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fourteen hundred years in the making. a story of succession and leadership. and jersey and tells the story of a decline of the mist and the end of an empire. the kind of a pursuit three on a just. if you're in beijing looking out the pacific ocean you'd see american warships when mess was that somehow time as aiming to replace america and around the world college chinese are not that stupid these guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this sounds like a preparation for our first president george washington said if you want peace prepare for war the coming war on china part one on a jersey. this
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is al-jazeera. the whole roman welcome to the al-jazeera news our live from our headquarters here in doha also coming up in the next sixty minutes. if i think that it's a meeting that is not going to be fruitful we're not going to go donald trump steps up pressure on north korea's leader to end his nuclear program ahead of much anticipated talks. i'm james plays in pyongyang or a meeting of the ruling workers' party has now been convened for friday. also the end of an era cuba prepares to swear in a new president ending fifty nine years of rule by the castro family. laying down their arms and leaving syrian rebels and their. families prepared to evacuate
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a town near damascus after surrendering to government forces. pockets of poverty more than a million nigerians living in mud houses around one of the most modern cities in africa. welcome to the program we start this news are with us president donald trump who has warned he'll walk away from planned talks with north korea's leader if they're not fruitful now the talks will to take place next month or in june now he made the comments during a meeting with japan's prime minister shinzo of a i hope to have a very successful meeting if we don't think it's going to be successful mark we won't have it we want to have it. if i think that it's a meeting that is not going to be fruitful we're not going to go if the
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meeting when i'm there is not fruitful i will respectfully leave the meeting. so let's take a closer look at the efforts to get north korea to give up its nuclear program while pyongyang's local media say the ruling party will meet on friday to discuss possible changes in its policies the report says it's to meet the demands of what it calls an important period now next week there is a shared meeting between north korea's leader kim jong il and south korea's leader moon jay in officials in seoul say they may seek a formal peace treaty on wednesday donald trump confirmed cia director and secretary of state nominee mike pompei are held a secret meeting with kim jong un earlier this month becoming the first senior american official to meet a north korean leader in more than twenty years while our diplomatic editor james days is in north korea he joins me now live from the capital pyongyang and james i mean we've learned a lot more in the last forty eight hours about negotiations going on between north
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korea and the u.s. are they saying anything about my pompei is this it or even president trump's comments. we've learnt a lot in the last forty eight hours from the u.s. side from president trump speaking at that news conference from his pronouncements on twitter i can tell you the pace of the north korean state controlled media is not the same and they have made no comment still on that visit that at the time it was secret visit of the then cia director mike pompei o the man who is slated to be the new secretary of state coming here over the easter weekend or any comments about president trump's comments on that forthcoming summit all we've heard in the last few hours is a meeting that has been caught of the central committee of the korean workers party that is the ruling party here they will discuss what's what we're told are historic
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developments a reference i think to those things that we're hearing from the united states now i don't think this party meeting in any way is going to stop the negotiations that are clearly now underway i think my view is that this is probably a way to prepare the people here in north korea that something different is coming because if you are going to get this summit between the north korean leader and the u.s. president that's something very different when for many years the north korean people have been told how bad the u.s. is how it's an imperialist power how it is evil of course one wonders and james about what we know about what they're likely to be discussing ahead of the truck visit. well some of the things we're going to be discussing is clearly what's going to happen in the summit that comes up next week with the south koreans but also they have to work out some very basic details if they are going to have this
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meeting between the two leaders this historic meeting one of those is where are you going to have this meeting a number of places being suggested could it be down in the demilitarized zone as that intra korean summit is going to be could it be here in pyongyang or would that be giving too much from the americans to the north korean side if a u.s. president was to land here on north korean soil there are lots of other neutral locations being suggested i don't think the americans particularly most diplomats think would want to go to beijing giving giving effectively the chinese a seat at the table but i know that norway and sweden are both offered themselves as a venue geneva may be the u.n. there in geneva could be an option another one that's been mentioned to me by diplomats is mongolia or could be a possible location of course there is another historic summit as you suggested you know a days but before now it's between the north korean leader and south korea's president
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i mean do we know anything about the way kim jong un will be negotiating or his tactics might be. i wish we did i mean i think that's one of the problems here decisions like this in north korea are extremely tightly held by the leader by his inner circle by his family circle i've been here in north korea for some days now but journalists like me do not get to see the north korean leader the closest i got was when i was attending a ballet performance by a chinese company a couple of days ago and then we were surprised when suddenly there he was kim jong un was there came in everyone rose to their feet standing ovation cheers of horror a horror a which went on until he himself used his hands to silence the crowd a fascinating moment and an insight into life in north korea will be showing you
