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starts with do you have a boyfriend you're very pretty and young you feel unsafe threatened i think about how to react what do i do if this gets worse now mahdi army uses a new service it's called loyal droid it's for women passages only and drawn by women drivers pull for some extra features like a panic button and twenty four seventh's monitoring of drivers water an essential resource for all humankind across europe pressure to recognise water as a human right and put its management back into public hands is increasing i think that the european commission would be very very true is what's wrong with us is should anybody say anything to. people who see every two years something to invest a profit of one dollar. to the last drop on al-jazeera.
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as russia's accused of stopping un inspectors access in the site of an alleged gas attack in duma we hear from syrians who were there when it. one of them julie went on this is live from london also coming up president obama's first a lawyer is forced to return to reveal in court that another of his clients is fox news host shown on the t.v. . fears of yemen's health crisis getting worse as more patients become resistant to antibiotics and the british government apologizes to thousands of you here residents who arrived from the caribbean decades ago but tonight basic rights. russia says chemical weapons investigators will end to the syrian city of duma on
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this after it was accused of denying them access the kremlin's also rejected u.s. accusations that its tampered with the site of the suspected gas attack on april seventh earlier representatives of the global watch told p c w held an emergency meeting in the hague about the lack of access while school says the all p.c. w team can and to do my just yet because of saturday's airstrikes by the u.s. u.k. and france and fighting on the ground well despite that the syrian government's alive journalists and to do much as part of an organized media tour they were given access to a field hospital where medical staff told reporters no patients suffered from toxic gas symptoms other residents recalled a strong chlorine smell but blamed the attack on rebel fighters to or didn't include the building where syrian activists rescue workers and medics say more than forty people were killed witnesses from duma have to see where they felt the effects of a poisonous substance in the attack earlier this month many have no arrived at
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displacement camps in northern syria some in bridge of a report from gaziantep on the turkey syria border. this is what home looks like today for a mood in his family on april the seventh they were in duma when it was alleged syrian forces launched a chemical attack i will mahmoud this close to where it happened. there was another missile which landed and then there was a very strange smell the first thing was smoke and call it yellow smoke it had a rotten smell it was like a new thing was being tested on us. although they've been displaced the children are finally able to play in the sun without the fear of bombs or near strikes more than sixty thousand people have been forced to leave their homes in duma but tens of thousands more opted to stay duma is part of eastern which was besieged for nearly five years and bombed into submission over the last two months. the intensity of the last attack made gestural islam's fighters surrender the next day
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in a statement the rebel group says it decided to withdraw to save lives russia and syria continue to deny that chemical weapons were used and see the pictures of the bodies and people gasping for breath is propaganda produced with the help of western intelligence agencies the u.s. u.k. and france didn't believe russia or syria and carried out airstrikes on syrian military facilities in the nation. some people like primary teacher illegally entered turkey to reach safety he doesn't want to disclose his real name or show his face because his family is in damascus and he's afraid they will be harmed if his identity is revealed and how bad that they've gotten us off. that when we came to live there was a war like situation there there's a bombardment we left which are to stay alive we don't want his war again we want to have a normal life thank god again to turkey it was very difficult to cross but it wasn't impossible. medical sources told us as they were the dogs were family areas under the control of the assad government review free to say anything about the
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alleged chemical attack there have been allegations and denials about tampering with the evidence in duma some members of the international chemical watchdog say they have not been granted access to the site where the alleged chemical attack took place russia maintains that attribute the u.n. which grants access but a week after the incident with the team which does not have the mandate to see who carried out the attack many don't have much hope in what will they find some other job. in the dirty city of border i think is prime minister who has been defending her decision to. join the u.s. and france in launching airstrikes against syria tourism aide told parliament it was about stopping me use of chemical weapons becoming normalised but the opposition says may should have got parliament's approval for those strikes jona our ports. border having faced a barrage of criticism over the weekend to use it made her case to parliament that bombing syria had been both morally and legally justifiable it was not she said
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about intervening in the civil war nor regime change but about humanitarian necessity saving syria's civilians from future chemical weapons attack as a legal basis for military intervention we cannot allow the use of chemical weapons to become normalized either within syria on the streets of the u.k. or elsewhere so we have not done this because president trump asked us to do so we have done it because we believed it was the right thing to do and we are not very many m.p.'s including in her own party a furious that parliament was not consulted first as is the convention in britain since the iraq war in two thousand and three the leader of the opposition led the charge mr speaker this statement serves as a reminder the prime minister is accountable to this parliament not to the whims of the us president i there is no more serious issue than the life
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and death matters of military action it is right that parliament has the power to support or stop the government from taking planned military action i to resume a sword to justify her sidelining of parliament last week by citing the need to act quickly to prevent further attack and saying that high level intelligence could not have been shared with them ps in advance the rather damning opposition claim instead is that she rushed to support donald trump and feared that if she'd put it to a vote she'd have lost. the prime minister's performance will not satisfy all far from it and certainly not protesters outside we've been on the basis of. confabs chemical weapons attack which is without a fight in parliament but i can hardly like the bombing and i don't see any reason for bombing and killing all that right you know democracy like we have to vote for we want a cheese maze not you know give us ways to put the u.k.
