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it in fact active weather could be seen now and recently in the caribbean the last the big shots disappearing through cuba quite a few decent downpours in the restaurant tilly's and they could be repeated i think in the next day or two. a society's progress is dependent on the quality of its experts we need more in finding a face now as a top area to wide awake in your generation just satisfying new teaching methods are infusing thai students to become the agents of change taking them out of the classroom to solve problems in their local communities level education inspiring sight time line at this time on al-jazeera.
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this is al-jazeera. hello i'm rob matheson this is the news our live from coming up in the next sixty minutes top level talks confirmed north korea's leader kim jong un has met president trumps nominee for secretary of state on pale in pyongyang. if the u.n. security team decides that the situation is sound and the fact finding mission didn't begin its work on wednesday syria's u.n. envoy confirms chemical weapons inspectors are expected to enter duma on widens day . tens of thousands continue to protest in armenia opposed to the former president becoming prime minister to stay in power.
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and a mother and wife to two u.s. presidents barbara bush has died at the age of ninety two. so we begin this news hour with the news out of the korean peninsula it's been confirmed that u.s. . secretary of state nominee mike pump aoe has met a north korean leader kim jong un in north korea's capital pyongyang a senior u.s. official said the former cia director went there as the u.s. president's envoy over the weekend he was there to prepare for a possible meeting between trump and kim expected in may or june in north korea has also been high on the agenda in talks between japan's prime minister shinzo abi and trump in the u.s. diplomatic editor james bays is joining us now on the phone from north korea's capital pyongyang so not just top level talks james we're talking about the man who was head of the cia and his soon to be secretary of state. yeah this is an
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extremely high levels is that this is the highest level serving u.s. official to visit young yang since the u.s. secretary of state madeline albright came here back in the year two thousand it's important to note that north korea has made no comment on this confirmation from the north koreans died all of the information coming from the american side can only now that this important meeting took place here in pyongyang. telling you too that the u.s. does not have diplomatic relations with north korea so there is no u.s. embassy in pyongyang i've been speaking though to other members of the diplomatic community here in the north korean capital and i've been told by them where there is a channel of communication open between the cia and north korean intelligence and
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that the main channel of communication between the two countries at this stage one of those diplomats told me they thought it was likely that this meeting took place but they had no confirmation they had no knowledge of it themselves but given the other things they know it thought it was like this had taken place this meeting at this very high level to prepare the ground for a possible summit between the north korean leader and president trump himself and james as we mentioned before of course don and donald trump is having talks at the moment with japan's prime minister shinzo abhi it's important to note isn't it that might pompei or has been advocating that north korea should focus on. disabling its long range missiles which are the ones that are most likely to be able to hit the u.s. but not so much on the short range missiles and yet of course that's precisely what
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sin so abi is going to want the north korea to focus on as well getting rid of the short range missiles which are of course a threat to japan and south korea. south korea as you say and remember that very important event happening just over a week's time on the twenty seventh and that is another high level summit that's a meeting between the north korean leader kim jong un and the south korean president and for the first time a leader of north korea will go to south korea only a few feet into south korea in the middle of tries but an important moment there now the word we're getting is that that. is likely to give the americans indication i think whether there should be this high level meeting possibly in june with president trump actually meeting the supreme leader kim that of course is not confirmed that that will take place and among the things they will be talking about
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at this meeting until now secret took place here in pyongyang is a possible day new for those talks will it be a good militarized zone between north and south korea could it be here in pyongyang could it be in beijing perhaps i don't think the u.s. would particularly want to give china a seat at the table i can tell you from diplomats that both norway and sweden of all had their countries as possible then used one diplomat told me another venue possibly being just is mongolia james i know that you're on a trip at the moment obviously to pyongyang i don't know how much you're able to get out and about but in terms of the negotiations the talks and the possible easing of tensions between north korea and the u.s. how is that playing out in the local media do you know and with the local people. well certainly we have seen a storing of tensions with some of the regional countries here certainly china is
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a close ally of north korea high level chinese delegation has been recently but there's also been a cultural links with south korea or i think this is preparing the ground for the forthcoming korean summit and that certainly is being discussed the state controlled media here in pyongyang much less discussion about the possibility of a trump meeting i've been trying to gauge people's reaction here at all and their views of president trump and when you speak to ordinary people they are very much saying what they'd be told to so many years about the americans and about president trump people telling me he's an imperialistic leader some saying he's mad james for now that's james baker diplomatic editor live from a film going for us james thanks very much indeed for japan's it has been meeting the u.s. president at trans monolog a resort in florida emily metzger is
