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the syrian civil war moments and tutsi but what is new different is that each tea some people will live until to morrow so many innocent people will die from around the world the bats and balls are several years old the really good players could end up trading a cricket academy and maybe one day play for the national team. if you were in beijing look you know the pacific ocean you'd see american warships. somehow time is aiming to replace america and going to run the world but the chinese are not that stupid these guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this seems like a preparation for our first president george washington so that if you want peace prepare for war the coming war on china. on a. new yorkers are very receptive to see because it is such an international city they're very interested and that global perspective that al-jazeera provides.
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to let international inspectors enter a serious too much but faces allegations of tampering with the site of an apparent chemical attack. i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera life and also coming up. quickly if you would think. a judge or laces the client list of donald trump's lawyer who paid an adult film star one hundred thirty thousand dollars to remain silent. a court hearing for australia's most powerful catholic cardinal faces allegations of sexual abuse plus . they weren't winning rapper kendrick lamar can now add a pulitzer prize to his list of accolades.
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after a series of delays russia says international inspectors will introduce on wednesday to investigate an apparent chemical attack follow some urgency talks by the global can the weapons watchdog the u.s. accused russia of tampering with the site. blame delays on security concerns a fact finding team arrived in syria on saturday will try to establish if a chemical attack happened on april seventh it will not assign blame the russian envoy to the chemical weapons watchdog has accused british intelligence of organizing the attack. you know here we have serious grounds to believe that it was highly likely that this provocation was organized with the help of the british intelligence services international fallout from the suspected chemical attack is growing and the u.k. the prime minister has been defending her decision to join the u.s. and france in the air strike against syria the opposition says theresa may should
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have gotten parliament's approval first shot a whole reports from london. having faced a barrage of criticism over the weekend to use it made her case to parliament that bombing syria could be both morally and legally justifiable if it was not she said about intervening in a civil war with regime change but about humanitarian necessity saving syria's civilians from future chemical weapons attack as a legal basis for military intervention we cannot allow the use of chemical weapons to become normalized either within syria on the streets of the u.k. or elsewhere so we have not done this because president trump asked us to do so we have done it because we believed it was the right thing to do and we are not very many m.p.'s including in her own party a furious that parliament was not consulted first as is the convention in britain since the iraq war in two thousand and three the leader of the opposition led the
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charge mr speaker this statement serves as a reminder the prime minister is accountable to this parliament not to the whims of the us president i there is no more serious issue than the life and death matters of military action it is right that parliament has the power to support or stop the government from taking land military action i. to resume a sword to justify her sidelining of parliament last week by citing the need to act quickly to prevent further attack and saying that high level intelligence could now . have been shared with them peas in advance the rather damning opposition claim instead is that she rushed to support donald trump and feared that if she'd put it to a vote she'd have lost the prime minister's performance will not satisfy all far from it and certainly not protesters outside we've been on the basis of. confirmed chemical weapons attack weeks without
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a fight in parliament which i quote i don't like the bombing and i don't see any reason at all that is a democracy like we have the vote for one that sees a maze not you know universe ways to put the u.k. government insists there are no plans for further attacks in syria that presumably will change if there's another chemical weapon attack jonah al jazeera of london. senior catholic cleric overturned to court next month to find out whether he will stand trial on sexual abuse charges cardinal george pell is accused of multiple sexual offenses which he denies his lawyer says he is being targeted to punish the catholic church for failing to prevent other cases of abuse and that the charges should be thrown out andrew thomas has been following proceedings at the melbourne magistrates court. although pavel is australia's most senior figure within the catholic church he was once off bishop here in melbourne he's also be an archbishop
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in sydney and he was until very recently arguably the third most important person in the catholic church worldwide in charge of all their finances well he found out on tuesday that it will be on the east of my that he discovers whether he'll have to face a formal trial a multiple historic sexual abuse crimes at the place accuse him of the magistrate here in melbourne but spend the last six weeks hearing some of the evidence against him and hearing what some of his defense would be and she said that she'll now take the time to consider whether those witnesses all believable she said in court on tuesday but the defense would have to have an oil light to the possibility that those witnesses those accusers could be taken seriously by a jury and that would be the test by which she would the sawyer whether or not a formal trial could go ahead it's not called no pale has been at the school a number of stages over the last six weeks he wasn't here on tuesday but he will now have to wait another couple of weeks before he finds out whether he will have
