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tv   Up To The Last Drop  Al Jazeera  April 18, 2018 9:00am-10:01am +03

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the dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist just posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera a society's progress is dependent on the quality of its experts more on finding. a top priority is to why do you wait in your generation to study find new teaching methods are infusing thai students to become the agents of change taking them out to the classroom to solve problems in their local communities level education inspiring science timeline at this time.
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i'm sam is a diamond i hold the look at the headlines here in al-jazeera now u.s. media reports say secretary of state nominee pompei out travel to north korea to meet leader kim jong il the top secret talks are for that to have happened two weeks ago ahead of a potential summit between president donald trump and kim al-jazeera is diplomatic editor james bays has more from the north korean capital pyongyang. north korean officials are not commenting on all confirming the visit. to this city all of the information at this stage is coming from the u.s. side but this is the highest level visit for a serving u.s. official since secretary of state madeline albright came to pyongyang in the year two thousand the u.s. doesn't have diplomatic relations with north korea there is no embassy here members of the diplomatic community have told me though they are aware that there is
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a channel of communication of negotiation ongoing between the u.s. and north korea but tween the cia and the north korean intelligence service they clearly are looking at the possibility of a meeting between the supreme leader kim yong and president trump the possible things that could be discussed possible things that could happen at the end of that meeting for example three american citizens who are held in jail here in north korea the americans want them to be released but also have been talking about the possible venues for a meeting could it be in europe could it be here in pyongyang could it be down in the demilitarized zone between north and south korea are there other places that we mentioned mongolia for example north korea's already been dominating talks between trump and japan's prime minister shinzo are bay has visited the president there is mar a lago resort in florida discussed pyongyang's weapons program. syria's ambassador
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to the u.n. says chemical weapons inspectors will enter doomer on wednesday if it's safe enough he says a u.n. security team is at the site the investigators will look into this month's suspected chemical attack but want to sign the blame the u.n. says new special envoy for yemen is working on a plan for talks to win the three years civil war martin griffith's will outline his proposal to the security council within two months he says all sides are prepared to negotiate an end to the fighting. the french president is warning that the e.u. could descend into what he calls a civil war because of increasing divisions between liberal democracies and euro skeptic nationalists emanuel micron was so i think else's vision for the future of the you in a speech to the european parliament he urged members not to sleepwalk towards nationalism at the expense of european unity and the government rallies have intensified in armenia after
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a vote allowing the former president to become prime minister tens of thousands of people protested in the capital one other cities queues surge surrogacy and of a power grab i believe that the best way to do that the change of government i am going to secure my voice heard and to let the government others know that i am against the regime loyalists down. my president has cheated people he said that he won't rule for a third time but he won't be the head of state has cheated the people i want justice i want to live in a free armenia all starbucks outlets in the u.s. will close for an afternoon at the end of the month for what they call racial bias education nearly one hundred seventy five thousand staff for more than eight thousand stores will get training on how to combat discrimination video released last week showed two black men being arrested at a philadelphia store while they prepared for a business meeting southwest airlines will inspect its entire fleet after an
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engine broke apart during a flight from new york to dallas smashing a window and killing a passenger the u.s. national transportation safety board says a preliminary examination of the engine shows signs of metal fatigue u.s. presidents have been paying tribute to the former first lady barbara bush who died aged ninety two son george w. bush says she was a fabulous first lady. as the headlines the news continues here up to the last drop is next.
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i don't know can you one so i'm going to guess all of that is pretty. i think since i called are they spending also think they want to give you can never. take sneakin still or sell these. people sell it all on the. hope home to sell his alma. if you don't know. that if you take umbrage this you double up on all asian. shipping the new will put isabel telaprevir in.
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its last fifteen years increase in their release which could call a spontaneous emergent trans global trade of water it means politicians which goes in the opposite direction taking water back into public campaigns only until a few years ago the problem was the only game in town. means there could be much of a position secondly she probably found it very surreal when few are going to stop anybody having a body she would lean in actually get it appreciate it from fourth and not every. pacers who are all. these people base. it's becoming more and more. people who are highly profitable the trade of those people who see everything as something to invest
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a profit of they want to. we want our war. now to a movie hey. hey hey hey hey hey mom's behave the way her. water is the driving force of life and natural resource that is scarce and to which one tenth of people on earth have no access to. the question of its management that is who will be the provider of water to the big cities has become a major factor. for over
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a century water has been the domain of private companies but since two thousand something has begun to change. the. ninety four cases of this awful fronts. and i think that this is quite important as a trend especially because france is the country that has invented water brought us asia as we know it today the country that those would have brought as a shining bust. the paris cholera outbreak of eighteen thirty two left twenty thousand jobs it's was the catalyst that led to a to come out to call revolution. the first.
