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this is al-jazeera. hello i'm don jordan this is the. view from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes a flurry of diplomacy as the u.s. confirms talks with north korea consider a peace deal with pyongyang. still a no go international monitors are yet to get the green light. on the sides of a suspected chemical attack plus zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero eight out with the old in with the new cuba prepares to start a new chapter. and install manny pacquiao insists his time isn't over as the boxset. plans for his first contest in more than. yeah.
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welcome to the program the u.s. president's nominee for secretary of state has reportedly made a secret visit to north korea it comes as the groundwork being laid for a possible summit between donald trump a north korean leader kim jong il and when u.s. media says mike pompei a went to pyongyang two weeks ago if confirmed it would be the highest level u.s. visit in almost two decades where there's been no confirmation from the white house but donald trump says washington and pyongyang are engaged in high level talks and in another development south korea says it may pursue a formal post-war peace treaty with north korea when its leaders meet next week well we'll hear from our correspondents in pyongyang and sold in just a moment but first can be hard to report from florida for president from prison meeting the japanese prime minister japanese prime minister shinzo abbay came to us
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president tal tribes florida retreat seeking security assurances but so far they have got just the opposite we have heard direct talks at very high levels really high levels with north korea as a close friend and ally abyei and half a dozen locations has met with trump more than any other foreign leader he's tried to discourage him from any warming of u.s. north korea relations instead trump has agreed to a meeting with north korean leader kim jong il and for late may or early june or even not at all still he says he's narrowing down prospective benyus still ave admits the strategy the two nations have utilized applying maximum pressure against north korea to bring about dialogue is working and i can look over there to make it is fair to say our approach has proved to be successful and the right one. the ave trump summit comes ahead of another planned summit between north korea and south
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korea trump says he's encouraging the two koreas to finally declare an end to the official state of war between the two nations that's been going on for decades south korea is meeting and has plans to meet with north korea to see if they can end the war and they have my blessing on that and they've been very generous that without our side without me in particular i guess you would have to say that they wouldn't be discussing anything including the olympics would have been a fair your south korea has credited the united states with playing a leadership role and helping to build on the goodwill of the winter olympics but japanese security isn't the only issue expected to emerge from this summit the two leaders have also pledged to discuss their differences when it comes to trade despite calling japan a friend an ally trust didn't exist japan from the list of nations now subject to tariffs on foreign imports of aluminum and steel into the united states it is one
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of the many thorny trade issues the two leaders are set to discuss during their two day summit kimberly help get al-jazeera west palm beach florida al-jazeera has diplomatic editor james bays is in north korea and us more from the capital. north korean officials are not commenting on all confirming the visit of mike pompei oh to this city all of the information at this stage is coming from the u.s. side but this is the highest level visit for a serving u.s. official since secretary of state madeline albright came to pyongyang in the year two thousand the us doesn't have diplomatic relations with north korea there is no embassy here members of the diplomatic community have told me though they are aware that there is a channel of communication of negotiation ongoing between the u.s. and north korea but tween the cia and the north korean intelligence service they clearly are looking at the possibility of
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a meeting between the supreme leader kim yong and president trump the possible things that could be discussed possible things that could happen at the end of that meeting for example three american citizens who are held in jail here in north korea the americans want them to be released but also have been talking about the possible venues for a meeting could it be in europe could it be here in pyongyang could it be down in the demilitarized zone between north and south korea are there other places that we mentioned mongolia for example where north and south korea are getting ready for their own meeting next week kathy novak has more from the south korean capital seoul. one of the reasons that this upcoming meeting between the south korean president and the north korean leader kim jong un is so notable is because these two been are leaders of two countries that remain technically at war an armistice not a peace treaty marked the end of hostilities in the korean war in one nine hundred fifty three so going into the summit the south korean government is keen to discuss
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denuclearization and also how to promote peace on the korean peninsula so now the suggestion is that one of the items that could come up for discussion between wingy and kim jong un could be how to transition from that armistice to a more long lasting peace agreement and the us president donald trump has suggested he has given his blessing for the two koreas to discuss this but it may not alternately be a decision that can be made at the into korean summit that is because south korea was not actually a signatory to the armistice that was signed in one nine hundred fifty three it was the united states that ledley allies in the united nations command that signed the armistice with north korea and china so the suggestion may be that if in and kim jong un do discuss this it may lay the groundwork for the summit that is expected between kim jong un and donald trump who may be more in a position to make a concrete agreement to move on from that armistice taiwan's defense ministry has
