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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 16, 2018 12:00am-1:01am +03

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east and one who was never far from crisis at home or abroad. in a two part series al-jazeera warrant tells the story of king hussein of jordan. episode one so violent on al jazeera. and under put it on the. us and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to form a dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country haven't truly been able to escape the war.
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zero. zero. this is the news hour live from london coming up in the next sixty minutes. we send a strong message and our hope is that they listen to it the u.s. is latest response of the alleged chemical attack in syria it's the u.n. ambassador says new sanctions are being prepared against russia. and the french president emanuel says he convinced donald trump to keep his troops in syria. are other top stories hundreds of thousands of protesters take to the streets of boston learned to demonstrate against the jailing of nine catalan separatist leaders. and president torrent of rage against james komi the u.s. president describes him as the worst f.b.i.
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director in history. and support manchester city win the english premier league title it comes after their closest rivals man united suffer a shock one will last saturday home to bottom of the table west. welcome to the program our top story the united states is preparing new sanctions against russia over its support for the syrian government the us ambassador to the un nikki haley said the sanctions will target companies dealing with equipment related to president assad and chemical weapons use following the alleged attack in duma the sanctions will be announced on monday. so you will think that russian sanctions will be coming down the secretary will be announcing those on monday if he hasn't already and they will go directly to any sort of companies that were dealing with equipment related to assad and chemical weapons use and so i think
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everyone is going to feel that at this point i think everyone knows that we send a strong message and our hope is that they listen to it haley also said the u.s. won't pull out troops from syria until its goals have been accomplished or engage in direct talks with president assad inspectors from the international chemical weapons watchdog are in damascus now to investigate this is specter chemical attack syrian government forces say they've now retaken duma saying harder ports. it's being described as the biggest victory for syrian president bashar assad since the start of the conflict eastern huta has returned to state control after almost six years for weeks the enclave on the doorsteps of the capital damascus came under heavy fire hundreds of civilians were killed the pro-government alliance was also accused of using chemical weapons in the main town of duma before the last rebel group surrendered the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons is
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sending a team to the site to investigate those claims the u.s. and its allies didn't wait for the organizations findings they said they had their own evidence and launched air strikes targeting syria's chemical weapons facilities . those strikes were not about threatening bashar assad's hold on power but since the bombings the message from the government has been one of defiance its army says it is preparing for more offensives the priority seems to be clearing the remaining territories outside government control near the capital in southern damascus a number of districts are under a government siege centered on your book some neighborhoods there are controlled by others by opposition fighters. the rebels also control areas of countryside in the central province of homs territory in the western region close to the damascus holmes highway parts of the southern province of daraa the northwestern province of
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idlib desert territory close to the iraqi jordan border elsewhere under the control of u.s. backed syrian democratic force rebels is the kurdish area while the region west of the euphrates river is under the control of turkey back to rebels the government's priority now is to clear areas around damascus or what it calls useful syria because the location is strategically so important russian and syrian military officers have been reaching out to some rebel factions who are already under siege giving them the choice to accept state rule or surrender if they don't want to face an offensive in it live however there has been no offer of reconciliation there are warnings of a humanitarian disaster if there is an offensive there it's the most densely populated rebel held area some two million syrians live there almost house displaced from towns recaptured by the government iran a backer of the syrian government says it could be the next target but so kandahar
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which is the border with jordan the government has been trying to penetrate rebel defenses for some time now. the u.s. led strikes have not changed anything and threats of further action by western powers are confined to the use of chemical weapons the syrian government still has the upper hand and it's pushing ahead with its military solution to the conflict. beirut. francaise moscow must join a push for a political solution in syria and his first public interview since the strikes president emanuel. have been complicit in the suspected chemical attack and said that he convinced president trying to keep troops in syria. we convinced him that it's necessary to remain in syria and i think that on a diplomatic level beyond what happened beyond those three strikes which are one element we convinced him that we needed to remain in the long term. our
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correspondent joins us live from paris and so. came to portray himself very much as america's partner in europe where how did he define french policy on syria or what's interesting is a man or mark or when he came to the presidency year ago he's never really has ever since never really had a very clear syria policy talked a lot of the beginning of his presidency about a diplomatic solution for syria which would include a president assad. over the past few months though he really doesn't seem to have talked about that very much his strategy has been to try and talk to all sides to all players but that doesn't seem to have resulted in the diplomatic or political solution that he says he would like to see it seems though that he is suggesting that his role has become somewhat more important lately with his comments tonight that he was the one who persuaded donald trump the u.s. president to keep u.s.
