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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 19, 2018 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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al jazeera. you read every you're. getting to the heart of the matter if will stuff like injury the turkish cypriot leader calls you today and says let's have talks would you accept facing realities what do you think reunification of look like there are two people think the peace for unification is the only option for prosperity of south korea hear their story on talk to al-jazeera.
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trump warns he'll walk away of talks with kim jong un aren't fruitful but south korea says the north is committed to denuclearize ation. i know i maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera coming out. the post castro era begins but cuba's new president vows to continue the socialist revolution. and abandoning that arms and pulling out syrian rebels and their families start to leave a town near damascus after a deal with government forces. and queen elizabeth appeals to the commonwealth to appoint her son as the next leader but will they back up.
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the south korean president lungi in says the north has expressed its commitment to complete denuclearization is comes as u.s. president donald trump warns he'll walk away from planned talks with north korea's leader if they are not fruitful the meeting is expected to take place next month or in june cia director and secretary of state nominee might pump held a secret meeting with kim jong un and pyongyang earlier this month as part of an effort to lay the groundwork for talks says he hopes they'll be a success but adds that he is willing to cool them off if it's not over i think that it's a meeting that is not going to be fruitful we're not going to go if the meeting when i'm there is not fruitful i will respectfully leave the meeting and will continue what we're doing or whatever it is that will continue but something will happen. well the south korean president says his north korean counterpart kim
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jong un won't be demanding the withdrawal of u.s. soldiers as a precondition for denuclearize ation america's military presence in south korea has been a major sticking point to negotiations with pyongyang its hope that talks between the korean leaders will smooth the way for trump summit with kim and diplomatic editor james bass is inside north korea with the latest. there's clearly plenty for both sides to continue to discuss one of the things they must work out is the venue for this historic summit where are they going to meet could it be here in pyongyang and some diplomats i've spoken to say that might be giving too much to the north korean side for a u.s. president to actually step foot in this country could it be in the the militarized zone where that intra korean summit is taking place in one week's time could it perhaps be in china in beijing again diplomats saying that that would effectively
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give china a seat at the table something the u.s. may not like there are other countries neutral countries that are offering to be a venue for the talks we have norway we have sweden one in the region that's been mentioned is the capital of mongolia battle then you get what they might get out of a first summit most observers hope that there would be after a big meeting a process an ongoing process to deal with all the details but both sides would probably want something out of a meeting of this level and certainly the u.s. will be concerned about the three u.s. citizens of korean descent who are being held prisoner here in north korea president trump has already mentioned them and the fact that he's working to get their release well a phone hotline between north and south korea will be set up on friday said conjunction and president lungi and can plan their meeting next week when says they
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must declare an official end to the korean war three years after fighting ended with an armistice in one nine hundred ninety three there was never an actual formal peace agreement in place kathy novak has more from seoul. south korean president is continuing preparations for his summit with north korean leader kim jong un next friday he has been speaking with executives of local media outlets at the presidential blue house it's part of a series of meetings designed to canvass the views of south korean community leaders and he told the group that the intercalary and summit must set the scene for a successful summit between the united states and north korea and that it must pave the way for denuclearization of the korean peninsula but many analysts have pointed out that historically north korea has taken a different view of what denuclearization might mean when compared to the interpretation in the united states or in south korea north korea for example might want it to can include the complete removal of u.s.