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a professor at indiana university an expert on u.s. japanese relations she's joining us live from bloomington indiana by skype thank you very much indeed for being with us both leaders obviously having their own domestic issues in their respective countries and so abby's power poles are down there is the speculation that he might actually be forced to leave by the summer does he actually come to these negotiations with enough leverage to get what he wants. i think he certainly comes to these negotiations with good pay and the relationship between the united states and japan is why in deep and although there are issues on which there are disagreements i think there's much more area of agreement and cooperation than there is disagreement and yet there are large gaps when it comes to trade like the trans-pacific partnership obviously and the japan not getting an exemption at least yet on certain trade tower of seoul though some
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u.s. allies some key u.s. allies have being given those what kind of message is being sent to japan at the moment given those gaps you know i think it would be fair to say that the message japan is being sent is that everything is open to negotiation this is after all the president who is famous for a deal making and the threat of perhaps not. eliminating the tariffs that are threatened for japan can be can serve as motivation perhaps to get japan and to make agreements with the u.s. that they might not otherwise be willing to make how would you describe relations generally between japan and the u.s. i think generally they are very strong very friendly after all this is a relationship that has formed the foundation of regional stability across east
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asia since the end of world war two from a very unlikely beginning. when we have disagreements of course and violent conflict during the war and coming to a violent end with the nuclear attack that ended the war the friendship that has grown is that wide and deep and the networks of people who are engaged in maine but that relationship at the official and unofficial levels is profound as i mentioned before sions who is obviously having his own domestic difficulties back in japan how important is it to him politically to be able to come back from this meeting with some sort of win. i would argue it's increasingly important as you say with domestic pressure is rising against him a corruption scandal that is in the wings for prime minister of bank
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a strong performance for japan at mar a lago is important. professor of an indiana university an expert on u.s. japanese relations thank you so much for your time thank you china is conducting live fire drills just off the coast of taiwan for the first time in two decades it's happening in the taiwan strait that's a body of water that separates taiwan from mainland china is coming amid growing tensions between beijing and washington over the u.s. has increased ties with taiwan which china sees as a breakaway province was cross live to our china correspondent adrian brown in beijing for more adrian why is china staging these exercises now given the tension . well i think these exercises are taking place rob for a number of reasons but as you hinted in your introduction beijing is really concerned about the growing interaction between taipei and washington and this year
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an awful lot has been happening a congressional delegation has visited taiwan it was warmly received by the taiwanese leaders dying when and then the house of representatives earlier this year passed what was known as the taiwan travel act now if this becomes law it would allow senior taiwanese government officials to visit washington and vice versa and next month in taipei officials from the united states and taiwan a jew to hold what's known as an arms sales forum to discuss arms sales to taiwan and also the united states has actually been beefing up its representative office in the united states so all this has served to really irritate beijing and that's why they are in the way demonstrating their annoyance and their frustration now with this large scale military drill that has to be said that this is the largest military drill that china has held in the narrow strait of water that separates
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taiwan and china for twenty two years i was actually in taiwan in one thousand nine hundred six when china last told a large scale military exercise and on that occasion the u.s. navy deployed an aircraft carrier battle group through the strait and when that happened the guns fell silent now i'm not sure that's going to happen again this time certainly tensions are not as bad as they were in one thousand nine hundred six when actually the two sides almost seemed on the brink of war but it is a reminder the tensions between the united states and taiwan over the tensions from china and the united states are escalating once more over the thorny issue of taiwan i understand richard when you're talking about taiwan in the strategic military element to all of this what role do you think that trade might play in this because obviously china's relationship with the u.s. in terms of trade has been very difficult donald trump has been very critical of
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its trade policies. well everything is sort of connected at the moment isn't it rob i mean would fees military drills really be happening if relations between washington and beijing were good at the moment of course they wouldn't so i think that you know china is displaying its annoyance and frustration with the united states in a variety of ways and remember you know the vessels taking part in this naval and this drill today include you know vessels the past not large naval pageant in the south china sea just a few days ago that were watched over by president xi jinping and once more being you know pride of place today in these in these in this naval drill there are no pictures of the moment but we should have them later ok we have china's new aircraft carrier the looming once more china showcasing its its military advances so yes i think this is possibly not going to be the last military drill
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that china carries out in the taiwan straits this year adrian thanks very much indeed but a more ahead on the news. spent too many years using technology to take advantage of people's openness and great wealth and the confession of a far more cambridge analytical work or how it could have affected the dregs of the . shaken and stirred interaction what's happening at thousands of coffee shops in the us following a racism scandal. and in sport why this when by china's champions has put a big smile on the face of an italian legend. syria's ambassador to the u.n. says chemical weapons inspectors will enter duma on wednesday if it's safe enough he says a u.n. security team is at the site i'm fail make an independent decision on access for an
