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the greatest manmade environmental problems threatening our planet the new season of earth rise coming soon upon how does the. fast furious and sometimes fatal mongolia's child jockeys are risking their young lives riding to win are they being exploited in the name of tradition one on one east investigates on al-jazeera. on counting the cost of a trade war a real war and rising debt find out why the i.m.f. and the world bank a warning of risks to the global economy what saudi arabia is ideal world price and the castro it ends in cuba but an economic blockade remains counting the cost on the.
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two more palestinians killed by israeli far as thousands join the ongoing protest along the gaza border. hello there i'm julie mcdonald this is al jazeera live from london also coming up. across the united states students walk head of class on the nineteenth anniversary of the columbine shooting. more violence in south africa's northwest province as president drama follows a visit to calm local tensions over poor services. and heavy rains that flood crowded were hidden camps in bangladesh increasing fears ahead of the monsoon season. a very warm welcome to the program three palestinian protesters have been killed by israeli snipers during protests along the gaza israel border now the sixty people
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have been injured palestinians are rallying along the border for the fourth friday in a row and marking prisoners day to support thousands of detainees in israeli jails forty palestinians have now been killed by israeli soldiers since the protests began last month smith has more from the scene of the protests on the gaza israel border. to protest this. week is three hundred meters closer to israel than it was last week because the ultimate mission of these protests is to demand is to get the right of return and what they want to do they say is by may fifteenth when these protests climax is to make it all the way down there another seven hundred meters away to the border with israel and many people want to try and cross that border with israel and it is dumped scenario that the israelis are particularly worried about they last night dropped a lot of these leaflets on to the residents of gaza this warning people here not to
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take part in the protest telling them that the israeli military will not tolerate any attempt to breach the border but it doesn't at first look seem to affect the numbers of people coming here maybe as many as ten thousand similar number to last week across all five protest sign ups in gaza and we have also seen again injuries people injured by live fire people injured by inhaling tear gas numbers as i say similar to last week but they're expecting many many more people as these protests reach that climax on may fifteenth. hollywood actress knocking portman has pulled out of a ceremony in israel where she was due to receive a prize dubbed the jewish nobel now portman who was born in jerusalem and holds two israeli and u.s. citizenship says she's quote not comfortable participating in any public events in israel as she is distressed by recent events. to get was launched to recognize
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jewish achievement and contributions to humanity. the u.n. special envoy for syria says chemical weapons inspectors in the syrian town of too much should do their job as quickly as possible and without any interference stuff on the mr made the comments after holding talks with russian foreign minister sergei lavrov in moscow as he tries to renew diplomatic efforts to end the seven year crisis. do we need a political base golay show not only a military difficult lesion and i hope that will be possible for the discussions now regarding the political process i'm very pleased to hear what you heard then i heard from minutes the level of and from minutes to show you google that in fight of what happened last week and. very
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recent there leave the strong commitment from the russian federation to do push for the political process or a challenge has more now from moscow. well both men sergey lavrov and stuff and de mistura acknowledged that things had got pretty rough in recent weeks and that the tension had to come down significantly stefan de mistura said that things have got dangerous difficult and tense last week there were serious concerns around the world that in the aftermath of the allegations of yet another chemical attack in syria there was the possibility the very real possibility of a significant military entanglement between the united states and russia in syria now lavrov. de mistura i think quite grateful that didn't happen
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de mistura was pointing to the success of the de confliction lines being used between the militaries of those two countries saying that those works and he hopes they continue to work but you get the sense from de mistura and i think he put it fairly bluntly there that he wants the page to be terms are on the duma incident the chemical incident so that they can start talking about peace in syria properly once again but i have to say that it's quite hard to see if the circumstances are right for that to happen now or they there's been a long time since geneva last made any significant progress and we now have a situation where there are of course yet again credible accounts of chemical weapons being used in syria we have the geopolitical tension being pretty high at the moment between the united states and russia and we also have a situation in syria where russia the united states turkey and iran are all
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vying for territorial spheres of influence there so getting all of these different factions around the table working towards a long it's a settlement for syria looks as hard now as it has ever been. inside syria rebels have abandoned a pocket of land northeast of damascus under an evacuation deal it's believed all members of a group known as the army of islam. have now left the area of doomy air now in nearby color moon rebels have agreed to lay down arms it's expected they'll begin leaving within days was in the heart of reports from beirut in neighboring lebanon . the syrian government and its allies regaining control of more territory from the opposition the town of to marry is no back under state control after the rebels lay down their arms and agreed to be evacuated to the north of the country to other rebel controlled territories in the north of the country the remaining rebel