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troops in syria so be interesting to see if we get any u.s. reaction from that now also in this interview on the topic of syria he also said that he would like france to try and mediate between russia and turkey ideas a very strong words for russia in fact he went as far as to say that moscow in his opinion was complicit with the syrian regime in terms of chemical weapons use because moscow has blocked so many vetoes at the u.n. security council. papa course tweeting they are complicit said sort of lattimer putin and they didn't use chlorine themselves but they have methodically built up the international community's incapacity to prevent the use of chemical weapons through diplomatic means through the obvious failure to respect the united nations resolution they were put in the international community in a position where it could no longer be able to enforce the international humanitarian law as in syria. what amount of call
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said that the airstrikes the french restaurants alongside the u.s. and u.k. were absolutely vital to restore the credibility of the international community that really stood by and done nothing he said for so no need to act on the violation of international mall with the use of chemical weapons by the syrian regime he also said that france now is really focusing on a diplomatic push and he hopes that these airstrikes will give the international community momentum to really try and find a political solution for syria all right thank you very much attash of out there with all the latest from paris. all despite the recent targeted attacks on syrian government positions president assad remains very much in control of most of the country on saturday the syrian regime recaptured do many of the capital damascus after a two month military offensive the rebel surrender leaves bashar assad's government
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in control of most almost all of the territory surrounding the capital except the pockets of three neighborhoods in southern damascus around the palestinian refugee camp it's split between syrian opposition fighters and i still the syrian army and its russian allies are also i am in west and moon it's a vital interest to iranian backed hezbollah fighters who want to secure a syria's western border but attention is expected to focus on the north where rebels control a big chunk of territory and province that's where rebel fighters have been sent from different regions of syria as part of the transfer deals that took place in aleppo and east and along with homs so joining me now from berlin is yost hiltermann he is the middle east and north africa program director for the crisis group thank you very much for speaking to us and so as we were hearing that president assad has been regaining territorial control of syria much of syria not
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all of it over the past few years but it's not a sustainable situation because he has done it with the help of the iranians and the russians what point will we see the various act is try to find a way out of this conflict that is based on transition possibly and compromise. well you see many many attempts of course to do exactly that over the past two years of the syrian tragedy that has unfolded and. usually in conflicts of long duration of this sort of great cruelty and suffering it takes the conviction on the part of all the parties that they cannot win and i think that the syrian regime on the other hand at the moment thinks to the contrary that it can still win because it is just defeated the rebels in duma and in eastern or so it's now wants to push on but i think the other areas that remain under rebel control are not easy for the regime to take because unlike the neighborhoods of damascus
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the areas of and also the sort of the escalation zone actually also were negotiated by other parties russia turkey iran in the north in the south united states jordan and russia so for the regime the regime cannot simply march in use chemical weapons there and hope to defeat the rebels there and to displace the population so one of then we likely to see i mean there is this anticipation that the way that president assad will eventually make a push and stage an offensive to retake the main base have it lead but essentially are we going to see these informal zones of influence in the north and the south south end up in a sort of frozen state. well it's probably not wise to make predictions in a case like syria or other conflicts because many things happen in between that the
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overthrow all your expectations but in terms of the necessary political process i mean the regime has the ambition to retake these areas but the russians think want to come to some kind of legitimizing political settlement that they can live with and that preserves their gains and that prevents them from spending huge amounts of money on reconstruction and stabilization and so for that they need a political process the question is after these chemical strikes what does the united states doing do to leverage these strikes and to pursue a political process we are seeing very little we only know to or hear we hear something about targeted sanctions in the united nations to go to those that's fine but only the french actually today are starting to talk about something that makes sense which is to use the leverage game for these strikes to push towards again at least a cease fire and maybe a political process and also to prevent the regime from once again using chemical weapons when it thinks it can get away with it and that seems like the logical
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conclusion of what you just said but we we are seeing a situation where if anything the rhetoric between the u.s. and russia is escalating nikki haley was threatening new sanctions against russia syria essentially going to remain the battleground for an increasingly hostile relationship between these two powers particularly a strong feels the pressure from the robert miller investigation. you know all bets are off in the united states at the moment so we should make again no predictions not only in syria but also not in the united states. i think you know the situation can can evolve in different ways as i said the russians need a political process of sorts the situation with united states is very uncertain at the moment so i doubt that any deal is possible that said. deal between or an understanding between russia and the united states over syria will
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not civil war there but the lack of an understanding between russia and the united states for sure will make will prolong the war and lead to secondary conflicts so to has to be some kind of basic understanding the tensions have to come down and if the french can mediate that would be wonderful i think that would be an important first step and if mr mcconnell can convince mr trump then that's definitely progress i have to say thank you very much as tell ten and mellissa north africa program director for the crisis group joining us from ballin. much more still to tell you about on this news hour from london thousands of people rally across india to call for swift justice for sexual violence victims following two harrowing break cases on to nowhere as ruling party declares victory in the country's presidential election and in sport this red bull driver pulls off a shock when at the chinese prom pretty.
