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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 19, 2018 2:00am-3:01am +03

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never far from crisis at home or abroad. in a two part series al-jazeera world tells the story of king hussein of jordan episode two on the night fate. at this time on al jazeera. the new poll ranks mexico city is the pull for worst in the world for sexual violence many women are attacked while moving in the crowded spaces of the metro buses and even at the hands of taxi drivers the conversation starts with do you have a boyfriend very pretty and young you feel unsafe threatened i think about how to react what do i do if this gets worse no money on the uses a new service it's called lateral drive it's for women passages only and drawn by women drivers the apple for some extra features like a panic button and twenty four seven monitoring of drivers.
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this is al jazeera. and i'm rob matheson this is the news our live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. we have to end. nuclear weapons ideally in all parts of the world a nuclear free world donald trump sets out a new goal is it plans intensify for his summit with north korea's leader. cuba after the castros miguel diaz canel is named as the sole candidate to become the country's next president. turkey's president calls surprise snap elections planning to further consolidate his power and.
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independence day in zimbabwe for the first time without robert mugabe but the shadow of his rule remains amid the celebrations. u.s. president donald trump says he hopes for a nuclear free world as plans intensify for his anticipated face to face talks with north korean leader kim jong un and follows revelations his nominee for secretary of state's mike pump aoe has already met him in pyongyang speaking at a summit with japanese prime minister shinzo abbey trying said he hoped the summit expected by early june will be a success i will be meeting with kim jong un in the coming weeks to discuss the d. nuclear ization of the korean peninsula hopefully that meeting will be a great success and we're looking forward to it would be
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a tremendous thing for north korea and a tremendous thing for the world so we will be doing everything possible to make it a worldwide success not just for the united states was south korea or north korea or japan but for the entire world. trumbo ever said that maximum pressure would be maintained on north korea until it to denuclearize his comments reaffirmed by the japanese leader. just because north korea is responding to dialogue should be no reward maximum pressure should be maintained and actual implementation in concrete action towards denuclearize ation will be demanded this firm policy has once again been completely shared between a committee holcomb's joining us now live from west palm beach in florida that's near trump's monologue of resorts where he's been meeting the japanese prime minister campbell
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a overshadowing the summit of course is the fact that the former head of the cia has been having this meeting with kim jong un in north korea how has that played out in this press conference have we learned any more about what's been going on. certainly that was that the president seemed to die he really wanted to focus more on i think what is the major headline coming out of this with respect to north korea and that is that you know we've constantly been focusing on the fact that these two men could meet for some sort of direct talks in late may or early june but the president signaling as he has before that these talks could also not happen at all that is the belief of donald trump that as they if they are in fact not fruitful that he says that he could end them all together so certainly the president leaving open the possibility that the status quo could remain which is
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the campaign of maximum pressure that the united states has been putting forward on north korea in conjunction with the international community but certainly you're right that is a key concern for this administration that has been dominating headlines all day the fact that not only has this secret advanced meeting by the cia director mike pompei occurred but also that there is trouble for mike power peo to be confirmed as the top diplomat of the united states something that is certainly problematic for the united states as it endeavors to have these historic talks with north korea and as you rightly say kimberly i understand prepared and may actually have trouble getting himself into the job of secretary of state because there are those politicians who don't really want to see him there. how's that going to play out when it comes to those negotiations with north korea that are coming up. certainly this is going to be a concern for the administration so much so that it held. a conference call with
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reporters to try and shape the news headlines which have been less than favorable with each passing hour the fact that increasingly growing list of us senators are saying they cannot support mike pompei o as u.s. secretary of state now that's bad news considering that confirmation vote could take place as early as next week and of course as we get back to the summit here in mar-a lago what is certainly concerning for japan is the fact that there is this need for u.s. support at the diplomatic level to secure what is really on the minds of of the japanese in this bilateral some of that has taken place and that is that. there is a desire for japan to make sure that the international community in the united states doesn't reward kim jong un simply for showing up to any talks that may occur but that there needs to be substantial steps put in place and
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a firm show of some commitment to denuclearize ation so certainly coming out of the press conference the joint press conference that just occurred this is the point that the japanese prime minister wish to underscore company for now thanks very much indeed i want to bring in kathy novak she's live for us in seoul kathy one of the key headlines for this of course is trump's comments about heading towards worldwide to denuclearize asian but particularly in relation to north korea do you get the sense the north korea is actually going to be open to complete denuclearization of its weaponry. north korea does talk about denuclearization it has historically done so it's and pointed out that ever since the time of kim jong un's grandfather kim il sung that it was his legacy that he wanted worldwide denuclearization but it must be pointed out that that word can mean very different things if you're talking about the north korean perspective versus the u.s. japanese or south korean perspective the president trump and prime minister abbay