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to face a full trial a judge has rejected a bid by the us president's personal lawyer michael cohen to keep some of his business documents secret the records were seized as part of an investigation into his dealings with an adult film actress who says she had an affair with trump kristen salome reports. attorneys for michael cohen and president trump asked the judge not to give investigators documents seized by the f.b.i. until they could review them and citing attorney client privilege to protect the identity of other cohen clients but the judge denied the motion and outed one high profile client conservative fox news commentator and trump supporter sean hannity hannity says he discussed real estate issues with cohen who's an old friend attorney michael cohen is the one under investigation in the proceedings taking place here in the federal courthouse in manhattan but it's a possibility that new information could come to light from those seized documents about president truong and his alleged affair with
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a porn star that's attracting so much attention thank you very much. investigators are looking for possible criminal activity surrounding cohen's one hundred thirty thousand dollars payment to stormy daniels who says she was paid to keep quiet about her brief two thousand and six relationship with the president. my attorney and i are committed to making sure that everyone finds out the truth and the facts of what happened and i give my word that we will not rest until that happens. she is suing for defamation of character and her lawyer says the seize documents could be important to their case and dangerous to anyone who's dealt with cohen he is radio active anyone that had any contact with this man in the last twenty years should be very concerned about what secrets and there's are within these documents the judge is yet to decide who will review the documents which include information about the president's business before they're given to
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investigators cohen's attorneys have asked for the appointment of a so-called special master to do the job they're typically an independent lawyer who decides what prosecutors can see but prosecutors argue cohen doesn't need these special protections regardless of who represents christian salumi al jazeera new york the u.n. says fighting in the democratic republic of congo is forced more than seventy thousand people to flee to neighboring uganda. is retracing their journey traveling from uganda capital kampala to the refugee camp then heads towards the landing site for many of the refugees have arrived by boat he sent us this report near the town of bunia for his company the governor on a visit to areas affected by the violence. homes made of plastic sheets don't help much in the rain. it's all people have in this camp for displaced people in the town of poignant in the democratic republic of congo they were
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attacked by militia who cut and killed people with machetes and burned houses the government says the situation is now under control. we joined the provincial governor on a visit to the conflict area. it's remote it was barely roads. they found small towns full of people who fled the countryside came to hear what the governor had to say. the governor saying there must be peace encouraging people to go home and saying the government will do all it can to provide security for the people here a skeptical about his message. in each town we visit more displaced people who say it's not safe to go home the attackers are all from eleven to ethnic groups the victims are ethnic hemas and some lenders to two groups have been rivals in the past but most people here say there is no ethnic conflict right now majority prisk
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is a hammer with many lendu friends. but as they like they're telling us the government is responsible for what's going on that this is a war of the government they're saying this to us every day. many people here have told us they share the same suspicion of the government's role that the u.n. doesn't have the world's second largest peacekeeping force here we met the mission's chief visiting one of the camps it balances things that it's a nice nuclear conflict but nobody knowing who is behind i did not heard at all that the government is i did not heard that. the government in kinshasa denies involvement as did the provincial governor. i want to assure everyone that the government has done nothing even the provincial government has done nothing we don't have any interest in destabilizing our own territory or killing our own population whoever is behind the violence convincing the population to return won't
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be easy most homes remain deserted behind them the fresh graves of those killed some hacked to death others burned in their homes it'll take a lot to convince people it's safe here malcolm webb al jazeera it's early province in the democratic republic of congo. still ahead on al-jazeera and in these assignments basic representatives over at user data breach last. i'm very sorry for any confusion or anxiety that you know i'm doing the wrong as the british government announces a plan to address concerns of some caribbean immigrants. from long flowing on in winds to an enchanting desert breeze you're. always warming up nicely now across western europe there i say taste of the summer coming through actually still
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a fair amount of cash and it is just spilling in across the british isles but high pressure coming through here so the skies opening up also blue skies and warm sunshine to still a little bit of cloud into central and eastern pos but it's coming from the east will be safe you and far between little line of showers there coming from the balkans easing up into that western side of russia and beyond twenty one celsius in moscow warm enough seventeen celsius there for a lot of the twenty one in paris the winds coming in from all the southwesterly direction the clouds will clear through as we go through wednesday look at that twenty two in london absolutely gorgeous twenty six celsius there for paris and madrid warming up nicely as well with a high of around twenty four degrees the sharing further east that will make its way further east with still fifteen celsius in most cases and damp weather and some cooler weather here still want to see showers down towards making their way towards greece but for much of the but it's right it it will be an improving pitch a loss of five dry and sunny weather as is the case to across north africa
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a little bit of cloud just skirting with the fog north of algeria and she at all make its way through warm sunshine coming in behind her back with a high of twenty five. the with it sponsored by qatar and reduce. the scene for us whether online what is american sign in yemen that piece is possible but not what happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sat there people the little choosing between buying medication and eating basis is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist and she's close to the story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera.
