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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 16, 2018 6:00am-6:35am +03

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haven't truly been able to escape the floor. as we embrace new technologies rarely do we stop to ask what is the price of this progress what happened was people started getting sick but there was a small group of people that began to think that maybe this was related to the kind of exposure and investigation reveals how even the smallest devices have deadly environmental and health costs we think ok we'll send our you waste to china but we have to remember that air pollution travels around the globe death by design on al-jazeera and seven million lives in this each one is still a. demonstrably. documentary.
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we sent a strong message and our hope is that they listen to what. the u.s. plans new sanctions against russia over a suspected chemical attack in syria. i'm sami's a dan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. and i'm not trying to buy that by the way suggested president trump is a broken legs and shaking down shopkeepers. morally unfit to be president the damning words of the former f.b.i. director on the man he calls a mob boss plus. hundreds of thousands of people take to the streets abbas alone as a protest against the jailing of nine cattle and separatist leaders. and all charged up for it sparking drivers in jordan to turn away from fuel burning cars.
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the u.s. has announced it's to impose further new sanctions against russia for its support of syria's government washington's envoy at the u.n. nikki haley says they'll target companies involved in syria's alleged chemical weapons program this follows saturday mornings as strikes on syrian military installations that allegedly stored chemical weapons so you will think that russian sanctions will be coming down secretary mineta will be announcing those on monday if he hasn't already and they will go directly to any sort of companies that were dealing with equipment related to assad and chemical weapons use and so i think everyone is going to feel that at this point i think everyone knows that we send a strong message and our hope is that they listen to it. french president emanuel
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micro says he's convinced president trump to keep her long term u.s. presence in syria but the white house responded afterwards that donald trump still wants to u.s. forces to return home as soon as possible alan fischer has more from washington d.c. well we know there have been a number of calls between the elysee palace and the white house over the last week not least to judge their reaction to what they saw was a syrian chemical attack against its own people and to draw up plans for the strike that we saw on friday night into saturday morning certainly present mccrone will consider himself one of the world leaders closest to donald trump but donald trump's position on syria has been clear just over two weeks ago at a campaign event in ohio he insisted he wanted to get out of syria very soon indeed that surprised some people in washington and a week later the president rode back slightly by saying he still wants to get out
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of syria he doesn't want an open ended commitment there but he was looking to get out of syria as soon as the objective was achieved which he saw as the defeat of iceland certainly we know that military leaders are looking at a six month time scale to try and remove all american troops out of syria but as far as the president of france is concerned he has no doubts about the american commitment to the efforts in syria. and the president ten days ago president trump was saying the u.s. should withdraw from syria we convinced him that it was necessary to stay i think that on a diplomatic level beyond what happened abroad those three strikes which are one element for me not the most important thing we convinced him that we needed to stay for the long term it fairly. the trump white house is being criticized for a lack of vision a lack of policy on syria certainly that was a point that was made by politicians from both sides before the attack was launched
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on syria late on friday early into saturday morning by asking ok if we do carry these raids what's the next step what happens after that and the white house has been concentrating largely on defeating eisel and reducing the caliphate as donald trump has referred to several times on twitter and certainly they would like to see some sort of peace settlement in syria but they have moved away from the idea that president assad needs to be replaced where there is no doubt that the president of france left those phone calls with donald trump very clear on donald trump's commitment although obviously given the statement snow coming out of the white house saying there is no change in their policy nothing has altered as far as their ideas and syria has can sound president mccraw may have left those conversations with a different impression of what donald trump was actually seeing now days after that
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suspected chemical attack which killed more than forty people in duma syrian government forces say they've now retaken the rebel pockets in the east in the quarter or so in the holder of forts. it's being described as the biggest victory for syrian president bashar al assad since the start of the conflict eastern who has returned to state control after almost six years for weeks the enclave on the doorsteps of the capital damascus came under heavy fire hundreds of civilians were killed the pro-government alliance was also accused of using chemical weapons in the main town of duma before the last rebel group surrendered. the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons is sending a team to the site to investigate those claims the u.s. and its allies didn't wait for the organizations findings they said they had their own evidence and launched air strikes targeting syria's chemical weapons facilities . those strikes were not about threatening bashar assad's hold on power but since
