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donald trump confirmed the trip on twitter he said it went smoothly that details of a summit with the north korean leader kim jong il are now being worked out our diplomatic editor james bays has more from the north korean capital pyongyang the u.s. doesn't have diplomatic relations with north korea there is no embassy here members of the diplomatic community have told me though they are aware that there is a channel of communication of negotiation ongoing between the u.s. and north korea between the cia and the north korean intelligence service they clearly are looking at the possibility of a meeting between the supreme leader kim yong and president trump. inspectors with the international chemical weapons watchdog have still not gone to the site of a suspected gas attack in syria the alleged attack happened more than a week ago the inspectors arrived in the capital damascus on saturday western nations accuse russia of delaying their entry into duma and suspect the site has
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been tampered with moscow says there are security concerns two days ago journalists were escorted into duma by the russian military without incident. so. the first independence day without robert mugabe. in zimbabwe broke away from british rule in one thousand nine hundred he was forced to step down after a military intervention last year the former vice president. took charge at of elections scheduled for july but those were the headlines the news continues on al-jazeera after the street. in.
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the hour think cattle rape and murder of an eight year old girl in india has ignited nationwide protests and calls for government accountability data stream speaks to activists demanding justice for a safe when i live on al-jazeera. you can be part of today's conversation by leaving your comments on ally stream and also tweeting. a.j. stream we are starting with a report from al-jazeera as. before take a look. at protesters angry over the rape and murder of. the eight year old girl was kidnapped and attacked in january police say it was part of a plan to force her muslim the magic community to leave the area. ossify was abducted and held hostage in the temple for days her attackers were hindu. hindu nationalists rushed to the defense of the queue including lawyers and
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government ministers from prime minister narendra modi's party gandhi leader of the indian national congress held a candle light. vigil for us of are saying the government is not doing enough for victims like her and while the religious and political bickering continues to divide the country there is still no justice for the innocent little girl whose life was so brutally taken to her food. as you just saw there indians have been incensed by the murder of a c. for many people who are using the hash tags justice for a c. for and my street my protests demand accountability and action we give a little sample of some of the tweets and the online commentary that's been going on how the merchant says we need a safer india for women we need justice for all rape victims speak up every voice counts we finally criticizes the time it took for this case to receive attention wondering how many children girls and women must be brutally killed before we act
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and not react and so piano notes that the sister is not much older than a c. for and that she fears for her safety is a video that she took of a recent justice for a c for protest. primer prime minister modi and the ruling bharatiya janata party b j p promised to combat gender based violence with an initiative called save the girl child educate the guard child the police report of what happened to see for as a lot of people asking questions joining us in new delhi to help us discuss them foreign natalie is a writer as well as a women's minority rights activist back adult is a journalist and contributor to the washington post and r.j. goten is the founder of harm a hindu hindu rights and welfare organization guess it is good to have you here on the stream burka when you first heard this story your initial reaction was what's.
