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the u.s. accuses syria and russia of tampering with evidence from a suspected chemical attack site at the u.n. inspectors are still waiting to enter the town. and welcome to al-jazeera live from my headquarters in doha would be a problem also ahead violent protests in south africa's northwest province faults the president to cut short his trip aboard. pos in the baton vote castro hands over cuba's presence in this miguel diaz canal and. it's a very province in the democratic republic of congo tens of thousands of people here since the beginning of the militia. did things like this.
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russia is denying us accusations that it's trying to delay international inspectors get into the site of a suspected gas attack in syria the team still waiting for access to the area and maybe a week after arriving as whole day on has the latest. access denied. right inspectors with the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons are on standby waiting to enter the area duma a visit to the site of the alleged chemical attack has been delayed for days the investigation stalled the white house says russia and syria are trying to buy time to tamper with evidence we believe it is an effort to conduct their own staged investigations russian officials have worked with the syrian regime we believe to sanitize the locations of those suspected attacks and remove incriminating evidence of chemical weapons use security concerns still be inspection a u.n.
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risk assessment team says it came under fire as a try to clear a way for the inspection days later inspectors are still waiting to go in the u.n. says discussions are taking place in damascus to ensure the o.p.c. w team can go in safely and as quickly as possible i think you could understand the ju-ju. the volatility of the situation the dangers involved we don't want to telegraph what will happen but the discussions and planning is ongoing thank you. more than forty people were reportedly killed in the alleged attack almost two weeks ago syria and its strongest ally russia have denied the use of chemical weapons they also refute hindering the investigation. it's absolute rubbish a lie that russia prevents inspectors from entering duma we don't know what made them think that from the beginning we were sincerely interested in sending o.p.c.
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w. inspectors there we made public statements and that moreover we contacted the syrian side so that all documents including visas were provided to the inspectors as soon as possible. the u.s. u.k. and france retaliated by bombing several syrian government sites now it's not just western powers that are keeping a close eye on the pending and. action all the parties have agreed to allow the o.p.c. w. teams access unfettered access immediate access to these sites you know we can't get around the fact that the syrian government and their russian allies control the territory we're talking about a race against time as concerns grow that possible evidence of the alleged attack may be tainted greven disappear before inspectors begin their investigation. of the young al jazeera. russia's foreign minister says the u.s. strikes on syria last week did not cross what he called a red line with sergey lavrov says the kremlin told us what areas would be
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unacceptable to target he also says donald trump has invited vladimir putin to visit washington for a challenge has the details from moscow. russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov has given an interview to a man called dmitri kosloff who in the west is regarded as russia's head or chief propagandist he's the boss of you know the kind of overarching state media organization. and what lavrov told kissimmee of these. trump and putin would not allow the two countries to march into war with each other you get the impression i think that after the pirate technics of last weekend russia is interested diplomatically at least keeping things in a kind of holding pattern not escalating the situation with the united states even further so it says that russia was very clear or lover of says that russia was very
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clear. with the united states that there were certain red lines that there had in syria not to be crossed with its airstrikes and the united states listened and didn't cross them there has to be some. notion of russian pushback kept on the table though but the only threat that we're really getting from the russians is keeping the idea of supplying syria with its sophisticated s. three hundred air defense system keeping that on the table but actually this is a system that is already in operation in syria because the russians actually have it in their arsenal there but we're also going to get something from the different matter track later on today when the lever of meets with steffan de mistura and i'll be interesting to see what comes out of that meeting because with the military campaign going so well for russia at the moment's mopping up these last enclaves of rebel activity with the model that it used aleppo then in eastern guta bombardment
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followed by offers of humanitarian true so that the rebels and their families can clear out without going so well is it in russia's interest now to move back to the diplomatic track in geneva and get some sort of advantageously peace deal on the table we'll have to wait and see what comes out of that meeting and whether russia is yet ready to do that. now palestinians in gaza holding another major rally on the border with israel they're marking presidents day to support files of detainees in israeli jails thirty five palestinians have been killed by israeli soldiers since the protests began four weeks ago let's go live to gaza now a correspondent than a smith is joining us from east gaza so as mentioned the now the fourth friday how these protests evolving. well what we can show you behind here is that they've moved the tents forward by some three hundred meters on the first friday
