they're all about the emmys produces a new deal maliki had separate lists within the ruling. the leader of the but that organization is allied with the iranian backed shia militias known as the popular mobilisation forces the powerful shiite cleric and the doll said
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that with a strong support base among book that's has aligned with communists prime minister these popular with many of the country's sunni minority who thank him for risking them from life from deisel but sectarian fia's still run deep in iraq and really just loyalties have traditionally been exploited by parties during elections and some view his government has corrupt so i want the book but it does not matter if we vote will not as long as this corrupt government is ruling from the green zone to blend snatched from the iraqi people and it's brought full owners. in the seminole thomas northen kurdish region political loyalties are changing after the kaddish regional governments failed referendum before independence last year new parties are seeking to challenge the traditional ruling once the p u k and k d p and of course regional players will be watching events closely some politicians are warning neighbors iran and turkey not to meddle in the pool and exploit mistrust
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between shia and sunni voters mohammed out of al-jazeera. somali security forces have blocked him rattie offices from transporting military equipment back to the united arab emirates they were forced to unload military equipment from a private jet before takeoff in the northeastern city of relations between the two countries have been strained since march that's when a divide based company took over management of the bed for a port in the breakaway territory of somaliland the first rank of family to be repatriated from bangladesh has arrived in me in mas rakhine state the family of five has been given identification documents but not citizenship united nations is warning the community still faces discrimination and persecution in manama and seven hundred thousand ring of muslims are fled to bangladesh following a military crackdown in rakhine last year. sela girls historic coastal city of st
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louis is at risk of disappearing due to rapidly rising sea levels houses in the former capital and now you disco world heritage sites are already being swallowed by the ocean leaving hundreds of people homeless because had reports. when the tide is out what is left of his home resurfaces. this is where the kitchen once he tells his son. he shows him his grandparents bedroom. and living area where they would all watch t.v. together. the ocean swallowed the two story house i do shared with his ten relatives. it's a series of bad storms that destroyed the homes on the coast over the years the ocean keeps pushing forward they live on the brink in an archipelago barely one meter above sea level san louis was once frances colonial capital in africa now tens of thousands of its residents have been displaced due to natural processes and human intervention. on
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a visit in february the president of france promised millions of dollars to save this unesco world heritage site and its inhabitants saying climate change was to blame for the destruction that forced france were urgently invest in the coastal marine life to help and protect its preservation macky sall has begun their business program in the north to put up stone along the coastline in two thousand and three senegalese engineers dug a small canal in one of the islands facing the ocean thinking it would help evacuate flooded waters from the city center instead it made it worse the five meters wide canal is now five kilometers long. the city council is building an embankment made out of stone and metal people here say it will be no match to the force of the ocean that has already destroyed concrete homes their fear is at the rate at which the ocean is rising here it's just a matter of decades before neighborhoods of this ancient city vanish under the
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water. displaced families are really committed to these makeshift tents on the edge of this to help. cure the rising temperatures and lack of water make it impossible to grow any food and so some have left the camp. not war or poverty but the changing climate they travel through the sahara desert and across the mediterranean to europe. adding to the hundreds of millions of climate refugees now on the moon in search for a safe place to live. the close hawk al-jazeera sinegal water scarcity is one of the biggest problems facing humanity in the next few decades the u.n. estimates in thirty years a quarter of the world's population will lack access to clean water some countries are already dealing with severe shortages scientists in britain say they may have come up with a solution lawrence lee has more from manchester. it may only be one atom
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think and invisible to the eye but the graphene layer wrapped inside these two can help provide clean water to the planet. the mesh around its tiny holes acts as a filter bacteria and other nasty bits in the dirty water are trapped in the graphene layer and drinking water comes through the other side and you get blocked by the christian you know and trust your water can come yet so effectively to see if you. turn graphene into a shield like this and run salt water through it the salts molecule stick and h two o. passes through graphene can desalinate sea water as well we recently sold it stephanie possible to remote islands. which was a very important step but now we need to reproduce those results on a very large scale this is probably going to take at least five years i think. in many ways it appears to be the breakthrough the world's been waiting for cities like cape town face potentially catastrophic water shortages because education
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through climate change water borne diseases the problems are so well known yet solutions remain elusive that's partly because desalination and other filtration process is a currently slow and expensive once the graphene solution is scaled up to industrial levels it may hold the prospects of revolutionizing the availability of clean water they can or gee this one for example have a big role to play they can reduce the cost of. distribution water treatment a lot. and it can really help the companies governments much of a them to provide water for cheaper for their citizens it won't be enough but it can play a big role. as ever though much of the potential success of graphene will be wrapped up in politics people living in gaza for example rely on desalinated water and lay their hopes on israel and the united nations for solutions technological advances and political will on the same thing they've already had queries from
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people in cities like a. town wondering how quickly they can get hold of their own personal water filtration system so there's no doubting the urgency of the need but it is as good an example as you can find of the way in which technology is now on the point of being able to overcome some of the planet's most difficult public health problems florence we al jazeera and manchester was a centuries old art form that was once one of hong kong's most popular forms of entertainment but cantonese opera is struggling to engage the next generation the tradition is considered a unique part of hong kong's identity and industry die hards determined to keep it alive so talk of what's. after sixty years designing and creating traditional head dresses chan caulk yarn is considered a grand master in cantonese opera these days he spends less time creating and more time teaching to educate the next generation to appreciate this traditional art.
