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rewind returns with a new series of air bring your people back to life i'm sorry i'm brian new updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries there has been a number of reforms put in place since the program was filmed rewind begins with mohammed at the time when i was in. i was the global for. like and the other student i was very fortunate to be awarded an up a scholarship rewind on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. with every.
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al-jazeera and live from studio fourteen we had al-jazeera headquarters and jane well come to the news good syrian state t.v. says international inspectors of finally entered duma to investigate a suspected chemical weapons attack meanwhile government forces are on an apparent victory much softer military success in eastern guta syrian forces are now on the move to another damascus suburb that targets rebel fighters and i saw on the grid the plight of thousands of palestinian prisoners in israeli jails many of them held without charge or trial that's the focus of prisoners day as palestinians show this solidarity and a radical find in a rubbish dump the kill to plastic it's an end. modified so that we can break down
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the material in days explore what this means for recycling and ultimately our environment indonesia is the latest country to demand answers from facebook after a million accounts were shared with consulting firm cambridge analytics we're talking to indonesians about how they want their government to respond i'm we harding thank you that's for the hash tag eighteen experience. with the news good live and then streaming online through you to facebook live and at al-jazeera dot com it's been twenty four hours since an acrimonious exchange between russia the us and the u.k. over the delay in the lounge weapons inspectors into duma now they finally gone in and will begin investigating the suspected chemical weapons used by the syrian government against civilians that russia controls the area i was blamed by the u.k. for refusing them access meanwhile the u.s.
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accused russia of tampering with the site something moscow has vehemently denied the fact finding team arrived in syria on saturday and says they'll touch establish what happened on april the seventh but it won't assign blame it's gonna live to send a halt she is in beirut what can you tell us about those and what sort of things will they be doing the. call that o.p.c. w t m and now in the duma what we understand is that going they're going to inspect and investigate the site of that alleged chemical weapons attack they're going to take samples they're going to talk to witnesses doctors people who were there but there has been a lot of concern that the o.p.c. w. will not find the evidence because we heard from the united states as well as the french foreign ministry expressing concern that the evidence could have been tampered with or the proof is no longer there this alleged chemical weapons attack happened on april the seventh that's approximately ten or eleven. and the russian
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government and the syrian government has been accused of delaying or preventing the mission of this o.p.c. w. because they landed in damascus or arrived in damascus on saturday so all these accusations but at the end of the day even if the o.p.c. w. finds that and indeed a chemical weapons attack actually happened we're not expecting any retaliation because the united states and its allies already carried out retaliatory strikes targeting chemical weapons facilities in and around damascus so they weren't waiting for the o.p.c. w. findings and they made clear that they will strike again if another chemical weapons attack happens stay with us because i want to speak to you by fresh from its proclaim victory of taking back control of eastern ghouta the syrian government has turned its gaze to another trouble spot close to the capital assad's forces have begun shelling the last area and i still control near the capital the tiny. has been under
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a government siege for several years haas of it is held by isis fighters the other health by rival rebel groups government troops say they plan to retake the whole area in the coming days many home to about six thousand palestinian refugees who moved long before the war in syria began what do you hearing about this and is this the sort of final mopping up process for assad and his men. who are clearly the government is in a very comfortable position we heard from the syrian army and its allies saying that they are preparing for this operation to clear southern to mask this there are two enclaves out of the government's control in southern damascus one controlled by and the other controlled by rebels according to the army they have begun targeting the enclave controlled by our soul and there are in talks to pressure the rebels in that other and place to surrender and they're doing the same to rebels in the enclave of western that's in the west of damascus and what we understand is one of the main rebel factions has already agreed to surrender and they're expected to.