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more about life in north korea over the next week and a series of special reports what it's what is it like to live in pyongyang how are sanctions affecting people what the people here think of donald trump all of that coming up in the next week on al-jazeera of course we're joined you for all of those reports for the moment to james bays there in the north korean capital pyongyang thanks james let's head to the americas there where cuba's national assembly is expected to announce the results of a vote for a new president no parliament has nominated the first candidate outside the castro family in nearly sixty years ago will succeed leader raul castro a latin america editor at least the end even joins me now from the cuban capital have than a new dawn a new era beckons for cuba. maybe so also hail it is a historic moment there's no doubt about that four generations of cubans have lived
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under a president called castro be a condell castro or raul castro that our historic session of the national assembly is just about to get underway the vote if you like or the selection of the successor of raul castro took place yesterday but a formal announcement will be made we believe within the next hour or so but of course there it is a foregone conclusion the person who will succeed raul castro is none other than the until now first device president of the us can. talk serious fish and and above all discreet rising of the communist party's ranks from the bottom fifty seven year old. is making history he's done it in part by never ever having tried to outshine or question fidel or raul castro as others once earmarked as their successes learned the hard way and i think he also feels it's
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true roiled. that he actually genuinely believes for cuban revolution. as the communist party secretary of his home province of viet lauder the a scandal earned a reputation for being open minded. is a hangout for young people including gays lesbians transsexuals and punks d.s. was by their side in the one nine hundred ninety s. when alternative lifestyles was severely frowned on. even after he rose to the top every time he came to santa clara one of the first things to do is come see us at the minute he's the same unassuming humble person. maybe so but in most of cuba people know very little about the first man in six decades who will rule the silent whose name is not castro in fact he was the only candidate in. it's the silence of many cubans. those who may be expecting
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a major shift will clearly be disappointed with. reaffirming and consolidating continuity which is very important for the defense of the revolution which today is being threatened by relationship with the us deteriorated the truth is that the scandal has been chosen not to reform but to improve cuban socialism if he can and while he does represent a generation younger than that of the castros he will have to answer to a power much higher than his own cuban communist party but of course. one does what sort of margin he will win by perhaps that would be an indication about the sort of the support. well let me tell you something so here this is not there is no question about the margin he was the only candidate the entire national assembly is belongs to the common and he will have obviously unanimous approval of votes there are six hundred five
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members of that assembly and if you get six hundred four it will be because i was unable to attend so there's no question about this this is the way the system works he was designated more than elected or you could say that in cuba you can elect to put two or you can vote but you can't release elect for the moment so we'll leave it there of course with you. as the day progresses thank you. fighters in a rebel held area in this syria's capital have agreed to lay down their arms and an evacuation deal brokered by russia elsewhere in homs the government is looking to retake more areas from the rebels while opposition activists hope for a long term cease fire said of all the reports from neighboring lebanon. they surrendered without a fight rebels into may or have agreed to leave accepting an offer from the syrian and russian military for safe passage to rebel areas in northern syria hundreds of
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fighters are to be evacuated along with a few thousand of their family members they didn't want to repeat of the pro-government alliances military assault against what was once the rebel enclave of eastern. after the brutal regime displays that people often use it now wants to do the same here sold to prevent this and prevent further destruction we accept the surrender this will save the lives of civilians. as part of the deal the rebels handed over their medium sized and heavy weapons the town in the region northeast of damascus has been under siege for years more than one hundred thousand people live there half of them internally displaced the deal avoided a military offensive. the army and its allies are now giving the rebel factions that control the other towns in the enclave twenty four hours to surrender or face a stepped up bombing campaign the pro-government alliance has been using the threat
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of military action to force their opponents to lay down their weapons without a fight it has given i still forty eight hours to leave the districts the armed group controls in southern to mask us or face an all out military offensive those districts are under siege and the army has sent reinforcements to the front lines. and in the past seventy two hours and after months of a relative lull in the fighting the opposition controlled northern countryside of homs was heavily bombarded. they started a military assault on northern homs and neighboring southern hama to pressure the negotiating committee that represents the opposition to surrender these areas are supposed to be deescalation zones agreed in a star no we're looking for a solution that doesn't involve the military option. the opposition is in talks with the russian military a cease fire is now in place until negotiations resume on sunday the pro-government
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alliance wants the enclave returned to state to rule the opposition however is hoping for a long term ceasefire agreement a lot of people in the northern countryside of homs don't want their town to be destroyed we don't want war we want peace and we don't want to be displaced that is what we want but if the regime and the russians launch a military assault rebel commanders have said they will fight back rebels are increasingly under pressure their territories are under siege the syrian government and its allies are in a strong position and are clearly pushing ahead with a military solution to crush the rebellion. beirut. international inspectors are waiting for approval to go to the side of a suspected chemical weapons attack in syria on choose day a u.n. team came under fire in the area they were checking if it's safe to investigate the scene of the attack more than forty people were killed near the town of duma almost two weeks ago. still ahead here on the al-jazeera news the queen elizabeth the
