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the school. going places together. the scene for us where online what is a very nice time in yemen peace is possible but it's not because the situation is. because no one cares or if you join us on set there are people that are choosing between buying medication and eating basis is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is the one who has posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera.
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president trump confirms his spy chief has held top level secret talks with north korea's kim jong un in pyongyang. this is al jazeera live from london also coming up castro's successor miguel diaz kenya is named as the sole candidate to take over as cuba's president. turkey's president calls surprise early elections bringing stronger powers for his office. zimbabwe celebrates its first independence day without robert mugabe in charge how much has really changed . i know u.s. president donald trump has confirmed that his spy chief made
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a secret visit to north korea and met its leader kim jong trump tweeted that the meeting with cia head might compare went very smoothly and a good relationship was formed comes as the groundwork is being laid for a possible summit between the two leaders are there is diplomatic editor james bases in pyongyang with latest. north korean officials are not commenting on all confirming the visit of. to this city all of the information at this stage is coming from the u.s. side but this is the highest level visit for a serving u.s. official since secretary of state madeline albright came to pyongyang in the year two thousand the u.s. doesn't have diplomatic relations with north korea there is no embassy here members of the diplomatic community have told me though they are aware that there is a channel of communication of negotiation ongoing between the u.s. and north korea between the cia and the north korean intelligence service they
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clearly are looking at the possibility of a meeting between the supreme leader kim yong and president trump the possible things that could be discussed possible things that could happen at the end of that meeting for example three american citizens who are held in jail here in north korea the americans want them to be released but also have been talking about the possible venues for a meeting could it be in europe could it be here in pyongyang could it be down in the demilitarized zone between north and south korea are there other places that we mentioned mongolia for example. joins us now live from west palm beach in florida secondly we've just seen president trump with the japanese prime minister how is that japanese visit going. well apparently fairly well there was some release of a photo of the two of them playing a golf game earlier today where they were seen high five ing one of the holes that
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has been followed now by a lunch at mar a lago where fact the president has been addressing the progress of this meeting saying you have to remember the goals of these two meetings were both security as well as trade and on the issue of trade the president saying that he's really hoping that he can shrink the u.s. trade deficit with japan hopefully reaching balance of course donald trump certainly talked about that repeatedly that he feels there is a trade deficit when it comes to japan certainly a very important relationship but unfortunately donald trump says that it does not favor the united states something that he's hoping to change as well some news coming out of this meeting is that apparently japan has ordered ten billion in u.s. airplanes so certainly this for a president who is constantly trumpeting the fact that there is a need to create jobs this is certainly welcome news from the united states and so certainly these are some of the goals for the united states side in this bilateral
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meeting but certainly there's been on the issue of trade some nervousness for shinzo abbay because you'll remember that donald trump pulled out of the trans-pacific partnership agreement or t p p and that's something that was of sort of concern to japan it went ahead and continued to negotiate it but now donald trump is flirting with the idea of rejoining clearly a bit of a negotiating tack prehaps resulting in these newsletters that are now dropping the fact that there have been some efforts to rectify what donald trump sees as a trade deficit when it comes to the u.s. japan relationship and the white house said yesterday they don't comment on cia matches but how significant is this secret meeting. it's pretty significant because what it it's essentially doing is laying the ground where work for a meeting that has been shrouded in secrecy and mystery up to this point until donald trump tweeted about it on social media in fact the white house. one of the advisers to the president kellyanne conway speaking with reporters a little bit earlier in
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a conference call saying that essentially mike pump aoe going with the natural choice in the eyes of the white house for making this trip he's currently the cia director said to be are in the process of being confirmed not one hundred percent but to be the nation's top diplomat so because of this unique role in the magnitude of this meeting the united states felt that it was best for him to go certainly will try to find out more about this as these bilateral meetings continue with the japanese prime minister and the u.s. president there is a joint press conference set for about about three hours from now but at the same time there's still a little bit of nervousness in all of this on the part of the japanese you have to remember that she is so obviously caution donald trump about any warming of relations with the north korean leader donald trump is sort of plowed ahead with this meeting slated for late may early june and traditionally japanese have been consulted as a key u.s. ally in asia and it seems that that sort of niceties or protocol was breached so