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drinking water to. live. past two days french multinational companies. and. two of the world's largest private.
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so you. look for more lessons scenery. this was all cindy looked more. but up but up bulletin a college student at goldsmiths this woman what was your has been to call what is
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is does it doesn't feel. rejected deborah being a shooter. good. for us. should. we believe you very excited about it. was a trade unionist. when he started publicly condemning his own company's practices. that's cost him his job and led to a long legal battle that resulted in his dismissal and then rehiring by veolia. going to give us a board back video even do daily mail for those who did you know a man few notes yeah extraordinary something to me only all very demo i think the
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field. going to get that he's assured about. a pretty oscar on that. it will include. uncle discover the law i feel so badly like top. of it all the very power woman in ma all that it would sound like will harm or is truly key file is reduced us really poorer. is sassy it will pose us reject of all that to do who put bottom on the other to get the t.v. charcoal charge of on the inside member told all think look final down the post followed you it was this from. new on up out of three thousand you she owned was battling it out for there on the bus and a bit of
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a nazi out on this one i. know sis also include law in new four avoir of i won't be in c.p. bleach me transit in the bay in the biggest show i've been to cut. the b.s. you know that is all you need that bonding you. don't own in screenplay i've been so poor it will surely. in that i had fun once and that was it was not an annoyance and i said in the event in the near only possible gun yeah. political idea exactly what. privileges young this nation would. do this fund get. this to do such and this must be done. as a despotic thought of
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a man. in billion of us in between with perverted warden and i would ask him. could be an average after the i'm just one billion up preferred warden arbor does not believe in all this for sure that that buys happiness or good for food for i see. sure it does in their lodgings buy food when they shouldn't and wish deeply about to see it all neat read it. in their shermer a social democrats member of the brain state parliament asked to see the contracts between the state and the two companies and was granted permission. she was led to
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a windowless room and not allowed to take a pen make notes or copy anything their heart alters look i'm out. in public private partnership. classes in my p.p.p. is all. on bellina niska new class had lincoln. and it's come. first was. how'd. and she'd skittish and behind us she. we as indecent to typify to. guide the disc attacked from where i live in and out and gather and are given a file and. vaca us is. called here on. desk even cunt i for tough. as addresses are often prima shift would emerge
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desired to play by. game as couldn't be of the nation under name or here were. new in these equal by these and for dark does guns of these eco only crossed by broken. horse years and. probably on the cost of acquiring sparing cornwall where are the bullet bugger going to be a woman off. by still. this is a beautiful medieval city with
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a population of one hundred twenty thousand in northern portugal. in the mid two thousand the city signed a concession contract for its water supply services with a group of companies whose main shareholder is a spanish multinational called sethi here. no respect can say north represents its shareholders. because you and that. the game waged to bully is no way. to leave the bush. so with books but articles your love is so with books. and using. over the years the goal sold vind sealed but of. course you're not getting that they don't really believe. you should go into new orleans you move into new glee and. the video goes we. must go near the scene they needed to be
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glued yes they go into your. old image must. new christians or if the c.e.o. of a very clean. the goals that the municipality had guaranteed in the contracts like the definite increase in population and consumption remains only on paper. so when the newly elected mayor miguel kosta gomez started protesting in twenty ten the company took the matter to a court of arbitration to demand compensation. the brain simply suggest that evolution means deal but i've got a movie ship out by god a sense that they've always mysteries deals. says imus to kenya if he enjoyed
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a little. nearby stadiums is passionless defend a city with a population of fifty thousand which find a similar contract with the same company. the consequences were tragic to people who took to the streets. it's funny. that the way said. earlier was. passos the ferrero suddenly had the most expensive watch her in portugal india ok michael steele did just that then it would get us to believe it was that all game like you could well did it without looking at then a look will come up and it will get just like him and have the most kind of stuff on bare so brito became mayor of passions defended after putting the issue of water
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privatized ation at the center of his election campaign the situation was even worse than he did madge and no severe give you the least community can say. the maze simulators in some acquisitive food does it to him. but is a pretty. good i would tear going is exposed moved it is looped it was there that. will be there a place where they live where the randomness of the most on us with and student this is to be clearly. part of lebanon. why do you say. brings her daughters. which is one of the wrong. no no. pallone events i'm going to guess one
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after. city. ties it puts and effort on dammit. i'm tired as i know it and i'm tired become an. you know send out sign and given i'm tight for to get it and what's important is the result do the people of good quality want to. buy the service is environment protected these are the men we thought to be performed. for those who knew what was in the contract of the sale for berlin's water company which had been kept secret there was only one course of action to make them public . then german citizens would know that they themselves had guaranteed profits to two private companies for thirty years. to visit. the contracts could only be made
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public through a state referendum which all political parties try to stop. that's what to do what would once have i got up a who then b. in the flood who do of them first. leaps on the shifts guy i'm. going to school since. they're getting it done for just barely enough of us and skittishness me or does not either shot only off i go unfeasible or terrific you will become well. done and my time.
