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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 20, 2018 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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ditto dissidence at this time on al-jazeera. news is happening faster than ever before from different places from different people and you need to be part of backed you need to be able to reach people wherever they are and that means being across social media platforms this is where the audience lives as well as in front of a t.v. they're on the smartphone they're on the tablet they're on their confusion. and that's the way al-jazeera is of all the true media network. a trade war a real war and rising debt find out why the i.m.f. and the world bank a warning of risks to the global economy what saudi arabia's ideal world price and the castro year ends in cuba but an economic blockade remains. on the.
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israeli military fire kills another two palestinians during the latest protests on the gaza border. and you're watching al-jazeera headquarters here in doha also coming up in the next thirty minutes. continue to wait for access to the site of a suspected chemical attack syria and russia are accused of tampering with the evidence. of violent protests in south africa's northwest province forced the president to cut short his trip abroad. in the world of english football arsenal manager arsene wenger calls time on his twenty two year reign.
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welcome to the program two palestinian men have been killed by the israeli military during protests israel border palestinians are holding another major rally for the fall friday in a row another sixty people are injured the deaths bring the total to thirty five palestinians killed by israeli soldiers since the protests began nearly a month ago bernard smith is our correspondent following events for us in gaza we know that two people have been killed but what seems to be the latest. so significant increase in numbers of people. now we've got about my colleagues estimate similar numbers to last week in all there was about ten thousand protesters at the five different sites in gaza behind me there you see these tents now these tents part of the symbol of this protest of the right of return of edge forward by about three hundred or so meters closer to the israeli border which just if we climb up this little berm here we can see sort of seven hundred meters away
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down there is the israeli friends now although they've been different themes every week for these protests the ultimate theme of all of this is this right of return and the reason those temp tents are edging forward is because the palestinians want it all to mostly by the end of all of this by may fifteenth. the when they were all forced to leave their lines in what is now israel they want to be able to get to that be out that fence and many say they want to be able to try and cross that fence and this is what the israelis are worried about at the moment and of course burn it in the days leading to each and every demonstration on the friday the israelis have been warning the residents that to really stay away in different ways . why are they attempt this week what they've been doing is they've been they were dropping yesterday these posters these flyers by helicopter this was warning palestinians here not to take part in the protest it was warning them that israel
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would not tolerate any attempt to damage its friend its friends damage the security of the integrity of our friends it doesn't appear to have much effect after saving the numbers of people here and we've seen over the last couple of hours burning tires over the volleys of tear gas coming over so the pattern that we've seen develop since these protests first began continues so for the moment bernard we'll leave it there and continue to monitor events in gaza with you through the day thank you. now the u.s. says it has credible information that syria's government and its allies russia are removing evidence of a suspected chemical attack on the outskirts of damascus they both deny the allegation and insists the attack itself was staged chemical weapons inspectors are still waiting to be given access to the site in the former rebel held town of duma county lopez who do in reports. access denied inspectors with the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons are on standby waiting to
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enter the area duma a visit to the site of the alleged chemical attack has been delayed for days the investigation stalled the white house says russia and syria are trying to buy time to tamper with evidence we believe it is an effort to conduct their own staged investigations russian officials have worked with the syrian regime we believe to sanitize the locations of those suspected attacks and remove incriminating evidence of chemical weapons use security concerns to the inspection a u.n. risk assessment team says it came under fire as a try to clear away for the inspection days later inspectors are still waiting to go in the u.n. says discussions are taking place in damascus to ensure the o.p.c. w team can go in safely and as quickly as possible i think you could understand the juge. the volatility of the situation the dangers involved we don't want to
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telegraph what will happen but the discussions and planning is ongoing thank you. more than forty people were reportedly killed in the alleged attack almost two weeks ago syria and its strongest ally russia have denied the use of chemical weapons they also refute hindering the investigation was going to. it's absolute rubbish a lie that russia prevents inspectors from entering duma we don't know what made them think that from the beginning we were sincerely interested in sending o.p.c. w. inspectors there we made public statements and that moreover we contacted the syrian side so that all documents including visas were provided to the inspectors as soon as possible. the u.s. u.k. and france retaliated by bombing several syrian government sites now it's not just western power. sources are keeping a close eye on the pending inspection all the parties have agreed to allow the
