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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 17, 2018 3:00am-3:34am +03

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earthquake still live in this camp. gather the government raised our hopes and then abandon us politicians have promised that they won't allow a repeat of what happened after the earthquake in one thousand eight hundred five but the cost and complexity of housing hundreds of people living in camps is a major task and one that many people here think the government the fail. a story fourteen hundred years in the make. a story of succession and the leadership. as josie that the story of dispute and division of the hall. the caliph episode to just.
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pro-government media in syria reports two arab races have been attacked with missiles but say they've been intercepted. by the sun this is all just see a live from doha also coming up russia agrees to international inspectors entering syria's. state but faces allegations of tampering with the site of a suspected chemical attack. another setback for donald trump's personal lawyer michael cohen forced to reveal the identity of a client who is a key supporter of the u.s. president. i'm very sorry for any confusion or anxiety fact. the british government's finally apologized after treating members of the west indian community who've lived in the u.k. for decades as an illegal immigrants.
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ok let's start with breaking news out of syria pro-government media reporting missile strikes on two government bases in homs and damascus state t.v. broadcast these pictures a short while ago it says missiles were intercepted over say about airbase in homes shortly afterwards as ballers media unit says a base in do met outside damascus has been targeted state t.v. has made no mention of that attack the u.s. is denying any involvement in a high shimmy is director of the center of middle east studies at the university of denver and he's joining us now by skype from denver thank you very much indeed for your time let me just quickly remind viewers that share our air base was the targeted by u.s. forces back in twenty seventeen and that was after the suspected chemical attack in can shake own which washington at that time blamed on the syrian government if the
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u.s. is saying it's not involved in this when who do you think it is. well it's most likely israel you might recall that earlier this month a similar strike was launched against a an airbase a military base in in syria that killed between four to six iranian. military personnel who were at the base at the time there is been an expansion of iran's influence in syria trying to build up an infrastructure of supporters and there was in february this confrontation between iran and israel in syria when an iranian drone was shot down by the israelis so i suspect that's really the background to what's happened tonight. obviously we should stress that at the moment we could no confirmation of who has carried out the attacks but in the event that it is israel why do you think that the attack is happening is it linked in any
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way to what's happening in syria or is it part of an ongoing campaign will israel you know has been bombing you know syria at will for many years now whenever it feels that its national security is in jeopardy but i think the. the events tonight if it is israel is related to the earlier strike against a military base that killed forty six for course between four and six iranians is related really to excuse rons attacks and being in deepening role in syria this is a strategic challenge and threat to the state of israel and i think they are trying to send a message to the iranians that their ability to expand their influence in syria which borders israel will not be met without a punitive response and relation to the most recent attack by israel that you mentioned earlier it was interesting that it was russia as i understand it
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correctly and please correct me if i got this wrong that it was russia who actually outed israel as being responsible for that attack in the first instance so it's going to be interesting to see how russia responds to this attack if indeed it is israel that has carried it out. it will be interesting to watch the russian response but you know the israeli response is actually also interesting they repeatedly have this argument where they say they will neither confirm nor deny whether it was their military aircraft or missiles that were responsible for this. is this reason to gauge mint and that's usually a code word for it actually was israel they just don't want to admit it so i suspect if you hear another statement such as that coming from. the israeli defense forces it's almost certain that israel was responsible for this attack if you just go through the list of countries in the region that could be you know possibly responsible you know israel is at the top of the list washington's officially
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stated that they were not involved in there's no other country in the region that has the capacity to launch such airstrikes with such praise precision so it almost certainly was the israelis and almost certainly they will deny it but i think this is you know part of a larger pattern that we've been seeing you know in syria for many years now given the state of confusion that exists at the moment in syria following the following the airstrikes by the u.s. the french and the u.k. and of course the investigation into allegations of chemical attacks are we likely to see israel if it is indeed israel ramping up this type of attack. i don't necessarily see a ramping up there is a certain i think growing awareness in israel that. iran's influence has to be checked and so that means that there actually will be i think increasing israeli attention but on a scale that's a one to one hundred i think we're probably at
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a ten to twelve percent increase in israeli military activity over syria we're a long way away from you know a major you know confrontation but that is something that many people are warning is on the horizon that israel and you are on based on these increasing attacks based on this drone that was shot down and based on the sea runyan promise that they will retaliate for the loss of their servicemen were killed in this recent operation that sort of does not bode well for you know stability in peace in this part of the middle east it suggests actually heightened confrontation and the danger of escalation and we should of course stress that we still do not have any confirmation of who was behind this particular attack but director of center of middle east studies at the university of denver thank you very much indeed thank you. ok the reported strikes follow the mobilization of government forces in the halls has more on that. this could be the start of
