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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 17, 2018 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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in the next episode of tech note the team looks into the environmental impact of waste management trash is a big business for them and unfortunately smelly bill goes to the complexities of recycling when these different plastics are blended together then the recycling becomes difficult to impossible and the signs that office solutions it's very easy for us to have a hundred percent recycled material techno on al-jazeera. every dude is being it's being. measured to support intelligence agencies are. to do things in secret that are on the politically embarrassing all of the colleagues that i knew to retire from the n.s.a. could not stand by and see all the work that they had done being used for mass surveillance digital dissidence at this time on al-jazeera.
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syrian t.v. says chemical weapons inspectors have finally into duma to investigate a suspected gas attack. in jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up a court hearing frustrated as most senior cleric was accused of sexual abuse. a judge releases the client list of donald trump's moire who paid an adult film star thousands of dollars to remain silent plus. discovery is amazing some scientists stumble upon a potential solution to plastic. surgery
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international inspectors of em to do much to investigate an apparent chemical attack after being delayed for almost twenty four hours russia controls the area and was accused of refusing access well the u.s. accused russia of tampering with the site while moscow blamed delays on security concerns joins us live now from the lebanese capital beirut santa so reports that the inspectors have been allowed into duma earlier than we thought what more can you tell us. syrian state television as well as the russian foreign ministry confirming that that team is now in inspecting and investigating the site of that alleged chemical weapons attack there's still no confirmation from the o.p.c. w but that organization tends to not provide a lot of details about its operational activities like you mentioned the russians and the syrian government they were both accused of preventing or trying to delay the work of the opi c.w. an accusation that both governments denied they cited security concerns they said
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that because of security concerns the team could not enter the team arrived in damascus on saturday and that alleged chemical weapons attack happened on april the seventh almost ten to eleven days ago now the question is what happens after the. releases its findings well the west already carried out retaliation against the syrian government because western countries the u.s. and its allies believe that they have the proof that they have evidence that there was a chemical weapons attack so even if. there was a chemical attack we're not expecting any more retaliation so the russian and the syrian government both saying that the are now in. now australia's most senior catholic cleric will return to court next month to find out if you'll stand trial on sexual abuse charges cardinal george pell denies the allegations his lawyer wants the charges thrown out saying he's being targeted to punish the catholic church for failing to prevent other cases of abuse under thomas
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has been following the proceedings in melbourne. although powell is australia's most senior figure within the catholic church he was once archbishop here in melbourne he's also been archbishop in sydney and he was until very recently arguably the third most important person in the catholic church worldwide in charge of all their finances well he found out on tuesday that it will be on the of my that he discovers whether he'll have to face a formal trial a multiple historic sexual abuse crimes at the place accuse him of the magistrate here in melbourne has spent the last six weeks hearing some of the evidence against him and hearing what some of his defense would be and she said that she'll now take the time to consider whether those witnesses are believable she said in court on tuesday but the defense would have to have a noire like to the possibility that those witnesses those accusers could be taken seriously by a jury and that would be the test by which she would decide whether or not
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a formal trial could go ahead not cardinal pell has been at this call to a number of stages over the last six weeks he wasn't here on tuesday but he will now have to wait another couple of weeks before he finds out whether he will have to face a full trial now a judge has rejected a bid by the us president's personal lawyer to keep some of his business documents secret the records were seized as part of an investigation into his dealings with an adult film actress who says she had an affair with trump question salumi reports . attorneys for michael cohen and president trump asked the judge not to give investigators documents seized by the f.b.i. until they could review them and citing attorney client privilege protect the identity of other collin klein. but the judge denied the motion and outed one high profile client conservative fox news commentator and trump supporter sean hannity hannity says he discussed real estate issues with cohen who's an old friend.