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around three hundred fifty thousand protesters are flooded the streets of basra lonna demonstrating against the jailing of nine catalan separatist leaders for their role in last year's secession referendum spanish authorities intend to try them on charges of rebellion including before my catalan president has pushed him out so now gager reports from barcelona. nearly six months since catalonia has been governed under direct rule from madrid and there was little in the way of a political resolution to the crisis. no side is prepared to climb down from their position the spanish government maintains its line the illegal referendum last october was an act of rebellion and it's taking all measures it says unnecessary to contain it measures that protesters here say have gone too far or you can be against the brandons or you can be brought in abundance but. it's impossible to think of that's
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a normal thing you know i don't want to kill gantries our police reserves in our politicians cannot do their job because they're not allowed to do. so we are taking charge of the situation that is the thinking behind the decision to jail catalan leaders would be that it would quell some of the fervor here but it could have been more of a mistaken one because that has only served to really galvanize people here pro independent is but also beyond that as well you say that their fundamental democratic rights are being threatened me. while the arrested castle and politicians await trial on charges of rebellion a crime that carries a maximum sentence of thirty years in prison according to the lawyer representing the leaders there is little hope that spain's justice system would deliver a just verdict but the conduct of them over to the spanish authorities believe the star beautiful for democracy you do not know people are for the peaceful expression of their view of. the catalogue parliament has called for legal charges to be
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brought against a spanish supreme court judge for refusing to release one of the leaders jordy sanchez he was nominated to become the next catalan president now catalan politicians have only until the end of may to nominate another leader before new regional elections are called if it comes to that it may shift the crisis but not necessarily in favor of those who put so much faith in the session this movement son of a all barcelona. ramon racine or is the director of the iberian studies program at stanford university in california he joins me live now from there thanks very much for speaking to us and so it would seem that many people in catalonia regardless of where they stand on the question of independence are not happy about the jailing the preet the pretrial jailing of these catalan leaders do you see these protests sustaining or perhaps even gaining momentum. yes i do you have to
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remember that. two of the leaders have been by now six months those five the year in preventive reason their case is coming to trial there are seven other politicians also in jail and the number of them in exile were they to set foot in spain they would immediately join the other it is in prison and all of this on the bases of very very flimsy case in any non spanish court of law and yet despite the ten out of the three hundred thousand protesters on a staggering figures involved in these protests people clintonite advice is heard on this issue catalan still remain. and pretty much evenly split on the question of independence. the number of the people in the demonstration today three hundred thousand is below zero the official counting by the municipal police will split it at its lows three hundred fifty thousand the
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organizers claim seven hundred fifty thousand probably the true these somewhere in between so let us say you have a million people perhaps. it doesn't seem that the independence movement is losing momentum and in that is obviously the e.u. that the spanish government likes to to cast around but. the damage to democratic rights not only strengthens the will of the people but as you pointed out into there's an instruction you wish on that also people who are not necessarily for independence are joining the movement the actual far as it is it clean for the rest additional political rights and to stop the repression that they see are sure aggression of them accredit rights thing. the movement might not be losing momentum but it certainly seems to hit a brick wall for now that the seeming intransigence of the government in madrid combined with the fact that catalan leaders some of them at least overplayed their hand in this when are we going to see some or will we at all three some sort of
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dialogue to try and come to a resolution dialogue has been already that has been used by. president calls and wanted before the declaration of independence back in october. again use the word dialogue he's asked for dialogue in his most recent statements from berlin dialogue on the part of the spanish government whether or not the spanish government will ultimately come to the table and negotiate some solution that's acceptable to cattle and people short of the independence that remains to be seen but there's very little hope that that can be put in that possibility is one and the lies as nearly the signs that come from the spanish government in the meantime it seems clear that. the independence movement or the independence majority in the catalan parliament will need to form some kind of government to
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stop the deterioration of rights and the takeover of the cotton institutions by the spanish government drip appreciate your analysis from stanford university in california one raman resi now. pleasure thousands of people have been rallying across india to call for swift justice in sexual violence cases this comes after a politician from the ruling b j p party was arrested and charged with abducting and raping a teenage girl an attempt pradesh nine months after it happened in another incident an eight year old girl was repeatedly raped and strangled in indian administered kashmir in january shallop ballasts has more. the arc the family has started a movement in india muslim nomads from indian administered kashmir they are the poster family for an epidemic of sexual abuse against girls and women michael data but. she was a very beautiful and clever girl she was pretty why was she killed for what reason