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the bombings the message from the government has been one of defiance its army says it is preparing for more offensives the priority seems to be clearing the remaining territories outside government control near the capital. in southern damascus a number of districts are under a government siege centered on yarmuk some neighborhoods there are controlled by eisel others by opposition fighters the rebels also control areas of countryside in the central province of homs territory in the western region close to the damascus homes highway parts of the southern province of daraa the northwestern province of idlib desert territory close to the iraqi jordan border elsewhere under the control of u.s. backed syrian democratic force rebels is the kurdish area while the region west of the euphrates river is under the control of turkey back to rebels the government's priority now is to clear areas around damascus or what it calls useful syria
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because the location is strategically so important russian and syrian military officers have been reaching out to some rebel factions who are already under siege giving them the choice to accept state rule or surrender if they don't want to face an offensive. in it live however there has been no reconciliation there are warnings of a humanitarian disaster if there is an offensive there it's the most densely populated rebel held area some two million syrians live there almost half displaced from towns we captured by the government iran a backer of the syrian government says it could be the next target but. which is the border with jordan the government has been trying to penetrate rebel defenses for some time now the u.s. led strikes have not changed anything and threats of further actions by western powers are confined to the use of chemical weapons the syrian government still has
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the upper hand and it's pushing ahead with its military solution to the conflict. beirut syria also featured high on the agenda of the arab league summit in saudi arabia the twenty two member body is divided over the issue of those airstrikes saudi arabia bahrain and qatar have previously issued statements in support of the action while egypt iraq and lebanon have expressed concern sally moloch used his role as host to push for a unified stance against iran which he blamed for instability in meddling in the region to iran is a key backer of syrian president bashar al assad former f.b.i. director james comey says donald trump is morally unfit to be president in an exclusive interview with a.b.c. news is george stephanopoulos earlier trump referred to komi as a slimeball and suggested he should be jailed was fired by trump in may of last
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year he went on in the interview to talk about how he believes there is certainly some evidence of obstruction of justice. joins us live from washington d.c. so gabriel some strong words coming out from komi there. yeah there really was i mean let's just step back a second remind people that this is an interview that just finished here in the u.s. as you mention in this was a roll out to james komi its new book that comes out on tuesday called the higher loyalty in this book very much is a critique of u.s. president donald trump and the headline out of this interview that just finished airing here in the us is clearly that the former f.b.i. director of the united states is accusing the current president donald trump of being morally unfit to be president of the united states absolutely remarkable words for the former from the former f.b.i. director we haven't seen anything like this in modern times in the u.s.
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where. the head of the top law enforcement agency of this country accuses the president of such a thing such as this now and this is also very personal as well james komi attacking donald trump for even as much as his looks the way that he combs his hair how he wears his ties those all superficial but very personal but then also says donald trump is a liar accuses him of obstructing justice and says that anyone that works with or around donald trump is stained by his poor ethical activities according to the f.b.i. former f.b.i. director and he also calls donald trump or equally donald trump to being a mob boss listen to this. i felt this effort to make us all maybe this was their intention but it's the way it felt to me to make us all of mika no stress we're all part of the messaging we're all part of the effort the bosses at the head of the table we're going to figure out together how to do this how strange is it for you
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to sit here and compare the president to a mob boss very strange and i don't do it lightly and i'm not trying to buy that by the way suggested president trump is a break in legs and shaking down shopkeepers but instead what i'm talking about is that leadership culture consulate comes back to me when i think about my experience with the trump ministration. maybe i'm president if he has such strong words between people and that level however pap's even more importantly the content of this interview could have implications for the future of that white house right. boy it sure could sammy and primarily because if obstruction of justice charges are brought against donald trump and that's a big if it this point presumably james komi would be a star witness why because when a coma he was fired by trump last year the reason trump gave was that of kohli's
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handling of the hillary clinton e-mail investigation that was going on at the end of the campaign however a couple weeks after comi was fired trump gave an interview to n.b.c. news where trump admittedly. that he fired or insinuated that he fired komi to stop the russian investigation now why is that important because that led to a series of events at the justice department that ultimately led to what we have now and that's a special prosecutor robert mohler that's looking into conduct of donald trump including potential obstruction of justice for trump's firing of komi so if charges of obstruction of justice are brought against donald trump again a big if they have not been brought against the president yet we don't know if they will be but if they are james komi could be a star witness so what he is saying here on national t.v. in the united states is very key because this is essential what he would presumably