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attorney michael cohen is the one under investigation in the proceedings taking place here in the federal courthouse in manhattan but it's a possibility that new information could come to light from those seized documents about president truong and his alleged affair with a porn star that's attracting so much attention thank you very much. investigators are looking for possible criminal activity surrounding cullen's one hundred thirty thousand dollars payment to stormy daniels who says she was paid to keep quiet about her brief two thousand and six relationship with the president. my attorney and i are committed to making sure that everyone finds out the truth and the facts of what happened and i give my word that we will not rest until that happens. she is suing for defamation of character and her lawyer says the seize documents could be important to their case and dangerous to anyone who's dealt with cohen he is radio active anyone that had any contact with this man in the last
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twenty years should be very concerned about what secrets it bears are within these documents the judge is yet to decide who will review the documents which include information about the president's business before they're given to investigators cohen's attorneys have asked for the appointment of a so-called special master to do the job they're typically an independent lawyer who decides what prosecutors can see but prosecutors argue cohen doesn't need these special protections regardless of who represents christian salumi al jazeera new york. calibers withdrawing the families of diplomats in cuba have been suffering from a mysterious illness doctors believe stuff at the embassy in havana may have brain injuries envoys from canada and the u.s. first reported headaches dizziness and nausea last year kuba says he doesn't know what's causing the symptoms in america and it's in a sea of newman has moved from havana. the latest episode in the saga involving health issues of diplomats from the united states and canada here in cuba involves
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the families of canadian diplomats the canadian government says it is now withdrawing these families because it cannot guarantee their health this after more than a year of investigations carried out by cuban american and canadian specialists they have never been able to come up with a satisfactory explanation as to what has been ailing or what was ailing these diplomats in two thousand and seventeen the symptoms were nausea headaches dizziness among others and now the canadians are saying that there could even be some brain damage involved last year the trumpet ministration practically shut down its embassy here in cuba withdrawing most of its diplomatic staff saying that their health could not be guaranteed the cuban government has repeatedly denied carrying out any sort of acoustic or any other type of attack against american or canadian diplomats in this country but this latest incident now involving the withdrawal of the families of the canadian diplomats comes at
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a particularly sensitive time just two days before president raul castro is due to step down signaling the end of a sixty year castro era in communist cuba police in the jury have fired tear gas and hundreds of shia muslim protesters in a boucher it's the second day of drama in the capital demonstrators want the release of their religious leader. has been jailed without charge since december twenty fifth the. british prime minister to resign may has met with caribbean leaders after the government apologized over how it treated people from the caribbean they've been asked to prove that they have the right to stay in the u.k. you'll face deportation as many as fifty thousand in the west indies to britain after the second world war were affected they apologize for the anxiety that it caused the phillips has more. he came to britain from barbados when he was nine years old more than fifty years ago his father had a job at the post office michael married in britain had children grandchildren
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worked in education thought he was british until the government told him he didn't have the right documents he lost his job as he fought for the right to stay here if i was the porter i don't know what are we to take someone and throw them out if they had no no worth because that is what they do. you know about work what you know what you could do for what you've done to help britain be the better place that it was a rival of more than four hundred have it to make up the so-called generation named after a ship that carried the first arrivals from the caribbean in the one nine hundred forty eight invited to britain given citizenship it's many of the children who travelled with their parents who are now facing difficulties some of been caught out by strict new laws specifying. a study live now to the un security council where they're meeting to discuss the conflict in yemen these are live pictures coming from there we're hearing from the un special envoy for yemen. in the face of
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the complexity and urgency of the challenge. in the days since those original feelings if anything becomes stronger i have been privileged to meet and to be going to buy a wealth of yemenis these come from all the parties and from many civic organizations i've taken up the time of leaders. and listened as eagerly to the views of the less fortunate as is always the case from my own experience it has been the women who i have met and who have spoken to me who have often spoken with the greatest clarity as well as with the generosity that is necessary about those they fear as well as about those they support public comment on yemen like on any other international tragedy is copious and sadly often the two protests
