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right senator. returns with.
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another. four weeks ago. chemical weapons inspectors. to find.
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it started in hollywood and it is now finding resonance in pakistan i'm siding with an aide to some celebrity singer and actress lisa shine phoebe's accusing based on my knees but the sexual harassment and how it has defied at binions there is. here with a news group we're live on air we're streaming online through you tube facebook live and that al-jazeera dot com thanks for watching is really snipers have killed at least two palestinian men during protests at the gaza israel border protestors are holding a major rally for the fourth successive friday at least thirty nine palestinians have been killed by israeli soldiers since the demonstrations began last month
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while this friday's protests have been organized to focus on the issue of palestinian prisoners and detainees in israeli jails as of february this year there have been more than six thousand seven hundred palestinians in israeli prisons three hundred sixty one of them are children rights groups allege that minors are often picked up in the middle of the night and subjected to torture and harsh interrogation tactics four hundred twenty seven palestinians including two women and four children have been held in preventative administrative detention which means they're held without trial or charged with no time limits bernard smith joining us live from the protest near the gaza israeli border bernard we're hearing the latest death toll is at two palestinian men what's the scene now. during many thousands of people here now is gathering all afternoon my colleagues
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estimate similar numbers to last week which is about ten thousand across the five protests this sort of symbolic part of the camp where you see the tents behind me this is now three hundred meters closer to the israeli border than it was last week because all of this the point of all of these protests ultimately they have different themes every week is about right of return what these re what the palestinian protests here are hoping or planning is that as that camp edges forward over the coming weeks by the final protest towards may fifteenth the naacp creation of israel forces palestinians to flee their land they'll be over there they'll be at the border fence with israel and one of the ideas is to try and cross the borders of that is what the israelis if we were really worried about this can be getting closer and closer during and what they had done bernard is that israel had actually been dropping warning they had been dropping leaflets to palestinians urging them to stay away from the protests. yeah that was the latest tactic we
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don't want these leaflets here they would drop they've been dropped overnight by israeli helicopters onto gaza he tells the palestinians don't take part in these protests don't approach the border we will not tolerate any attempt to damage the israeli army will not tolerate any attempt to damage the border friend so i have to say i'm not sure it's been that effective because the numbers as i say this week are still similar we think to those of last week not as large as right at the beginning of the protest when the challenge is being used to maintain momentum ahead of the main protest which will be on may fifteenth and nevertheless there have been two people killed today and many many other people injured again injuries we've seen from live gunfire and also injuries from people in hailing too much to go ok bernard smith reporting from gaza thank you well what's noticeably different
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this time at the protest is that a large number of women and girls have been actively participating on a scale not seen before well that's according to the authors of this feature piece it's an interesting read and you'll find it on the home page of al-jazeera dot com now the u.n. special envoy for syria is in moscow to push for a diplomatic efforts aimed at ending the syrian war stefan de mistura met the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov to restart un led negotiations in geneva the russian defense minister has already told to mr arar that last week's u.s. led strikes on syria have hurt the peace process meanwhile inspectors from a global chemical watchdog are still waiting to gain access to the site of the suspected chemical attack in duma that's amid u.s. allegations that russia and syria and the syrian government tampered with the evidence a charge both have denied as cattle lopez reports. access
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denied inspectors with the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons are on standby waiting to enter the area duma a visit to the site of the alleged chemical attack has been delayed for days the investigation stalled the white house says russia and syria are trying to buy time to tamper with evidence we believe it is an effort to conduct their own staged investigations russian officials have worked with the syrian regime we believe to sanitize the locations of those suspected attacks and remove incriminating evidence of chemical weapons use security concerns delayed the inspection a u.n. risk assessment team says it came under fire as a try to clear away for the inspection days later inspectors are still waiting to go in the u.n. says discussions are taking place in damascus to ensure the o.p.c. w team can go in safely and as quickly as possible i think you could understand the
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ju-ju. the volatility of the situation the dangers involved we don't want to telegraph what will happen but the discussions and planning is ongoing thank you. more than forty people were reportedly killed in the alleged attack almost two weeks ago syria and its strongest ally russia have denied the use of chemical weapons they also refute hindering the investigation was going to. it's absolute rubbish a lie that russia prevents inspectors from entering duma we don't know what made them think that from the beginning we were sincerely interested in sending o.p.c. w. inspectors there we made public statements and that moreover we contacted the syrian side so that all documents including visas were provided to the inspectors as soon as possible. the u.s. u.k. and france retaliated by bombing several syrian government sites now it's not. western powers that are keeping
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a close eye on the pending inspection all the parties have agreed to allow the o.p.c. w. teams access unfettered access immediate access to these sites you know we can't get around the fact that the syrian government and their russian allies control the territory we're talking about a race against time as concerns grow that possible evidence of the alleged attack may be tainted or even disappear before inspectors begin their investigation. lupus with a young al-jazeera and now we'll cross over to are a challenge who's joining us in moscow and worry we're just going to show the live picture coming to us from moscow there it is so we're waiting for the u.n. special envoy stuff under mr on the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov to give a press conference rory what are you hearing about what they will say and what should we expect. well look de mistura has been on something of a tour around the world in the last few days be in