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troops from the korean peninsula but president moon has said he does not believe there is a difference in the definition he told the group that north korea has expressed a willingness to completely denuclearize and he said that it has not proposed any conditions that the u.s. would find it difficult to accept but he did seem to play down any hopes of major concrete agreements being reached at the summit next week instead seeming to suggest it may be the first step in a bigger process. cuba's new president has vowed to continue the socialist revolution as the nation turns the page on nearly six decades of castro rule as kanellos been sworn in by m.p.'s in havana of to raul castro stepped down having completed ten years as president the ass canal is the first cuban leader born after fidel castro's nine hundred
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fifty nine revolution and also the first not to fortunate. the people's mandate given to this legislature is to ensure the continuity of the cuban revolution in a crucial and historic moment marked by advances in the development of our economic and social model perfecting and strengthening our work in all aspects of the life of the nation. a latin america and as a lucien human has more from havana what we're seeing now is not a hard shift to a younger generation in charge of cuba but rather a very very slow curve i would say in fact it was very very clear both by the a scandal and vital role castro the outgoing president that he castro will continue to really qualls the shots for some time at least in fact for the next three years he will remain as the first secretary of the all powerful communist party and the us can l. said in fact in his speech that all important decisions will have to be vetted by
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raul castro so that really what we're hearing now is continuity continuity continually especially in terms of maintaining the power of the communist party and more or less the policy lines that have already been established under howard castro until the next communist party congress and that isn't going to happen for another three years. well to iraq now where the government has launched strikes against eisel targets in syria prime minister office says iraqi fighter jets carried out a deadly raid against i still in a border area syrian and iraqi forces have driven eisel from nearly all of its previous territory iraq has stepped up its campaign to clear the remaining i still held areas this week meanwhile hundreds of rebels who are holed up in an area near syria's capital have agreed to lay down their arms in an evacuation deal negotiated by russia members of a rebel group known as the army of islam have already started leaving to manor but to the north opposition fighters and are still holding out despite government as
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strikes saying harder reports from lebanon. they surrendered without a fight rebels into mayor have agreed to leave accepting an offer from the syrian and russian militaries for safe passage to rebel areas in northern syria hundreds of fighters are to be evacuated along with a few thousand of their family members they didn't want to repeat of the pro-government alliances the military assault against what was once the rebel enclave of eastern huta. after the brutal regime displays that people often use it now wants to do the same here sold to prevent further destruction we accept the surrender this will save the lives of civilians. as part of the deal the rebels handed over their medium sized and heavy weapons the town in the region northeast of damascus has been under siege for years more than one hundred thousand
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people live there half of them internally displaced the deal avoided a military offensive. the army and its allies are now giving the rebel factions that control the other towns in the enclave twenty four hours to surrender or face a stepped up bombing campaign. the pro-government alliance has been using the threat of military action to force their opponents to lay down their weapons without a fight it has given iso forty eight hours to leave the districts the armed group controls in southern to mask us or face an all out military offensive those districts are under siege and the army has sent reinforcements to the front lines and in the past seventy two hours and after months of a relative lull in the fighting the opposition controlled northern countryside of homs was heavily bombarded. they started a military assault on northern homs and neighboring southern hama to pressure the negotiating committee that represents the opposition to surrender these areas are
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supposed to be deescalation zones agreed in a star no we're looking for a solution that doesn't involve the military option. the opposition is in talks with the russian military a cease fire is now in place until negotiations resume on sunday the pro-government alliance wants the enclave returned to state to rule the opposition however is hoping for a long term ceasefire agreement. people in the northern countryside of homes don't want their town to be destroyed we don't want war we want peace and we don't want to be displaced that is what we want but if the regime and the russians launch a military assault rebel commanders have said they will fight back rebels are increasingly under pressure their territories are under siege the syrian government and its allies are in a strong position and are clearly pushing ahead with a military solution to crush the rebellion so to. beirut. and all the developments rusher is saying that chlorine containers from germany have
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been found in duma where a suspected chemical attack took place twelve days ago in tact led to missile strikes on syrian government targets by the u.s. france in person syria and its back of russia deny using chemical weapons russia has accused the u.k. of staging the attack. u.n. inspectors are still trying to gain access to the site the u.s. says it has evidence that syria and russia are trying to delay that happening. you know how it is there are still ahead on the program german police investigate an apparent anti semitic attack as concerns arise that jews are being increasingly targeted. and cooked to death stark new warning that australia's great barrier reef will never fully recover from coral bleaching.
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the loss of warm weather across western parts of europe last the clear skies absolutely fabulous weather continuing here for the next few days at least high pressure and charging that south to not so as temperatures up winds coming from a southerly direction always a warm direction and we are looking at temperatures again getting up to around twenty six degrees celsius not quite says warmest thursday but still warm enough to raise an eyebrow or two we are going to see the warmth continuing as we go on into saturday fine and dry clear skies looking fine until i once again touch color in london for sunday for the the london marathon runners will be pleased to note but we are still looking at some fairly high temperatures into the low twenty's into low twenty's to across northern parts of africa again generally try might catch wanted to show i was into were back algeria certainly still seeing a little bit of wet weather just up towards the far north east of the country the showers cities away warms up it brightens up quite nicely as we make our way
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through the weekend so far to drive over towards the northern parts of egypt twenty nine degrees celsius and that dry weather that continues right across as high as one would expect the usual showers they extend all the way from the ethiopian halas right into the gulf of guinea across much of west africa. a story for two hundred years in the make. a story of succession and leadership. and jersey polls the story over the clawing of dimmest. the remember. the count of results three. zero.
