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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 16, 2018 2:00am-3:01am +03

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god's list al-jazeera selects gagne's. conservation ease helping kyrgyzstan to recover its snow leopard population to see the results i traveled up to the remote nature reserve of saudi chat it touch camera traps have identified a healthy population of up to twenty snow leopards is the technology improves we're finding all these ways in which our guesses are are getting corrected the latest evidence suggests they're more cats than previously acknowledged but the snow leopard trust believes it's premature to downgrade the cats on the international list of threatened species.
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this is al jazeera. hello i'm rob matheson this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. we send a strong message and our hope is that they listen to what. the u.s. plans new sanctions against russia over the suspected chemical attack in syria. donald trump blasts james coleman calling the f.b.i. director he sacked the worst in history. hundreds of thousands of people take to the streets of boston alone to protest against the jailing of nine cattle on the separatist leaders.
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montenegro's president wins another term in office consolidating his power over the balkan states. the u.s. is preparing new sanctions against russia over its support for the syrian government washington's envoy to the u.n. nikki haley in since the u.s. special forces will not leave syria until its goals are accomplished she also said the u.s. will continue to pressure lies of the assad government. so you will think that russian sanctions will be coming down secretary will be announcing those on monday if he hasn't already and they will go directly to any sort of companies that were dealing with equipment related to assad and chemical weapons use and so i think everyone is going to feel that at this point i think everyone knows that we sent a strong message and our hope is that they listen to it meanwhile the presidents of
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russia and iran have discussed the situation in syria on the phone they've condemned the recent strikes and they've warned of international chaos but french president emmanuel mccrum who's airforce was part of the strikes in syria says that it's the russians who are disrupting the global order. they are complicit i said so to vladimir putin that they didn't use chlorine themselves but they have methodically built up the international community's incapacity to prevent the use of chemical weapons through diplomatic means through the obvious value to respect the united nations resolution they were put in the international community in a position where it could no longer be able to enforce the international humanitarian law is in syria from paris natasha has more in what has been saying. well this was the first time that we heard from him at all marco since france took part in those airstrikes and what he used this interview for was really to clarify
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why he decided to take pass along side the u.s. and the u.k. and what he said was that there was concrete intelligence from the french the u.s. and and the u.k. that the syrian regime was behind a chemical attack in de mar he said that was a violation of international law and rights and france simply had to act a red line had been crossed it was also interesting because later in the interview he also suggested that he had played a role in convincing donald trump not to pull u.s. troops out of syria. ten days ago president general drum was saying that the united states had a duty to leave syria we convinced him it was necessary to say thank you get it initialized well marco also had some very strong words for russia saying that moscow was complicit with the syrian regime's use of chemical weapons elemental mccoy's hoping that these airstrikes have created the sort of momentum needed now
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for real diplomatic caution that is why the french foreign minister has said that france is preparing a draft resolution to present to the u.n. security council and on that resolution we understand will be a demand for a cease fire and more access for humanitarian aid. well as factors from the international chemical weapons watchdog or in syria turn investigate that suspected chemical strike near the capital damascus earlier this month more than forty people died in duma in eastern in that attack syrian government forces say they've now retaken the area as the last rebel fighters leave was in a honda reports. it's being described as the biggest victory for syrian president bashar al assad since the start of the conflict eastern huta has returned to state control after almost six years for weeks the enclave on the doorsteps of the capital damascus came under heavy fire hundreds of civilians were killed the pro-government alliance was also accused of using chemical weapons in the main town
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of duma before the last rebel group surrendered the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons is sending a team to the site to investigate those claims the u.s. and its allies didn't wait for the organizations findings they said they had their own evidence and launched air strikes targeting syria's chemical weapons facilities . the strikes were not about threatening bashar assad's hold on power but since the bombings the message from the government has been one of defiance its army says it is preparing for more offensives the priority seems to be clearing the remaining territories outside government control near the capital. in southern damascus a number of districts are under a government siege centered on yarmouk some neighborhoods there are controlled by others by opposition fighters. the rebels also control areas of countryside in the central province of homs territory in the western region close to the damascus
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holmes highway parts of the southern province of daraa the northwestern province of idlib desert territory close to the iraqi jordan border elsewhere under the control of u.s. backed syrian democratic force rebels is the kurdish area while the region west of the euphrates river is under the control of turkey back to rebels the government's priority now is to clear areas around damascus or what it calls useful syria because the location is strategically so important russian and syrian military officers have been reaching out to some rebel factions who are already under siege giving them the choice to accept state rule or surrender if they don't want to face an offensive. in it live however there has been no offer of reconciliation there are warnings of a humanitarian disaster if there is an offensive there it's the most densely populated rebel held area some two million syrians live there almost house
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displaced from towns recaptured by the government iran a backer of the syrian government says it lives could be the next target but so which chairs the border with jordan the government has been trying to penetrate rebel defenses for some time now. the u.s. led strikes have not changed anything and threats of further actions by western powers are confined to the use of chemical weapons the syrian government still has the upper hand and it's pushing ahead with its military solution to the conflict that of. beirut well the syrian government now controls most of the country is in it said in her report the rebel surrender of duma leaves the government in control of almost all the territory near the capital except a pocket of three neighborhoods in southern damascus or a palestinian refugee camp in your book the syrian army and its russian allies are also i.a.s.
