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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 16, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm +03

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twenty snow leopards as the technology improves we're finding all these ways in which our guesses are are getting corrected the latest evidence suggests there are more cats than previously acknowledged but this snow leopard trust believes it's premature to downgrade the cats on the international list of threatened species with its leaders in jail a greek new nazi party when eyes on the mothers and daughters of the imprisoned leaders to represent them. the women behind the fearsome rightwing nationalist party girl who do not try to when you say myanmar to do you know what exactly does it mean it means nationalist golden doing girls a witness documentary on al-jazeera do you support the masses.
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this is al jazeera. hello i'm daryn jordan this is the al-jazeera news hour live from coming up in the next sixty minutes accusations and finger pointing as weapons inspectors in syria wait to investigate the site of a suspected gas attack. i don't think he's medically unfit to be president i think is morally unfit to be president fired f.b.i. director james comey says donald trump may have obstructed justice as a war of words between the two escalates. a u.-turn by china's most popular social media network sign away books reversing a decision to delete all gay content on its site and in sports lebron james starts the n.b.a. playoffs with an unwanted career first james experiencing defeat in game one of the series as cleveland. lose out india.
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welcome to the program inspectors from the world's chemical weapons watchdog still have an end to the site of an alleged toxic gas attack in syria representatives from the group are holding an emergency meeting at the hague to discuss the delay russia denies it's responsible for the holdup and its blaming saturdays and strikes by the u.s. u.k. and france which were launched in response to the attack in duma when the investigating team arrived in damascus on saturday a senior russian diplomat says they won't be allowed into duma without a u.n. it will the u.s. is warning that russia may have tampered with the site but russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov denies this moscow has vowed not to interfere with the investigation as a whole to has more from beirut in lebanon. chemical weapons inspectors in the syrian capital damascus they still have not visited the site of the alleged
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chemical weapons attack reports suggesting that they will be heading to duma later today in the meantime the organization is holding a closed door meeting at the hague and they are discussing this. incident the united states accusing russia of tampering with the evidence because when this alleged attack happened the rebels were in control of duma a few days later russian military police entered the town and they investigated the site and said that they didn't find any traces of chemical weapons and for its part russia is accusing the united states of trying to undermine the credibility of the o.p.c. w. because it carried out air strikes targeting damascus has chemical weapons facilities without waiting for the findings of the open. w. but the u.s. and its allies said they had proof a chemical attack actually happened of course without providing any evidence so the war of words continue between russia and the united states but clearly. we're not expecting any more airstrikes at least not until the syrian government is accused
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of carrying out yet another chemical weapons attack we heard the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. say the u.s. is locked and loaded and ready for a strike well for more now this is all being seen in moscow really chalons joins us live now from the ruins so what's been the russian response to the allegations about interference in the. finding mission. well this mission has been contentious from the start as the days tick by we're only getting more and more acrimony basically the russians are pushing back against all the accusations that are being thrown at them at the moment the u.k. delegation to the opi c w said you know they've been in country since the weekend's these investigators and they are being prevented from going to duma by the russians the russian foreign ministry and the kremlin both say that's nonsense groundless the deputy of the foreign ministry says it's actually
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up to the u.n. to give the final approval for the inspectors to go to duma and that if there is any delay it's because of the of the airstrikes that were launched by the united states the u.k. and france over the weekend against targets in syria. lavrov says that he can guarantee the what the site in duma has not been tampered with so yeah we are in a position of the moment where these inspectors are kind of waiting around for clearance from someone to go down there it's worth saying that. this is an area that is supposedly or at least we've been told by the russians over the last few days completely in syrian government controlled security has been reestablished there russian military police have been patrolling the streets but there were lines coming out of russian news wires earlier on today that there had been fighting that
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erupted in the area now we've yet to see yet but that could well be something as the russians use as a reason to delay the arrival of o.p.c. w. inspectors even further rory so how much control do the russians actually have over what the o.p.c. w. mission season does on the ground. well let's rewind a few days to the aftermath of the the incidents that kicked off air strikes and this latest round of to for tat haranguing in the u.n. security council except it was the russians that said absolutely that the opi c.w. had to visit the site but of course it's the russians that have killed the joint investigative mechanism which was the previous mechanism for investigating allegations of chemical weapons use in syria that mechanism was allowed to