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government insists there are no plans for further attacks in syria that's presumably will change if there's another chemical weapon attack jonah how al-jazeera london is the us and the u.k. have issued a rare joint alert accusing russia of being behind a global cyber cyber attack that's infected computer was has around the world they say most calls back in hackers who are targeting businesses and government agencies dorothy's in washington and london say the attacks are targeting critical parts of the internet infrastructure they've also warned that the cyber assault aims to support espionage extract intellectual property and potentially made a foundation for future offensive operations well jodi u.s.b. is the chief executive of global cyber risk she says countries only issue such alerts when there are serious indications that cyber disruption could take place this particular alert takes into consideration out of support equipment and old
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legacy systems that use this old equipment and therefore the advisory urges people to take note perhaps you need to be made to harden their infrastructure this is usually only done. in my view when they do have substantial evidence it's not something that's done i take in light heartedly. rochelle's began blocking access to the messaging app telegram after the company refused to comply with an order to give security services access to messages russia's f.s.b. intelligence agency says it should be allowed to see the encrypted messages to guard the country against terror attacks but telegram says that would violate users privacy the ruling also means the credit limit itself which uses the app to communicate with journalists will now have to switch to a different messaging service.
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as president donald trump's personal morris' been forced to reveal that another of his clients is the fox news anchor sean hannity michael korn had hoped to keep it secret but the disclosure was ordered at a court hearing in new york how is he says he's never paid for call and services or been represented by him but he did seek confidential legal advice from him adult film star stormy daniels who was among those in court to watch the case unfold cohen who allegedly paid her to keep quiet about an affair with donald trump was trying to stop prosecutors examining documents that the f.b.i. seized on raids in his office last week after the hearing adjourned daniels gave this statement. for years mr cohen has acted like he is above the law he has considered himself an openly refer to himself as mr trump's fixer he is played by a different set of rules or should we say no rules at all he has never thought that the little man or especially women and even more women like me matter that
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ends now my attorney and i are committed to making sure that everyone finds out the truth and the facts of what happened and i give my word that we will not rest until that happens thank you very much well christen slimmy joins us now live from new york hi there kristen and so why is this revelation about sean hannity significant . well sean hannity was one of the reasons that lawyers for michael cohen gave for making this motion to have all of the documents that were seized in a raid of michael cohen's work in the home turned over to them before they were given to prosecutors they wanted to stop these documents from being handed over to investigators until they got to go through them first and they said that other clients of michael cohen might have sensitive information in there that was pretty tack to under attorney client privilege and they needed to review that and they
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needed to make sure that the names didn't get out the judge rejected that she released sean hannity's name and denied their initial motion to go forward and hand over this to stop them from to stop prosecutors from getting this information but she hasn't decided. how the information will be reviewed yet attorneys for michael cohen and the president want a special master appointed to determine what information is protected by attorney client privilege before it gets to the prosecutors she's still considering that that aspect of the case if you will going forward so hannity is not directly involved in the investigation in terms of his activities are not necessarily being investigated at this time however it's interesting that a commentator for fox news someone who's a strong supporter of donald trump in his commentary is also using the services
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of michael cohen he says it was for real estate dealings and unofficial advice the only other client we know of that michael cohen has had in the last few years has been an r. and c. official a republican party official who he helped pay a playboy model over a million dollars after that model got pregnant got pregnant by him so while the hannity is not directly involved in this case he was the. rounds under he was one of the reasons given by the lawyers to the judge to ask her not to hand over this information to prosecutors i'm kristen of course we saw the. taking also pictures of stormy daniels is this her appearance is it more than just about potential publicity. well she's certainly attracted a lot of that showing up at the courthouse and wherever she goes but remember she
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is kind of at the heart of this case against michael cohen even though she wasn't directly involved in the proceedings today she has. sued the president to get out of an agreement that she signed with michael cohen cohen admitted giving her one hundred thirty thousand dollars before the election not to talk about the president she now claims that she had an affair with the president and is trying to get out of that agreement she's suing the president for defamation of character and so what michael cohen is being investigated for now is we should say that president trump has denied this affair and denied any knowledge of the payment cohen said president trying to didn't know about the payment but now his actions are under investigation for possible criminal activity and whether or not any of the steps that he took to protect the president were perhaps in violation of campaign finance and so on and so forth so she is very much at the center of this criminal
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investigation against michael cohen and also now has this civil lawsuit against him and the president one other thing i should point out that came out in court today is that in those documents seized by f.b.i. officials are in from a is information about the trump organization itself so also potentially sensitive information there in this documents that the administration is concerned about making public christensen in there live with the latest on that story from new york kristen thank you. still to come. israel's blockade of gaza and political infighting depriving many palestinians of fresh water. on the coffee chain starbucks faces a backlash after two black men are arrested at a philadelphia cafe all that and more when we come back.