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both referred to there in that news conference complete verifiable denuclearization on the korean peninsula what they really want to see is the winding back of north korea's missile and weapons program the stopping of any threat that north korea can pose to the countries here in the region and indeed to the united states but when you look at what north korea historically has meant when it talked about denuclearization it talks about more of a wider perspective worldwide denuclearization including the united states it wants to see the withdrawal of u.s. troops from the korean peninsula the withdrawal of u.s. strategic assets from the korean peninsula and that's where you run into some sort of trouble when it comes to bringing these two world leaders were donald trump and kim jong un to the table to talk about quote unquote denuclearization could they reach an impasse in terms of what that actually means and what concessions donald trump may be able to extract from north korea we don't hear very much about north
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korea's perspective when it comes to the agenda coming up to the summit that's planned with donald trump or indeed with the south korean president in but state media and north korea has said that the north korean government is convening an important meeting on friday to discuss and decide the policy issues of new stage in line with the demand of the important historic period of the developing korean revolution that's the quote from state media so it seems to point to north korea putting in class. putting in place plans going into the upcoming into korean summit and the plans for a summit with donald trump probably got a let's talk about that upcoming summit between the two koreas that you just mentioned there how are the south koreans viewing all these developments between the u.s. and the north well in terms of the administration of the liberal president and this is always what he has wanted more engagement and dialogue with north korea so
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as far as the government here is concerned it's full steam ahead with the planning of this historic intercourse summit only the third time this will have happened the presidential blue house has pointed out that a record number of journalists have registered to cover this summit most three thousand in fact and they're saying that portions at least of the summit will be broadcast live very interesting because some of the commentary around here in south korea has been that that seems to indicate an openness of kim jong un to have this broadcast to the world whereas if you compare it to the behavior of his father kim jong il he it's been said has been more closed and it seems that kim jong un appears to be more proactive and more open to showing the world what is going on in this meeting that's planned between you and kim jong un because he thinks very much indeed is an expert on the southeast asia he's also an international lawyer and
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he's a professor at harvard law school is joining us live from new york let me first ask you sir a lot of these diplomacy that's been going on between the u.s. and north korea and south korea has been moving very very quickly do you think that there is enough time for each of the parties concerned particularly with the upcoming summit between the u.s. and north korea to actually get some sort of agenda in place some sort of plan for how both sides are going to approach this. well i think more time will be very do desirable we start with the bases that neither side really understands the other so that all the planning that we do on our side or they do it on their side or the handicap of not really assessing the other side carefully and knowing it well which may give rise to risks of miscalculation
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given the fact that there is a lack of expertise particularly on the side of the u.s. one would assume simply because if nothing else north korea is such a closed society what risks are there do you think to going into meetings with north korea with effectively no agenda but also not a great deal of experience yes that is certainly a glaring handicap on the u.s. side that there is a lack of expertise but other than the lack of expertise i think that there is a lack of diversion views since we do not understand north korea objectives and what their hop points may be we need to hear various viewpoints and i'm not too sure that we have gotten a full view of alternatives so that we can be flexible given the predictability of president kim and as well as president trump i think that there is
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a risk of go veering off course to what extent do you think that there is a chance that north korea might well. to donald trump apartment intention which is just an annoyance no the ultimate goal of all of this is the denuclearize ation over north korea do you think that trump is setting a flag in the sand essentially to head towards and see what he gets as he goes or do you think that north korea will actually be open to the suggestion of denuclearization. i think they have said that they are open to the idea of denuclearization however they have also said that that is contingent on their security and that means that they are looking for concessions from south korea japan and the united states in terms of pulling back our forces and i cape of
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capabilities in the area let me just ask you very briefly serve you don't mind the position of japan in all of this since the lobby is facing particular problems politically in his home country of japan and there's a possibility that he may be required to step down in the summer of this year is japan still a player in in this particular game of diplomacy in asia or has it been sidelined. well i think japan fears that it has been sidelined that's why the prime minister is here in the united states to make sure that these his voice will be heard i am not too sure that it will be a real player but hopefully that he king get the ear of present tromp and that japanese interest will not be forgotten the talk of denuclearization is fine but japan is afraid it mid-range missiles which are not nuclear. that