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certainly there is some nervousness on the part of japan these are some of the points that will continue to be discussed as this summit continues to be how can i thank you very much indeed can be mentioned president trump has just spoken at a working lunch in west palm beach and he said trade with a key discussion topic on wednesday with the japanese media. we talked about korea's government yesterday a little bit today we're talking military force we're talking to three what we're going to be doing now mostly it's great. as the prime minister noticed it going well with the united states we're covering big deficit and we're going to we hope we get out at some point in the. wee hours of jefferson at. the end of an era in cuba a cuban national assembly has nominated me again. as the sole candidate to take
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over the presidency from castro fifty nine years on from when fidel castro led the successful revolution in cuba is the first time the castros that won't be leading the country and p.s. have voted on the nomination results won't get out until thursday when d.s. canelo is expected to be sworn in latin america at least in human joins us now from have on us so how does this this kind of official succession talk us through how to work. well certainly it doesn't work as in most countries we there was only one candidate it was a given that it would be against the ask i know he has been until now the first vice president during the old days the first vice president was raul castro who very naturally took over from fidel castro but we're sort of in uncharted territory right now this is never happened what we do know is that he was nominated the delegates voted the votes will be counted it's not really necessary for them to be
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counted we all know that the a scandal will be elected but that's it's a formality and that was announcement will be made sometime on thursday very early we understand and then raul castro will speak so we hear and then the a scandal would sort of take over there's no inauguration as in other countries but you it is it is going to be a change it's a historic moment and i can say it's been given it is four generations of cubans have only been around raul or fidel castro as their leader and this will be a change it's a mind change if nothing else and is expected to make many changes in cuba but that's the whole thing nobody really knows what he will do but what we are hearing constantly leading up to this moment is the consul of states they set the guidelines for the country and i will castro is going to remain as the head of that all powerful communist party so certainly this kind of is not going to be able to
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sort of run off and become the great reformer even if he wanted to and from what we understand that is not his position is in human thank you very much indeed for decades president has called surprise early elections for june a trip to announce that elections originally scheduled for november twenty ninth teen we know held on june the twenty fourth to his switching from a parliamentary system to a presidential one you propose for the president could not take effect a year earlier than originally planned. this is the first time that the ruling party since assuming power in two thousand and two if it's the first time that they have gone for voluntarily and actively for an early election usually they they prefer they were against any or the elections as a sign of weakness so given the worsening state of the turkish economy at the government twenty with the present heir doing under willing party went for an early elections i think that the more like a police at this stage the likelihood is that the ruling party will maintain its
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majority in the parliament and. should will probably win the presidential elections however the key question is how will the voters perceive this early election will it will be perceive it as a sign of weakness and a sign of panic and therefore try to hurt to the ruling party or will they rally to the to present as the norm quantity in turkish politics chemical weapons inspectors waiting to enter the site of a suspected gas attack in syria have been delayed due to security concerns the chief of the o.p.c. w. mission says it's now unclear when they'll be able to enter a duma team arrived in the capital damascus on saturday a un security group enter the city on tuesday to assess the situation but had to withdraw after gunfire and protests the u.s. and its allies accuse the syrian government and russia of delaying the inspectors entry and tampering with the site but moscow has denied this saying
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a honda has been latest from beirut. the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons confirming what a u.n. official told us earlier and that is the u.n. security team that entered tomb on tuesday came under small arms fire the o.p.c. w. also confirming that during their visit to one of the sites an explosive device was detonated now there were no injuries but the security team left duma and right now the o.p.c. w. does not know when they can deploy their chemical weapons inspectors to do my the site of that alleged chemical weapons attack the o.p.c. w. saying any deployment will have to follow a security clearance from the united nations so it really raises a lot of question about the fate of of this mission now neither the u.n. nor the o.p.c. w. blamed any particular side for that shooting incident but tomorrow is under the control of the russian military as well as the syrian government both both of them confirming a few days ago that they quote fully liberated the area from terrorists now both
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moscow and damascus have been accused by western powers of trying to prevent the inspectors from reaching the site and to delay and hamper their work accusations that both both moscow and damascus have denied but there really concerns about whether or not there is still hard evidence because it's been what twelve days now since that suspected chemical weapons attack will the evidence be still there some western nations even accusing russia of tempering with the evidence and another question is will the witnesses and survivors or doctors that the o.p.c. w. inspectors speak to will they be speaking freely or will they feel intimidated by the new authority on the ground so right now we do not know if and when the o.p.c. w. inspectors will reach the duma. the u.n. security council is discussing the findings of an investigation into the suspected chemical attack in salzburg in the u.k. where former russian spy sega's crippled and his daughter were poisoned mike hanna is at the u.n.