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accused china of using what it calls cheap verbal intimidation to threaten the island china has conducted live fire drills in the taiwan strait for the first time in two years a chinese state media says it's a warning against any push for independence the area has been on the taiwanese controlled since one thousand fourteen million beijing is worried about the u.s. seeking closer ties with taiwan which it considers a breakaway chinese province of thailand's president of government to remain vigilant. now. i also asked our national security team to closely monitor the neighboring area jury my visit abroad and report to me on the first instance for appropriate responses i'm reiterating that maintaining peace stability and prosperity across the taiwan strait is the primary duty of our government it confident and determined to defend our national security and i can assure my people that. brown has more now from beijing. beijing has given no official reason as to
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why this large scale military drill is happening now in the narrow strait of water that separates china from taiwan but of course this military drill comes at a time of heightened trade tensions between washington and beijing as well as deepening concern in china over the growing interaction between taipei and washington in the past few months we've seen a current gresham delegation visit taiwan we've also seen the house of representatives pass the taiwan travel act if that becomes law it would allow high ranking government officials from taiwan to visit the united states also in may officials from taiwan and the united states a jew to meet in taiwan to discuss arm sales and the united states is also beefing up its trade representative office in taiwan so all these factors are feeding into the deepening frustration and anger here in china and of course this military drill in the straits of taiwan comes just less than a week after china held
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a large scale a large scale military display in the south china sea involving its new aircraft carrier the leone ng that display was watched over by president xi jinping who warned that now was the time for china to strengthen its military especially its navy or listen also to come here on the news hour including its independence day in zimbabwe and for the first time since the end of white minority rule one man will not be front and center during celebrations and we'll tell you why the starbucks coffee chain is closing thousands of the stores in the u.s. for one day. also some of the most famous photos in the history of sport fifty years ago two olympic athletes defied a nation that's all to tell. syria's ambassador to the u.n. says international chemical weapons inspectors will enter duma. on wednesday if it's safe enough he says a u.n.
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security team is at the site and will independently decide on access for the team the investigators will look into an apparent chemical attack on april seventh but won't assign blame syria's state media earlier reported that weapons experts had entered the former rebel on playboy is in a hollow joins me live now from the lebanese capital beirut zana still some confusion as to whether or not the inspectors will be allowed in to do most of what's been happening. well we did reach out to the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons to find out whether or not their team will be entering to my today so far there has been no response that team has been in damascus the syrian capital since saturday and like you mentioned a lot of confusion late on tuesday syrian state television as well as the russian foreign ministry reported that the team of chemical weapons inspectors entered to my that is the town where these suspected chemical weapons attack happened a few hours later the u.s. state department said that they had no information that the team entered duma and
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then a few hours after that we heard from the syrian and voice who said the team that entered duma was a u.n. security team and they're preparing and assessing the security situation and they will decide whether or not the o.p.c. w. inspectors can enter syria if it is safe enough so maybe yet even more delays this suspected chemical weapons attack happened on april the seventh eleven or twelve days ago now both the russian government and the syrian government have been accused of delaying or even preventing this team from entering into much to carry out its inspections accusations that both governments have denied and saying no we're hearing that rebels in a town in the color moon region have surrendered to the government what more do we know. yes the town of two mer that is a main town and this enclave in moon under the control of the rebels the rebel faction and de mer already handing over their weapons and agreeing to leave we are
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expected the evacuation to start early on the thursday they have agreed to leave according to the rebel faction to save the lives of these civilians and to avoid further destruction and misery for the people what we understand up to five thousand people will be bussed out in bus to the north of the country to other rebel controlled areas in the north of the country among the five thousand people one thousand five hundred fighters so the syrian military really apply more pressure on the rebels to surrender really and accept these deals say no thank you . saudi arabia says it's in talks with the us about sending forces into syria president trump wants to end washington's involvement in the conflict and instead he's encouraging arab nations to commit their troops and money to go again reports from washington d.c. for weeks u.s. president donald trump has made it clear he's growing impatient over syria this will become another syria like very soon. he made the how
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a bit clearer when he announced limited u.s. strikes in syria last friday we have asked our partners to take greater responsibility for securing their home region now the wall street journal is identifying the country's trump is apparently asking to give money and soldiers as egypt cutter the united arab emirates and saudi arabia but the u.s. military confirmed that it will leave that to individual nations to first make that announcement and if they want to then we will be able to echo that egypt qatar in the u.a.e. have not publicly commented yet that saudi arabia's foreign minister acknowledged the ongoing discussion we are in discussions with us in that have been for since the beginning of the syrian crisis about sending forces into syria. it's not clear if other countries will make similar offers but if they do they're likely to agree only if some of the two thousand troops and american air power stays in the region that may not be something trump will be willing to do he's already put a hold on two hundred million dollars that the u.s.