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say in open court gabby i want to listen to what you're saying then and compare it to walt komi said earlier on when he gave testimony to the congress that does seem to be a change in tone right. it is and as i mentioned before i mean komi was really criticizing trump personally as well personally about like i said the way he dresses the way he combs his hair even insinuating that he he himself and uses glasses when he tends him self and this is led to a lot of trump's supporters to say that this is just a personal vendetta by james komi against donald trump and nothing more than that. but we are hearing a lot of incredible new salacious revelations also in this interview something kind of new that we've just heard as well in this interview is that the interviewee george stephanopoulos asked. james komi if he thought russia might have
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some compromising information on donald trump he was insinuating these unconfirmed reports that have circulated widely that russia might have videotape of with trump with women in hotels in moscow and in this interview james komi said no i cannot rule out that russia might have compromising information on the president of the united states absolutely remarkable that this is coming out and coming out publicly from the former f.b.i. director remarkable with this thanks so much deb rail as although that. earlier the u.s. president unleashed another torrent of abuse against james komi in a series of tweets donald trump suggests the former f.b.i. director should be jailed and challenges accusations he makes in a new book he says i never ask of me for personal loyalty hardly even knew this guy just another of these many lies his memos are self-serving and fake trump then
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calls komi slippery out of whack and the worst f.b.i. director in history by far all komi hit back saying on twitter that is book is about ethical leadership and three presidents who worked on both to help illustrate the values at the heart of ethical leadership he says referring to barack obama and bill clinton trump who says as a counterpoint to that. lots more still ahead on al-jazeera a bushfire threatens homes right on the fringes of a stray leah's biggest city. i will tell you why starbucks is the target of protests in the u.s. the philadelphia. we'll look at the weather right across americas now and in north america we've got an
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active frontal system skims a very heavy rain some thunderstorms some tornadoes across parts of the south and across more northern areas snow falls some heavy snowfall affecting the twin cities for instance it's near record snow being predicted here and as we look at the forecast snow continues to head across more north and northeastern areas through across ontario into southern parts of code back in canada warm across the eastern seaboard temperatures into the twenty's even touching thirty degrees in places during the course of sufferers look at monday's forecast coming right back there of fourteen just little bit further north to a picking up more of an easterly temperatures of just two degrees but time to get through into choose day then we're going to see temperatures strongest ten degrees there for both new york and washington d.c. more snow across the pacific northwest there with the rockies seeing quite a bit of snow and that's going to push further towards the east with time down into central america we've got a frontal system across the bahamas in cuba into central parts of america and that
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makes slow eastward progress during the course of tuesday so kingston jamaica may just see the old showers as for south america plenty showers across western parts were still fine for the south twenty five and one is aries. in the next episode of tech note the team looks into the environmental impact of waste management trash is a big business with an unfortunate the smelly bill goes to the complexities of recycling when these different plastics are blended together then recycling becomes difficult to impossible and the signs that office solutions it's very easy for us to have a hundred percent recycled material techno on al-jazeera. welcome
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back you're watching al-jazeera time to recap our headlines the u.s. has announced new sanctions against russia for its support of syria's government washington's envoy the u.n. nikki haley says well target companies involved in syria suspected chemical weapons program follow saturday mornings as strikes on syrian military installations that allegedly stored chemical weapons meanwhile syria's deputy foreign minister is that chemical weapon inspectors in the capital damascus the organization for that prohibit of chemical weapons on a fact finding mission to see if toxic gas was used in duma earlier this month. former f.b.i. director james comey says dog trump is morally unfit to be the u.s. president and exclusive interview with a.b.c. news is george stephanopoulos also says there was evidence trump attempted to
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obstruct justice. hundreds of thousands of independence protesters of marched in barcelona calling for the release of nine jailed catalan separatist leaders spanish authorities want to try the political leaders on charges of rebellion so no guy goes in barcelona i give you six months since catalonia has been governed under direct rule from the dreads and there was little in the way of a political resolution to the crisis i know are the words yet by no side is prepared to climb down from that position the spanish government maintains its line the illegal referendum last october was an act of rebellion and it's taking all measures it says are necessary to contain it measures that protesters here say have gone too far you can be against the bands are you can be brought in the band then spread yeah it's impossible to think that that's a normal thing and i don't want to bantry our police they go prisoners in our