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attribute blame that weapons attack happened or not but yeah the russians and the syrian government control the area so it's up to them presumably what the season does rory thank you mean all the second general of nato has condemned what he calls the repeated use of chemical weapons by the syrian regime stoltenberg called the attack and a threat to international peace and security those responsible must be held accountable and we must do all we can to protect the national all the use of chemical weapons. there is no military solution to this conflict therefore need to fully supports the efforts led by the united nations to achieve a last thing a political solution to the call fixed in syria. britain's prime minister due to face questions on why she decided to join the american and french air strikes on
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syria without parliament's approval as it was john a whole joins us live now from westminster in london jenna so what are we expecting to resume a to say. that will garner the reason why the british prime minister has faced mounting criticism over the course of the weekend since those strikes in the early hours of saturday morning when british planes joined french and american planes over syria chiefly lines of criticism to do with the legality of those strikes their legal justification in terms of international law and as you said parliamentary approval for them there is a convention in place in the parliament behind me since two thousand and three since the iraq war in terms of which parliament expects to be consulted in terms of the impending u.k. military action and to be able to vote on that not to resume a last week controversially refused to reconvene parliament for such a vote she's going to speak in a little over an hour's time she will deliver a statement in it she'll try to answer some of these criticisms in terms of the
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legality she'll say the justification was one of humanitarian need to prevent further humanitarian suffering in syria that is a legal basis that the british britain has used before but it is questionable in the sense that not many other countries recognise it as international legal justification nor indeed to many international lawyers so it will remain contentious on the question of parliamentary approval she'll say look in two thousand and three that was a prolonged sustained military situation that britain was entering therefore parliamentary approval was necessary and appropriate in this case it was a simply one off limited bombing campaign with legal justification and therefore parliament did need to be consulted. so the statement she will go on to call the speaker to approve an emergency debate on the subject this is another effort to try and pacify her critics to allow them peace to have their say and also if the opposition side wants to have a vote in terms of that emergency debate that's what they've said they want but of course this vote in terms of the emergency debate will not be the one that they
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want it won't be on the specifics of the bombing it'll rather be on them but much more sort of general concept around the discussion and its outcome if it happens will be nonbinding on the government yeah and how is the opposition then likely to react to all of this jonah. i think parliament on the whole by all accounts is pretty angry about all of this on both sides all sides including backbench conservative m.p.'s who feel that the government and the prime minister simply isn't in a position to ditch this now well established will be an optical long standing convention in parliament made worse their feeling now by an interview given earlier in the morning by a rod the interior minister who basically said look it is inappropriate to outsource her words the approval of such military action to people i.e. the m.p.'s here who have not been party to the extensive planning the high level intelligence that goes on to admit into a military strike and therefore they're not in
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a place that is not equipped with the facts to be able to take that decision a lot of m.p.'s very outspoken in the last few hours extremely angry at the notion that the work of parliament is seen by this government is very much second hand to the work of number ten downing street general thank you now the u.s. is planning to impose new sanctions on russia for continuing to support the syrian government washington's ambassador to the un nikki haley says they'll target companies involved in syria's alleged chemical weapons program. so you will think that russian sanctions will be coming down secretary mineta will be announcing those on monday if he hasn't already and they will go directly to any sort of companies that were dealing with equipment related to assad and chemical weapons use and so i think everyone is going to feel that at this point i think everyone knows that we sent a strong message and our hope is that they listen to it. when our president donald trump says he still wants american forces in syria to return home as soon as
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possible that's despite france's president emanuel claiming he'd convince trump to keep a long term u.s. presence in the country helen fisher has more from washington d.c. well we know there have been a number of calls between the elysee palace and the white house over the last week not least to judge their reaction to what they saw was a syrian chemical attack against its own people and to draw up plans for the strike that we saw on friday night into saturday morning certainly present mccrone will consider himself one of the world leaders closest to donald trump but don't position on syria has been clear just over two weeks ago at a campaign event in ohio he insisted he wanted to get out of syria very soon indeed but as far as the president of france is concerned he has no doubts about the american commitment to the efforts in syria. you know because you don't ten days ago president trump was saying the u.s. should withdraw from syria we convinced him that it was necessary to stay i think
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that on a diplomatic level beyond what happened abroad to those three strikes which are one element for me the most important thing we convinced him that we needed to stay for the long term. but there is no doubt that the president of france left those phone calls with donald trump very clear on donald trump's commitment although obviously given the statements now coming out of the white house saying there is no change in their policy nothing has altered as far as their ideas and city has can sound president micro may have left those conversations with a different impression of what donald trump was actually seeing. coming on the news hour including yemenis suffering from war in the world's worst humanitarian crisis face a new threat. how firefighters in australia are battling to control a bushfire burning near sydney.