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and joins us now so what's been said so far mike. well at the moment we have a briefing from the high representative for disarmament affairs on the report off the o.p.c. w. the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons this report was compiled at the request of the british government and what we are hearing here in the security council in the course of the day is this briefing from the high representative and then there will be a briefing from the british ambassador karen pierce who actually called the session of the security council she said that she said she would report to the security council on developments out of this affair and this is what should be doing in the course of the afternoon what we're hearing from the high representative at the at the moment is the contents of the o.p.c. w. report to discussing its contents further making very clear that the agent that was used to kill the russian was in fact
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a highly sophisticated nerve agent known as a two three four by its other popular name not be chopped part of the not be chalk group of nerve agents so we are hearing here confirmation and that details that have been heard in the past that the actual nerve agent used was extremely sophisticated and probably not likely to have been manufactured by anything other than a state of our accrete mike hanna thank you very much indeed. so to come on on jazeera . torture rape and executions human rights activists raise an alarm over the appalling conditions facing refugees in yemen plus. worries over the fate of e.u. migrants in the u.k. after the government wrongfully deported caribbean residents.
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were all set for a fabulous couple of days weather wise across western parts of europe is set fair warm sunshine coming through the skies opening up nicely going to see the the pleasant weather continuing for the next few days as well take us right through into the weekend twenty five celsius in london they have a breeze coming in from the southwest but really to about it so twenty seven there for paris and me getting up to twenty three in madrid central areas twenty three souses there for vienna as well this in coal where around a bit of a cooler northerly wind coming into where moscow fifteen celsius percent out of dry and that dam whether the dull whether they're stretching down into a cable that will pride in up in kiev as we go on into friday central areas still looking absolutely fantastic as is the case here across the british isles wall to wall sunshine pretty much everywhere and that fine weather stretching right down into a good part of spain a little bit of clout there into portugal but i think it should be last the drive
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stay dry and warm therefore we're back to twenty six degrees celsius still one of two showers possible across the far north of algeria twenty sales for years on thursday going on into friday that wet weather becoming a little more expansive but not too bad twenty two degrees walk thirty karo southerly winds picking those temperatures up to thirty four degrees. with its leaders in jail a greek near nazi party were nice on the lines mothers and daughters of the imprisoned leaders to represent them. the women behind the fear some right wing nationalist party going to do now when you say in their mouths do you know what exactly does that mean it means not from the used golden door in goals a witness documentary on al-jazeera.