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our temperatures in australia are no longer much of a story the fire in sydney may well be fined up again because of more of a breeze in this part of the world indeed generally speaking we seen cold fronts goes through one after another and the breezes bring them in from the west so we're down to about sixteen in melbourne front free on tuesday the sun should be at twenty in sydney and it's cooled down in perth as well about twenty one this heat in the northwest has to look at thirty three thirty four in darwin and intel row which is really hotter than it should be but otherwise would back down to where we might expect to be around mid april in new zealand the surprising warmth is on his way out as well last fronts gone through wind direction will change there you see more cloud in science on and not a big surprise i don't think eighteen degrees in christchurch the rain coming into the west twenty two still in oakland that's tuesday we're down to fourteen but time we get to wednesday was probably near to where we should be where we should look for spring continued spring the return spring i think the japan the disappointing
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poll of cloud coming of all of honshu in back of a south korea time for the limited hit below twenty we've seen twenty one twenty two in tokyo but sixty or seventy that's not that full of cloud it is fairly sunny for most. a society's progress is dependent on the quality of its experts we need more final professionals a top arity is too wide awake at new generation to study find new teaching methods are infusing thai students to become the agents of change taking them out of the classroom to solve problems in their local communities level education inspiring science in thailand at this time on al-jazeera.
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mind of our top stories here on i'll just see russia says it will let inspectors from the global chemical weapons force visit the site of this estate to gas attack in syria on what mistake so far they've denied them access citing security concerns the u.s. and the u.k. have issued a rare joint alert accusing russia of being behind a global cyber attack that's infected computer routers around the world yes presence donald donald trump's personal lawyer michael cohen has been forced to reveal that another of his clients is the fox news anchor sean hannity the disclosure was ordered by a new york court record with trying to stop prosecutors examining documents the f.b.i. seized from his office last week. that aid agencies in yemen have expressed growing
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concern about their ability to contain the spread of infection as people become more resistant to antibiotics yemen's already fragile health systems been destroyed by use of war the side led bombing campaign resulting in thousands of casualties previously manageable diseases have now reached epidemic levels last year one million cases of cholera were reported worst outbreak in modern history so wild that syria usually attributable infection killed at least forty eight people across the country doctors are now concerned about the overuse of antibiotics in the region when coupled with sizes of injuries poor hygiene and a lack of access to clean water a fair disease and antibiotic resistance may spread beyond yemen well in an area is the medical coordinator for doctors without borders in yemen she said it's an issue that's emerging in war torn countries across the middle east. but receiving in our
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hospital or in yemen is that r.l. sixty to seventy percent of the patients samples are either infected or colonized by with the resistant organisms these are the same organisms one would find in major western hospitals but what's surprising is the prevalence and widespread situation we are seeing here in yemen we do believe that the big reason it has come out now is because. the agencies are focusing of course on the verge of the response so there are few humanitarian actors that are working in this cycle of issue so you have a system that has been able to offer proper secondary and primary care so this patient they have different types of needs they also have for a long safe way in our hospital instead of saying five days refuse to be the average they say up to six weeks four weeks sometimes even more isn't that to complete their antibiotic treatment also they require high risk for lover of
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stories but there's big sections to be sexist and strange love or a theory stuff which is another they'll avoid the country and more importantly these antibiotics are quite expensive and the absolute pleasure it's a process of cannot provide them we have reason to believe that this is a widespread issue throughout the middle east but specially in areas of prolonged conflict so our hospitals and jordan but on syria and iraq have people are report clean drinking water is a luxury in gaza underground base it was a poisoned and waste treatment plants can't work at full capacity because of l.a. tricity and feel shortages that mean so it just straight into the mediterranean sea israel's ten year blockade on got a way out of gaza has been blamed for the crisis and palestinian political infighting is making the situation worse in the latest of our series star said charles trafford reports from gaza. no had