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a new offensive against rebel territory hopes. the syrian government appears to be turning its attention to the strategic region following its victory in eastern huta much of the central province has been recaptured in recent years but the opposition has long held an enclave in the northern countryside that area is strategic for damascus if it wants to secure the roads linking government controlled cities in the west of the country the opposition is promising a fight a million of them are clear they weren't able to hurt us with the our two they're a shining and they did try to advance on the ground they failed we warn them that if they want to fight they will lose a lot of men. every so often the army drops leaflets on these besieged neighborhoods demanding rebels to reconcile with the government surrender and leave or face attack that's the way the government takes areas by imposing sieges and
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then bombing the rebels and the population into submission. we fear they might displace us just like they did to others in other places people are petrified because they don't want to be left without shelter. hundreds of thousands of syrians have been forced from their homes because of these so-called reconciliation or evacuation deals and they know returning is only a distant possibility they have. to be displaced i want to stay with my family and friends i don't want to go anywhere else to be humiliated. holmes says not the government's only target there is a rebel enclave forty kilometers northeast of the capital damascus rebels in the western region have been given an ultimatum to accept a state to rule or leave the faction in the town of the mayor has agreed to surrender to stave off a military offensive the opposition has little chance of winning the battles in the
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northern countryside of homs and in the western and those areas are under siege they have been for years but it's only recently that the army has been able to apply military pressure throughout the conflict the pro-government alliance suffered from a manpower shortage and has had to prioritize battles. now the army is mobilizing on the front lines in southern damascus. and the opposition controls a number of districts there it seems the priority will be the battle with before a deal is offered to the rebels that would end all opposition presence in and around the capital where thousands gather to celebrate syria's independence day and this year the government is marking the anniversary from a position of strength has never been this comfortable since the start of the conflict more than seven you. jennifer their ashes into the root russia says international inspectors will enter duma on whedon's state to investigate a suspected chemical attack the world's chemical weapons watchdog the o.p.c.
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w held emergency talks were envoys traded accusations the u.s. accused russia of tampering with the site but moscow said the delay concerned security a fact finding team landed in damascus on saturday it will establish if an attack took place over two weeks ago but it won't assign blame the russian envoy to the o.p.c. w accused british intelligence of fabricating the attack came. we have serious grounds to believe that it was highly likely that this provocation was organized with the help of the british intelligence services or despite that the syrian government has allowed journalists to enter duma as part of an organized media tour they were given access to a field hospital for medical staff told reporters no patients suffered from toxic gas symptoms other residents recalled a strong chlorine smell but blamed the attack on rebel fighters the tour did not include the building for syrian activists and medics say more than forty people
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were killed meanwhile witnesses from duma have told al-jazeera they felt the effects of a poisonous substance in the attack area this month many have now arrived displacement camps in northern syria are some of the reports from guys in tep on the turkey syria border this is what home looks like today for his family on april the seventh they were in duma when it was alleged syrian forces launched a chemical attack i will mahmoud this close to where it happened. there was another missile which landed and then there was a very strange smell the first thing was smoke yellow smoke it had a rotten smell it was like a new thing was being tested on us just. although they've been displaced the children are finally able to play in the sun without the fear of bombs or near strikes more than sixty thousand people have been forced to leave their homes in duma but tens of thousands more opted to stay duma is part of eastern kuta which was besieged for nearly five years and bombed into submission over the last two
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months. the intensity of the last attack made gestural islam's fighters surrender the next day in a statement the rebel group says it decided to withdraw to save lives russia and syria continue to deny that chemical weapons were used and see the pictures of the bodies and people gasping for breath is propaganda produced with the help of western intelligence agencies the u.s. u.k. and france didn't believe russia or syria and carried out air strikes on syrian military facilities in retaliation. some people like primary teacher illegally entered turkey to reach safety he doesn't want to disclose his real name or show his face because his family is in damascus and he's afraid they will be harmed if his identity is revealed on how bad the coffee was off. when we came to live there was a war like situation there in egypt this was a bombardment we left couldn't stay alive we don't want to face war again we want to have a normal life thank god again to turkey it was very difficult to cross but it
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wasn't impossible. medical sources told al-jazeera that dogs were families in areas under the control of the assad government will be afraid to say anything about the alleged chemical attack there have been allegations and denials about tampering with the evidence in duma some members of the international chemical watchdogs say they have not been granted access to the site where the alleged chemical attack took place russia maintains that it should be the u.n. which grants access but a week after the incident with a team which does not have the mandate to see who carried out the attack many don't have much hope in what will they find some other job. in the directly syria border president trump has reportedly blocked a new sanctions on russia. over that support for the syrian government the washington post is quoting unnamed officials saying that trump opposed the plan that a national security meeting on sunday washington's ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley had announced that russian companies would be targeted for supporting the city is suspected chemical weapons program the legal battle over the f.b.i.