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turkey and saudi arabia earlier in the week now he's in moscow and following this he's going to be heading on to iran so he's speaking to powers that are directly involved in one way or another in the syrian conflict what he wants to do is try to work out if there are conditions sufficient to be able to bring negotiations back to geneva where the u.n. sponsored negotiations process is supposed to be taking place it's been more a bond for months if not years now we have had the power of the old processes that have been launched by russia and various other powers like iran and turkey stonor and they are just cross over to rob demist or apologies rory let's just so
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cross over and and listen to what they have to say because they are just about to start speaking. negotiations with the special and boy of the general secretary of your own for serious step on demister and his team we met at the end of march here in moscow since that. there happened quite serious events that's why we're today matched in a very complex and what you moment of the development of the situation in syria around i mean the consequences of what had happened on the fourteenth of april while the united states and. france struck bombs on many objects of syria it was damned as we said many times on the public ate a pretext and the violation on the basic principles of the international law this aggressive act has many made many things complicated it also made complicated the
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mandate which at the mandate of u.n. he's special and therefore syria is carrying out mr de mistura and of course after such a congress after the summit of the present russia talk at iran. before april. we came very closely to his year in geneva a real into syria dialogue first of all the constitutional reform that's why the three countries which i met on the four to five. the fabric ated chemical objects in syria but also bombay negotiations in which we. know there's no alternative of the to the policy the diplomatic policy to overcome this crisis or the base of the revolution but it took fifty for fifty for the base of the of the decisions of the congress syria. would go from there to here rest of the twelve keys all for a glacier which war initially forward mr damage to the respect of the independence
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separate entity and territorial integrity of the syrian. republicans weigh in detail tales told about joint efforts with iran and turkey as got around to countries of the astonished olmert it's obvious that the spite of the aggression on the forty phil april we all continue to insist on this p.d.s. the launching of the constitutional committee in geneva with it especially saddam is dura and in combination with. the current account trace where that should be. conducted by the syrians themselves process and should have based on the free expression of the will of the syrian people that aimed at it the taking of the constitution of the subsequent conduct of free elections with the participation of all the syrians who are entitled to rate under the supervision of un we are with our friends from the grand jury that this is no military solution to the syrian
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problem obvious that any attempts to implement such a scenario are fraught with the most negative consequences both for the series and rich. and this connection expressed very serious concern that the opposition forces. which represents the so-called national coalition of the syrian revolutionary and oppositional force us the. states u.k. and france to continue or their military actions of the aggressive nature and to spread the whole military pressure over the whole territory of syria is completely inadmissible statements and we hope that those who have influence who control their school group of opposition positional will make the correct conclusions and will appeal to the tool to be in order we paid much attention to humanitarian problems. created from terrorists they returned to be under the control of the central
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authorities and the satellite or does that mean assistance is very important. to ration project to organize them to main problem is that some of darkness don't show interest to offer assistance as they don't have the opportunity to get get any political and military dividends from it we express the hope that the u.s. and its specialized structures. just be standing by this side and will take part in and will take part and work in accordance with their mandate we would like that where we should be more actively participating where where this is just going to restore residential power saying different structures we talk about the liberated from terrorism extremists areas in aleppo in. daraa where refugees are returning. people who move within the country the issue of the
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s creasing of the u.n. presence a series of special attention the collection of there were liable information we can all be happy with a situation where the u.n. structures in their statements publicly statements the reliable information which they got from some. foreigner. u.s. sources in syria and very often these are the activities at the present of the non governmental organization of the. now origin that are funded by the states that are hostile hostile attitude towards damascus as their resolve that the distorted the biased picture of the situation arises we spoke frankly about it in detail we asked our un colleagues interested that that. to the maximum to. do to free advice from everything which is superficial from journalistic all games and to concentrate on the key all of the basic interests of the syrian people in complete. compliance with the reservation twenty two fifty four which is the main
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mandate of the activity of the special envoy of un for syria mr de mistura i think that we had a very constructive talk we have the understanding of how to overcome this complex situation and we'll continue our contacts thank you thank you thank you minister lover of thank you for this opportunity we had a very dangerous and very difficult and very tense week and. the priority for the u.n. secretary and for the sick the general and therefore he coming here and doing this tour the door is all in various capitals and very much moscow is the priority is to lower the temperature the temperature went too much and there was a potential of major complications. last week there was.