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in western column on but attention is expected to focus on the north where rebels control a big chunk of territory in adlib province or cold so honey is an analyst on middle eastern affairs and a former editor of the middle east times he's joining us now on skype from milan thank you very much indeed for your time the phrase proxy war has been used a lot for the syrian crisis but it seems as though this is an illustration of exactly that. indeed it is it's not things going in all directions you got. yours but now what's the danger is that the people who are running the proxy are getting the exams and the united states france england britain and russia of course it's reaching a critical mass where it could easily get out of hand or uses for one plane to be shot down by the russians the american british and i the russians and then use us to lead to the crisis to higher level then i was talking about in her report the
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spark for this latest round of missile attacks was the attack they alleged chemical attack on duma we know as he mentioned that inspectors from the international chemical weapons watchdog are very to try and investigate that what is going to happen do you think if those investigators find that the chemical attack was not carried out by the assad regime. if it wasn't clear in my decision who was a cure not by the russians will be very very good. and only think about where that would take us. i and i really don't think the russians would have carried out a complete hack to get any of those whose use is that is the russian the assad regime really so but it will have to wait and see can't see this without come out with i want to ask you about the positions that are being taken by the u.s. the statement by nikki haley the that the more sanctions are being introduced
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against the russians and also emanuel mccrone statement that for example he was the one that was encouraging donald trump to retain troops in syria how do you read this positioning that's going on at the moment. well i think trump jumped the gun by saying that she wanted to pull the troops out and he jumped the gun again today by saying mission accomplished. two other presidents have done the same mission accomplished ronald reagan in one thousand eight hundred two when he pulled the marines prematurely out of lebanon and you know what happened then the subbranches you know massacres you know declared mission accomplished and then george w. bush when when the invasion of iraq took place in two thousand and three again said mission accomplished when he was aboard the u.s.s. . abraham lincoln and we know what happened then so. when it premature to call the mission accomplished because what follows the bombing is we don't know if there is no clear cut policy foreign policy because of the syria we
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have united states. just very briefly i want to ask you about the fact the nikki haley said that they have sent a strong message to the outside government and also to those involved in the syria conflict at the moment deal i actually think that the action that's being taken coupled with the sanctions that she's talking about coupled with the statements that we've heard from emanuel knock on is i think going to make any difference at all to the circumstances within syria i don't think so i think it's just by seeing. the cake to make it look nice but it's a show that they're doing something because they don't know what they can do when they're they don't really know what to do. russia is playing the cards very close to its chest and very smartly so you know they are where they want to be and there's nothing really that the allies can do at this point sanctions yes that's going to hurt russia
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a little bit but the end of the day i think they're going to get away digitally with murder quite so honey thank you very much indeed for your time for being on all jazeera. syria is also featured high on the agenda at the out of league summit in the saudi arabia of the twenty two member bodies divided over the issue of those airstrikes saudi arabia bahrain and qatar have previously issued statements in support of the action egypt iraq and lebanon have expressed concern the saudi monarchy used his role as host to push for a unified stance against iran which he blamed for instability and meddling in the region teheran is a key backer of syrian president bashar al assad but the more ahead on the news hour including we've got the reaction from the united arab emirates after one of its planes is seized in somalia. the outcry in india and the rape of two young girls including a case where a politician's been arrested. and in sports
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a shock defeat for manchester united in english football's premier league and their arch rivals benefit. ok the u.s. president's on least another torrent of abuse against james komi in a series of tweets donald trump suggests the former f.b.i. director should be jailed and challenges accusations he makes in a new book he says i never asked me for personal loyalty i hardly even knew this guy just another of his many lies his memos in quotes self-serving and fake. slippery outta whack and the worst f.b.i. director in history by far commies hit back saying on twitter that is book is about ethical leadership and three presidents he worked under to help illustrate the values at the heart of ethical leadership he says referring to barack obama and
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bill clinton he says as a counterpoint to that. and that segues from the soon to be published book called he describes as an ethical a liar and compared his leadership style to a mobo was fired komi nearly a year ago the white house has constantly a tight combs credibility for his handling of the hillary clinton e-mail investigation i mean give me a break the guy knew exactly what he was doing he thought hillary clinton would win and he thought that this would give him some cover he thought that he made these decisions based on the political landscape and not on the facts of the case and when the person that is supposed to lead the highest law enforcement agency in our country starts making decisions based on political environments and stead of on what is right and what is wrong that's a really dangerous position and i think that's one of the reasons there is such a huge bipartisan consensus that james comey doesn't have credibility and shouldn't have been leading the f.b.i.
