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a story fourteen hundred years in the make. a story of succession and the leadership. of jersey that tells the story of dispute and division of the hall. the caliph episodes to. jersey. new yorkers are very receptive to al to see because it is such an international city they're very interested in that global perspective that al-jazeera provides.
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this is the news hour live from london thank you for joining us coming up in the next sixty minutes chemical weapons inspectors wait to investigate the site of syria's suspected gas attack as each side blames the other for the delay. fired f.b.i. director james comey delivers a damning verdict on donald trump growing fears of the spread of infection in yemen as more patients become resistant to antibiotics and the british government apologizes to thousands of british residents who are arrived from the caribbean decades ago but are now being denied basic rights. and in sport le bron james starts the n.b.a.
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playoffs with an unwanted career first james. game one of the series as cleveland leaves out to india. the kremlin has rejected u.s. accusations that russia tampered with the site of a suspect that chemical attack in syria representatives of the global chemical weapons watchdog have called an emergency meeting in the hague where inspectors are on the ground to investigate the attack in duma on april seventh but they haven't been allowed access mosco says the o.p.c. w. aren't able to get in because of saturday's airstrikes carried out by the u.s. u.k. and france well some of it has the latest. on the turkey syria border. waiting to be granted access to the site of the chemical attack. in duma you've
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heard from the british member of the delegation saying that this is access and unfettered access is crucial for them to be able to carry out their job their mandate is to investigate whether in attack the police or not without assigning blame to any side we've heard from the russian side saying that the access needs to be granted by the united nations and it is interesting that during the day we also heard from russian wires that there was some sort of fighting on the ground in duma you have to remember that forty eight hours ago the syrian government claimed that there is it is in full control of the town of duma reached out to jewish and slam the fighters who were in duma who say that all of their members have been evacuated to aleppo and they took this decision to leave duma to try and save lives so it is very interesting that this delegation which was actually inside the syrian capital damascus on the request of syria and russia is now waiting to be granted access by syria and russia syria and russia obviously say that this delay has been caused by
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the attacks that were carried out by united states britain and france and they continue to deny that this attack actually happened we've been hearing that this team has been given the option to interview some members of the syrian population we don't know if these are the actual witnesses on the ground who witnessed this attack and we've been hearing from sources on the ground that the neocons in duma are and the tremendous pressure people have actually been threatened were families in damascus that if they provide any evidence there could be harm that could come the way of their families so it is a wait and see policy for right now as these delegates wait to be granted access and the blame game between the two sides continues. well daryl kimball is the executive director of the arms control association and he joins us live now from washington d.c. sir thank you for joining us here on al-jazeera we were just hearing from our correspondent monitoring events in duma that the team haven't been allowed in yet
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when assuming if and when they they are allowed on the site what exactly will the inspectors be looking for. well one of the reasons why the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons team wants unfettered access and quick access is because they need to go there to collect forensic evidence they need to collect samples from on the ground where the bombing took place that involved probably chlorine gas they also need to interview victims but that may be very difficult because as your reporter said the area has been overtaken by the syrian government and the rebel fighters have left and maybe also many of the refugees and the victims who are witnesses so the o.p.c. w.'s job is already challenging they have good friends and tools but it's being made more difficult by what i think is obviously syrian and russian government
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obstruction of this investigation the o.p.c. w team is there. is a suburb of damascus it's not far away they should be able to guarantee the o.p.c. w. access to this site right now the attack took place on the seventh of april so we're coming up with just under ten days from that date what happens to the delay i mean assuming that the team does go in eventually will the fact that so much time has passed mean that some of the evidence will have degraded and perhaps not not the will be available. well i think the one of the most difficult things for the team is that the site will have been disturbed you know it's already a war zone the more time goes on the more risk there is that evidence has been buried or moved i would hope that the russians are not as they're being accused
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of cleansing the site chlorine is something that can be detected but because it is a common industrial chemical. there there may be some contamination of the site i think more importantly the team needs to look at the physical evidence involving the munitions there's already photographic evidence of what we think is the barrel bomb that was used in this attack they need to talk to and they need to examine the people who have been. injured by this this incident so time is of the essence and as you said it's already been a week and it looks as though it's going to be more time i would just add that the o.p.c. w. has a great deal of experience at this point in syria they have been on the ground there since two thousand and thirteen as part of the original u.s.