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a lot of moments when we were extremely concerned but i think that we have seen that russian in the u.s. military to military. the conflicting make uneven men have been working each working and we hope and we want that to continue working this means a lot because that means limiting the danger off thinks that can go wrong good in a moment when we do have and a very strong political tension well on the political tension do we need a political days not only and military difficult lesion and i hope that will be off it will be further discussions now. regarding the same political process i'm very pleased to hear what the you heard and i heard from minutes a level of and from mean if the show you google that in fight of what happened last
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week and. very recent there leave the strong commitment from the russian federation to a do push for the political process if we learned one thing is that the old days type of try this can be avoided if there was indeed a credible political process and therefore therefore up to. the. work of stand in this coalition work and the relaunching over geneva that discussion based on twenty two of fifty four on constitution committee and at least the full called it future elections becomes a playoff game now regarding the o.p.c. w. which you didn't refer to but i would do it we are pushing and we continue pushing at the un to get the idea for opiate he w. to do its job and to do it that quickly if possible without any interference
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because of the they are on the ground the un they've done what they can although they are not part of the u.n. in order to make sure that the job if quickly done it is important that we turned the page on the thing alleged chemical attack because of that we need to go back to the basics and basic this lower pressure political process and trying to avoid did that become a international area of playground of tensions because frankly night defeated the it you know frankly the world of that wife on that your discussions and your intention of going forward on the political process very important for i think reassuring thank you. thank you. so that's the u.n. special envoy stephan it to mr arar he's in moscow as you can see and he's there to
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push for a diplomatic efforts aimed at ending the war in syria so as you saw right there is that fandom a story a meeting with the russian foreign minister a surrogate i'll just tell you a little bit of what mr i have to say he did say that in spite of the u.s. led strikes on syria that took place on april the fourteenth there is a strong commitment from the russian federation to put forward to push for a political process he did say that he felt that it had been a very dangerous week and that is why he's embarking on a tour to lower the temperature according to him and asked for. he did say that he held constructive talks with the dimmest store and hopes that the talks will continue and he also said that there was no military solution to the problem in syria rory chalons listening in to that press conference with us out of moscow and you know rory they both emphasize the importance of
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a political process going forward but it was short on detail on how that exactly was going to happen and what were the next steps. yeah i mean i think for one reason that's probably because the conditions just aren't right for the moments you know if you have a situation where as both of these men acknowledged the political temperature got so heated and so high last week that many people around the world were worried about a proper military entanglements between the united states and russia in syria also if you have a situation where essentially the syrian government's is pushing hard against remaining the rebel on claves in the country toppling them one by one as it did in aleppo as it did in eastern guta now is moving on to the remaining ones maybe soon only be. left and if you have
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a situation where there are still sort of serious credible allegations of chemical weapons usage in syria how can you really then go back straightaway to the negotiating table and i think you know what. de mistura has been trying to do here is of course meaningful he is pushing in the right direction but you know we've been speaking to people here alice who been saying that actually there is there's sort of the when you've got this kind of geopolitical scramble for territory in syria that's going on at the moment with the united states with russia with turkey with iran etc basically carving up syria into different spheres of influence it's certainly not going to be easy to get everyone to agree to sit down in geneva and talk things over ok we're a challenge reporting from moscow thank you just a reminder of this page we've pointed it out before but it is