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any longer i'll just say it is on and fish is joining us live from washington d.c. does the ferocity of donald trump's response to the allegations in this book give us some indication of how the trump administration really feels about it. now because of course we know that donald trump when he's attacked he tends to hit back harder it's exactly what he's done all through his time in public life he doesn't believe in the well if you're not on off and sure in defense he believes you should be an offense all the time and so he's clearly rattled by what james komi is saying he's obviously very angry when he gives someone a nickname then you know he's particularly upset since the start calling james komi slippery james komi would suggest that he is particularly upset with the former director of the f.b.i. and as we've heard the white house intends to continue to attack its credibility there's one thing we should point out that the white house at the time when james
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comey resignation was announced he was fired by tweet by donald trump found out about it when he was visiting f.b.i. offices in california it was said that it was done because of his handling of the hillary clinton e-mail investigation but very soon after that in a network television interview donald trump admitted it was because of the russia investigation and so that slightly undermines their outrage. about james komi and him revealing that the reason he did what he did with the hillary clinton investigation was to make her a legitimate president because she was so far ahead in the polls at that point although we're talking at the moment only about excerpts from this book is there any indication in washington that people are expecting more to emerge especially after his giving interviews and a very long series of protected interviews on this book. exactly he's going to
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appear in network television in about three hours time here in the united states but i suspect that they have probably harvested the best lines and a number of newspapers got coffees of the seeing they had been leaked to them by people close to the whole process and certainly that the two main takeaways are that james komi the former director of the f.b.i. likened donald trump the president of the united states essentially to a mob boss to a mafia leader saying that he expected a pledge of pass no loyalty from the director of the f.b.i. a claim of which of course you've just mentioned donald trump dismissed in a tweet and also of the fact that the reason the unknowns the reopening of the hillary clinton e-mail investigation so very close to election day itself and something that hillary clinton and hard book earlier this year said undoubtedly
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lead to was one of the reasons to her defeat you could argue about that but that he did that so that when she won as he expected her to do she would be seen as a legitimate president so i suspect the media organizations of harvested the best lines in this book but that still won't stop people buying it meanly people who want to find out what he's got to see about donald trump just one other interesting sidebar i've been speaking to a republican or in iowa iowa where you remember is always a key state come election year and just ask what they thought about the latest donald trump tweet storm and he said he would love the opportunity to us donald trump ok then who do you think are the top three watched f.b.i. directors ever in history given the name to james comey is top of the list and he said i suspect he might be able to mention one other only because he knows of hoover but wouldn't be able to name any others we don't know whether. that's the case but certainly republicans think that donald trump is that thing in the way
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that donald trump acts with such a crisis facing him alan for now thanks very much indeed i want to bring in stephen rodgers he's a criminal investigation of those two also what's alongside the f.b.i. national joint terrorism task force he's joining us now from news new jersey thank you very much and much indeed for your time and for being on al-jazeera how do you think that the f.b.i. the members of the f.b.i. that perhaps you you know will react to the the level of intensity shall we say in the allegations that james komi is making in his book i've spoken to a number of active and retired f.b.i. agents for quite some time over the past year they feel that the f.b.i. director compromised and politicized and weaponized the f.b.i. joining the election between donald trump and hillary clinton in an effort to
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damage president donald trump look you're got to remember that when director komi was testifying before congress he conducted an investigation and point by point he led us to believe that there was enough evidence to indict hillary clinton what does he do he decides to recommend to the department of justice no indictment that was not his job his job was to collect evidence give it to attorney general lynch at that time and then she would make the decision whether a clinton would be indicted or not what james komi did was exceed his authority and actually fell on the sword for the obama administration that was the beginning of the end of james call me not only in the eyes of the many f.b.i. agents who are doing a fine job but in the eyes of the american people. do you think that given the level of response that donald trump has put in these tweets that it might backfire in as much that no motto for how legitimate he believes his his criticisms of
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coleman's book might be that the intensity of his response might make people think that there is for want of a better phrase no smoke for without fire the white house and the trumpet ministration do genuinely have something to be concerned about in coleman's book. i believe it's actually going to black backfire on james komi look we know president we know this is the way he conducts business very transparent one thing we can all agree on you know what the man is thinking and what he says he means and what he means he says so i don't think it will backfire on the president look he has a right to be angry he's a human being a lot of people are angry but where can president trump go to get the truth out the mainstream media doesn't do journalism like they used to in this country so he's using social media platforms being very honest on how he feels he's using that