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o.p.c. w teams access unfettered access immediate access to these sites you know we can't get around the fact that the syrian government and their russian allies control the territory we're talking about a race against time as concerns grow that possible evidence of the alleged attack may be tainted or even disappear before inspectors begin their investigation could see a little pissed of the young al-jazeera. russia's foreign minister as the u.s. led strikes on syria last week did not cross what he called a red line so says the kremlin told the us which areas would be unacceptable to talk it heals us as donald trump has invited to me a putin to visit washington hospital. where you know we had contacts between the military leadership and the level of generals with our representatives in the commanders of the u.s. led coalition they were informed about where our red lines are including geographical red lines on the ground in any case the result showed they have not
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crossed these red lines were chalons has more from moscow. russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov has given an interview to a man called dmitri kosloff who in the west is regarded as russia's head or chief propagandist he's the boss of you know the kind of overarching state media organization. and what lavrov told kissimmee of these. trump and putin would not allow the two countries to march into war with each other you get the impression i think that after the pyrotechnics last weekend russia is interested diplomatically at least being in a kind of holding pattern not escalating the situation with the united states even further so it says that russia was very clear or lover of says that russia was very clear. with the united states that there were certain red lines that there had in syria not to be crossed with its airstrikes and the united states listened and
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didn't cross them there has to be some. notion of russian pushback kept on the table though but the only threat that we're really getting from the russians is keeping the idea of supplying syria with its sophisticated s. three hundred air defense system keeping that on the table but actually this is a system that is already in operation in syria because the russians actually have it in their arsenal there but we're also going to get something from the diplomatic track later on today when the lever of meets with steffan de mistura and to be interesting to see what comes out of that meeting because with the military campaign going so well for russia at the moment's mopping up these last enclaves of rebel activity with the model that it used aleppo then in eastern bombardment followed by offers of humanitarian true so that the rebels and their families can clear out without going so well is it in russia's interest now to move back to the
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diplomatic track in geneva and get some sort of advantageously peace deal on the table we'll have to wait and see what comes out of that meeting and whether russia is yet ready to do that. well inside syria rebels have abandoned the pocket of northeast of damascus under an evacuation deal it's believed all members of a group known as the army of islam have now left the area of doing there and in nearby rebels have agreed to lay down arms as expected they'll begin leaving within days. tens of thousands of american students are walking out of their classrooms to mark nineteen years since the machine columbine high school in the state of colorado these are live pictures from various schools across the u.s. being transmitted by american networks in one nine hundred ninety nine two teenagers shot and killed twelve students and a teacher at the school the anniversary is carrying extra significance this year
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students are demanding gun reforms have to emerge shooting at a school in parkland florida in february where seventeen were killed of course they were all teenagers our correspondent andy gallagher is live for us in parkland in florida and he really a national walk out of students on an anniversary of a previous massacre really doesn't get more poignant than that does it. that's right you said what happened there at colombine where thirteen people were killed nineteen years ago not much has changed since then obviously in february seventeen lives were lost there were the marjorie stoneman douglas high school the students here have begun to walk out there are three thousand students at this school i've only seen perhaps less than a hundred walkout because it's not just about the walkout today it's also about students doing what they call a day of service there's lots of voter registration going on here and more than two thousand schools across the country are taking part you can see pictures from
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across the united states where as people hit that ten am time zone on the eastern coast students are walking out to call for gun reform to service their local communities to register to vote come november this is really about keeping up that momentum that we sall build that spark clip we saw build here in parkland where the students from this school who lost so much of being speaking so eloquently of course took to the streets of washington d.c. and the hundreds of thousands so it is an anniversary of what happened nineteen years ago a remembrance of course of what happened in sandy hook when twenty six first graders were killed a few years ago so it is that momentum trying to keep on building these students trying to keep pushing for change some of them will actually leave the schools and they will go to their local senators offices to build that pressure to call for change and although not much changes happened since february here in the state of florida of course governor rick scott signed new legislation pushing the minimum
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age for buying an assault rifle up to the age of twenty one that was seen as something of a major victory for the students campaigning but not nearly enough to what they actually want they want to see a complete ban on assault rifles they want to see that minimum age range to twenty one across the country increased background checks and of course increased funding for school security and of course the question does arise that even after those horrific incidents that you just mentioned if you know of. sandy hook and columbine and parkland very little changed in the aftermath in the years that went by except maybe more school security and even now we've seen sometimes even that can lapse on occasion. you know what more besides putting pressure on the lawmakers and having big demonstrations in the capital ordinary people do across the united states if there is a will at all. well i think this is about the power of the vote i've seen lots of polls of republicans people who traditionally support the