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evacuate the town on thursday because what the syrian government is telling them is you have two choices face an all out assault or surrender evacuate or of course reconcile with the government so applying really military pressure on these rebel forces and people who live in these rebel enclaves are really worried about their fate. this could be the start of a new offensive against rebel territory hopes. the syrian government appears to be turning its attention to the strategic region following its victory in eastern huta much of the central province has been recaptured in recent years but the opposition has long held an enclave in the northern countryside that the area is strategic for damascus if it wants to secure the roads linking government controlled cities in the west of the country the opposition is promising a fight on the little bit of mctear they weren't able to hurt us with the or two that was shining and they did try to advance on the ground they failed we warn them
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that if they want to fight they will lose a lot of. every so often the army drops leaflets on these besieged neighborhoods demanding rebels to reconcile with the government surrender and leave or face attack that's the way the government takes areas by imposing sieges and then bombing the rebels and the population into submission. we fear they might displace us just like they did to others in other places people are petrified because they don't want to be left without homes or shelter. hundreds of thousands of syrians have been forced from their homes because of these so-called reconciliation or evacuation deals and they know returning is only a distant possibility they have. to be displaced i want to stay with my family and friends i don't want to go anywhere else to be humiliated. holmes is not the government's only target there is a rebel enclave forty kilometers northeast of the capital damascus rebels in the
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western region have been given an ultimatum to accept a state to rule or leave the faction in the town of the mayor has agreed to surrender to stave off a military offensive the opposition has little chance of winning the battles in the northern countryside of homs and in the western and clearly those areas are under siege they have been for years but it's only recently that the army has been able to apply military pressure throughout the conflict the pro-government alliance suffered from a manpower shortage and has had to prioritize battles. now the army is mobilizing on the frontlines in southern damascus. and the opposition controls a number of districts there it seems the priority will be the battle with before a deal is offered to the rebels that would end all opposition presence in and around the capital where thousands gather to celebrate syria's independence day and this year the government is marking the anniversary from a position of strength has never been this comfortable since the start of the
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conflict more than seven you. it's like oh and here's a couple of facebook comments on this topic it doesn't matter what they find they'll never admit it if it's a false flag this one from joe think of these proxy wars how about saudis and iran get out what a nice idea of talking of saadi joel a few minutes ago the saudi foreign minister has said that his country is willing to send troops into syria as part of a wider coalition pedicle hey has more from d.c. that's pretty significant isn't it patty. it really is i think you have to look at this in the broader context of what's happening here in washington president donald trump really surprised all of his staff and a lot of people the department of defense when he said he wanted all of the u.s. troops out of syria right away now the department of defense was able to convince him that perhaps he should wait he has said fine just a couple of months basically what he said on the campaign trail is what he's doing in office let somebody else deal with that we know he's held back millions of
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dollars that was designed to be spent on syrian reconstruction so what his message is is pulling out the fighters somebody else go in you make sure that isis doesn't come back well the department of defense is going to be very wary of this plan from saudi arabia although they won't comment comment on it right now wall street journal's reporting in that job mr bolton the new national security advisor. the saudis and the united arab emirates to send troops and to also give funding for syria now why would they possibly be against this well there is great concern among leadership inside the military about the ability of saudi forces i mean let's just look at the war in yemen that the u.s. has been helping them fight with intelligence and refueling there's been humanitarian catastrophes numbers of schools and hospitals and funerals that have been hit raising big concern among human rights advocates so there's a concern about the level of the ability of the saudi forces the other big concern is would u.s. forces stay there that's what we reportedly are hearing that they want to have
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happen as part of this coalition not at all clear the president is going to be ok with that it's not a huge force about two thousand u.s. special forces in syria but obviously critical to sort of staging and organizing the fight so that passing cool. we're going to hold page on a website devoted to all the updates on the war in syria the investigations of chemical weapons used by the. u.s. position now decided position will they when they pull their troops get a man page and click on the. syria's war tab at the top while we have been honest people have been in touch with us impacts on kenya canada and scotland if you want to tell us a little bit more about these stories if you got any ideas get in touch with us on a.j. english or facebook at facebook dot com slash a.j. newsgroup you can also send us a whatsapp message at plus nine hundred forty five a one triple one four nine and as always you can use the has tag a j news grid palestinians are marking prisoners day to time when they show their
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solidarity with thousands of their competitors who are being held in israeli jails within six thousand five hundred palestinians including three hundred fifty children and more than sixty women are currently in israeli prisons more than four hundred are being held without charge or trial and a so-called administrative detention according to rights groups one thousand eight hundred prisoners are in need of medical care seven hundred of them suffer from serious and chronic conditions since israel began its majestic basin of the west bank in gaza nine hundred sixty seven it's imprisoned more than eight hundred thousand palestinians harry force it has a story from ramallah is the day designated a palestinian prisoners began the numbers swelled by another thirteen in the early hours of tuesday israeli soldiers made arrests across the occupied west bank including this one in a refugee camp near ramallah is