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russian brokered chemical weapons removal operation after the sarin gas attack of august two thousand and thirteen the syrians agreed to allow for the removal of thirteen hundred metric tons of chemical precursor material and equipment so they have a lot of experience overseeing operations there they know their way around they know the syrian officials i think it's very important that russia. lean on syria right now to cooperate with the o.p.c. the world that's sort of leads me to the next question i was going to ask you that the three countries that attacked serious of the u.k. france and the u.s. have made it clear that regardless of what this investigation report. yes they think that it was the syrian government that used chemical weapons so they've already launched strikes doesn't look like there's any more strikes happening definitely is that the turrent so regardless of what i mean assuming that the investigators come out and confirm it was a chemical attack where do you think that that conclusion leads us when it comes to
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the situation in syria or generally as of the terran to other countries that may want to use chemical weapons. well i think it's important that the o.p.c. w. can go in there to provide independent corroboration of what the national intelligence communities of the u.k. france and britain believe happened i believe happened based upon the publicly available evidence we also need to have eventually a mechanism that will attribute blame that tries to identify who conducted this strike because ultimately in order to deter chemical weapons use in the syrian conflict and elsewhere we need to understand and have the evidence that tells us who did this and it's quite clear in my view that this was a syrian government operation but it's important to have independent evidence to do
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that to hold the perpetrators account for possible war crimes trials in the future so that is an important part of the process and i would say that if the security council cannot agree to create that mechanism and bill russia has been blocking resolutions that would do so the secretary general of the u.n. has existing authorities to create his own independent mechanism to investigate and to attribute. blame to help understand who most likely conducted this strike and perhaps other future strikes in syria that will kill the executive director of the arms control association sir thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with us thank you. well the u.k. prime minister has faced parliament to explain why she decided to join with the u.s. and france involving targets in syria let's go live to john holliman westminster central london on the agenda terrorism a certainly didn't wait for the outcome of this potential future investigation by inspector is in do men she didn't even consult parliament and i guess now she had
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to face them and they explained to them why she didn't consult them. yes a lot of very unhappy m.p.'s over the course of the weekend making very clear how unhappy they are that parliament was effectively circumvented here to resume a standing up and justifying her decision to join the americans and the french in bombing syria over the weekend by saying essentially that it was both morally and legally justifiable based on advice given by the attorney general she said there was a three point test first of all that there was a situation of humanitarian distress secondly that there was no alternative to military action and third that it was that action limited and proportional she said all three tests were clearly met in this case but above all she said and citing wide international support for the action it was in britain's national interests take a listen to what she had to say. let me be absolutely clear we have acted because
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it is in our national interest yeah hey it is in our national interest to prevent the further use of chemical weapons in syria and to uphold and defend the global consensus that these weapons should not be used for we cannot allow the use of chemical weapons to become normalized either within syria on the streets of the u.k. or elsewhere so we have not done this because president trump asked us to do so we have done it because we believed it was the right thing to do and we are not alone here. jeremy corbyn the leader of the opposition responded questioning the legal justification saying it certainly wasn't in line he thought with the u.n. charter he said that there should be new powers giving parliament a definitive say in the event of any future military action and that was a little jibe at theresa may for in his view following donald trump deliberately
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circumventing parliament and following the u.s. president in his rush to war listen to this. mr speaker this statement serves as a reminder that the prime minister is accountable to this parliament not to the whims of the us president i is no more serious issue than the life and death matters of military action it is right that parliament has the power to support all stop the government from taking land military action. now questions have been going on with the prime minister there still going on there will be debate ongoing this evening and into tuesday as well of the rights and wrongs of what took place over the weekend but in the end there is a precedent set here to reason me and the other leaders involved saying they were standing up for the global consensus against the use of chemical weapons which means that while the u.k. insists there are no further plans now to attack syria again that will have to change and with parliament's say so in the event of further chemical weapon use
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trying to hold with the latest from westminster thank you. and still to come on this sounds easier news hour in hot water the coffee chain starbucks faces a backlash after two black men arrested at a philadelphia cafe online anger problems china's version of twitter to reverse its ban on all gay content and then sports novak djokovic chains to bring his losing run that to an end in monte carlo fire will be here with that story. but first a former f.b.i. director james comey has accused donald trump of being morally unfit to be u.s. president he says there may be some evidence that trump obstructed justice comey made the comments in an interview with an american network to promote his new memoir from washington d.c. gabrielle is on the reports. in a remarkable rebuke former f.b.i.