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o.p.c. w team investigators will look into a suspected chemical attack on april the seventh but they won't assign blame arrived in damascus on saturday and they've called for access as soon as possible when you don't. need a three day the u.n. security team and duma around three pm in order to assess the security situation on the ground and if the security team to you and security team decides the situation is sound in duma then a fact finding mission will begin its work in duma on wednesday the decision for the arrival of the fact finding mission is the decision of the un and the old p.c. w alone is in accord or has more from beirut. now the russian government and the syrian government have been criticized for what they called preventing the team from entering western nations said that the team was not given access now the team
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arrived in the syrian capital damascus on saturday both the russian and syrian government cited security concerns and that's why there has been a delay now the. mission is to determine whether or not the chemical weapons attack actually happened its mandate is not a portion any blame the united states and other western countries like france for example believe that the proof or the evidence could have been tampered with because when this alleged chemical weapons attack happened the opposition was in control of they then surrendered russian military police entered and they carried out their own inspection and declared that they did not find any traces of chemical weapons that were. still not clear when they're going to release the findings but we have to make clear that western nations are not waiting for the results because they already carried out retaliation they carried out attacks on saturday targeting syria's chemical weapons facilities so the findings are not going to trigger
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another response but definitely if. indeed a chemical weapons attack actually happened it will be damning for the russian and syrian government on the russian military says it's found a chemical weapons stockpile it belongs to rebels in duma a russian state media outlet put out this video which apparently shows chlorine components for producing mustard gas law school has repeatedly accused rebels of involvement in chemical a tux. anti-government rallies have intensified in armenia after a vote to promote the former president to prime minister tens of thousands of people protested in the capital of yet a van and other cities accusing sars this is down of a power grab he was president for a decade and stepped down because of a term that i mean is new constitution strengthens the office of prime minister allowing circassian to maintain his influence. i believe that the best way to do that the change of government i'm focused here to have my voice heard and to let
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the government others know that i am against their regime loyalists down among the my president has cheated people he said that he won't rule for a third time but he won't be the head of state but he cheated the people i want justice i want to live in a free armenia. and stuff in our story and is director of a media studies at the university and he says ok stand and symbolizes an authoritarian regime. basically the transit constitution was changed. the issue was transparent already to you i was a growth three years ago for me just. that staying in power and what that means for the people. is going to continue for another five years maybe another. i don't see you kind of brought political program being articulate that. the focus seems to be on the.
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young but circus young changes his mind. boggling. that by. race because of. the republican bug the key issue he's. going to react to these months because og the main drive in the south caucasus. so we'll see how. he acts openly or behind the scenes. a former employee of cambridge analytics has been testifying about its role in the brags that vote the company is under scrutiny for harvesting personal data from millions of facebook users brittany kaiser told a u.k. parliamentary committee that a key backer of the leave campaign used information for political purposes or
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reports but humans as well personally kaiser was asked to testify as a woman who had worked on the political campaigns of both barack obama and donald trump in the united states working for cambridge analytical on the trump campaign she made it clear her role was to target small groups of people harvest their personal information and attempt to change their political opinions a practice she did without compunction then but have now decided it was disgraceful the iliad spent too many years using technology to take advantage of people's openness and get well and i won't stand by any longer to observe this privileged abuse of power intentionally or unintentionally i want to help shed light in the start places and to help people be more responsible in their actions cambridge analytical then moved in on the leave dot edu campaign during the breaks at referendum the company she said told our own banks the millionaire backer of leave
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so that they could do for the bricks and camp what they had done for donald trump in the end she said believe campaign haven't taken their services but in a major allegation she claims that mr banks had taken their idea and harvested lists of his own commercial customers and targeted them for political messaging a practice is illegal in britain mr banks denies the claim when i did visit the elgin insurance and leave you had quarters which was the same building with the same staff that when a senior scientist and myself spent time with their phone bank i was told by the people using the phone bank. the individuals that they were calling out of the insurance database it will clearly be wrong for people's personal data maybe help one insurance company to be used in a political campaign without their consent and so on the question is was consent sort of a given and if not then it's not quite that's potentially quite a serious data breach that i think should be investigated fully by the information
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commissioner like a former colleague christopher wiley she painted a picture of cambridge analytical as an organization which was a moral and which was happy to destabilise any political campaign on behalf of any wealthy back as it all adds to a body of evidence being gathered by the u.k. government which is increasingly worried about how the use of data is potentially undermining basic democratic principles al-jazeera london british prime minister to recently has met caribbean leaders after her government apologized for a scandal affecting immigrants as many as fifty thousand people who moved as children after the second world war feared they could be at risk of deportation because of stricter u.k. policies some were told to prove their right to stay in the u.k. despite a lack of official paperwork from the time they arrived as children may has apologized for the anxiety that caused all starbucks outlets in the u.s.