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a brother was detained the house ransacked in a hunt for weapons. they have rested in prison as day he spent twenty years in jail and he got married less than a year ago haven't got any evidence against israel so such raids are integral to its security but for palestinians they represent the unchecked power of an occupying force six and a half hours and palestinians are currently in israeli jails. of those a little over a thousand a serving terms from twenty years to life which usually signifies a conviction for killing or injuring an israeli that leaves five and a half thousand jailed on lesser charges or none at all and most of these cases are talking about either political affiliation or public disorder like in any demonstration is he could on writing the slogan writing in your face book bait is considered and incitement palestinians in the occupied west bank are subject to israel's military court system and its conviction rate of ninety nine point seven
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percent it also holds the power to imprison without charge known as administrative detention israel says the system under which it's holding five hundred palestinians prevents attacks and protects the identities of informants salim daughter so we spent ten years in administrative detention but not all at once that he says is it's power you're never sure that you're free and that i work with when you leave you think of the next time you'll be administratively detained no one leaves administrative detention before the intelligence officer gives him the talk threatening him and making sure he thinks the next time there's been plenty of next times for muhammad and his family in the early hours of monday morning his twenty one year old son was arrested for a third time. there they could have knocked but they've broken by force they want to intimidate us mohammed's wife nida says it's the thirteenth raid since last june when three men from their village killed an israeli security forces member in occupied east jerusalem she says she's taken to sleeping in her clothes in the
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expectation of the next one are a force at al-jazeera in the occupied west bank then it's worth went to one of the protests sites where families of the hundreds of gaza residents in israeli jails gathered. there are three hundred forty five palestinians from gaza are in israeli jails and this is how the marking air all of these issues you can see are somebody's somebody is relative who's been in israeli jail and relatives have not been able to go and see and i'm joined by ramsey a cashier who is one of the organizers of those event ramsey how does this affect family psychological and when they count get to go and see their relatives yeah actually today. the national day for the person in brazil aids and is that i legit is and it was approved in one thousand nine hundred seventy four by a set off our. press imbues this actually we committed this said they heard of that business and because they'll give you all send them
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a message that we all was stand with you we all was supposed to we all was we do what you have on we can what we can to get them to get you know you. get to have freedom back so a lot of to your families and your daughters and sons how does it affect the families when they come going to see those relatives in prison actually when we talk about is that i just as we talk about medical. and legal actions we talk about how to prisoners. and how they don't abide to the fullest union though so there's a boat. then we call it the president is somewhat on the bottom when we talk about the family as actually the family as we start it we try to help them and it's right to get them released try to. to reduce the psychological effect that motion in effect on their family if you are shunned by them i'm just stunned
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by them ramsey thank you very much for john was it's one of a series of events here in gaza leading up to the knock what the palestinians call a catastrophe seventy five of us are at the founding of the state of history. there's an interesting feature on our web site mocking palestinian prisoners day detainees and their relatives harrowing stories of torture and abuse in israeli jails just search will how israeli soldiers interrogated me it's an end the story on our web site of the dot com well it's three years since the war in yemen started the u.n. envoy has announced that he's developing a framework to end the conflict martin griffith says he'll bring that plan to the u.n. security council within two months he admitted that fighting on the ground was still fierce but there is a way to stop the violence the good news and this is my principal message to the members council today is that
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a political solution to end this war is indeed available its outlines are no secret the end of fighting the withdrawal of forces and handover of heavy weapons and key locations together together with an agreement on the establishment of an inclusive government one which brings the parties together in a consensus to build peace this can be done all those with whom i spoke from the widest range of the yemeni political spectrum have told me that they want this that they wanted quickly that they will work with the united nations to achieve it and that they are conscious of the consequence as in all agreements between enemies that mutual concessions will be required mike when i was listening into this from the united nations like i said he sounds like he knows what he's talking about when it comes to yemen he's done his research tell us more
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about his political solution. well indeed just some background here's that martin gryphus was only a point to exactly a month ago in fact since then he's visited most parts of yemen apart from aden in the south although he says that he has spoken to some of the southern group leaders over the past month an important point to note to jane is that the previous special envoy to yemen was not able to meet with the opposition leadership for over a year they boycotted all dialogue with that envoy claiming that he was biased against them but to martin griffith says he has consulted with the hooty leadership he's consulted he says with all sides within yemen he will come up with that proposal within the next two months some kind of framework leading to a renewal and an implementation of previous security council resolutions on yemen
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the key issue though that he points out is that the conflict ceases that the ongoing violence between the rebels within yemen and of course the ongoing missile attacks against saudi arabia the saudi attacks and to some our province all of these issues undermine the attempts to implementing existing security council read the resolutions and get the political dialogue moving again within yemen which martin gryphus a new envoy is adamant is absolutely critical did really find out in a more about the humanitarian crisis other than its dire north getting any better. well it's not getting any better to all we've also heard from mark he's the un's humanitarian chief he also reported back to the security council on the humanitarian situation within yemen also pointing out that the conflict is at and