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is a real risk to japan and its population really good to have your opinion on the back was something also to. know please go ahead that's in into an important point i think i was a saying that. yes he cannot go back to japan empty handed so he needs something and the promise that president may that he will press the issue of the japanese of the ts in north korea and if something comes out of that then. prime minister will have something to show for by in terms of the nuclear zation one i'm not too sure that japan plays an active role it helps to be at least near the table and kibitzing to say the user with her death is often used really good to get your view on this thank you very much crew you. timeline's defense ministry has accused china
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of using what it calls cheap viable intimidation to threaten the island beijing's been conducting naval drills in the taiwan state the body of water separates taiwan from mainland china earlier chinese troops were seen on a beach near for the exercises are taking place taiwan says beijing has exaggerated the importance and the scale of the drills chinese state media say they're warning against any push for independence tensions between beijing and washington have been intensifying over the u.s. is growing ties with taiwan but china sees it as a breakaway province. or a hand on the news are going nowhere fast what's now delayed an investigation into the suspected chemical attack in syria. the probe into what's caused a crack in a plane's engine leading to the death of a passenger partially sucked out of a window and rafa nadal marches towards yet another record in monaco details later
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in the sport. is poised to become the new name in charge in cuba he's been nominated by the national assembly as the sole candidate for the president the first from outside the custer family in nearly sixty years and piece of voted but the results won't be confirmed until thursday when he is canal is expected to be sworn in eighty six year old raul castro will stay on as head of the communist party to catalyse and human joins us now from how vanna he's been nominated when will it become official that he's going to succeed castro. so there were all that should happen early thursday morning here the bulk of presumably being counted but the results which are also almost certain to be unanimous won't be announced until the national
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assembly meets again on thursday as i said and then we'll expect a speech from but i will ask for the outgoing president and also from the good vs can it which i'm sure will be listened to with a lot of attention here by cubans we haven't really heard very much from him at all so far he is a very he's not really very well known except for the fact that it was an obvious choice he is the first vice president of the sense not of the central committee rather of the council of state which is standing by raul castro side now for several years meant that he had been the selected one rob is he expected to be able to implement many changes in the island. well i think he's not expected to implement many changes and that's why he's been chosen he is not here to show you he has not been chosen to reform the system at all on the contrary
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and as we are hearing over and over again this is a sign continuity he is expected to improve as the government likes to say cuban socialism cuban communism but not get rid of it but certainly he will be under a lot more scrutiny from the cuban communist party which he does rule supreme here in this country rob the difference is that up until now the castros had been in charge of the military the communist party as well as the presidency the government it was all in the hands if you like of one family that is no longer the case now vs can and will will certainly have above him the supreme power which is again the cuban communist party itself and thank you very much indeed let's talk to roberta blago she is assistant director. latin america's sentence she's joining us live from washington d.c. thank you very much indeed for your time as the see it was saying there it sounds as though the successor to raul castro is unlikely to make many changes but cuba's
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economy is in a really bad way he's going to be expected to do something surely what do you think he could do. i think the opportunity he has here is really to turn cuba's economy around he should open the way for more foreign direct investment streamline the proposals process ease and create new openings for the private sector cuba's private sector is blossoming does are sort of paving the way for a whole new private sector and looking outward and so i think miguel diaz canal at this point needs not only to continue the economic reforms that have been implemented but also speed up growth by letting the private sector turn itself outward as it's been doing the number of revolutionaries and leaders who have been surrounding the castros over the years is of course dwindling in the government now how do young people see the future of cuba. i think there
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is a sense of hope it's a very symbolic passing of the top of the torch to a new generation by castro to miguel diaz can now but i think that as far as political reform goes as was mentioned previously he isn't expected to implement any major reforms but i do see the cuban population increasingly connected creasing lee looking to relations with the west and with the united states and its tourism increases i think these these new private sector players will be looking for change and so the next generation of leaders is really poised to rise although i don't see that anything major happening in the short term perhaps we'll be seeing these these new young leaders emerging in the future but we'll see what happens you say that you don't expect very much to be happening in the near future but if i understand it correctly and correct me please if i'm wrong