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will close for an afternoon at the end of next month for what it's calling racial bias education and one hundred seventy five thousand staff for more than eight thousand stores will get training on how to combat discrimination video released last week showed two black men being arrested at a philadelphia store while they prepared for a business meeting. hilary shelton the director at the national association for the advancement of colored people is joining us now from washington d.c. thank you very much indeed for being with us we have the evidence obviously of the two video clips which have gone viral all of the arrests themselves what's less clear is what happened in the run up to those the point at which those video clips started just to be clear can you give me some context for viewers who are joining this story a bit late all your objections focused on the video clips or on what happened prior to the video clips in the starbucks coffee shop well it was actually both
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what you have is two african-american young men that had gone into a starbucks in philadelphia waiting for you the third friend to arrive while they were waiting the manager of the store actually called the police and asked them to come and arrest them that they were loitering and creating other problems along those lines but there was no indication there was any disturbance or any other problems if they were sitting as so many others have done in starbucks coffee shops here in the united states waiting for friends to arrive and of course at that time they arrested and taken off in handcuffs this raise a major problems that is we know that starbucks is a place like many other coffee shops in the united states which people wait for other guests before they order or do anything else and because they want disturbing anyone it looks like a clear case of racial profiling is there an argument for suggesting that because we don't yet have more details of what happened in in the events running up to when
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those videos of the arrests materialized that in a sense we are rushing to judgment at least as far as starbucks is concerned about what motivated the starbucks employee to make the decision that they did. absolutely and even the chief executive kevin johnson actually realized what had happened and moving as quickly as he could to fly into philadelphia he met with the two men apologized would happen worked out all the compensation for them of course being taken off to jail as they were and then realized the training needed to be done at starbucks we give him tremendous credit for being willing to actually find an opportunity to shut the stores down trained employees to make sure that this kind of form of racial profiling didn't happen again at a starbucks throughout our country is this something that they. should be more
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involved in the future should corporations like starbucks and others when they face situations like this be drawing on the expertise that you've gained over the years to be able to try to deal with this situation. absolutely as a matter of fact we've met with airlines and other businesses that had similar kinds of problems with how they've handled racial and ethnic minorities and african-americans very specifically so in essence we know that this form of discrimination happens in our country as a matter of fact we actually have legislation pending in our u.s. congress to address the issue of racial profiling and law enforcement that is that oftentimes and much too often in our country people are poor the wise detained by police because of the presumption. has been committed or in some cases a crime is going to commit it simply because of the race of the person this pored over the end racial profiling the act is a bill this been pinned in to help actually retrain our law enforcement officials
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and how to carry out their responsibilities without this level of implicit bias as a matter of fact even our f.b.i. utilizes racial profiling tactics there were handed down by their executives at the time they were first passed as a matter of fact it was john ashcroft we also give great credit to eric holder one of our former attorney generals under the obama administration for actually improving our anti racial profiling policies to make sure one of the most powerful law enforcement agencies in our country the f.b.i. doesn't practice it along with all the federal law enforcement officials police encounter responsibilities. we appreciate your time thank you very much indeed. thank you very much for having me. former u.s. first lady barbara bush has died at the age of ninety two the wife of former president george bush sr and mother of former presidents george bush jr had been