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welcome mat a quick look at the top stories this hour the u.s. president warns he'll walk away a talks with north korea's kim jong un are not fruitful but south korea is saying that the north has expressed a commitment to complete denuclearization cuba's new president miguel diaz has vowed to continue the socialist revolution as the nation moves on for nearly six decades of castro. and fighters in the rebel held town of the american e s syria's capital damascus on handing over that weapons under an evacuation deal. one of the stories we're following queen elizabeth has appealed to commonwealth heads of state to appoint her son prince charles as the next leader of the block it
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comes as the u.k. hosts more than fifty commonwealth leaders in a bid to strengthen trade ties as the country prepares to leave the european union on a b phillips has more from the summit in london. the british can still do pub and circumstance at the opening of the commonwealth summit its leader who is now also the world's oldest head of state made an unusually personal plea it is my sincere wish that the commonwealth will continue to offer stability and continuity for future generations and we'll decide that one day the prince of wales should carry on the important work started by my father in one thousand nine hundred forty nine by continuing to treasure and reinvigorate our satiation and activities i believe we will secure a safer more prosperous and sustainable world who those who follow us. there's
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nothing in the rule book that says prince charles should be the next head of the commonwealth but it's likely to be confirmed on friday although it leaves it open to the accusation that it is no more than a shadow of the british empire. but while the commonwealth is often derided as having no purpose there was a coffee of passionate protest outside the range of course is testament to the organizations geographical spread. we want to justice but the commonest kind of b.s. and moments that we have been meant specifically is the rights of the human beings to leave india for life without being killed by and i did any government i have the freedom now to other freedom to love and to work i'm proud to say that i am and that's been from uganda so we are our jury did their national community default doesn't bother to distort democrats' you know him and rights and of the dish one country that does consider the commonwealth increasingly important is britain
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itself since the brics many british politicians have talked of the need to reconnect with the former colonies and the economic benefits that could follow in reality britain's economic ties with the european union are far larger and it could be many years before britain can sign bilateral trade deals with countries like india or australia. in the meantime the prime minister said this meeting will address climate change and cyber security for a contemporary challenges for the organization that will always face the accusation that it's losing relevance it's part of the phillips al-jazeera over a house in central london. a palestinian cyclist from gaza has been forced to abandon his dream of representing his country at the asian games after his leg was shattered by an israeli bullet twenty one year old ali is one of several palestinians who had to be amputated after being shot by israeli forces.