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sport drinks all around us manchester city celebrate the premier league title with fans of the pub and we'll have that and all the sports coming. now the former police chief of spain's catalonia region has faced court have a his role in last year's secession referendum spain wants to charge him and other independent leaders with sedition and rebellion well on sunday thousands of people protested in barcelona calling for the release of what they call political prisoners the trial date will be set after the hearings and on wednesday some of the ago as the latest from the draft. there is also a lot of concern that with the states is that there is in catalonia remember of course that madrid has in effect taken over the region there is a sense that because there is still very much a limbo there is no not no leader nominated to be able to carry out some kind of
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resolution politically on this subject that it really affects the the three men who are facing their hearing on monday of those counts of rebellion and in fact it will be it will come down hardest on them that really sort of summarizes already the stress that these three are under with that because as far as they're concerned the spanish justice system here in madrid is not going to give way now and certainly at this point now they don't think with all the support that they received on sunday from the demonstration they're not going to increase their positions now now an opera has forced china's biggest and most popular social media network to reverse its decision to ban online game content sign away both china's equivalent of twitter received a huge backlash when it blocked videos in comics relating to homosexuality the company said it was trying to comply with security rules as more from beijing. well
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reversals like this are very rare in china now things all came to a head on friday when sino weibo which is china's equivalent of twitter announced it was going to delete all gay themed content now this provoked a predictable outcry there were letters angry posts hashtags one hash tag in fact called i am gay received more than three hundred million views three hundred million before it was deleted on saturday so clearly online there was a lot of anger but as quickly as those posts appeared they were deleted now the company defended its actions by saying it wanted to create quote a clear and harmonious environment online and was simply complying with president xi jinping has new cyber security laws the internet has become a real battleground for the l.g. bt community and president xi jinping appears to have that community in his
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crosshairs he wants to clean up the internet he doesn't like what he's seen and so i think this this battle is by no means over it's going to continue and continue for weeks months and years to come now the l.g. bt community here in china says they are still persecuted and discriminated against even though it's no longer illegal to be gay in this country to be a practicing homosexual now china has one gay parade game archie year that happens in shanghai the next one is in june now in other parts of the world world leaders take part in those parades it happened with justin trudeau in canada but i think it's fair to assume that for now you're not going to be see president xi jinping doing that and russia is blocking access to telegram that's a popular messenger service this is after the company failed to give security services access to users messages but russian media says moscow's communications watchdog has written to google and apple demanding they close access on their app stores telegram
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a strong encryption settings and is used by more than two hundred million people. for the f.b.i. director james comey has accused donald trump of being money on fit to be u.s. president he says that maybe some evidence that trump obstructed justice could be made the comments in an interview to an american network and earlier from the institutes a tirade against me saying the money sucked should be jailed from washington d.c. given his own debt reports. in a remarkable rebuke former f.b.i. director james comey is saying u.s. president donald trump is not fit to be commander in chief he's donald trump unfit to be president. yes but not in the way i often hear people talk about it i don't buy the stuff about him being mentally incompetent to early stages of dementia strikes me as a person of above average intelligence who's tracking conversations in those woods going in and i don't think he's medically unfit to be president i think is morally unfit to be president of the exclusive interview with a.b.c.
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news george stephanopoulos was part of the rollout of coney's new book titled a higher loyalty truth lies and leadership in the interview komi says trump lies as obstructed justice and like it seem to an insecure mob boss and he also says russia might have compromising information on the president do you think the russians have something on donald trump i think it's possible i don't know i mean these are more words i never thought i'd utter about a president but it's possible and he accused the president of wrongdoing of a possible crime yeah well obstruction of justice hours before the komi interview aired the president unloaded on twitter calling komi a slimeball slippery and not smart in one tweet trump insists komi committed numerous crime some self and needs to go to jail tweeting in part how come he gave up classified information jail why did he lie to congress jail in another message trump tweets komi will go down as the worst f.b.i.
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director in history by far trump adding with an exclamation. for good measure you know more freedom is the me yeah komi was fired by trump in may saying it was for his handling of the hillary clinton e-mail investigation but trump later said in an interview it was because of the russian vest a geisha and the firing prompted a series of events that led to the justice department to appoint robert mueller as special counsel overseeing the russian vest a geisha and that has expanded to look into whether trump obstructed justice by firing komi home he says trump privately asked him for a loyalty pledge trump denies this this isn't the first book to rattle the white house in january fire and fury sold more than a million copies in four days written by journalist michael wolff the book revealed so lay she's details that painted a picture of a white house in chaos khomeini's book however poses even more of
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a threat to the white house given it was written by the former director of the highest law enforcement agency in america and based partly off notes that he took after private meetings with the president the book is scheduled to be released on tuesday and certain to set off a firestorm in washington and beyond and particularly with an administration that seems to go from one crisis to another gabriels on go to washington when our president trump has responded to that interview on jazeera shihab rattansi joins us live now from washington d.c. so shabby what a trump up to say. well we think it was trump who wrote this tweet that we released a little while ago komi drafted be crooked hillary exoneration long before he talked to her bracket lied in congress to senator g. then based his decisions on her poll numbers disgruntled he mccabe and the others committed many crimes exclamation mark this is continuing with the campaign that we
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would sing since sunday of trying to discredit komi as someone who simply isn't credible the problem with this particular tweet is he is referencing bits and pieces of both of the f.b.i.'s history during the election that often clinton supporters used to suggest that we lost the election for clinton i mean that that's one narrative that the clinton supporters always use that to mention the fact that you know she didn't she didn't campaign in wisconsin and other places so. lied to congress the senate to jeep this is this references. kirby's testimony in congress when he said to senator chuck grassley that the reason he reopened the investigation into hillary clinton's e-mail server was because thousands of e-mails had just been found on a laptop that the f.b.i. hadn't seen them the f.b.i. had to clarify that actually was only about five or so but actually that was he was damaging to hillary clinton mccabe was the assistant f.b.i.