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refreeze is the mother of eight year old a c for police charges released this week saying see phil was abducted in january by eight hindu men including police offices and rape for six days before she was killed on. everyone knows the details about the case now and even god knows these perpetrators must be asked why they killed such an innocent soul and it must be investigated. india's ruling b j p has defended the investigation into a seafoods death after the officer in charge took bribes to protect her killer. but activists saying the government is apathetic towards sexual abuse and that has created a culture of impunity in india. the protests which northern india after seafoods story was shared and they grew on saturday will be j.p. lawmaker called it singh singa was a receipt for the right of a teenage girl the alleged assault happened nine months ago but he was only charged
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after the victim six or self on fire. go back just a few years to twenty twelve and mass demonstrations gripped india when twenty three year old jyoti singh was gang raped and tortured on a bus in delhi who did secure violence in india out of the shadows this week prime minister in a ranger modi trying to get ahead of a fresh wave of fury if. it bears did as a society as a country we are all ashamed of it in any part of the country or in any region incidents like these shake human sensitivities i want to assure the country that no corporate will be spared on the hills of indian administered kashmir modi's words mean little to eight year old saima she has lost a playmate. she misses a sea for a lot she tells us she misses her every day yet impunity apathy
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exploitation would simon doesn't understand that little girls in india pay the price for them all the same. one day she took out horses to graze and someone killed her her body was found a week later they didn't allow us to bury her there she was buried in another place with the sea for gone now she takes the horses to grace charlotte dallas al-jazeera . onto negras ruling party has declared leader djukanovic the winner of sunday's presidential election with nearly ninety percent of the ballots counted you kind of it has won fifty three percent of the vote avoiding a runoff his main opponent then janet one thirty three percent it's a major victory for djukanovic who defied russia to take his country into nato last year. al jazeera balkans reports that million shot learn of it as more from in montenegro. in his almost thirty years long political career as
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a leader of democratic party of socialists he was six time a prime minister and once a president you can reach defied russia and old historic l i wanted a girl when he led he had this balkan contrie into nato last year he also led montenegro into independence in two thousand and six and now hoping to steer the country into the e.u. relations between wonton negra and russia are more complicated since two thousand and sixteen when montenegran or. russia for a moment india tempt of. which purpose to stop one to negril from joining nato was denied everything men expectation from voters which we interviewed is that the new president will improve living standards and in place on creating more jobs but also fight against corruption in organized crime and rule of law. you with the news hour still ahead waiting on payday gods or employees accuse the palestinian
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authority of withholding next salaries to pressure hamas. when as ayers as a white elephant a controversial plan to clear the slums in argentina's capital. and support an american effort that ended in a car laps and criticism of the organizers of the commonwealth games. hello and welcome to international weather forecast snows you look at europe's weather we've still got some rain across central areas in particular summer is quite heavy easterners are looking fine temperament very nice you know for a problem we will out across the west the deep area of low pressure developing and that'll be swinging into wards the u.k. but the important thing is that ahead of it will start to pull up air from the south and the warm air is going to spread across many western and central parts of
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europe over the next few days so as we head on into tuesday terms of twenty three in madrid twenty one degrees expected in paris the rain across more central and southeastern era still there but it should gradually be easing in intensity but more unsettled from poland across into western russia so as we head down into north africa weather conditions here tearing not looking too bad the winds from a westerly direction or northwesterly so temperatures a thing special there for tripoli benghazi current too but that thirty five degrees and as we head into choose day rising slightly ass one for the south forty degrees similar for khartoum in sudan now into central parts of africa we got some showers across east africa through to uganda also for west africa cameroon is looking to see some showers and also a specialist effect lagos in nigeria also in akron ghana with ice here of thirty one.
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she. writes in this. each one a story. to be seen. to be. that demonstrably. it is to be a. witness document. one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story as he'll we cover this region better than anyone else would be very challenging but it got to be because you have a lot of people that are deployed this political issue. people believe to tell the real story just men being used to do the work journalism we don't feel included work. across the globe.
