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a flurry of diplomacy is the u.s. confirms top level talks with kim jong un and south korea considers a peace deal with pyongyang. and jane doesn't this is live from doha also coming up still a no go international monitors are yet to get the green light to do much to examine the site of a suspected chemical attack. it's the first zimbabwe independence day without robert mugabe who was in power for almost three decades. obama may. lead to the old in with a new cuba prepares to start another chapter. the
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u.s. president's nominee for secretary of state has made a secret visit to north korea it comes as the groundwork is been laid for possible summit between donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un it is the highest level u.s. visit in almost two decades in the last half an hour donald trump confirmed the visit had taken place he treated mike pump air met with kim jong un and north korea last me last week the meeting went very smoothly and a good relationship was formed details of the summit are being worked out now denuclearization will be a great thing for the world but also for north korea. the situation in the korean peninsula was one of the topics that president trump discussed with japanese prime minister shinzo abe when they met in florida that's when trump confirmed washington and pyongyang are engaged in high level talks. and direct talks at very high levels really high levels with north korea. and i really believe there's
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a lot of goodwill lot of good things are happening to see what happens as they always say we'll see what happens because ultimately it's the end result of the counts not the fact that we're thinking about having a beagle everything else is there is diplomatic editor james bays is in north korea and has more from the capital. north korean officials are not commenting on all confirming the visit of mike pompei oh to this city all of the information at this stage is coming from the u.s. side but this is the highest level visit for a serving u.s. official since secretary of state madeline albright came to pyongyang in the year two thousand the u.s. doesn't have diplomatic relations with north korea there is no embassy here members of the diplomatic community have told me though they are aware that there is a channel of communication of negotiation ongoing between the u.s. and north korea but tween the cia and the north korean intelligence service they
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clearly are looking at the possibility of a meeting between the supreme leader kim yong and president trump the possible things that could be discussed possible things that could happen at the end of that meeting for example three american citizens who are held in jail here in north korea the americans want them to be released but also have been talking about the possible venues for a meeting could it be in europe could it be here in pyongyang could it be down in the demilitarized zone between north and south korea are there other places that we mentioned mongolia for example north and south korea getting ready for their own meeting next week the countries are still technically at war since the korean conflict ended with a truce kathy novak has more from seoul. one of the reasons that this upcoming meeting between the south korean president and the north korean leader kim jong un is so notable is because these two been are leaders of two countries that remain
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technically at war an armistice not a peace treaty marked the end of hostilities in the korean war in one nine hundred fifty three so going into the summit the south korean government is keen to discuss denuclearization and also how to promote peace on the korean peninsula so now the suggestion is that one of the items that could come up for discussion between wingy and kim jong un could be how to transition from that armistice to a more long lasting peace agreement and the us president donald trump has suggested he has given his blessing for the two koreas to discuss this but it may not alternately be a decision that can be made at the into korean summit that is because south korea was not actually a signatory to the armistice that was signed in one nine hundred fifty three it was the united states that ledley allies in the united nations command that signed the armistice with north korea and china so the suggestion may be that if you and kim jong un do discuss this it may lay the groundwork for the summit that is expected
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between kim jong un and donald trump who may be more in a position to make a concrete agreement to move on from that armistice taiwan's defense minister has accused china of using what it calls cheap verbal intimidation to straighten the island china's conducted live fire drills in the taiwan strait for the first time in two years chinese state media say it's a warning against any push for independence area has been under the taiwanese control since nine hundred forty nine beijing is worried about the u.s. secure close ties with taiwan which it sees as a breakaway chinese province taiwan's president as a government to remain vigilant. no. i also asked our national security team to closely monitor the neighboring area jury my visit approved and report to me on the first instance for appropriate responses i'm reiterating that maintaining peace stability and prosperity across the taiwan strait is the primary duty of our
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government it confident and determined to defend our national security and i can assure my people that syria's ambassador to the un says international chemical weapons inspectors will answer on wednesday if it's safe enough he says a u.n. security team is at the site and will independently decide on access for the team investigators will look into an apparent chemical attack on a from the seventh but won't sign blame syria state media reported the weapons experts had entered the former rebel enclave santa has more from beirut. we have reached out to the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons to find out whether or not their team is going to head to duma later today or not so far there has been no response there has really been a lot of confusion about the movements of the opi c.w. inspectors the organization has been tight lipped providing very few details about this operational activities but late on tuesday syrian state television as well as