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director james comey is saying u.s. president don. trump is not fit to be commander in chief he is donald trump unfit to be president. yes but not in the way i often hear people talk about it i don't buy the stuff about him being mentally incompetent or early stages of dementia strikes me as a person of above average intelligence who's tracking conversations and those what's going on and i don't think he's medically unfit to be president i think is morally unfit to be president of the exclusive interview with a.b.c. news george stephanopoulos was part of the rollout of coleman's new book titled a higher loyalty truth lies and leadership in the interview komi says trump lies as obstructed justice and like it see him to an insecure mob boss and he also says russia might have compromising information on the president do you think the russians have something on donald trump i think it's possible i don't know i mean these are more words i never thought i'd utter about
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a president but it's possible and he accused the president of wrongdoing of a possible crime yeah well obstruction of justice hours before the komi interview aired the president unloaded on twitter calling komi a slimeball slippery and not smart in one tweet trump insists komi committed numerous crimes themselves and needs to go to jail tweeting and part how come he gave up classified information jail why did he lie to congress jail in another message trump tweets komi will go down as the worst f.b.i. director in history by far trump adding with an exclamation mark for good measure you know more for him is the me komi was fired by trump in may saying it was for his handling of the hillary clinton e-mail investigation but trump later said in an interview it was because of the russian vest a geisha and the firing prompted a series of events that led to the justice department to appoint robert mueller as
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special counsel overseeing the russian investigators that has expanded to look into whether trump obstructed justice by. komi komi says trump privately asked him for a loyalty pledge trump denies this this isn't the first book to rattle the white house in january fire and fury sold more than a million copies in four days written by journalist michael wolff the book revealed salacious details that painted a picture of a white house in chaos khomeini's book however poses even more of a threat to the white house given it was written by the former director of the highest law enforcement agency in america and based partly off notes that he took after private meetings with the president the book is scheduled to be released on tuesday and certain to set off a firestorm in washington and beyond and particularly with an administration that seems to go from one crisis to another gabriel zonda oh al-jazeera washington
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well for more of this we're joined by she has returned c.f. from washington d.c. so she had truong called me a slime ball slippery ally or what else has the president been saying. yeah i mean a lot of that was on sunday on monday he's been rather restrained actually almost. appeared at a as a. meeting of a sort of a public event in florida he's in florida right now to discuss his tax cuts he seemed in rather good spirits actually stuck to the script didn't talk about kermie they were all reports of the white house is relatively relieved actually the big sunday night's network to me interview didn't reveal anything that we didn't already know this and the new information that might be damaging to the white house the information the sort of information that comey was discussing was already out there just the one tweet on monday morning came we drafted the crooked hillary exoneration long before he talked to you like to congress he bases his own poll numbers he committed many crimes these are themes that have already been gone
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through by trump in his sunday morning tweets that have been developed by the white house that point is consistently komi should not be trusted he's a political figure he's an egotistical think he likes the limelight if he'd been so concerned why didn't he say anything at the time why did he stay on as f.b.i. director on the way down to florida sara saunders the white house press secretary talked to reporters she developed some of those themes he's been proven to be dishonest that's komi you know. he has no credibility and when asked whether the president watched the came interviews he said he saw bits and pieces of it he didn't watch the entire things or restraint on monday but comi is just beginning his p.r. to many more t.v. interviews to come much more television coverage to come for me and his other scathing impression of the interesting to see what the two men keep on saying about each other for the moment thank you. and staying with donald trump the president's longtime personal lawyer michael cohen is in court in new york try and prevent
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prosecutors from examining all of the documents that the f.b.i. seized during a raid on his office last week where christensen we joins us live now from new york so put it in context for us kristen what's the significance of this court hearing. well not only michael cohen but president and his lawyers are now trying to stop investigators from handing over the documents that they seized during a raid of michael cohen's office to federal investigators until they can first get a look at them and they are citing attorney client privilege here saying that under standard operating procedures in the united states what is discussed between a client and his attorney is protected from this kind of a thing but prosecutors are saying that there are exceptions to that rule and this is one of those exceptions that it would be a quote unprecedented and unwarranted obstacle for investigators not to be able to look into attorney misconduct in this sort of
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a way and they have said that in fact they're not really looking at michael cohen's legal work this was a business stealing they've said that they're going after evidence that a payment was made by michael calling of one hundred thirty thousand dollars to stormy daniels the porn star who claims that she has had an affair a one night stand with president trump and this money was paid she says to keep her quiet cohen has acknowledged making the payment but said that the president didn't know anything about it so these documents could reveal some information about that and the president and his attorney are trying to get a handle on what's in those documents and prevent some of them from being revealed now standard what typically happens in a situation like this is there's what's called a taint team this is a special team of people inside the u.s. attorney's office who would go through the documents that were seized and look for any conflict of interest look for what's admissible and then handed over to the people actually investigating the case that's the typical way the attorneys for
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president trump and michael cohen are saying if we don't have a third if we can't do it ourselves then we should at least have an independent outside team looking at this very unusual but there's nothing unusual about this case of course. you know and you'll be following all the details for us certainly fascinating if if unusual kristen salumi thank you so much life. now the c.e.o. of starbucks has apologized after two black men were arrested as they waited for a friend that a cafe in philadelphia protesters are demanding answers and the city's mayor says he's heartbroken at the incident the political police commissioner however is the finding his officers had a hoax star has more. these the mobile phone pictures that have starbucks on the defensive two men were scooted out of the cafe on thursday accused of trespassing going to meet a friend and asked to use the restroom when they refused to leave her called the police the friend turned up as they were being removed.
