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try to move it. to someone in elegant training surrounded. your sanctuary in the sky. producer to speak. with us tonight is bruce. katz owner we're going places together. in the next episode of techno the team looks into the environmental impact of waste management trash is a big business than forth with a smelly bill thanks to the complexities of recycling when these different plastics are blended together then the recycling becomes difficult to impossible and the signs that office solutions it's very easy for us to have a hundred percent recycled material techno on al-jazeera.
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chemical weapons inspectors wait to investigate the site of syria's suspected gas attack as each side blames the other for the delay. barbara sorry you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up. i don't think he's medically unfit to be president because morally unfit to be president. fired f.b.i. director james komi delivers a damning verdict on donald trump growing fears of the spread of infection in yemen as more patients become resistant to antibiotics and the british government apologizes the thousands of british residents who arrived from the caribbean decades ago but are now being denied basic rights.
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hello thank you for joining us the kremlin has rejected u.s. accusations that russia tampered with the site of a suspected chemical attack in syria representatives of the global chemical weapons watchdog have called an emergency meeting in the hague and their inspectors are on the ground to investigate the attack do alone april seventh but they haven't been allowed access moscow says the o.p.c. if you are unable to get in because of saturday's airstrikes carried out by the u.s. u.k. and france where a challenge has more from moscow well as each day goes by this p.c. w. fact finding mission which was contentious to start with is just getting more and more acrimonious we have had accusations flying backwards and forwards but what is the. actual. organizations say about this well i've got here the opening statement from its director general at the fifty eight meeting of the o.p.c. w.
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meeting on monday and this is what he says he says the team is not yet deployed to duma the syrian and the russian officials who participated in the prepare a three meetings in damascus have informed the fact finding mission that there were still pending security issues to be worked out before any deployment could take place now this of course then backs up the western interpretation of things that they were indeed being prevented by the russians and the syrians it goes on though the slightly more interesting thing in the meantime the team was offered by the syrian authorities that they could interview twenty two witnesses who could be brought to damascus so further this goes to suggest that the syrians syrian government is actually cherry picking witnesses to bring to fact finding mission in damascus rather than letting them go to do and collect their own information says the latest from moscow let's go to a sum of engine five now he's live for a single on the turkey syria border as so we heard there from henri chalons about
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the disagreement between russian and the western countries what's the latest you're actually hearing about the chemical weapons inspectors and their visit what do we know. well we've heard from the u.k.'s delegate saying that there needs to be unfettered access for them to be able to do their work you have to remember that this is a team which was called in by syria and russia and syria and russia had been insisting that they should come in and investigate this now we are in a position where this team has been there since saturday saying that they want to gain access to the area and the russians are telling them the they conned earlier in the day we heard from russian news wires that there was some sort of fighting happening in duma which was quite strange because duma if you remember forty eight hours ago was declared that it was all under syrian government control so where is that fighting coming from we reached out to the jaish in the slum the group which was supposed to be in duma they said they referred us to their statement saying that they have left too much there are no fighters left in duma all the people that
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are in duma have opted to stay and there are no fighters amongst them because these fighters have opted to thousands have chosen to either leave for aleppo or to birds so we are now in a situation where we have this fact finding mission it is waiting to gain access and as rory said they have been offered some witnesses but these witnesses nobody knows who they are if they've been coached if they've been trained are these actually people who witnessed what happened on the ground and that's something that falls in line with what we've been hearing from the medics multiple sources have been telling us about the pressure tactics that have been employed by the syrian government and their russian allies people who have families in duma or in damascus bigger because there are a lot of medics who've allowed their families to leave before damascus and they've chosen to go towards a deliberate aleppo so these people have been told that if they are if they talk to the inspectors if they give out any sort of evidence their families would be in danger so it is very it seems like there is a very difficult task ahead for this obviously the new team which has been mandated
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to figure out whether an attack actually happened syria and russia continue to deny that it did the u.s. britain and france say that they have enough evidence so that they it had enough evidence to. we carry out strikes against russia's alleged chemical targets but it is a wait and see and many people have been asking questions about how effective this investigation will be once been they are not allowed access they can't interview the people that they want and then they can't they don't have the mandate to figure out who actually carried out the attack absolutely some of binge of i'd live for us from on the turkey syria border of some of thank you for that. well meanwhile in the past half hour or so the u.k. prime minister has faced parliament to explain why she decided to join with the u.s. and france and bombing targets in syria let's go live to jonah hole in westminster central london jonah so he may have been criticized for not consulting parliament before going ahead with these strikes so what was her defense if you will.