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well what that of any human being with a heart would be this was a child she'd gone to be a cop or knees you know to the forest pond near the village she belonged to a nomadic community she was out creating her cattle she disappeared and never made it home we now know from police charge sheet itself that she was abducted she was forcibly said beat it but she was really gang raped not once but repeatedly and then she was killed and her head was hit twice with the storm to make sure that she was dead how can any humans heart not drink to jump out and then after the heart break in the anger her family because i saw my country's national flag being you by a self appointed him group my flag that extremely proud of as an indian my flag represents the constitution because to do she represents justice and yet the men
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accused of being defended using the in the tricolor i felt god reach and seen him and i think those are three emotions of millions of indians today it started with heartbreak it was followed by and it was followed by a sense of humor as to how and why the signal out how. far i want to show you this comment. she's an author have a listen to what she said she joined one of the protests i participated in the protest demonstrations and parliament street gets to me in who. they were all the men women children five year olds who'd held up a say in my next there was outreach as well as despair at the cracks in democracy the fact that there were police there were lawyers there are politicians involved in both cases and an outcry from citizens determined not to be silent
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anymore. i'm just wondering it makes sense i understand why all indians will go out to protest the murder of a young girl who so brutally raped and them and then killed i don't quite understand how there could be protesters protesting against potential people who were being arrested and protesting that they should be released can you explain the context of how that might happen in india. it was the context of this is a very it's a very long story if you want to get into the real historical context of why this would happen but the simple fact is that the girl happens to be a muslim who comes out increasingly under the time going in as all of us know from two thousand and fourteen on what there's been an increasing number of groups public lynching these are videotaped each other and so to lead to these are. seen as i act of valor and nationalism has become acquainted with the hindu eyes
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nationalism with the hindu fun nationalism which is that these are seen as acts that demanded national to lodz that example one lynching victim. when he was a doctor subsequently died of natural causes. his body was the attack body was draped in a national flag in one case is i just have to learn to live which is a symbol of the music the party was foisted atop the ports so you want seeing uses of a national symbol increasingly in india. to hid the advent of a video he moves on the need to policy and i think we dominate the democracy in which minorities are not safe the fact that this girl was a muslim is not coincidental and why as a feminist and as a women's rights activists i have stood on the street and forth for the rights of all sexual violence sexual assault survivors and that is all those of them when
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communal hit and blew just be good she combined with mr jimmy there's a lethal mix and that is what happened to this innocent child and you know i just heard but. i am sadly still in a place of pods i am i am very much in the midst of a hard break because. it's going to take a while for that in guard to come to don's with what has happened. total vivi but i am also optimistic and activist must be optimistic i believe that the signs of angry people even if they are only you know a majority are on social media and i am unfortunately not but i still see. a potential greek kings and a bridging arms instead of good for declines in india up my long divides because he loses and muslims and sikhs and christians and everybody who makes this country
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great has come together and said no more to all the brutalization of this little muslim who was brutalized who because she was slim but also because she belonged to a very disempowered pastoralist community so they are a easy target. you know there is no political party that is standing up for them as fast realists and so that is another dimension of this tragedy she was our dog that this empowered she was a member of a tribal pastoral community called the pocket of oz there are many such tribal communities and enjoy more in question what the dominant community is happen to be muslim. and this was a treat you know what chills your blood is the fact that this was planned carefully it was not a crime of opportunity this was carefully planned to scare the living daylights out
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of these pastoralists so that they were released got twat and and never returned so this was a land grab you know you know they can't evict me. let me just suffer for the purpose of that is this is not your opinion that you're stating here about this being a planned. this was from the police report there's a lot of details that berkeley mentions that you far i've been mentioned actually in the police report i know you want to come in as you come in let me just share this with you from your prime minister so that the unions knows what is the prime minister of india thinking about what's going on right now he said recently the instance in the past two days are an embarrassment to the civilised society we bow our heads before the founding figures of the nation no copra it will be spared justice will be delivered they've been so credit some so much criticism about the prime minister about how long he took to say something are to goto what you want to
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hide. your fair trial invested here for a number of light as well as our search for human powered this is the first time that steve and the person have demanding. investigation mean rush to get this matter and then not a court passed with person because in all of this our time only good and rich families are demanding c.b.i. probe and not protest but this is the first time i went back to start demanding now this is a value on my line that you need indeed because india is a very progressive country and decide what if you go to that josh you did it. she did this it my not a muslim god they said that i belong to the hindu community and this exact hindu