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this is where the tents were and they actually after all those deaths most of the people most of thirty three people who were killed died close to here they move the tents back because they thought it was more because it was more dangerous but what they've now decided to do is to edge the tents closer to the border but the idea being that ultimately in three weeks time by the fifteenth of may they'll be at the border and so between those tents we've got this little if we go up but we go. we can up and down the other side is a little bit of protection from tear gas and other whatever else might be thrown overboard or we come down this side and just over there is the israeli found somewhere about here on this side we're about seven hundred meters away now the israelis have been dropping leaflets overnight they've been dropping these leaflets . in cigars and these leaflets affectively warning people telling them not to protest telling them not to go to the phones telling them not to effectively be
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stooges this is how the israelis see it so the camp much closer to the border this time and so apart from dropping leaflets been and how was dealing with the changing nature of these protests. well i think the reason they've started dropping these leaflets is because israel is genuinely worried as it has been since the start of these protests that this sort of new type of protest essentially peaceful if thousands of people get close to the border then israel has said well israel will have to decide what his strategy is so far a strategy has been fairly violent it shocked people it shot a lot of people who've got up close to the border fence beyond me there's like another three hundred meters before the fence if you step into that three hundred meters so that the israelis have declared in gaza territory you're essentially
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games of the israelis are very worried that by by these camps getting closer and closer and closer to the border fence thousands and thousands of thousands of people could end up there could be a breach of the fence and that is one of the stated objectives and israel has yet to decide how it would react to that there are thank you very much for that for now that's been a smith joining us live from will be monitoring those protests for as throughout the day here on al-jazeera now south african presidents around oppose a has cut short his trip to the u.k. to deal with violent protests at home his office says he's expected to meet members of the ruling a.n.c. party in northwest province demonstrators there demanding the resignation of a regional leader accusing him of corruption catherine sawyer has moved from johannesburg. the situation in the northwest is calm but very very tense indeed these protests started on wednesday people are frustrated they're angry about the
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state of this service delivery they are demanding for better housing the money for jobs and they're also angry about corruption allegations leveled against the leadership they won the premier of the province to step down because they say that he has failed to do his job and you know in the last two days of been seeing people . coming out to the streets stoning for you called a bass was burned down we've had incidents of looting as well police have been forced to use tear gas to disperse some of the protesters and this really was triggered we're being told by the death of two people who were taken to a clinic but they couldn't get help because health workers are also on strike they've been the street on strike there since since february so this has made people very angry this saying that it's not sustainable presidency or i'm a person who cut short his trip to the u.k. where he was for the commonwealth heads of state summit he's come back and he is
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calling for calm he's asking police to exercise restraint but also telling people there to use nonviolent ways to address their grievances. and we're now hearing from the a.f.p. news agency that rubber bullets have been fired at protesters in northwest province we will bring you more on that as we get it as for still ahead. with a film that redefined the science fiction genre and changed cinema for ever the impact of stanley two thousand and one a space odyssey. welcome back as we look at the weather conditions across southeastern parts of asia
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you can see a few showers across central southern parts of the philippines there is some very large rainfall totals being reported there as you look at the forecast borneo looks where the philippines look largely dry subserve manila plenty of sunshine still want to share zone for western parts of java city carter could see your downpour further towards the east looking drier scattered showers up through the immolate peninsula jere weather conditions not looking too bad i want to show us around the gulf a ton of the tennis die away as we head through into sunday at least bangkok largely sunny with highs there of thirty five so down into a straight here and here we've got to launch the fine conditions for many parts of the country at the moment one to little troughs of low pressure indicating potential shower development but for the most part looking fine for many areas twenty seven sydney little bit cooler with a southerly breeze at twenty three fine across northern areas daryn sunshine humid thirty five temperatures in perth coming back up to twenty four degrees celsius but more in the way of cloud and even the chance a little bit of rain developing later on sunday just pulling the temperatures down
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across into new zealand it's looking rather cloudy across the south on the north island or in the way of sunshine with highs of twenty in or clint. fast furious and sometimes fatal mongolia's child just these are risking their young lives right into when are they being exploited in the name of tradition when he's investigating an al-jazeera. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera.