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after that video went viral starbucks went into damage control we're always working to create the very best environment in our stores in in our communities tireless efforts to bridge the opportunity divide for young men and women of color and i have never been more proud of this company and what they do in this incident does not reflect the spirit of our brand it was an unfortunate incident and will be sure . make it right. starbucks c.e.o. kevin johnson also apologized on twitter this was little comfort for protesters who rallied outside and inside the chain's coffee shop in philadelphia on sunday. the police commissioner defended the officers involved when the call was initially made in starbucks employees they told the males that they were we said they said. we are
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here so police get their new component but the same type of attitude and repeatedly it's all they're not meeting in fact there's so much less rhetoric about you don't know what you're doing your dollar your lawyer or something that it isn't who are for me to say in short these officers did absolutely nothing wrong with the commission's statement may have done more harm than good. the police commissioner said that the officers didn't do anything. i believe a lot of times when they're someone who's races and shows attitude of bigotry they tend to use the system to then so opposition to a person that did nothing wrong i'm not sure this is just an isolated it's issue but i think that whenever you have. a racial profiling situation it should be a sense not just by managers because that manager clearly needs to be fired but the police themselves the district attorney said the two men were released after their
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rescue to lack of evidence and starbucks decision not to go further with the case regardless though the arrests have sparked fresh debate about the treatment of black americans. there. there is growing concern among aid agencies operating in yemen about their ability to contain the spread of infection as more people are becoming resistant to antibiotics yemen's already fragile health system has been the story by years of war a saudi led bombing campaign has resulted in thousands of casualties or previously manageable disease as have now reached epidemic levels. last year one million cases of cholera were reported that's the worst outbreak in modern history while diptheria usually a treatable infection has killed at least forty eight people right across the country doctors have concerns about the over use of antibiotics in the region when coupled with thousands of injuries poor hygiene and a lack of access to clean water they fear diseases and antibiotic resistance may
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spread beyond yemen well and then there is the medical coordinator for doctors without borders in yemen she says it's an issue that submerging in war torn countries across the middle east. but received here in our hospital in yemen is that around sixty to seventy percent of the patients samples are either infected or colonized by with the resistant organisms these are the same organisms one would find in major western hospitals but what's surprising is the prevalence and widespread situation we are seeing here in yemen we do believe that the big reason it has come out now is because. the agencies are focusing of course on the verge of the response so there are few humanitarian actors that are working in this cycle of issues so you have a system that has been able to offer proper secondary and primary care so this patients they have different types of needs they also have for
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a long safe way in our hospital instead of saying five days which used to be the average they say up to six weeks four weeks sometimes even more isn't that to complete their antibiotic treatment also they require high risk for slugger stories for the sections to be detected and strangelove oratory stuff which is another labelling the country and more importantly these antibiotics are quite expensive and the absolute majority of hospitals cannot provide them we have reason to believe that this is a widespread issue throughout the middle east but specially in areas of prolonged conflict so our hospitals in jordan but on syria and iraq have people report. well still to come here on al-jazeera how israel's blockade of gaza and political infighting are depriving many palestinians of fresh clean water the former capital and police chief and three other officials head to court over their actions during last year's secession referendum.