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director general all sorts of details about his leaks to the press again which with a lot of damage hillary clinton in some ways that's the problem with this clearly though there were there were problems with both koby and mckay during the election campaign of twenty sixteen but this is to try and rally people to the idea that these are compromised people that that komi is a compromised person and we're seeing that the smalling on the cable news trumps surrogates saying look this is a man who loves the spotlight if he cared so much why didn't he say anything at the time why does he inject politics why did he inject politics into his rose f.b.i. director and why is he such a political actor right now and frankly actually there are a lot of people who don't even support on trump who might agree that komi is not necessarily the most trustworthy person that he may have his own issues with ego but having said that though at least according to polls most people believe we don't believe trump at the moment should help thank you now three commissioners from kenya's election board have resigned because they say the organization is
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dysfunctional the vice chairman says they've lost confidence in the chairman of the commission was accused of failing to prevent voting irregularities during last year's presidential election president or who are kenyatta won in ninety eight percent of the vote in october's runoff which the opposition boycotted however the institution has continued to be functional with. eternal. to south. all over again the leads don't move that govern the. leadership and. this race to just ghosts that don't exist needs to stop venezuela's president nicolas maduro has attacked south american leaders calling them wimps of u.s. imperialism material was barred from attending the summit of the americas in peru
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that ended on saturday he's almost certain to win next month's presidential election which many regional leaders have called a sham the main opposition is boycotting the vote in many lawmakers one of them in venezuela aspin as well and they're in charge there are elections on may twenty fifth there will be results and what matters is that the institutions and the people of venezuela recognize them nothing more and leave the rest to me i'll take charge i will teach a lesson to the whims of the imperialists montenegro's ruling party has declared leader of it says the winner of sunday's presidential election preliminary results show him winning fifty four percent of the vote which is enough to avoid a runoff his main opponent blood and boy of each got thirty three percent it's a major victory for djukanovic who defied russia and montenegro joining nato last year. scuffles a broken out between police and on to government protesters that are rally in armenia's capital just as are angry the president's powers have been weakened while
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the prime minister has a more dominant role in opposition says the change allows the outgoing president. to maintain a grip on power he is due to be approved as prime minister on tuesday. police are investigating whether a bushfire threatening parts of australia's largest city was deliberately lit two and a half thousand hectares of bushland around sydney have been destroyed since saturday police say it's a miracle that nobody's been injured and no homes were destroyed at unusually hot weather has made it hard for firefighters to control the blaze under thomas as more and sitting. this fire truck is one of many that firefighters have positions on the edge of what's called the fire ground and at the other end of the holidays is far far to the putting out spot fires in case the wind picks up again and takes that fire back to with people's homes now the main part of this fire though big was in an unpopulated area down there is a giant bowl of forest or bush as it's called here not many people live inside but along the edge of the reply but there are plenty of people who have had many fires
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here before i was talking to one man who's the thirty year is and he's known for life big fires he was almost relaxed about this one and it does get scary and stressful but in a few days it is back to normal you know forest fires bushfires as they're known here on unusual in australia but what is unusual is how late in the season this one has taken hold april the middle of autumn it should be cool by now here it's not mid thirty's and when that wind picks up that's when the danger reignites. time for a check on the weather now is evidence plus going on in north america actually daryn we've had wildfires hit they say but in oklahoma where we have plenty of snow winter hasn't come of this just yet this spigot every account here which extends right the way from florida right up into canada that has been causing a major problems flooding rains tornadoes the folger banks making their way across the appalachian mountains as you can see it starting to push out into the atlantic but still
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a huge swathe of cloud up towards that northeastern corner into that eastern side of kind of there it brought some very very heavy snow record breaking april snow actually for some as it made its way across the northern plains and on into the midwest this is michigan you can see to a standstill loss of problems on the road and these cars certainly brought to a standstill this was on like every right by. falls the worst of the weather is now in the process of moving away that said i'm not going anywhere too quickly. like you know show you twice we have got snow. making its way across the eastern side of canada still plenty of heavy rain just coming in across new england further south you can see clear skies coming in behind that wintry mix makes its way up towards new england into that eastern side of canada also got some snow just around the pacific northwest and i was going to continue driving it's where across the plains there's more on wednesday and deron thursday and friday to. thank you very much
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indeed lots more still to come here and i'll just find out what immigrants and from forced to rely on the kindness of strangers just to get. this was supposed to be a hospital but it's now become part of argentina's problem with slums and in sports the defending stanley cup champions regain their lead in their playoff series and they'll be here with an all the support for that spent. on counting the cost how to get ahead in digital advertising why the new mad men dislike regulation but like harvesting everything they can about french president's big test plus why oil and i mean you were in focus this week counting the cost on.