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palestinian authorities say the israeli government refused to let elderly be sent to the west bank to receive treatment he was among thousands of people who've been rallying for weeks to mark palestinians expulsion from their ancestral lands pos bittles already lack supplies to treat the wounded and more injured are expected when protesters demonstrate again at the gaza israeli border on friday but it's myth is that the shifa hospital gaza's hospitals are full of young men with injuries where the bones have been shattered by israeli bullets and this is how many is twenty four years old and he was injured two weeks ago and across the other side of the room is nasser also twenty four with the same injury in one of the problems the hospital houses it's running out of these metal rods this operators that they have to put on the leg to try and keep the bone in place while it heals and at the other end of the room is seventeen year old mahmoud he was injured three
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weeks ago this poor guy's in the he's not in a lot of pain and with me in doc is doctor takes it all tunnel one of the major surgeons dr first of all have you got enough equipment to treat these sort of injuries and those of us with the know and of course we have we did for tons of him the fix here to suture one of us could have surgery and a patient like a mahmoud what are the chances for him what sorts of what might happen with him who are injured in the appropriate artery and vein and they have a destructive of the muscle the left of the born to the fix it or mom would know we had for a beautician above me if this vision dance fear that was fun or is that maybe is the c.e.o. of the limb are you ready for tomorrow. i don't know. dr thank you very much for talking to us the hospitals all of them concerned that they haven't got enough equipment to give the people the treatment they will need when they come in with
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those leg injuries. but police are investigating an assault on two young men in which the attacker was heard shouting anti semitic abuse one of the victims was wearing a jewish skullcap as don't make a now reports it's part of a trend of increasing anti semitic activity in the german capital. it was an unprovoked attack in broad daylight a sustained assault on young men on the streets of the german capital and the reason because one of the victims was wearing a skull cap normally worn by jews in fact he's an israeli palestinian is not jewish but was wearing the keeper as a sort of experiment to see how safe jews are in germany following the attack the victim described his reaction. could be i stayed relatively calm but i was terrified traveled into now or later all the time it was really upsetting and was very stressful because. what happened here is part of
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a rising tide of anti semitic acts in the german capital in recent years police say that the number of such crimes nearly doubled in the period between twenty thirteen and twenty seventeen while one leading jewish organization says it recorded an increase of nearly sixty percent incidence last year one eminent member of the jewish community in berlin says recent events have shaken people. i don't know what to get home to we feel totally unsafe because we've been asking ourselves where we can allow ourselves to be recognized as jews previously used to be said that there were some so-called problem areas of the city where as a jew it wasn't safe to wear a skull cap or have a visible star of david but now it seems there's a risk even in the prosperous parts of berlin the government has been quick to react to the news when i list wouldn't. talk. the federal
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government will do everything we now have a representative of jewish life in germany because we have very glad that there is jewish life in germany for the fight against. and this has also been done with over and determination this is of course a terrible incident in recent years the jewish community in germany has been growing with some estimates that around ten percent of built their lives in the capital now some fear their flourishing community may once more be under threat dominic cain al-jazeera perlin. france's interior ministry says almost one hundred twenty thousand people have attended rallies against president emanuel mark wrong riot police used pepper spray and tear gas against protesters in paris it's the latest in weeks of demonstrations by railway employees public sector workers and students against macros planned reforms for public services and universities it is with protesters in paris. this is the second time in less than a month about workers from across the public sector come together with students to
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meet for a street protest they are angry with the government over its planned reforms over the public sector but also all the universities what they say is that the government is trying to take away the working rights that their working conditions will be worse than they were in the boston for the students they are angry with the government because the government wants to put in place a selection process for universities well railway workers are at the forefront of these demonstrations they are very angry with the leadership of government because they say that the government is trying to take away the special privileges they've had for many years such as a retirement on the other hand the president and the government say that these reforms necessary needs to change in order to cut to a great opportunity and reduce unemployment and what we have seen over the past few days of the presence of man or woman home really don't something of a charm offensive you know as the uncertainty television interviews which is why
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bring it to him is going to work is in the street and try to speak to them directly to try and clarify his position he is determined to see these reforms through because from his point of view if he doesn't it will be very hard for him to continue with the rest of his very ambitious reform agenda that the continuation of his presidential. no criminal charges will be filed over the death of pop star prince the musician was found dead at his home in minneapolis in two thousand and sixteen efficient cause of death was an overdose of the painkiller fentanyl which is fifty times stronger than heroin state and federal investigators have been looking into who supply the powerful appealing to prince but say there's not enough evidence to charge anyone in relation to his death. despite the intensive law enforcement investigation there is no reliable evidence showing how prince obtain the counterfeit like it in at least with that no or who else may have had a role in delivering the counterfeit like it into prince therefore without probable