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all there. as a result of the referendum the berlin state government was forced to take back the berlin water company into public ownership in twenty four team. boy however it paid an enormous price one point three billion euros. the holocaust so remain a sponsor. were approved mainly due to the fact that water of had been privatized first this i still believe that saddam gets no money. but the. really. you. know these are pushing this official. to several of these. top of the more i get this thing.
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it would be about all of. me thought. you know. i mean we're going to. almost never of the. heart or mind. is behind water products. i think the european commission would be very very good to impose water privatization on anybody if they only could. we let's remember to organize in the way that the think it's more efficient so boards public and private ownership are possible so that we have an official says the that distribute high quality say for fish and for the boards of the world the city is. going to put it.
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in their faces. it didn't occur to me that. i mean what are the three. ill we're not even. talking about three. activities. that are present. in a historic nationwide referendum was held concerning the privatized of water services . the berlusconi government's plans to privatized the water supply. voted down by a massive ninety five percent of its alyan voters. the reason why we had this referendum is because the. government two years before before passed
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a law that was forcing. anybody. else of their beliefs about it. to sell out at least fifty percent of the state's big companies for all the public service is not only were there. a few weeks after the italian referendum. and mario draghi the departing and incoming directors of the european central bank sent a secret letter to berlusconi the letter was made public by the career newspaper and reminds berlusconi of certain key measures the e.c.b. was expecting from its city. these were structural reforms in favor of complete liberalization of local public services through large scale privatisation. this secret letter had major consequences as the european central bank has no power
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to enforce specific policy on any member state. it was judgment the judgment of the. absolutely dramatic circumstances where forty percent of the g.d.p. of the. attack one of. the berlusconi government did in fact implements many of the measures proposed in the letter it also tried covertly to reintroduce provisions for the privatization of water which the italian people had voted down in the referendum the constitutional court intervenes. no you cannot range. did you use. legal provisions to a been repealed as a result of a or for of. this prompted european commissioner all the rand to write another letter to berlusconi seeking clarification. you know let's win the war bob boston
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just one look at school really hasn't done you have found a man you really doesn't tell you that there are no. stories of life. and inspiration. a series of short documentaries from around the wilds that celebrate the human spirit against the arts. al-jazeera selects gangs. one of the really special things that work in progress here is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else working for it is you
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know it's very. liberally particularly because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are we the people believed to tell the real stories are just mended is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. a story fourteen hundred years in the making. a story of success and leadership. i'll just see that tells the story of dispute and division at the heart. of the caliph episode to. jersey.