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the russian foreign ministry confirming that the o p c w team is in duma a few hours later the u.s. state department said that this is a false report but then a few hours after that the syria's u.n. envoy bashar al shakuri clarifying that there was a u.n. security team that entered duma and that they were assessing the security and preparing for the team for the chemical inspectors to enter this town the town of course the site of the alleged chemical weapons attack that attack happened some twelve days ago on april the seventh both the russian and the syrian government have been accused of preventing or trying to delay the work of the chemical weapons inspectors an accusation both governments deny western nations have also questioned whether or not the evidence in the site has been tampered with or whether or not these inspectors are going to find anything once if and when they do arrive but regardless of the findings of the o.p.c. w. we have to make clear that western nations have already carried out retaliatory
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strikes based on what they say is the evidence that they had proving that the syrian government was responsible for this chemical weapons attack saudi arabia says it is in talks with the u.s. about sending forces into syria president don't trump wants to end washington's involvement in the conflict and instead he's encouraging nations to commit their troops and money to go ahead reports from washington d.c. . for weeks u.s. president donald trump has made it clear he's growing impatient over syria this will become another syria like very soon. he made the how a bit clearer when he announced limited u.s. strikes in syria last friday we have asked our partners to take greater responsibility for securing their home region now the wall street journal is identifying the country's trump is apparently asking to give money and soldiers as egypt cutter the united arab emirates and saudi arabia but the u.s. military won't confirm that it will leave that to individual nations to first make
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that announcement and if they want to then we will be able to echo that egypt qatar in the u.a.e. have not publicly commented yet that saudi arabia's foreign minister acknowledged the ongoing discussion we are in discussions with us in that have been for since the beginning of the syrian crisis about sending forces into syria. it's not clear if other countries will make similar offers but if they do they're likely to agree only if some of the two thousand troops and american air power stays in the region that may not be something trump will be willing to do he's already put a hold on two hundred million dollars that the u.s. had pledged to spend rebuilding syria with his words and deeds sending the message that he wants out of syria and soon he believes it should be someone else's responsibility to deal with what's left. al-jazeera washington. iran's president insists his country will keep making ballistic missiles despite concerns from the
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united states and regional rival saudi arabia speaking on iran's army day has said the weapons program is defensive a not intended to convey aggression is prison donald trump is threatening to pull out of the twenty fifty nuclear deal unless there are new restrictions on iranian missile production. business saw as monumental the u.s. britain and france invade syria what oprah mission of the united nations and against the un charter and international regulations in a region such as this where big powers have placed terrorist groups as an instrument to achieve their aims and destabilize such a sensitive region the country needs a strong deterrent forces to stand up to conspiracies of big powers and not allow terrorists to greedily pursue their presence in our land zimbabweans are celebrating their first independence day without robert mugabe as the mcgarvie had been in power since the end of white minority rule in one nine hundred eighty was forced to step down last year after military intervention and former vice president
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. took over general elections are scheduled for july is the latest from the celebrations in the capital harare. the moon is because we evolving so we can enter data and i had no data independence from britain in one thousand eight hundred one white i noted when i ended but on the end of disappointment i'm in opposition to the base becomes the economy and then will be the villain tell them something positive about what really thing is going to improve the going to believe they are going to end the killing had it right but if they want my mind not it's just been done and on the ground there want him to tell them when what it has practically and when will the country's open and when are the jobs not being created and people often late with the training going frank and getting about what and a condition. they gave may join them no it doesn't mean i try currently days then last night the government cannot get all nurses and drag had been fired i'm going
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to and many many could all be in another me when i was ready and i'm coming next month i'm going to be clean and they i'm going to pull on the granny thing find a competition money without being able to go to the union something they never seem to do it but nobody was president they can evidently later that doesn't appear from hold to really concentrate mold and. major incident of violence on the bank thinking he's not even at home that might get what those korean created in its national clothes and all of that wold have invited him to call the media from all over the world will be allowed to cover the religion but critics of the president say that it will not not equal must do more things on the ground to hold the electoral act and most importantly to turn around the economy but in the nineteenth . heads on. me to scientists and faces the military as a child is not leading the fight against the disease. husband and son but served as u.s.
