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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 15, 2018 12:00pm-12:35pm +03

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al jazeera has correspondents live in green the stories they tell. us about. al-jazeera fluent in world news in australia more indigenous children are being taken from their families than ever before. one on one east investigates whether history is repeating itself. on al-jazeera. when the news breaks. on the main man city and the story bill needs to be forced to leave it would just be when people need to be heard women and girls are being bought and given away in refugee camps al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring the winning documentaries and. i got to commend you all i'm hearing is good journalism. and.
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vote rejected the united nations security council fails to pass a russian proposal to condemn the u.s. airstrikes in syria. and jane that this is al jazeera live from coming up the u.s. warns of war strikes if bashar assad's regime uses chemical weapons again. a call for venezuela's president to restore democracy ahead of upcoming elections which many call a shadow. and i'm honestly in manchester where scientists are using the one the material news graphene to help find a solution to the world's water crosses. the
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u.s. says it's locked and loaded for another military strike if the syrian government uses chemical weapons again that warning follows the launch of more than one hundred missiles by u.k. french and american forces at sites they say were linked to syria's chemical weapons program a russian drafted resolution condemning the operation was voted down at the u.n. security council michaela as more from the united nations. this is the fourth time . when the council has met on syria this week a series of meetings that have served only to illustrate the massive divide on the issue the secretary general's repeated calls for unity ignored they are all members to show restraint in these dangerous circumstances and to avoid any acts that could escalate matters and worsening the suffering of the syrian people the meeting was called by russia and its close ally in the council but libya and outrage was expressed at the strikes took place even as international experts arrived in
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damascus to investigate whether or not a chemical attack actually took place or brings up in a gruesome news limited's of the organizers of the aggression didn't even wait for the elementary establishment of facts by an international organization which is authorized to do that they supposedly determine everything for themselves and you term who was guilty u.k. ambassador argued the strikes were justified in terms of international law and in the representative from france was adamant that in the absence of diplomatic agreement the strikes were the only form of sanction against syria that remained and the us ambassador threatened further action i spoke to the president this morning and he said if the syrian regime uses this poisonous gas again the united states is a lot and loaded when our president draws a red line our president enforces the red line. like every resolution on
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syria introduced in the past week this one failed only russia bolivia and china voting in favor this well short of the nine votes that would have necessitated a veto from one of the permanent members despite a hopelessly split security council france says it will introduce yet another resolution this one addressing the dismantling of a chemical weapons program in syria also aimed at forging a cease fire and a durable political solution for those seeking some straw to clutch in the diplomatic breakdown away from the implacable confrontation informal session members of the council continue to informally even affectionately engage mike hanna al-jazeera united nations international inspectors have now arrived in damascus to investigate a suspected chemical attack in duma a week ago senator as the latest from there it. chemical weapons inspectors
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arriving in damascus late on saturday the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons issuing a statement saying that the team will now commence their work there providing little operational details but this team will visit do mother town of duma the time the town or the site of the alleged chemical weapons attack and they will be inspecting the area investigating determine whether or not a chemical weapons attack actually occurred now there are some questions on whether or not they will be able to carry out an independent investigation because when this alleged attack happened the area was under the control of the rebels a few days later russian military police entered and now the area is under the control of the syrian government now the o.p.c. w a mission taking place a day after western allies carried out airstrikes targeting what they said were the syrian government's chemical weapons facilities now the western allies saying they
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didn't need to wait for any findings because they have proof they didn't show this proof or show this evidence but they said they had proof that this chemical weapons attack actually happened so the o.p.c. w carrying out its mission we have to point out that the mandate of the opi c.w. is to determine whether or not an attack actually happened but they cannot apportion blame but we did hear western allies say that if the syrian government does carry out another chemical weapons attack they are ready to respond but definitely if the o.p.c. w. says there was an attack that took place and we're not expecting any airstrikes to follow antiwar protesters marched outside the white house to condemn the airstrikes in syria they chanted hands off syria and called for peace the demonstrators say they want the world to know not everyone in the united states backs military action some senses are accusing president trump of overstepping his authority with the strikes on syria fishes the details from washington. the question of legality still