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depending on the worsening humanitarian situation there are some eight million people in yemen in danger of famine mark alcott also mentioned cholera now the rainy season is about to start and he says this is a flashpoint for attempts to preserve the health of those in yemen those a quarter in this ongoing conflict he says the u.n. has made a lot of preparations for the rainy season for what is expected to be a massive increase in the cases of cholera but from him as well an absolute insistence that what is needed critically at this point is more access for the u.n. and for other aid groups to get into yemen to be able to provide the supplies to avert famine and of course to deal with what could be a looming health crisis let's say that there michaela thank you very much and probably to london for more international news that barbara sara. thank
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you let's start with the european commission it's backing moves to open talks with albania and macedonia to join the european union however the french president the man who in the crowd has called for a freeze on e.u. membership in a speech to the european parliament a crowd also warned of what he called a civil war within the european union between liberal democracies and the euro skeptic nationalists in the wake of recent election results in hungary and italy. the u.k. prime minister to resign may has apologized for the treatment of some long term residents from the caribbean who have been wrongly identified as illegal immigrants may met caribbean leaders to discuss their concern about the situation ahead of the commonwealth heads of government meeting here in london those affected are members of the so-called windrush generation y. arrived in the forty's fifty's and sixty's often as children on their parents' passports many of been denied free health care or the right to work and some even
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threatened with deportation unless they could prove their citizenship. several people have been detained following a protest outside russia's security service building in moscow they were angry at the blocking of the messenger service telegram that the protesters threw paper planes that's the logo of the encrypted service at the f.s.b. building before some of them were removed by police the state telecommunications regulator says it blocked access to the app after a court ruled that it violated local walls the service has more than two hundred million users around the world. two more cattle and politicians have appeared before a judge in madrid to be formally charged with sedition and rebellion the two men that's the former interior chief of the catalan the regional government foreign and the ex foreign minister raul rever seen here on the left there the latest procession leaders to
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a premier appear in the supreme court trial proceedings have begun against the number of other politicians and police chiefs for their roles in the unsanctioned referendum on secession that took place in catalonia last year. it will spain's government is getting increasingly tough with activists in catalonia the autonomous region has been controlled centrally from madrid ever since it went ahead with that referendum also session the pro independence protesters are keeping up the pressure on the streets so they go has more now from barcelona. an act of defiance by catalan pro independence activists disabling a highway toll just outside barcelona allowing motorists to pass free of charge. and welcoming them to the cattle on the public a protest in action but it ended up with one of the leaders being arrested on suspicion of terrorism she was later released others were charged with public disorder this is the new normal in cattle and grassroots politics.
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more than healthy year has passed since the banned referendum in catalonia and there has been no breakthrough in the crisis the reaction of the spanish state has done little to dampen any feelings but there is a fear that the government will do what ever it takes to prevent secession from that a movement has evolved the committees for the defense of the republic were not afraid anymore and the spanish government will do more against us so that we will be afraid what they've done to us so far is nothing we appear afraid that censorship is winning and we can't allow down but it is. some at a price. of a spade is out of proportion i'm sorry if you were prosecuting. people which only crime was being complained the american demonstrations in the streets and you're accusing of terrorism just because it's apparent i gave integrity of this of the country that says so how. it's
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a problem for the state the defense committees were set up in some sixty towns across catalonia and initially it was to protect the voting centers where the battle referendum was how old will since then they moved on what they want to do now is to bring about a new catalan republic the spanish government's reaction has been to double down on the procession its movement the former catalan president catalyst the moment is in germany where a court ruled out extraditing him to spain on charges of rebellion but he is still a wanted man. the i was there is an impasse and the committees are keeping the momentum going for now they refused to give in to what they say is intimidation by madrid but the possibility of local elections in july may just bring those matters to a head the desire to have a catalan republic may be strong but the practicality of creating it is still
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a dream that is out of reach. sony vaio al-jazeera barcelona. and that's all from me for now going to have all of the day's news in just under half an hour from here in london now though let's go to jane in doha thank you for the it looks like a small win for american pows all but a loss for donald trump's lawyer a judge has rejected a bid by the u.s. prisons personal lawyer to keep some of his business documents secret those records were seized as part of an investigation into his dealings with stormy daniels a woman who says she once had an affair with trump dozens of it takes up the story . attorneys for michael cohen and president trump asked the judge not to give investigators documents seized by the f.b.i. until they could review them and citing attorney client privilege to protect the identity of other cohen clients but the judge denied the motion and outed one high
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profile client conservative fox news commentator and trump supporter sean hannity hannity says he discussed real estate issues with cohen who's an old friend. attorney michael cohen is the one under investigation in the proceedings taking place here in the federal courthouse in manhattan but it's a possibility that new information could come to light from those seized documents about president truong and his alleged affair with a porn star that's attracting so much attention thank you very much. investigators are looking for possible criminal activity surrounding cohen's one hundred thirty thousand dollars payment to stormy daniels who says she was paid to keep quiet about her brief two thousand and six relationship with the president. my attorney and i are committed to making sure that everyone finds out the truth and the facts of what happened and i give my word that we will not rest until that happens. she is suing for defamation of character and her lawyer says the seize