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means to get his story out nevertheless that there is a certain amount of pushback from the f.b.i. and from the intelligence services in the united states against the trumpet ministration do you think that again however legitimate he feels his criticisms of the komi book might be that donald trump might be sparking a certain amount of resistance from the intelligence services by his response to this book. i believe a lot of that resistance is coming from executives in those intelligence agencies that were holdovers from the obama administration and people who simply do not like donald trump i could tell you have based on what i'm hearing the rank and file the agents who are continuing to do their job out in the field they like donald trump now you're not going to hear that drew mainstream media you won't hear those field
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agents articulate that publicly in fear of reprisals but when you look at the polls right now whether it be in law enforcement agencies across the country or with the american people the president's in pretty good standing do you think that there is in any way that the komi book could have some sort of bearing some sort of influence on the investigation overall but into the trumpet ministration i really believe that it's going to have a great amount of bearing on what may become a major investigation of james komi look he apparently there are reports out there that he lied when he spoke to the congressional committee we know that he leaks information there may be a lot that he's revealing in that book that no one knew about so i kind of think and believe that he may have stepped into a mine field that he is going to regret come tomorrow morning steven rogers thank
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you very much indeed. hundreds of thousands of independence protesters have marched in barcelona are calling for the release of nine jailed castellan separatist leaders spanish authorities want to try the political leaders on charges of rebellion the march comes just days after the supreme court blocked yet another candidate from becoming the region's leader. is in barcelona. really six months since catalonia has been governed on the direct route from madrid and there was little in the way of a political resolution to the crisis was yet dark no side is prepared to climb down from that position the spanish government maintains its line the illegal referendum last october was an act of rebellion and it's taking all measures it says on necessary to contain it measures that protesters here say have gone too far you can be against the ban guns are you can be bribed abandons but.
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it's impossible to think that that's a normal thing and i don't project boundaries our political prisoners and our politicians cannot do their job because they're not allowed to do. so we are taking charge of the situation i think the thinking behind the decision to jail castle our leaders would be that it would quell some of the fervor and it could have been more of a mistaken one because that has only served to really galvanize people here pro independent is but also beyond that as well to say that their fundamental democratic rights are being threatened meanwhile be arrested castle and politicians await trial on charges of rebellion a crime that carries a maximum sentence of thirty years in prison according to the lawyer representing the leaders there's little hope that spain's justice system would deliver a just verdict but the conduct of the moment to the spanish authorities it falls beneath the standards you call for democracy you do not lock people up for the
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peaceful expression of their view. of the castle and parliament has called for legal charges to be. brought against a spanish supreme court judge for refusing to release one of the leaders jordy sanchez he was nominated to become the next catalan president now catalan politicians have only until the end of may to nominate another leader before new regional elections a cold if it comes to that may shift the crisis but not necessarily in favor of those who put so much faith in the session this week went on i. wanted to go was really in party has declared leader mineral jochen over the winner of sunday's presidential election with nearly ninety percent of ballots counted jochen overage has fifty three percent of the vote which is enough to avoid a runoff his main opponent boehner john it has won thirty three percent it's a major victory for fifty six year old jack an overage who defied russia on montenegro joined nato last year odyssey the balkans reports modern overture
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reports from montenegro. which if to four percent. of its long lasting montenegrin leader became new president of this country it will be his second mandate as president and in his almost thirty years long political career he was also six time prime minister in his victory speech he said that montenegro will stay in the body and be next member state of the e.u. in next five years he said that his priority will be economic growth and better living standards for montenegro and citizens his main opponent got thirty three percent of votes he was the candidate of several opposition parties including pro russian once he didn't want to congratulate djukanovic and admits defeat and said he will continue to fight against your kind of each whom he sees as
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a man who has quote captured or state in recent times montenegro. had complicated relations with its old historic ally russia because less your country joint nato alliance and state authorities montenegrin state authorities accused moscow for being involved in attempt of cool in montenegro in order to prevent. allegations that night big story. in that sense will definitely mean in relationship of these two countries still ahead an al-jazeera government employees in gaza say they're paying the price for tension between rival palestinian factions . the dismantling of what was meant to be a huge hospital it's become part of argentina's slum problem and the marathon effort that ended in criticism of organizers of the commonwealth games explain later in sport.