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raid on the u.s. president's personal lawyer has taken an unexpected turn one of his mystery clients has been exposed michael cohen has been in court trying to stop prosecutors from reviewing material seized in last week's raids during the hearing he was forced to reveal he did secret legal work for fox news t.v. host sean hannity who said donald trump supporter hannity never disclosed his relationship with cohen when he was highly critical of the raids well one of the people watching that case unfold was an adult film star stormy daniels cohen paid her one hundred thirteen thousand dollars to keep quiet about an alleged affair with donald trump a decade ago here's what she told reporters after the hearing for years mr cohen has acted like he is above the law he is considered himself an openly referred to himself as mr trump fixer he is played by a different set of rules or should we say no rules at all he has never thought that
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the little man or especially women and even more women like me matter that in now my attorney and i are committed to making sure that everyone finds out the truth and the facts of what happened and i give my word that we will not rest until that happens kristen salumi has more from new york. michael cohen and president trump through their attorneys were asking the judge not to hand over documents that were seized in the f.b.i. raid of cohen's workplace hotel room and home they argued that these documents are protected many of them by attorney client privilege and that other clients of michael cohen could be injured by the revelations including sean hannity but the judge was having nothing of it she said the documents would be handed over and the name would be released sean hannity is a fox news commentator and
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a trump supporter and therefore the number of elation of his name raised some eyebrows but ultimately this is an investigation into michael cohen and whether or not he broke any laws and making a payment of one hundred thirty thousand dollars to an adult film star stormy daniels daniels' claims the money was paid to keep her quiet about her affair with president trump president trump denies there was an affair denies he had any knowledge of the payment but stormy daniels and her lawyer were in court today saying that they wanted to make sure that the documents in the case were all protected because they have their own civil lawsuit against the president claiming defamation of character still ahead and al jazeera. the prime minister is accountable to this parliament not to the whims of the us president. debate raging in britain on the decision to join allied action against syria.
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from dusky sunsets over the sprawling savannah. to sunrise atop an asian metropolis hallow the spring rains looked as though they were starting in china but they've given up again now come back don't worry it looks as though the onshore breeze is developing rather more in the way of rain in vietnam but even that's fading away come wednesday so back to slot you know time she's in slightly lower humidity in hong kong twenty four about the same in shanghai i'm not a sunshine to be honest it's warming up in woodland again at twenty eight i will soon to probably rain by the end of the week south of this irregular procession a fairly big shad mass of the southern philippines borneo back towards well probably malaysia the sumatra you can see where the cloud is that we're seeing increasing numbers of daytime shows not falling sudden and central thailand and myanmar the green represents that that will be the case the next couple days otherwise you saw in those showers were still a few in indonesia but not as many as they were equally we could see
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a few showers in the fall to five in the end sri lanka sort of massive cloud in the north of pakistan and running down through new poll an occasional big shower she gets to be in bangladesh and also east india but you know the story here we're into the pre monsoon heat and humidity the temperatures for coffee forty two naacp or just representing central india it's unpleasant it is dry. the weather sponsored by cattle and nice. water an essential resource for all humankind across europe pressure to recognise water as a human right and put its management back into public hands is increasing i think that the european commission would be very very glad to watch privatization on anybody say anything to. those people who see every two years something to invest a profit of a one dollar. to the last drop on al jazeera. you're
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watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour pro-government media are reporting missile strikes on two syrian air bases syrian state t.v. says missiles were intercepted over say about in homs and hezbollah media say demurrer airfield was attacked the u.s. says its military was not active in the area at the time. russia says international inspectors will enter duma on wedding state to investigate a suspected chemical attack the u.s. accused russia of tampering with the site but moscow says the delay concerns security. t.v. presenters and i'm caught up in the legal battle over the f.b.i.