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documents could be important to their case and dangerous to anyone who's dealt with cohen he is radio active anyone that had any contact with this man in the last twenty years should be very concerned about what secrets of theirs are within these documents the judge is yet to decide who will review the documents which include information about the president's business before they're given to investigators cohen's attorneys have asked for the appointment of a so-called special master to do the job they're typically an independent lawyer who decides what prosecutors can see but prosecutors argue cohen doesn't need these special protections regardless of who represents christian salumi al jazeera new york and the surprise as jordan has he is now the focus of the cold. war what you're hearing yeah well definitely the center of the conversation as soon as this news broke the fox news anchors name started trending in the u.s. hash tag hannity has been used more than a million times and counting meanwhile hannity has continued business as usual and
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hosted his show on that same day his guests however were eager to talk about his connection to trounce lawyer michael cohen. well first of all sean i do want to say that i really think that you should have disclosed your relationship with colin when you talked about him on this show you could have said just that you had asked him for advice or whatever but i think it would have been much much better had you disclose that relationship you live in the nature of it professor i'm going to deal with this later you're showing us that it was minimal and i don't understand the should have said that and that would have been fair to say that it was minimal it was going to position because you had to talk about calling and b. you didn't want the fact that you had spoken to him to be revealed and you had the right by the way not to do it again didn't i have the right to privacy right by you you know it's a complex situation when you speak it was. i think it was such
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a minor relationship in terms that you just it had to do with real estate and nothing political i understand that folks online have also been quick to point out the flaws in hannity's statement he tweeted that shortly after the news broke he started the statement by saying michael cohen has never represented me in any matter a few minutes later he said i assumed those conversations were confidential but to be absolutely clear they never involved any matter between me and a third party then about an hour later he said that let me make myself clear that i did not ask michael cohen to bring this proceeding on my behalf it gave late night shows in the us just enough time to turn around content for their own shows here's a video by the late show host stephen colbert. and there's a fox's hole or president trump long time personal attorney michael cohen is my attorney and i defended him right here on this program can anybody say conflict of interest a huge conflict of interest fox news has largely ignored to put it another way to
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sean hannity should be fired like yesterday if you're following this story let us know what you think about this investigation so far you can join in on the conversation with our own hash tag here has tagged a.j. news jane and then it is more that is an overview of the story is a very quickly unravels it can be fun and our website and i suggest you just type trump and code and all the editorials on this topic can be found there on al-jazeera dot com. after months of teasing his tell all tale readers can finally find out what's inside fire if the i directed james comey book a higher loyalty teaching shelves in the u.s. and promises to expose coney's dealings with donald trump in his first major interview before the release of the book amy said donald trump is morally unfit to be president and that there may be quote some evidence trump obstructed justice the president in turn has been lashing out at comi calling him everything from slippery to a slimeball you good innings and you can treat as an aging issue on facebook you can
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also send us what's up message of plus nine seven four five a one trick one four nine and as always you can use the hash tag a j news good. for facebook here's a creative projects out of the netherlands see what happens when a muslim and a hipster trade off it's also head i ranking un humanitarian official says myanmar isn't ready to apache it's ready to refugees we'll hear about the obstacles ahead for the hundreds of thousands of refugees falls to free to bangor dix. still got one or two showers effect in the middle east but nothing too much to speak of still a little bit of clout there pulling out of iraq into iran moving across iran i was there was a kind of stance are going to stand that well in place it perhaps when flowers as well over the high ground tend to just get up to around fifteen celsius in kabul
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maybe one or two showers into the fall north of iran you notice but by larger rob must drive than it has been recently as is the case in to iraq baghdad thirty two degrees. by rote fine and dry course that eastern side of the mediterranean over the next couple of days but there was really sick i wanted to thursday still those winds from flurries across the eastern side of the region elsewhere it looks fine and right behind us is the crisis the right in potential a little class still a possibility just around yemen maybe into the gulf of aden showers and how is it we do have will become fewer and further between santa could still catch the gold rush hour as we go on through the day still want to see showers into central parts of south africa at the moment they are easing over towards the eastern cape the most stand to be dry and sunny but a bit of cloud welcome right possibly just knocking its way into cape town and wednesday temperatures eighty degrees that makes its way further east for the weekend.
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in the next episode of tech note the team looks into the environmental impact of waste management trash is a big business for them and for one of the smelly bills next to the complexities of recycling when these different plastics are blended together then the recycling becomes difficult to impossible and the science that office solutions is very easy for us to have one hundred percent recycled material techno on al-jazeera. he ruled for nearly half a century. a controversial political figure in the cold in the middle east and one who was never far from crisis at home or abroad. in a two part series. want to tell us the story of convincing of joint episode two.