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a good source of information for all things syria so it's regularly updated by our online teen you can head to al-jazeera dot com for anything you need to know so it's on our home page and that's where you'll find the syria's war. if you have any comments or questions send them to us here on the news grid we're on facebook at facebook dot com slash al-jazeera we're also on twitter our handle is at a.j. inglis is the has tag a.j. news grid and you can send us a whatsapp or telegram plus nine seven four five zero triple one one four nine now children right across the u.s. are walking out of their schools they're protesting against gun violence it's to mark the anniversary of one of america's worst school shootings when twelve people were killed thousands of students have been taking part in a walk outs and demonstrations there urging politicians to enact tighter regulations on gun sales nineteen years ago twelve students and
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a teacher were gunned by two students at columbine high school that was in colorado it was one of the deadliest school shootings in american history since then the u.s. the u.s. has seen a surge in mass shootings with an alarming frequency things came to a head in february this year when seventeen people were gunned down in a shooting incident in parklane florida triggering nationwide protests led mostly by young people and this year alone there have been more than sixteen thousand shooting incidents in the u.s. killing more than four thousand two hundred men women and children and the gallagher life for us in parkland florida that is the sights of the last big shooting can you tell us what we expect to see or what we've seen so far andy in terms of the student walkouts. while this student at this school margaret stoma douglas high school was seventeen people were killed in february has about three thousand students but only
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a handful walked out this morning we actually stopped one of the students and asked them why there were so few they said they were respecting the students of colombine who on this day don't march out what they do is a day of service so the. students we're picking up litter here but this is also political the students are trying to register each other to vote in november as midterm elections but of course it's not just happening here in park in florida around two and a half thousand demonstrations all the way from maine to hawaii are being planned as each of those time zones hits ten am students will march out we've seen large numbers marching out in other places in the midwest but really this is a day of remembrance for those that died in colombine almost twenty years ago and that's really a stark figure to think about in those twenty years almost since columbine little has changed when it comes to gun reform in this country of course the students here at parkland in florida have been a spark that have lit
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a flame where the discussion on gun reform has become louder than it ever has before of course they also marched on washington d.c. in the hundreds of thousands and they really want to keep the pressure on for what they call common sense gun reform and they've had some small victories here in florida this state's governor signed a new law brazing the minimum age for buying an assault rifle to twenty one that was a major victory in a republican controlled house so they will keep the pressure on they will keep taking to social media and ultimately the students here today will be the adults that will vote very soon indeed i mean you mentioned something interesting and either nothing has really changed i wonder if there is a sense of frustration amongst the students that you talked to him what are they saying it more about how they're going to push this forward. well i think the students here in the student's apartment in particular who we've got to know very well since february you know are highly articulate highly intelligent young people who realize that changing the gun laws in this country
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will be no easy thing there are plenty of people who will always defend the second amendment the national rifle association remains an incredibly powerful force that pours millions of dollars into politicians that support the second amendment i think they saw the victory here in florida as an incremental step forward but their demands are pretty straightforward they want to ban on assault rifles which will be a very difficult thing to do they want to increase background checks increase security in schools they seem like most people commonsense reform and even republicans in in some of the latest polls i've seen are actually calling for commonsense gun reform so the tide of public opinion is slowly changing big it getting politicians to change their mind is another thing entirely but these students more than anyone else that have been victims of gun crime or gun violence i've pushed the agenda forward more than any other generation and that's an important point to note a lot of the people are approaching voting age very soon that means in this november's midterm elections they will be able to get to vote and they will vote on
