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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 20, 2018 10:00am-10:33am +03

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that's where every. everything you do is being and it's being leaked and you measure to support those insurgencies all. to do things in secret or politically embarrassing all of the colleagues that i knew chose to retire from the n.s.a. he could not stand by and see all the work that they had done being used for mass surveillance digital dissidents at this time on al-jazeera.
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the u.s. accuses syria and russia of tampering with evidence from an alleged chemical weapons attack and. u.n. inspectors awaiting to enter the area. and welcome to al-jazeera live from our headquarters in doha with the end of the parana also ahead south africa's president cut short his trip abroad by the violent protests of his country. pos and the baton castrato hands of the cuba's presidency as they make al diaz canal adams one of the most iconic movies that continues to provoke conversation fifty years after its release. russia is denying us accusations that it's trying to delay international inspectors get into the side of the. suspected gas attack in syria the taina still waiting for
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access to the area and almost a week off to cut him up as hotmail reports. access denied inspectors with the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons are on standby waiting to enter the area duma a visit to the site of the alleged chemical attack has been delayed for days the investigation stalled the white house says russia and syria are trying to buy time to tamper with evidence we believe it is an effort to conduct their own staged investigations russian officials have worked with the syrian regime we believe to sanitize the locations of those suspected attacks and remove incriminating evidence of chemical weapons use security concerns delayed the inspection a u.n. risk assessment team says it came under fire as a try to clear away for the inspection days later inspectors are still waiting to
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go in the u.n. says discussions are taking place in damascus to ensure the o.p.c. w team can go in safely and as quickly as possible i think you could understand the ju-ju. the volatility of the situation the dangers involved we don't want to telegraph what will happen but the discussions and planning is ongoing. more than forty people were reportedly killed in the alleged attack almost two weeks ago syria and the strongest ally russia have denied the use of chemical weapons they also refute hindering the investigation was going to. it's absolute rubbish a lie that russia prevents inspectors from entering duma we don't know what made them think that from the beginning we were sincerely interested in sending o.p.c. w. inspectors there we made public statements and that moreover we contacted the syrian side so that all documents including visas were provided to the. as soon as
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possible. the u.s. u.k. and france retaliated by bombing several syrian government sites now it's not just western powers that are keeping a close eye on the pending inspection all the parties have agreed to allow the o.p.c. w. teams access unfettered access immediate access to these sites you know we can't get around the fact that the syrian government and their russian allies control the territory we're talking about a race against time as concerns grow that possible evidence of the alleged attack may be tainted or even disappear before inspectors begin their investigation. with the young al jazeera. let's go to our correspondents now she is joining us live from beirut and there's been more pressure from the u.s. and the u.k. overnight m to allow the inspectors into. yes more pressure but the united nations still has not given the security clearance the
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organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons says that they will not be able to enter duma without that green light and the u.n. security team has to enter into mine carry out another reconnaissance mission because the last reconnaissance mission they carried out was on choose they and the team came under small arms fire so it is still not clear if and when the o.p.c. w. inspectors will begin their work they've been into mass this for almost a week now and that alleged chemical weapons attack happening approximately two weeks ago and this is why we're hearing from the united states from the united kingdom there expressing concern that the evidence the evidence is no longer there first of all because of the delays and second the u.s. state department going even further and accusing russia and syria of tampering with the evidence and pressuring people inside duma to change their stories when they are questioned by those chemical weapons inspectors so yet more delays this mission
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is on hold but we have to make clear that even if the o.p.c. w. does find out that indeed a chemical weapons attack happened we are not expecting retaliatory strikes because the u.s. and its allies already carried out their retaliation based on evidence they said they had evidence they have not shown to the public well meanwhile elsewhere in syria rebels have left a pocket northeast of the capital on the back you a shindy and it's believed all members of the group known as the army of islam have now left the area of the man and nearby come to move rebels have agreed to lay down arms inspectors they'll begin leaving in the coming days so what are the where are the rebels going as they are and what does this mean for the war would the rebels giving up even more territory to the government. yes the rebels really have been weakened the syrian army and its allies taking control of to america that is a town in the cullman enclave and the remaining rebel factions that control the other towns have agreed to surrender and in the next few days they are going to be