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on al-jazeera.
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and the already seems to be three stories dominating trending page assist killing no teeth were yet to fall out on in the. reading of this story that's been trending for a couple of days now another one is a diplomatic standoff with castle real spanner in the words lebanese newspaper published a secret diplomatic documents claiming that the u.a.e. is disapproving of saudi policies and saying that they're trying to break up. arabia and of course what's happening in syria the fighting and the suspected chemical weapons attack. is governess facebook represents and so question. the site admits the personal information of over a million indonesians was shared with a political consulting firm cambridge analytical the government is stretching to clamp down on facebook use or even shuts down following the data breach last week facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg faced a grilling in congress scan let's give you an idea about how problematic this could
6:38 pm
be in indonesia you just have to look at the numbers in uneasy as a force biggest number of facebook users in the world an estimated one hundred fifteen million people use the site every month that means that this year thirty three percent of the population is facebook and this is why security breaches are such a concern by twenty twenty two it's estimated that over forty one percent of the population will be using facebook is the head of asia program for article nineteen an organization that focuses on freedom of expression he says given the topics discussed on facebook facebook and in these are the company's rise in trying to be more transparent. facebook is used for all sorts of purposes in indonesia discussing politics religion among them and these are really sensitive issues and so i actually facebook and social media serves a really important function in the free flow of information there are problems here
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certainly around privacy protection of data and i think that it's good that we're starting to get to some to the bottom of some of these questions with facebook disclosing their policies in the hearing today in indonesia facebook committed to being more transparent and to share more of their policies about how they're sharing information with third parties i think that some of the threats by the indonesian government in an indonesian minister to shut down facebook are probably empty threats indonesia's not ready to go the way of china. but but certainly they do have leverage and that was that was seen by the seriousness with which facebook was addressing the questions today and there this is getting quite a reaction online is that it is and rightfully so we've been reaching out to indonesians and asking them if they think the government should regulate facebook we got quite a bit of reaction take a listen. many of these. have no names or of the concern about that one.
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this is also all he would change with this government case and more tension would be been more to the general but also. you have more responsible that didn't have the data and instead elements would step in and five degrees in fact on how we can manage and sold the bichon i don't understand what the big deal is about isn't it just common sense when you sign up on facebook you become a member of it or whatever it is you do with it that means you give up certain privacy you like some photos you like some articles they share in facebook and you expect you have your privacy intact but the content in that and nationwide block would be quite the dent for facebook as indonesia represents a large part of the social network's user base as we've said the country has the fourth largest number of users globally and makes up one hundred thirty million
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people on the platform in indonesia a human rights researcher and tunisia said regardless of data sharing he's still concerned with how facebook operates and countries involved in regional conflict facebook the rate of hate speech again so he a muslim having thousands of them rape and from yet it is not to say about sri lanka in addition also these hate speech campaign against the governor himself a christian no deal for blasphemy. facebook and other social media bring down the rule of get keep us in information gathering in the shadows the largest speech done in the muslim country in the world it also has sectarian papam and it has to face a general election next year the world cannot afford to have in the nisha having a similar problem like all syria long ago damn its destruction in a place like in the mission of we must be here facebook should pay attention on an issue increasing the fact checking the county's them and having more in the nation
6:42 pm
speaking editors indonesia's minister of communications and information technology technology tara has called for a social media detox and said he will shut down facebook if the social media giant has a negative influence on the country indonesia has never blocked facebook but it did block the messaging app telegram last year really on tara says he was responsible for that block and warns that he would do it again he does also have a twitter account if you are in indonesia let us know what you think of this and what role you think the government could play you can get in touch with us on what's up telegram or with our hash tag a.j. news great and as always you can write me directly eliot harding a.j. jane thanks to dave on facebook says the people worried about facebook watching you but your smartphone knows everything about you of the cambridge analytical scandal has also made its way to british parliamentary committee a former executive has appeared before the panel but suspended c o l xandra next he
6:43 pm
was due to appear before politicians as cancelled that appearance is in london and he has none. brittany kaiser the woman who's giving evidence is an interesting character so she's a registered democrat in the states and her history is that she started off working with the barack obama campaign in two thousand and seven alongside people who set up facebook trying to access voters profiles and target them and reach out to them on places like facebook to vote for obama and then over the course of time she met people from cambridge analytical who persuaded her in twenty fourteen to go and work for them on the trump campaign so she switched sides if you like even though she was a democrat and then after trump was elected came from listener went to the leave the european union campaign in the u.k. and said to them effectively we're going to pitch to you look at what we've done with trump we could kind of do the same for you but that's basically where it more