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a little delivers filtered water to thousands of families of gaza with around fifty percent unemployment here he is lucky to have a job. the water from gaza's taps is on safe to drink because it contains dangerous levels of chlorine and sulphate. but the head says israel's ten year long land sea and abdul qadir has made people so poor many can't even afford to pay for his company's better quality water although i know how for sure i know what our business is up to sixty percent people can't find jobs and many of them tell us they can't afford war they say one day when they get money they will pay me back. the lack of money has forced gaza's municipality to call for the services it offers many people use water supplies at mosques where the filtering is more efficient. mohamad alawi and his family live in a shelter refugee camp he says also only comes on for two hours every three days
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they get it and it appears they have to delay washing dishes clothes and even ourselves until water comes desire life. ground water sources in gaza a heavily polluted limited electricity and fuel supplies mean sewage treatment plants daily work untreated sewage is pumped directly into the sea. and the un says natural underground resources are at breaking point more than two million people live in gaza the israeli government says a suburb vital parts needed to build a new desalination plants like this one may pose a threat to israel's security so they are by and. international aid organizations say around ninety percent of gaza's will is not safe to drink but this is one of three desalination plants in gaza but because of the lack of electricity that's available it's only able to operate for around six hours
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a day. tens of millions of dollars worth of water infrastructure was destroyed during israel's war on gaza four years ago waste water seeped into the ground and experts say it's too early to estimate the haul that's being done in the palestinian political crises is making the situation even worse from asa's ruled gaza since two thousand and seven and in recent months the fatah dominated palestinian authority has restricted electricity in gaza to force hamas into a reconciliation deal the will also need to help the body seems to fix the leaker problem politike political situation from israeli palestinian it doesn't help to fix such important challenge which all stick to its cold case in would talk are suffering from. meanwhile many gazans have little choice but to rely on the kindness of want to sell is like. who hopes one day they can pay him for the next
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day he brings it all started out as era gaza the british government has apologized to thousands of members of the caribbean community who've lived and worked in the u.k. for decades who are now being treated as illegal immigrants the problem is said to fix as many as fifty thousand immigrant workers who came from the west indies to britain after the second world war are to be phillips reports. he came to britain from barbados when he was nine years old more than fifty years ago his father had a job in the post office michael married in britain had children grandchildren worked in education thought he was british until the government told him he didn't have the right documents he lost his job as he fought for the right to stay here if i was the porter i don't know what i would to take them on earth if they had no no worth because that is what. you know it's about work what you know what you could
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do for you to help britain being a better place than it was a rival of more than four hundred. the so-called women dress generation named after a ship that carried the first arrivals from the caribbean in one nine hundred forty eight invited to britain given citizenship it's many of the children who travelled with their parents who are now facing difficulties some of been caught out by strict new laws specifying documents they need to prove how long they've been here this route could not have blown up at a more embarrassing time for the british government the very week in which their hosts the commonwealth summit in which it's busy emphasising its friendship with former colonies as it prepares to leave the e.u. . ministers told parliament they're trying to repair the damage with a special team to help the wind generation a promise to resolve their cases quickly free of charge although the government isn't sure whether some people have already been deported in an era can she tell
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the house how many have been detained as prisoners in their own country can she tell the house how many have been to noisy health on the national health service how many have denied pensions how many have lost their jobs this is a day of national shade mr speaker i shan't be a little gentle and admiration for the people who came here from the caribbean and contributed so much to our society in many many different ways and that admiration remains in place i am concerned that the home office is becoming a test become too concerned with policy and strategy and sometimes lose sight of the individual. but who is in charge of the home office when these new stricter policies were big designed yes today's prime minister to resign may so as the public outcry grows there's now a political as well as moral imperative to treat the when dressed generation fairly barnaby phillips al-jazeera london. the sale of stocks has apologized after two