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that one issue on the issue of gun control candidates know that politicians know that and they certainly will not continue it will not stop from pushing their agenda pushing for commonsense gun reform and ultimately trying to save lives ok and gallagher giving us the update from parkland in florida thank you we'll now speak to can taylor she's a board member a texas gun sounds joining us now from austin texas from what i understand you were helping children walk out of school what is the message that you want to convey by doing so. well the message that we want to convey is that enough is enough and our children deserve to be able to go to school and feel safe at school and the children have had it we have not done an adequate job of keeping them safe and you know it's been nineteen years that i've been working on this issue it was columbine they got me first interested in this issue and we
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actually if anything the gun laws have gotten must strict over the last ninety they definitely have because we have since seen the assault weapons ban sunset. a lot of the brady bill. basically the brady bill for background checks was done has been diluted and so i think i think it's time i think the wave is finally the time has finally come and that the children are speaking up and they're right and i think that for the first time ever the selection we're going to see people vote on this issue in this issue only what do you say to people that say this is a very difficult fight because nothing really has changed nothing substantial has changed in the wake of all these shootings well i actually. there something has changed the the general population is learning more about what our gun culture laws are that are the current gun laws that we have on the books
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are and people are understanding that we don't have universal background checks we could the last poll i saw the just this look this week has a universal background checks. ninety four percent of americans want universal gun background check and we don't currently have those are all the quotes and so the more that people are educated about this issue the more likely they are to vote and demand that the laws change and if the law makers are going to listen then we're going to need to change the law makers or i can tailor we thank you very much for speaking to us on i'll just zero good to get your thoughts thank you. well in the wake of the recent shootings the investment community is also waking up to its role in the u.s. firearms economy so the team it counts in the cost take a look at gun economics in trump's america that's as calls have been growing for wall street to dump gun stocks you could have to al jazeera dot com click on shows and select counting the cost to watch this particular episodes you're the news grid
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and if you're joining us on facebook live you're about to see a story about argentina's first sustainable public school made out of recycled garbage coming up in the program a little later violence and looting in a south african city forced the president to come home early from a major summit in london details in just a moment. welcome back across the levant and western parts of asia we've got some quite a weather systems at the moment there's been some snow clearing away across the eastern areas well a cloud around the caspian sea region and we're also seeing this area of low pressure pushing across turkey and that's going to continue to move further east during the course of sunday pushing down into parts of iran and iraq so both tehran and baghdad could see some showers the eastern side of the matter train not looking
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too bad of a stage the flows coming from the north to keep the warm of the moment twenty degrees the high in beirut here in the arabian prince has all its final moments because thirty nine degrees in mecca on saturday temperatures here in doha just on the rise to back up to thirty six degrees but time to get through to sunday and similar around the rest of the gulf states so i said across into southern portions of africa where here we've got to find conditions across much the region little bit of cloud around the eastern cape otherwise you've got to get quite a long way north into well all the way up towards tanzania and kenya before you start to see sniffin share as much of zambia dr fine same goes the bulk of angola coming south it's looking fine across the mid be a plenty of sunshine here fine day right across botswana and then as we head into south africa should be fine in cape town with the maximum temperature of twenty degrees.
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to one predictable deja's i've been working on north korea policy for almost thirty years i can't tell you what the u.s. policy is towards north korea design folks to know what they want to deter an attack from the united states as the u.s. struggles to define its foreign policy lines examines the potential fallout so we don't see really is a strategy designed to get those talks started because if they expect a surrender siren fury trumps north korea crisis on alleges iraq when the news breaks. on the mailman city and the story builds to be forced to leave would just be all when people need to be heard to women and girls are being bought and given away in refugee camps al jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you the award winning documentaries and knives on al-jazeera i got to commend you all i'm hearing is good journalism. and online.