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evacuated as well to the north of the country to other rebel controlled territories in the north of the country now the column one enclave being very strategic for the government because it lies on the main highway linking damascus to baghdad so what we've been seeing is the syrian government use the threat of military action to put pressure on these rebels to surrender without a fight and that is what happened in color moon they're also putting pressure on rebels in the northern countryside of homes but i still i still controlling the pockets of territory in southern to mask this refusing to evacuate yesterday there were talks talks that collapsed and now the battle for the southern damascus districts have begun since i still is refusing to evacuate and to leave to the east of the country to the bad. sign and thank you very much for that for now this is a new hall there with all the latest that saddening in syria live in beirut thank you. let's move on to other news now and palestinians in gaza expected to hold
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another major rally on the border with israel they're marking presidents day to support thousands of palestinians in israeli jails it is the fourth friday that demonstrations have been held in the area thirty five palestinians have been killed in the protests by israeli soldiers well meanwhile gaza is facing a medical crisis and many of the engine palestinians losing limbs as medical centers inside gaza are running out of equipment then a smith visited one hospital. gaza's hospitals are full of young men with injuries where the bones have been shattered by israeli bullets and this is mohammed he's twenty four years old and he was injured two weeks ago on across the other side of the room is nasser also twenty four with the same injury and one of the problems the hospital house is it's running out of these metal rods this operator is that they have to put on the leg to try and keep the bone in place while it heals and at the other end of the room is seventeen year old mahmoud he was injured three weeks
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ago this poor guy's in the he's not in a lot of pain and with me in dr is dr takes it all tunnel one of the major surgeons dr first of all have you got enough equipment to treat these sort of injuries and those of us with the know and of course we're. still in the fix it would suit shut. and a patient like a mahmoud what are the chances for him what's what might happen with him who were injured in the pretend artery and vein may have a destructive of the muscle the left of the born in the physical mom would we had for amputation above me if this vision dance fear that was done or does that only maybe is the c.e.o. of the limb are you ready for tomorrow. i don't know. dr thank you very much for talking to us the hospitals all of them concerned that they haven't got enough equipment to. give the people treatment they will need when they come in those.
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to south africa now where president civil poza has cut short his trip to the u.k. to deal with violent protests at home opposes office says he was due to meet the ruling a.n.c. party leaders in northwest province demonstrators there demanding the resignation of the regional leader they accuse of corruption well let's go live to our correspondent catherine soy she's joining us from johannesburg what do you hear and catherine about the protests in northwest province. you're right elizabeth the president is right now on his way to my ticket out east the capital of this northwest province he's going to be talking to the leadership there it's not clear whether he's going to talk to the people as well but this certainly a big push for that so this protest elisabet started on wednesday people are very frustrated very young greek they are calling they are asking for jobs proper
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housing they're just saying that the service delivery is a mess and they also want as you mentioned the leader the premier of the province to step down there's been many allegations of corruption as well so this protest again what triggered this we're reading from reports local media reports a good after two people died they were taken to a clinic. but they could not get the help that they needed because health workers have been on strike since february so people saying that they need this social issues addressed so the president has called for calm he's asked police to exercise restraint but also told people there to try and get the issues addressed in a nonviolent way and the last two days we've been seeing called by some groups of people a bass was burned down we've been hearing incidents of looting as well police have been forced to fire tear gas in some instances as well elizabeth catherine the
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issues that people are protesting about are of course the same issue as south africans all of the country are frustrated so how does the president intend to deal with what really countrywide problems. now absolutely no the issues that people are talking about in the northwest are the same problems like you mention is that many south africans for straighted are in different parts of the country in fact last week there were protests in cape town similar issues similar problems and you know this country the economy of the country is struggling . unemployment rate is extremely high. you know south africa is synonymous to protests we've seen a students in last year's protesting fees have to drop we've seen minus protesting asking for better job better job environment a different workers from different sectors also going out to the streets next week