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well look at the weather right across americas now and in north america we've got an active frontal system skim some very heavy rain some thunderstorms some tornadoes across parts of the south and across more northern areas snow fall some heavy snowfall affecting the twin cities for instance it's near record snow being predicted here and as we look at the forecast the snow continues to head across more north and northeastern areas through across ontario into some parts of course back in canada warm across the eastern seaboard temperatures into the twenty's even touching thirty degrees in places during the course of sufferers look at monday's forecast coming right back there fourteen just little bit further north to a picking up more of an easterly temperatures of just two degrees but time to get through into choose day then we're going to see temperatures strongest ten degrees
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there for both new york and washington d.c. more snow across the pacific northwest there with the rockies seeing quite a bit of snow and that's going to push further towards the east with time down into central america we've got a frontal system across the bahamas in cuba into central parts of america and that makes slow eastward progress during the course of choose day so kingston jamaica may just see the old shower as for south america plenty showers across western parts were still fine for the south twenty five in point is aries. he ruled for nearly half a century a controversial political figure in the cold in the middle east and one who was never far from crisis at home or abroad. in a two part scene. tells the story of king hussein of jordan. episode
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one so violent on al-jazeera. it really is the international perspective that sets al-jazeera are other news outlets beyond the. adding up simply to our means generalism is about public service and making a difference in people's lives i'm amazed every day by the porting on al-jazeera and the places that my colleagues go it inspires me to take a different approach to how i got news for.
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you watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour the u.s. has announced new sanctions against russia for its support of the syrian government's washington's envoy the u.n. nikki haley said they'll target companies involved in syria's alleged chemical weapons program as follows saturday's morning's airstrikes in syrian military installations that allegedly stored chemical weapons. u.s. president donald trump's called former f.b.i. director james called me a slimeball and suggested he should be jailed just days before called his memoir is to be released and it he calls trump. boss. on hundreds of thousands of pro independence protesters have marched in barcelona calling for the release of nine jailed cattle on separatist leaders spanish authorities want to try the political leaders and charges of rebellion a march comes just days after the supreme court blocked yet another candidate from becoming the region's leader. ok let's get more on our top story those airstrikes
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in syria and what we can expect in the coming days and international weapons inspectors are now in the capital damascus to investigate this is spectate chemical attack and duma earlier this month stephanie decker has more on that these weapons inspectors have experience when it comes to operating inside syria the o.p.c. oversaw the dismantling of syria's chemical weapons program in two thousand and fourteen this of course followed. a major chemical weapons attack in eastern huta that obama called a red line there never was any military action but what was agreed upon under the russians was that its chemical weapons program should be removed it's also investigated several other incidents over the years some of their findings included things like sulfur mustard gas also last year an attack in concert hall in which an in a province which prompted the trumpet ministration to load tomahawk missiles at the site of the launch they said they found siren or a sour and like substance they've also in the past found traces of chlorine gas
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being used coring gas was not however one of the chemical weapons that was that was supposed to have been removed and that two thousand and fourteen deal so there have been evidence found of chemical weapons use but they never allocate blame so of course that's always a big question mark in this propaganda war with each side blaming each other of inventing of carrying out the attacks i think it's going to take a couple of months until we know exactly what happened and then again how where when and who did it most importantly we still will never know. the united arab emirates is ending its military training program in somalia that follows the seizure of a u.a.e. registered aircraft of mogadishu airport by somali security forces after those on board refused to allow their bags to be searched last week ten million dollars in cash was confiscated from a jet belonging to the emirates here while family mourner from mohammed out of
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tension on the runway in appleton somalia just security stuff stopped these united arab emirates from living in the country after military instructors on board refused to have their luggage starched airport officials insisted all heavy bags be checked resulting in a tunnel it was not clear what their baggage contained but. in a lot of my bills this is a clear indication that relations between the two countries from bad to worse politically speaking of the situation is headed it will further escalation the somali government has filed complaints against the u.a.e. regionally and internationally. last week the somali government seized almost ten million dollars in sealed bags from the u.a.e. royal jets at mogadishu international airport. the government was was made. confiscating cash reserves and or the u.s. embassy in little disher and reportedly payments troops the u.a.e.