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and to have you with us on al-jazeera these are our top stories russia is denying us accusations of trying to delay international inspectors get into the side of the suspected chemical attack in syria the team is still waiting for access to the area and almost a week after arriving palestinians in gaza holding another major rally on the border with israel they are marking presidents day to support thousands of detainees and israeli jails thirty five palestinians have been killed by israeli soldiers since the protests began four weeks ago. and south african president has cut short his trip to the u.k. to deal with violent protests at home demonstrators in northwest province are demanding the resignation of the regional leader that they accuse of corruption. the u.n. says more than one hundred thousand people have fled to the province of the democratic
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republic of congo this year ever just have been at the center of an ethnic conflict let's go to our correspondent malcolm webb now he is live to rise in bosnia in the way provinces malcolm you're and you want an idea i.d.p. camps tell us more about what it is people have run from there. first i should just point out how bad the conditions are here is basically in a way of very simple shelters made of plastic seat on the on a slope of when it rains here of course conditions become very bad we've spoken to some parents here say many of their children have diarrhea people going about one meal a day is not very good at all but they all say they're here because it's better than what they left behind at home at home they fled from extreme violence the militias attack their villages and it's not the first time this community has suffered such extreme violence it's actually not new here in congo ever since belgian
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colonialists first came here over one hundred years ago they used massacres and mutilation to control the population and these brutal methods remained used in congo is politics ever since. we spoke to a family here in this camp who suffered a particularly brutal attack let's take a look at that story now. rochelle good to see will never know her two older sisters militia killed him with machetes before cutting her we met her family in this camp for displaced people in bosnia in the democratic republic of congo they fled their village when the militia were attacked ran into more fighters down the road they also cut off her other sisters. and father rasha told us how his wife was killed to know about among anyways i was running behind my wife and children they grabbed me and started cutting with machetes then they caught my wife and started cutting her too she was pregnant and so they cut the baby from my stomach.
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many of the people in the camps tell similar stories of attacks by men from the lendu ethnic group we went to some of the villages they fled these are the remains of one family's home they fled when the attackers came some of their possessions were left behind the attackers set the house on fire and they did the same in the house next door as well another family lived here and they ran a business they were repairing motorcycles and selling spare parts also completely destroyed. and it's a similar story of destruction if you go down the street. many of the homes on this side belong to people from the hammer ethnic group they weren't the only targets just across the road homes and businesses belonging to ethnic lendu were destroyed as well. as being conflict between the two ethnic groups in the past in the one nine hundred ninety s. in two thousand uganda and rwanda for the congolese government to control of eastern congo in a tourist and lendu militias were their proxies tens of thousands of civilians were
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killed but now look on a safari told us there is no conflict between the two groups he's a lendu he says he haiti's hammon neighbors here in his house when the militia are attacked like many he thinks politicians planned the violence to further postpone congo's over to elections and the world that we're waiting for elections so we can have new leadership this is our will that the killing started without reason this was already prepared for lin do with him or to start killing each other i consider this a deliberately planned conflict. the government denies this since the attacks began sense all just to take control of the villages. it's difficult to identify the enemy right now army intelligence working to identify who killed and burned houses and who was behind the massacre we've arrested some militia who are already facing justice. the army says the area is now secure and people should return some have
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many more have not because they still don't feel safe because they have nothing left to to return. as we saw in the story there the army has been encouraging people to return and some politicians from the provincial government have been saying there isn't are they people should go back and in the last few days about nine hundred people have left from this camp taken back to. where we were just a few days before three days ago they were loaded in trucks with their possessions taken there they were left there in that very evening militia tried to attack again but the militia didn't get into the town the army will manage to fight them off but it's certainly nowhere near the kind of level of security the people here are going to expect or demand going to willingly return home your thoughts are now suggesting back here in doha welcome thank you very much for that that is not a web joining us live from but here thank you to germany now where police have