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in this the ask i believe had been seen in the video and all of the communist party meeting pledging to close some independent media outlets have been critical of the purposes of some foreign embassies particularly european ones how is it kind of handling that now he's in the position that he's gotten. i think you'll look to make a strong a strong stance especially visit the united states i don't see cuba popping up on president trump's priority list anytime soon i think it's focuses attention on one as well he's concerned with syria and russia at this moment but i do think that miguel diaz can now will try to establish himself as castro's successor by taking a strong position i know that he made those comments on the videos in the past he had been seen as slightly more inclined to open connectivity up for
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cubans and open up the environment for foreign direct investment but as i mentioned earlier i think illustrate try to establish themselves strongly and perhaps continue the legacy that's been set in place for him by castro thank you very much indeed thank you for having me there is an hour of power another power blackout in puerto rico merely seven months after a devastating hurricane it's the second major outage in a week in the u.s. territory officials predict it will take up to thirty six hours to restore electricity to one point four million customers the power grids been unstable since how to can marry and in september in a surprise move turkish president tell you about it one has announced there will be an early presidential and parliamentary election on june the twenty fourth the vote was supposed to take place in the vendor twenty nineteen constitutional changes were passed last year in a referendum allowing turkey to switch from a parliamentary system to
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a presidential one giving everyone much more power funny how cold it manages the turkey project at chatham house it's a think tank in the u.k. and he says calling an early election could be a sign of panic. this is the first time that the ruling party since assuming power in two thousand and two if it's the first time that they have gone for voluntarily and actively for an early election usually they they they prefer they were against any are the elections as a sign of weakness so given the worsening state of the turkish economy at the government twenty with the present and the ruling party went for an early elections i think that in all likely at least at this stage the likelihood is that the ruling party will maintain its majority in the parliament and. should will probably win the presidential elections however the key question is how will the voters perceive this early election will it will be perceive it as a sign of weakness as a sign of panic and therefore try to hurt to the ruling party or will they rally to
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the president as a known quantity in turkish politics gunmen have opened fire on a u.n. team in duma in syria forcing their withdrawal would assessing if it's safe enough for investigators to examine the site of a suspected chemical attack eleven days ago the head of the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons or o.p.c. w says it's now unclear when the team will be able to enter duma they arrived in damascus on saturday so the timing of a chemical attack happened but they won't blame zanuck order has more from beirut. the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons confirming what a u.n. official told us earlier and that is the u.n. security team that entered tomb on tuesday came under small arms fire the o.p.c. w. also confirming that during their visit to one of the sites an explosive device was detonated now there were no injuries but the security team left the duma and right
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now the o.p.c. w. does not know when they can deploy their chemical weapons inspectors to do mother sites as that alleged chemical weapons attack will be c.w. saying any deployment will have to follow a security clearance from the united nations so really raises a lot of question about the fate of of this mission now neither the u.n. nor the o.p.c. w. blame to any particular side for that shooting incident but tomorrow is under the control of the russian military as well as the syrian government both both of them confirming a few days ago that they quote fully liberated the area from terrorists now both moscow and damascus have been accused by western powers of trying to prevent the inspectors from reaching the site and to delay and hamper their work accusations that both both moscow and damascus have denied but there really concerns about whether or not there is still hard evidence because it's been what twelve days now since that suspected chemical weapons attack will the evidence be still there some
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western nations even accusing russia of tampering with the evidence and another question is will the witnesses and survivors or doctors that the o.p.c. w. inspectors speak to will they be speaking freely or will they feel intimidated by the new authority on the ground so right now we do not know if and when still p.c. w. inspectors will reach the duma when the head of the o p c w has rejected a russian claims that traces of a second nerve agent were found in salzburg in england with a former russian double agent segregates clear paul and his daughter were poisoned the british government has blamed russia but moscow denies involvement the u.k.'s representative to the o p c w once again rubbished russian on the incidents russian suggestions that britain was behind the screwball poisoning. what was really striking about the session today was the russian continues to provide huge amounts of disinflation to others including on this occasion a russian government official actually accusing the united kingdom of poisoning the
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script poles and deducing them into a coma before they could poison them so that the o.b. c.w. could then go and investigate that is an outrageous accusation was made by a russian official in the a p c w today and those kinds of false narratives need to be stopped for the boy's name was also discussed at the un security council like qana has more in the us. the council was briefed by the high representative for disarmament who confirmed the findings of the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons the o.p.c. w. that a highly sophisticated nerve agent was used one which apparently could only be manufactured in a state sponsored laboratory the session was called by the united kingdom whose ambassador briefed the council on progress made in the investigation he used the russian term of our chicks as the family from which the chemical agent came and she was scathing