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the audience is mostly in their fifty's or sixty's i hope that we have more younger audiences over time that's the crucial point it's a concern shared by some in the industry who say younger people are now more engaged with other types of digital and time and. so they have come up with a plan as well as subjects like math and science primary and secondary students can now study cantonese opera the hong kong government hopes that by making it part of the curriculum it will preserve this unique part of hong kong's cultural heritage i'm going through this kind of activity we hope to spark kids interest in this culture and they can experience the value of it the performance showcases stories of chinese history gestures and singing styles haven't changed nor have the demanding retains but the storyline has been given a modern make over everything to be like cantonese opera the only difference is the story itself we try to write stories on the daily lives of the children that's me
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stop or it's considered a unique part of hong kong's identity and been recognized by unesco as an intangible part of the city's cultural heritage and this year the government is opening this new theater dedicated to the arts over the fan base of many adults and the elderly the industry now is the key to its survival is reinventing its tradition the decadent costumes are drawcard as well as the mike up but students are learning to appreciate the performance celebrating it on stage her whole journey i love that he can't sneeze opera because i now know more chinese words and culture for it. i like it because my grandpa sings cantonese offer to it so i'm used to listening to him a lot with more than twenty schools now signed up to the program industry groups hope this new landscape of cantonese opera will stand the test of time sarah clarke al-jazeera hong kong.
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this is there are these are the top stories the u.n. security council has voted down a russian draft resolution condemning missile strikes on syria by the u.s. france and u.k. on friday that three countries fired more than one hundred rockets in response to a suspected chemical attack international inspectors have now arrived in syria to investigate the alleged attack zana has more from beirut in lebanon chemical weapons inspectors arriving in damascus late on saturday the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons issuing a statement saying that the team will now commence their work there providing little operational details but this team will visit dumas the town of duma at the time the town or the site of the alleged chemical weapons attack and they will be inspecting the area investigating determine whether or not a chemical weapons attack actually occurred syrian government forces say they've retaken the east and go to the remaining rebel stronghold near the capital damascus
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the last opposition fighters have left the city of do. leaders of arab league nations are taking part in the annual summit in saudi arabia president bashar assad is not attending the meeting following syria's suspension from the group twenty eleven the meeting is likely to focus on the conflicts in syria and yemen as well as the status of jerusalem. leaders at the summit of the americas in peru all call in venezuela to hold a free and fair presidential election next month they say the votes will be illegitimate if the country doesn't restore democratic standards voting has begun in montenegro as presidential election prime minister and former president to cultivate is the favorite to win he's never lost an election in these ruling democratic party of socialism dominated politics for more than twenty five years his main opponent has accused him of dictatorship and wanting closer ties with
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russia thousands of people have attended the funeral of south african anti apartheid activists then the medic is known by many as the mother of the nation she died nearly two weeks ago at the age of eighty one the first rank of family to be repatriated from bangladesh has arrived in maine miles rakhine state the family of five has been given identification documents but not citizenship eunice warning the community still faces discrimination and persecution. is up. here is a very important force of information for many people around the world when all the cameras are gone i'm still here go into areas that nobody else is going talk to people that nobody else is talking to and bringing that story to the forefront.


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