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welcome back look at the top stories now united states says it won't pull out troops from syria or engage in direct talks with president bashar assad speaking on us media ambassador nikki haley also admitted relations with russia are a very strained with new sanctions to be introduced on monday. francaise moscow has joined a push for a political solution in syria in his first public interview since the s. strikes president emanuel accused of being complicit in the suspected chemical attack. and our other top story this hour three hundred fifty thousand protesters have rallied in the spanish they see old boss alone and to demand the release of
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nine cash one separatist leaders. also more on top story the off them off of the alleged chemical attack in syria international weapons inspectors are in to mask is why they've been taking part in a joint fact finding mission from stephanie deck and has more on what this involves these weapons inspectors have experience when it comes to operating inside syria the o.p.c. oversold the dismantling of syria's chemical weapons program in two thousand and fourteen this of course followed a major chemical weapons attack in eastern huta that obama called a red line there never was any military action but what was agreed upon under the russians was that its chemical weapons program should be removed it's also investigated several other incidents over the years some of their findings included things like sulfur mustard gas also last year an attack in which it is a province which prompted the trumpet ministration to load tomahawk missiles at the
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site of the launch they said they found siren or a siren like substance they've also in the past found traces of chlorine gas being used korean gas was not however one of the chemical weapons that was that was supposed to have been removed and that two thousand and fourteen deal so there have been evidence found of chemical weapons use but they never allocate blame so of course that's always a big question mark in this propaganda war with each side blaming each other of inventing of carrying out the attacks i think it's going to take a couple of months until we know exactly what happened and then again how where when and who did it most importantly we still will never know. well syria also featured high on the agenda at the arab league summit in saudi the twenty two member body is divided over the issue of saturday's u.s. led air strikes on syria saudi arabia bahrain and catalog previously issued statements in support of the action while egypt iraq and lebanon have expressed concern a saudi want to use his role as host to push for
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a unified stance against iran which he blamed for instability and meddling in the region it's been a week since tens of thousands of gaza based employees of the palestinian authority should have had their monthly salaries paid based in the occupied west bank says it's a technical glitch but the workers union says it's a deliberate move to ramp up the pressure on hamas which controls the gaza strip harry force it reports. for a week now they've been living on less than a promise the palestinian authority says the delay in paying its gaza employees salaries is a technical issue soon to be resolved but these men know that their colleagues in the occupied west bank and retirees here in gaza all had their paychecks days ago the head of their union says the p.a. isn't even taking his phone calls. we're talking about thirty thousand families this isn't a small number they paid employees in the west bank but they didn't pay us in gaza this makes the employees here really afraid. is waiting for his monthly pay
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a stipend of two hundred ninety dollars awarded after he was shot and injured during a protest three years ago nearly half of it goes on rent for the tiny home he shares with his wife and two daughters their landlord is threatening a fiction. we are prisoners families of martyrs the injured they shouldn't put us in between the two sides they shouldn't connect the reconciliation problems with our salaries because that will destroy goals one hundred percent of the. the palestinian president and fatah head mahmoud abbas has been threatening further measures designed to increase the pressure on rival faction hamas which controls gaza a reconciliation deal signed in october has been teetering on collapse since almost before the game could dried the p.a. insists on assuming full governmental control of gaza including over the weapons of hamas as military wing something hamas rejects completely hamas demands continued
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payment of its tens of thousands of workers even after p.a. staff who've been out of their jobs for more than a decade of hamas' rule resumed their roles. relations who worsened still by the bombing last month but the palestinian prime minister's convoy during a visit to gaza the p.a. leadership based in ramallah in the occupied west bank had already cut its gazan employees wages by thirty percent in an effort to squeeze hamas by restricting the influence cash with which it takes account the p.a. employees union says that if the salaries don't turn up in the banks by wednesday they will launch wider scale protests but they're aware that their power is limited if as they suspect this is no technical issue then their wages depend on the political decision being made in ramallah herefore said i'll just erupt gaza. now u.s. president donald trump has unleashed another torrent of abuse on twitter against the former f.b.i. director james comey in a series of tweets trant challenges accusations coming makes in a new tell all book due to be published next week it says i never asked me for
12:36 am
personal loyalty i hardly even knew this guy just tell her of his many lies is memos are self-serving and fake he says in another tree trunk calls komi slippery out of whack and the worst f.b.i. director in history komi has hit back saying on twitter that his book is about ethical leadership and that transcends as a counterpoint to that trump sacked komi last year for his handling of the f.b.i. investigation into clinton's e-mail practices. i mean give me a break the guy knew exactly what he was doing he thought hillary clinton would win and he thought that this would give him some cover he thought that he made these decisions based on the political landscape and not on the facts of the case and when the person that is supposed to leave the highest law enforcement agency in our country starts making decisions based on political environments and stead of on what is right and what is wrong that's a really dangerous position and i think that's one of the reasons there is such
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a huge bipartisan consensus that james comey doesn't have credibility and shouldn't have been leading the f.b.i. any longer. al jazeera as you have written see has more on this now from washington james comey personally attacks doldrum both in his book and in the interview he's given to a major u.s. network comparing to a more boss saying that trump is untethered to reality and it's clear what the white house strategy on the republican national committee strategy is in trying to counter this narrative it's still a tug komi but to remind many of those or also of the u.s. political spectrum that they too have questions about committees trustworthiness and his judgment so they're all going on the guitar tensions between somalia and the united arab emirates a rising somali officials are refusing to let emraan see military equipment out of the country weeks and millions of dollars of cash from a private flight the u.a.e.