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hangs over donald trump's decision to launch an assault in syria is certainly when james mattis who is the defense secretary was giving evidence of capitol hill and thursday he was asked several times under what authorization can the president possibly plan an attack on syria under the u.s. constitution is for congress to declare war and they were suggesting that the president needed to seek their authorization or james mattis when he gave his news conference at the pentagon late on friday night here in the u.s. he said that the president was acting under article two of the constitution which gives him the right to take action to protect america's national interest well a number of senators will be asking the question on monday exactly what authorization did he think he was acting under and certainly we know a number of pressure groups also raise the question of legality with one seeing how can you talk about president assad breaking international law and then trying to
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force him to follow international law by essentially breaking international law this is a question that is going to continue here in washington d.c. in the days and the weeks to come syrian government forces say they have retaken eastern because of the remaining rebel stronghold here the capital damascus they lost opposition fighters and their families have left the city of delay russia's defense ministry says twenty one thousand people have departed syrian soldiers lowest offensive on eastern coast and fair brink backed by russian support. the leaders of arab league nations are taking part in the annual summit in saudi arabia president bashar assad isn't attending the meeting following syria's suspension from the group in twenty eleven the summit is likely to focus on the conflicts in syria and yemen as well as the status of jerusalem a cause hammered editor joins me in the studio we left off iran in the list there and i said imagine that's the hot topic and that it's actually safe to say that
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iran is the centerpiece of this summit so there will be keen to see a much harsher stance. in the arab. league's members within the arab league's members against iran and particularly to have iran's influence in yemen lebanon and syria put in check so that's what most of the talks would be centering on but also talk about the status of jerusalem the talk about the conflict in yemen libya and syria as well as aid to somalia and sudan and possibly not about the blockade no a spokesman for the arab league was categorical he said it's not that it tells you that it's not a priority for the convenience of the summit you touched on jerusalem how is that
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going to be tackled the status of jerusalem will they're looking for is a common stance as the united states prepares to move its embassy to jerusalem. there will still talk about recent events the killings of dozens of palestinian protesters still talk about how they can be able to help the palestinians from engineers willis in terms of aid. what they're looking for is us much as possible some sort of. pounce on this very important issue jerusalem is key to the islamic world not only palestinians it's a holy site for muslims and they want to be seen to be making the right noises at this time the united states is trying to move its embassy and another issue that we'll talk about is how to stop israel's beat for our attention of membership of the united nations security council like that thank you. the agenda of this is
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summit of the americas was supposed to focus on tackling corruption but the u.s. led strikes in syria diverted the discussions as gentleman reports from lima. the photo point is planned but then the u.s. led missile strike on syria overshadowed the agenda at the summit of the americas i call upon every nation in this hemisphere freedom. to support this military action taken by the united states and our allies and to support it publicly several countries hinted that they did justin trudeau went further canada stands with our friends in this necessary response and we condemn in the strongest possible terms the use of chemical weapons and last week's attack in eastern goat. the humanitarian and political problems in venezuela also took center stage more than
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a dozen countries signed the statement calling full among other things free and fair elections. the endo hinted also of where we're going is when we will continue to be generous with the venezuelan people there are brothers but will be implacable with the oppressive regime and sort of. want us to see that the venezuelan president nicolas maduro himself was uninvited to the summit he was defended in his absence by the foreign minister of i like huber who traded blows with pens. no. it's not at all democratic to outtalk venezuela and mention president maduro when he's been excluded and isn't he has to despond i did ject the insulting effort and seized to cuba and venezuela the castro regime is systematically cept the wealth of a great nation and stolen the lives of people. it's a far cry from the last summit when barack obama's hunch ache with. symbolized