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second back to her son prince charles to become the next head of commonwealth member countries. also french demonstrators are on the streets again to protest against president labor reforms and support bron james at his best during the n.b.a. playoffs all those details coming up. palestinians in israel are preparing for rallies to mark the seventieth anniversary of what they call nakba or the catastrophe may the fifteenth marks the start of the palestinian exodus that led to the first arab israeli war in one nine hundred forty eight and the establishment of the state of israel hundreds of thousands of palestinians were forced from their homeland. his life for us in the northern israeli town of at least harry a day of mixed emotions i suppose depending on who you talk to. well that's right
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it's a day of celebration for israelis across the country marking this day with barbecues and picnics and trips to the beach but for palestinians this does represent the seventieth anniversary of what they call the catastrophe the nakba and thousands of them have come here to a cleat to symbolize that fact and that the right of return that they feel they have to the original homes i'm joined here at this rally by dr ahmed tb who is a leading palestinian member of the israeli knesset the parliament and this of course is the seventieth anniversary of nine hundred forty eight it is just a few weeks away from the relocation of the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem does that give this year's events this is an annual event as i give this year's events out of significance you said symbolizing it is like we are marching in her in order to simple acts that i took great care and. a lot of narrative the palestinian narrative it was ignored or it was
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attacked by that is that a consensus this time radio created the embassy in this day next month is. obvious and a deputation of there is a nightly narrative the occupation narrative by the white house by the american president it is. an attempt to say that there is one narrative which is that i designed this and other men and other narrative which is wrong which is the palestinian we are here we are indigenous more than five hundred villages little demolition. people who were displaced and people who were killed this is catastrophe humanitarian political heritage historical and national that's why more and more youth are taking part in these annual march and i am proud of this generation and i was just in gaza last week this is taking place against the
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backdrop of the weeks of protests that we've seen there with hundreds of people injured by live fire shot from the israeli side of the fence into gaza i mean how does that feed into how people inside israel palestine is inside israel feeling today maybe i should be telecasting for it is an except exception that in the last month this is the first time for us the unions are demonstrating with less than an flank without being stipend or kill or injure it's new york. the the village itself i mean it's it's kind of tells the story of what happened it was there was an early zionist immigration the numbers started to change in favor of the jewish immigrants it was used as detention centers both under the british mandate to both palestinians and jews who were trying to come into israel after the british decided to to try to stem the flow of refugees coming into palestine rather at that point then it was used by the israelis to detain arab prisoners i mean
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there's a microcosm here of the story of the last hundred years right against semblance. people who were displaced the village was demolished and destroyed there was a jail in the mandate and an israeli jail with palestinian prisoners symbolizing the continuation of that narrative of the next birth which is still here by another ships that pussy over him money over. today's asian over every think they get really jerusalem goods then they give and to try to take it personally and that we are guests but we are the indigenous people we did not immigrate here we did not came here by planes or ships like somebody else we were born here we are part of this land this country of this narrative this story a lot of people looking at a way to solve the situation would say that that the right to read the insistence
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on the right of the return is no longer really realistic the idea that israel would potentially allow itself to become a non jewish state in the future by allowing hundreds of thousands of descendants of displaced people to come back it's a nonstarter. let's say that it's right. meanwhile there are more than five hundred villages that was demolished part of these villages are displaced by a steamy and from one village inside the green line to another village why not to allow these palestinians who are still citizens of the state of israel to go back to their land which is their empty standing and to rebuild their houses wife. dr t.v. will leave it there thank you very much for joining us today i know you're busy and so that is the situation here as i say across israel israelis are celebrating this
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day the prime minister kicked off those celebrations last night by saying that israel was a light against the darkness elsewhere in the region talking about the right of return of the two thousand to two thousand years of jews to what he called their homeland of course the other side of that coin is one hundred of thousands who were displaced and that's what's being marked here today for the momentary thanks very much for palestinian shot by israeli soldiers on the border with gaza conquered proper medical help because they can get transferred quickly to hospitals in the west bank health care centers inside gaza running out of necessary equipment. as well. gaza's hospitals are full of young men with injuries where the bones have been shattered by israeli bullets and this is mohammed he's twenty four years old and he was injured two weeks ago on across the other side of the room is nasser also twenty four with the same injury and one of the problems the hospital has it's running out of these metal rods this operators that they have to put on the like to
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try and keep the bone in place while it heals and at the other end of the room is seventeen year old mahmoud he was injured three weeks ago this poor guy is in he's not in a lot of pain and with me in dr is dr taste at all tunnel one of the major surgeons here dr first of all have you got enough equipment to treat these sort of injuries and those of us but not enough because we have waited for chance of him that six here to see would shut four of us could have surgery and a patient like and mahmoud what are the chances for him what sorts of what might happen with him who are injured in the appropriate artery and vein and they have a destructive of the mustn't this act of the born sinner fix it or mom would know we had four amputation above me if this vision dance fear that was fun or does that only me being sick of the limb are you ready for tomorrow. i don't know.