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a trade unionists have called on their members to down their tools as well so a lot of frustrations here in south africa many people you talk to say they are frustrated and they want the president to effect changes to help improve their livelihoods improve their lives and the president has said many times that he wants to effect this changes he wants to deal with these social problems that are affecting the people so they are waiting to see and it's going to be interesting going forward to see what kind of changes that he's going to he's going to put in place how he's going to perhaps strengthen existing policies and what new policies perhaps he's going to put in place to make sure that people have a decent life to have just the basic services as well catherine thank you very much for that that is catherine sawyer live and johannesburg thank you. and still ahead on the bulletin the auction taunts protest and what's being billed a march of the candles class. on malcolm where the tory programs in the democratic
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republic of congo tens of thousands of people here since the beginning of the militia attacked their villages did things like this. lots of warm weather across western prosecutable laws the clear skies absolutely fabulous weather continuing for the next few days at least high pressure and charging that south to not size temperatures that winds coming from a southerly direction always a warm direction and we are looking at temperatures again getting up to around twenty six degrees celsius not quite says warmest thursday but still warm enough to raise an eyebrow or two where i'm going to see the warmth continuing as we go on today fine and dry clear skies looking fine until i once again touch color in london for sunday for the the london marathon runners will be pleased tonight but
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we are still looking at some fairly high temperatures into the low twenty's into the low twenty's to across northern parts of africa again jan reach or i might catch one of to share i was there into were bat out serious and he still sing a little bit of weather just up towards the far northeast of the country the showers cities away warms up it brightens up quite nicely as you make our way through the weekend so far to dry over towards the northern parts of egypt carre twenty nine degrees celsius and that dry weather that continues right across as high as one would expect the usual showers they extend all the way from the ethiopian halas right into the gulf of guinea close much of west africa.
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ard. top stories. of attempts to delay international inspectors get into the suspected chemical attack in syria the team is still waiting for access to the area and almost a week to arrive all. fifteen hundred members of
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a rebel group have left the area of the syrian capital. and. have agreed to lay down their weapons and now the new south african president has cut short his trip to the u.k. to deal with the violent protests at home demonstrators in the northwest province demanding the resignation of the regional leader they accused of corruption. now the u.n. says more than one hundred thousand people have fled. the democratic republic of congo this year their villages have been at the center of an ethnic conflict malcolm web traveled to the area and spoke to some of the displaced. will never know her two older sisters militia killed them with machetes before cutting her. family in this camp for displaced people in the democratic republic of congo they fled their village when the militia were attacked ran into more fighters
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down the road. the sisters. father told us how his wife was killed. i was running behind my wife and children they grabbed me and started cutting with machetes then they caught my wife and started cutting her too she was pregnant. so they cut the baby from our stomach. many of the people in the camps tell similar stories of attacks by men from the lendu ethnic group we went to some of the villages day fled these are the remains of one family's home they fled when the attackers came some of their possessions they left behind. the house on fire and they did the same in the house next door as well another family lived here and they ran a business they were repairing motorcycles and selling spare parts also completely destroyed. and it's a similar story of destruction as you go down the street many of the homes on this side belong to people from the hammer ethnic group they weren't there any targets
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just across the road homes and businesses belonging to ethnic lenders were destroyed as well. as being conflict between the two ethnic groups in the past in the one nine hundred ninety s. in two thousand uganda and rwanda the congolese government took control of eastern congo in a turi and lendu militias were their proxies tens of thousands of civilians were killed but now look kind of safari told us there is no conflict between the two groups he's a lendu who says he hit his head and neighbors here in his house when the militia are attacked like many he thinks politicians planned the violent to further postpone congo's over to elections what they were waiting for elections so we can have new leadership this is our will but the killing started without reason where this was already prepared for linda with him or to start killing each other i consider this a deliberately planned conflict and my. government denies this since the attacks
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began soldiers to take control of the villages. it's difficult to identify the enemy right now army intelligence working to identify who killed and burned houses and who was behind the massacres we've arrested some alicia who are already facing justice. the army says the area is now secure and people should return home have many more have not because they still don't feel safe because they have nothing left to return to malcolm webb al-jazeera it to republicans in the democratic republic of congo certainly as president omar bashir has fired his father mr after he publicly spoke out about the government's failure to pay its diplomats about him gone though said embassy staff had not been paid in months and that saddam had fallen behind in paying rent for many of its diplomatic missions the country is short on foreign currency and is facing an economic crisis that's forced the central back to devalue the sudanese pound twice since january.