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sites al-jazeera dot com the top story. you nazi exposed for us
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in the second story we've been covering for you here on the newsgroup the palestinian woman at the forefront of. the protests so you can read a more about those stories as well as all the other day's top stories on al-jazeera . let me show you the scene in washington d.c. there it is what's happening is that students have been taking part in walkouts as well as demonstrations right across the country and that is to urge politicians to enact tighter regulation on gun sales about is one student speaking at one such rally taking place in washington d.c. right now we'll cross over to julie mcdonald's who's joining us from our london broadcast center for more of the international news hi julie. i there thanks to rain well it's being reported in the british media here that the heads of the commonwealth countries have agreed to accept prince charles as the next head of the
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organization he does from the fifty three member states have been discussing the issue at a meeting of windsor castle if confirmed the heir to the british film will succeed his mother queen elizabeth the second as the brox next leave there although it's not known when he would take over the queen publicly endorse her son for the role on sars say one of the philips is following developments for us hi there barnaby sol the british media reporting the prince charles will take over. yes and we expect we'll get official confirmation of that in a press conference later this afternoon london time it's not a great surprise i think many people would have assumed that the position of head of the commonwealth was a hereditary title that belonged to the british royal family well it didn't and it is not hereditary and the british royal family and the british government had to do a bit of diplomacy to get their way and i think even for example a country like india where nigeria had you know really put their foot down and said
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no that's too resonant of an imperial past and we need the commonwealth to head in a new direction will then that would have put the british in an awkward spot but i think the queen had a lot of moral legitimacy she made her desire quite plain it's something that prince charles wants to do and it does seem as if britain has got its way here and want to be let's talk a little bit about zimbabwe is the right thing there's been talk on the sidelines that this neat about them possibly rejoining. yes this has been one of the interesting undercurrents of this meeting the zimbabwean foreign minister. is here as an observer you'll recall that zimbabwe left the commonwealth in two thousand and three the former president robert mugabe took it out he described it as effectively a neo colonial organization that an independent country like zimbabwe wouldn't want to be in of course things have changed in zimbabwe dramatically with the overthrow of robert mugabe one hundred fifty days ago now and the british and indeed other
6:39 pm
african countries delegations that we've spoken to here would like zimbabwe to come back and we understand that the talks when well from the british foreign office point of view they say that there has been an impressive amount of change in zimbabwe over the last one hundred fifty days but i think the commonwealth and britain would be reluctant to be seen to be acting with unseemly haste and they'll certainly want to see how those elections go in zimbabwe in july before extending an invitation to zimbabwe to come back and i think there'll be people in the zimbabwean opposition in particular will say you know hold on a minute we had a military coup late last year and democracy has not yet arrived and it would be a little bit premature just now to be extending an invitation to zimbabwe welcoming them back into the club one of the phillips joining me there barnaby thank you that's it for me here in london a moment back to. julie thank you sara horowitz is joining us now with
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a story that's off the grid sarah thing sounds slipped under the radar but many international news outlets have missed large protests happening across nicaragua this week and the story is just starting to pick up online the hash tag s.o.s. nicaragua is popular and we're talking around two hundred thousand tweets in just twenty four hours you see that figured indicated it's trending worldwide but if you take a closer look you'll see the conversation is happening mainly in the central american country now these protests started against plans of starting measures that's higher taxes and pension changes to support a failing social security system but protesters are accusing the government of unfairly taking away their benefits and increasing costs now they've been tweeting videos like this of people gathering in the streets removing the flag of president his party and some of the videos also show violence to gas and fights with the
6:41 pm
police as well as other protesters now the situation still appears to be a bit it's chaotic on the other hand government supporters have also been protesting many wearing shirts like this then known as the sun in this youth and they support the ruling sandinista national liberation party as well. but many like this person say the government is forcing them to supportive through threats to have their student scholarships taken away and i was there of course we can't verify that specific allegation but the government has denied forcing anyone to support it now vice president and first lady rosario says nicaragua has made what she calls an enormous effort to create a harmonious society and these efforts of being attacked by small groups who promote destruction and the stabilise ation and then there is the matter of censorship now the head of a local news network channel fifteen posted on facebook saying in clear violation
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of press freedom president daniel ortega has ordered the censorship of channel we reiterate our commitment to the community and the truth and we'll continue reporting on our web page and social media and shoot so it's worth the channel is constantly live streaming on that's facebook page and covering of course the protests that are happening across the country now for other news channels nicaragua have also been sent so this week to vaca ridge of the and arrests and if you will there we'd love to hear from you connect with us the hash tag is a.j. news group and i'm. sara thank you well police in south africa's north west province have fired rubber bullets of demonstrators who are staging protests for a third day the violent unrest has forced the president cyril ramaphosa to cut short a trip to the u.k. the demonstrators seeking jobs better housing roads and hospitals are demanding the
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resignation of the regional leader who they accuse of corruption katherine sawyer isn't king where ramaphosa has been holding an urgent meeting with leaders of his a and c. party. so we're right outside the heritage house where the president has been meeting with the provincial leadership of the governing party and see he wants this issue resolved as quickly as possible so right here we have most of the people who are businessmen who says that the buildings their shops were destroyed and looted during the protests we also have people who have grievances the project started on wednesday and with you know people say that they are very frustrated they're angry by the state of service delivery they want good housing jobs and they're also angry about corruption that his has been leveled against the top leadership and