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prisons for mrs lady barbara bush has died at the age of ninety two. hello again with some lovely spring like weather conditions across northeastern parts of asia at the moment this frontal system clearing away so it's bright skies for much of japan and through the korean peninsula temperatures are on the rise over the next few days still pretty chilly notice of lot of bus stop there in eastern russia but as we head into friday temperatures on the rise so mid twenty's for many parts of the region beijing they're coming in with a maximum of thirty degrees warmer than it is for the south in shanghai so let's head across more southern portions of china we have got an area of rain which is life he developed across the central area cheater convergence of winds and that rain intensify as we head on through into friday hong kong should be largely drawn
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into vietnam or the two showers around northern areas but i think for much of the time nor should be dry and fine so dallas is healthy some parts of asia some heavy showers are likely for southern parts of the philippines across indonesia in borneo some heavy showers but for malays in borneo it should be largely fine kitching that thirty three degrees than a plane should bright at times scattered showers pushing through temperatures there into the low thirty's heading across into south asia still very hot ahead of the monsoon rains for places like one pour at forty two degrees for the north will warm one in delhi highs of thirty eight. for nearly half a century. a controversial political figure in the cold in the middle east and one who was never far from crisis at home or abroad. in a two part series. tells the story of king hussein of jordan episode two
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nights. at this time on all to see. away what you know is there i'm out of our top stories the u.s. president's nominee for secretary of state mark pumpin has made a secret visit to north korea treating a short while ago donald trump said the trip went smoothly and the details of a summit with north korean leader kim jong un are being worked out. china is holding military drills in the taiwan strait for the first time in two years state media say it's a warning against any push for independence taiwan's defense ministry is courting
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that cheap verbal intimidation. syria's ambassador to the u.n. says chemical weapons inspectors were into doom on wednesday if it's safe enough he says a u.n. security team is at the site the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons will look into an apparent chemical attack earlier this month but won't assign blame. later wednesday cuba's national assembly will pick the country's next leader raul castro stepping down ending almost sixty years of castro dominance in politics latin america and tennessee and human reports from havana. ma barring the unthinkable eighty six year old president rolled castro will be handing over power for the first time in six decades to a cuban who doesn't carry his last name and who was born after the one nine hundred fifty nine revolution that he helped into power. for generations of cubans live in this have an apartment grandmother daughter ianna granddaughter another girl and
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her two children only eighty five year old elsa remembers a time when juba was not ruled by fidel or her own. you know where you're going to move when the revolution triumphed everyone was happy because there were high expectations. but like the beautiful decaying city of havana the expectations began to crumble cubans had free education and healthcare but they became isolated economically and technologically under a one party communist system our twenty six year old plans to join millions of other cubans who've emigrated very. young people are hungry for something else to have access to things we don't have to be paid a decent wage. some say raul castro a pragmatist came to power too late after ill health forced his elder brother fidel
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to resign pradelle castro is still glorified here as the supreme leader of the cuban revolution but it is our gastro who will be remembered for introducing some of the most long awaited reforms to the communist system and the decade that he has been at the helm none of these reforms though include easing even slightly the one party states absolute grip on political power. and while castro's attempts to improve cuba's socialist economic model have fallen far short of their mark his main objective now is to ensure political continuity with the communist party dictating policy guidelines and that's the way he likes it that's that's the style . he was known to have been a plan of style political decision making process. and so not surprisingly on the eve of what will be the end of the nira on the streets of cuba's capital there's a sense that little is about to change to see
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a newman i'll just have one. thousands of people are marching in armenia to protest the election of a former president as prime minister it is a six day of demonstrations which began in the capital on friday and spread to other cities demonstrators say so. he's been leaving office for more than a decade is attempting a power grab police have detained dozens of people as crowds tried to block one of the capital's main roads. as president has granted amnesty to more than eight thousand prisoners when mint signed a presidential pardon which includes a release of foreigners and political prisoners drug offenders along with a second elderly will also be freed from prisons the mass pardon only covers there's been convicted. i'm happy for getting this amnesty but i'm sorry for the other prisoners who were left behind i hope they'll be released soon because some of those left behind in prison are innocent and the. world's