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iraq has launched air strikes against eisel targets in syria the government says it's fighter jets carried out what it calls a deadly raid against in a border area syrian and iraqi forces have driven eisel for most of the territory it once held iraq stepped up its campaign this week to clear the remaining pockets of ice or territory. cuba has a new president after six decades of castroville miguel diaz kyle was sworn in on thursday succeeding eighty six year old castro a latin america editor lucien newman reports from havana. a historic moment without a story except chapter but with a similar script. under-supply president raul castro passed on the baton to his chosen successor. clearly not to be governing alone. or going to the generation off adel and remains intact comment army general role
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castro will remain the first secretary of the communist party and as such will lead the major decisions of our country now and in the future. these canelo is a communist party cater cording to castro has passed all the tests of loyalty to the cuban revolution. but the real end of the castro era will take another three years from. when the a party congress and the gradual and orderly transfer of our main responsibilities is made to the new generations it is then my health allows that i will become just one more soldier along with the cuban people defending this revolution. on the streets there was no commotion and little excitement. i imagine there won't be any drastic change anytime soon but something will change for better or worse. there i'm not watching this i hope there is
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a change for the better and that's what we're all hoping for. with an israel and subsidies almost gone. to transform cuba's ailing soviet style economy. but is taking over at a difficult time of renewed tensions with washington under president donald trump and while the us can and does represent a generational shift here in terms of the crucial relationship with cuba's powerful northern neighbor it's a back to the old cold war days. al-jazeera. now thousands of students have marched in the chilean capital santiago demanding an end to profit making and higher education is the first mass student rally under the new government of president sebastian pinera last month chile's constitutional court struck down a law that would have banned universities operating for profit it is
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a setback to reforms providing free tuition for low income students and that to by panetta will assess a socialist. thousands of arjen times angry at rising living costs have been protesting and. the demonstrations taking place as the country prepares to host this year's g twenty meeting and that's putting pressure on the government to get its economy and alter tories a boy reports. the march of the candles thousands of people on the streets protesting against a rise in utility rates in the last months. media maybe now a local resident says the situation is getting worse each day. it's always the same thing it's the workers who are struggling to make ends meet who have to pay the price of the government's austerity measures this needs to stop now. general. services like water
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electricity and gas. previous administration obviously never known the speaker or the current governmental body so much that argentina has the lowest prices on services in the region and they need to cut back on government spending to reduce the pain and i try to bring him back but people here say that they simply cannot pay their bills. and the example of what's been going on can be found here at last behind a. pizza restaurant that was turned into a completive in two thousand and twelve when the owner decided to close down fifteen people took over the restaurant and are splitting the profits. but now they're concerned about the rising electricity bill which has gone up from sixty dollars a month to eight hundred fifty in the last two years. so it was a shock especially for us we struggled so much to keep this restaurant open we
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wanted to paint it and fix it all that money we had was used to pay the electricity bill this forces us to raise our prices so less people are coming in we are afraid of being forced to shut down because we cannot pay the rent. the hike in utility services has an impact on inflation that remains one of the highest in the world the government says it is hoping to bring it down to fifteen percent this year but most analysts believe it could be much higher than. the same inflation rate we had during the previous government a similar physical deficit meanwhile we have to control the prices by force because if not they will spiral out of control the historical problems of the economy are the same so it's not clear to me how the government expects to get the economy in order. the government insists inflation will go down later this year and the hike in utility services is necessary for the country to grow. but in
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the streets many have lost confidence that this so-called economic prosperity may come up there expands. the european union has bad made him pause from several supplies and reserve in a move that one affects more than a third of the country's exports to europe the european commission says the measure was adopted because of quality control issues the bad effects twenty years of the in processing plants mostly dating and poultry the country lost hundreds of millions of dollars last year of a tainted meat scandal which prompted many countries to block imports. now one thousand nine hundred sixty eight the u.s. of the former soviet union been locked in a space race to see who could land a human on the moon first the film two thousand and one a space odyssey dazzled filmgoers in the midst of the tension between the two superpowers russell and jordan went to the smithsonian museum in washington to view an exhibit that pays
