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homes in that earthquake still live in this county ca are going to be up to the government raised our hopes and then abandon us politicians have promised that they won't allow a repeat of what happened after the earthquake in one thousand eighty five but the cost and complexity of i was in hundreds of people living in camps is a major task and one that many people here think the government will fail. if you are in beijing look you know the pacific ocean you'd see american warships. somehow time is aiming to replace america and around the world well the chinese are not that stupid these guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this seems like a preparation for our first president george washington said if you want peace prepare for war the coming war on china talked one on a just. days
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after they arrived in syria international inspectors are finally allowed in to do much to investigate a suspected chemical attack. from them to him and all of this is live from london also coming up. tens of thousands protests in armenia after the president's switches chops to stay in power. that sinking feeling in nigeria as water levels in a major reservoir dangerous levels. and scientists discover a plastic eating enzyme that could help tackle the planet's motion. a very warm welcome. program good to have your company international chemical
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weapons inspectors have arrived in the form a syrian rebel on klav of duma to investigate a suspected chemical attack ten days ago inspectors had been due to enter the russian controlled area twenty four hours ago the u.s. accused russia of tampering with the site while moscow blamed delays on security concerns the team from the organization for the poor bishan of chemical weapons will investigate what happens on april the seventh but it won't assign blame western powers accuse syrian forces of using nerve gas to kill dozens of people the damascus and its russia to my this is in order has more on the story now from beirut. the o.p.c. w. chemical weapons inspectors have been given access to do my the town in which that alleged chemical weapons attack happened on april the seventh now the russian government and the syrian government have been criticised for what they called preventing the team from entering western nations said that the team was not given
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access to other team arrived in the syrian capital damascus on saturday both the russian and syrian government cited security concerns and that's why there has been a delay now the o.p.c. w.'s mission is to determine whether or not a chemical weapons attack actually happened its mandate does not a portion any blame the united states and other western countries like france for example believe that the proof or the evidence could have been tampered with because when this alleged chemical weapons attack happened the opposition was in control of they then surrendered russian military police entered duma and they carried out their own inspection and declared that they did not find any traces of chemical weapons that were used now the o.p.c. w. it's still not clear when they're going to release the findings but we have to make clear that western nations are not waiting for the results because they already carried out retaliation they carried out attacks on saturday targeting syria's chemical weapons facilities so the o.p.c.
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w.'s findings are not going to trigger another response but definitely if you find that indeed a chemical weapons attack actually happened it will be damning for the russian and syrian government the saudi foreign minister says his country would be willing to send troops into syria as part of a white a coalition. air says saudi arabia has been discussing the deployment with the u.s. as the beginning of the syrian crisis he also added that we had previously proposed this idea to former u.s. president barack obama. regarding what is going on now there are discussions about the nature of the troops that will exist in eastern syria and where they will come from these discussions are continuing. or particle haven has more from washington d.c. . president donald trump really surprised all of his staff and a lot of people the department of defense when he said he wanted all of the u.s. troops out of syria right away the department of defense was able to convince him
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that perhaps he should wait he has said fine just a couple of months basically what he said on the campaign trail is what he's doing in office let somebody else deal with that we know he's held back millions of dollars that was designed to be spent on syrian reconstruction so what his message is is pulling out the fighters somebody else go in you make sure that isis doesn't come back well the department of defense is going to be very wary of this plan from saudi arabia although they won't common comment on it right now wall street journal is reporting that mr bolton the new national security advisor. the saudis and the united arab emirates to send troops and to also give funding for syria now why would they possibly be against this well there is great concern among leadership inside the military about the ability of saudi forces i mean let's just look at the war in yemen that the u.s. has been helping them fight with intelligence and refueling there's been humanitarian catastrophes numbers of schools and hospitals and funerals that have
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been hit raising big concern among human rights advocates so there's a concern about the level of the ability of the saudi forces the other big concern is would u.s. forces stay there that's what we reportedly are hearing that they want to have happen as part of this coalition not at all clear the president is going to be ok with that it's not a huge force about two thousand u.s. special forces in syria but obviously critical to sort of staging an organizing the fight. it's a claim of pushing there now a false alarm calls to the triggering of syrian air defense systems overnight according to state media earlier pro-government reports suggest as miss ounce of time for two syrian military bases have been intercepted but the sama state news agency says there was quote no external aggression. a white house economic adviser says the u.s. is only considering additional sanctions on russia despite its ambassador to the
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u.n. nikki haley promising more measures over the weekend a white house correspondent kimberly how kid is live in west palm beach florida near the modern legal resort where trump is currently hosting the japanese prime minister hi there kimberly so does this mean the trumpet ministration is backing down on sanctions and are they meeting right now. it seems to be an awkward reversal of what looks like a policy that was about to be rolled out only to have it hastily snapped back to right the u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley on sunday saying that sanctions against russia additional sanctions were imminent for its support of syrian president bashar a lot only to have the white house dial back on that on monday and then double down on it today here out near mar a lago where the president's top economic advisor larry kudlow in fact said that even tried to portray this is a mistake on the part of the u.s.