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had pledged to spend rebuilding syria with his words and deeds sending the message that he wants out of syria and soon he believes it should be someone else's responsibility to deal with what's left. al-jazeera washington what is still to andreas krieg he's an assistant professor at the defense studies department at king's college he joins us live now from london donald trump says he wants american troops out of syria and it's time for someone else to step in so is this arab army going to work is it a good idea militarily. right thanks for having me i mean it's part of our ongoing policy that the united states has been driving since the obama administration which is about the externalization of the burden of war especially the cost of war the political the financial and also the human cost to local surrogates and we've seen them working with the s.d.f. and initially even with the free syrian army to do something that the american people are not willing to support to be done with their own troops so this is quite
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an old narrative that is not unique to donald trump but what needs to happen here is that even donald trump's troop troops of the united states don't trump has in northern syria at the moment are roughly two thousand professional uniformed americans who work as force multipliers to existing local forces so it's also important to highlight that two thousand forces will not be enough on their own to actually stabilize the north of syria what needs to happen is you need a professional force of roughly two thousand as the americans have now that can actually embed and control local forces that you work with as sorry ok the question now is who in the arab world would be willing to do that. and that's going to make because because the u.s. is suggesting the army could be made up of troops from saudi arabia cats are the u.a.e. and egypt but three of those countries currently have a diplomatic and commercial standoff an embargo on qatar so that's not going to work is it. absolutely apart from that the g.c.c.
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countries as a whole including saudi arabia don't have the capacity to fight another war to fight a war overseas that includes the u.a.e. and saudi arabia who are now bogged down in a war in yemen that is very costly they don't have the capacity to divert this away carter has a very small military that again they will not divert the civil away so it's more realistic that the g.c.c. will give funding i don't think that the qatar crisis is a is going to be an obstacle to join funding missions in northern syria but they will not commit troops and plus on the other side i mean the gulf crisis has led to some sort of reading around the american flag if you will show all the skies the saudis the iraqis and the countries are trying to entice and wow the americans and showing them how what a reliable partner they are so i think both sides will probably try to commit to a trump policy but the commitment would probably be a financial one rather than one where they would be sending troops address a final thought from you what about key regional players like russia and iran i
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mean the iranians will say hang on a sec this is just a cover for saudi arabia to take on iran and its ally hezbollah in syria absolutely i think from the strategically this is not been thought through at all this is just a premature thought that hasn't that has not is completely underdeveloped first of all i mean it's a very very the regret of different forces in northern syria if you want to send an arab force in there which is a you know you've got kurds there you've got the iranians there is going to be a sunni force in a shia territory all these things have not been discussed and quite frankly if you want to make a commitment in northern syria to take on the russians or the iranians you would need a lot more than two thousand on the ground and discreet thank you very much for talking to al jazeera. now iran's president insists his country will keep making ballistic missiles despite concerns from the united states and regional rival saudi arabia speaking on iran's army day hasan rouhani said the weapons program is defensive and not intended to convey aggression u.s.
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president donald trump is threatening to pull out of the twenty fifteen nuclear deal unless there were new strictures on iran's missile production. zimbabweans are celebrating their first independence day without robert mugabe as leda the gobby up in palace since the end of white minority rule in one thousand eight hundred he was forced to step down last year after a military intervention a former vice president. took over general elections are scheduled for july let's be glad not to harm a tassos in zimbabwe's capital harare so what's the mood like at these independence day celebrations. well the news that is this week involving so we can do stadiums i had no maybe independence from britain in one thing when white i noted that but i want to give disappointment i mean obviously to the case becomes even. more be the pain when you know in the coming months of a bank economy the unique thing is going to improve the economy they can gain in that kind of really. funny thing even if. it's just been going on the ground
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they won him to help them win what that has been when will the factories open and when are it jobs not being created to be put off for the day to do to keep the trains going frankly getting about work and they could just get people to come and take a break join them know that you know for a few days then last night the government cannot if all necessary driving had been fired and getting many many things about me and i know that people now agree i mean it. may be green bay i'm capable of grabbing things kind of competition my view being able to go to the area something they never used to do a double got it was painted and they can actually get really hated because i knew kids from home three months from home and four or five major incident of violent conduct i think you know he made an attempt at mit had to do what those three and created a connection of so it's reported that wold have invited him to call the media for a lot of the walls will be allowed to have any relation to the critics of the case