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iraq and al-jazeera let's pick up the top stories right now russia says international inspectors will be allowed to enter two on wednesday to investigate a suspected chemical attack will try to establish if an attack took place on air for the seventh it will not assign blame the u.s. accuses rush of tampering with the site while moscow was claiming to liaison security concerns. a judge has rejected a bid by the u.s. president's personal lawyer michael cohen to keep some of this records secret the documents were seized as part of an investigation into a payout hearing for an adult film actress who claimed she had an affair with donald trump. at all still is a senior catholic cleric will return to court next month to find out if he will stand trial on sexual abuse charges cardinal george pell is accused of multiple sexual offenses which he denies. trying to our top story now the fallout from the
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suspected chemical attack and witnesses have told al jazeera they felt the effects of a poisonous substance and during the alleged attack many have now arrived at displacement camps in northern syria some avenge of a report on tap on the turkish syrian border this is what home looks like today for mahmoud and his family on april the seventh they were in duma when it was alleged syrian forces launched a chemical attack i will mahmoud this close to where it happened. there was another missile which landed and then there was a very strange smell the first thing was smoke i call it yellow smoke it had a rotten smell it was like a new thing was being tested on us although they've been displaced the children are finally able to play in the sun without the fear of bombs or near strikes more than sixty thousand people have been forced to leave their homes in duma but tens of thousands more opted to stay duma is part of eastern which was besieged for nearly five years and bombed into submission over the last two months. the
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intensity of the last attack made gestural islam spy to surrender the next day in a statement the rebel group says it decided to withdraw to save lives russia and syria continue to deny that chemical weapons were used and see the pictures of the bodies and people gasping for breath is propaganda produced with the help of western intelligence agencies the u.s. u.k. and france didn't believe russia or syria and carried out air strikes on syrian military facilities in retaliation some people like primary teacher ahmed illegally entered turkey to reach safety he doesn't want to disclose his real name or show his face because his family is in damascus and he's afraid they will be harmed if his identity is revealed. when we came to live there was a war like situation there and edge of this was a bombardment we left couldn't stay alive we don't want to face war again we want to have a normal life into turkey it was very difficult to cross but it wasn't impossible the. medical sources told our visitor that those were families in areas under the
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control of the assad government will be free to say anything about the alleged chemical attack there have been allegations and denials about tampering with the evidence in duma some members of the international chemical watchdog say they have not been granted access to decide where the alleged chemical attack took place russia maintains that it should be the u.n. which grants access but i recall after the incident with a team which does not have the mandate to see who carried out the attack many don't have much hope in what will they find some other job. maybe dickie's syria border. france has announced sixty million dollars towards humanitarian aid in syria that follows a debate in parliament where m.p.'s discuss the government's involvement in joint airstrikes in syria on saturday they emphasized the need for a political and humanitarian response. enemy is not syria we did not go into war against syria or against bashar al assad's regime. we want the terrorist
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movement that is organized in now territory fatal attacks that deeply struck several french families and beyond that all souls of us judge has ruled the facebook my space a class action lawsuit over its use of facial recognition technology people in illinois say the company broke state laws by collecting biometric information without their consent but facebook insists the case has no merit it is the latest issue for the social media giant after a british consultancy firm has found her for improperly access to information and early ninety million users. and then the other development indonesia's government has summoned facebook representatives for questioning the site admits the personal information of a million indonesians was shared with cambridge analytic at the u.p.a. or is a the head of asia program for article nineteen that's an organization which focuses on freedom of expression and matthew thank you so much for joining us so you know cambridge analytic this is been in the news for weeks now and the information the
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data that they gathered was used for political purposes in indonesia is facebook used as a political tool as well. well i think that we the indonesian government is taking the right first step here they need to hear from facebook some questions here facebook's answer so i think it's a good first step that we're actually getting some more some more transparency from facebook sure absolutely so. facebook has been used as a as a political tool in the u.s. which is why there's so much discussion about people's personal information is facebook used that way in indonesia as well to to to discuss you know whether it's fake news politics etc is is that use that way in indonesia. sure absolutely facebook is used for all sorts of purposes in indonesia discussing politics religion among them and these are really sensitive issues and so i actually