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dr thank you very much for talking to us the hospitals all of them concerned that they haven't got enough equipment to give the people the treatment they will need when they come in with those leg injuries. you have been has ordered the arrest of a commander who was running a camp in the southern port city of aden where african migrants who raped and tortured their own refugee agency says it's alarmed by the horrific conditions faced by newly arriving refugees in yemen the agency says migrants and asylum seekers fleeing countries including somalia and ethiopia can face violence and sexual abuse some of them are being kidnapped for ransom while others have been forced back into the scene. queen elizabeth has urged commonwealth heads of state to appoint her son prince charles and as the next leader of the association of former british colonies she made the appeal at the formal opening of the commonwealth heads of government meeting at buckingham palace leaders from fifty three member states representing one third of the world's population are attending
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. earlier scandals surrounding the treatment of immigrants from the caribbean threaten to overshadow the event jenna hall reports now from london. britain was pleased to take over this year's commonwealth meeting after psycho damage incapacitated intended to host the tiny pacific island nation of vanuatu. the government is keen to promote its post breaks it global britain vision to the fifty plus other leaders many of whom it is hoped will become future trade partners is the life of the mind three so it was an in or specious start for prime minister to reason made to find herself instead apologising to caribbean leaders this week her government was forced to admit to discriminating against the children of migrant workers who arrived by invitation in post-war britain more than half a century ago i want to reiterate how much we value the contributions it's the.
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walls of sense. to the united kingdom and if you want to increase that you can do so because while the ties between us and the connection. arrival of more than four hundred have it to make and critics will see in the unfolding wind rushed scandal much of what they say is wrong with the commonwealth today not only are fifty three mainly former british colonies a third of the world's population with shared history and common values but also the sometimes blunt remnants of empire of questionable modern purpose and geo politically irrelevant they will during the course of this week be fresh commitments to shared problems like education climate change and malaria the values and cultural cross-over of the commonwealth on full display what they would be is much talk of democratic and human rights abuses among some members laws against homosexuality for instance tax havens and presidents for life nor of the gross
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inequalities that exist among these nations that sometimes seem anything but a commonwealth. central to the existence of the commonwealth has its leadership often seen as an extension of britain's royal family and serving british interests the commonwealth has been headed by the queen for more than sixty years. when their era comes to an end as it must some suggest it will be time for democratic leadership to restore the commonwealth relevance and ensure its survival journal whole al-jazeera london. straight over to cuba and there you have raul castro leaving the podium and giving the floor to the new president of cuba and that his new gal is just been sworn in there in front of the national assembly the nineteenth session and of course the first time that a castro does not head the country itself of course we'll have more from our latin
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america editor about what the new president has to say in his inaugural address throughout the al-jazeera day. or go to europe pander to the many heat wave that seems to be hitting europe richard is certainly warmer in many parts of europe than it is in havana at the moment to be honest there he is really that in actual fact london today we forecast twenty seven degrees but in actual fact temperatures got up as high as twenty seven point nine north old on the outs on the outskirts of london and that's the highest april temperatures since one thousand nine hundred forty nine now the fine weather isn't just confined to the u.k. of course you know people enjoying the beaches of near the hague mind you that water temperatures poorly about fourteen or fifteen degrees so it's not all that tempting us want boys staying there just in the shallows meanwhile in germany people who make the most of the fine weather too rather across the country the shot
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showing what fine weather we've got across the region and certainly parts of germany the case in making the most of it because. the change when direction is certainly going to bring about a significant change in the temperature of the general weather because the weather itself remaining fine the lack of cloud across most parts here but only to make light there were still rather unsettled picture across more easterners were drawing in that wind from the north west and that's the key to it the wind direction so a scenario is still looking quite chilly but the fine weather continues with the air coming up from the south there's a weak weather front which is trying to push in may eventually choose a little bit of moisture across parts of the u.k. which could result in the old thunderstorms could be some problems for the london martin certainly very warm weather on sunday the chance of one or two showers later but that fine weather in the west so we continuing thanks richard well still ahead here on the al-jazeera news our sad news from scientists who say all strain is the great barrier reef is unlikely to recover from recent marine heatwaves. the mexican
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boxing star receives a six month ban we'll tell you why sport on the other side of the break to stay with us. the scene for us where on line what is american sign in yemen that peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join a sunset there are people there are choosing between buying medication and eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist just posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera.