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leading scientists say malaria continues to be a major threat killing one child every two minutes senegal is one of the few african countries that produced cases of malaria by twenty percent last year thanks in part to a new early detection technology developed in the country because had reports a small lifesaving effort to combat africa's biggest killer in the year barely visible our mosquitoes carry that deadly belayer parasite last september record just as fourteen year old niece woke up in this bed suffering from pains in her stomach it took her to the doctor who sent her back home saying she contract had malaria then followed an intense fever aches and nausea i mean i never recovered. the doctors diagnosed her too late she was a child just fourteen years old full of life she was just days away from graduating from middle school when she suddenly died. every two minutes
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a child dies of malaria worldwide. the fight against the parasite starts here in this hospital lab indycar. is called. the parasite sent to professor and in a coma as a child now he's doing everything he can to save other children from suffering his team developed an early detection kit just an hour the machine can recognize even the tiniest amount of parasite in the blood he says this is key to stopping malaria saying the parasite often goes undetected. and if you live off the minute it infected. the life humans can not only act as a reservoir to the parasite but also spread it when bitten by mosquitoes during a malaria outbreak although senegal and five other african countries have reduced malaria according to the u.n.
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two thousand and sixteen saw five million more cases most were in sub-saharan africa the this is coming and coming but not all. a lot of people indycar researchers and health policy makers gathered to discuss ways to eradicate the parasite altogether some discussed the use of traditional plants others wait to beat a parasite that has become resistant to drugs and so there is a sense of urgency with scientists gathered here sharing new techniques and research in order to help african countries come closer to eliminating malaria at stake is protecting the hundreds of millions of people across the world for who fighting malaria is a daily battle the close hawk al-jazeera to car past and present american presidents are paying tribute to former first lady barbara bush died at
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the age of ninety two. back on the line. however bush often dismissed her popularity saying it was simply because she looked like everybody's grandmother with her signature white here in peril necklace but she will be remembered as one of only two women in u.s. history to be married to a president so help me and the mother to one officer present united states she was just sixteen years old when she met george h.w. bush at a christmas dance both born to privilege she would later drop out of college in mali the young navy pilot home from world war two they would settle down in texas so he could make his fortune in the oil business but their growing family would soon face tragedy the three year old daughter died after a fight with leukemia she said she clung to her children even more after that four boys and another girl would grow up watching their father's political career which would ultimately lead to the white house leaving heart the role of disciplinary and you're just so you know anything they do is all right. but someone has to be sure
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that. standards are captain he he leads by example by denying something. and i am the enforcing there's no question about it. there was no question of our loyalty either anyone who did criticize her children or even more so husband would quickly face her quick wit an icy stare she didn't want her husband or her son george to run for the presidency admits she didn't think they would when she made news when speculation turns to another son jeb. question. is the best qualified person to run for president but i help him on this i think you get all my enemies all his brothers all and their other family i refuse to accept that this great country isn't raising. other wonderful people
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thank you all for that warm welcome reluctant mitri arc of a political dynasty the first wife to speak at a political convention but beyond the campaign she wasn't known to give either a husband or son political advice in office she advocated for family literacy but mostly she prided herself on a family that she said was a true legacy i think they feel and i hope. if i have a legacy other than being the enforcer that it will be there. along with george a great family that will be remembered along with the woman at the center of it engineers for southwest airlines will inspect the company's entire fleet after an engine broke apart mid-flight smashing a window and killing a passenger the forty three year old woman was partially sucked out of the broken window before the passengers were back in the u.s. national transportation safety board says
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a preliminary examination of the engine showed signs of what it called metal fatigue starbucks in the u.s. says it will give its staff what it calls racial bias education after public outcry over the race of two black men at one of its stores in philadelphia only one hundred seventy five thousand staff or more than eight thousand stores will get training on how to combat discrimination video released last week showed the two men being arrested while they prepared for a business meeting the store manager had accused them of trespassing so buxus years says he wants to meet and apologize to the men shelton from the civil rights organization and double a c.p. says other companies in the u.s. should follow starbucks as example. we've met with airlines and other businesses that had similar kinds of problems with how they've handled racial and ethnic minorities and african-americans very specifically so in essence we know that this form of discrimination happens in our country as a matter of fact we actually have legislation pending in our u.s.