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ambassador say it was a bit of momentary confusion that additional sanctions are under consideration but right now are not going to be implemented certainly what this is yet another example of an administration that essentially really has a lot of difficulty rolling out any sort of policy in a constructive way another botching of that but even more so what this is is another failure of this president to rein in what the u.s. congress the house overwhelmingly said is russian aggression not to get just against the united states but ally of japan but the japanese don't exactly feeling that they. no in fact the two have been sitting down at mar a lago and just the last few moments in the body language seems to tell it all a bit of awkward conversation awkward sort of body language between the two men despite sort of the official line which is that this is a very strong friendship that exists between the two men in truth they have met at least six times that's more than any other foreign leader has met with donald trump
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even before he was sworn in as president but at the same time there's some tension there because of some pretty big issues this meeting between the two will since it come down to trade as well as security but i'm told fred certainly the u.s. has been rather harsh in japan the so-called friend in recent weeks you have to remember that japan was certainly very strong in terms of its cautioning of any sort of formal relations or any kind of warming of relations if you will between north korea as well as the united states now we have that coming summit between the two slated for the end of may possibly early june and then also those tariffs that have been slapped on foreign imports of steel and aluminum into the united states well a lot of countries were exempted from that but not japan so you're right japan not feeling the so-called love of the united states right now looking for some deliverables in terms of security and economics and trade not getting them so far from the united states and certainly as the two leaders sit down for their
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bilateral meeting set to begin any moment those are a couple of the things that they'll be looking for to try and get assurances from the united states in terms of improving on both of those fronts can they have their live from west palm beach complete. the un's that new special envoy for yemen says he's working on a plan for talks to end the three year civil war which is led to the world's worst humanitarian crisis martin griffiths will present the plan to the security council within two months and insists all sides are prepared to negotiate an end to the fighting but he's worried about unconfirmed reports of increasing troop movements inside yemen and she said could ruin any prospects for peace i'm concerned about the increased number of ballistic missiles launched towards saudi arabia and i note that this council has already pronounced on this in addition i am concerned about intensified military operations in governorate military confrontations and the strikes have continued in numerous other areas of you have been including
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sunnah types of job my read all who data. and large governorates the clashes continue without major changes in the front lines but with disturbing reports of civilian casualties protesters have taken to the streets across india as a man the death penalty for rapists anger is growing over the rape and murder of an eight year old girl in indian administered kashmir earlier this year a separate rape of a teenager and interprete desh stage two ministers from the willing b.j. posse worth forced to resign after initially offering to support the suspect as rapists in kashmir last another j.p. official has been accused of the second rate nearly forty percent of india's rape victims are children. american coffee giant starbucks will train nearly one hundred seventy five thousand of its staff on has a combat racial discrimination as it reels from
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a racism scandal the cafe chain will close a thousand of its stores for one afternoon in may to conduct special education sessions which is released last week showed two black men being arrested in a philadelphia store while they prepared for a business meeting led to angry demonstrations from protesters who accuse starbucks of racial profiling i mean years parliament has voted to appoint the country's former president as prime minister despite pressure from tens of thousands of protesters who queues the leader of a power grab surge sardi's appointment has sparked another day of anti-government rallies in the capital to get a refund and several of the city's two was president for a decade and step down earlier this year because of a term limit bought me as new constitution has made the presidency largely ceremonial and strengthened the office of prime minister allowing songes son to maintain its influence maria to c.n.n. is the editor in chief of evie and report that's an online magazine in armenia and
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earlier she told us that the arrests of protests this is only served to increase the size of the anti-government rallies. the constitutional referendum took place in twenty fifteen a year before that certain promise that he would not seek the term of prime minister many in the country thought that this was a ruse for power grab and in fact on april ninth when his second and final term as president ended his part of the republican party. nominated his candidacy and today and of the vote in parliament he was elected as prime minister in fact at least giving him a third term to date the armenian police issued a statement saying that about eighty people have been detained from what we know most of them were young people and students some have been released some are already joined the big rally today in republics where i think it just fueled more anger and we had crowds that we haven't seen probably since two thousand and eight