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i'm going to doe has more on how the disagreement started is. we pull to somalia just security stuff stop these united arab emirates from living in the control of the military is talk to them build refused to have their luggage such to. airport officials insisted all heavy bags be checked resulting in a tunnel it was both clear what their baggage contained. a lot of my this is a clear indications that relations between the two countries are going from bad to worse politically speaking the situation is headed for. the somali government has filed complaints against the u.a.e. regionally and internationally. last week the somali government seized almost ten million dollars in sealed bags from the u.a.e. royal jets at mogadishu international airport. remember this was made by
12:39 am
confiscating. the u.s. embassy in. quarterly payments troops the u.a.e. has been training and sustaining. relations between mogadishu and up with helping frosty since june last year when we're going to should resist the pressure from the u.a.e. and so that it took ties with qatar and joined the blockade imposed on qatar the disagreement between somalia and the u.a.e. centers around two deals abu dhabi is building a must have military base in the strategic paul tuttle in some of them which wants to break away for the u.a.e. barbara is conveniently close to yemen where it's part of the soda led coalition fighting iranian backed rebels the divide based company d.p. world is also taking over the port in but better some relatively small pool to export livestock to the middle east and imports food items all that said to change
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as d.p. world says it's prepared to spend up to four hundred forty two million dollars to develop the port for somaliland the dubai ports deal is not only a financial windfall but also a vote of confidence that is a major problem for somalia which view somaliland as its sovereign territory one hundred zero zero fighters disguised as un peacekeepers have attacked a un base and mali killing one peacekeeper and injuring ten french soldiers attack happened on saturday in the northern city of town about to fight is wearing blue helmets and to the count an exploded two suicide car bombs and then fired dozens of rockets i want to take you to yemen now are thousands of people have been protesting the city of ties and the surrounding provinces the demonstrators are unhappy with the appointment of the former president's nephew tariq salah as military commander a him of being
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a murderer. meanwhile the governor of thais is criticize the protests saying the country's future lies with the coalition. on harness the call for protest and the false propaganda more equal to those made by them with ease their own aim is to prolong this time resulting in starvation and killing. now one desire is one of south america's largest capitals and like many other big cities thousands of people are living in slums now the government there is trying to integrate the slums into the rest of the city providing the residents with access to the basic services they never had before but it's not going down well with everyone as trays of reports. it's known as the white telephone and an abandoned building in when a site is that for decades was home to hundreds of people that had nowhere else to live. but these days heavy equipment is working nonstop to bring it down
12:42 am
of them did. we started to think in twenty eleven when the national government gave the city the building what we should do with it there were too many things happening here we decided to demolish it and start from scratch to transform the area. it was meant to be the largest hospital in latin america during the governmental. but when he was overthrown in one nine hundred fifty five the project was abandoned and since then it has been a symbol of neglect. hoping to build the park schools and are currently building the new ministry of social development here the idea of this project is to increase the presence of the state in an area that has been historically abandoned around ninety families used to live in this building in this conditions with no water electricity or access to basic services there were also one hundred forty families who lived outside the city has been offering all those occupying the area cash
12:43 am
incentives to buy a house somewhere else. and the it was difficult to ask people to leave people didn't trust in our goodwill to help them leave this place slowly we started showing them that we want to help them improve their lives some families want to other places some of them are better off but there are ten families who do not want to leave and who works as a driver here says he's not ready to move. when you don't want to go because this is where we work from people know they can find us here i don't trust the government's intentions they leave and they don't finish what they started over seven hundred thousand people live in slums in suburban when a site is the current administration says it's working to improve the living conditions of everyone in the city but you know. what happens in the city happens all over the country across latin america and in areas like education and health facilities force people to leave here the president is working on
12:44 am
a plan. and to improve slums around the country build roads and generate to work. this is part of the biggest urban development project one a site is has seen in decades but it is reducing poverty in the country what will guarantee that those who left the white elephant won't end up living in another slum once again. that is how will i just see that when a site is. protests have erupted outside a starbucks in philadelphia after two black men were arrested there allegedly refusing to leave demonstrators entered the coffee shop calling for the manager to be fired earlier this week an employee at the store called the police in the belief the two men were trespassing starbucks has apologized over the issue which has stoked concerns about racial profiling. or to scarcity is set to be one of the biggest problems facing humanity in the next few decades the u.n.