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and say that it cannot cannot he too must do more things on the ground to form the electoral act and most importantly to turn around economy for the ninth. sank in. one family's dominance of cuban politics since the one nine hundred fifty nine communist revolution is coming to an end as successor to president raul castro will be chosen on wednesday a latin america at its on the sentiment reports from havana on. barring the unthinkable eighty six year old president rolled castro will be handing over power for the first time in six decades to a cuban who doesn't carry his last name and who was born after the one nine hundred fifty nine revolution that he hoping to power for only four generations of cubans live in this have an apartment grandmother daughter ianna granddaughter another and her two children only eighty five year old elsa remembers a time when cuba was not ruled by fidel castro you know where you're going to know
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when the revolution triumphed everyone was happy because there were high expectations. but like the beautiful decaying city of havana the expectations began to crumble cubans had free education and healthcare but they became isolated economically and technologically under a one party communist system our twenty six year old plans to join millions of other cubans who've emigrated very. young people are hungry for something else to have access to things we don't have to be paid a decent wage. some say raul castro a pragmatist came to power too late after ill health forced his elder brother fidel to resign pradelle castro is still glorified here as the supreme leader of the cuban revolution but it is our gastro who will be remembered for introducing some
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of the most long awaited reforms to the communist system and the decade that he has been at the helm none of these reforms though include easing even slightly the one party states absolute grip on political power. and while castro's attempts to improve cuba's socialist economic model have fallen far short of their mark his main objective now is to ensure political continuity with the communist party dictating policy guidelines and that's the way he likes it that's that's the style he he was known to have been a fan of soviet style political decision making process. and so not surprisingly on the eve of what will be the end of the nira on the streets of cuba's capital there's a sense that little is about to change to see a new man and just see how than starbucks and the u.s. says it will give its staff what it calls racial bias education after public
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outrage over the rest of two black men at one of its stores in philadelphia nearly one hundred seventy five thousand staff or more than eight thousand stores will get training on how to combat discrimination video released last week show the two men being arrested while they prepared for a business meeting the store manager had accused them of trespassing starbucks c.e.o. says he wants to meet and apologize to the man well hilary shelton from a civil rights organization the end piece says other companies in the u.s. should follow starbucks example. we've met with airlines and other businesses that had similar kinds of problems with how they've handled racial and ethnic minorities and african-americans very specifically so in essence we know that this form of discrimination happens in our country as a matter of fact we actually have legislation pending in our u.s. congress to address the issue of racial profiling and law enforcement that is that often times and much too often our country people are poor all the wise detained by
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police because of the presumption that some crime has been committed or in some cases a crime is going to be committed simply because of the race of the person this pored over the end racial profiling the act it's a bill this been pinned in to help actually we train our law enforcement officials and how to carry out their responsibilities without this level of implicit bias as a matter of fact even our f.b.i. utilizes anti racial profiling tactics they were handed down by their executives at the time they were first passed as a matter of fact it was john ashcroft we also give great credit to eric holder one of our former attorney generals under the obama administration for actually improving our anti racial profiling policies to make sure one of the most powerful law enforcement agencies in our country the f.b.i. doesn't practice it along with all the federal law enforcement officials police encounter responsibilities. in
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a few minutes we'll have all the weather with richard but still ahead here on al-jazeera with me to a scientist infected with malaria as a child is now leading the fight against the disease her husband and son both served as u.s. presidents former first lady barbara bush has died at the age of ninety two and in sports the team making player of history in the first season in the national hockey league barring the stalest. from the waves of the soon. to the contours of the east. i think for many people in western europe this burst of out warm weather which is now appearing is long overdue it's been quite a long hard winter when i was back in the u.k. last week the very few trees even him but it looks decidedly wintry but now we've got this big area of high pressure sitting across much of the region and were
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pulling up air from quite a long way south and as a result we're getting some quite impressive temperatures starting to appear and some really lovely weather conditions to go with it people taking to the beaches down that must say probably for the first time this year as well still below sea temperatures meanwhile in the same paris looking lovely here is the sun goes down on the same for burn in switzerland fine evening sunshine while the temperatures certainly are likely to rise in some places you can see there well on into the mid twenty's contrast that with areas further towards the east where it is nothing better than average for this time of the year it's less compact the actual weather details so you see these western areas we've got the winds coming up from the south where she get further towards the east the more northwest at least that frontal system is sort of pushing away but it's actually spawning around only very slowly so across parts of russia we will see further rain at times but those western areas enjoying the fine weather and that should continue probably till just about the weekend. the weather sponsored by cat time race.