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they're going to run to the top stories your knowledge is there a u.s. president has begun a second day of talks with japan's prime minister shinzo a bit at a working lunch in florida donald trump said trade would be the main focus of their discussions. cuban vice president miguel diaz can and is set to become the first person outside the castro family to lead cuba after being formally nominated to take over from raul castro as president. turkey's president has called surprises actions for june bring the vote forward in november twenty ninth. as
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safety experts in the u.s. have begun investigating what caused an engine to explode during a southwest airlines flight killing a passenger inspectors from the national transportation safety board met in philadelphia the pilots of the new york to dallas flight made an emergency landing it's the first fatal onboard accident to occur in the u.s. since two thousand and nine a sound fisher reports. they know what happened they just don't know at this stage why a look at the damage shows one of the engines fan blades is missing the southwest airlines flight was at thirty two thousand feet when the left engine exploded it sent shuttle flying shattering a window that caused immediate decompression and killed a female passenger from her seat through the window could have sat across her on the runway as our skies are. and your passengers are ok and are you is your airplane physically on fire arafat our fireplace artifice. there's already have at my house the victim's been named this forty three year old bank executive
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jennifer right in a mother of two of her was out the window and so i made my way to er and they tried to bring a real her back in. and it is just crazy to passengers walked on the woman for twenty minutes trying to stabilize her condition it just letting you know seven other passengers were also injured the engine has twenty four blades one was broken off at the base it was found more than one hundred ten kilometers away there is evidence of metal fatigue where the blade separated we located that a media only says west is a budget airline this is its first on board passenger death of its fifty one year history the seven three seven just went through a maintenance check on sunday the airplane in my opinion is proven as very reliable so it doesn't create any doubt in my mind at least at this point around six months ago the engine maker ordered every airline that flies the seven three seven to
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check engines for signs of metal fatigue after another blade broke off an engine so southwest which only flies this type of plane is inspecting its entire fleet the federal aviation authority has called for engine inspections of seven three seven for every other airline the investigation into the crash is expected to take around a year alan fischer washington the chief of staff for the powerful armed group in eastern libya has survived a bombing that targeted his convoy outside benghazi abdirizak the dories motorcade was also struck by gunfire in the attack is that eight of the armed forces of the renegade general highly for have to he's recuperating in a french hospital after a recent illness after has rejected a u.n. backed government in the capital tripoli and is aligned with a rival parliament in eastern libya. the u.n. refugee agency says it's alarmed by the horrific conditions faced by newly arrived refugees in yemen the agency says migrants and asylum seekers fim places like
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somalia and ethiopia face abuse physical and sexual violence some of them are being kidnapped for ransom or others have been forced back into the sea un special envoy on yemen is also warned about the humanitarian crisis in the country women spinless the spokesman for the un refugee agency he says many refugees falling victim to yemen's armed groups yemen has been transferred country and a country of this nation for people fleeing the horn of africa for for many years. many somalis but also people from european and other countries in africa have been going to yemen looking for protection and some of them have also gone there with the hope of moving on to other countries in the gulf for instance or in saudi arabia or even to move on to europe but many of them are finding now that
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because of the conflict they are stuck in yemen also because of the conflict many of them are being abused and exploited by different groups including smugglers and armed groups that are holding them captive in some cases. extorting money out of them told to bring them raping them and we have seen horrific cases of this in detention in southern yemen specifically in the tensions and in the pardon and that's why we are so concerned that because of the. conflict in yemen many people are falling into the hands of criminals who are exploiting their. hundreds of protesters have marched in london new rising sexual violence in india a demonstration coincides with a visit to the u.k. by the indian president there and head of a commonwealth heads of government meeting modi said on wednesday that rape should
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not be politicized but said recent sexual assaults in india were a matter of shame for the nation the pressure comes after two particularly brutal rape cases in india. zimbabwe mintz have celebrated their first independence day without robert mugabe as leader economy and upcoming elections a big test for a new president and listen i'm going to a particular when the military forced me governor to resign i don't want us are reports from celebrations in harare. it's the first independence day celebrations without robert mugabe zimbabwe's former president in charge the military forced him to resign in november. the new leader a missile when i got one lice independence flame which was first lit thirty eight years ago with the bobby gained independence from britain in one nine hundred eighty. after years of delays government corruption and mismanagement and i'm a god is real when i go is under pressure to in crippling foreign currency shortages and create jobs around. the world.
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and. when i go is pushing for more direct foreign investment to revive the economy some people warn that will not necessarily create jobs we need to have you know a targeted approach towards it because it's not just going to trickle down once the economy starts growing it last will really be factored in to everything that happens in the country and of course then it's not only government's responsibility for job creation for to bring in the private sector you've got to bring in the workers. and now the challenge when a guy goes administration is organizing three way and credible elections later this year the main opposition leader nelson chamisa attended the independence elaborations when mugabe was in charge opposition parties boycotted the event in
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protest some political analysts say this is a positive development. let's test the country's electoral system after complaints of rigging in previous years if the polls are credible in its national unity settlements in investing in zimbabwe again. the president's more immediate concern is managing people's expectations and frustrations teachers are threatening to strike if they pay and working conditions don't improve civil servants say they may do the same nesses in public hospitals have been stretching for days when i got response was to file all the nurses who refused to report for duty a move that puts more people out of work in a country was one of the highest unemployment rates in the world. al-jazeera. an electricity blackout has hit the entire island of puerto rico nearly seven months after hurricane maria devastated the u.s. territory officials predict it could take up to thirty six hours to restore power
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to the island where the rica has been struggling with an unstable power grid since the category four storm hit in september last year it's still unclear what caused wednesday's massive outage european politicians are demanding an emergency meeting with the british government over renewed fears that e.u. citizens will be forced to leave the u.k. out of bricks it follows the wrongful deportation from the u.k. of members of the so-called windrush generation which are citizens whose parents emigrated from the commonwealth after the second world war europeans living in the u.k. fear the same thing could happen to them now as the ripples. it is the most extraordinary of coincidences that was become known as the windrush generation scandal erupted at exactly the same time as the commonwealth heads of government conference is underway in london it piled on the embarrassment for the british government which has had to explain to these countries leaders why u.k. citizens have been sent to places their parents came from two generations ago.