6:44 pm
or less ends in terms of our own volkmann with the leave campaign because the leave campaign didn't actually take up the services in that sense of came to a little in those terms but what i think they are trying to do is to understand the way in which came journalistic or and its methods mights of being used in other ways through through the leave group or because they are concerns that it's possible that the brics it votes in the referendum was in some sense contaminated by fake news and so she sort of adding to there some of knowledge an incident that is a big step toward saving the planet an international team of scientists has engineered an enzyme that it's plastic it's a world first in an effort to find a solution for the three hundred million tons of plastic produced every yet sonnabend a says mark. piles of plastic in every city in the world in remote regions with nowhere to go. since its invention last century the disposal
6:45 pm
of plastic has plagued the world three quarters of it sits in landfills floods the oceans even the tampa st that's recycled is simply remold it never truly broken down until now we can break it down to its building blocks and then put it back and . as water bottles and things like this subject to recover those urgent type properties a bacteria discovered recently in a japanese recycling plant feeds on the world's most common plastic known as p.t. this is an enzyme aging the plastic magnified three thousand times the scientists wanted to study how it works but accidentally spit it up we actually thought we were making the enzymes floor by by changing a few amino acids but actually we've made it faster we've made an improved version of the enzyme better than the natural one already that's really exciting because
6:46 pm
that means that there is potential to optimize this and say even further the science has a long way to go the enzyme can only digest plastic and needs to be scaled up in a commercially viable way basically we can just make gallons of powdered enzyme and then pour in a fox that this is what we're aiming to do so just in the same way that washing powder to terence were developed and made more stable been able to work at high temperatures temperatures we're going to do the same with this enzyme and hopefully create something that we can use in an industrial scale every minute one garbage truck of plastic is dumped into our oceans if we continue this trained by twenty fifty it's predicted there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish it's an all consuming problem that scientists hope enzymes could help charlotte dallas. a very interesting episode in science and technology program techno the for the
6:47 pm
journey of one plastic bottle to find out what it takes to truly recycle a product creating zero waste you can get our website observe dot com check out the techno episode in title choking the planet the problem with plastic man was reagan minority muslims are getting some high level supports on the united nations the deputy emergency relief coordinator has wrapped up a six day mission to me in march she visited rakhine state where thousands of rangar fled a brutal military crackdown saw for itself the conditions for people there some seven hundred thousand bringing a fled the violence in since last year would be joining us from new york is simular the u.n. assistance a great general for humanitarian affairs she recently returned from that humanitarian mission in min very good to have you with us tell us what you fund well there's a humanitarian crisis on both sides of the border of myanmar and bangladesh in iraq
6:48 pm
kind stayed there is four hundred thousand muslims most of whom might indeed find themselves as a hindrance living in dire conditions i had the opportunity of meeting people and speaking with people in i.d.p. camps and the. shared with me their hardships their discrimination is specially the lack of. freedom of movement and lack of access to health and education what about the repatriation process i believe you've made some comments about it not being successful at all what are the problems there and how will it ever feel safer turning home on the principle for return is clear returns have to be voluntary safe. dignified and sustainable and. from what i saw there the
6:49 pm
conditions are not conducive for sustainable returns if the our authorities stepped up efforts to send a signal to the refugees in bangladesh that they are creating the conditions for them. ensure them of having freedom of movement and access to health education and also livelihoods and be able to go back to their places of origin and rebuild their lives that would be a first step on the other side there's also the kofi annan advisory commission recommendations which the government has accepted and this provides for. efforts to build a. sustainable solutions to address the human rights issues the humanitarian issues to really have the conditions in place for an informed voluntary sustained return
6:50 pm
of the refugees as a military good to talk to thank you you thank. this is an interesting side to the story and highlights one of the many factors playing into the instability that it's intitled no place for. nationalism. in the search wind on a website. called coming up. the hockey team ice does have a. those
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6:52 pm
hits those were people are talking about in sport what is it and a challenge very exciting time the playoffs are here the team that has blown everyone away this n.h.l. season is the las vegas golden knights it's their first ever season in the league and they're continuing to break records in the playoffs the golden knights lead their best of seven series against the l.a. kings three nothing their own the third franchise team in league history to win
6:53 pm
each of their first three playoff games and the only team to do so in its inaugural season there on the verge of sweeping the l.a. kings night and elaine what an incredible story let's get more from mike straw he's the n.h.l. editor for real sport and he joins us from buffalo new york mike how big of a surprise is this to many it's a huge surprise to those with in the league it's not much of a surprise seeing as how. how stacked to the expansion draft was for vegas a lot of n.h.l. g.m. and a lot of owners weren't too happy with the players they had to give up because of the fact that when the n.h.l. expands it's usually been two teams so they at least two teams so players get scattered more with this vegas had their pick of the best players that teams had to give up so people might have underestimated just how talented the players vegas were getting there getting multan time stanley cup winning goaltenders or getting