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because he's done that retrospectively now setting out all of the things that were considered and looked at the head of the decision to join strikes with france of the united states over syria in the early hours of saturday morning she said it was not about intervening in civil war or about regime change she said it was about degrading and deterring syria's ability to use chemical weapons acting on the basis of humanitarian urgency as its basis of legality under international law that legality she said had been taken up on the advice of the attorney general there was a three point test she came up with although he came up with saying that humanitarian distress first of all have to be proved secondly that there was no alternative to military action and thirdly that action was strictly limited and proportional she said all three of those tests had been met and the other big question that's been hovering over her over the weekend in fierce criticism that has built is quite why she circumvented parliament and didn't reconvene parliament
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committees to break to call a vote she said simply speed was absolutely of the necessity to meet this humanitarian urgency there was also a shroud of secrecy around the operation highly organized of course based on high level intelligence that was not shared or could not be shared with m.p.'s in parliament and therefore it was the government's job her job as prime minister to actually said in the national interest take a listen to what she had to say. let me be absolutely clear we have acted because it is in our national interest. it is in our national interest to prevent the third. the use of chemical weapons in syria and to uphold and defend the global consensus that these weapons should not be used for we cannot allow the use of chemical weapons to become normalized either within syria on the streets of the u.k. or elsewhere so we have not done this because president trump asked us to do so we
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have done it because we believed it was the right thing to do and we are not in the area. jeremy corbyn the leader of the opposition spoke next he led the charge saying that it must be parliament's prerogative to stop or approve military action in all cases and he questioned the legal justification saying it wasn't in line with the u.n. security council's charter here we go this day. mr speaker this statement serves as a reminder that the prime minister is accountable to this parliament not to the whims of the u.s. president i we clearly i mean we clearly need we clearly need a war powers act in this country to transform a now broken convention into a legal obligation her previous answer came to this house to seek or storage for military action in libya and in syria in two thousand and fifteen and the house had
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a vote over iraq in two thousand and three there is no more serious issue than the life and death matters of military action it is right that parliament has the power to support or stop the government from taking planned military action. while at the very least opposite the opposition wants the part of parliament to still have that power even retrospectivity that's what happened in two thousand and eleven after david cameron joy district with the french in libya parliament retrospective lee approved those strikes well they're not going to get that specific folk what they may get is an emergency debate. later this evening possibly two or three hours of debate and questioning followed by a vote will not however be the vote they want to be a much more woolly bland generalized subject matter and it's result will not be binding on the government. with the latest from westminster jonah thank you.
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the former f.b.i. director james comey has accused donald trump of being morally unfit to be u.s. president he says there may be some evidence that trump obstructed justice komi made the comments in an interview with an american network to promote his new memoir from washington d.c. gabriel reports. in a remarkable rebuke former f.b.i. director james comey is saying u.s. president donald trump is not fit to be commander in chief he's donald trump unfit to be president. yes but not in the way i often hear people talk about it i don't buy the stuff about him being mentally incompetent the early stages of dementia strikes me as a person of above average intelligence who's tracking conversations and knows what's going on i don't think he's medically unfit to be president i think is morally unfit to be president of the exclusive interview with a.b.c. news george stephanopoulos was part of the rollout of coleman's new book titled a
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higher loyalty truth lies and leadership in the interview komi says trump lies has obstructed justice and like to an insecure mob boss and he also says russia might have compromising information on the president do you think the russians have something on donald trump i think it's possible i don't know maybe these are more words i never thought i'd utter about a president but it's possible and he accused the president of wrongdoing of a possible crime yet structure of justice hours before the komi interview aired the president unloaded on twitter calling me a slimeball slippery. and not smart in one tweet trump insists komi committed numerous crimes themselves and needs to go to jail tweeting in part how come he gave up classified information jail why did he lie to congress jail in another message trump tweets komi will go down as the worst f.b.i. director in history by for trump adding with an exclamation mark for good measure