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storing relations or relative regional home in a way that's been replaced by division and high profile absences including the us president donald trump some of questioned if the event itself is still relevant as evidence to the contrary post peru pointed to a written commitment from countries to fight corruption that was the summit's official theme and a relevant one that's in america's been shaken by region wide bribery scandal. but the document has no influence with measures and the sum ended with little evidence it's done much to clean up that reputation john home and. lima. still ahead on al-jazeera and jordan finds a way to turn i syrian refugee crisis into and out the chance he plus. children in hong kong gave an old form a new niece of life. how
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the rains are moving north and we will see if you will show us breaking out of a thailand and me i'm about the main regular daily rainfall of any significance is along here been to lose two hundred forty six minutes in the last two days seventy one in the north of sumatra again in the last two days that's the line of fairly regular daily showers but increasing the cloud is pretty up again through the gulf of thailand and i was green splotches suggest significant shows again in thailand myanmar and probably feet now and certainly southern philippines while the less so in an easier it's equally rather dry and i over most of australia the top ten is blue skies but what's happening in the southeast core is a quick change of season is certainly gone from somebody even to early winter you might argue snow has been spotted on the mountains temperature wise but eighteen in
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melbourne with an onshore breeze twenty in adelaide perth you know is warmer cloudy a tuber twenty eight is pretty surprising really and the sydney were up to twenty seven still now there's not a lot of change come tuesday the temp should drop a bit in melbourne but the wind is also a lot east see that more in the way of sunshine same is true for tasmania as for new zealand but it's all heading in that direction. in the next episode of techno the team looks into the environmental impact of waste management trash is a big business than unfortunately the smelly business to the complexities of recycling when these different plastics are blended together then recycling becomes difficult to impossible and the scientists that often solution it's very easy for us to have a hundred percent recycled material techno on al-jazeera. what
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you know is there a mind of our top stories this hour the u.n. security council has voted down a russian draft resolution condemning missile strikes on syria by the us france and you can friday the three countries fired more than one hundred rockets in response to a suspected chemical attack. syrian government forces say they have retaken the eastern goods of the remaining rebel stronghold near the capital damascus last opposition fighters have left the city of duma russia's defense ministry says twenty thousand and twenty one thousand people including rebels and their families have left.
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leaders at the summit of the americas in peru are calling on venezuela to hold a free and fair presidential election next month they said the vote would be illegitimate if the country didn't to stall democratic standards. verging has begun in montenegro's presidential election former prime minister i mean a token of riches the favorite to win is never lost an election in his ruling democratic party of socialists have dominated politics for more than twenty five years gunmen disguised as united nations peacekeepers of detonated two suicide car bombs at french and u.n. bases in mali one peacekeeper was killed at least ten french soldiers wounded in timbuktu no one has claimed responsibility for the attack well then seven hundred fifty thousand syrians have sold refuge in neighboring jordan putting a huge strain on its resources and economy but a joint initiative is aiming to reduce the burden but training refugees to join the
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workforce natasha can aim reports from some help. more strict mohammed jamal of the life he built in syria his job as a factory supervisor has allowed him to create a new one in jordan and restore his dignity. of the old and the beginning i could not provide the basic necessities of life for myself and my wife thank god now i'm having a decent life jamal is one of thirty syrians recruited from refugee camps working at el san about the diaper manufacturer has been hiring syrians for five years and they now make up fifteen percent of its workforce when we started this process and it was very obvious that the. if it positively to the all in all environment what's happening at al sanibel and other factories in jordan could mark
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a new approach to how the international community this is refugees three quarters of a million syrian refugees are registered in jordan which has put a strain on the country it's struggling with high unemployment and cost of living the hope is by providing work for refugees they will contribute to not drain the economy this would make let's say a wing to win situation this with a far larger. than because of some of. some of the employers will come from outside to florida and start having their new projects the government has made it easier and cheaper for syrian refugees to get work permits and streamline the process for companies looking to export to the european market the un refugee agency u.n.h.c.r. has established eleven recruiting centers now more than ninety five thousand syrian refugees mostly men are working in factories farms construction sites and stores.