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raid on the office of donald trump's personal lawyer michael cohen has admitted he gave secret legal advice to fox news host sean hannity who's been a prominent critic of the f.b.i.'s investigation into the u.s. president's russian ties. britain's prime minister has been defending her decision to join the u.s. and france in launching airstrikes against syria the opposition says today some may should have got parliament's approval first it's called for a debate on tuesday to make that a requirement for future attacks on the whole reports. having faced a barrage of criticism over the weekend to use it made her case to parliament that bombing syria would be both morally and legally justifiable it was not she said about intervening in a civil war regime change but about humanitarian necessity saving in syria's civilians from future chemical weapons attack as
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a legal basis for military intervention we cannot allow the use of chemical weapons to become normalized either within syria on the streets of the u.k. or elsewhere so we have not done this because president trump asked us to do so we have done it because we believed it was the right thing to do and we are not very many m.p.'s including in her own party a furious that parliament was not consulted first as is the convention in britain since the iraq war in two thousand and three the leader of the opposition led the charge mr speaker this statement serves as a reminder that the prime minister is accountable to this parliament not to the whims of the u.s. president i there is no more serious issue than the life and death matters of military action it is right that parliament has the power to support or stop the government from taking land military action i. to resume
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a sword to justify her sidelining of parliament last week by citing the need to act quickly to prevent further attack and saying that high level intelligence could not have been shared with them peas in advance the rather damming opposition claim instead is that she rushed to support donald trump and feared that if she put it to a vote she just lost. the prime minister's performance will not satisfy all far from it and certainly not protesters outside. on the basis of. chemical weapons attack weeks without a fight in parliament we don't like the bombing i don't like the bombing and i don't see any reason why. you know democracy like we have the vote. that she's a maze not you know. put the u.k. government insists there are no plans for further attacks in syria that presumably will change if there's another chemical weapon attack jonah al jazeera london
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france has announced a sixty million dollars towards humanitarian aid in syria it follows a debate in the french parliament where m.p.'s discuss their government's involvement in joint airstrikes on saturday m.p.'s in for emphasize the need for a political and humanitarian response canada is withdrawing the families of diplomats posted in cuba after new information on mysterious illnesses by stuff at its embassy diplomats from canada and the us first reported symptoms of headaches dizziness and nausea last year no medical specialists say they may have brain injuries cuban officials say they have no knowledge of what's behind the incidents seven inmates have been killed in a prison riot in the us state of south carolina seventeen others were injured in the maximum security leak correctional institution it's the deadliest prison riot in the country for more than two decades most of those killed or injured or slashed or stabbed prison guards managed to regain control after several hours. north
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korea is going to be high on the agenda when u.s. president donald trump meets the japanese prime minister on tuesday since the op is looking to make sure washington keeps its military presence in northeast asia to counter threats from china and north korea can be halakha ports. when north korean leader kim jong un meets u.s. president donald trump it will be an historical cation no formal diplomatic relations a north korean and american leader have never met face to face. but it's a meeting specter in the next two months that will be deeply unsettling for a close u.s. ally japan it's one of the reasons why japanese prime minister shinzo opic will meet with trump this week at his florida resort hopefully it'll be a relationship that's much different than it's been for many many years trump wants
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north korea to scrap plans to build a nuclear weapon. north koreans want an end to the u.s. military presence in south korea something kim jong un could bring up with trump. but it decreased u.s. presence anywhere in asia is something that concerns japan a sworn enemy of pyongyang that's within striking distance of their missiles it's not so much north korea that the japanese are worried about although presently that's an immediate issue but longer term and over time it's the chinese who present a threat to japan and it's why the japanese want the united states to remain firmly in firmly involved in northeast asia trade will also be a big topic trump plans to slap tariffs on steel and aluminum imports oh he's exempting countries like south korea canada and mexico japan wasn't on the list amid corruption allegations at home and lagging poll numbers abbate could use
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a concession on trade from the u.s. to help him. overshadowing the meeting however is the release of the former f.b.i. director james coney's book which goes on sale on tuesday the president fired komi last may over the f.b.i.'s investigation into alleged trunk campaign ties to russia trump has lashed out at comi on twitter calling him a slimeball and mentally incompetent in his first interview on sunday since being fired a commie compared to the mob bosses he once prosecuted going on i don't think he's medically unfit to be president i think is morally unfit to be president zine. trump's decision to bomb syria over the weekend will also loom over the trip as pressure mounts on the u.s. to present the world with a coherent strategy can really help it al-jazeera washington. the new york times and washington post have won a pulitzer prize for the reporting on alleged links between russia and donald trump's presidential campaign the times also won the pulitzer for public service