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during the presidential election year still ahead on the program we go deep into the day i see where ethnic violence has displaced hundreds of thousands but the government insists the situation is under control. thousand venezuelans a day cross into brazil seeking a new life but find their struggle for survival goes on all that and more when we come back. hello the european weather story is rather a nice one if you like and i feel spring warmth that is as long as you're living west of minsk this massive cloud he is though it doesn't actually produce much rain is indicating a change in the air type because underneath that there would just turning into a northerly and the rain disappears east of here that northerly breeze means it's
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below twenty for most of eastern poland and beyond where us look at the rest of your spot the clouds virtually none and the temperatures were up above twenty for the most part i suspect we are near the twenty four twenty five mark for london time to get to thursday warmest in paris similar story or were down through west and central europe dyadic telling kiev i'm afraid this is the disappointing side of europe given that's really where all the action is not very much happening in the mediterranean either there remains the last distribution means a few showers in the gulf of sidra up towards southern italy and an obvious circulation in the middle of libya here which means it will be quite hot i think for forty forty one they for a time then that breeze moves east which takes to dust with it if you're on the north coast of africa and enjoying the sunshine it's particularly hot in morocco.
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he ruled for nearly half a century a controversial political figure in the cold in the middle east and one who was never far from crisis at home or abroad. in a two part series al-jazeera world tells the story of king hussein of jordan episode two on a knife a search. on al-jazeera. they could find our top stories covered on al-jazeera international chemical weapons
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inspectors have arrived in the former syrian rebel stronghold of too much to investigate a suspected chemical attack ten days ago. here's president donald trump is meeting japan's prime minister shinzo i'll be at his model label resort in florida arrived a short time ago north korea's likely to be high on the agenda during their school . tens of thousands of people in armenia have been protesting against surged. appointment as prime minister i guess and step down as president having a skill set his term the next test is accuse him of trying. to work. the u.n. says more than one hundred thousand people have fled their homes in an eastern region of the democratic republic of congo since the start of the year attacks on civilians by ethnic militia driven many to leave it to reprove and the government says only about a tenth of that number are displaced and insists it's not in control of the crisis malcolm webb accompanied the provincial governor on
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a visit to those affected areas. homes made of plastic sheets much in the rain. he people have in this camp with displaced people in the town in the democratic republic of congo they were attacked by militia who cuts and killed people with machetes burned houses. government says the situation is now under control. we joined the provincial governor on a visit to the conflict area. it's remote barely broke. we found small towns full of people who fled the countryside and came to hear what the governor had to say. the government is saying there must be peace encouraging people to go home and saying the government will do all it can provide security people here a skeptical about his message. each time we visit more displaced people they
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say it's not safe to go home. because they're all from the lendu ethnic group the victims are ethnic hammers and some lenders to two groups have been rivals in the past could most people here say there is no ethnic conflict right now. with many lendu friends. but they're telling us the government is responsible for what's going on that this is a war of the government they're saying this to us every day. many people here have told us they share the same suspicion of the government's role. un doesn't has the world's second largest peacekeeping force here we met the mission's chief visiting one of the camps people are insisting that it's a. conflict that nobody no. mind i did not heard at all that the government is behind it i did not that. the government in kinshasa denies involvement as did the provincial governor. i want to assure everyone that
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the government has done nothing even the provincial government has done nothing we don't have any interest in destabilizing our own territories or killing our own population whoever is behind the violence convincing the population to return won't be easy and most homes remain deserted. behind them two fresh graves of those killed some hacked to death others burned in their homes it'll take a lot to convince people it's safe here malcolm webb al-jazeera province in the democratic republic of congo a place in nigeria fired tear gas at hundreds of shia muslim protesters in a book it's the second day of rallies in the capital demonstrators are calling for the release of their will live just leader abraham sacked saying he has been jailed without charges since december twenty fifth when the livelihoods of two million people in nigeria are under threat because of a lack of water levels in the grown oil basin have become dangerously know the dam