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he ruled for nearly half a century a controversial political figure in the cold in the middle east and one who was never far from crisis at home or abroad. in a two part series al-jazeera world tells the story of king hussein of jordan episode to. face. at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where ever you are. fast furious and sometimes fatal mongolia's child jockeys are risking their young lives riding
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to win are they being exploited in the name of tradition one on one east investigates on al-jazeera. welcome back a quick reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera the u.s. president's nominee for secretary of state has reportedly made a secret visit to north korea cia chief mike pompei as trip comes as preparations are being made for a possible summit between donald trump on the north korean leader kim jong il and. china's holding military drills in the taiwan strait for the first time in two years state media says it's a warning against any push for independence taiwan's defense minister is calling it cheap verbal intimidation. and syria's ambassador to the u.n. says chemical weapons inspectors will enter duma on wednesday if it's safe enough
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he says a u.n. security team to the site. the organization for the preservation of chemical weapons will look into an apparent chemical attack earlier this month but one assign blame. now the united arab emirates has suspended operations at a hospital it ran in somalia's capital mogadishu there's a growing dispute between the two countries that have seen business is banned and iraq a diplomat searched in somalia mom of the doe has more of the usa iran ship desired hospital in mogadishu now close to the public staff there say they received orders to stop operations in definit the facility or for treatment mainly to poor on this please people in the somali capital medical workers also perform life saving surgery on those injured in mogadishu as frequent car bomb attacks can fathom how they are this is basically a punishment for the people of somalia for simply defending their sovereignty if the u.a.e. had opened a hospital for humanitarian purposes they would not have close to residents of
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mogadishu have been reacting to the news the libby dole of the humanitarian aid should never be politicized where the u.a.e. has done a shameful then can't afford malia somalia is a free country we might be weak today but we don't want that aids that comes with strings attached relations between mogadishu and up with that we have been frosty since june last year when mogadishu resist the pressure from the u.a.e. and so did abia to cut ties with qatar and during the blockade the ports on it. in march somalia band u e's dubai ports world from doing business in the country of the ethan allen agreement the company had entered into with ethiopia and some other land for the management of better but up port in the breakaway and clear last week somalia intercepted a plane chartered by usa diplomats and confiscated almost ten million dollars in cash saying it would investigate the intended purpose of the funds. on monday
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security forces in north somalia's puntland prevented them of the u.a.e. plane from leaving port after the military trainers refused two hundred of their luggage to be as such it really looks like a dispute that nobody can win somalia is a very. poor country it's you know i was called reconstruction in need to focus on rebuilding and developing internally and not to be bogged down in these kinds of disputes. and in the latest sign of a fall the breakdown in relations both countries of and that the military call petition program that began in two thousand and fourteen in which the u.a.e. trained equipped and paid the son it is of hundreds of somali troops mohammed at all jazeera now the u.n. refugee agency says that salaam by the horrific conditions faced by newly arrived refugees in yemen the agency says refugees and asylum seekers face abuse physical
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and sexual violence and some of them are being kidnapped for ransom while others have been forced back into the scene well the u.n. special envoy in yemen has also warned about the humanitarian crisis in the country let's talk to a man to she's a spokeswoman for the u.n.h.c.r. in yemen and she joins us live on skype from the capital it seems rather strange that migrants and refugees would be heading to yemen a country torn apart by war to seek refuge or transit so why are they going to yemen well it might be surprising they me but yemen is actually one of the well. first in countries it's close to about two hundred eighty also refugees and asylum seekers at the moment but in addition to that it's also been traditionally start laboratory transfer to help the people i have to say in yemen all the countries so you remember. what was surprising what. thanks. i say there's a. breeze awareness of what's happening in yemen and the risks. built.