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i'm drinks all round as manchester city celebrate their premier league title with fans at the pub the fire will be here with all the sports coming up. we have still got to a few spring down posey into the middle east of the mountain with a class to learn place around iraq iran west so whether over towards afghanistan pushing up or to talk minister out is becky stance i'm sorry rain here snow over the hard ground couple at around seventeen celsius into the low teens there for toronto always a chance of one or two showers in place here and maybe down to southern parts of iran you might just catch a shower or two here as well for the west is fine dry love the sunshine there for
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by richard around twenty five celsius but a touch warm as we go on into wednesday the show is into that's central areas of iran maybe just easing away petering out as we go on into wednesday if that a few were wintry flowers shall we say over towards the east the sod over the region come further south of this was the fog of dry still a chance of want to see spots of right where you see the cloud on a shot so just around central parts of the gulf maybe the old spot of rain to once again into cots out down towards the fos out of the region the shows in the process of paging at doha picking up thirty two degrees and she had towards the middle part of the week so it's also want to showers into central parts of south africa the west the weather remains over towards the north of mozambique i'd also into tents and then. rewind returns with a new series it can bring your people back to life i'm sorry i'm brand new updates
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on the best of al-jazeera documentaries they has been a number of reforms put in feis since the program was filmed rewind begins with mohammed at the ten when i was in the living i was the bill for a no. like and the other student i was very fortunate to be awarded an up a scholarship rewind on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. and for you.
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time now for a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera russia says it will let inspectors from the global chemical weapons watchdog investigate the site of a suspected gas attack in duma syria on wednesday after previously denying them access citing security concerns russia's also rejected u.s. accusations that it tempered with the site the former head of the f.b.i. has accused donald trump of being morally unfit to be u.s. president james comey also says there may be evidence that trump obstructed justice and the aid agencies in yemen are warning they may not be able to contain the spread of diseases as more people become resistant to antibiotics.
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now the british government has apologized to thousands of members of the caribbean community who have lived and worked in the u.k. for decades but who are now being treated as equal immigrants according to the high commissioner of barbados the problem could affect this many as fifty thousand members of the so-called wind rush generation named after one of the first ships to bring west indian immigrant workers to britain tens of thousands of citizens of commonwealth countries arrived in the u.k. in the one nine hundred forty s. fifty's and sixty's filling jobs in factories transport and the health service their children settled in british schools and went on to work and pay tax in the u.k. for the rest of their lives but many did not go through the formal process is process of naturalization or apply for a passport but proof of citizenship is now being demanded to access a range of services and that means that aging residents are being refused jobs or health treatment and even in some cases threatened with deportation as illegals or
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parliamentarians have branded this the scrapes. this is a day of national shame and it is come about because of a whole start in pharma the other thing that was big government under prime minister this morning as it is if you lay down with dogs you get fleas and that is what has happened with this far right rhetoric in this country can she apologize proper there can she explain how quickly this team allowed to ensure that the thousands of british better women didn't know you their rights in this country under her watch and the home office are satisfied. what is legal policy director of the joint council for the welfare of immigrants annie joins us in the studio thank you so much for joining us here are very strong words there from david lammy he referred to it as part of a hostile policy do you agree with him is it a hostile policy or is there quite a lot of just good old incompetence from the government on this well this
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a lot of this comes from what to resume in david cameron described themselves as their hostile environment policies or that was the aim the you know david cameron made in a speech to create a hostile environment in the u.k. and as part of that landlords doctors nurses banks all now ask people for proof of their immigration status and it's been known from the beginning that this is exactly the sort of thing that you would expect to happen if you introduce those kinds of policies because those policies were introduced quite recently whereas obviously a lot of people that we're talking about have literally been here their whole lives and and decades and i guess they were granted indefinite leave to remain but the ones that chose for whatever reason not to actually become british citizens now have a difficult time in proving it yeah i mean all of these people have a legal right to be here because the u.k. is not a country that historically had national identity cards and in fact tourism a was the home secretary who basically removed labor's proposals for having
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a national identity card system it's very difficult for people who have been here for a long time to prove exactly who they are when they came here and the home office itself has never bothered to keep proper records of of these kinds of grants of status places people in a completely impossible situation how do you listen to a lot of government you know the home secretary as well i mean it does seem like they're setting up a task force and it does seem like they're definitely taking it seriously now and they're saying that anyone who does have to apply for documents isn't going to have to pay for them because for example getting a citizenship can cost thousands of pounds is that enough especially. considering they're not really sure whether some people have actually been deported no it's not at all enough we've had the government has because the meeting of the heads of the commonwealth this is happening this week the government has been put in an embarrassing situation but we know that they've known about this problem for
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a lot longer than that because we've had clients who've been affected about by this and the only reason the government has acted is because of embarrassment in the media and so what's essential is the lessons from this fiasco are properly learnt and that the home office looks at all of its systems at the hostile environment in its entirety and its record keeping and its decision making and make sure that this never happens again both to the commonwealth citizens who are affected and whose stories are in the media right now but also to many other people who are in this country who have a right to be here but who get caught up in in the hostile environment and in attempts to deport them and get put in immigration detention often indefinitely i mean you mentioned some of the personal stories because of the time lapse obviously a lot of people we're talking about will be elderly and perhaps will have been denied you know access to health care and pensions there and other such things what do we know of the impact that it's had on a human level even though now perhaps they feel reassured that they're not going to
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be deported but it must be quite a shock to have lived in a place they've always called home and all of a sudden think it's sort of not legally and i think what's important is the impact that human impact is still ongoing and the government hasn't even dealt with some cases which it could have thompson is a story that some of your viewers might have heard about but it's a man who's worked here for several decades who paid into is his taxes and he's now in the situation of needing cancer care and he's being told that he'll have to pay fifty thousand pounds more than fifty thousand pounds for his radiotherapy and that's something that. jeremy hunt and the reason may be. he could have spoken up any time before now and waive those fees and made sure that his case was dealt with that still hasn't happened as far as i'm aware. but human cost is continuing and until we see that and we need to keep pressing the government to actually take action was obviously been a lot of media coverage over this in the u.k.