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black men were arrested as they waited for a friend in a coffee shop in philadelphia but the backlash against the coffee chain shows no signs of second a second day of protest in the city well reynolds reports oh. fuck . corporate apologies have already been made but unsatisfied protesters occupied the starbucks coffee shop in philadelphia on monday denouncing what they call racist treatment of two black men who were arrested at the cafe last week. on thursday two black men were sitting in the starbucks waiting for a third person to arrive for a business meeting they asked to use the toilet but the manager refused because the men had not purchased anything the manager then asked them to leave and when they declined called the police cell phone video shows police arresting and handcuffing
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them and the friend they were waiting for arrives and has questions where they come from. this is my mother the men were later released for lack of evidence they've committed any offense the incident has become a full blown public relations disaster for starbucks which has long presented itself as a friendly community gathering place with twenty seven thousand stores worldwide in this incident does not reflect the spirit of our brand it was an unfortunate incident and will be sure to make it right chief executive kevin johnson apologized saying he took full responsibility and would review the training the company gives its employees the manager of the outlet has resigned i'm going to do everything i can to ensure it is fixed and never happens again however the city's police commissioner insisted his officers acted properly. to tell you that that police
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officer did not want to have to make an arrest in that city. the whole thing just. for black americans incidents like this are not uncommon in another incident caught on camera in february to black patrons at an applebee's restaurant in missouri who falsely accused of stealing chains fired three workspaces arizonans coming amid continuing controversy over police shootings of unarmed black men the incident underscores the prevalence of racial profiling in the u.s. rob reynolds just here on. the launch of muscles latest aplomb at home to spacecraft has been postponed the chance of saying exoplanet survey satellite or tests as it's known will shed gel to take off on monday from cape canaveral in florida blastoff has been delayed by at least forty eight hours after navigation issue with the space x. rocket james to sling it into orbit test will spend two years in space and scanned
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eighty five percent of the sky in search of planets that support life. a top stories currently on al-jazeera russia says chemical weapons investigators will enter the syrian city of doom on wednesday this after it was accused of denying them access to the kremlin has also rejected u.s. accusations that its tampered with the site of the suspected gas attack on april the seventh earlier representatives of the global war stalled the o.p.c. w. held an emergency meeting in the hague about the lack of access oscar says the o.p.c. w team camp into duma just yet because of saturday's airstrikes by the u.s. u.k. and france and fighting on the ground osama bin laden has more. earlier in the day we heard from russian news wires that there was some sort of fighting happening in duma which was quite strange because duma if you remember forty eight hours ago was
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declared that it was all under syrian government controlled so where is that fighting coming from we reached out to the jaish al islam the group which was supposed to be in duma they said they referred us to their statement saying that they have left duma there are no fighters left in duma all the people that are in duma have opted to stay and there are no fighters amongst them because these fighters have opted to have chosen to either before aleppo or to words if the u.s. and the u.k. have issued a rare joint alert accusing russia of being behind the global fibrous hack that's infected q computer which is around the world they say moscow's backing hackers who are targeting businesses and government agencies its origins in washington london say the attacks are hitting critical parts of the internet infrastructure. president trump's personal lawyer has been forced to reveal that another of his clients is the fox news anchor sean hannity michael cohen had hoped to keep it secret but the disclosure was ordered at a court hearing in new york city says he's never paid for call and services or been
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represented by him but he did seek confidential legal advice from him adult film star stormy daniels was among those in court to watch the case unfold cohen who allegedly paid her to keep quiet about an affair with donald trump is trying to stop prosecutors examining documents that the f.b.i. seized in raids on his office this week those are your headlines stay with us next up it's red bull education as always thanks for your company sees him already. fifty three member states. one iconic figurehead as leaders of the commonwealth descend on london for its biennial meeting al-jazeera asks how much does the commonwealth matter in today's world and where does it go after queen elizabeth all of the commonwealth heads of government meeting on al-jazeera. stories of life. and inspiration. as serious as short documentaries from around the wilds
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that celebrate the human spirit against the odds. al-jazeera selects gangs. education. the universal rights to expand. and offer better prospects the passport to a better life yet around the globe schools an institution. system has been deemed to be no longer vet. thinking one school of and how they want identifying the still of the knowledge needed in the twentieth century now a new wave of rebel education is sweeping. educate in a radically.


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