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facebook and social media serves a really important function in the free flow of information there are problems here certainly around privacy protection of data and i think that it's good that we're starting to get to some to the bottom of some of these questions with facebook disclosing their policies in the hearing today in indonesia facebook committed to being more transparent and to share more of their policies about how they're sharing information with third parties so you know there was a hearing this last week where mark zuckerberg away you know directly to u.s. congress and to answer some questions do you think that there whether it's indonesia or any other countries do you think that they had that type of leverage as well to try to get some answers at facebook to figure out how to go forward. certainly the hearing in the u.s. congress was a really big deal i don't know if indonesia is going to match that but indonesia is the third largest country in terms of social media users or facebook users so
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there's quite a lot of leverage there i think that some of the threats by the indonesian government in indonesia minister to shut down facebook are probably empty threats indonesia's not ready to go the way of china. but but certainly they do have leverage and that was that was seen by the seriousness with which facebook was addressing the questions today all right matthew thank you so much appreciate it relatives their crew members on a missing argentine submarine are demanding answers from the government the vessel disappeared in november with forty four crew members on board that offense minister was questioned by an investigating committee protestors outside urged politicians to put more resources into the search the defense minister assured the families the seven arraign will be found. the submarine is somewhere we have to find it and we are trying to find it we've been looking for it for five months and we'll
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keep looking for it this can happen we hired a company and they didn't find it in the one hundred days promised going to continue searching we needed. an international team of scientists has engineered an enzyme that eats types of plastic that are polluting the world's oceans and waterways it's able to quickly digest p. eighteen plastic and that's millions of tons of bottles and takes hundreds of years to break down the team is now looking to beef up the project so it can be used on an industrial scale so discoveries the enzymes amazing something that can eat plastic would normally take four hundred years to degrade the bacteria are starting to eat this in a matter of days what we've done is we've proved that and same from that bacteria and grown up in the lab i know we can actually digest p.t. within days much quicker in the environment and the idea here is that we can make the enzyme faster know by understanding how it works and then we have an industrial
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process canada's withdrawing the families of diplomats in cuba after new information on mysterious illnesses which have affected staff at savannah embassy diplomats from canada and the u.s. for support of symptoms that headaches dizziness and nausea last year a medical specialists say they might have brain injuries given officials say they don't know what's behind the incidents a lot of marketer alysia newman has more from havana. the latest episode in the saga involving health issues of diplomats from the united states and canada here in cuba involves the families of canadian diplomats the canadian government says it is now withdrawing these families because it cannot guarantee their health this after more than a year of investigations carried out by cuban american and canadian specialists they've never been able to come up with a satisfactory explanation as to what has been ailing or what was ailing these diplomats in two thousand and seventeen the symptoms were nausea headaches dizziness among others and now the canadians are saying that there could even be
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some brain damage involved last year the trumpet administration practically shut down its embassy here in cuba withdrawing most of its diplomatic staff saying that their health could not be guaranteed the cuban government has repeatedly denied carrying out any sort of acoustical or any other type of attack against american or canadian diplomats in this country but this latest incident now involving the withdrawal of the families of the canadian diplomats comes at a particularly sensitive time just two days before president raul castro is due to step down signaling the end of a sixty year castro era in calling as cuba the british government has apologized to thousands of members of the caribbean community who have lived and worked in the u.k. for decades but are now being treated as undocumented immigrants the problem is such a fact as many as fifty thousand people who came from the west indies after the second world war barnaby phillips reports. he came to britain from barbados when he
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was nine years old more than fifty years ago his father had a job in the post office michael married in britain had children grandchildren worked in education thought he was british until the government told him he didn't have the right documents he lost his job as he fought for the right to stay here if i was deported i don't know what i would to take someone under threat of if they had no no worth because that is what they. you know it's about work what you know what you could do for you to help britain being a better place than it was a rival of more than four hundred. the so-called women dress a generation named after a ship that carried the first arrivals from the caribbean in the one nine hundred forty eight invited to britain given citizenship it's many of the children who travelled with their parents who are now facing difficulties some of being caught