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about russian offers of assistance russia continues to be asked to be involved in the u.k. some dependent investigation it is quite clear that they are bases spectacled involvement and that their behavior has undermined their credibility in this as i said before this is an arsonist turned fine trying to trying to investigate his same fire and a finger pointed at the russians from the u.s. ambassador we hope our colleagues on this council will join us as they have before and delivering a clear condemnation of the use of a russian nerve agent on another member soil because unless we stop this now there will be more death and more scenes that nobody wants to see but a sarcastic response from the russian ambassador who was adamant that allegations of russian involvement were totally unproven put it president putin probably improved the national state may have been the rule the russians think may have
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sponsored they have been numerous suspect the russian state sponsor of the books yet again the security council divided along exactly the same lines it was when discussing an alleged chemical attack in syria. air investigators in the u.s. say a crack inside a jet engine caused to choose these fatal accident on a southwest airlines flight shopping all from the engine smashed a window causing a woman passenger to be partially sucked out of the plane she later died airlines are expected to perform safety checks and engines after the accident alan fischer reports. they know what happened they just don't know at this stage why a look at the damage shows one of the engines fan blades is missing the southwest airlines flight was at thirty two thousand feet when the left engine exploded sent shrapnel flying shattering a window that caused immediate decompression and killed
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a female passenger from her seat through the window of her career are there are several over there on the runway are our thoughts. and your passengers are carrion are you is your airplane physically on fire ferry that a fire that started this. fire far it has or might have the victims been named is forty three year old bank executive jennifer riot and a mother of two of her was out the window and so i made my way to earn a job to bring a real her back in. and it is just crazy to passengers walked on the woman for twenty minutes trying to stabilize her condition seven other passengers were also injured the engine has twenty four blades one was broken off at the base it was fine more than one hundred ten kilometers away there is evidence of metal fatigue where the blade separated. we located that immediately and sent photos to our
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materials lab in washington says west is a budget airline this is its first on board passenger death of its fifty one year history the seven three seven just went through a maintenance check on sunday the airplane in my opinion is proven as very reliable so it doesn't create any doubt in my mind at least at this point around six months ago the engine maker ordered every airline that flies the seven three seven to check engines for signs of metal fatigue after another bleed through coffin engine no southwest which only flies this type of plane is inspecting its entire fleet the federal aviation authority has called for engine inspections of seven three seven for every other airline alan fischer washington. still ahead on al jazeera torture rape and executions human rights activists raise the alarm of conditions facing refugees in yemen plus. lift off the space x.
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a new mission begins to find a planet that will support life like here on earth. and the bad boy of english football is making a comeback far has got the details in sports. how the weather still looks a little messy for parts of the united states and he sed in areas of canada still some cloud just spilling across the plains moving a further east was just rolling across the prairie some snow is down in the forecast i'm afraid they will make its way into that northeastern corner as we go through stay twelve celsius for new york should be largely dry here but you can see much of new england that eastern canada does to look disappointingly cool five celsius forty three degrees for toronto come further south and west we got some sunshine around some warmth as well ninety celsius in denver temps just fold back
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to run eleven degrees as we go through friday most know rolling across the rockies there's time we could be some cooler air coming in across oklahoma city go on through the next couple of days because of course we still have some wildfires burning here up towards a northeast it warms up a little for some level stuff a new york six degrees in the snow pushing out of the way at least for the time being for the southeast and refight drive to the warm sunshine and lots of warm sunshine across the caribbean a chance of want to see showers coming in say a little bit of cloud showing up on the satellite picture some showers possible anywhere across the great run tilly's the next couple days. fast furious and sometimes fatal mongolia's child jockeys are risking their young lives riding to win are they being exploited in the name of tradition one on one
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east investigates on al-jazeera. i mean this is different whether someone is going for someone's favorite. trick i think it's how you approach an individual and that's what it is a certain way of doing it you can't just inject a story and i out. to one predictable legions i've been working on north korea policy for almost thirty years i can't tell you what the u.s. policy is towards north korea vying first to know what they want to deter an attack from the united states as the u.s. struggles to define its foreign policy kline's examines the potential fallout we don't see really is a strategy designed to get those talks started because if they expect to surrender fire and fury trumps north korea crisis on al-jazeera.