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the rhetoric on yemen is perhaps understandably unforgiving and unsparing i know as you do that peace becomes possible when we see the good in our foes even though we can seriously see clearly the cruelties of war. my emphasis on listening to and engaging yemenis above all other priorities is not an idle decision we know that resolving yemen's conflict may only come from an agreement among its leaders to put aside their differences and for them to agree to deal with them not through battle but through dialogue and debate to put yemenis first therefore is not merely proper and right it is the only way we will find peace in my experience of trying to resolve conflicts so i've learned to take people at their word to trust yes but also to verify we should take on trust the assurances
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we hear even as we know that the ultimate test is what they will deliver in practice so when i hear positive words from one leader or another often instantly the cause of derision or skepticism from the other side my line is that just take these good words and put them to good use. my report today mr president is a preliminary one i will tell you what i know i know also what i fear and i will also try to identify signs of hope my plan is to put to this council within the next two months a framework for negotiations mr president there is good news and bad news and i apologize for this cliche but it is the truth the good news and this is my principal message to the members council today is that a political solution to end this war is indeed available its outlines are
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no secret the end of fighting the withdrawal of forces and handover of heavy weapons and key locations together together with an agreement on the establishment of an inclusive government one which brings the parties together in a consensus to build peace. this can be done all those with whom i spoke from the widest range of the yemeni political spectrum have told me that they want this that they want it quickly that they will work with the united nations to achieve it and that they are conscious of the consequence as in all agreements between enemies that mutual concessions will be required let me emphasize however the does successful outcome of negotiations never to be guaranteed will require patience diligence and good faith between the parties
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i have come to this general conclusion by listening to the leaders of the parties i have assured them that what the secretary general wishes and what this council requires is also what all yemenis want a stable and secure yemen with a government accountable to its citizens. i'm grateful to president hadi for his time his patience and his willingness to put the concerns of his people first his government is spared no effort to ensure i understand their positions their needs and their willingness to engage i count on their support which is essential for the success of this endeavor i was also encouraged by my meeting with the leadership of the unsubtle movement in summer they assured me that they want their movement wants an end to this war and will cooperate with the united nations to make this happen this message was also repeated me and several other encounters i was
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privileged to have with other senior and other leaders i'm greatly encouraged by this constructive attitude i've heard similar views from the leaders and i'm an exceptionally wide variety of yemeni political parties and i'm grateful to them too i have not yet visited the south but i have started to meet southern groups the conflict has as you can imagine brought about major changes on the ground in the southern governor and has made the long standing frustrations and aspirations of southerners more prominent there will be no peace in yemen if we do not also listen to the voices of the south and make sure they are included in the political arrangements that end this war mr president it is no surprise that stopping
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a war. is not at all the same as building peace and so it goes in yemen we must first turn our energies to the business of stopping the war. the parties necessary for this toss this specific task are those whose decisions can contribute to bringing an end to this war and i have been consistent in delivering the same message to them that that is the first toss a negotiated political settlement through inclusive intra yemeni dialogue is the only way to end the yemeni conflict and address the ongoing crisis in it in an ultimate form and to this end all parties to the conflict need to abandon preconditions to talks and grant my office unhindered unconditional access to all relevant stakeholders as indeed this council. asserted in the last presidential
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statement in march this year building peace however as always will be a much larger task based on different precedents and a broader participation the national dialogue with its impressive record of inclusion and of civic participation will be a decisive precedent this will be the agenda of transition to include reconciliation the first item that requires our attention at the end of a conflict constitutional review reconstruction and the rebuilding of state institutions this is about therefore transforming the state making this work will require the full involvement of civil society to ensure that the process goes beyond politics and it reflects the aspirations of all yemenis. mr president i said there was good news but also bad news there is
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a saying that the darkest hour is the one. it comes before dawn and let us hope that this is the case it will not be news to you so all the members of this council that the war has if anything become louder and more pressing these last few weeks i'm concerned about the increased number of ballistic missiles launched towards saudi arabia and i note that this council has already pronounced on this in addition i am concerned about the intensified military operations in gov military confrontations and strikes have continued in numerous other areas of yemen including santa tice. morrow i'll who data. and large governorates the clashes continue without major changes in the front lines but with disturbing reports of civilian casualties we also and this