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provides water for farmers fisherman and families but the authorities have been forced to ration supply as part of our thirst series with idris reports not from grow new for decades water has run through these channels to your good crops not this year the once lush green fields have been beat by the scorching sun most farmers left but not what you saw who's been cultivating the land here says the dam opened thirty years ago. don't look a moment we're going to have not seen anything like this before it was so sudden some will never recover this year we didn't cultivates ten percent of what we used to because of the water shortage is that the world to get water for his crops but it's not enough. experts say although there's been an increase in rainfall in the region over the past ten years there's also been
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a rise in temperatures last year and up to dismount meant you did it at which what that is lost is increase and that is how it will be a population so it's not surprising that physically that is been subjected to had it we were professional but that is not the only problem dumb has not been properly manage it that is a big lead bridge not that dumb of course. if you don't discount a problem small islands have sprung up right in the middle of the dam this reserve one holds only ten percent of its one billion cubic metres of water which some two million people depend on for their drinking water fishing and farming. the impact of the receding waters this felt seventy kilometers away or to treatment plants that purify the dams water to supply households aren't getting much of it streams have dried up we experience a lot of difficulty because the little or dove world was from only in tech down to
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on board alex and from biota not sufficient enough to have the town saw this type of government. had already secured. what else for as the trucks distribute water to almost any major towns but many communities are forced to rely on unsafe sources grow new dam relies on runoff waters to feel it but sediments from surface water build up and dredging will cost millions of dollars for now there is no pledge from the government to spend that sort of money are going to grease al-jazeera where a new. france's president has warned that the european union could descend and what he calls civil war because of increasing divisions between liberal democracies and u.s. skeptic nationalists and manuel mccollum was setting out his vision for the future of the in a speech to the european parliament is urged members not to sleepwalk towards nationalism at the expense of european unity or texts when informed the
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defeat of a in a context where a form of european civil war reappears where our differences sometimes our national selfishness seem more important the what unites us with the rest of the world a concept with a fascination with the liberal grows every day all the shipper decisions for the city i do not want to allow this deadly illusion which is precipitated our continent towards the abyss the illusion of strong power nationalism the abandonment of freedoms faced with your thoughts here it is and surrounds us everywhere the answer is not authoritarian democracy but the old thirty of democracy the most president has granted amnesty to more than eight thousand prisoners when maimed signed a presidential pardon which includes the release of forward us and dozens of political prisoners struck offenders along with the sick and elderly will also be freed from prisons nationwide a mass pardon only covers those who've been convicted in two jails reuters
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journalist facing trial for investigating me in lies or hinge or crisis not then release. brazil is struggling to cope with the influx of venezuelan migrants entering the country it's estimated as many as one thousand people cross into brazil each day to escape economic and social unrest at home and many of them are children from both of this in brazil elizondo reports. a school in brazil where the classrooms are increasingly filled with children from been a swale an elder from the family first comes a language and learning portuguese school and both of these to brazil in the far north of the country received more than one hundred kids from venice will live this year alone are forced to adapt and they appear happy but most are too young to fully comprehend the difficult reality of why they are here. at the nearby border crossing about one thousand venezuelan migrants
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a day line up to cross into brazil they're desperate salena country they say lacks food and medicine most are like now year aguilar who bring their children when a better man wants to do it over but i'm here for a better future for my two kids i hope they can grow up here they can study a better future for them but it will be a difficult road ahead especially for the youngest. with little money many of the families and up living like homeless at a local park they are in need of the basics for survival at this encampment everybody is hungry someone finally brought some food so they're lining up including the children for many of whom this will be the only meal baby whole day. across town at a gymnasium turned into a rudimentary shelter kids who are not in school do whatever they can to keep busy monica kuranda a former model in venezuela said she fled her country as