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out by strict new laws specifying documents they need to prove how long they've been hearing this could not have blown up at a more embarrassing time for the british government the very week in which the commonwealth summit in which it's busy emphasizing its friendship with former colonies as it prepares to leave the e.u. . ministers told parliament they're trying to repair the damage with a special team to help the wind generation a promise to resolve their cases quickly free of charge although the government isn't sure whether some people have already been disappointed in aaron can she tell the house how many have been detained as prisoners in their own country can she tell the house how many have been to noise on the national health service how many have denied pensions how many have lost their job this is a day of national shape mr speaker i shan't be able gentleman's admiration for the people who came here from the caribbean and contributed so much to our society in
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many many different ways and that admiration remains in place i am concerned that the home office is becoming test become too concerned with policy and strategy and sometimes lose sight of the individual. who is in charge of the home office with these new stricter policies were being designed yes today's prime minister to resign may so as the public outcry grows there's now a political as well as moral imperative to treat the when dressed generation fairly barnaby phillips al-jazeera london. the reporters who broke stories exposing sexual harassment in hollywood have won the most prestigious prize in american journalism the new york times and new yorker won a joint pulitzer for investigations into the alleged sexual abuse by film producer harvey weinstein the reports lead to his downfall and also sparked the global need to move them in encouraging people to speak out about sexual harassment the new
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york times and the washington post also won a pulitzer for their reporting on suspected russian interference in the two thousand and sixteen u.s. presidential election and what's being seen as a cultural milestone kendrick lamar has become the first rapper to win the pulitzer prize for music as two thousand and seventeen album dam has been praised for bridging hip hop to high art or from how each of castra. we are. called the voice of a generation thirty year old kendrick lamar mixes hip hop with poetry and political protest his common subjects of race police brutality and perseverance made his songs the anthem of the black lives matter movement in the united states. his politically charged performances like this one on top of a vandalized police car have also triggered conservative backlash they're not helpful at all this is why i say that hip hop is that more damage to young
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african-americans than racism in recent years but it was with a quiet delight that the administrator of the pulitzer prize announced on monday that lamar's latest album was to be honored with this year's award a virtual stick song collection unified by its for nakheel or authenticity and rhythmic diane diamond tism. that offers affecting vignettes capturing the complexity of modern african american life well maher is the most commercially successful musician to have won the pulitzer prize with his albums selling out at record stores he is also the first non classical or jazz artist to win the honor legitimizing rap music as critically acclaimed art lamar says his music is a reflection of his background the son of a former gang member now a cultural icon who is recognized for his contribution to american arts and music castro al-jazeera washington. and you get
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a moment to visit our web site al jazeera dot com keep it here for a recap of the headlines. these are the headlines on al-jazeera russia says international inspectors will be allowed to enter into him on wednesday to investigate a suspected chemical attack will try to establish if an attack took place on april seventh it will not however assign blame the u.s. accuses russia of tampering with the site while moscow is blaming delays on security concerns. a judge has rejected a bid by the u.s. president's personal lawyer michael cohen to keep some of his records secret the documents were seized as part of an investigation into a payout here range for an adult film actress who claimed she had an affair with donald trump. australia's most senior catholic cleric will return to court next month to find out whether he will stand trial on sexual abuse charges cardinal
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george pell is accused of multiple sexual offenses which he denies his lawyer says he's being targeted to punish the catholic church for failing to prevent other cases of abuse and that the charges should be thrown out canada as withdrawing the families of diplomats in cuba after new information on mysterious illnesses which have affected staff at its have an embassy diplomats from canada and the u.s. first reported symptoms of headaches dizziness and nausea last year well now medical specialists say they may have brain injuries cuban officials say they don't know what's behind the incidents. argentina's defense minister is facing tough questions on a hearing into the disappearance of a naval submarine last year relatives of the crew are demanding answers from the government the vessel disappeared in november with forty four crew members on board . a u.s. judge has ruled that facebook must face a class action lawsuit over its use of facial recognition technology people of illinois say the company broke state laws by collecting biometric information
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without their consent and then a national team of scientists is injured and that eats types of plastic that are polluting the world's oceans and waterways it's able to quickly digest p.t. plastic it's used in millions of tons of bottles and it takes hundreds of years to break down the team is now looking to beef up the project so it can be used on an industrial scale those are the headlines i'm richelle carey keep it here on al-jazeera for news throughout the day meanwhile strain this next. getting to the heart of the matter if. the supreme leader calls you today and says let's have would you accept facing new realities what do you think reunification would look like there are two people keep the peace for unification is the only option for prosperity you. hear their story on to al-jazeera.


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