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has been training and sustaining. relations between mogadishu and up with that we have been frosty since june last year when we're going to should resist that pressure from the u.a.e. and so that it took ties with qatar and joined the blockade they imposed on qatar the disagreement between somalia and the u.a.e. centers around two deals abu dhabi is building a must have military base in the strategic pull tunnel but it better in some of them which wants to breakaway for the u.a.e. better but it is conveniently close to yemen where it's part of the soda led coalition fighting iranian backed with that rebels the divide based company d.p. world is also taking over the port in but better some balance relatively small pool to exports livestock to the middle east that imports food and other items all that said to change now as d.p. world says it's prepared to spend up to four hundred forty two million dollars to
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develop the port for somaliland the dubai ports deal is not only a financial windfall but also a vote of confidence that is a major problem for somalia which view somaliland as its sovereign territory one hundred zero zero fighters disguised as peacekeepers have attacked a u.n. base in mali that killed one peacekeeper and injured ten french soldiers in the northern city of timbuktu fighters wearing blue helmets and at the camp and detonated two suicide car bombs and fired dozens of rockets there's been no claim of responsibility. they are being protests in several indian cities over the rape of two young girls in one case a politician has been arrested and charged with raping a teenager and in the other eight men have been jailed for the gang rape torture and murder of an eighty year old in indian administered kashmir child ballasts has more. to ask the family has started
2:39 am
a movement in india muslim nomads from indian administered kashmir they are the poster family for an epidemic of sexual abuse against girls and women michael data but the hub suited but she was a very beautiful and clever girl she was pretty why was she killed for what reason refreezes is the mother of eight year old a c for police charges released this week saying see phil was abducted in january by eight hindu men including police offices and write for six days before she was killed on the bus you know. everyone knows the details about the case now and even god knows these perpetrators must be asked why they killed such an innocent soul and it must be investigated. india's ruling b j p has defended the investigation into a seafoods death after the officer in charge took bribes to protect her killer. but activists saying the government is apathetic towards sexual abuse and that has
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created a culture of impunity in india. the protests which northern india after seafoods story was shared and they grew on saturday when b j p lawmaker called it saying singa was a wristed for the rights of a teenage girl the alleged assault happened nine months ago but he was only charged after the victim six or self on fire. go back just a few years to twenty twelve and mass demonstrations gripped india when twenty three year old joseph singh was gang raped and tortured on a bus in delhi her death secured violence in india out of the shadows this week prime minister in a ranger modi trying to get ahead of a fresh wave of fury if. it is still as a society as a country we are all ashamed of it in any part of the country or in any region incidents like these shake human sensitivities i want to assure the country that no
2:41 am
corporate will be spared on the hills of indian administered kashmir modi's words mean little to eight year old saima she has lost a playmate. she misses the sea for a lot she tells us she misses her every day. and puno see apathy exploitation would simon doesn't understand that little girls in india pay the price for them all the same. one day she took out horses to graze and someone killed her her body was found a week later they didn't allow us to bury had there she was buried in another place with the sea for gone now she takes the horses to grace charlotte dallas zero. in neighboring pakistan government have killed two people that a church in the southwestern city of qatar police say two armed men on a motorcycle targeted worshipers is they were leaving a sunday evening service five others were seriously wounded no one has yet claimed
2:42 am
responsibility. and two pakistani soldiers have been killed in a skirmish with afghan troops close to their disputed border pakistan's military claims one of its part a military units was undertaking routine surveillance along the border but it started taking fire from the afghan side the provincial police chief in afghanistan's eastern coast province accuse the pakistani soldiers of instigating the incident by illegally crossing over into afghanistan in southern yemen that have been protests against the appointment of the former president's nephew as military commander demonstrations in ties which has been under siege for three years by who the rebels accused of being a murder they say he should be tried for human rights violations but some local officials support his appointment to lead the fight against iranian backed hooty fighters on the west coast with help from the saudi led coalition. the monthly
2:43 am
salaries for tens of thousands of gaza based employees of the palestinian authority are now a week over due the workers' union says it's a deliberate move to increase pressure on hamas which controls the gaza strip at a faucet reports. for a week now they've been living on less than a promise the palestinian authority says the delay in paying its gaza employees salaries is a technical issue soon to be resolved but these men know that their colleagues in the occupied west bank and retirees here in gaza all had their paychecks days ago the head of their union says the p.a. isn't even taking his phone calls. we're talking about thirty thousand families this isn't a small number they paid employees in the west bank but they didn't pay us in gaza this makes the employees here really afraid. you soso root is waiting please monthly pay a stipend of two hundred ninety dollars awarded after he was shot and injured during a protest three years ago nearly half of it goes on rent for the tiny home he shares