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a last resort it was a way that i well i hope to start working the good job and have enough money. raise my children the united nations official here estimates half of all the migrants in shelters are children in this kind of situation when you start having child to as many people living on the street and so on children it's nice all five use all for any kind of violence abuse exploitation. it's a growing migration crisis with an entire generation of venezuelan children whose future is across the border in a new land gabriel's onto al-jazeera full of eastern brazil one person's been killed in the u.s. when a passenger plane made an emergency landing after an explosion and one of its engines the size west airlines seven three seven was on its way from new york to dallas with one hundred forty eight people on board and it was forced to land in philadelphia passengers rewards of hearing a loud bang and
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a rattling noise after the engine blew up. the scientists believe they've made a major breakthrough in the fight against plastic pollution it's estimated around ten million tons is dumped in the ocean every year could take hundreds of years to decompose but an international team say they have engineered an enzyme that eats through the most popular form of plastic and a shot about us reports it's a discovery that came about by accident. piles of plastic in every city in the world in remote regions with nowhere to go. since its invention last century the disposal of plastic has plagued the world three quarters of it sits in landfills floods the oceans even the tampa st that's recycled is simply remolded live a truly broken down until now we can break it down to its building blocks and then put it back into. this water bottles and things like this subject to recover those
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urgent type properties of bacteria discovered recently in a japanese recycling plant feeds on the world's most common plastic known as p.t. this is an enzyme aging the plastic magnified three thousand times the scientists wanted to study how it works but accidentally spit it up we actually thought we were making the enzymes floor by by changing a few amino acids but actually we've made it faster we've made an improved version of the enzyme better than the natural one already that's really exciting because that means that there is potential to optimize this and say even further the science has a long way to go the enzyme can only digest p.t. plastic and needs to be scaled up in a commercially viable way basically we can just make gallons of powdered enzyme and then pour in a fox that this is what we're aiming to do so just in the same way that washing powder to terence were developed and made more stable been able to work at high
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temperature for. temperatures we're going to do the same with this and hopefully create something that we can use in an industrial scale every minute one garbage truck of plastic is dumped into our oceans if we continue this trained by twenty fifty it's predicted there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish it's an all consuming problem that scientists hope enzymes could help itto charlotte dallas. and you can the find out much more about the stories we're following on our website there's no olds a video on demand at. al-jazeera dot com. her mind of our main stories international chemical weapons inspectors have arrived in the form a syrian rebel on place of duma to investigate a suspected chemical attack ten days ago the u.s. accused russia of tampering with the site while moscow blamed delays on security
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concerns the team from the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons will investigate what happened on april the seventh but won't assign blame now the o.p.c. w it's still not clear when they're going to release the findings but we have to make clear that western nations are not waiting for the results because they already carried out retaliation they carried out attacks on saturday targeting syria's chemical weapons facilities so the o.p.c. w.'s findings are not going to trigger another response but definitely if the o.p.c. w. finds that indeed a chemical weapons attack actually happened it will be damning for the russian and syrian government's u.s. president almost trampas me to japan's prime minister shinzo abi it is morally resort in florida north korea is likely to be high on the agenda during those talks ave wants to make sure the u.s. keeps its military presence in northeast asia in order to counter any threats from china north korea. it's the u.n. special envoy to get him and says he's drawing up
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a framework for talks to end the three year civil war which has led to the world's worst humanitarian crisis in griffith the insists all side of prepared to negotiate an end to the fighting. tens of thousands of people have joined protests in on me against the hanuman's choice of former president sergeant sarg a.c.m. as prime minister so i guess in step down as president earlier this year at the end of his term limit protesters see his appointment as prime minister a post strengthened under the new constitution as a way for him to retain power. base in nigeria have fired tear gas at hundreds of shia muslim protesters in a budget it's the second day of rallies in the capital demonstrators are calling for the release of a jailed when they just the day. french president manuel my call has urged european union members not to sleep walk towards nationalism addressing the european parliament on his vision for the future of the e.u. a calm warned of what he calls
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a civil war within the european union between liberal democracies and you're a skeptic nationalist speech follows nationalist euro skeptic election success is an ongoing and in itself. that's all for me for the moment the stream is next and we'll see you with more headlines at the top of the hour.


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