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you're going to zero my reminder of our top stories this hour u.s. president donald trump says he hopes for a nuclear free world his plans intensify for his and to suppose that face to face talks with north korean leader kim jong un speaking at a joint press conference with japanese prime minister shinzo trump said he hopes the summit expected by early june will be a success. miguel has been nominated by cuba's national assembly as the sole candidate for president the first from outside the castro family in nearly sixty years m.p.'s have voted but the results will be confirmed until thursday when this canal is expected to be sworn in. and turkey's going to vote in presidential and parliamentary elections much alyea than shadow voting is going to take place on june the twenty fourth elections when juanito number november twenty ninth team
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will be held under a state of emergency and it will be the first election since a vote to switch to a presidential system. under the protesters have marched in london over sexual violence in india the demonstration coincided with indian prime minister narendra modi's visit to the u.k. ahead of the commonwealth heads of government meeting there's been anger over the investigation into the rape and murder of an eighty year old muslim girl an indian administered kashmir in another part of india a state legislator from modi's party the b j p is under arrest for raping a teenage girl in the u.k. is looking to push for trade deals at the meeting of commonwealth leaders as the country prepares to leave the european union but a scandal over the british government's treatment of immigrants from the caribbean has overshadowed the event john holl reports. britain was pleased to take over this year's commonwealth meeting after cycloid damaging capacitated intended to host the
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tiny pacific island nation of vanuatu. the government is keen to promote the post breaks it global britain vision to the fifty plus other leaders many of whom it is hoped will become future trade partners. for ninety three so it was an in or specious start for prime minister to reason made to find herself instead apologizing to caribbean leaders this week her government was forced to admit to discriminating against the children of migrant workers who arrived by invitation in post-war britain more than half a century ago i want to reiterate how much we value the contribution this is. was the sense. to the united kingdom and if you want to increase that you can do so because the ties between us and the connection. arrival of more than four hundred habit of making critics will see in the unfolding windrush scandal
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much of what they say is wrong with the commonwealth today not only are fifty three mainly former british colonies a third of the world's population with shared history and common values but also the sometimes blunt remnants of empire of questionable modern purpose and geo politically irrelevant they will during the course of this week be fresh commitments to shared problems like education climate change and malaria the values and cultural cross-over of the commonwealth on full display what they would be is much talk of democratic and human rights abuses among some members laws against homosexuality for instance tax havens and presidents for life nor of the gross inequalities that exist among these nations that sometimes seem anything but a commonwealth. central to the existence of the commonwealth has its leadership often seen as an extension of britain's royal family and serving british interests
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the commonwealth has been headed by the queen for more than sixty years. when their era comes to an end as it must some suggest it will be time for democratic leadership to restore the commonwealth relevance and ensure its survival journal whole al-jazeera london zimbabweans have celebrated their first independence day without robert mugabe here as leader economy and upcoming elections of the big tests for a new president thomas and managua. reports from harare. it's the first independence day celebrations with. former president in charge the military forced him to resign in november. the new leader a missile when i got one lice independence flame which was first lit thirty eight years ago with the bobby gained independence from britain in one nine hundred eighty. after years of government corruption and mismanagement and demagogue his role when i go is under pressure to in crippling foreign currency shortages and
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create jobs around. the world. and. when i go is pushing for more direct foreign investment to revive the economy some people warn that will not necessarily create jobs we need to have you know a targeted approach towards it because it's not just going to trickle down once the economy starts growing it's lost already be factored in to everything that happens in the country and of course then it's not only government's responsibility for job creation you've got to bring in the private sector you've got to bring in the workers. and now the challenge when a guy goes administration is organizing three day and credible elections later this year the main opposition leader nelson chamisa attended the independence
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elaborations when mugabe was in charge opposition parties boycotted the event in protest some political analysts say this is a positive development the election would test the country's electoral system after complaints of rigging in previous years if the polls are credible subunits national committee said they'll consider him besting in zimbabwe again the president's more immediate concern is managing people's expectations and frustrations teachers are threatening to strike if they pay and working conditions don't improve civil servants say they may do the same nesses in public hospitals have been striking for days when a guy goes response was to file all the nurses who refused to report for duty a move that puts. more people out of work in a country with one of the high school employment rates in the world how do. the u.n. refugee agency says it's alarmed by horrific conditions faced by newly arrived refugees in yemen ages he says migrants in asylum seekers fleeing countries including
2:43 am