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evacuated thousands of people from central berlin to remove an unexploded world war two bomb authorities have warned of transport disruption the british bomb was found on a building site or a construction worker or any other small and exclusion zone has been set up around the area. and a man has turned himself in to police after an anti semitic attack on two young men in the german capital is a one thousand year old dominic cain has more from berlin. it was an unprovoked attack in broad daylight this is salt on young men on the streets of the german capital and the reason because one of the victims was wearing a skull cap normally worn by jews in fact he's an israeli palestinian is not jewish but was wearing the keeper as a sort of experiment to see how safe jews are in germany following the attack the victim described his reaction. which could be stayed relatively calm but i was
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terrified and i trembled into now or later all the time it was really upsetting and was very stressful. what happened here is part of a rising tide of anti semitic acts in the german capital in recent years police say that the number of such crimes nearly doubled in the period between twenty thirteen and twenty seventeen while one leading jewish organization says it recorded an increase of nearly sixty percent incidence last year one eminent member of the jewish community in berlin says recent events have shaken people. to show what i don't see show while of that we feel totally unsafe because we've been asking ourselves where we can allow ourselves to be recognized as jews previously used to be said that there were some so-called problem areas of the city where as a jew it wasn't safe to wear a skull cap or have a visible star of david but now it seems there's a risk even in the prosperous parts of berlin the government has been quick to
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react to the news when. talk. the federal government will do everything we now have a representative for jewish life in germany because we have very glad that there is jewish life in germany for the fight against. and this has also been done with over and determination this is of course a terrible incident in recent years the jewish community in germany has been growing with some estimates that around ten percent of built their lives in the capital now some fear their flourishing community may once more be under threat dominic came al-jazeera berlin. to their power now with the only international airport has reopened after a passenger plane attempting to take off skidded along the runway and malaysian jet carrying one hundred thirty nine people aboard its takeoff and overran the van way cut monday where four was forced to shut down for more than twelve hours on told
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the plane was moved no injuries have been reported. cuba has a new president after six decades of castro of all. canalis one and on first day succeeding eighty six year old castro a latin america editor on human reports from havana. thank a historic moment without the story shifts chapter but with a similar script and thunderous applause president raul castro passed on the baton to his chosen successor. is clearly not the governing alone. or the generation off adele and raul remains intact comment army general roll castro will remain the first secretary of the communist party and as such will lead the major decisions of our country now and in the future. he is canelo is a communist party cato cording to castro has passed all the tests of loyalty to the
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cuban revolution. but the real end of the castro era will take another three years from. when the a party congress and the gradual and orderly transfer of our main responsibilities is made to the new generations it is then if my health allows that i will become just one more soldier along with the cuban people defending this revolution. on the streets there was no commotion and little excitement. i magine there won't be any drastic change anytime soon but something will change for better or worse. there i'm not watching this i hope there is a change for the better that's what we're all hoping for. with an israel and subsidies almost gone. to transform cuba's ailing soviet style economy itself or why we're. the world loses. knows the
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mechanics of the system. but is taking over added difficult time of renewed tensions with washington under president donald trump and while the u.s. can and does represent a generational shift here in terms of the crucial relationship with cuba's powerful northern neighbor it's back to the old cold war days you see in human al-jazeera how that. now followers of students have marched in the chilean capital santiago demanding an end to profit making and higher education it is the first mass to rally under the new government of president sebastian pinera last month last month rather chilly constitutional court struck down a law that would have banned universities operating for profit and that's a setback to reforms providing free tuition for low income students and that by pena his predecessor socialist michelle bachelet. the e.u. has badminton ports from several supplies and brazil in a move that would affect more than a third of the country's exports to europe the european commission says the measure