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hospitalized several times this year she was often linked in polls as the most popular first lady and modern u.s. history alan fischer looks back at her life. however bush often dismissed her popularity saying it was simply because she looked like everybody's grandmother with her signature white here in peril necklace but she will be remembered as one of only two women in u.s. history to be married to a president so help me god and the mother to one officer present united states she was just sixteen years old when she met george h.w. bush at a christmas dance both born to privilege she would later drop out of college in mali the young navy pilot home from world war two they would settle down in texas so he could make his fortune in the oil business but their growing family would soon face tragedy the three year old daughter died after a fight with leukemia she said she clung to her children even more after that four boys and another girl would grow up watching their father's political career which would ultimately lead to the white house leaving heart the role of disciplinary and
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you're just so you know anything they do is all right. but someone has to be sure that. standards are. denying something. and force and there's no question about it. there is no question of her loyalty either anyone who did criticize her children or even more so husband would quickly face her quick wit to an icy stare she didn't want her husband or her son george to run for the presidency admits she didn't think he would when she made news when speculation turns to another son jeb. my question. is the best qualified person to run for president but i hope he won't because i think he'll get all my enemies all his brothers all and their other
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family i refuse to accept that this great country isn't raising other wonderful people thank you all for that warm welcome reluctant mitri arc of a political dynasty the first wife to speak at a political convention but beyond the campaign she wasn't no one to give either a husband or son political advice in office she advocated for family literacy but mostly she prided herself on a family that she said was a true legacy i think they feel and i hope if i have a legacy other than being the enforcer that it will be that i raised along with george a great family a family that will be remembered along with the woman at the center of it. still ahead an al-jazeera palestinians mock prisoners day a show of solidarity with the thousands including children behind bars in israel. we meet a scientist infected with malaria as
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a child is now leading the fight against the disease. i'm one of the top seeds is given a real test of the monte carlo masters fall is going to have all the details in the sport. by the springtime flowers of a mountain lake ear to the first snowfall on a winter's day. halibut has been a stuttering start to spring rains in china and it looks like they're still stuttering it's dry picture in hong kong wednesday as is in shanghai as it probably is enjoying do with nary more than a shower in the west i suspect has no real development in rain comes thursday but look at the breeze not coming from the south we'll see something on friday or saturday i suspect so enjoy a couple days of fine sunshine that's for the spring warms and green to look out for to the south of that still an active and daily shower regime from the southern
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philippines through borneo back towards the fast at the target and you'll notice that bangkok's underneath cloud so once more the showers are building daily in thailand in myanmar maybe not in vietnam you know the distance nice greenbelt was hyde's born here to the south of the far fewer showers in india in the zia they not dissipate all together these dots frictions they were but sumatra is a rather witnessing place we've seen want to big showers in northeast india recent the there are rather more frequent in the far south of india and sri lanka on the cloud still tipping around the top of hindu kush inland of course temperatures are rising and they rising across a different leaf forty three not to forty one in kolkata. the weather sponsored by qatar and race. when the winning the will of the people hinges on the mass media state p.r. machine it's going to overdrive. but just. influencing.
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we just don't know yet where the lines when it drawn between what can be said and what constitutes that. some journalists decided to sacrifice their integrity for outside polling the media opinion the listening post but based time on al-jazeera when the news breaks. on the mailman city and the story builds to be forced to leave it would just be all when people need to be heard to women and girls are being bought and given away in refugee camps al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you the award winning documentaries and live news on al-jazeera i got to commend you all i'm hearing is good journalism on and on.