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is an issue of great importance to us here unconfirmed reports that movements of forces in yemen are on the increase and the prospect of intensive military operations and how the data long heralded may soon be forthcoming our concern is simple that these any of these developments would at a single stroke take peace off the table i'm convinced there's a real danger of this we all need urgently and creatively to find ways to diminish the chances of these game changing events upsetting and derailing the very real hopes of the great majority of yemenis people of yemen are in desperate need of signs of hope that this war will soon end. apart from the urgent
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requirement for unlimited humanitarian access as i'm sure we'll be referring to in a minute there are other measures that may provide some hope we have for example and with the encouraged bunch of political leaders from all sides all sides been working to get sun up airport opened again for air traffic and for the rights of yemenis to travel and to rejoin their families we're also eager to arrange the release in exchange of prisoners and both sides both sides have told me that they would like to see all prisoners released i'm very encouraged by this and we do all we can to make it happen and we will report back to you on progress we're also very concerned on the as you have to tensions the tensions by by all all sides we know from experience elsewhere that the arbitrary and widespread detention of civilians in armed conflict is both a terrible abuse but also a fundable fundamental impediment to the recovery of
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a stable society and the need for reconciliation which is so central to peace these are important issues confidence building issues as they referred to even more important if i may is the heroic work being done daily by humanitarian agencies in yemen under the leadership of mark and that of my good friend and colleague least grandy. the members of this council know better than i do the strategic importance of stability in yemen. this is of primary importance for its people for its neighbors and for the wider international community this can only be achieved by ensuring a stable yemen where finally terrorist activity. has can be focused on and eliminated and where the safety of the sea lanes. can be relied upon making this
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happen requires an effective synergy between mediation where i have a role and diplomacy where you do mediation without the backing of diplomacy will certainly fail we will do whatever we can to find agreements that work between yemenis but it is for the members of this council and other member states from time to time to put the force of international opinion behind these agreements and your unity. and your resolve will be decisive thank you very much. and so you're watching live pictures there from the u.n. security council there the u.n. special envoy for yemen martin griffiths has been laying out his assessment of the situation in yemen he says he has a framework for negotiations working towards peace he said there was good news and bad news on the good news front he said there can be a political solution possible to end the conflict he said he's spoken to people
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from all groups in yemen as and they too want peace he said no peace in yemen unless the south of the countries involved he said ending the war isn't the same as building peace he did talk about the bad news though from a pragmatic sense saying that the war in yemen is louder and more pressing of recent weeks he said there's concern about the number of missiles being fired toward saudi arabia and he said there's concern about growing civilian casualties let's go live now to the u.n. and bring in mike hanna who's been listening to martin griffis mike so martin griffiths there laying out his assessment of the situation in yemen what more did he have to say and how significant is it. well it's important to put in some background here darren martin griffith was appointed only in march and he has since then visited most parts of yemen apart as he has mentioned the south though he says that he has spoken to representatives of political groups in the south of the
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country now why this is important is that the previous special envoy to yemen had not spoken to the rebel who is the movement for more than a year they'd accused him of bias and had refused to engage in any discussion with him this is obviously a major problem for attempts to resolve this ongoing crisis in yemen martin griffith the new special envoy has met with representatives of the leaders as you heard there his statement in his good news section is that a political solution to bring an end to the war is available he was adamant that all parties to whom you spoken are really intent on bringing such a political solution about but once again the mention of the bad news and that is the ongoing crisis the ongoing conflict the missiles fired by rebels into saudi arabia saudi arabia and strikes in sana'a province so many issues remain this is
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just the beginning of the new special envoys work he says that he has no full report at present this will be coming back to the council in a couple of months time daryn might just stay with us for a second because we're going to listen in now to mark locus the un's envoy for humanitarian affairs and emergency coordination let's listen quickly to what he has to say. it was also a prominent swift on a marked and unconditional and it has already been fully dispersed. mr president all parties to the conflict must take practical steps to protect civilians and facilitate humanitarian access in line with their obligations under international humanitarian law the record on this issue remains mixed there have been improvements u.n. humanitarian flights and vessels are moving regularly that is positive but we remain very concerned about commercial imports through all of yemen's ports most