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homage to the movie that still poses questions today. and adventure that ultimately leads to confront is destiny it's perhaps the grandest science fiction film of all time two thousand and one a space odyssey stanley kubrick's attempt to examine humankind's journey through evolution and technology it's impossible to pick a single iconic moment so we started the films and here's the bed where dave. and as a life question mark this encounter with you know intelligence was a transformative moment not just for him but for the human species overall. collins is a curator at the smithsonian national air and space museum in washington d.c. where visitors marvel at the vessels used to soar above the earth and now can spend a few minutes inside the hotel suite where the fictional two thousand and one
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astronaut died or perhaps was reborn. but for those fans it potentially is a kind of stimulant to kind of relive that experience of the film in a different way and for those who haven't seen the film but perhaps as they catalyst to encourage them to go and take a look at the movie an artist and fan of the movie created this replica of the set and museum officials welcome to the chance to bring it to washington not just to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the film's release but to provoke conversation there is such a close correlation between cultural products like film and television these worlds become entangled right now but it is sort of your kind of lives those world separately but the exhibition doesn't tackle is one of the film's most important characters how the computer with a mind of its own and
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a threat to dave and fellow astronaut frank the film suggested relying on technology could be too dangerous for humanity a plant recently raised by elon musk the high tech billionaire and inventor could be just something like getting rid of spam e-mail or something it's like unclear as well the best way to get over spam is to get out of humans this think you're doing this perhaps two thousand one had the right answer humanity must be able to turn off the power switch on machines even though there's no such thing as immortality for humans or is there. rosalind jordan al-jazeera washington. again as a prominent of the headlines on al-jazeera russia has denied accusations from the
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u.s. that it's trying to delay international inspectors from getting to the site of a suspected gas attack. in syria the o.p.c. w.-a still waiting for access to the area and almost a week after they arrived. it's absolute rubbish a lie that russia prevents inspectors from entering duma we don't know what made them think that from the beginning we were sincerely interested in sending o.p.c. w. inspectors there we made public statements and that moreover we contacted the syrian side so that all documents including visas were provided to the inspectors as soon as possible. meanwhile fifteen hundred members of a rebel group have left the area of the red near the syrian capital under an evacuation deal groups in nearby color moon have also agreed to lay down their weapons and other new south african presidents around the poison has cut short his trip to the u.k. to deal with the violent protests that whole oppose his office says he's due to meet the ruling a.n.c.
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party leaders in northwest province where demonstrators there are demanding the resignation of the regional leader they accuse of corruption. cuba's new president says he'll continue the socialist revolution after nearly six decades of castro rule miguel diaz camillus woman on thursday he succeeds eighty six year old raul castro diaz canal is the first cuban leader not to have forged the one nine hundred fifty nine revolution. thousands of students have marched in the chilean capital santiago demanding an end to profit making in higher education the first mass student rally under the new government of president sebastian pinera last mom the constitutional court struck down a law that would have banned universities operating for profit as a setback to reforms providing free tuition for low income students and acted by native predecessor socialist michelle bachelet. the e.u. has banned mate imports from several suppliers in brazil citing quality control
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problems the decision will affect more than a third of the country's exports to europe. so don's president omar al bashir has fired his foreign minister after he publicly spoke out about the government's failure to pay its diplomats. said embassy staff had not been paid in months and that saddam had fallen behind in paying rent for many of its diplomatic missions as the headlines on al-jazeera but do stay with us inside story is coming up next. fast furious and sometimes fatal mongolia's child jockeys are risking their young lives riding to win are they being exploited in the name of tradition twenty one east investigates on al-jazeera. the end of an era for cuba new president and for the first time in nearly sixty years his name is knox. will be getting d.s. can bring real.


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