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politicians cannot do their job because they're not allowed to do. so we aren't. taking charge of the situation i think is the thinking behind the decision to jail catalan leaders would be that it would quell some of the fervor here but it couldn't have been more of a mistaken one because that has only served to really galvanize people here pro independent us but also beyond that as well you say that their fundamental democratic rights are being threatened meanwhile the arrest of cattle and politicians await trial on charges of rebellion a crime that carries a maximum sentence of thirty years in prison according to the lawyer representing the leaders there's little hope that spain's justice system would deliver a just verdict but the conduct of the moment to the spanish authorities believe the standard to call for democracy you do not look people are for the peaceful expression of their view. the catalan parliament has called for legal charges to be brought against a spanish supreme court judge for refusing to release one of the leaders jordy
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sanchez he was nominated to become the next catalan president now catalan politicians have only until the end of may to nominate another leader before new regional elections are called if it comes to that may shift the crisis but not necessarily in favor of those who put so much faith in the session its movement sunny day or al-jazeera barcelona. on to negras ruling party has declared leader miller djukanovic is the winner of sunday's presidential election nearly ninety percent of ballots counted he has fifty three percent of the vote enough to avoid a runoff his main opponent. won thirty three percent it's a key victory for fifty six year old you kind of rich five russia when montenegro joined nato last year now the c.e.o. of starbucks has apologized after two black men were arrested as they waited for a friend in a villa delphia franchise of the coffee shop. protesters have taken to the streets
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and the city's mayor says he's heartbroken over the arrests but the police commissioner is defending his officers and hawks one has more. these the mobile phone pitches that have starbucks on the defensive two men were scooted out of the cafe on thursday accused of trespassing they go on the to meet a friend and asked to use the restroom and they refused to leave the police that friend turned up as they were being removed from home it was. after that video went viral starbucks went into damage control we're always working to create the very best environment in our stores in in our communities tireless efforts to bridge the opportunity divide for young men and women of color and i have never been more proud of this company and what they do in this incident does not reflect the spirit of our brand it was an unfortunate incident and will be sure
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to make it right. starbucks c.e.o. kevin johnson also apologized on twitter this was little comfort for protesters who rallied outside and inside the chain's coffee shop in philadelphia on sunday. the police commissioner defended the officers involved when the call was initially made in starbucks employees they told the males that they were we need to go in we are here so police get there no complaint about the same type of attitude and repeatedly it's all they're not we in fact here's some let's rhetoric about you don't know what you're doing your dollar your lawyer or something that it isn't for me to say in short these officers did absolutely nothing wrong in the commission statement and they have done more harm than good. the police commissioner said that the officers didn't do anything. i believe a lot of times when there's someone who's racist and shows attitude of bigotry they
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tend to use the system to then show opposition to a person who did nothing wrong and i'm sure this is just an isolated is issue but i think that whenever you have. a racial profiling situation it should be assessed not just by managers because that manager clearly has to be fired but the police themselves the district attorney said the two men were released after their rescue to lack of evidence and starbucks decision not to go further with the case regardless though the arrests have sparked fresh debate about the treatment of black americans. out is there. a monthly salaries for tens of thousands of gaza based employees of the palestinian authority are now week overdue the workers union says it's a deliberate move to increase pressure on hamas which controls gaza how a force of reports. for a week now they've been living on less than a promise the palestinian authority says the delay in paying its gaza employees
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salaries is. technical issues soon to be resolved but these men know that their colleagues in the occupied west bank and retirees here in gaza all had their paychecks days ago the head of their union says the p.a. isn't even taking his phone calls. we're told what had thirty thousand families this isn't a small number they paid employees in the west bank but they didn't pay us in gaza this makes the employees here really afraid. is waiting for his monthly stipend of two hundred ninety dollars awarded after he was shot and injured during a protest three years ago nearly half of it goes on rent for the tiny home he shares with his wife and two daughters their landlord is threatening a fiction. we are prisoners families of martyrs the injured they shouldn't put us in between the two sides they shouldn't connect the reconciliation problems with our salaries because that will destroy one hundred percent of the palestinian
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president and fatah head mahmoud abbas has been threatening further measures designed to increase the pressure on rival faction hamas which controls gaza a reconciliation deal signed in october has been teetering on collapse since almost before the ink a dried the p.a. insists on assuming full governmental control of gaza including over the weapons of hamas as military wing something hamas rejects completely hamas demands continued payment of its tens of thousands of workers even after p.a. staff who've been out of their jobs for more than a decade of hamas' rule resumed their roles. relations who worsened still by the bombing last month of the palestinian prime minister's convoy during a visit to gaza the p.a. leadership based in ramallah in the occupied west bank had already cut its gazan employees wages by thirty percent in an effort to squeeze hamas by restricting the inflow of cash from which it takes a cut. the p.a. employees union says that if the salaries don't turn up in the bank by wednesday