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welcome back you're watching news our arms the whole robin a reminder of our top stories u.s. president warned to walk away from planned talks with north korea's leader and if they're not fruitful at a meeting with japanese prime minister shinzo trump has confirmed cia director my pompei are secretly went to pyongyang to meet kim jong un. rebel
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fighters in the north east of syria's capital damascus have agreed to lay down weapons and deal brokered by russia to the north groups are still holding out despite government strikes. and cuba has named its first president outside the castro family in the least sixty years. succeed outgoing leader raul castro will remain the communist party leader let's take you straight over to have a cuba where we can listen in to the new president's inaugural address even though our constitution doesn't. obligate s. for the same person to hold both positions we believe that we must keep this a unit that has been very practiced the practice throughout the years of the revolution salvatore is endorsed by a along the revolutionary trajectory which makes him
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a very qualified for this position fine my fellow deputies you have heard the proposal put forward by the president of the council of state let us vote what one would buy one. those who agree. for their regular. meeting the vote of the council of ministers raise your hand if you agree with postponing this vote in two of the june meeting against. abstentions he said unanimously. well you're watching pictures from the national congress center in havana the deputies vote for their new president who we know is of course
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a foregone conclusion we go. let's bring in. human affairs is the director of. the washington office and latin america joins me now from d.c. obviously we're just going through procedural issues we thought that the president was going to the new president is going to talk certainly a new door and a new era is opening up for cuba how will this be any different from the castro is or will he sort of seem to follow the same policy in the same line. so this is a historic change it's also a generational change we have to remember that medio the canal he was born after the revolution took power significantly younger and i do expect that although he will likely follow some of the same policies i don't expect that this is just more of the same i think we can expect him to engage in some additional gradual reforms
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although i wouldn't expect dramatic changes in the immediate future we had a report from our latin america editor talking about his very long running political history within the country and sometimes not always seeing quite a while with the castros but being very very human person a very kind person and able to reach out to many minority groups will just hold you with that thought as we just listen in to the president he is addressing the sadly now makes not only us proud here in this land but throughout the americas who respect us and us is there and this is a responsibility that entails. awareness that we're not just simply opening another session of the legislature marty said that. as said that now these are times to get to
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the first. statement with you melody to rise to the occasion and do what cuba expects of us and to be able to confront all of the struggles that await us the president of my child and other here are some of the republic as deputies of this legislature which is taking being sworn in is. is a result. the first secretary is who won the most votes and the highest number of votes was obtained by the second secretary and the commanders of the revolution have also been reelected who are or heroes of the republic of cuba and now in this in this legislature and they make this a more noble room and keep our history a lot more than
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a half as century after of slender and have not been able to bring down the temple of our faith we continue with marty's ideas and we continue with the ideas of our founders. we're all in tact because we know we have filled well we were demanded to do the kind the installment of this legislature culminates the revolutionary electoral process which over the last month has been has been conducted by the cuban people and shows that there is an eminently democratic process of and it is of his doric significant that people who have exercised their right as citizens have nominated and elected representatives in the different
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bodies of the government. identifying with each and every one with them with their merit and ability to represent communities social sectors collective. interests. without any raj politicking or demagoguery. those who join us here on al-jazeera english are watching images coming out of cuba as the new president. makes his inaugural speech course praising the delegates that have all been voted in in their local from their local areas in the nineteenth session of parliament also able of course to be the very first person ruling the country as president not from the castro family let's bring in our guest margarita jimenez sorry to cut you off margarita as we were listening to the new president as you said of his agenda he's a new generation he appeals to a younger generation in a country that has