2:44 am
with his wife and two daughters their landlord is threatening a fiction. we are prisoners families of martyrs the injured they shouldn't put us in between the two sides they shouldn't connect the reconciliation problems with our salaries because that will destroy one hundred percent. the palestinian president and fatah head mahmoud abbas has been threatening further measures designed to increase the pressure on rival faction hamas which controls gaza a reconciliation deal signed in october has been teetering on collapse since almost before the ink had dried the p.a. insists on assuming full governmental control of gaza including over the weapons of hamas his military wing something hamas rejects completely hamas demands continued payment of its tens of thousands of workers even after p.a. staff who've been out of their jobs for more than a decade of hamas' rule resumed their roles. relations who worsened still by the
2:45 am
bombing last month of the palestinian prime minister's convoy during a visit to gaza the p.a. leadership based in ramallah in the occupied west bank had already cut its gazan employees wages by thirty percent in an effort to squeeze hamas by restricting the inflow of cash from which it takes a cut the p.a. employees union says that if the salaries don't turn up in the banks by wednesday they will launch wider scale protests but they're aware that their power is limited if as they suspect this is no technical issue then their wages depend on a political decision being made in ramallah are a force at al-jazeera gaza. but when i'm president nicolas maduro has launched a scathing attack on this year's summit of the americas calling it ideologically intolerant but they're always barred from attending the meeting of regional leaders ahead of a presidential election that many consider a sham venezuela is in the grip of an economic crisis but. this summit didn't have conclusions it didn't have proposals it didn't have decisions. i
2:46 am
think at the summit of lamers the start of what could be the end of a summit of the americas due to the ideological and political intolerance. and urban development projects in argentina's capital want to set is ongoing some of those it will displace it's part of a government plan to integrate hundreds of thousands of people living in slums into the rest of the city the hope is they'll get access to basic services they've never had before there is a book reports. it's known as the white elephant an abandoned building in when a site is that for decades was home to hundreds of people that had nowhere else to live. but these days heavy equipment is working nonstop to bring it down. and. we started to think in twenty eleven when the national government gave the city the building what we should do with it there were too many things happening
2:47 am
here we decided to demolish it and start from scratch to transform the area. it was meant to be the largest hospital in that no merica during the government. but when he was overthrown in one nine hundred fifty five the project was abandoned and since then it has been a symbol of neglect. hoping to build a park school and are currently building the new ministry of social development here the idea of this project is to increase the presence of the state in an area that has abandoned around ninety families used to live in this building in this condition with no water electricity or access to basic services there were also one hundred forty families who lived outside the city has been offering all those occupying the area cash incentives to buy a house somewhere else. on the p.c. it was difficult to ask people to leave people didn't trust in our goodwill to help them leave this place slowly we started showing them that we want to help them
2:48 am
improve their lives some families want to other places some of them are better off but there are ten families who do not want to leave and. works as a driver here says he's not ready to move. i don't want to go because this is where we work from people know they can find us here i don't trust the government's intentions they leave and they don't finish what they started over seven hundred thousand people live in slums in suburban when a site is the current administration says it's working to improve the living conditions of everyone in the city but you know. what happens in the city happens all over the country across latin america and in areas like education and health facilities. the president is working on a plan to improve slums around the country build roads and generate. this is part of the biggest urban development project when
2:49 am
a site is has seen in decades but it is reducing poverty in the country what will guarantee that those who left the white elephant won't end up living in another slum once again. protests have erupted outside a starbucks in the u.s. city of philadelphia after two black men were arrested for allegedly refusing to leave demonstrators enter the coffee shop calling for the manager to be fired police say they were called by starbucks employees on the team and refused to leave after being denied use of the restroom no charges have been filed against the man and starbucks has apologized it's been announced that the former first lady of the united states barbara bush is in failing health and will no longer seek medical treatment the ninety two year old wife of former president george bush sr and mother of former president george bush jr has been hospitalized to several times this year the nature of oil this is not known but she has been treated for heart
2:50 am
conditions and thyroid issues in the past a statement says she will focus on comfort care mr mrs bush and her husband have been married for seventy three years it's time for the sports his father thanks very much manchester city are the new english prime really champions they've wrapped up the title with five games to go thanks to their close its rivals manchester united losing on sunday united were beaten at home one nailed by bottom the table west brom the loss means they fall in sixteen points behind with only fifteen left to play for we would muster the complicated. everything was complicated. we couldn't play fast we couldn't sing fast and resume was complicated one more touch one wanted to control the ball. one more turn one mostly one more trick and we always gave them.