6:54 pm
all star forwards or getting the young up and coming talent they kind of have the best of every aspect of the game to wear to those who really follow it wasn't much of a surprise there everybody thought they'd alternately fall off it's clear that they haven't i don't and it's incredible because they are only thirteen wins away from lifting the stanley cup this is not a realistic possibility for that with the way they're playing right now with the way james meals playing when carlsen mark andre florian met it's tough to bet against them right now they have all the momentum in the world on their side they have this us against the world mentality where they're playing with house money no one expected to make the playoffs and now they're just on a roll they dominated the games have been close but statistically they've been a lot better than the l.a. kings they've been a lot closer in the final score than than they have. on the ice actually so i can't see any team other than maybe in nashville coming out of the west right now
6:55 pm
stopping them with the way bigots is playing incredible to think their success is paving the way for other big sporting franchises to start up in vegas. definitely i mean the n.h.l. want to be the first one there especially with the rumblings that the n.f.l. was looking to go there in the n.b.a. the n.h.l. getting there before the oakland raiders of the n.f.l. move over to i guess in a few years was huge for them the fact that the fans of shown up and it's amazing what a winning product would do fans show up to see teams win but the fans have been there since day one they've been loud there's one of the most rambunctious arena atmospheres that i've seen in the n.h.l. in recent years i mean the way they act at the games is on par with any canadian market right now and it's it's incredible to see to the point where i would be surprised if not only when the n.f.l. goes there but ultimately see maybe an n.b.a. team end up there to ok and just quickly what what or what other teams are likely to get in the playoffs he could go all the way you have to look at boston for one
6:56 pm
boston is absolutely incredible right now yeah they lost in game three to toronto but the way they played in games one into their hard to stop a david pass or not pittsburgh obviously with sidney crosby and matt murphy and get involved and have dominated the flyers you've got a team like nashville bill who again a lot of these teams of last one game but the way they have played really said that maybe they kind of got a hick up but then you look at teams like columbus who have found ways to win in both games against washington and then you have san jose who is who has just been beating the pulp out of anaheim in this first round they seem like one of the most complete teams that i've seen ok mike starr great to get your thoughts once again thank you so much for your time thanks for having me appreciate it. well monday's boston marathon took place in some of the worst conditions possible for runners low temperatures high winds and driving rain all put in an appearance but it didn't deter the two unlikely winners deseret clinton became the first american woman
6:57 pm
champion and more than three decades and in the men's race part time athlete you see koichi became the first japanese runner to claim the title since one thousand nine hundred seven this is the man who holds the world record for running the fastest half marathon while dressed in the free p.c. and warms up for this race by competing and event dressed as a panda here's the evidence of that interest i can reach he isn't your regular serious minded athlete and his legion of fans have taken to social media to celebrate the biggest win of his career so far journalist jonathan gold reminding us that coach coaching work full time as a government clerk in japan he's not allowed to accept sponsorship money he's he can accept price money a hundred fifty thousand for winning boston he supposed to be back at work on wednesday runner's world writer kitfox week when she had no idea he was leaving the boston marathon during the homestretch then volunteers waved to the right and he
6:58 pm
saw the finishers tape and this is what he looked like when he won. and from author adrienne fan yuki is a fighter the ultimate fighter i guess he was just waiting for a day when everyone else would find it too tough out there amazing guy with an amazing story and now this the legend is complete. so what do you think you can get in touch with me directly at underscore is back with more one thousand nine hundred g.m.t. but for now i'll hand you back to jane what incredible windsor thanks for that and that will do it for this news group just to remind you you must get in touch with us social media has tag as ever you probably know a.j. news good other ways you can connect right there to it's a facebook whatsapp and we'll be back with more street at forty fifty g.m.t. and.
6:59 pm
the scene for us where there online what is a very nice time in yemen that peace is possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sat there are people that are choosing between buying medication and eating basis is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist and has posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. stories of life. and inspiration. a series of short documentaries from around the world. that celebrate the human spirit against the
7:00 pm
arts. al-jazeera cinema. the street is quiet the signal is given. out so it's safe to walk to school last year there are more than thirty murders in this community in one month the police say this area is a red zone one of several in some townships and kept our children sometimes if caught in the crossfire when rival gangs fight so parents and grandparents have started what they call a walking bust to try to protect them from gun violence i lost my. story years ago i also lost my there are more than one hundred fifty volunteers working for several walking busses teachers say it is working class attendance has improved the volunteers also act as security guards.


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