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congress to address the issue of racial profiling and law enforcement that is that oftentimes and much too often our country people are poured over the wires detained by police because of the presumption that some crime has been committed or in some cases a crime is going to be committed simply because of the race of the person this pored over the end racial profiling the act is a bill this been pinned in to help actually we train our law enforcement officials and how to carry out their responsibilities without this level of implicit bias as a matter of fact even our f.b.i. utilizes anti racial profiling tactics they were handed down by their executives at the time they were first passed as a matter of fact it was john ashcroft we also give great credit to eric holder one of our former attorney generals under the obama administration for actually improving our anti racial profiling policies to make sure one of the most powerful
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law enforcement agencies in our country the f.b.i. doesn't practice it along with all the federal law enforcement officials police encounter responsibilities. his police chief has quit his resignation after the murder of an anti-corruption journalist and his fiance the departure of the prime minister and the interior minister hasn't eased public anger of the shooting of the couple in fabry john the whole reports. another big head rolls in slovakia this time the national chief of police. will step down at the end of may the latest gesture aimed at easing tensions following the february murder of a journalist investigating political corruption weekly protests in the capital bratislava have piled pressure on the governing coalition forcing the resignation of prime minister robert last month and on monday the interior minister. if i think that the firing of the police chief is not right it would create
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polarization of the public instead of soothing the situation on our country i think that under these circumstances i have no further right to be the interior minister that's why i have decided to put my resignation in the hands of the president. but this is already a country polarized on the weekend slovaks in their tens of thousands turned their anger on police chief for what they say is the failure of his force to investigate the journalists killing. and his fiance died in execution style shootings at their home at the time the twenty seven year old was looking into state corruption and alleged links between the government and the mafia in the theft of european aid phones one of the companies that was investigating is owned by a relative of the police chief despite the offer of a one and a quarter million dollar reward for information on those responsible no one has been prosecuted for the murders as long as that remains the case the protests will
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likely go on. begin the top stories on al-jazeera the u.s. president's nominee for secretary of state mark pumpin has made a secret visits north korea tracing a short time ago donald trump confirmed the trip saying it went smoothly and that details of a summit with north korean leader kim jong un all being worked out in their direct talks at very high levels really high levels with north korea. and i really believe there's a lot of goodwill a lot of good things are happening she what happens is they always say we will see one out. because ultimately it's the end result of the counts not the fact that we're thinking about having a beagle having. china's holding military drills in the taiwan strait for the first time in two years state media say it's
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a warning against any push for independence taiwan's defense ministry is calling a cheap verbal intimidation syria's ambassador to the u.n. says chemical weapons inspectors will enter duma on wednesday if it's safe enough he says a u.n. security team is at the site the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons will look into an apparent chemical attack earlier this month but won't assign blame the un refugee agency says it's alarmed by the horrific conditions faced by a newly arrived refugees in yemen the agency says refugees and asylum seekers face abuse physical and sexual violence some of them are being kidnapped for ransom while others have been forced back into the sea the u.n. special envoy in yemen has warned about the humanitarian crisis in the country. thousands of people are marching in armenia to protest the election of a former president as prime minister it's the sixth day of demonstrations began in
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the capital on friday have since spread to other cities demonstrators say says sarkozy and who's been in the leading office for more than a decade is attempting a power grab zimbabweans are celebrating their first independence day without robert mugabe's leader been in power since the end of white minority rule in one thousand nine hundred eighty recovery was forced to step down last year after a military intervention and his vice president and when i took over those are the headlines inside story is coming up and. they moved to britain more than half a century ago but now some members of the so-called.


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