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cause and no identified suspect the carver county attorney's office cannot file any criminal charges involving the death of prince. i hear his capital is one of the most highly modern niceties in africa but the original residents of the federal district of a continue to live in homes built of mud many years the government of ignoring their fundamental rights mohammed valley reports from a big. why showing up late and good discussions never ceased in the village of pico outside the nigerian capital since it was chosen to build a new capital forty years ago they say their social and economic status has continued to deteriorate they still live in humble mud homes without basic amenities when audacity i have no medical care here and we have new functioning schools the teachers refuse to stay here and don't have electricity but water is our most urgent problem we had a bullhorn that soon broke down we almost never used it. and two other villages are
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around this place have up to three thousand people living in them the only source of drinking water they have is this mud depend more than it generously gave it to them for survival but they say the government isn't even considering sanitizing it and functioning to their homes this spring is only a thin stream it takes time for the front to feel supplying the village with what to me is hard work by these women throughout the day there are more than eight hundred villages such as because surrounding of water the area is called federal capital territory. more than one million nigerians live in the city pockets of poverty side by side with posh new residential districts owned mostly by people who came from other regions to go out resentment geria that if it is virgin so you wouldn't live in if the t.v. people died from order to sift it that's where they are calling the eight hundred
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it villages settle down yet did villages existed before even and you know what i'm going to now to fourteen does it as a request for comment from the government was declined the knowledge he and his community continue to demand reform but they say their forces hardly head because they don't have any meaningful representation at the high level the constitution says the president is also a government f. city villagers doubt mohammed will heidi has time to fix the problems we have. in our own country or do what of the matter that is nurses so far can't ability for the government entity police for justice and you quitting and democracy to walk there is no where in the world at the head of state will become the governor of the territorial again it's all dying away let it go said please look it up with the channel it people have their own government did not have a governor did not have a meal so it is like they are deprived and they believe that it is only by instate
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in the people putting them in this position of authority that they will be able to make any meaningful impact without an elected mayor governor a local council or minister of city people say they feel powerless which means economic deprivation for them. and to sierra which are major. now a new report is saying the great barrier reef has suffered a catastrophic die off often the rain heat waves killed much of its coral in recent years and researches australia's james cook university say it's unlikely to ever recover they say a third of the reef was cooked to death as water temperatures rose one degree above average in twenty sixteen in twenty seventeen due to a combination of climate change and the el nino weather cycle although coral reefs make up less than one percent of the earth's marine environment they are home to around twenty five percent of ocean life but coral bleaching has destroyed nurseries of many kinds of young fish meaning only the toughest species survived
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scientists say they are now fighting to protect the remaining corals by being climate change and water pollution by warning that if emissions continue as they are the great barrier reef won't survive but it's obvious we've got to stop the amazing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere that's clear i mean all the other factors are a little bit. a negligible really in in comparison to the global warming and also there are some areas of the great base to our resilience. as well and some of those resilience we've got to protect the last remaining best is that can actually be supply other areas the reef with that it's a tragedy if it's nothing less than environmental drive and it has to be taken as a priority by opal it's distance was more on that story and everything else right here al-jazeera dot com is why you need to go and actually you can watch us live there on the website as well.
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quick look at the top stories now the south korean president lungi in says the north has expressed its commitment to complete denuclearization comes as u.s. president donald trump warns he'll walk away from planned talks with north korea's leader if they are not fruitful the meeting is expected to take place next month or early in june cia director and secretary of state nominee might have held a secret meeting with kim jong un in pyongyang earlier this month as part of an effort to lay the groundwork for talks trump says he hopes will be a success but adds that he's willing to call it off if not. cuba's new president has vowed to continue the socialist revolution as the nation turns the page on nearly six decades of castro rule we gelled diaz has been sworn in by m.p.'s and havana as raul castro stepped down after ten years as president the as canal is the
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first cuban leader born off to fidel castro's nine hundred fifty nine revolution and also the first not to fortunate among the global to. the peoples mandate given to this legislature is to ensure the continuity of the cuban revolution in a crucial and historic moment marked by advances in the development of our economic and social model perfecting and strengthening our work in all aspects of the life of the nation when iraq has launched as strikes against eisel targets in syria prime minister bodys office says iraqi fighter jets carried out a deadly raid against i still in a border area syrian and iraqi forces have driven eisel from nearly all of its previous territory rebels in a syrian town meanwhile near the capital damascus have agreed to hand in their weapons under a deal negotiated by russia a fight is in demand being evacuated to rebel held areas in northern syria hundreds of rebels are leaving alongside their families. and riot police in paris have used
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pepper spray in to gas against protesters who are out taking part in strikes and rallies across the country this is the latest in weeks of demonstrations by railway employees public sector workers and students against present and manual that runs planned reforms for public services and universities well more now on cuba and future the future for the country under the new leader in the string.


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