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ok but opposes that we're having some problems which should be a month to their on skype from yemen if we can we'll go back to a little bit later in the program. now i mean mass president has granted amnesty to more than eight thousand prisoners when my and signed a presidential pardon which includes a release of foreigners and political prisoners drug offenders along with the sick and elderly will also be freed from prison and asked pardon only covers those who've been convicted. or are you are a little bit well i'm happy for getting this amnesty but i'm sorry for the other prisoners who were left behind i hope they'll be released soon because some of those left behind in prison are innocent going to facing charges thousands of people are marching in armenia to protest the election of a former president as prime minister it's the sixth day of demonstrations which began in the capital on friday and spread to other cities demonstrators say serbs sarkisyan who's been in office for more than a decade is attempting
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a power grab police have detained dozens of people as crowds tried to block the capital's main roads as more. this isn't quite the welcoming greeting a new prime minister would be hoping for tens of thousands took to the streets on tuesday for the fifth consecutive day braving a heavy police presence to show their fury if the search circassians appointment i mean police made dozens of arrests using water cannons and stun guns to keep the protesters far away from disrupting the election within parliament. and not shared by lawmakers in the assembly with an overwhelming majority of seventy seven to seventeen votes the former president became the new prime minister got over two hundred to move the stage of forming the government starts now but will not last long. and change a role but not in power he oversaw a constitution shift to a new parliamentary system in two thousand and fifteen increasing the power of the
1:36 pm
prime minister role was diminishing the power of the president changes due to come into effect when his term expired last week that date had been denounced by european observers who alleged vote rigging two years on armenians reacting to those changes coming into effect. you don't get enough of our compassion after two presidential terms search the kissin wants to become prime minister and all that despite the fact that his ten years of presidency have caused great harm to society poverty migration fourteen percent of the population of lift the country. protests have always clouded his time in power ten people died in clashes when he was first elected ten years ago when supporters of the defeated candidate reacted ten years on his position seems even stronger with the lack of opposition. the focus seems to be on the. young but let's assume stark is young we need these
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changes his mind. the parliament these don't mean a goodbye. and great because look he's bug. sasha seka c.n.n. was a military officer who served in the save it in the one nine hundred seventy s. despite armenia voting for independence and to save it union in one thousand nine hundred one his links with moscow remain strong but the key issue is how easily roche are going to react to these are developments because og. i mean. did you bar. cook or those analysts at dubbing his moves as doing a putin opponents look no closer to being a peace. so vacuous police chief has quit with the latest resignation after the murder of an anti-corruption journalist and his fiance the departure of the prime minister and interior minister has failed to ease public anger over the shooting of the couple in separate jenna hall reports. another big head rolls in slovakia this
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time the national chief of police. will step down at the end of may the latest gesture aimed at easing tensions following the february murder of a journalist investigating political corruption weekly protests in the capital bratislava have piled pressure on the governing coalition forcing the resignation of prime minister robert last month and on monday the interior minister. if i think that the firing of the police chief is not right it would create polarization of the public instead of soothing the situation on our country i think that under these circumstances i have no for the right to be the interior minister . decided to put my resignation in the hands of the president. but this is already a country polarized on the weekend slovaks in their tens of thousands turned their anger on police chief for what they say is the failure of his force to investigate the journalists killing. and his fiance died in execution style shootings at their
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home at the time the twenty seven year old was looking into state corruption and alleged links between the government and the mafia in the theft of european aid phones one of the companies that was investigating is owned by a relative of the police chief despite the offer of a one and a quarter million dollar reward for information on those responsible no one has been prosecuted for the murders as long as that remains the case the protests will likely go on. russian investigators say it's likely that last month's shopping mall fire that killed at least sixty four people was caused by an electrical fault the winter cherry center in the siberian city of kemah rover went up in flames and on march twenty fifth many of the victims were children a government spokesman says the best aggression is pointing towards a short circuit in the building's wiring which may have caused the fire. well the
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world's leading scientists say malaria continues to be a major threat killing one child every two minutes senegal is one of the few african countries that reduce cases of malaria by twenty percent last year thanks in part to a new early detection technology developed in the country reports a small lifesaving effort to combat africa's biggest killer in the year barely visible our mosquitoes carry that deadly belayer parasite last september record get this fourteen year old niece woke up in this bed suffering from pains in her stomach they took her to the doctor who sent her back home saying she contract had malaria then followed an intense fever aches and nausea i mean that never recovered. the doctors diagnosed her too late she was a child just fourteen years old full of life she was just days away from graduating from middle school when she suddenly died. every two minutes a child dies of malaria worldwide the fight against the parasite starts here in
1:41 pm
this hospital lab indycar. the parasite sent to professor india in a coma as a child now he's doing everything he can to save other children from suffering his team developed an early detection kit in just an hour the machine can recognize even the tiniest amount of parasite in the blood he says this is key to stopping malaria saying the parasite often goes undetected. and if you live off the minute it infected this. humans can not only act as a reservoir to the parasite but also spread it when bitten by mosquitoes during a malaria outbreak although senegal and five other african countries have reduced malaria according to the u.n. two thousand and sixteen saw five million more cases most were in sub-saharan africa the this is coming back and coming back normal.