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so that pressure is there for me on now so let's hope for the best but tell it from the joint council for the welfare of immigrants thank you so much for joining us. now the former police chief of the spanish region of catalonia is going to face trial on charges related to last year's unsanctioned referendum on secession just have to pay it or will be prosecuted over what the drip claims was his lack of action to prevent the vote last october he and other police forces are also accused of failing to rescue civil guard officers who were trapped in a building in barcelona by tens of thousands of pro secession demonstrators well three pro independence politicians were also formally charged in madrid from where so they go said the update. the former leader of the police force. appeared before the national court he's facing charges of sedition for his alleged role in the illegal referendum in october also this morning to appear before the
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supreme court three leaders leaders one the former vice president of the government. plus two other civil society leaders they are facing the most serious charge of rebellion and in this case they could get that carries a sense a maximum sentence of thirty years in prison this has been a situation for many procession this but also other trade unionists took part in sunday's demo where they feel that these men have been used as political prisoners but the spanish government maintains what has happened is that they have indeed undertaken an act of rebellion legibly for trying to act against the spanish constitution and attempting to see from spain they say that this is been an illegal act but interesting it's also being examined is that misuse of public funds at the time the form of vice president approved the budget for the referendum which is also being looked into is whether how much of that. public funds or whether public
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institutions were abused in that situation in the illegal referendum. slovakia's interior minister says he's going to step down following weeks of mass protests over the murder of a journalist thomas tucker says that he was unable to heal the deep divisions in society after investigative reporter young and his fiance were shot dead in february prime minister robert faecal stood down last month tens of thousands of people have been taking part in regular protests calling for police for the police chief to be sacked and for an independent investigation into the shooting. china's largest and social most popular. media network has been forced to reverse its decision to ban gay content there was a huge backlash when the micro blogging platform sino weibo blocked videos and comics related to homosexuality the company said it was trying to comply with
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cybersecurity laws adrian brown has more now from beijing. well reversals like this are very rare in china now things all came to a head on friday when sino weibo which is china's equivalent of twitter announced it was going to delete all gay themed content now this provoked a predictable outcry there were letters angry posts hashtags one hash tag in fact called i am gay received more than three hundred million views three hundred million before it was deleted on saturday so clearly online there was a lot of anger but as quickly as those posts appeared they were deleted now the company defended its actions by saying it wanted to create quote a clear and harmonious environment online and was simply complying with president xi jinping has new cyber security laws the internet has become a real battleground for the l.g.