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national rifle association support at the second amendment the right to bear arms some polls i've seen say sixty percent of republicans now want to see some kind of what they call commonsense gun reform the politicians off eeling those winds of change i think certainly as we've traveled the country and certainly as i've covered lots of these kinds of mass shootings over the years part bunda sensually change the conversation that was in part due to the eloquence and the determination of the children from this school and how they spoke but i also think you've got this generation growing up post colombine that all the mass school shooting generation it's these children some of whom are now adults who got to live with this scenario that was never seen before and i think public opinion is shifting but it will be a very long and hard fought battle to change the gun laws in this country the national rifle association is still extremely powerful it still gives millions of dollars to politicians in this country lots of them like senator marco rubio of miami i determined not to change their minds but i think these students as they
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come to become adults as they register to vote they will apply their own pressure they certainly don't plan on giving up and i think the public wins the public opinions are slowly changing but it will still be a very hard for fight i think that will keep monitoring it with you and your colleagues across the u.s. for the moment time to thank you. bill in a moment we'll have the weather and then with the old town the poll is trying to clear the air and it's roads also scarred for life we meet some of the most vulnerable survivors of violence in the democratic republic of congo those stories after the break here on al-jazeera. welcome back we have an area of rain across parts of eastern china which is being
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quite persistent at the moment on it's likely be there through the rest of the weekend the east coast though looking chairman fine with that southerly flow temps up to thirty degrees and across in taiwan also looking at thirty eight in taipei the rain area continues to develop during the course of sunday in a sense further towards the west a change also seen some share activity across indochina geria looking too bad there are a few showers around but a lot of dry weather here neuer in vietnam should see sunshine and highs of thirty degrees across into south asia we've got some very heavy rain across northern parts of india and pakistan some snow up over the himalayas still these carboys sharkey's producing some very severe storms across parts of bangladesh in the eastern states of india so no let up in not just that moment this is probably the peak time for them very hot across central parts of india as we would expect forty one in one pour and quite a bit of cloud across southern parts of india and also for sri lanka just keeping the temperatures down to thirty one in colombo here in the arabian pincher it's all
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looking fine at the moment thirty four degrees in doha on the side the picture thirty nine in mecca and as we head on through into sunday has temperature rises to thirty six. paint the scene for us where on line what is american sign in yemen peace is always possible but. not because the situation is. but because no one cares or if you join a sunset there are people there are choosing between buying medication and eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist just posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera.
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welcome back you're watching their arms the whole rabbit a reminder of our top news stories two palestinians have been killed by israeli soldiers during protests on the israel gaza border the deaths bring to thirty five the number of palestinians killed by the israeli army since the protests began last month sixty people have been injured in the latest rally also russia is denying us accusations of trying to delay international inspectors get into the side of a suspected chemical attack in syria the team is still waiting for extends to the area in dubai almost a week after arriving. and tons of thousands of students in the u.s. have begun walking out of their classrooms to mark the nineteenth anniversary of the mass shooting the columbine high school these are live pictures from outside the marjorie stoneman douglas high school in parkland florida where survivors of
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the february the fourteenth shooting are taking part. police in south africa's northwest province of fired rubber bullets at demonstrators who are staging protests for a third day the violent unrest has forced president civil rather poser to cut short trip to the u.k. now the demonstrators are seeking jobs better housing roads and hospitals are demanding the resignation of the regional leader who they accuse of corruption. or president of the roman poser has just left london before that it's announced who will be the new head of the commonwealth that several british media outlets are reporting that the job will go to prince charles and if confirmed it'll mean that he'll eventually succeed his mother queen elizabeth who's been in the role since nineteen fifty two now the u.n. says more than one hundred thousand people have fled to the province in the democratic republic of congo to share their villages have been at the center of ethnic conflict malcolm webb traveled to the area and spoke to some of the