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particularly against the premier who has been accused with some in his administration of having this corrupt dealings with the infamous brad is in a particularly a case involving medical supplies so the people want him to step down and that's why the president is here in this meeting i think he's going to be trying to be pushing for a consensus by their resolve a lot of pressure for the premier to resign and many of these people are saying that he needs to resign that he has not done his job as he should. serve her back to tell us what people are saying online about the story sara well dream people started posting pictures and videos of the protests on wednesday and one of the main hashtags that's being used is supra. this video is from and see a reporter michael appelle it shows what appears to be police vehicles and rubbish strewn across the road of the capital mike kang is left looking more like
6:45 pm
a ghost town now there's also been looting in several parts of the province and videos captured groups of people raiding shops and drink even a temper factory was looted as well and those videos of being uploaded but. people have also had quite the mixed reaction with regards especially to the looting and there is the people like kalani komo here who has condemned the violence saying the looters are only making things worse but people have been responding to that one of those people and she has a very different view saying isn't looting a sign of how angry and frustrated the people are she asks why they as she says why they're doing that well because the ruling party maybe it's because because of their inaction if there wasn't destruction she as president wouldn't be rushing there today now there has been a point photographer s.-n. hoffer who's been documenting people's stories and this has been someone you can
6:46 pm
follow on twitter this is one picture that they have posted that a gentleman sat outside his shop and he says he's been trying to support a wife and a one year old bear and that's sitting outside ability to jump so for a lot of people bought looting is going to have a long term effect now there's also a community letter updating locals on the situation and urging them to refrain from all sorts of violence that's been circulating on line and another big talking points online is the strike by the national health education and allied workers union. now the video was uploaded online showing workers demanding more pay and better conditions so far the military hasn't been sent to areas affected by the strike to help out with the health services but there seems to be a real concern for the well being of the patients this person here for example has been tweeting you can see that's a picture that's been circulating widely on and offline as well and this person is
6:47 pm
saying that people are being told to come fetch their family members from hospital even the ones that are in intensive care are also being discharged but those who are on strike have a very different opinion and what they're saying is that they need to take action for their voices to be heard as well we'll be monitoring that situation there but if you want to get in touch of those. sarah thank you well the u.n. saying more than one hundred thousand people have fled the tory province and the democratic republic of congo this year their villages have been at the center of an ethnic conflict that's left them vulnerable to mass killings rape and arson marcum were at a camp for the internally displaced people in bunia and malcolm sent us this reports conditions in this camp on good all of the shelters made of sticks with plastic
6:48 pm
sheeting stretched over them through its bare inside and outside of them so when it rains the whole place turns to mud become consiste thousands of people living in hundreds of these shelters it's crowded it's also known the food this is the comes communal kitchen people here say they get one meal a day if they're lucky and that's what's cooking right now in this sauce been full of beans we've spoken to many parents who say their children are suffering from diarrhea of course the hygiene and sanitation here isn't good it to the people putting up with these conditions because they say it's better than what they left at home in their villages they were attacked by militia cut people up with machetes people were killed and mutilated and houses were burned the people here say they'll stay until they feel it's safe to go home well in one of his earlier reports malcolm accompanied the provincial governor on a visit to the affected areas in a cheery province where people believe it's not safe to go home and here it is on
6:49 pm
al-jazeera dot com you can watch his report by heading to the web site clicking on news then africa and you'll find this report as well as other reports that malcolm has been filing. or most people or at least in the western world have heard of the me two campaign that started in hollywood last year pakistan now seems to be the latest country that's embracing the movement and sarah will tell us war about what's going on there sarah now absolutely now just as the need to campaign started with celebrities the same has happened in pakistan too and it began with a famous actress and singer. now misha shafi is also known for her or mrs on the popular music so coco studios she acted in somebody would films the award winning film the reluctant fundamentalist box on thursday she released this statement on twitter and she saying she believes she
6:50 pm
must speak out about her own experiences sexual harassment to break the culture of silence now and she then goes on to name her alleged harasser another prominent pakistani pop culture icon suffa now software has released a statement saying he supports the global need to movement and what it stands for bots he categorically denies any and all claims of harassment launched by ms shafi he says i intend to take this through the courts of law to address this professionally rather than on social media and the often has had hits has her story has had his supporters as well like for that just my alley who says we shouldn't judge anyone's character until the truth is proven but this story also is bigger than just software and shuffle because the c.e.o. of the pakistani music app or taare was also called out on social media last week several women had accused of harassment and posted even screenshots which you can
6:51 pm
just see here they are of conversations with him now he immediately stepped down from his position at tara and the company has this posted this post. where is it. just that they've got this post pinned to the top of their facebook page even a week off to the event they say they're in complete solidarity with was victims but in light of these two incidences within a week a week of each other many pakistanis are also wondering whether more women are going to speak out so it's clearly spreading across pakistan at the moment and people talking we want to know what do you think connect with us using the hash tag a.j. news. thank you all at once again for facebook live viewers here's a bonus story coming up for you about eight. and sign. the biggest story in sports today arsenal's manager is standing down after more than two decades in charge. reaction coming up.