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along with a new yorker for covering the sexual harassment scandal surrounding harvey weinstein revelations about the hollywood moguls misconduct to lead to the worldwide me to campaign. the british government has apologized to thousands of members of the caribbean community who have lived and worked in the u.k. for decades but are now being treated as illegal immigrants the problem is said to affect as many as fifty thousand people who came from the west indies to britain after the second world war i want to be philip supports he came to britain from barbados when he was nine years old more than fifty years ago his father had a job at the post office michael married in britain had children grandchildren worked in education thought he was british until the government told him he didn't have the right documents he lost his job as he fought for the right to stay here if i was the porter i don't know what i would do to take someone out and they throw
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them out if they have no no worse because that is what they do it. you know it's about work what you know what you could do for you to help britain being a better place than it was a rival of more than four hundred head to jamaica the so-called women dress a generation named after a ship that carried the first arrivals from the caribbean in the one nine hundred forty eight invited to britain given citizenship it's many of the children who travelled with their parents who are now facing difficulties some of being caught out by strict new laws specifying documents they need to prove how long they've been hearing this could not have blown up at a more embarrassing time for the british government the very week in which their hosts the commonwealth summit in which it's busy emphasising its friendship with former colonies as it prepares to leave the e.u. . ministers told parliament they're trying to repair the damage with a special team to help the wind generation
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a promise to resolve their cases quickly free of charge although the government isn't sure whether some people have already been disappointed in aaron can she tell the house how many have been detained as prisoners in their own culture can she tell the house how many have been denied health under the national health service how many have denied pensions how many have lost their job this is a day of national shape mr speaker i shan't be a little gentleman's admiration for the people who came here from the caribbean and contributed so much to our society in many many different ways and that admiration remains in place i am concerned that the home office is becoming a test become too concerned with policy and strategy and sometimes lose sight of the individual. but who is in charge of the home office with these new stricter policies were being designed yes today's prime minister to resign may so as the
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public outcry grows there's now a political as well as moral imperative to. treat the win dress generation fairly barnaby phillips al jazeera london. this is all just zero these are the top stories pro-government media reporting missile strikes on two syrian air bases syrian state t.v. says missiles were intercepted over shy about ten homes and has a ball of media say don't marry or field was attacked the u.s. says its military was not active in the area at the time russia says international inspectors will enter duma on wednesday to investigate a suspected chemical attack the u.s. accused russia of tampering with the site but moscow says the delays in access are jus to do with security the russian envoy to the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons has accused the british intelligence of fabricating the attack . we have serious grounds to believe that it was highly
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likely that this provocation was organized with the help of the british intelligence services the u.s. president has reportedly blocked new sanctions on russia over its support for the syrian government the washington post is quoting unnamed officials saying donald trump opposed the plan at a national security meeting on sunday the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley announced a russian companies would be targeted for supporting syria is suspected chemical weapons program t.v. presenter is now caught up in the legal battle over the f.b.i. raid on the office of donald trump's personal lawyer michael cohen has admitted he gave secret legal advice to fox news host sean hannity he's been a prominent critic of the f.b.i.'s investigation into the u.s. president's russian ties but did not reveal his link to trump's lawyer. canada is withdrawing the families of diplomats posted in cuba after new information on the
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stevia is illnesses which have affected stuff it's how vanna embassy diplomats from canada and the u.s. first reported symptoms of headaches dizziness and no set last year cuban officials say they don't know what's behind the incidents seven inmates have been killed in a prison riot in the u.s. state of south carolina seventeen others were injured in the maximum security leak correctional institution prison guards regained control after several hours those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after inside story but for now. it happens all too often in india the gang rape and murder of a younger.


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