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a large young population issues of employment and future prospects will be possibly top of the agenda. without question the biggest challenges that faces have to do with the economy and with rising expectations of people on the island and he will have to confront those challenges and deliver on promises of having more responsive government making the daily lives of cubans better and he will rely on delivering on those promises to generate his own legitimacy just a few moments ago he actually said that he would have to confront all the struggles as would cubans that they face ahead of them what are the struggles of that for cubans at this moment in time. the cuban economy has performed poorly over over the last handful of years and the cuban economy faces significant challenges in terms of attracting more foreign direct investment in terms of reforming
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a pretty bloated state sector expanding the private sector and also dealing with challenges such as in rising inequality on the island that has resulted from some of the economic reforms underway. leader will really have to contend with. how the us are going to react to a new leader sort of a new face a new man the new generation taking the seat during cuba how he'll react to washington d.c. yeah one would hope that a u.s. administration would see this as a genuine new opportunity to reengage in a productive way on the island unfortunately i don't see that as you know the most plausible route forward for the current trump administration i think that there are real opportunities to deepen cooperation between the two countries and to chart a more productive path forward for them but we have to leave it to him is that from the washington office of kubrick washington office old latin america thanks so much
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for joining us. thanks for having me on. french president manuel micro is facing all of the day of nationwide protests against his labor reforms that are these are the latest pictures coming from the french capital it's the latest in a series of demonstrations by railway employees public sector workers and students against the planned lords plowright is an author of the french exception the first english language biography of emmanuel macron joins me now from paris thanks very much earth to be so patient with us as we have that breaking news coming out of cuba adam let's just begin with macro he's been flexing his muscles on the international stage by coordinating with the british and the americans in syria only last week can he do the same with the unions in france or this true as you say he's a very prominent man in the international stage but a lot of his credibility is of course internationally work is based on what he can
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get done in france and really today in the coming weeks will be critical to show whether he can really go to the end of his his agenda or push through all of the reforms which is trying to do now and as you mentioned in your in your build up one of the most contentious ones at the moment is this reform of the state railways of course he's from the right so some analysts would say the unions from from the left it was a campaign promise to find a way to energize the economy and that needed help not just from the public but from the unions how will they hinder him another french public willing to give him that time a year into his presidency. well i think that's one of the big questions that will be answered in this in this sequence we have the first every french president as you know knows that they're going to be tested by by the power of the trade unions by the power of tros protestors in france a very. political culture based on this confrontation between the political
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leadership and the trade unions so that is in play at the moment where the first round of that is september october last year which which even. concede afterwards that math one hundred one were round two now and the way things are looking at the moment i think emmanuel malcolm will be confident he will be able to go to the end of his reforms and that the resistance isn't quite strong enough at the moment to be able to stop it it's always interesting to see how unions sort of deal with the authorities and many leaders would have always an eye on history i think you know look back at how margaret thatcher in the united kingdom dealt with the unions in the seventy's in the eighty's so whether someone like macro has the tenacity and the political will to see it through. there have been comparisons made between this and this moment in france the moment where the manual macron and the beginning of the nineteen eighties when when margaret thatcher the british promised to talk on the national mine workers union i think the big
4:44 pm
difference is that french unions aren't really as powerful now as a british unions were back in the eighty's we've actually seen their powers and their ability really to cripple the country to power lies in a way that they used to be able to twenty thirty years ago that ability has has been eroded over time and i think emanuel maclin is certainly everything that he said up until now and you mentioned again yesterday that you know if he gives way now his credibility is shot and that will really impact his ability to do other things in his term and he and he knows that i think everything we've heard from him so far has been all about i'm going to hang tough and i'm going to face down the unions and emerge from this stronger or will be very interesting to see what does happen in the coming months definitely for the moment another player out thanks very much for your patience and for your time in joining us here on al-jazeera thank you. a pleasure. india's supreme court has decided there will be no further investigations into the death of a lower court judge in two thousand and five president of the ruling party and that