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let's find out what people are talking about in sports today here sent out thank you very much terry and while there's only one thing sports fans are discussing awesome venga after almost twenty two years in todd's the frenchman's announced he'll be leaving arsenal at the end of the season while venders the longest serving manager in premier league football history has won the league three times and lifted the f.a. cup on seven ok's and correspondingly weightings looks back at vendors time with
6:54 pm
the north london club when also a vendor revived at all snow from japanese football in one nine hundred ninety six fans were asking all said but it leaves the club as one of the most influential and longest serving manages in football history. the frenchman bought a philosophy developed my knee at monaco on the pitch attractive football of it looking after the body with intelligent exercise and nutrition standard now at the time it was revolutionary that same inherited had enjoyed some success but was infamous for bad habits told it's only two years for avengers ass know to win a premier league and cup double and they did it again in two thousand and so their main rivals were manchester united and the verbal sparring between van gogh and alex ferguson was dominating english football they later became friends by now french once a year we armory converted from winger to striker was the jewel in their crown vegas' finest achievement came in two thousand and four when arsenal completed an
6:55 pm
entire premier league season on base and they were dubbed the invincible but despite the faced in england there was famine in europe arsenal could not win the champions league coming closest in two thousand and six when they were beaten two one by barcelona in paris that summer arsenal move from their famous hybrid ground to a new state of the art stadium nearby the emirates arsenal was succeeding as a business but the trophies had dried up in fact they went ten years without a trophy until the twenty fourteen f.a. cup it was venice unique status that kept his job but the disquiet of arsenal fans was growing his new team's property football but it was not effective enough yet another champions league failure at ten two humiliation bad by munich was marked by a fans' protest outside the stadium and it wasn't the only one vendor finally reluctantly left the job he loved but his extraordinary wine oh never be forgotten
6:56 pm
lee wellings al-jazeera. also so media erupted with this news we're tracking hundreds of thousands of tweets using the words arsenal venga message thank you sent on naturally the highest concentrations have come from the u.k. france and the rest of europe where the london club themselves were quick to post a picture of the frenchman on twitter there is with a simple two words massive send which received more than sixty two thousand likes and thirty five thousand and eight tweets. here also tweeted the well paid the true personal tributes who are sent to the man who gave me my chance as a says sixteen year old and showed unbelievable faith and commitment towards me always a gentleman like a father through tough times in my career he always believed in me when most people didn't well as fierce a rival manchester united post as congratulations on an incredible twenty two year
6:57 pm
career at arsenal awesome vender the best of luck for the rest of the season apart from on our sixtieth game against us next sunday will former united the player gary neville has one of the most liked tweets on this topic with fifty five thousand there he is he says are some van gogh built the best teams that paid against an english football the ninety eight team was amazing the biggest compliment is that he paid football that made this change the way we played against them well here's what other managers have been saying as well today we would probably say he said he was still an influence of the in football he made. has contested career outstanding personality. just a really big player in that in that in that business will usually think change overnight and he was. there for so long haul many years was exactly that.
6:58 pm
yeah it's lonely. basically moved the goalposts for everybody else everybody else was still doing the same thing still prepare and in the same way he came in was different ideas and. start having success and everybody had to catch up and understand what he was doing differently or you can always it treat me as santa underscores what and i'll be back with you but for now i'll hand you back to the ring son i will see you ben thank you very much and thanks for watching. us with us on social media the way to do so is right there thanks for watching we'll see you back here on saturday.
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