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displaced. rochelle good to see will never know her two older sisters militia killed them with machetes before cutting her we met her family in this camp for displaced people in bosnia in the democratic republic of congo they fled their village when the militia attacked who ran into more fighters down the road also cut off her sister's arm her father told us how his wife was killed. i was running behind my wife and children they grabbed me and started cutting with machetes then they caught my wife and started cutting her too she was pregnant and so they cut the baby from her stomach. many of the people in the camps tell similar stories of attacks by men from the lendu ethnic group we went to some of the villages day fled these are the remains of one family's home they fled when the attackers came from their possessions they left behind. set the house on fire they
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did the same in the house next door as well another family lived here and they ran a business they were repairing motorcycles and selling spare parts also completely destroyed. and it's a similar story of destruction as you go down the street. many of the homes on this side belong to people from the hammer ethnic group they weren't any targets just across the road homes and businesses belonging to ethnic cleansing were destroyed as well. as being conflict between the two ethnic groups in the past in the one nine hundred ninety s. in two thousand uganda and rwanda the congolese government control of eastern congo in a turi and lendu militias were their proxies tens of thousands of civilians were killed but now look kind of safari told us there is no conflict between the two groups he's a lendu who says he haiti's hammon neighbors here in his house when the militia are attacked like many he thinks politicians planned the violence to further postpone
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congo's elections. were that they were waiting for elections so we can have new leadership this is our will but the killing started without reason where this was already prepared for linda with him or to start killing each other i consider this a deliberately planned conflict and my. government denies this since the attacks began soldiers to take control of the villages. it's difficult to identify the enemy right now army intelligence working to identify who killed and burned houses and who was behind the massacres we've arrested some alicia who are already facing justice. the army says the area is now secure and people should return some have many more have not because they still don't feel safe because they have nothing left to return to malcolm webb al jazeera it to republicans in the democratic republic of congo. they spanish separatist group better has
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apologized for its violent campaign in the northern region more than eight hundred fifty people died during forty years of bombings and attacks before two thousand and eleven cease fire at or is now in the process of dissolving. the polls government is banning older public vehicles in an effort to better control our pollution some say the move is unfair for people who rely on their wheels to make a living. has more from the capital kathmandu. government is traffic can be a nightmare and often the pollution levels exceed that of larger cities like new delhi and beijing you know to manage pollution in accidents in the past government started enforcing an old decision to ban public vehicles that are more than twenty years old last year public eagles alone were sponsible more than seventy thousand major and minor accidents and the valley. twenty year old vehicles were banned from the city two years ago but the ban has now been imposed across the country according to the department of transportation as many as sixty thousand vehicles
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will be taken off the roads because of this decision. just a few hours outside gottman due in bank village there are a few buses transporting locals drivers here are happy that the ban has just come into effect but i know why it didn't register on or worse is on these roads bridges and the student can fail and there can be accidents but vehicles older than twenty years to even thirty years are you still operating around here. but the decision has upset some transport entrepreneurs' were often accused of acting like cartels just last month to come to their monopoly on bus routes and allowed new buses now don't trip in your see this twenty year ban will impact the group is the most. we have got is operating in the hills they cost one hundred to one hundred fifty thousand dollars now can't replace those vehicles and people will be deprived of the services if vehicles are damaged even within five to ten years they should be removed from operation capping the life of big girls to twenty years is
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unscientific and pallies pay high rates of taxes to import new vehicles up to two hundred eighty eight percent government officials say it takes no longer than twelve years to recover paid investment on public transport and extra eight years its profit transport entrepreneur say they already run at a loss and it was subsidies to buy you vehicles now threatening to go on an extended strike but government officials say they are not going to back down. on the government so far has only a regulatory and managerial role in the public transportation sector we need to operate our own public transportation system like the metropolitan cities in developed countries we are lobbying and hope to demonstrate this all over the country the ban of all vehicles might not have much impact on lucian but if both sides don't compromise and vehicles are not replaced on blue roads the poorest
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people in the country may have less access to public transport. also sirrah that might do. us fitness company has fired three of its staff after two black men accused them of racial profiling videos of the men being kicked out of the gym have gone viral gabriel it's on to has more from new york. to black man going to their gym to work out but instead they find themselves treated like criminals in a series of videos that went viral. said. he and a friend were asked to leave a fitness club in new jersey despite the fact they were members and checked in at the front desk didn't have mutual friends this could become a membership right here. scanned in again for no reason i'm only proceeds in their skin again and i have been a member for at least eight years because the cost to. a man who appeared to be the gym manager called the police nobody was arrested but the two men say it was