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particularly data and salif before the war yemen relied on imports to cover ninety percent of staple foods and nearly all its medicine and fuel needs commercial shortages in delays that have led to shopping creases in the price of food and household necessities ports of the lifeline of yemen we're doing our part to ensure they can function properly i'm pleased to confirm that steps are being taken to further strengthen the un verification and inspection mechanism which screens commercial shipments to date and silly force where encouraging all those concerned to accelerate the normalization of commercial shipments into his data and silly as well as yemen's other ports we are worried that shipping companies are reluctant to enter yemeni waters the reasons are related to problems with foreign exchange in the banking sector as well as the ports but the result is that
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insufficient food is being imported and that needs to be addressed price increases is specially if you are forcing hundreds of thousands of destitute families to turn to humanitarian assistance for their very survival we're also concerned remains closed commercial traffic preventing thousands of critically ill patients from traveling abroad to seek treatment unavailable in yemen. and on several occasions over the last month military activities conducted in the proximity of the airport have affected humanitarian flights last week there were serious incidents close to humanitarian locations which had been de conflicted where working closely with all parties to ensure that they are not repeated within yemen bureaucratic impediments imposed by decision makers in sanaa are affecting relief operations
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humanitarian staff continue to face delays in visas and project approvals restrictions on imports and customs clearance and long delays and searches at checkpoints in recent weeks some parts of the media in sanaa have depicted humanitarian operations in accurately and on justly and humanitarian staff have been detained we're also concerned about insecurity in parts of the country particularly in the south while we have access in part to all of yemen's three hundred thirty three districts restrictions and insecurity mean that an estimated one point two million people in need of assistance live in areas inaccessible to humanitarian organizations or impediments which prevent humanitarians from reaching people must stop mr president looking ahead we still
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face enormous challenges unless steps are taken now in high risk districts we risk another major cholera outbreak last year's outbreak of cholera more treat diarrhea struck more than a million people the effects continue to linger as we enter the rainy season the conditions that created this outbreak are still present. applying the lessons from last year we are doing everything we can to respond agencies are pre-positioning supplies chlorinated water sources and launching a vaccination campaign. as with other challenges a successful response requires safe unimpeded and on handed access across and into yemen for humanitarian stuff and humanitarian supplies we need predictable fuel imports to keep hospitals and water treatment plants running yemeni public servants who are doing so much themselves to prepare for and respond to the crisis need
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their salaries paid most health and sanitation workers have still not been paid for more than a year and a half the impact of. fighting on the civilian population particularly. governorates is deeply worrying civilian lives are lost public infrastructure is destroyed displacement is increasing mines and the remnants of war affect agricultural production and the wider economy as well as threatening civilian life some three million women and girls are at risk of sexual violence like martin i also remain very concerned about missiles being launched into saudi arabia from within yemen this adds a further dimension to the civil war and puts many civilians at great risk i want to remind all parties that they have obligations under international humanitarian
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law restraint is needed to avoid any escalation which would worsen still the suffering of ordinary people mr president while the humanitarian response can do and is doing a lot he cannot resolve this crisis. i therefore echo the special envoy school martin school for all parties to engage meaningfully with the united nations without preconditions to achieve a lasting negotiated settlement towards a sustainable peace thank you very core and you know. what a month you are exposed. to briefing and i get the floor to those council members who wish to make statements if the support of the representative of the united kingdom ok so you're watching live pictures there from the u.n. security council we heard from the u.n.
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special envoy to yemen marc rich you also heard from our local quds the un's eye representative for humanitarian affairs saying another cholera outbreak is imminent in yemen he said the country desperately needs fuel to keep hospitals and health centers running he talked about the need for salaries to be paid and the impact of airstrikes on civilians continues to be deeply worrying you talked about public infrastructure continuing to being destroyed so live pictures there coming from the u.n. security council on yemen well that's it for me daryn jordan here the news continues on our desire after the stream section that's watching fifty three member states. one night conic figurehead as leaders of the commonwealth descend on london for its biennial meeting asks how much does the commonwealth matter in today's world and where does it go after queen elizabeth all of the commonwealth heads of government meeting on al-jazeera.


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