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temple used for duck typing now and now i am asking a very simple question in the month of january that guy has taken place and after the one week all day in sudan if do you have a muslim by called by the jammu and kashmir police which was released after the fifteen days of that and due statement has made by the by the hundred new start of that jammu and kashmir government before the assembly and what happened certainly after the release of that barak after the months they have they have we met as did it hindu bards with regard to that group in sudan same day has the gist of it because they don't have to face in the. coming for me for me and i don't know how that's understandable our goal is for the our. absolutely defensive in security of our image abroad there is a separate strategy is to have
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a conversation about whether to arrest whether or not just you know try to get a story or only tell the stories of. go terms of communal tension or sexual violence and i would be the first to get up and say yes there there is a studio type of my country but that's not what we're here to talk about we're here to talk about it if you're a child and i think what should embarrass us as a nation is the fact that our not makers are politicians and it isn't just the b.g.p. i interviewed the lawyer the first represented this little child from the same community the scene village who said and he told me that he had witnessed local politicians from every party the beach it be the congress the national conference the panthers party name any party in that region basically supporting the self-appointed hindu group which was cornered in the with the munch translated into english that spanned all hindu unity front and this young lawyer you know raised a very good question he said this is not to protect hindus this is to protect
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replace this is in fact an insult to hinduism and then you can see that we are coming up with this is the start lawyer and he's telling me why not a hindu muslim government in other words why not a front for in the woods community when your name affront the human to unity front in the aftermath of that if and if your own child you want to send it in the wisdom you are defending. accused read this and it is this that embarrasses india are broad not highlighting it let me just. tell us just a fact of ordination then please add that that. he is. this fire it's not the limb that is. the lawyer earlier presenting her family is is that is a hint to the pickguard a job but it is the woman who is been getting turned by and these other john
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nationalists in the wolves and saying how dare you take up this case she has sought and been given thankfully protests. action by the honorable supreme court of india because she for her own security this is these this is a young lawyer and a muslim know you are standing up to defend the rights of a young over india at all who was decimated and you know i was sore and they are they are defending the very soul of this country so so i would try and and do this you know the accused well they are only used i was actually walking that mr gautam was a hero to see how absolutely heartbroken he is that a temple was defiled in this heart of banana and that his gods had to walk right to fargo time from i mean let's let's hear what odd take our time has that been more so and is upset at all and let me just say. i will absolutely let me
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just say for the benefit of our audience this little girl was cat in a temple and she was strong and mostly raped and then she was killed in a hindu temple which is what father was referring to. i'm glad. for that you know and this is the job she. has but i don't think about you know the line not to say gee i don't. really know that and he said and you said i don't usually use one and i think they should i just go mental i'm going to be. honest not to interrupt after this but how do you and lady get misplaced. and i love you and. lucy and laid me. on my wall and i was a. big you lead that beauty. did you do your job with that report. report i don't really have you read and you read about it i don't
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have i would have married already not only said child she. is dead he did not have to get did he did not have to report filed by the police before. my symbolism we should mention is that you do not want to be there and they should be behind the bar and i say forget that justice why you had making this mostly them talking to get the gist and that yes. they should be behind the bad very bad to s.a.p.t. station in which to get beat has been said of the s.a.t. changed plays not one not two but three and yet you get three different kind of reforms and very much. i want to. thank you. for time and all this listen i want to bring in some of our commercial i
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hear i have a debate about research for all of us how tight from let me just bring some of these comments online communities. out of much of our suddenly one of the only countries that allows rapists to run free will just bring in another one who upon the act of rape is a vast little offense that section of our society is supporting. it's horrific i don't let me actually go to the mother and father of a safe because let's bring it back to the puzzle trying to sing it is really come on her and see what they have to say about why that those who was mad at have a look. michael data but. she was a very beautiful and clever girl she was pretty why was she killed for what reason on her part you know. everyone knows the details about the case now and even god knows these perpetrators must be asked why they killed such an innocent soul and it must be investigated. i'm just looking at like two good argument