somalia and ethiopia can face violence and sexual abuse some of them are being kidnapped for ransom while others have been forced back into the sea when the spend limb is the spokesman for the un refugee agency he says many refugees are falling victim to yemen's armed groups yemen has been transferred country and a country of this nation for people fleeing the horn of africa for for many years. many somalis but also people from european and other countries in africa have been going to yemen looking for protection and some of them have also gone there with the hope of moving on to other countries in the gulf for instance or in saudi arabia or even to move on to europe but many of them are finding now that because of the conflict they are stuck in yemen also because of the conflict many of them are being abused and exploited by different groups including
2:44 am
smugglers and armed groups that are holding them captive in some cases. extorting money out of them told to bring them raping them and we have seen horrific cases of this in detention in southern yemen specifically in the tensions and in the garden and that's why we are so concerned that because of the. conflict in yemen many people are falling into the hands of criminals who are exploiting them. a military leader in eastern libya has survived a car bomb attack in benghazi on the adoringly who's the chief of staff of forces run by running a general calling for huffed and loyal to libya's rival parliament in the east and rejects the un backed government in the capital tripoli mark more the other hand
2:45 am
has more from tripoli the assassination attempt by a car bomb that targeted the chief of staff of operation dignity that is the military campaign led by any gaijin that are safer after. today at the chief of staff of operation dignity gen the lab to designate already escaped as a summation by a car bomb on the way from one of two city where his residence is half way between but it has yet marriage in city district a car bomb targeted the convoy of general abdul aziz another he escaped assassination but one civilian a passer by was killed and another wanted according to a hospital that is the main hospital and that's an indication of the power vacuum following the absence of any gaijin little honey for hefted the commander of the operation dignity and also an indication of decay is a dissent and divisions among the operation dignity camp we know that as you know
2:46 am
the region that all of that as a good not only is one of two contenders who are competing to replace it in a gaijin that will. have to. for the first time in a decade global malaria cases are no longer following a summit in london is looking to have the rates of the disease over the next five years barbie phillips is there the theme of this conference in central london has been very much that malaria is back having been a disease that was in abeyance the fight against malaria appeared to have been going in the right direction in twenty sixteen we saw a very worrying trend more than two hundred and sixteen million cases of malaria worldwide an increase for the first time in many years and the reasons for that increase of various and they are complex drug resistance is spreading climate change meaning more areas are vulnerable to the malaria mosquito war and conflict
2:47 am
making treatment extremely difficult in some particular places especially in africa it is africa that is at the forefront of the fight against malaria more than ninety percent of cases of malaria world wide are in sub-saharan africa earlier i spoke to chimamanda ngozi adichie the celebrated nigerian writer and i asked her whether she thought that malaria does not get the attention it deserves because it is above all a disease of the developing world. where i grew up with malaria and malaria was very familiar to me we had malaria all the time actually if you went to a hospital when i was growing up everybody just assumed you had malaria. and malaria was the reason you didn't go to school was the reason people didn't get. it was very much a part of our lives really i think it's a question of power it's a question of resources haunts you to think that there is some progress and that
2:48 am
there are some people who. seem to be. trying making an effort chimamanda ngozi adichie talking to me here at the malaria conference. where the big drug companies as you've been hearing african governments and western governments have been expressing their determination to combat this terrible disease. nasa has launched its latest survey probe to search for planets that can sustain life the transiting exoplanet survey satellite or tess took off from cape canaveral in florida less than an hour ago the satellite costs three hundred thirty seven million dollars and it's about the size of a refrigerator tess's flying out on a space x. rocket which aims to slingshot it into a wide elliptical orbit that encompasses both the earth and the moon it's going to spend two years in space and it'll scan eighty five percent of the sky that's around two hundred thousand nearby stars but it's mainly on the hunt for planets
2:49 am
that are around the size of our own test itself will be able to tell us if we're alone in the universe it's only equipped to detect the size and orbital path of all the worlds but it charts the stars for future telescopes which could detect a life or life like conditions in the near cosmos stephen ryan hart is a nasa scientist working on the project at cape canaveral and he explains exactly what tests will search for. one of the big goals of the mission is to find small planets rocky planets like the earth in the habitable zones of their or who stars if a planet is too close to its star that all the water boils off the planet is too far away from us are all the water turns into ice it's only a small range where you can have liquid water on the surface of the planet and two things never do much everybody agrees on is that if you want to why you need to have a rock for them to stand on and you need to have water liquid water so we're going
2:50 am
to find some small rocky planets like earth in the habitable zones there who stars so we're going to know that they're not so i'm not happy. with follow up observations and because these are going to be around bright star that we can do these kind of off we're going to be able to further explore these planets and figure out if they truly are how or not it may take us a long time because really proving the planet is happy who is an extremely challenging proposition but this is the start this is the first step we're trying to find out or in nigeria a group of armed men have stormed into the country's parliament and stolen ceremonial makes. was said that legislators were pushed out of the way before three intruders forcefully took off with the mace on white and state local media reports say a suspended lawmaker over the almost gag order to a group of his supporters to take the item which symbolizes the authority of
2:51 am
nigeria's legislature here however denies any involvement. still ahead an al-jazeera. boxing veteran money says he still has plenty of fight left in a lot explains next in sport.