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every dude is being an alarmist it's being leaked and you measure to support intelligence agencies are. to do things in secret that are on the law or politically embarrassing all of the colleagues that i knew chose to retire from the n.s.a. we could not stand by and see all the work that they had done being used for mass surveillance digital dissidents at this time on al jazeera. welcome back a quick recap of the top stories here this russia's foreign minister has rejected u.s. claims that it toppled with a sigh. right but they suspected gas attack in syria international chemical weapons
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inspectors still haven't been allowed into duma where the alleged poisoning happened only two weeks ago. former f.b.i. director james comey has accused donald trump of being morally unfit to be u.s. president and he says there may be evidence that obstructed justice kirby spoke in an exclusive interview with a.b.c. the first since trump fired him last year. china's most popular social media sites reversing a decision to ban gay content online seen away but received a backlash but it blocked videos and comics relating to homosexuality the company said it was trying to comply with cybersecurity. let's bring you more about the investigation into the possible use of chemical weapons in syria more than one hundred ninety two countries of ratified the international treaty banning chemical weapons including every major world power except israel egypt north korea and south sudan have not signed up well the united states admits it has chemical weapons but
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plans to completely eliminate them by twenty twenty three but allegations persist against several nations who say they are in compliance with the ban russia is accused of possessing a large stockpile while the syrian government has been accused of using sarin and chlorine against its own people on several occasions and the use of chemical weapons is a war crime and when civilians are targeted it's considered a crime against humanity well and the oppenheimer is a biological and chemical weapons specialist who joins us now via skype from brighton in the u.k. andy good to have you back on the program as you were saying that syria has been accused on a number of occasions of using chemical weapons how much of a problem are these so-called rogue states like syria north korea and what of stockpiles do they have. well first of all syria which is our major concern is supposed to dismantle declared she said declared and dismantle all of its chemical warfare agents back in two thousand and thirteen which followed the massive
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attack that launched against civilians in ghouta where at least a thousand died and then by two thousand and fourteen under the auspices of the o.p.c. w those posts of dismantled all of those but they did not declare the chlorine which is also regarded as a weapon of mass destruction it was the first weapon of mass destruction used in world war one in fact but that was not declared as we now know they will have not declared stocks of sarin of all of the stocks of sarin either because they have used sarin on at least two subsequent occasions and possibly last week as well as andy how do you police chemical weapons globally particularly against the backdrop of the russian spy poisoning case in the u.k. and that attack that you're talking about there in demand so it's clear they're still being used and nobody can effectively stop them. well indeed first of all if
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a nation hasn't signed or ratified the chemical weapons convention because north korea is the obvious won't they do have a reputed very large chemical weapon stock it's not known exactly how much is anything to find tons of all the chemical warfare agents. but because they've used the x. sources and it won't security that you own the last year which was in malaysia for the children with all these treaties is that they can only been forced with compliance and with the cooperation of the signature so the signature e that the country concerned whether it's syria or wherever is the let the inspectors in all of the facilities they've got to declare all stocks if they hold any back well the inspectors and the the people from their p.c. divya are not military forces they're not you know they're not empowered. with any
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kind of military action so it then goes a stage further when the law suspected of not having been declared or when they are alleged uses of chemical weapons and this is also part of the congo. and is part of the convention to investigate alleged uses of chemical weapons so the inspectors have got a hell of a job on my hands but they don't necessarily have on muscle tobacco and in shuns it's an. investigating and it's just a final thought from you what about the future of chemical weapons and chemical warfare i mean are we likely to see a convergence of chemical and biological technologies because that plays into i think the real concerns of chemical and biological terrorism by non-state actors and terror groups doesn't it. well we always kind of lump everything together and we all i mean our nuclear experts as well and they see you wrong which chemicals