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i'm sam is a down in dog with a look at the headlines here now this here and now u.s. media reports say secretary of state nominee pompei or has traveled to north korea to meet its leader kim jong il and the top secret talks of reported to have happened two weeks ago head of tensions summit between president trump and kim i'll definitely get a james phases in pyongyang he says north korean officials are tight lipped over the visit. this is the highest level visit for a serving u.s. official since secretary of state madeline albright came to pyongyang in the year two thousand the us doesn't have diplomatic relations with north korea there is no embassy here members of the diplomatic community have told me though they are aware that there is a channel of communication of negotiation ongoing between the u.s. and north korea between the cia and the north korean intelligence service they
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clearly are looking at the possibility of a meeting between the supreme leader kim yong and president trump north korea's already been dominating talks between trump and japan's prime minister shinzo are being visited the president at his mar-a lago resort in florida they've discussed pyongyang's weapons program syria's ambassador to the u.n. says chemical weapons inspectors will enter doman on wednesday if it's safe enough he says a u.n. security team is at the site investigators will look into this month's suspected chemical attack but want to assign blame the u.n. news special envoy for yemen is working on a plan for talks to when the three years civil war martin griffiths will outline his proposal to the security council within two months he says all sides are prepared to negotiate an end to the fighting and the government rallies have intensified in armenia after a vote allowing the former president to become prime minister tens of thousands of people protested in the out of violent other cities few surges of
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a power grab. u.s. presidents have been paying tribute to former first lady barbara bush who died aged ninety two son george w. bush says she was a fabulous first lady who'd be missed dearly and current president says she'll be remembered for her strong devotion to country and family. those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after the last drop stay with us. watch here is the driving force of life and natural resource that disk erased and to which one tenth of people on earth have no access. the question of its management has become a major factor it's becoming more and more important because highly profitable
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highly tradable those people who see everything as something to invest the profit of they want to be one door. says at this summit yes it is it but this one is the lever. to get. in and there yeah scott has given us yet you see that they're on board or. did you not look at that and then who are not mix is. going to do your. group i mean is the party that we're going to prevent sit at this is the exact city
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going to. do or it don't then these are. all. large scale privatization features heavily in the known agreements that the troika imposes on every creek government the athens and thessaloniki water companies are always on their list. yannis mahal a case is a journalist but in twenty eleven was spokesman for the greek new democracy party he then became minister of interior for the right wing government formed by at the time i asked him twenty twelve. in the same year the government's minimum holding percentage in the two largest water companies was abolished by law paving the way for their complete privatization. if you tickle bees. that of them will not be your head to. butt out. let me i'm
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giving up every bit of houston. with the main. thing of that i make nearly portier. after nikolay the school know me of us because they're the good kind of us that it was because of the people and i'm still awake curiously screwed up enough to come out as an analytical baucus and go to the board of making all the measures lease says it is you know that i live in the superdome is a political. facility keys water supplier is a profitable public company that provides cheap water to over half a million households five point four six percent of it already belongs to the french multinational suez. or the liberals like you my goodness where i was asked
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not to vaccinate is of course under the stars so your theory is useable the message billy bob settles down on doesn't it because a lot of the only good of the more moderate is an. aid to happy is greece's largest water company supplying water to five point five million people. when they buy the lot at the apple and or here it saved up three in the coal hollows north elena's them allies which i look at it up as the mean above us usually. hell of a dollar a barrel sell in addition with us you know i'm almost immerses never have i can see it's a bottom up more than just tell been a much more efficient goal as it became much.
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stronger less the more so the butternuts got the heels of boston. just. released so the bulk of myself at least that it ought to she. said this is your particular. keys that are dead. there's a particular. democratic shield this. ability if you know purina fifty. and water privatization officially it's not the commission's policy as mississippi is stating however it's true if you don't look at the troika it's and if you look at the memorandum of understanding between for example the troika and portugal the commission as part of the troika is asking to further privatized across the
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portugal so in the troika the commission is still pushing for privatization so if it is really human right and if you really are serious to the citizens and to this initiative we should start acting on policies instead of celebration it does not. seem to believe that you will sitting. it will lead to your. simply. putting a cd of a property even. like. the european water movement believes that water is the fundamental universal rights. it's ruutu all the ran at the european commission highlighting that the main
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institutions wrongly apply pressure to the southern european countries to privatized water and that this has to stop. a few months later the commission replied saying that it believes that privatizing of public utilities including quater supply firms can deliver benefits to the society one carefully made. to death. in bunches was as they counted off it because i. said you never. accepted on a city best able to outfit it was something about. zim enormous economic every year the death of a solid data driven or decrease a little uneasy seanie by shift the bureau. and not by day.