12:45 am
estimates that in thirty years a quarter of the world's population will lack access to clean water some countries already dealing with severe shortages but scientists in britain say they may have come up with a solution now and see as more from manchester. it may only be one and some fake and invisible to the eye but the graphene layer wrapped inside these two can help provide clean water to the planets. the mesh around its tiny holes act as a filter bacteria and other nasty bits in the dirty water are trapped in the graphene layer and drinking water comes through the other side i did get blocked by the christian you know and just pure water can commute so effectively to see if you're more or less turned graphene into a shield like this and run salt water through it the salts molecule stick and h two o. passes through graphene can desalinate sea water as well we recently sold it stephanie possible to remove iowa. for a fee which was a very important step but now we need to reproduce those results on
12:46 am
a very large scale and this is probably going to take abuse for five years. in many ways it appears to be the breakthrough the world's been waiting for cities like cape town face potentially catastrophic water shortages desert occasions through climate change and water borne diseases the problems are so well known yet solutions remain elusive. that's partly because desalination and other filtration process is a currently slow and expensive once the graphene solution is scaled up to industrial levels it may hold the prospects of revolutionizing the availability of clean water that can a g this one for example have a big role to play they can reduce the cost of. distribution water treatment a lot. and it can really help the companies governments to provide water for cheaper to the citizens it won't be enough but it can play a big role. as ever though much of the potential success of graphene will be wrapped up in politics people living in gaza for example rely on desalinated water
12:47 am
and lay their hopes on israel and the united nations for solutions technological advances and political will on the same thing they've already had queries from people in cities like capetown wondering how quickly they can get hold of their own personal water filtration system so there's no doubting the urgency of the me but it is as good an example as you can find of the way in which technology is now on the point of being able to overcome some of the planet's most difficult public health problems florence we al-jazeera in manchester. spinouts at the former first lady of the united states opera bush is in failing health and will no longer see medical treatment than one thousand two year old wife of president george bush sr and mother of president george bush jr has been hospitalized multiple times this year so the nature of her illness is not known she has been treated for heart conditions in the past the statement says she will focus on comfort care mrs bush
12:48 am
and her husband have been married for seventy three. still to come for this hour why hong kong centuries old cantonese opera is struggling to attract younger generations. and in sport the veteran strike is still producing match winning performances in north america's biggest football league. history is so often told through the eyes of leaders but it i'm roots are in deer just thirty kilometers from the border with pakistan this old building is being transformed into a new museum mallika ahluwalia is the driving force behind armored sars partition museum it's really shocking because if you think about the fact that within a few years of nine eleven happening and nine eleven museum was there and they are now numerous holocaust museum this is not beautiful
12:49 am
a museum so countries around the world have walked to memorialize these events that have shaped them by titian is not about the political events that led up to partition it's about the impact on each person who went through it it's really important that we highlight the stories of humanity hopefully one outcome on this would be that we remember our shared humanity and the shared history. welcome back a centuries old art form that was once one of hong kong's most popular forms of
12:50 am
entertainment is struggling to engage the next generation cantonese opera is considered a unique part of hong kong's identity and industry dialogues determined to keep it alive sarah clarke reports. after sixty years designing and creating traditional head dresses chan caulk yarn is considered a grandmaster in cantonese opera these days he spends less time creating and more time teaching to educate the next generation to appreciate this traditional us. the audience is mostly in their fifty's or sixty's i hope that we have more younger audiences over time that's the crucial point it's a concern shared by some in the industry who say younger people are now more engaged with other types of digital into time and. so they have come up with a plan as well as subjects like math and science primary and secondary students can now study cantonese opera the hong kong government hopes that by making it part of
12:51 am
the curriculum it to preserve this unique part of hong kong's cultural heritage the money through this kind of activity we hope to spark kids interest in this culture and they can experience the value of it the performance showcases stories of chinese history gestures and singing styles haven't changed nor have the demanding retains but the storyline has been given a modern make over everything to be like cantonese opera the only difference is the story itself we try to write stories on the daily lives of the children that's me stopper is considered a unique part of hong kong's identity and being recognised by unesco as an intangible part of the city's cultural heritage and this year the government is opening this new theater dedicated to the arts but with a fan base of many adults and the elderly it industry knows the key to its survival is reinventing its tradition the decadent costumes are drawcard as well as the mike up but students are learning to appreciate the performance celebrating it on stage
12:52 am