4:45 pm
shar was accused of ordering extra judicial killings a case that going national attention shar was discharged by the judge who took over the case after the death of another judge bridgecorp are hard accession. lawyer however rights activists have questioned the circumstances behind lawyers death alleging he was under heavy political pressure in the case which resulted in a heart attack russian to push on is a public interest lawyer who helped bring about a petition to investigate lloyd's death he says the conclusion surrounding the case did not add up. the. party had blood stains on the shirt we shouldn't have been there if he had died of a heart attack. and then after further facts came out which sure that the she also pointed out that the city was not done. then when is it a port suddenly came one of the veges was purportedly staying with him also said
4:46 pm
that the city was not done because the machine was not working but then he said he was produced and that the city even charted to cardiologists they said that this doesn't show any evidence or architect the government as a lange exclusively on the statements of these dead is who are being produced as witnesses though they have not come on or. and to all of the dead is in this bench what hitting the cement right from bombay were from my rush to and who knew all these did this personally so i said would it be proper. for the growth the law in this is that knowledge judge should hear is involving somebody that he knows very well and therefore amount to a conflict of interest the same holds true if a crucial witness in the case and also known to their judge so i asked them where that it would be proper for you to hear this matter then they have taken efferent
4:47 pm
even on that they have said they didn't hear them to raise questions or ask questions two of those that is for example bush and that where it said that he wants to cross-examine those judges let them come on in the witness box because all kinds of questions need to be asked as to why did three that just stay in when a room with two beds and so on many many questions needed to be asked but the dead just said that any attempt to even question that there's a monster contempt of court it's an arts astounding proposition a flow of blood to the middle east the work of holy troops have been taking part in military drills in saudi arabia despite a major to fla matic rift saudi arabia the united arab emirates egypt and bahrain cut ties with doha ten months ago accusing it of funding terrorism which qatar strongly denied the khatami defense ministry says the armed forces chief of staff also attended the events closing ceremony at the invitation of saudi defense
4:48 pm
officials. to a stuff like you know where nigeria's capital is one of the most modern cities in africa but the original residents of the federal district of a future continue to live in homes built of mud they complain that their fundamental rights are being ignored reports from the nigerian capital. why she was angry discussions never ceased in the village of pico outside the nigerian capital since it was chosen to build a new capital for two years ago they say their social and economic status has continued to deteriorate. they still live in humble mud homes without basic amenities when i does a beauty i have no medical care here and we have no functioning schools the teachers refuse to stay here and don't have electricity but water is our most urgent problem we had a bullhorn that soon broke down we almost never used it. and two other villages are
4:49 pm
around this place have up to three thousand people living in them the only source of drinking water they have is this might depend mother nature generously gave it to them for survival but they say the government isn't even considering sanitizing it and pumping it to their homes the spring is only a thin stream it takes time for the point to feel supplying the village with what to me is hard work by these women throughout the day there are more than eight hundred villages such as because surrounding of water the area is called federal capital territory more than one million nigerians live in b.f. city pockets of poverty side by side with posh new residential districts owned mostly by people who came from other regions to go out resentment period that if that is virgin so you would and i live in the if we did it would our game from order to sift it that's where they are or linden eight hundred i lived in villages settler towns yet did villages existed before even and you know what i'm going to
4:50 pm
now to fourteen or does it as a request for comment from the government was declined the null d. and his community continue to demand reform but they say their voice is hardly head because they don't have any meaningful representation at the high level the constitution says the president is also government f. city villagers doubt mohammed will heidi has time to fix their problems they are. in our own country or do what of the matter that is nurses so far can't ability for the government able to do police. just. dead just no where in the world at the head of state will become to go beyond that that it is going to die in a way that it was to please. people. did not have a government. so it is like they are deprived and they believe that it is only by the people putting them in this position of authority that they will be able to
4:51 pm
make any meaningful impact without an elected government local council or minister of city people say they feel powerless which means economic deprivation for them. which it. will still have him. will explain why stick the books or the. fraud investigation to stay with us.