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they will launch one to scale protests but they're aware that their power is limited if as they suspect this is no technical issue then their wages depend on the political decision being made in ramallah herefore said i'll just gaza now firefighters are battling wildfires threatening parts of australia's largest city more than six thousand acres of bushland around sydney have been a blaze and saturday about five hundred firefighters are working to save thousands of homes in the city's southwestern suburbs jordan is driving into the future with a german company investing in charging stations for electric cars nationwide and there's a country that doesn't produce oil there's good reason to move away from fuel burning cars attachable name reports. the engine hardly makes a sound and that can mean hashim hussain often forgets to turn off the ignition he admits he's parked and walked off with the car still running but that quiet and
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not having to fill up are two of the reasons the college student loves driving his electric car the benefits is just as money like as it. was and fixing the good. deeds. and it's good for them but i mean there are now about ten dealers including renault selling electric cars in jordan last month a german company announced plans to build ten thousand charging stations across the country and there's an all electric public transportation service called tell see law the government offers incentives to consumers no customs fees or taxes the main reason for anyone to buy a car if you are not buying. the car immediately lissac spence of the doesn't mean or diesel vehicles. there's
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a good economic reason to for the government to steer away from gas burning vehicles jordan imports more than ninety percent of the oil it needs in order to reduce the economic burden the country is not only encouraging jordanians to drive electric cars but it's investing in wind solar and solid waste energy right now there are two billion dollars worth of renewable energy projects under way. this month the government and veiled the second phase of a national energy efficiency action plan in place for more than a decade they're all these are just only two people that we've worked in order to reduce our consumption patterns on one hand and to increase the potential contribution to potentially little isolation or. nobody in their duties towards his the goal is to continue to drive down energy use by twenty percent and increase renewable energies imprint to ten percent by twenty twenty experts say jordan has
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already become such a leader in the middle east its neighbors have expressed interest in replicating these initiatives latasha guinea al-jazeera. let's take you through some of the headlines here now to syria now the u.s. has announced it's planning new sanctions against russia for its support of syria's government washington's envoy the u.n. nikki haley says they'll target companies involved in syria's suspected chemical weapons program this follows saturday's airstrikes on syrian installations that allegedly stored chemical weapons meanwhile syria's deputy foreign minister is about chemical weapons inspectors in the capital damascus the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons is on a fact finding mission to see if toxic gas was used in earlier this month.
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won't attribute blame though in the final report former f.b.i. director james comey says dollars trump is morally unfit to be the u.s. president in an exclusive interview with a.b.c. news is george stephanopoulos comey says there was evidence trump attempted to obstruct justice. is donald trump unfit to be president. yes but not in the way i often hear people talk about it i don't buy the stuff about him being mentally incompetent or early stages of dementia strikes me as a person of above average intelligence who's tracking conversations and knows what's going on i don't think he's medically unfit to be president i think is morally unfit to be president hundreds of thousands of pro independence protesters of march in barcelona calling for the release of nine jailed cattle and separatist leaders spanish authorities want to try the political leaders on charges of rebellion the march comes just days after the supreme court blocked yet another
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candidate from becoming the region's leader firefighters are battling wildfires threatening parts of australia as largest city more than six thousand acres of bushland around sydney have been a blaze since saturday about five hundred firefighters are working to save thousands of homes in the city's southwestern suburbs those are your headlines the news continues here in our after techno stay with us. in australia more indigenous children are being taken from their families than ever before. when east investigates whether history is repeating itself. and how does iraq. it's impossible to underestimate the size and scale of the economic crisis it's not just about the billion trillion dollars of debt it's not just about the banks it's not just about the government to the real people. a
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society's progress is dependent on the quality of its exports to meet more and finest professionals a top air intake is too wide awake at meal generation to study find new teaching methods are infusing tie still needs to become the agents of change taking them out to the classroom to solve problems in their local communities level education inspiring science timeline at this time on al-jazeera. this is techno a show about innovations that can change lives the science of fighting wildfires we're going to explore the intersection of hardware in humanity and we're doing it in the unique way. this is a show about science lol on our allies scientists tonight true. it's everywhere.


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