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are all very different chemical is the one to do and it's also even if you don't remember the cherry level developed in a military kind of chemical warfare agent then unfortunately chemical weapons like chlorine which are a much more available chemical worldwide could be used and this is where we were going to chairs because islamic state the boarding call routine chlorine into the early days and also most of the agent with biological takes at that because although you can develop on logical warfare agents the method of delivery is still mother nature is still the most effective is not enough and of course nuclear would go a step of the. or in accountable league of their own because they are much harder things to develop cost. and they thank you now there's a growing concern among aid agencies operating in yemen about their ability to contain the spread of infection as more people are becoming resistant to lifesaving
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antibiotics the middle east's poorest countries already fragile health system has been destroyed by years of war a saudi led bombing campaign has resulted in thousands of casualties previously manageable diseases have now reached epidemic proportions last year a million cases of cholera were reported as the worst outbreak in modern history while to fear it usually treatable infection has killed at least forty eight people in different parts of the country but doctors now have been cern's about the over use of antibiotics elsewhere in the middle east when coupled with thousands of injuries poor hygiene and a lack of access to clean water they're concerned diseases and antibiotic resistance my spread beyond yemen well and there is the medical coordinator for doctors without borders in yemen she says it's an issue that's emerging in war torn countries right across the middle east. but we're seeing here in our hospital or in yemen is that around sixty to seventy percent of the patients samples are infected or colonized by with the resistant organisms these are the same organisms one would
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find in major western hospitals but what's surprising is the prevalence and widespread situation we are seeing here in yemen we do believe that the big reason it has come out now is because the agencies are focusing of course on a very to see response so there are few humanitarian actors that are working in this type of issue so you have a system that is unable to offer proper secondary and primary care so this patients they have different types of needs they often have prolonged face so in our hospital instead of saying five days which used to be the average they say up to six weeks four weeks sometimes even more isn't that to complete their antibiotic treatment also they require high risk for leverage stories for the sick sections to be detected and trained laboratory stuff which is another they'll avoid the country and more importantly these antibiotics are quite expensive and the absolute
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majority of costs of cannot provide them we have reason to believe that this is a widespread issue throughout the middle east but specially in areas of prolonged conflict so our hospitals in jordan lebanon syria and iraq have people report. the c.e.o. of starbucks has apologized to two black men were arrested as i waited for a friend in a cafe in philadelphia protesters are demanding answers but the police commissioner is defending its offices i'll stop reporting. these the mobile phone pitches that have starbucks on the defensive two men were scooted out of the cafe on day accused of trespassing they go on the to meet a friend and asked to use the restroom and they refused to leave the police that friend turned up as they were being removed from. the right. after that video went viral starbucks went into damage control we're always working to create the very best environment in our stores in in our communities tireless
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efforts to bridge the opportunity divide for young men and women of color and i have never been more proud of this company and what they do and this incident does not reflect the spirit of our brand it was an unfortunate incident and will be sure to make it right. starbucks c.e.o. kevin johnson also apologized on twitter this was little comfort for protesters who rallied outside and inside the chain's coffee shop in philadelphia on sunday. the police commissioner defended the officers involved when the call was initially made in starbucks employees they told the males that they were always nice to go in. here so police get their new component but the same type of attitude and repeatedly it's all they're not meeting in fact there's so much less rhetoric about you don't know what you're doing your dollar your lawyer or something that it isn't for me to
4:41 pm
say in short these officers did absolutely nothing wrong with the commission's statement may have done more harm than good. the police commissioner said that the officers didn't do anything. i believe a lot of times when there's someone who's racist and shows attitude of bigotry they tend to use the system to then show opposition to a person who did nothing wrong and i'm sure this is just an isolated it's issue but i think that whenever you have. a racial profiling situation it should be assessed not just by managers because that manager clearly needs to be fired but the police themselves the district attorney said the two men were released after their rescue to lack of evidence and starbucks decision not to go further with the case regardless of the arrests have sparked fresh debate about the treatment of black americans on a hoax that algis there. barbara bush the wife of former u.s.