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was adopted because of quality control issues the bad effects twenty brazilian processing plants mostly dealing in poultry. a u.s. senator has made history by casting a vote in the chamber while holding her baby earlier this month tammy duckworth became the first senate member to give birth while in office the double amputee iraq war veteran brought along her ten day old girl as she voted against president donald trump's nominee to run that's a senate rules were changed just a day earlier to law to allow babies on to the chamber floor. now in one hundred sixty eight the u.s. and the former soviet union were locked in a space race to see who could land a human on the moon first the film two thousand and one a space odyssey dazzled film gold is at a time the world was on edge rosalind jordan went to the smithsonian museum in washington to view an exhibit that honors the film which still poses questions today. an adventure that ultimately leads man to confront is own destiny
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it's perhaps the grandest science fiction film of all time two thousand and one a space odyssey stanley kubrick's attempt to examine humankind's journey through evolution and technology it's impossible to pick a single iconic moment so we started the film's end and here's the bed where dave and his life question mark this encounter with alien intelligence was a transformative moment not just for him but for the human species overall. collins is a curator at the smithsonian national air and space museum in washington d.c. where visitors marvel at the vessels used to soar above the earth and now can spend a few minutes inside the hotel suite where the fictional two thousand and one astronaut died or perhaps was reborn but for those fans it potentially is
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a kind of stimulant to kind of relive better experience of the film in a different way and for those who haven't seen the film but perhaps as they catalyst to encourage them to go and take a look at the movie an artist and fan of the movie created this replica of the set and museum officials welcome to the chance to bring it to washington not just to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the film's release but to provoke conversation there's such a close correlation between cultural products like film and television these worlds become entangled right now but it is sort of their kind of lives those world separately but the exhibition doesn't tackle is one of the film's most important characters how the computer with a mind of its own and a threat to dave and fellow astronaut frank. the film suggested relying on
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technology could be too dangerous for humanity a point recently raised by ilan musk the high tech billionaire and inventor could be just something like getting rid of e-mail or something it's like includes well the best way to get a response is to get out of humans. perhaps two thousand one had the right answer humanity must be able to turn off the power switch on machines even though there's no such thing as immortality for humans or is there. in. washington. that has some sports news just coming at us and when the manager of a football club has announced he'll be leaving the english premier league club off to twenty two years at the helm but the frenchman posted a statement on the side confirming held a part of the end of the season the longest serving manager and league history in
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the premier league three times with arsenal and left of the f.a. cup on seven occasions bought his relationship with fans had been strained of recent seasons. the headlines on al-jazeera russia has denied accusations from the us that it's trying to delay international inspectors from getting to the site of the suspected gas attack in syria the o.p.c. w a still waiting for access to the area and almost a week after they arrived. it's absolute rubbish a lie that russia prevents inspectors from entering duma we don't know what made them think that from the beginning we were sincerely interested in sending o.p.c. w. inspectors there we made public statements and that moreover we contacted the syrian side so that all documents including visas were provided to the inspectors as soon
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as possible. and fifteen hundred members of a rebel group have left the area of the med near the syrian capital on the an evacuation due and groups in nearby color moon have also agreed to lay down their weapons russia's foreign minister says the u.s. strikes on syria last week did not cross what he called a red line so says the kremlin told us what areas would be unacceptable to target he also says donald trump has invited to visit washington. and other news palestinians in gaza holding another major rally on the border with israel they're marking presidents day to support thousands of detainees and israeli jails thirty five palestinians have been killed by israeli soldiers since the protests began four weeks ago. south african t.v. says police have used rubber coated bullets against protesters in northwest province president has cut short his trip to the u.k. to do demonstrations protesters are demanding the resignation of the regional
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leader who they accuse of corruption. he was new president says he'll continue the socialist revolution after nearly six decades of castro miguel diaz canelo sworn in on thursday he succeeds eighty six year old raul castro a german police have evacuated thousands of people in central london to remove an unexploded world war two bomb the british bomb was found in a building construction work earlier this month those are the headlines on al-jazeera do stay with us what i want to east is coming up next. every human. on the steps of mangled horse races are fast and furious it's a trembling.


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