9:42 pm
bt community and president xi jinping appears to have that community in his crosshairs he wants to clean up the internet he doesn't like what he's seen and so i think this this battle is by no means over it's going to continue and continue for weeks months and years to come now the l g b t community here in china says they are still persecuted and discriminated against even though it's no longer illegal to be gay in this country to be a practicing homosexual now china has one gay parade game archie year that happens in shanghai the next one is in june and now in other parts of the world world leaders take part in those parades it happened with justin trudeau in canada but i think it's fair to assume the for now you're not going to be seen president xi jinping doing that. the head of the new south wales fire service says there is evidence that a wildfire in australia threatening large parts of sydney was deliberately started two and
9:43 pm
a half thousand sectors of bushland around the city have been burnt since saturday police say it's miraculous that nobody has been injured and that no homes have been destroyed unusually hot weather has made it hard for firefighters to control the blaze. that clean drinking water is a luxury in gaza on the ground reservoirs are poisoned waste treatment plants can't work at full capacity because of electricity and fuel shortages which means sewage is pumped straight into the mediterranean sea now israel's ten year blockade on gaza has been blamed for the crisis and palestinian political infighting is making the situation worse in the latest in our thirst series chas at stratford reports from gaza. mohit a little delivers filtered water to thousands of families of gaza with around fifty percent unemployment here he is lucky to have a job the water from gaza's taps is on safe to drink because it contains dangerous
9:44 pm
levels of chlorine sulphate. but it is israel's ten year law of the land sea and. has made people so poor. many can't even afford to pay for his company's better quality water while the now have as you well know what our business is up to sixty percent people can't find jobs and many of them tell us they can't afford war they say one day when they get money they will pay me back. the lack of money has forced gaza's municipality to halt the services it offers many people use water supplies at mosques where the filtering is more efficient. mohamad alawi and his family live in a shelter refugee camp he says also only comes on for two hours every three days to get it but i did have to delay washing dishes clothes and even ourselves until water comes desire life. ground water sources in gaza a heavily polluted limited electricity and fuel supplies mean sewage treatment
9:45 pm
plants barely work. untreated sewage is pumped directly into the sea. and the un says natural underground resources are at breaking point more than two million people live in gaza. government says vital parts needed to build new desalination plants like this one may pose a threat to israel's security so they are and international aid organizations say around. is not safe to drink. but because. it's only able to operate for around six hours a day. tens of millions of dollars worth of water infrastructure was destroyed during israel's war on gaza four years ago waste water seeped into the ground and experts say it's too early to estimate the haul that's been done in the palestinian
9:46 pm
political crises is making the situation even worse. since two thousand and seven and in recent months the dominated palestinian authority has restricted electricity in gaza to force hamas into a reconciliation deal the will also need to. take political situation from. it doesn't have to fix such important. which. are suffering from. many gazans have little choice but to rely on the kindness of water sellers like me who hopes one day they can pay him for the war he brings.
9:47 pm
in their place.
9:48 pm
jordan driving into a greener future as more people are switching to trick cars a german company has announced that will invest in charging stations across the country for the vehicles as a country that doesn't produce oil jordanians are embracing the move away from fuel burning models that name reports now from amman. the engine
9:49 pm
hardly makes a sound and that can mean hashim do saying often forgets to turn off the ignition he admits he's parked and walked off with the car still running but that quiet and not having to fill up are two of the reasons the college student loves driving his electric car that benefits is just as money like as it. was and fixing the. bigs. and it's good. there are now about ten dealers including renault selling electric cars in jordan last month a german company announced plans to build ten thousand charging stations across the country and there's an all electric public transportation service called tell see that the government offers incentives to consumers no customs fees or taxes the
9:50 pm
main reason for anyone to buy a car you are not buying. the really listen expensive. doesn't mean or diesel vehicles. there's a good economic reason to for the government to steer away from gas burning vehicles jordan imports more than ninety percent of the oil it needs in order to reduce the economic burden the country is not only encouraging jordanians to drive electric cars but it's investing in wind solar and solid waste energy right now there are two billion dollars worth of renewable energy projects under way. this month the government unveiled the second phase of a national energy efficiency action plan in place for more than a decade but all of these are just only to pave the way forward in order to reduce our consumption patterns on one hand and to increase the potential content of the
9:51 pm
potential with lies asian or fee that nobody in their duties holds his the goal is to continue to drive down energy use by twenty percent and increase renewable energies imprint to ten percent by twenty twenty experts say jordan has already become such a leader in the middle east its neighbors have expressed interest in replicating these initiatives natasha getting al-jazeera amman it's going to donor hello and far with the support. barbara thank you so much american deaths rate lending and japan's yukiko which she had claimed victories in the one hundred twenty second edition of the boston marathon the runners were hampered by wet and windy conditions and boston chased down defending champion jeffrey cole ruing kenya had to win with a total of two hours fifteen minutes to seconds becoming the first japanese man to win the event nineteen eighty seven meanwhile two time olympic olympian deseret
9:52 pm