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abdulhadi says by working his way up to factory manager he's now in a position to provide opportunity. is really good for me because i got my reward at l. sent about having syrian refugees as part of the workforce has had another effect the owner says it's brought a unity and an understanding that everyone whether a syrian refugee or a jordanian is first and foremost a human being natasha going. to have jordan the first rank of family to be repatch raised from bangladesh has arrived in me and rakhine state the family of five has been given identification documents but not citizenship the united nations is warning the community still faces discrimination and persecution in me and more than seven hundred thousand to hang the muslims have said to bangladesh following
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a military crackdown in rakhine last. season end of charge a politician was raping a teenage girl as protests against sexual assaults intensify singh was arrested on friday the alleged assault happened nine months ago but he was any charge off of the victim ties it says to solve on five rallies against sexual violence taking place this week of the auction the rape and murder of an eight year old girl in administered kashmir. michael data but. he was a very beautiful and a clever girl she was pretty why was she killed for what reason she was just doing her work in the day and would return home in the evening they killed her and dumped her body for six days she was raped and then killed we just want justice consumers in china are being encouraged to boycott an american goods in response to u.s. threats to impose more tariffs on chinese products american base is popular with the middle class and could be hard hit by
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a boycotts correspondent adrian brown has more from shanghai. it's freezing inside this storage room it has to be the boxes contain prime u.s. beef fresh from the nebraska prairies a seventeen ton shipment recently arrived at the shanghai meat importer that was before the escalation in trade tensions between china and the united states and the threat of new tariffs on u.s. beef the firm's boss initially feared the worst being left with a lot of expensive meat on which he'd make little or no profit on your door when we heard there might be a twenty five percent tariff we thought oh no we can't do business anymore. his concerns have subsided but he still faces another problem uncertainty that only. when we can only make plans when trade relations between china and the united states are stable that's why we're not totally sure how often and how much we
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should buy so far we've bought seventeen tons and sold two tons and if it really does come to a trade war it's going to be several more weeks before the new tariff on beef is applied and more young says he feels uneasy he will continue to import u.s. beef because he says they'll always be demand for what he regards as a quality product he just won't import so much of it instead he'll buy more from australia new zealand and canada young says that after president xi jinping speech on tuesday he's less worried about a trade war happening now she promised to deepen economic reform and to improve the business environment for foreign investors. the appetite for beef in china is being driven by the country's growing middle class consumption has risen more than ten percent in the past five years so when china lifted a thirteen year ban on u.s. imports a year ago it was welcome news here for many chinese consumers though u.s.
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beef remains an honor for double luxury to pull up the american beef really doesn't have that much to do with chinese people how many chinese people eat american beef not even ten percent no you can't completely if the imported american beef certainly becomes much more expensive i probably will go for something else after all we also have good beef in china and from other countries the american people is not irreplaceable not words the u.s. beef industry wants to hear amid declining beef consumption at home it's relying on global demand a demand that is increasingly being led by china adrian brown al-jazeera shanghai the funeral of anti a parte to activists when he. has been held in south africa thousands of people gathered in the hometown of swayze or to pay tribute to the woman many know as the mother of the nation she died nearly two weeks ago at the age of eighty one after
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a long illness. in brazil thousands of protesters in rio de janeiro are demanding answers after the killing of a city councilor and activist last month but only franco and her driver were shot dead and she defended the rights of minorities and criticized the army for taking over policing of the city so far nobody has been arrested and her supporters say she was the target of a political assassination. water scarcity is one of the biggest problems facing humanity in the next few decades the u.n. estimates in thirty years a quarter of the world's population will lack access to clean water some countries are already dealing with severe shortages scientists in britain say they may have come up with a solution lawrence lee has more from manchester. it may only be one atom think and invisible to the eye but the graphene layer wrapped inside these two can help provide clean water to the planet. the mesh around its tiny holes acts as
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a filter bacteria and other nasty bits in the dirty water are trapped in the graphene layer and drinking water comes through the other side i don't get blocked by the christian pure water can come yet so effectively to see it. turn graphene into a shield like this and run salt water through it the source molecule stick and h two o. passes through graphene can desalinate sea water as well recently sold it stephanie possible to remove i and. fear which was a very important step but now we need to reproduce those results on a very large scale this is probably going to take at least five years i think. in many ways it appears to be the breakthrough the world's been waiting for cities like cape town face potentially catastrophic water shortages desert occasions through climate change water borne diseases the problems are so well known yet solutions remain elusive that's partly because desalination and other filtration