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you know more for him is that me yeah komi was fired by trump in may saying it was for his handling of the hillary clinton e-mail investigation but trump later said in an interview it was because of the russian vest a geisha and the firing prompted a series of events that led to the justice department to appoint robert mueller as special counsel overseeing the russian investigators that has expanded to look into whether trump obstructed justice by firing komi komi says trump privately asked him for a loyalty pledge trump denies this this isn't the first book to rattle the white house in january fire and fury sold more than a million copies in four days written by journalist michael wolff the book revealed salacious details that painted a picture of a white house in chaos khomeini's book however poses even more of a threat to the white house given it was written by the former director of the
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highest law enforcement agency in america and based partly off notes that he took after private meetings with the president the book is scheduled to be released on tuesday and certain to set off a firestorm in washington and beyond and particularly with an administration that seems to go from one crisis to another gabriel zonda oh al-jazeera washington. now there is growing concern among aid agencies operating in yemen about their ability to contain the spread of infection as more people are becoming resistant to antibiotics yeven is already fragile health system has been destroyed by years of war a saudi led bombing campaign has resulted in thousands of casualties previously manageable diseases have now reached epidemic levels last year one million cases of cholera were reported that's the worst outbreak in modern history while the syria usually a treatable infection has killed at least forty eight people in nineteen parts of
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the country doctors have concerns about the over use of antibiotics in the region when coupled with thousands of injuries poor hygiene and a lack of access to clean water they fear diseases and antibiotic resistance may spread beyond yemen and then there is the medical coordinator for doctors without borders in yemen she says it's an issue that sea merging in war torn countries across the middle east. but received here in our hospital or in yemen is that around sixty to seventy percent of the patients samples are either infected or colonized by brazil resistant organisms these are the same organisms one would find in major western hospitals but what's surprising is the prevalence and widespread situation we are seeing here in yemen we do believe that the big reason it has come out now is because the agencies are focusing of course on an emergency response so there are few humanitarian actors that are working in this cycle of issue so you
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have a system that has been able to offer proper secondary and primary care so this patients they have different types of needs they often have for a long safe way in our hospital instead of saying five days which used to be the average they say up to six weeks four weeks sometimes even more isn't that to complete their antibiotic treatment also they require high risk for slugger stories for the sections to be detected and strangelove oratory stuff which is another ala going the country and more importantly these antibiotics are quite expensive and the absolute majority of hospitals cannot provide them we have reason to believe that this is a widespread issue throughout the middle east but specially in areas of prolonged conflict so our hospitals in jordan lebanon syria and iraq have people report. lots more still to come here on al-jazeera including in home water and the coffee
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chain starbucks faces a backlash after two black men are arrested at a philadelphia cafe. and plotted to end the loaded joint enjoins the electric car revolution and could soon be in the driver's seat. harlow we've got dry weather now across parts of central and southern china downs was the southwest a little bit of cloud here and that extends down into the northern half of indochina for a time it will brighten up as we go on into what a stain this is a few showers just around the gulf of tonkin judges in hong kong at around twenty four degrees the picking up once again we'll see temperatures in shanghai at around twenty three celsius fine and dry for much of the philippines over the next coming days fun and dry too for good parts all of india still got the cloud down towards
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the fos out there was a possibility want to show i was sneaking into flak and it was weight is not as wet as it has been a recently for the northeast and we try packing once again to see when that pool forty two celsius could touch the new delhi little bit of cloud is the fall northwest of india northern parts of pakistan to snow over the high ground that's all making its way a little eastwards now it's chance of some wet weather just pushing its way back into kerala maybe the odd shower that too just making its way into slank meanwhile we've had a little bit of patchy right here in concert with still a chance of one of two shots into northern parts of cottle's ago wanted to choose day line of cloud down towards that western saudi yemen showers always a possibility right across the gulf of aden. on counting the cost how to get ahead in digital advertising why the new mad men
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regulation but like harvesting everything they can about you french president big test. i mean you were in focus this week counting the cost. welcome back here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera inspectors from the global chemical weapons watchdog have not yet been allowed access to the signs of a suspected gas attack in duma in syria russia has denied u.s.