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your go to zero a reminder of our top stories this hour has been confirmed that u.s. secretary of state nominee michael pale has met north korean leader kim jong un in north korea's capital pyongyang a senior u.s. officials at the former cia director went there as the u.s. president's envoy over the easter weekend it was there to prepare for a possible meeting between trump and kim expected in may or june. syria's ambassador to the u.n. says chemical weapons inspectors will enter the duma on wednesday if it's safe enough. he says a u.n. security team is at the site and will make a decision on access with the investigators they'll look into the suspected chemical attack on april the seventh but they won't assign blame. and anti-government rallies have intensified in armenia after
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a vote to promote the former president to prime minister tens of thousands of people protested in the capital yet over and other cities accusing sarah sexists the hand of a power grab he was president for a decade and he stepped down because of a term limit. or now on the situation on the north korean peninsula north korea's nuclear weapons program tops the agenda of a meeting between trump and japan's prime minister shinzo japan's they don't match the u.s. president of tom's monolog will resort in florida our white house correspondent kimberly hawker has more on that japanese prime minister shinzo abbay came to u.s. president all tribes florida retreat seeking security assurances but so far they have got just the opposite we have had direct talks at very high levels really high levels with north korea as a close friend and ally and half a dozen locations has met with trump more than any other foreign leader he's tried
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to discourage him from any warming of u.s. north korea relations instead trump has agreed to a meeting with north korean leader kim jong il and for late may or early june or even not at all still he says he's narrowing down prospective benyus still abhi admits the strategy the two nations have utilized applying maximum pressure against north korea to bring about dialogue is working and. it is fair to say our approach has proved to be successful and the right one. the obvious that comes ahead of another planned summit between north korea and south korea trump says he's encouraging the two koreas to finally declare an end to the official state of war between the two nations that's been going on for decades south korea is meeting and has plans to meet with north korea to see if they can end the war and they have my blessing on that and they've been very generous that without our side without me in
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particular i guess you would have to say that they wouldn't be discussing anything including the olympics would have been a fair your south korea has credited the united states with playing a leadership role and helping to build on the goodwill of the winter olympics but japanese security isn't the only issue expected to emerge from this summit the two leaders have also pledged to discuss their differences when it comes to trade despite calling japan a friend an ally trust didn't exist japan from the list of nations now subject to tariffs on foreign imports of aluminum and steel into the united states it is one of the many thorny trade issues the two leaders are set to discuss during their two day summit kimberly help get al-jazeera west palm beach florida cuba's national assembly will hold a historic session on wednesday to choose the successor to the communist islands president raul castro it will bring to an end rule by the family that's dominated
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cuba's politics since the communist revolution in one nine hundred fifty nine our lot in america editor in the sea and human reports from havana. but today's session of cuba's national assembly will culminate with the selection of cuba's next president there's been no election campaign no presidential candidates have been posted that's not how the communist system here works but what is significant is not who will be elected as the next president but rather who will no longer be upheld. the law barring the unthinkable eighty six year old president old castro will be handing over power for the first time in six decades to a cuban who doesn't carry his last name and who was born after the one nine hundred fifty nine revolution that he hoping to power for me four generations of cubans live in this have an apartment grandmother daughter ianna granddaughter another and
5:40 am
her two children only eighty five year old elsa remembers a time when juba was not ruled by fidel castro you know where your people will know when the revolution triumphed everyone was happy because there were high expectations. but like the beautiful decaying city of havana the expectations began to crumble cubans had free education and health care but they became isolated economically and technologically under a one party communist system our twenty six year old plans to join millions of other cubans who've emigrated very little young people are hungry for something else to have access to things we don't have to be paid a decent wage. some say role castro a pragmatist came to power too late after ill health forced his elder brother fidel to resign pradelle castro is still glorified here as the supreme leader of the
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cuban revolution but it is our castro who will be remembered for introducing some of the most long awaited reforms to the communist system and the day. then he has been at the helm none of these reforms though include easing even slightly the one party states absolute grip on political power. and while castro's attempts to improve cuba's socialist economic model have fallen far short of their mark his main objective now is to ensure political continuity with the communist party dictating policy guidelines and that's the way he likes it that's that's the style . he was known to have been a fan of soviet style political decision making process. and so not surprisingly on the eve of what will be the end of the nira on the streets of cuba's capital there's a sense that little is about to change there's very little mystery as to who will
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replace castro it's expected to be the first vice president. who has been groomed for this job for quite some time now but still will not totally disappear from the scene quite the contrary he is expected to remain as the head of the all powerful communist party. but he's in nigeria have fired tear gas at hundreds of shia muslim protesters in a it's the second day of rallies in the capital demonstrators want the release of their religious leader ibrahim who's been jailed without charge since december twenty fifth in the head of the islamic movement of nigeria is believed to have three million followers. france's president has warned that the e.u. could descend into what he calls civil war because of increasing divisions between liberal democracies and euro skeptic nationalists emanuel mccrone was setting out his future vision in a speech to the european parliament he's urged against sleepwalking towards
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nationalism at the expense of european unity his speech follows election victories by rightwing euro skeptic parties in hungary and italy a new way of detecting malaria is being credited with cutting the number of people who have died from the disease in senegal scientists have developed technology that seen cases drop by twenty percent nicholas hock reports a small lifesaving effort to combat africa's biggest killer in the air barely visible are mosquitoes carry that deadly belayer parasite last september record get this forty year old niece woke up in this bed suffering from pains in her stomach they took her to the doctor who sent her back home saying she contract had malaria then followed in intense fever aches and nausea i mean i never recovered. the doctors diagnosed her too late she was a child just fourteen years old full of life she was just days away from graduating
5:44 am
from middle school when she suddenly died. every two minutes a child dies of malaria worldwide. the fight against the parasite starts here in this hospital lab indycar. is called. the parasite sent to professor and in a coma as a child now he's doing everything he can to save other children from suffering his team developed an early detection kit in just an hour the machine can recognize even the tiniest amount of parasite in the blood he says this is key to stopping malaria saying the parasite often goes undetected. and if you live out of. an infected. life humans can not only act as a reservoir to the parasite but also spread it when bitten by mosquitoes during a malaria outbreak although senegal and five other african countries have reduced malaria according to the u.n.