2:51 am
the opportunity to be solidly competent to get in the look would. you choose a goal strong players. the race for second is still wide open just four points separated united and top no six place arsenal were beaten two one by newcastle they can still qualify for the champions league if they win the europa league and which they're in the semifinals overall repeated was a good. result if you don't coleman you know. unfortunately it's very disappointing. if you it's very hard. parasangs your men are celebrating their seventh illegal title they sealed it with a huge seven one win over monaco it's their fifth title in six years and as you can
2:52 am
see they're enjoying it they have this to the french league cup title they've already won the season lanzone abraham of the has indicated that he could play at this year's world cup the swede who had retired from international football said on twitter that his chances of playing in russia are sky high the striker has been looking good since joining major league soccer team the l.a. galaxy he marked his first start for them with a goal flatter and converted a cross from a former england international told a one zero win over the chicago fire the swedish striker scored twice on his debut for the galaxy when he came on as a substitute for the boston celtics have kicked off their n.b.a. playoff campaign with when they beat the milwaukee bucks one hundred and thirteen to one hundred and seven in overtime or four and starred with twenty four points
2:53 am
and twelve rebounds this game was in boston as his game two on choose staying the celtics are looking for their first championship for ten years. daniel ricardo has won the chinese formula one grand prix after a super brive in shanghai the result has left the championship race wide open with title leader sebastian vettel finishing down and eight only stolen reports. sebastian vettel started from pole position in shanghai after winning the first two races of the season the expectation was that the ferrari driver would make it three zero but a bad pit stop on the twenty first lap proved costly for him. and eventually allowed finn valtteri bottas to take the lead. a collision between the two toro rosso drivers open up the field even so the
2:54 am
joining safety car conditions and daniel ricardo started to make his move through the field from six. the australian had barely made qualifying just one engine problem that found his way to the top of the series of overtakes. vettel so he's right some gravel after a collision with red bulls mats pushed up and who was analyzed. while ricardo held them at the front the just the sixth victory of his formula one career bought a house in kimi reichen and completed the podium defending champion lewis hamilton was full vettel finished eighth on a day that well and truly belong to recut oh. i don't know what it is i don't i don't seem to win boring races they're all pretty fun so that was unexpected you know for yourselves twenty four hours ago i thought we might be starting at the
2:55 am
back of the grid there's a two week break before the next f one stop in azerbaijan with vettel leading hamilton by nine points in the champ. standings don't you riccardo is no fools homan al-jazeera. commonwealth games organizers have faced criticism for the delay in providing medical assistance to a marathon runner who collapsed while leading the race scotland's column hawkins had a two minute advantage over his closest rivals when he fell to the ground to kilometers from the finish line on australia's gold coast it took several minutes for paramedics to reach the twenty five year old who had to pull out of the race which was won by home runner mike shelley hawkins was conscious and talking by the time he was helped into the ambulance. i knew saying bolt of the d.j. took center stage at the closing ceremonies seventy one countries have taken part
2:56 am
in the games over the last eleven days with the english city of birmingham set to host the event in twenty twenty two. amounts all your support for now more later cantonese oprah is a centuries old form that was once one of hong kong's most popular means of entertainment but it's struggling to charge the next generation of industry diehards are determined to keep it alive seven o'clock reports. after sixty years designing and creating traditional head dresses chan caulk yarn is considered a grandmaster in cantonese opera these days he spends less time creating and more time teaching to educate the next generation to appreciate this traditional art. the audience is mostly in their fifty's or sixty's i hope that we have more younger audiences over time that's the crucial point it's a concern shared by some in the industry who say younger people are now more
2:57 am
engaged with other types of digital and time and. so they have come up with a plan as well as subjects like math and science primary and secondary students can now study cantonese opera the hong kong government hopes that by making it part of the curriculum it will preserve this unique part of hong kong's cultural heritage the money through this kind of activity we hope to spark kids interest in this culture and they can experience the value of it the performance showcases stories of chinese history gestures and singing styles haven't changed nor have the demanding retains but the storyline has been given a modern make over everything to be like cantonese opera the only difference is the story itself we try to write stories on the life of the children that's me stop or it's considered a unique part of hong kong's identity and being recognised by unesco as an intangible part of the city's cultural heritage and this year the government is
2:58 am
opening this new theater dedicated to the arts but with a fan base of many adults and the elderly it industry knows the key to its survival is reinventing its tradition the decadent costumes are drawcard as well as the mike up but students are learning to appreciate the performance celebrating it on stage her whole journey i love that he can't sneeze opera because i now know more chinese words and culture for it. i like it because my grandpa sings cantonese upper to it so i'm used to listening to him a lot with more than twenty schools now signed up to the program industry groups hope this new landscape of cantonese opera will stand the test of time sarah clarke al-jazeera hong kong. that's it from a robot the server this news are already back in a moment with more of the day's news by.
2:59 am
marcus finisher. the new poll ranks mexico city as the pool with worst in the world for sexual violence many women are attacked while moving in the crowded spaces of the metro
3:00 am
buses and even at the hands of taxi drivers the conversation starts with do you have a boyfriend you're very pretty and young you feel unsafe threatened you think about how to react what do i do if this gets was no money on the uses a new service it's called lal droid it's for women passages only and drawn by women drivers. to some extra features like a panic button and twenty fourth's of i'm on the train of drive has. everything to do is being analyzed it's being weakened measure for intelligence agencies are. to do things in secret that are on politically embarrassing all of the colleagues that i knew chose to retire from the n.s.a. they could not stand by and see all the work that they had done being used for mass surveillance digital dissidents at this time on al-jazeera.


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