4:42 pm
president george h.w. bush is refusing further medical treatment for what's being described as a failing health the former first lady who is also the mother of former president george w. bush but instead focus on comfort care with her family the nature of the ninety two year old illness is unclear but she has been treated in the past for heart and lung problems. politicians in france will debate a new immigration bill later on monday the proposed law aims to reduce undocumented arrivals and speed up the process for asylum seekers but critics say the plans won't help refugees as they try to integrate into society that has a lot of reports from paris. for a couple of nights each week this is home fizzy most are one published been hosting the seventeen year old refugee from ivory coast in his paris apartment for several months it's a warm place to sleep and a slice of family life for the teenager who's alone in the city. what they are doing for me is
4:43 pm
a big deal just people in france don't give anything to immigrants or people who are in need one of his family didn't know me and i didn't know them but he trusted me let me sleep in his home so it's on the long journey from ivory coast to europe he says he lost a close friend and saw many people die on the mediterranean sea crossing. one public found out about hosting refugees on social media and felt compelled to act. i don't do it to get something about it if i had to flee my home and end up in the streets in winter i hope that people would help it's a human shield in france whether it's the government or cities where we just don't care enough about this french charity say there are thousands of refugees sleeping in the street the power city council provides some shelters but there aren't enough places the french government wants to see an end to camps like this it's proposing a new immigration law which would aim to crack down on so-called economic migrants
4:44 pm
but speed up the process for asylum seekers but some experts say that's simply the wrong approach to keep purpose of the bill is to try to deter migrants and salem seekers from coming to france the bill doesn't do anything to. the living conditions better for those when you're already. last year one hundred thousand people applied for asylum in france one third of the. successful for those granted the right to stay integrating into society is an additional challenge today carlos are bellairs studies at one of france's top universities but seven years ago he fled colombia after four months in paris sleeping outside he was taken in by a french family it changed his life as an officer in europe has to realize that the way it has welcomed refugees hasn't worked for me having lived with a family and learned the language and gained a network it shows that integration is really about contact and learning the skills to get by on your own french m.p.'s are debating the new law and will vote on it at
4:45 pm
the end of the month unless the bill as amended to provide more support for asylum seekers it seems many refugees in france will be forced to rely on the kindness of strangers natasha butler al-jazeera paris. now an urban redevelopment in argentina's capital is i'm going people are being forced to move the project as part of a government plan to integrate hundreds of thousands of people living in slums into the rest of the city they hope it will get access to basic services for the first time trees about reports from one of ours. it's known as the white elephant an abandoned building in when our side is that for decades was home to hundreds of people that had nowhere else to live. but these days heavy equipment is working nonstop to bring it down i'm going to be done. we started to think in twenty eleven when the national government gave the city the building what we should do with it
4:46 pm
there were too many things happening here we decided to demolish it and start from scratch to transform the area. it was meant to be the largest hospital in that no merica during the government. but when he was overthrown in one nine hundred fifty five the project was abandoned and since then it has been a symbol of neglect. hoping to build a park schools and are currently building the new ministry of social development here the idea of this project is to increase the presses of the state in an area that has been historically abandoned around ninety families used to live in this building in this conditions with no water electricity or access to basic services there were also one hundred forty families who lived outside the city has been offering all those occupying the cash incentives to buy a house somewhere else. on the p.c. it was difficult to ask people to leave people didn't trust in our goodwill to help
4:47 pm
them leave this place slowly we started showing them that we want to help them improve their lives some families want to other places some of them are better off but there are ten families who do not want to leave and works as a driver here says he's not ready to move. i don't want to go because this is where we work from people know they can find us here i don't trust the government's intentions they leave and they don't finish what they started over seven hundred thousand people live in slums in suburban one of the current administration says it's working to improve the living conditions of everyone in the city but you know . what happens in the city happens all over the country across latin america and in areas like education and health facilities. the president is working on a plan to improve slums around the country build roads and.
4:48 pm
this is part of the biggest urban development project one a site is has seen in decades.
4:49 pm
4:50 pm
welcome back now jordan is driving into a green a future after a german company announced it will invest in charging stations for electric cars as a country that doesn't produce oil jordanians are embracing the move away from fuel burning vehicles that are going to reports. the engine hardly makes a sound and that can mean hashim do saying often forgets to turn off the ignition he admits he's parked and walked off with the car still running but that quiet and not having to fill up are two of the reasons the college student loves driving his electric car the benefits is just as money like as it. was and fixing the good one. and this good photo. there are now about ten dealers including renault selling electric cars in jordan last month
4:51 pm
a german company announced plans to build ten thousand charging stations across the country and there's an all electric public transportation service called tell see that the government offers incentives to consumers no customs fees or taxes the main reason for anyone to buy a car if you are not buying. the car immediately listen expensive the doesn't mean or diesel vehicles. there's a good economic reason to for the government to steer away from gas burning vehicles jordan imports more than ninety percent of the oil it needs in order to reduce the economic burden the country is not only encouraging jordanians to drive electric cars but it's investing in wind solar and solid waste energy right now there are two billion dollars worth of renewable energy projects under way. this month the government unveiled the second phase of