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accusations of tampering with the site the former head of the f.b.i. has accused donald trump of being morally on fit to be u.s. president james komi also says there may be evidence that trump obstructed justice and aid agencies in yemen a warning they may not be able to contain the spread of diseases as more people become resistant to antibiotics yemen is battling major outbreaks of cholera and that syria. the british government has apologized to thousands of members of the caribbean community who've lived and worked in the u.k. for decades but are now being treated as illegal immigrants according to the high commissioner of barbados the problem could affect as many as fifty thousand members of the so-called wind rush generation named after one of the first ships to bring west indian immigrant workers to britain tens of thousands of citizens of commonwealth countries arrived in the u.k. in the one thousand forty's fifty's and sixty's filling jobs in factories transport
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and the health service their children settled in british schools and went on to work and pay tax in the u.k. for the rest of their lives but many that not go through formal process of naturalization or apply for a passport but proof of citizenship is now being demand that the access a range of services and that means aging residents are being refused jobs or n.h.s. treatment and even in some cases threatened with death for taishan as illegals parliamentarians have branded it the screes this is a national shape and it has come about because of the whole start in farm. focusing that was big on the prime minister this woman as it is if you let it down with dogs you get leaks and that is what is happening with this far right rhetoric in this country can she apologize properly conscious explain how quickly this team will act
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to ensure that the thousands of british bed and women deny you their rights in this country on our watch and the home office also has fought the c.e.o. of starbucks has apologized after two black men were arrested as they waited for a friend in a cafe in philadelphia protesters are demanding answers and the city's mayor says he's heartbroken at the incident but the police commissioner is the fed his officers and the hawks star has more. these the mobile phone pitches that have stuck on the defensive two men were scooted out of the cafe on thursday accused of trespassing going the to meet a friend and also use the restroom when they refused to leave the police that friend turned up as they were being removed. from. this way. after that video went viral starbucks went into damage control we're always working to create the very best environment in our stores in in our communities tireless
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efforts to bridge the opportunity divide for young men and women of color and i have never been more proud of this company and what they do in this incident does not reflect the spirit of our brand it was an unfortunate incident and will be sure to make it right. starbucks c.e.o. kevin johnson also apologized on twitter this was little comfort for protesters who rallied outside and inside the chain's coffee shop in philadelphia on sunday. the police commissioner defended the officers involved when the call was initially made in starbucks employees they told the males that they were always nice to go in. here so police get their new component but the same type of attitude in repeating your soul if they're not meeting in fact there's so much less rhetoric about you don't know what you're doing your dollar your lawyer or something to that it is important for me to say in short these officers did absolutely nothing wrong with
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the commission's statement may have done more harm than good. the police commissioner said that the officers didn't do anything. i believe a lot of times when there's someone who's racist and shows attitude of bigotry they tend to use the system to then so opposition to a person that did nothing wrong i'm not sure this is just an isolated is issue but i think that whenever you have. a racial profiling situation it should be a sense not just by managers because that manager clearly has to be fired but the police themselves the district attorney said the two men were released after their rescue to lack of evidence and starbucks decision not to go further with the case regardless though the arrests have sparked fresh debate about the treatment of black americans. out as their. in the world's a second and third largest economies that's china and japan have held their first
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high level economic talks in nearly eight years the talks in tokyo are a sign of improving ties between the countries and are happening as the u.s. and china trade blows over the city by the trumpet ministration to increase tariffs on chinese imports japan and china have agreed a trade war would harm the global economy. meanwhile china's largest and most popular social media network has been forced to reverse its decision to ban gay content it was a huge backlash from the micro blogging platform sign away bow block the videos and call makes related to homosexuality the company said it was trying to comply with cybersecurity laws well age of brown has more now from beijing. well reversals like this are very rare in china now things all came to a head on friday when sino weibo which is china's equivalent of twitter announced
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it was going to delete all gay themed content now this provoked a predictable outcry there were letters angry posts hashtags one hash tag in fact called i am gay received more than three hundred million views three hundred million before it was deleted on saturday so clearly online there was a lot of anger but as quickly as those posts appeared they were deleted now the company defended its actions by saying it wanted to create quote a clear and harmonious environment online and was simply complying with president xi jinping has new cyber security laws the internet has become a real battleground for the l.g. bt community and president xi jinping appears to have that community in his crosshairs he wants to clean up the internet he doesn't like what he's seen and so i think this this battle is by no means over it's going to continue and continue for weeks months and years to come now the l g b t community here in china says