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process is a currently slow and expensive once the graphene solution is scaled up to industrial levels it may hold the prospects of revolutionizing the availability of clean water they're going to gee this one for example have a big role to play they can reduce the cost of. distribution water treatment or lots. and it can really help the companies governments much of a them to provide water for cheaper for their citizens it won't be enough but it can play a big role. as ever though much of the potential success of graphene will be wrapped up in politics people living in gaza for example rely on desalinated water and lay their hopes on israel and the united nations for solutions technological advances and political will on the same thing they've already had queries from people in cities like her. town wondering how quickly they can get hold of their own personal water filtration system so there's no doubting the urgency of the need but it is as good an example as you can find of the way in which technology is now
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on the point of being able to overcome some of the planet's most difficult public health problems lawrence lee al jazeera and manchester was a centuries old art form that was once one of hong kong's most popular forms of entertainment is struggling to engage the next generation cantonese offer is considered a unique part of hong kong's identity and industry diehards are determined to keep it alive so clock reports. after sixty years designing and creating traditional head dresses chan caulk yarn is considered a grandmaster in cantonese opera these days he spends less time creating and more time teaching to educate the next generation to appreciate this traditional art. the audience is mostly in their fifty's or sixty's i hope that we have more younger audiences over time that's the crucial point it's a concern shared by some in the industry who say younger people are now more
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engaged with other types of digital and time and. so they have come up with a plan as well as subjects like math and science primary and secondary students can now study cantonese opera the hong kong government hopes that by making it part of the curriculum it to preserve this unique part of hong kong's cultural heritage the money through this kind of activity we hope to spark kids interest in this culture and they can experience the value of it the performance showcases stories of chinese history gestures and singing styles haven't changed nor have the demanding retains but the storyline has been given a modern make over everything got to be like cantonese opera the only difference is the story itself we try to write stories on the daily lives of the children that's me stop or it's considered a unique part of hong kong's identity and being recognized by unesco as an intangible part of the city's cultural heritage and this year the government is
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opening this new theater dedicated to the arts but with a fan base of many adults and the elderly it industry knows the key to its survival is reinventing its tradition the decadent costumes are drawcard as well as the mike up but students are learning to appreciate the performance celebrating it on stage her whole journey i love the county's opera because i now know more chinese words and culture from it. i like it because my grandpa sings cantonese opera to it so i'm. used to listening to him a lot more than twenty schools now signed up to the program industry groups hope you learned of cantonese opera will stand the test of time here clarke al-jazeera hong kong the film world is paying tribute to the oscar winning director made us foreman who's died at the age of eighty six the czech born filmmaker was part of a nine hundred sixty s. wave of directors to criticize the communist regime in czechoslovakia but it was in
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hollywood that foreign made his name in one hundred seventy five you picked up his first directing oscar for one through over the cuckoo's nest nine years later he repeated that success with amadeus about the imagined rivalry between mozart's and italian composer. top stories on al-jazeera the u.n. security council has voted down a russian draft resolution condemning missile strikes on syria by the u.s. france and u.k. on friday three countries five more than one hundred rockets in response to suspected chemical attack international inspectors have now arrived in syria to investigate the attack zana father has more from beirut in lebanon chemical weapons inspectors arriving in damascus late on saturday the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons issuing a statement saying that the team will now commence their work they're providing
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little operational details but this team will visit dumas the town of duma at the time the town or the site of the alleged chemical weapons attack and they will be inspecting the area investigating determine whether or not a chemical weapons attack actually occurred syrian government forces say they have retaken the east and go to the remaining rebel stronghold near the capital damascus the last opposition fighters have left the city of duma. leaders of arab league nations are taking part in the annual summit in saudi arabia president bashar assad is not attending the meeting following syria's suspension from the group in twenty eleven the meeting is likely to focus on the conflicts in syria and yemen as well as the status of jerusalem. leaders at the summit of the americas improve calling on venezuela to hold a free and fair presidential election next month they say the vote will be illegitimate if the country doesn't restore democratic standards birching has begun in montenegro's presidential election former prime minister djukanovic is the
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favorite to win he and his ruling democratic party of socialists of dominated politics for more than twenty five years his main opponent has accused him of dictatorship the first family to be repatriated from bangladesh has arrived in myanmar as rakhine state the family of five has been given identification documents but not citizenship united nations is warning the community still faces discrimination and persecution in me and my. the headlines technology is coming up. mean the stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera
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a society's progress is dependent on the quality of its experts to meet more and find professionals a top priority is to wide awake at new generation to study find new teaching methods are infusing thai stills to become the agents of change taking them out to the classroom to solve problems in their local communities level education inspiring science timeline at this time on all disease. this is techno a show about innovations that can change lives the science of fighting a wildfire we're going to explore the intersection of hardware in humanity and we're doing it in the unique way. this is a show about science lol on our lives scientists tonight true. it's everywhere but our. landfills overflowing it is so smells so bad but some of our trash. could be recycled why is.


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