4:52 pm
a national energy efficiency action plan in place for more than a decade but all these are just only two people that we've worked in order to reduce our consumption patterns on one hand and to increase the potential of contributions the potential utilization or fee at that nobody in their duties towards his the goal is to continue to drive down energy use by twenty percent and increase renewable energies imprint to ten percent by twenty twenty experts say jordan has already become such a leader in the middle east its neighbors have expressed interest in replicating these initiatives latasha going to al-jazeera i'm on. top of the sport his on the thank you so much time off for the first time in his korea le bron james has lost the opening game in a first round n.b.a. playoff james in the cleveland cavaliers well beaten by the indiana pacers basketball's biggest legacy into the postseason that with le bron's cavaliers the
4:53 pm
three time defending eastern conference champions big game all of this best of seven series so indiana's victor utterly power taking center stage to his course thirty two points thirty three year old james aiming to reach his eighth straight finals he scored twenty four points with twelve assists and ten rebounds but it wasn't enough they finished ninety eight eighty to the prices again so is on wednesday night in cleveland. you always hear people say you know in the regular season the playoff. atmosphere type of player. you can't simulate that you can't simulate this be ok simulate you know you know what's going on out there so. you know today was definitely a good to us for some our younger guys don't know the rest of them to be. you know a lot better person in game two not just i mean you know guys well. some are guys you would experience for me i have the be
4:54 pm
a lot better as well we've been playing hard reporting our butts off on both ends of the floor you. ruefully aware of the run i'm fully aware of this team. and we realize it's not going to be easy but it is me we're just going to come in here and just for all. we plan on winning that's that's why we came boston celtics started their playoff campaign with a win they beat the milwaukee bucks one thirteen so why seven and i would say i'm al horford start with twenty four points and twelve rebounds the celtics looking for a first championship in ten years four games in all james holmes finished with forty four points tonight assistance houston bateman asides in game one of the western conference first round series and paul george had a franchise player for a quarter eight three points is also going thirty six points to lead oklahoma city to a victory over you saw a man she's the city's player celebrated winning the english premier league in traditional style with a night out of their local pub city clinching the title with five games to spare
4:55 pm
when nearest rivals man united lost on sunday and caps and vincent kompany proving once again he's a leader on and off the page. yes in the car over there. was already. own journey. for fear. that thousand. while there was a are all the more sober atmosphere on the other side of manchester after united's hung lost the bottom side at west brom united they'll still second in the table but the sixteen points adrift of the new champions league show was in their position. i
4:56 pm
won't be very upset if somebody says that they want a title because manchester united lost against first of all michelle if they want a title because it was the best team because it they won. a great amount of points and then lost only two matches because they were the best in the parson jamaat have been dominance in the french league this season pastry clinching the seventh title with a seven one thrashing of defending champions monaco dressing room getting a pretty thorough soaking after that big treats pastries fifth title in six years but success in the champions league continues to elude them. as we have very happy and proud today we want to seventh title for the club and for me it's something amazing the players worked very hard this season to win the title we still have a title to go to claim the last title of the season the french cup we have very proud and happy to finish against monaco with that result and that quality of game this match was perfect. sidney crosby scored
4:57 pm
a goal and had three assists as the pittsburgh penguins to concede on lead in their first round playoff series cross be leading the defending stanley cup champions to a five one win over the philadelphia flyers the flaw is how we want to play of series since twenty twelve one of the stories of these classes the last vegas nights this is their first ever season in the n.h.l. in a three two win over three kings has put them three up in the series this. japanese go for such as she could ira has clinched his first paycheck top title after a pretty wild day in south carolina kadar came from six shots behind in the final rounds of all supplier for south korea's seaward kim but it's six three extra holes before kadar could finally claim the title the new world number twenty seven rolling in that big burly to clinch victory. professional surfers are all too aware of the dangers that lurk just below the surface three time world champion mick fanning famously punched in over its sense of shock
4:58 pm
a few years ago and organizers at the margaret river prone australia not surrounds take any chances the event put on hold when two local surfers were bracing in an attack just a little bit down the coast organizers called the surface out of the water but after about an hour of watching white sing the competition resumed with extra drone and jet ski surveillance in place. ok that is i sports is looking for an out there at the thank you very much well as it for me daryn jordan for this news hour but don't go away because our be back in a moment with more of the day's news stage and doesn't much like. the scene for us where on line what is american sign when you meant that peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sat there people the. that of choosing
4:59 pm
between buying medication and eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist and is close to the story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. discover for the win in programming from around the globe challenge your perception that i was here and sounded so far fetched that i thought there were guys behold it was truly a groundbreaking documentary. fearless journalism their life their reality. see the world from a different perspective on al-jazeera. in the next episode of techno the team looks into the environmental impact of waste management trash is a big. part of the smelly business to the complexities of recycling when these different plastics are blended together the recycling becomes difficult to
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impossible and the science that often solution is very easy for us to have a hundred percent recycled material techno on al-jazeera. she said seven billion in this case. each one is still. to be seen. to be heard that demonstrably. it is time to be a. witness document. on.


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