2:52 am
it's time for sports here is far. thanks very much tennis world number one rafa nadal is three to the last sixteen of the monte carlo masters the spaniard is chasing a record extending eleventh title in monaco the defending champion was barely
2:53 am
bothered by his opponent he swept aside al-jazeera dannie slovenia and st sat six one six three down needs to win this tournament in order to stay top of the world rankings and not be replaced by roger federer or face russia's karen couch enough in the next round. these years will be the special situation for me i have been. outside of the competition. almost for five months i play those that are there but nothing else scenes showing i didn't finish no one even though so yeah it is a very important one for me is important to start with a big idea that helps. it wasn't so easy for former world number one no bad jock itch the serb needed more than two hours to see all the foreigner quaritch it was a tight match but the two time champion came through seven six seven five to reach the third round commit she has been fighting an elbow injury will face fifty's dominates. football now and the title race in italy has been thrown wide open
2:54 am
event as have lost their six point cushion over now fully being held by relegation threatened croteau knee while napoli beat in a z four two it could get even tighter on sunday's napoli face you away and napoli win would cut that gap to just one point both sides have five games to go all they are said to be a chinese darby in the first knockout round of the asian champions league show ever ground or face challenge and booked their spot earlier on wednesday they did so by beating the she will result three two the result means the qualify as runners up from the challenge and have never won the competition but they're one of three chinese teams make it out of the group stage. young book one but had already advance they face the united next in group f. top side shanghai ass i.p.g. last but are going through as group winners and will play kachina antlers all saying drew but go through as well they'll take on c one blue wings. one of
2:55 am
european football's most controversial characters is set for his first job in management joey barton will take over as boss of english third tier side fleetwood town ahead of next season barton who was one england cap will assume the role straight after his gap playing ban and see made more than twelve hundred bets on games over ten years barton has in the past been suspended for punching an opponent worn by the f.a. for home a poet comments and he's even spent six months in jail for assaults manny pacquiao insists his time isn't over as a boxer and that he can still fight at the very highest level paki i was getting ready for his first bout in more than a year the thirty nine year old will take on argentina's lucas mathias in july for the w.p.a. welterweight title the filipino was widely regarded as one of the greatest boxers of all time but he's lost four of his last nine fights his last contest against
2:56 am
australia as jeff bourne also ended in defeat. that's what i. saw. earlier he spoke to the filipino boxing writer recall of areas he says paki zero is desperate to leave the sport as a winner. i think at thirty nine years of age he knows that he doesn't have a lot of time in some ways it's a gamble he's fighting for in his last nine fights and to many people it's the losses the loss to jeff borne of a unanimous decision really sticks in the minds of a lot of people i think manny moving on to a bigger stage which is national politics full time national politics he wants to
2:57 am
go out as a winner in sport of boxing i think like any other big name athlete it's history knowing when to hang it up there's always just one more fight one more game one more season deflate and i think he can or regrets not getting out of the game a little earlier you know when you're still in the thick of it people tend to look also that bad when you're far removed from the game there's a better appreciation for all athletes and i think we can look even at for example michael jordan the latter in the basketball his last two seasons with the washington wizards and to well but when people talk about him today still to greatest of all time so even with mohammad ali and there's no reason why the same talking up white men like you know you know he's fought a lot of fights said easily the fight of the decade the first decade of the new millennium so i think his legacy is secure but he went from being sure of one of perhaps the greatest fireball and to be merely one of the greatest. the dream debut season on the las vegas golden knights has continued in the n.h.l.
2:58 am
playoffs the golden knights beat the l.a. kings one nothing to win their first round series the knights became the first expense team and the hundred year history of the national hockey league to sweep a playoff series and its first season. olympians tommy smith and john carlos have been honored on the fiftieth anniversary of their famous protests at the one nine hundred sixty eight in mexico games the american sprinters raise their fists in support of several rights during the two hundred meter medal ceremony the international olympic committee forced their expulsion from the u.s. team and banned them from future competitions in the face of adversity the struggle continues now there's many of us who put in. non-involvement. would see you good road but you cannot hide and that's all your sport for now war later are we back in a moment with more of the day's news.
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with its leaders in jail a greek neo nazi party when eyes on the lines mothers and doses of the imprisoned leaders to represent them. the women behind the fearsome right wing nationalist party the golden dawn i saw it when you say i'm not the you know what exactly does it mean it means nationalized golden dawn giles' a witness documentary on al-jazeera do you support the massive. he ruled for nearly half a century a controversial political figure in the cold in the middle east and one who was never far from crisis at home or abroad. in a two part series al-jazeera world tells the story of king hussein of jordan episode two. at this time on al-jazeera.


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