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they are still persecuted and discriminated against even though it's no longer illegal to be gay in this country to be a practicing homosexual now china has one gay parade game archie year that happens in shanghai the next one is in june now in other parts of the world world leaders take part in those parades it happened with justin trudeau in canada but i think it's fair to assume the for now you're not going to be seeing president xi jinping doing that. it's going to australia now with the head of the new south wales fire service says there is evidence that a wildfire threatening large parts of sydney was deliberately started two and a half thousand hectares of bushland around the city have been burnt since saturday police say it's miraculous that no one's been injured and no homes have been destroyed unusually hot weather has made it hard for firefighters to control the blaze. now jordan is driving into a greener future as more people are switching to electric cars
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a german company has announced that it will invest in charging stations across the country for the few vehicles as a country that doesn't produce oil jordanians are embracing the move away from fuel burning models that the sugar name reports now from amman. the engine hardly makes a sound and that can mean hashim do saying often forgets to turn off the ignition he admits he's parked and walked off with the car still running but that quiet and not having to fill up are two of the reasons the college student loves driving his electric car that benefits is just as money like as it. was and fixing the good one one. x. . and this could. mean there are now about ten dealers including renault selling electric cars in jordan last month
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a german company and out's plans to build ten thousand charging stations across the country and there's an all electric public transportation service called tell see that the government offers incentives to consumers no customs fees or taxes the main reason for anyone to buy a car if you are not buying. the car immediately lissac spence of the doesn't mean or diesel vehicles. there's a good economic reason to for the government to steer away from gas burning vehicles jordan imports more than ninety percent of the oil it needs in order to reduce the economic burden the country is not only encouraging jordanians to drive electric cars but it's investing in wind solar and solid waste energy right now there are two billion dollars worth of renewable energy projects under way. this
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month the government unveiled the second phase of a national energy efficiency action plan in place for more than a decade. in just only two people that we've worked in order to reduce our consumption patterns on one hand and to increase the potential contribution the potential utilization or feed over there to these horses the goal is to continue to drive down energy use by twenty percent and increase renewable energies imprint to ten percent by twenty twenty experts say jordan has already become such a leader in the middle east its neighbors have expressed interest in replicating these initiatives latasha guinea al-jazeera amman. much more on that story and everything else that we have been covering on the program on our website and there it is the address al-jazeera. our lead story the investigation in syria and to
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resume has faced questions over those strikes. in a reminder of the headlines on al-jazeera the kremlin has rejected u.s. accusations that russia tampered with the site of a suspected gas attack in syria representatives of the global chemical weapons watchdog have called an emergency meeting in the hague their inspectors are on the ground to to investigate the attack in due around april seventh but they haven't been allowed access moscow says the o.p.c. w. aren't able to get in because of saturday's airstrikes carried out by the u.s. u.k. and france well some of inch of ice has more now on the situation in duma. earlier in the day we heard from russian news wires that there was some sort of fighting happening in duma which was quite strange because if you remember forty eight hours ago was declared that it was all under syrian government control so where does that fighting coming from we reached out to islam the group which was supposed to be in
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duma they said they referred us to their statement saying that they have left there are no fighters left in duma all the people that are in duma have opted to stay and there are no fighters amongst them because these fighters have opted to to have chosen to are the lead for aleppo or the words. meanwhile britain's prime minister has the fended participating in saturday's airstrikes in syria to resume a denied she was agreeing to the demands of u.s. president of trans and said that she was acting in the u.k.'s national interest opposition m.p.'s a say the government should not have acted without parliament's approval. the former head of the f.b.i. has accused donald trump of being morally unfit to be us president james komi also says there may be evidence that trump obstructed justice komi spoke in an exclusive interview with a.b.c.'s george stephanopoulos the first since trump fired him last year yes. aid agencies in yemen
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a warning they may not be able to contain the spread of diseases. as more people become resistant to lifesaving antibiotics yemen's a fragile health system has been devastated by years of war and the country is battling major outbreaks of cholera and diptheria doctors say the over use of antibiotics coupled with poor hygiene and a lack of access to clean water could help diseases spread beyond yemen's borders those are the headlines i'll have more news for you in half an hour coming up next counting the cost thanks for watching away. and.


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