4:52 pm
but look it's time to spoiler space tachyon thank you very much the hell the bron
4:53 pm
james has produced a say pub performance to help level the cleveland cavaliers n.b.a. playoff series with the indiana pacers the basketball stall scored twenty points in the first twelve minutes alone on wednesday he would finish with forty six points and seventeen rebounds its cave and route one hundred to ninety seven point one of the best of seven series of tied at one was amazing shots early gonzo rhythm. you know defense they want to be and so and i want to show you my guys involved as well but. i mean i'll just don't come in a game sentiment try to do this i'm a do that is just going to have as a ford a game i play the game the right way and that's just a result of so. the eastern rockets have gone to nothing off in their playoff series with the minnesota timberwolves chris paul rebounded from a lackluster performance and game one he had a game high twenty seven points as the rockets prevailed one hundred two to eighty two. and they has been a self about the game one he called me we talked a little bit and i said don't worry about it you know as automatic as and i just
4:54 pm
know he will come back and be aggressive nessun to do it so he doesn't start to fall and that's all it's a wednesday it's all the game so the utah jazz be the oklahoma city thunder to tie the series three games coming up on thursday the defending and be champions the golden state warriors have a chance to go three nothing off against us that antoninus bus. the pittsburgh penguins a one win away from reaching the next round of the n.h.l. playoffs they beat the philadelphia flyers five nothing to go three one up and best of seven series sidney crosby collected his fifth goal of the series and became penguins highest ever score in the postseason with one hundred seventy three. the san jose sharks completed a series sweep of the anaheim ducks they were two one when it in game four and advance to the second round but i'll face the vegas and gold knights. the nashville predators a one win away from clinching best series with the colorado avalanche after
4:55 pm
a six two when the tampa bay lightning lead the new jersey devils three one off to victory in game four two more games coming up on thursday. rafael nadal will be back on course shortly as he chases a record extending eleventh title at the monte carlo mostest the wild number one pick to spot in the round of sixteen by sweeping a side of slovenia in straight sets down these to win this tournament in order to say top of the wild rankings and avoid being replaced by roger federer russia's current catchin of it his next opponent. the democratic republic of congo's football league has been suspended amid a corruption scandal the country's football association president constant omari was detained this week as part of an embezzlement investigation he's also afifa council member three off a deal with the officials being questioned over a one million dollars government payment that was intended to be used for the
4:56 pm
national team and for clubs competing in continental competitions. boxing now and the middle way fights a canelo alvarez has been bad for six months off the failing drugs test the twenty seven year old mexican tested positive to claim brutal twice in february he's blaming contaminated meat as the cause that forced him to withdraw from a wild middleweight title rematch against ghana kidd the ban has been backdated and alvarez is free to fight again from aug seventeenth. now several top american athletes have a ball austin the u.s. olympic committee and other governing bodies for their failure to protect them from sexual abuse former gymnastics champion jordan weaver and jamie down show where among other athletes testifying before a u.s. senate subcommittee hearing in washington d.c. on wednesday the committee is reviewing house force organizations have handled
4:57 pm
child sex abuse it follows the sentencing of format usa gymnastics team dr larry nasr who serving up to one hundred seventy five years in jail for abuse of hundreds of women. this is a case of powerful people protecting other powerful people it is up to you as powerful members of the united states senate to hold them accountable and i believe you will no one should ever have to endure physical emotional or sexual b.s. for the privilege of representing our country as athletes the c.e.o. that looks the other way or strategically where's your most is just as much a kingpin in this game as the one committing the crime institutions need to be held accountable survivors need to be acknowledge without paul's reform the unjust muzzle will remain bound on children while safeguarding the pedophiles to roam free . football fans in some parts of the while the stick is a big part of their experience of the fifo wild cop the pennies stick a big dates back to nine hundred seventy and allows fans to collect stick as if
4:58 pm
every competing player but a counterfeit program has been cracked by peruvian officials more than twenty thousand fakes to capex was seized by authorities and two people have been arrested they were worth three hundred fifty thousand dollars and was said to be sold in peru and europe. as well this fall phenomenon later as fact is that thanks. and even watching their elders every news hour with me it's a whole problem of another four hundred five days on the other side of the province eleven talked about to be bad all of the news are taped thanks for your time and your company. a society's progress is dependent on the quality of its experts we need more and finest our professionals at top parity is to why do you wait in your generation to study find new teaching methods are infusing thai students to become the agents of
4:59 pm
change taking them out of the classroom to solve problems in their local communities level education inspiring science tyler at this time on al-jazeera. there is grown in a very short time to be a trusted news source wherever you are in the world he really want to know what's going on there and to find out very quickly we're not looking at the news through some nation's prism. we are probably international everybody will learn something watching our coverage. be shown that we can be the best international news and most trusted source of stories that people actually can't find elsewhere and that's going to continue. rewind returns with a new series i can bring your people back to life i'm sorry i'm brian new updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries there has been a number of reforms put in kies since the cry graham was filmed rewind begins with
5:00 pm
mohammed at the time when i was in. i was. like and the other student i was very fortunate to be awarded. rewind on al-jazeera and monday put it on. us and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for dr. five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the war.


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