5:45 am
two thousand and sixteen saw five million more cases most were in sub-saharan africa the this is coming back and coming back normal. human a lot of people indycar researchers and health policy makers gathered to discuss ways to eradicate the parasite altogether some discussed the use of traditional plants others wait to beat a parasite that has become resistant to drugs and so there is a sense of urgency with scientists gathered here sharing new techniques and research in order to help african countries come closer to eliminating malaria at stake is protecting the hundreds of millions of people across the world for who fighting malaria is a daily battle a close hawk al-jazeera to car. homes and looks at how big a problem. around the world. it's preventable and curable and
5:46 am
yet malaria kills an estimated four hundred forty five thousand people every year the latest figures from the world health organization show there were around two hundred eleven million cases in two thousand and fifteen but that went up by five million the following year a backward step the un's health agency is warning after years of progress malaria is a debilitating disease caused by parasites and transmitted through mosquito bites patients may suffer from fever tiredness vomiting and headaches but without proper treatment it can progress and to a severe illness ninety one percent of those who die from malaria are in africa seventy percent of them a children under the age of five what's new about these findings from the w.h.o. is that they went on the impacts that conflict and instability is having on the global fight against malaria nigeria for example one of the worst countries
5:47 am
affected it's long been fighting boko haram the democratic republic of congo also features prominently millions of people there have been displaced by years of interests not conflict but yemen is moving up the list it's in the grip of a civil war and now a malaria epidemic and venezuela to once an example of progress well a political and economic crisis there has reversed that around three point two billion people that's almost half the world's population are at risk of malaria the challenges are enormous not the least of which is finding the money to deal with it the w.h.o. gets around two point seven billion dollars a year to meet its goals in the next two it needs more than twice that the most president has granted amnesty to more than eight thousand prisoners women's designed a pardon which included the release of foreigners and political activists. palestinians
5:48 am
have been marking prisoners day in a show of solidarity with thousands held in israeli jails more than six and a half thousand palestinians including three hundred fifty children and more than sixty women are in israeli prisons more than four hundred are being held without charge or trial under so-called administrative detention according to write scripts eight hundred prisoners are in need of medical care seven hundred of them suffer from serious and chronic conditions since israel began its military occupation of the west bank in gaza in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven it's imprisoned more than eight hundred thousand palestinians howie fawcett reports from ramallah is the day designated a palestinian prisoners began the numbers swelled by another thirteen in the early hours of tuesday israeli soldiers made arrests across the occupied west bank including this one in a refugee camp near ramallah. brother was detained the house ransacked hunt for weapons. they have arrested him on prisoners' day he spent twenty years in jail he
5:49 am
got married less than a year ago haven't got any evidence against israel so such raids are integrity and security but for palestinians they represent the unchecked power of an occupying force six and a half thousand palestinians are currently in israeli jails. of those a little over a thousand a serving terms from twenty years to life which usually signifies a conviction for killing or injuring an israeli that leaves five and a half thousand jailed on lesser charges well none at all and most of these cases are talking about either political affiliation or public disorder like in any demonstration is crawling writing a slogan writing in your face book bait is considered and incitement palestinians in the occupied west bank is subject to israel's military court system and its conviction rate of ninety nine point seven percent it also holds the power to imprison without charge known as administrative detention israel says the system
5:50 am
under which it's holding five hundred palestinians prevents attacks and protects the identities of informants salim daughter so we spent ten years in administrative detention but not all at once that he says is it's power you're never sure that you're free. when you leave you think of the next time you'll be administratively detained no one leaves administer to detention before the intelligence officer gives him the talk threatening him and making sure he thinks the next time. and his family in the early hours of monday morning his twenty one year old son was arrested for a time. they could have knocked but. they want to intimidate us. from the village killed an israeli security forces member in occupied east jerusalem she says she's taken to sleeping. in the expectation of the next one. in the occupied west bank.