her whole journey i loved reading cantonese opera because i now know more chinese words and culture from it. i like it because my grandpa sings cantonese opera to us so i'm used to listening to him a lot with more than twenty schools now signed up to the program industry groups hope this do landscape of cantonese opera will stand the test of time sarah clarke al-jazeera hong kong. time now for the sport with her marion thank you so much manchester city are the new english premier league champions they wrapped up the title with five games to go thanks to their closeness rivals manchester united losing on sunday united were beaten at home one nil by bottom of the table west brom the last means they've fallen sixteen points behind with only fifteen left to play for we were masters in complicated simple. everything was complicated. you couldn't really fast we couldn't sing
12:53 am
fast everything was going to get one more touch one more touch to control the ball . one more turn one mostly one more trick. and we always gave them. the opportunity to be solidly compact together in the long block would. you choose a goal strong players in the race for second is still wide open just four points separated united and top no six place arsenal were beaten two one by newcastle they can still qualify for the champions league if they win the europa league and which they're in the semi finals or we played was a good spirit but was about the result is valid comment you have to give. unfortunately it's very disappointing because. our future very harsh to swing or
12:54 am
would defeat like the way we conceded. three points today parasangs or man are celebrating their seventh illegal title they sealed it with a huge seven one win over monaco it's their fifth title in six years and as you can see they're enjoying it they have this to the french league cup title they've already won season. lanzone bremer that has indicated that he could play at this year's world cup the swede who had retired from international football said on twitter that his chances of playing in russia are sky high striker has been looking good since joining major league soccer team the l.a. galaxy he marked his first start for them with a goal flatter and converted a cross from a former england international told a one zero win over the chicago fire the swedish striker scored twice on his debut for the galaxy when he came on as
12:55 am
a substitute. for the boston celtics have kicked off their n.b.a. playoff campaign with when they beat the milwaukee bucks one hundred and thirteen to one hundred and seven in overtime or four and starred with twenty four points and twelve rebounds this game was in boston as his game two on choose the celtics are looking for their first championship for ten years. daniel ricardo has won the chinese formula one grand prix after a super brive in shanghai the result has left the championship race wide open with title leader sebastian vettel finishing down and eight only stolen reports. sebastian vettel started from pole position in shanghai after winning the first two races of the season the expectation was that the ferrari driver would make it three zero but a bad pit stop on the twenty first lap proved costly for him. and eventually
12:56 am
allowed finn valtteri bottas to take the lead. a collision between the two toro rosso drivers open up the field even some of the joining safety car conditions and daniel ricardo started to make his move through the field from six. the australian had barely made qualifying just one engine problem that found his way to the top of the series of off it makes. vettel so he's right some gravel after a collision with red bulls mats pushed up and who was analyzed. while ricardo held them at the front the just the sixth victory of his formula one career bought us in kimi reichen and completing the podium defending champion lewis
12:57 am
hamilton was full vettel finished eighth on a day that well and truly belong to recut oh. i don't know what it is i don't i don't seem to win boring races they're all pretty fun so that was unexpected you know putting ourselves twenty four hours ago i thought we might be starting at the back of the grid there's a two week break before the next one stop in azerbaijan with vettel leading hamilton by nine points in the child. standings don't you recut is no fool's elease homan just era. commonwealth games organizers have faced criticism for the delay in providing medical assistance to a marathon runner who collapsed while leading the race column hawkins had a two minute advantage over his closest rivals when he fell to the ground to kilometers from the finish line on australia's gold coast it took several minutes for paramedics to reach the twenty five year old who had to pull out of the race
12:58 am
which was won by home runner mike shelley hawkins was conscious and talking by the time he was helped into the ambulance. i knew saying bolt of the d.j. took center stage at the closing ceremonies seventy one countries have taken part in the games over the last eleven days with the english city of birmingham set to host the event in twenty twenty two. and that's all your sport for now it's now back to marin and london. time was and thank you. for the news hour but i will be back in just a couple of minutes with a full list of news so you very shortly.
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al jazeera. it's. where every. a society's progress is dependent on the quality of its experts we need more in finding professionals a top arity is to my delight it me a generation to study find new teaching methods are infusing thai students to
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become the agents of change taking them out of the classroom to solve problems in their local communities level education inspiring science timeline at this time on knowledge is in. every food do is being am it's being weighed and it's being measured to support intelligence agencies are they are tossed to do things in secret that are a lawful or politically embarrassing all of the colleagues that i knew chose to retire from the n.s.a. big could not stand by and see all the work that they had done being used for mass surveillance digital dissidents at this time on al-jazeera.


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