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a clear case of racial profiling by the gym employees in a statement the company l.a. fitness it mid colt saying in part regrettably our staff unnecessarily escalated the situation and called the police rather than work through it clearly this is a long time member with a current ballad membership we are currently exploring potential training content and opportunities to better train our staff the incident comes amid controversy at a starbucks store in philadelphia after the store manager asked two black men to leave because they hadn't bought anything it emerged that they were waiting for someone to take part in a business meeting the incident led to several days of protests and a boycott starbucks hash tag on social media after an initial defending his officers philadelphia's police commissioner on thursday apologized to the arrested men and so messaging is important and i feel miserably in this regard
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i implore a lot like many other folks but that is still no excuse starbucks has also apologized and said they would close nearly eight thousand stores next month for one day for racial bias training for their employees as for l.a. fitness three employees involved in that incident have reportedly been fired gabriels on doe al-jazeera new york. well one of the most well known figures in international football has announced that he'll be quitting at the end of the english season also vendor will exit london club after twenty two years in charge and he's holding what. he's the longest serving manager in english premier league history but after more than two decades in charge a statement on arsenal's website confirmed the news after careful consideration and following discussions with the club i feel it is the right time for me to step down right also invent i'm grateful for having had the privilege to serve the club the
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so many memorable years when banker arrived at aston all from japanese football in one thousand nine hundred sixty fans were asking aston who but he leaves as one of the most influential managers in football history he said while he was still an influencer though in football he made. has a fantastic career outstanding personality vanga won the english premier league on three occasions most famously in two thousand and four when his team went through the season unbeaten they were dumped the invincibles he lifted the f.a. cup on seven occasions but the frenchman was also viewed as a revolutionary for his early use of sports science and the tradition. basically moved the goalposts for everybody else was still doing the same thing still prepare and in the same way he came in with different ideas despite success in england also failed to win the champions league during his tenure was that we were going to have
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fans began to lose faith in recent seasons and attempt to humiliation by by munich last year was marked by protests hit often ponded his own future. on the street i would love to be here forever because that would mean i would be more but. i'm not naive enough to believe that the views were mixed outside of arsenal's home ground on friday whether you could. read my shit you give all the best moments all the way but where you have to go i was quite disappointed with us i'm going to leave him because he's such a great manager and holds a legacy in the club itself like when so. is sort of a relief as well because he hasn't had the best of seasons ultimately bangas managerial rain will be remembered fondly after twenty two years he's time at arsenal has just one month left to run home an al-jazeera.
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you want to hold as their arms are robin these are our top news stories two palestinians are being killed by israeli soldiers during protests on the israeli gaza border now the deaths bring the total to thirty five palestinians killed by the israeli army since the protests began nearly a month ago sixty people have been injured in today's rally russia is denying us ickes ations of trying to delay international inspectors getting to the side of a suspected chemical attack in syria the team is still waiting for access to the area and duma almost a week after arriving. russia's foreign minister says the u.s. led strikes in syria last week did not cross what he called the red line. says the kremlin told us which areas would be unacceptable to target and none of those were hit. or you know we had contacts between the military leadership and the level of
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generals with their representatives in the commanders of the u.s. led coalition they were informed about where red lines are including geographical red lines on the ground in any case the result showed they have not crossed these red lines. tens of thousands of students in the u.s. have begun walking out of their classrooms to mark nineteen years since the columbine high school massacre in one thousand nine hundred ninety two teenagers murdered twelve students and a teacher the anniversary carries extra significance this year as students demand gun reform after february school shooting in florida. police in south africa's northwest province of fired rubber bullets at demonstrators who are staging protests for a third day the violent and rose to force president sort of a poser to cut short a trip to the u.k. . president other poser has left london just before will be the new head of the commonwealth and several british media outlets are reporting that the job will go
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to prince charles and if confirmed it will mean he'll eventually succeed his mother queen elizabeth. the spanish separatist group batter has apologized for its violent campaign in the northern basque region more than eight hundred fifty people died during a forty year term pain of bombings extortions and attacks before a cease fire was agreed in two thousand and eleven. is now in the process of dissolving those were the headlines here on. the stream is next to stay with us. big stories generate thousands of headlines with different angles from different perspectives separate the spin from the facts that's why i am going. with the listening post on al-jazeera. hi i'm ali good and here in the stream live on al-jazeera and you tube for the
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first time in sixty years cuba has a new president whose last.


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