5:51 am
5:52 am
the start of the sport is for. thanks very much barcelona have extended their unbeaten streak in the spanish league to forty games they did so despite a late scare from celta vigo living to one the catalans conceded a late goal and had to hang on with just ten men to secure a two two draw the single point does mean however that they extend their lead at
5:53 am
the top of the table. so they're now twelve points clear it still mathematically possible for them to be caught at let it go in second still have eighteen points to play for them overtaking bar so would take a major collapse by the catalans. fabio cannavaro ever grand have booked their place in the knockout stage of the asian champions league the italian a world cup winner watched as side thrashed of their own soccer three one of a grand are the chinese champions their china's most successful club in the competition and they're looking to win it for a record doing. so one blue wings had to beat the sheema antlers to go through and that's exactly what they did the south korean side winning one nil the antlers also went through despite the loss. oh only of saudi arabia beat al-jazeera the u.a.e.
5:54 am
in group a both sides are heading to the next round captors do hail be the u.a.s. a wideout but we're already through anyway they progress alongside zaba hunt from group b. who drew against lokomotiv tashkent and barium united go through with show from group g. after their win australia have booked their place in the final of the women's asian cup but they were put through a real task by thailand down to one in stoppage time the aussies were on the brink of elimination by allana kennedy got an equaliser forcing extra time the game eventually had to go to penalties australia holding their nerve to secure a three one shooter when. will face defending champions japan for the title the job will be to find out three want progress japan beat australia one in twenty four to find.
5:55 am
the vending n.b.a. champions the golden state warriors have taken control of their playoff series with the san antonio spurs and the absence of staff curry thirty two points from kevin durant's led the way for the warriors and game two andy richardson reports. with the golden state warriors style man steph curry missing through injury the san antonio spurs months have been hoping to exploit some previously unexplored flaws the worry is that i do still have time all star kevin durant's a call on. the warriors with big winners in game one of the spurs lead a tough time fifty three forty seven three loss of excuse me for the top of that was the cue for durant's and clay thompson as a further step up their game i the warriors made fifty three point shots compared to the spurs who hit just full nights. this game the second time that
5:56 am
thompson and durant each school thirty or more and again for the worry is the other occasion was a game three of the twenty seventeen finals a series which saw the warriors beating the cleveland cavaliers for one to claim their second championship in three years the worry is finishing this game as well as one sixty one i want to make it a loud thirty two. really want to i guess. take a lot of energy. is trying to. be simple and easy. because. we're not going to roll over. the mentality there we. want to take the fight to you know go home with those elements and also. from. the warriors to up in the series with the action now moving to san antonio to game
5:57 am
three of the richardson al jazeera. in monday's other games when wade scored twenty eight points to end the seventy six or seventeen game winning streak wade also moved into tenth in the all time playoff scores list miami heat take game to one hundred thirteen to one hundred three to level the series artist for a time olympic champion mo far as preparing to run his second london marathon on sunday the thirty five year old who last ran it in two thousand and fourteen and finished eighth says he's training harder this time the briton retired from the track last year and is ranked twenty seventh in the world but says that might actually work in his favor. you know not having as much pressure as you know on the track you know when you do it and i did track. twenty seven of them there's a lot of guys you can run not far off than me. but was it good for you but you know for me when i turn up i'm going to give one hundred ten percent and see what i can
5:58 am
do my to do the marfan and to learn as much as i can and mixing with the guys. dennis now one third seed alexanders of revis through to the third round of the monte carlo masters the german who had received a first round bye struggled early on in his match against shields miller sever was set down for a rally to win the match four six six three six two and more than two. it was a similar story for foresee grigor dimitrov in his first round match the ball garion had to come from a set down to beat his unseated opponent here he was he there after losing the first set demitra found this game and won the next two to close at the beach. and that's all useful for now more later some residents going to be here in a couple of minutes with board all the stores i wrote about this and thanks for being on.
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the sky which should be no borders up here with only horizons. as an airline we don't believe in boundaries we believe in bringing people together the world is better that way. it is a rowing football of us to go where we need to go to feel the things we want to feel. to see the people we want to see. that's why we'll continue to fly the skies providing you with everything we can and treating everyone how they deserve to be treated we do this because we know the trouble goes beyond borders and prejudice. the travel teaches compassion the travel is a necessity. to travel is a right for all remember that this world is a ball of ours to explore. and it's a strange thing for us to be apart. cats are always going places together.
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