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this is your bridge you know that. is. prim divorce you can be good if you will seek or take the heat leave the assume i did this with us for another look at. their salaries do look. very serious. when the troika came to ireland they wanted to privatized the water utility. but there was no water utility. the water was sprayed in twenty seven local authorities so they were told or government by the troika to build all the areas government set up a company called irish water. which began installing meters. assigned to people's
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homes. on divorce protests took place. in the scouts of the city of cork gloria woman went out in the morning and said you are not putting up be the inside my house. i told them they were coming to this trash we didn't want the water meters and that was us. within an hour or two there was a mass of supportive people here to stop them. and this was the first time that the irish people had taken a stand on any issue since austerity had begun says to troika ride to towson and not. he told. me. i think for some people it probably was the straw that broke the camel's back. you know out of
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a sudden move in the street together. who are. you know this is to are only a little bit of power you can't go and funk to try but you can stand to thank your folks and there's your polar and and it like it might be traders and we're still not finished but people are still resisting this because it is the one thing that they have power and they're never going to give them. and we knew that this is being something different to something it's about water forced to foremost but it's also about much more than war it's about to hurt to be trailed the surrender of sovereignty. and the redistribution of our west operatives and their debt downwards.
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there is a problem with the leaks and we couldn't find them until we have brought in some measures so if i see my solution suddenly it's a million liters a month for a couple of people in my house i call ducktown patrol so that's the reason for the us in ireland there were no me terrorist because it uses a completely different system of watcher billing paid through general taxation over a billion euros were set aside for water maintenance and operation some people think those paper water through taxation is a little bit crazy we really only country in the o.e.c.d. that has zero wall poverty and we're the only woman zero water poverty because we're the only one that pays for to progressive general taxation that's the one thing we got right and will keep it. we really need to modernize our water
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structure so now we really have to and. so we need a structure to invest we need to wage borrowed money and then we need a way to pay for it paying out general type stations people who work would probably end up paying more taxes. we are losing forty seven percent of our treated water into the ground in leaks before it gets to the top. no five a billion euro to spend do i choose to spend it on meters or do i choose to spend not billion euro in fixing the leaks i'm building a new war structure. despite water being paid for through general taxation no tax exemption was planned for the irish as a counterpoint for the new charges i said just watch out for. the forcing more than
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made against abel's worse as many irish people feared they would end up paying for watch or twice they saw the proposed introduction of meters and charges as yet another austerity measure and the establishment of irish water as a first step towards water privatisation. stuffs rule to the centers of the six office and i would says of course we all know privatisation is ultimately envisaged. and then there was a letter from the centers of this example saying you're stuck you can say that would you please take these words out of the report. so then the report came back to me was that the towards.
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following the examples of berlin and it's really a popular vote was planting greece in twenty fourteen. the people of this in an e key were asked to take part in a non-binding referendum on whether they were in favor of the government's proposed privatisation of the water company but they were faced with a last minute problem. october if he. thought about it a bit the little bit is likely to pick up at the end of their lives are. they saying that they did it and that if they didn't receive the gottlieb's they could not quote the enter into the school and the people who are making a little bit of this will of the minister of the interior yeah like east sent out a letter to the minister polities to declare the referendum illegal then then it got
9:48 am
to topeka mccallum it will not have second that christmas numbers are lumped in with the couples are cheaper but they will serve as my photo after going to the victim i believe the speed limit of course make a sort of a physical is going to become some of it as well but it will because when they get a little generally the day they will likely become one of your hitting you in the middle of what is was a bit of that initial ok we're going to be like what am i going to last and all i had was a man that you. know might make me feel. but i pull so good to cope with as much about this if you tickle basis to say off surface on nicky butt out in a prophecy to somebody needs to be good at this committee none of us unsteady support difficult given still if we as a couple did
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a sting next year just the whole should be easy if it is serious even if she's got a man in the city to call b.c. to put them on all so all of them on a push to build up some of the border for the. thank the french president's emmanuelle mccall is on an official trip to athens he is accompanied by phone. forty french businessmen who are interested in the greek privatized program. they will have the opportunity to receive answers directly from the prime minister of greece alexis tsipras. amongst them is john luis assad's c.e.o. office aware. of any part of hell of a problem. for us because we got it while on the back of
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a because. this is. the goddam outlook you know but it abroad robbers had more years now and the left they'll grow. but a flat most focused don't give up we'll give you a good piece of the stock of the washington there was a message that said there is to be a stock of that you can eat if i'm here didn't already have me killed the good ones that you ever give up on their plate or that ought. to not make it middle of the apples to look that's very difficult. after you get into should be.