1:42 pm
human a lot of people in the car researchers and health policy makers gathered to discuss ways to eradicate the parasite altogether some discuss the use of traditional plants others wait to beat a parasite that has become resistant to drugs and so there is a sense of urgency with scientists gathered here sharing new techniques and research in order to help african countries come closer to eliminating malaria at stake is protecting the hundreds of millions of people across the world for who fighting malaria is a daily battle the close hawk al-jazeera to car engineers for southwest airlines will inspect the airline's entire fleet after an engine broke apart mid-flight smashing a window and killing a passenger a forty three year old woman was partially sucked out of the broken window before
1:43 pm
other passengers pulled her back in the u.s. national transportation safety board says a preliminary examination of the engine showed signs of what it called metal fatigue. well past and present american presidents are paying tribute to a form of first lady barbara bush has died at the age of ninety two alan fischer looks back on her life. however bush often dismissed her popularity saying it was simply because she looked like everybody's grandmother with her signature white here in peril necklace but she will be remembered as one of only two women in u.s. history to be married to a president so help me god and the mother to one officer present united states she was just sixteen years old when she met george h.w. bush at a christmas dance both born to privilege she would later drop out of college in mali the young navy pilot home from world war two they would settle down in texas so he could make his fortune in the oil business but their growing family would soon face tragedy the three year old daughter died after a fight with leukemia she said she clung to her children even more after that four
1:44 pm
boys and another girl would grow up watching their father's political career which would ultimately lead to the white house leaving heart the role of disciplinary and you're just so you know anything they do is all right. but someone has to be sure that the standards are captain he he leads by by example. denying something. and i am the enforcing there's no question about it. there was no question over loyalty either anyone who did criticize her children or even more so husband would quickly face her quick wit to an icy stare she didn't want her husband or her son george to run for the presidency admits she didn't think he would when she made news when speculation turns to another son jeb. the question.
1:45 pm
is the best qualified person to run for president but i help him on this i think you get all my enemies all his brothers all and their other family i refuse to accept that this great country isn't raising. other wonderful people thank you all for that warm welcome reluctant mitri arc of a political dynasty the first wife to speak at a political convention but beyond the campaign she wasn't known to give either a husband or son political advice in office she advocated for family literacy but mostly she prided herself on a family that she said was a true legacy i think they feel and i hope. if i have a legacy other than being the enforcer that it will be there i raced along with george a great family a family that will be remembered along with the woman at the center of it south korean actress who was once kidnapped by north korea and forced to make films for
1:46 pm
the government has died at the age of ninety one sure you know he was abducted in one thousand nine hundred seventy eight in the orders of late north korean leader kim jong il a film director ex-husband was also captured six months later the pair remain trapped in the country is north korea has always denied taking the couple saying they sought sanctuary that. politicians appeared before a judge in spain. before. the supreme court. of the politicians and. constitutional court. this is a. civil war zone.
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welcome back now off to seven years of conflict in syria life and many refugees is only getting more difficult and that's pushing some parents to marry off a daughter as soon as they can al-jazeera is the tasha going to report some jordan's capital amman where child knowledge is on the rise among syrian refugees but mom was almost fifteen and living in a syrian refugee camp when her parents told her she was engaged she fought with
1:49 pm
them for days before she agreed to marry she's now sixteen has a five month old daughter and another baby on the way she says she loves her husband but their lives are hard they work ten hours a day every day at a factory. people say to me when you are still young you have a baby and you are mad at this age. this is the normal life for my situation and i'm ok with that more than seven years into the syrian war life is becoming increasingly difficult for refugees forced to flee to countries such as jordan poverty is the primary reason driving families to marry off their girls. according to statistics from jordan's court system child marriage among syrian refugees primarily girls is on the raw is in twenty fourteen fifteen percent of all syrian marriages included a child bride now it's thirty six percent last year jordan's chief justice
1:50 pm
issued new stipulations allowing girls the right to demand a marriage contract with conditions including completing their education and working but the united nations children's agency unicef says girls need even greater protection and what we would like to do more is the prevention as really work with courts work with religious leaders and really promoting the right of girls to education that we need to break the cycle of poverty and prevent them from dropping out of school and calling into our lives but most says her biggest regret is dropping out of school at the age of ten she hopes early marriage in her family stops with her generation. i wish i could have continued my studies this is my destiny i want to let my daughter gets married young she needs to be twenty five or so it's too much responsibility. when asked about her dreams for the future fatma
1:51 pm
says she just wants to live in one room independently from her in-laws natasha going to name a man. well time for the sport has some thank you very much a downer all manny pacquiao insists his son isn't over as a boxer that he can still fight at the very highest level but he always getting ready for his first ball to more than a year thirty nine year old it will take on argentina's new class matches and to life on the w.p.a. well to way to title filipino is widely regarded as one of the greatest boxes of all time but his last four of his last in line fights his last contest against australia's jeff on also ended in defeat. when time is not done yet that's what i'm trying. to prove this coming.