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having already accepted that the policy was indefensible the prime minister took the opportunity to grovel in her own parliament as well these people british they are part of us and for those who have mistakenly received letters charlie sheen. i want to say to apologize to them and i want to say sorry to anyone who is being called as confusion for non-scientists south africa. having already proved it's possible to deport british citizens from britain the government is now having to explain to these people europeans living in the u.k. why the same won't happen to them of the brics it is already sent a shiver through european politicians implacably opposed to brics it have called an emergency meeting for the coming days certainly off to do it when trish scandal in
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britain we want to be sure that the same is not happening to our european citizens and that there is no bureaucratic nightmare that faced with all this the home office which organizes things like visas and residency permits is trying to prove its competence it wants to create an app to simplify the process for people who should have the right to be here but who fear they will be unfairly dealt with. by his. campaign group called the three million the number of european union citizens in the u.k. mess a government minister on tuesday and say they're a bit more hopeful than they were we are being to lord it because he. i think sir can happen and we still don't care for any clear we still don't have. all the details of how the process is going to be but i mean do you worry if they can make mistakes with british citizens they can make mistakes we europeans as well yeah exactly. one source of the home office told me much of the problems affecting
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the windrush generation came down to staff cuts among civil servants the other question is whether a heart breaks it will distinguish between either skin color or nationality perhaps the most extraordinary thing about all this is that politicians who support the u.k.'s exit from the european union are formed of saying that britain would be far better off doing business with the commonwealth because that's britain's natural friends and so on one level this does look pretty embarrassing for supporters of brecht's it but it has also raised the question if this is how the u.k. treats its friends than what does it mean for everybody else lawrence lee al-jazeera or the home office in london and you can always catch up with all the stories we're reporting on my checking out our website address that is our desire dot com and you can click on the live icon to watch us live.
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or might have main stories on our a zero the u.s. president has confirmed that the head of the cia secretly traveled to north korea to meet president kim jong un in a tweet donald trump said might prepare on peo met kim jong un in north korea last week it comes as the groundwork is being laid for a possible summit between the u.s. and north korea in while president trump has begun a second day of talks with japan's prime minister shinzo happy at a working lunch in florida president trump said trade would be the main focus of their discussions. no career coverage yesterday would be today we're talking really. we're talking what we're going to be doing our careers for. as the prime minister announced it well it would. be deficit we're going to leave now and we get out some point in a few. weeks after that this is. cuba's national assembly
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has formally nominated vice president miguel diaz can i have to become the island's next president d.s. can and who arrived at the meeting alongside the current data raul castro with the first person outside the castro family to rule cuba in almost sixty years take his president is called surprise early elections for june this year. one announced that the vote originally shuttle for november twenty nine teen will now be held on june the twenty fourth means new greater powers for the president will come into force a year earlier than planned. chemical weapons experts who want to visit the site of an alleged chemical attack in syria have had their mission delayed after a u.n. security team traveling ahead of them was fired upon analysts from the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons be waiting to get in to do miss since saturday it's been eleven days since the alleged poison gas attack on the town some
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bobbies president has pledged to revive the stagnant economy by opening up to foreign investment and us in the one god where was speaking at independence day celebrations in harare is the country's first ever independence day without robert mugabe as leader. as the headlines the stream is next more news for you after that by scorching scene of it.


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