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in portugal fernandez became minister of the environment in the newly formed left wing government in the twenty fifteen elections water policy would soon change. oculus let a small deal first that was the vs what the believe it is. but they meant that yeah it was in this movie c.b.s. could they. believe was. the vice. no but it is a sort of feed. me but this is that we will see them. unfortunately the government washes its hands of privatisation cases according to portugal's constitution municipalities are autonomous and the state is forbidden from intervening by syllables and passions defended our have to get high on their own.
9:52 am
the mayor of bar stalest has been left to deal with a compensation charge of one hundred seventy two million euros to the group of private water companies the municipality also realize it had lost all technical know how regarding water was released on my return started. just before. the fact no bias but i guess if that's where. the mayor of passion is the farrier brito witnessed the troubles in barcelona and tried to negotiate with the company new good. no seems news that a big out of the world must be a good little girls and good are pretty uses of the girls. the bus freedom at their leisure the. bison wasn't going to see.
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oh you know me. activists against water charges often patrol this neighborhood of cork when they find an irish water crew installing meters they do what they can to stop the. you know what we need mean. nothing has been set in stone yet but the commission keeps pushing ireland to comply with the community directive in order to impose meters and water charges on its citizens. there is this principle which is. framed in the water directive that the polluters should be so there should be a direct responsibility of this cannot be done with a general exception obviously faced with unprecedented public disobedience the
9:54 am
government is trying to maneuver through public discontent and the demands to impose water charges from brussels what are trying to do you know in a small way they would say has to happen because the european union told us it has to happen because detroit at all is that sort of us but we can tom logical its head very very quickly because when the european commission offers a different opinion something else for example that apple corp all the citizens of this country talk to been taught in billion euro. suddenly the ideology walks in there. and suddenly the new liberal say the european commission it's only an opinion we're part of europe but it doesn't it doesn't take away our ability to meet our own decisions in relation to how we tax how can do european commission take away our ability to make our own decisions in relation to water. for an opinion of the very same body and the very same people alone sucks to be her own
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decisions in relation to give an apple a thirteen billion year old gift well all you have to do is look at who profits to explain those contradictions where asking people to stick with the comp to help from the government trying to monetise years ago the demonstration isn't done it's a family friendly demonstration here it's about money money is the bottom line you're going to be date but it's not it's not an option and it's to part and it's much too important to everybody everything left in the hands of for profit companies. i. do google. how. was i was how to get. who.
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you are i think you all of these situations and all of the peoples of europe need to start having an honest conversation with each other i think like to keep. things close europe people are saying here. enough is enough. here we have. the. key was was who come to who are you are. was. i who wasn't are yes come up oh no more school they would. prefer to see only because.
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i always knew a lot of people think we almost want this i know you are the right thank you who cuckoo who was who was who who. who. and i would is still raining in afghanistan or snowing depending on how far above sea level you are and you can see why it is pretty obvious frontal system of some sort and he's still hanging around in tashkent as well marty but to the west of that part from the kaisha shadows of the caspian it's
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a dry scene and that's right back to the coast of the mediterranean temperature wise you're very dependent on the wind direction but twenty five in beirut thirty four in baghdad you can see this and back is much warmer than it was so the sons are for a while the breeze is not overly strong stop particular dusty that's true throughout the arabian peninsula as well but look at the cloud coming off the coast of a man it's not yet monsoon clades not we'll start in the fifth period but it's interesting to see is that my biggest positive rain to the coastal part of them are occasional showers are possible in the center of saudi would think is unlikely equally slightly dry in yemen and it should be dry now in a good part of southern africa we do see a forecast of occasional showers around johannesburg and even a line of rain that wants to get into western cape indicate time but i think it'll skirt science and do no good so then the picture is effectively a pretty dry one occasional showers near durban maybe but dry as far north as lusaka beyond.
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the scene for us where on line what is american sign in yemen that peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on set there are people that there are choosing between buying medication or eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who is an activist and has posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera and hundred forty on the. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their countries
10:00 am
haven't truly been able to escape the war. he ruled for nearly half a century a controversial political figure in the cold of the middle east and one who was never far from crisis at home or abroad. in a two part series al-jazeera world tells the story of king hussein of jordan episode to. face. at this time on al-jazeera. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera.


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