1:52 pm
monday but it's not done yet in boxing. you know so i would not predict this this is why i don't have prediction but. i really do my best to doing good. and you spoke to the filipino boxing writer rick is he says bucky i was desperate to leave the sport as a winner. i think at thirty nine years of age he knows that he doesn't have a lot of time in some ways it's a gamble he's fighting for in his last nine fights and to many people it's a loss is the loss to jeff or in a unanimous decision really sticks in the minds of a lot of people i think manny moving on to a bigger stage which is national politics full time national politics he wants to go out was a winner and sort of was i think like any other big name athlete it's history knowing when to hang it up there's always just one more fight one more game one more season deflating and i think he can or regrets not getting out of the game
1:53 pm
a little earlier you know when you're still in the thick of it people tend to look also the bad when you're far removed from the game there's a better appreciation for all athletes and i think we can look even at for example michael jordan latter-day the basketball his last two seasons with the washington wizards and to well but when people still talk about him today still to greatest of all time so even with mohammed ali and there's no reason why the same talking up white men like you know you know he's fought a lot of fights said easily the fight of the decade the first decade of the new millennium so i think his legacy is secure but he went from being sure of one of perhaps the greatest fireball and to be merely one of the greatest. well the boston celtics have beaten the milwaukee bucks to take it to a nothing seriously the end there and be a playoff to score twenty three points for boston but the start of the night was jane and brown who had to play off career high thirty points to help the celtics
1:54 pm
outscore the bucs hundred twenty two hundred and six. the toughest part sure we think we took from milwaukee the first game and they probably feel like they should have won our game second game we came out and just wanted to execute you know on the game is a lot more intense the second time playing a team i don't try to take away a lot of the stuff that we like to do we got execute i think browns game plan was was great but we came out executed very well from the point guards time sentimental to bench base and conference tops he's the toronto raptors are two up in the series with the washington wizards andrew holliday had a career playoff high thirty three points in new orleans at pelicans took a two nothing serious lead against the portland trailblazers. the dream debut season of the las vegas golden knights has continued in the n.h.l. playoffs the golden knights it beat the los angeles kings one nothing to win the first round serious then eyes became the first expansion team in the one hundred
1:55 pm
year history of the national hockey league get to sweep a playoff series in its first season. so hey with tiny has also been enjoying a great season in major league baseball but the japanese players suffered a setback on tuesday los angeles angels star lost to just two innings that before departing the game against the boston red sox because of the blister on his pitching hand to this outing all time he had impressed as both a pitcher and a hitter just lost a game ten to one. plus along i have extended their own beaten streak in the spanish league it to forty games they did so despite a late scare from celta vigo. well leading to one the catalans conceded the late goal and had to hang on with just ten men to secure two to drill boss are now getting ready to play savannah in faster days a spanish cup final. boss on our twelve points clear at the top of the table is
1:56 pm
still mathematically possible for them to be called athletico in second still have eighteen points to play for. five you kind of are ones who have a grand they have a book their place and the knockout stage of the asian champions league the italian world cup winner watch his side trash the rays of fact the three won a grand they are the chinese champions their china's most successful club in this competition and they're looking to win it for a record equalling time. so one doings i had to be discussed humanitarian to go through and that's exactly what they did the south korean side winning one male dancers also went through despite the loss. australia have booked their place in the final of the women's asian cup after thrilling game against thailand down to one in stoppage time diaz's were on the brink of elimination but i lana kennedy got an equaliser forcing extra time the game eventually had to go to pelt is all
1:57 pm
straight you're holding their nerve to secure a three one shootout win. and the australians will face defending champions japan for the title the japanese beating china three one to progress to beat australia one nail in the two thousand and fourteen final. and tommy smith santa and carlos have been on earth on the fiftieth anniversary of their famous protest as a nine hundred sixty eight mexico games the american sprinters raised their fists in support of civil rights during the two hundred meter medal ceremony the international olympic committee forced their expulsion from the u.s. team and banned them from future competitions the pair say current sports stars still have responsibility to promote equality in the british open versity the struggle continues you know there's really no worse. for him.
1:58 pm
not to bomb. but see you can run but you cannot i. say i don't hear about what you ever regret backgrounders don't hear about what your economic status are all i care about is why are you doing the right thing and god is telling me to support you. show terror and stamp what is your turn to get up on the podium one day where i can say this get a trophy let's get a medal let's give it to them because they deserve. thank you for giving an example to them. and that's nice ball from we'll have more later on our hands back to darren somehow thank you very much well that's it for me down in jordan for this news my colleague jane dutton is up next a goal of the day's news stay with us thanks so much for.
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joining. us.
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