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going economic a quick point just. like i think not far i've not i did you nor i none of us are investigators right we are not the detectives who investigated this case all we can do at this point is quote from a very comprehensive. police charge sheet that is now evidence in the in the judiciary it's with the courts of india what upsets me in this case beyond the brutalization of this child and homeworld of course is that whoever is guilty i have never seen nationalism in hinduism be used as a cloak to defend men accused of rape if mr bottom is right and indeed these men accused of being innocent the court will decide that and the court will determine that why does that mean that while they are accused of reap the cycle of this country what kind of nationalist at these i think the pseudo in those and pseudo nationalists and in fact are the enemies of the wisdom i hesitate to me this is
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a hindu muslim issue because millions of people who have risen for this child and do not i'm not naming her because the law of this country does not allow us to identify this child but millions of indians who have risen for this little girl are of all things that the majority of them are hindu and all of what the logical thing is if these men that it is said what are the side that he can't i can't but that doesn't mean anyone marching on street for them preventing the police from actually point or the fight that's up to the door is. locked and that's the real. all you want to say and then i actually please. let's let just finish his thought i just may i ask is this and just get this t. shirt says i look at pm with high morals i have full faith in him he's an individual who wants not only in its develop but looks the well for the whole world at large this is sunday. has confidence in your prime minister how confident
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are you that these parents of this little girl and actually all of the families of women and children who suffered from sexual violence in india that they are going to get justice how confident are you are you asking most of all of the law i am mandamus to go to me is this thinking very deeply about that question mr go to how confident are you the parents of a safer we're getting justice justice for a safer. maybe i am and very much standing with the distance but i see far and i'm demonic that's way neither me and the rest of the. people are demanding to see be april because duck and then a victim and i jump. when needed police are investigating it's a biased man and dad the paedo dish and did. it didn't i know send people into this mecca butyl departed to come on and he had the pressure that we could i cannot
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disclose on this date and because of the advice i desperate mind give c.s. to. me investigate the not cooked as to will be done with all off we sense what investigation just my god and all that clues which they are demanding could not go test in the c b a group so that the dumb before didn't reach an end before dying when i got into going to see them because of the despair due to this game that image because i build that image of india it is my line very badly and everybody's taking could india india as if getting any tips out of. this is the desire to say that it depends on the process of dialogue and i lay saying that it is outcomes of the year this is the one you just want to how you get your height of the detail. thank you for all i have trying to get and yes yes i want to get to my my problem with mr bolton's position is quite simply that you are not allowing the
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door to kick its course you are trying to interrupt or you are trying to obstruct hurt you are trying to it does. not bother association are all done with that you know i heard who was sworn to up who are officers on the court ought to have the pollutes from filing a charge sheet own backcourt but have not done the not kurds there was a protest in benghazi some pretty smart there are now. i actually made it i mean let me let me end up with some suggestions i don't. believe i'm going to get scared my. guest is the time from. here debate bring the volume down for me one minute in the control and thank you very much let me just share this with you this is from mohammad and he says i am so sorry for the death of the sea for this is live on you tube right now i am strongly suggest that the
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indian government must bring the murder before the court and the government should give compensation to see first family let's hear the gas once again this is the price of silence sometimes we have that on this show sometimes we don't we have to stop having the same conversation again and again espousing justice as a retroactive eulogy upon girls and women who should be breathing i think that pretty much sums up what we've been doing for the last half an hour burka. i want i want. i just don't know if i want the end of the show let me just ask berger to say something in one minute in less than one minute and if you've got time to go back to if not we do that and i go ahead but we've got thirty seconds ok i just want to see that i think indians are tired of living from outreach to outrage yes it's annoying i can see what mr gotobed is saying that we don't like a stereotypical outsiders gears of our guard tree but that's you know that's a secondary debate very not a primary debate is how do we institutionalize
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a system where responses to sexual violence indeed to both live on the model here go off society like this poor little girl and her nomadic community so but i doubt if. you go to thank you so much for bringing some of the passion and the debate that's happening right here on to the stream thanks for watching everybody. the cards.
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we're here to deduce can be recovered israeli palestinian affairs we covered this story with a lot of intimate knowledge we covered it with that we don't dip in and out of this story we have a presence here all the time apart from being a cameraman it's also very important to be a journalist to know the story very well before going into the fields covering the united nations and global diplomacy for al-jazeera english is pretty incredible this is where talks happen and what happens here matters. rewind returns with a new series again bring your people back to life i'm sorry i'm brand new updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries there has been a number of reforms put in place since the program was filmed rewind begins with mohammed at the time when i was in libya i was. and the other student i was very fortunate to be awarded a scholarship rewind on al-jazeera.
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