linden ended a thirty three year drought for american women and stewart raced to clinch top spot the thirty four year old prevailing at the time of two hours thirty nine minutes and fifty fourth factor. all for the first time in his career james has lost the opening game and a first around n.b.a. playoff series james and the cleveland cavaliers were defeated by the indiana pacers joanna gash reports. enviable record in the playoffs but even he may not be able to rest the cavaliers recent deployed season and found it tough going in the series opener against the indiana pacers on sunday the three time defending eastern conference champions went twenty one points down in the first quarter to sign the problems they've had with the defense one season still haven't fixed james led the cavs with twenty four points bringing them to within seven by the third quarter thanks to his funky good work. for the pacers had
9:53 pm
picked up on the depo with some stellar moves as he zones on the depo finished up with thirty two points in the ninety eight to eighty victory even le bron with a great first defeat in game one of the playoffs to this point. let me add a new day i mean they came in they dictated to temple they were more aggressive. they just played basketball and they just took advantage of everything we wanted to try to do you mean playing my disorder you. you play our number of friends or you just say it hasn't been magnified so it's a playoffs now we've been doing it so you know everybody sees it so it's like it's kind of shocking terry body i guess you would say people were bullied by the fans
9:54 pm
do not last they can still turn it around when game two takes place on wednesday join because rough stuff just zero. four games in all james harden finished with forty four points and eight assists as houston beat minnesota in game one of their western conference first round series and paul george had a franchise playoff record eight three pointers while scoring thirty six points to lead oklahoma city to a victory over visiting utah now about chalk ridge has ended a run of three consecutive losses with a first round win at the monte carlo a masters the twelve time grand slam champion beat fellow serve to send out job it in straight sets. for the loss of just one game jock which has been struggling in his recovery from an elbow injury and has slipped to thirteenth in the world like. corey was once again troubled by a longstanding wrist injury in his first round match with thomas berdych corey had started the season playing in second tier challenger tour events but the former
9:55 pm
world number four was able to come from a set down to the furniture this time. rafa nadal has a first round bye as he prepares to challenge for a record eleventh monte carlo title the world number one needs to win the tournament to prevent roger federer from regaining the top spot. every you know i came here every year with the same passion with the same want. to play my best and to give me chances to have the best result possible now so specially because you know i do them finish no one event yet so. hopefully it is one of the first. manchester city's players celebrated winning the english premier league in traditional style with a night out at their local pub city clench the title with five games to spare when nearest rivals manchester united lost on sunday and captain vincent kompany proved he's a leader on and off the pitch. streets in the room over the years old the room
9:56 pm
the room grew very. dangerous the of the rest are serious you didn't. see it here every night of the night that. you drove. the was. over the roof of the. parasangs your man had been dominant in the french league this season p.s.g. clinched their seventh title when that with a seven one thrashing of defending champions monaco their dressing room got a thorough soaking after that victory it's p.s.g. is fifth title in six years but success in the champions league continues to elude them. this is we are very happy and proud
9:57 pm
today we want to seventh title for the club and for me it's something amazing the players worked very hard this season to win the toss we still have a target to go to claim the last title of the season the french cup so we have very proud and happy to finish against monaco with that result and that quality of game this match was perfect. so degrassi scored a goal and had three assists as the pittsburgh penguins took a two one lead in their first round playoff series crosby leaving the defending stanley cup champions to a five one win over the philadelphia flyers the flyers haven't won a playoff series since twenty. one of the big stories these playoffs is the last biggest night this is their first ever students and the n.h.l. and a three two win over the l.a. kings has put them three out and their series. one of the legends of international figure skating has called time on his career three time
9:58 pm
world champion and olympic gold medalist patrick chan has announced his retirement the twenty seven year old who has three olympic medals in total. when the team event in pyong chang he retires saying that he's filled his dreams and aspirations and sports. and i'll tell you sport for now be back with more later but for now it's back to barbara bars thank you very much for that and that is almost it for this news hour remember there's lots more on the web site al-jazeera dot com really we're thought of a lot more news in a few minutes i'll see you tomorrow.
9:59 pm
the scene for us whether online what is american sign in yemen that peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is called to take that up because no one cares or if you join us on sat there are people that that are choosing between buying medication and eating base is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist and has posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. jeanette morales was just ten years old when a devastating earthquake struck mexico city in one thousand nine hundred five the quake damaged her family's apartment and the government moved them to distant shack around seventy families who lost their homes in that earthquake still live in this camp say i'm going to be up at the gallop the government raised our hopes and then
10:00 pm
abandon us politicians have promised that they won't allow a repeat of what happened after the earthquake in one thousand eight hundred five but the cost and complexity of housing hundreds of people living in camps is a major task and one that many people here think the government failed. when the winning the will of the people hinges on the mass media and state p.r. machine it's going to overdrive. but just who can fill in saying. we just don't know yet where the lines will be drawn between what kind of a set and what conduct that. some journalists decided to sacrifice their integrity for access to polling the media opinion the listening post based time on al-jazeera .


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