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factions in the eastern colorful an enclave have also agreed to surrender without a fight there was the threat of military action and this is what the government has been doing it was using the strength of military action to bring about a surrender in this eastern caliban enclave being really strategic for the government because it lies along the main highway between to mask this and baghdad the government is using this tactic as well with the with the rebels in the countryside of homes in the northern countryside of homes telling them you can face what the rebels of eastern water faced if you don't agree to lay down your arms there is a ceasefire in place and negotiations are set to continue on sunday but i still but talks with i still have collapsed eisel of course controlling a pocket of territory in southern and southern to masochists i still refusing to evacuate and leave to the east of the country to the back of the desert and so the army and its allies have begun
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a battle to recapture that territory so the syrian government pushing ahead with the with its military option really the way it wants to solve this crisis by crushing the rebellion in recapturing territory from the rebels instead of engaging in any political process students across the united states are marking the one thousand the columbine school massacre with another nation wide war crime students are being encouraged to wear orange and walk heads of their schools to peoples in a teacher were killed in the one nine hundred ninety nine columbine shootings the antigovernment been in the u.s. has gained new mentum since the parkland school shooting in february in which seventeen people were killed under gallagher in that event in auckland and the what's the mood been like given recent events. well very low key here at the marjory stoneman douglas high school is about three thousand students here only about maybe eighty walked out because others are
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staying inside the school to do what they're calling a day of service we've met students out here picking up litter others are registering people to vote for the midterm elections others again are phoning their local politicians to make sure they keep that effort up to call for gun reform but of course the parkland students have not been alone today there's been more than two thousand demonstrations from maine all the way to hawaii students taking to the to the white house outside their schools a recent report i just read this morning a study that says that since columbine one thousand years ago two hundred thousand children have been affected by this kind of gun violence so what we're talking about here is a generation of children who are now becoming adults who've really been affected by these mass school shootings if you think about it columbine is almost twenty years ago and little has changed since then when you come to gun laws that the students here in florida didn't manage to effect a fairly significant change getting the local legislature to change the minimum age
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for buying an assault rifle up to the age of twenty one that we really was an incremental victory for those students but they're also turning to political action now many of these students will be able to vote quite soon they making sure that their activism their passion for gun reform will be translated into political action that's what they want to see more than anything else and they're really keeping that meant him up we seen that seat today across the entire country as students have left their classrooms to call for what they call commonsense gun reform and my next question to you was you know what needs to happen to ensure that all this momentum needs to meaningful change because i guess the students can keep on putting the pressure but it depends how much those in authority are listening. i mean that's true but i think apart from the students apart from this generation that the public mood in this country is finally beginning to shift i've seen polls
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of republicans who are who tend to be protectors of the second amendment supporters of the national rifle association even republicans now are calling for some kind of commonsense gun reform it's beginning to affect so many people seventeen people killed here of course twenty six killed in sandy hook many of those five and six year old children there are there is a mood in this country that's been very much helped by the eloquence of the marjorie stoneman douglas high school students the way they've spoken the way they've campaign the way they took to the streets of washington d.c. that change needs to happen that really it comes down to the politicians but that comes down to who gets voted into office you may well find in things like the midterm elections or even the presidential elections that people will vote on one issue and that one issue could very well be gun reform and gallacher there joining me live from park and andy thank you now for the first time the basque separatist group or eta has asked for forgiveness from its victims over the pain caused by its decades long campaign of violence it's the most comprehensive apology yet by the
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group which is set to announce its dissolution within days at a wage the nearly four decades campaign of bombings and shootings for an independent basque state in northern spain and southern france is blamed for the deaths of at least eight hundred twenty nine people over four decades. still to come this hour end of the road for public vehicles over twenty years old as nepal gets tough on traffic. and it's the end of a new year and british football one of the game's most respected and enjoying figure to set to say at church. welcome back we have an area of rain across parts of eastern china which is being quite persistent at the moment and it's likely be there through the rest of the
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weekend the east coast though looking chairman fine with that southerly flow temps up to thirty degrees and across in taiwan also look here thirty in taipei the rain area continues to develop during the course of sunday in a sense further towards the west a change also seen some share activity across indochina geria looking too bad there are a few showers around but a lot of dry weather here for neuer in vietnam should see sunshine and highs of thirty degrees across into south asia we've got some very heavy rain across northern parts of india and pakistan some snow up over the himalayas still these carboys sharkey's producing some very severe storms across parts of bangladesh and the eastern states of india so no letup in not just that moment this is part of the peak time for them very hot across central parts of india as we would expect forty one in one port and quite a bit of cloud across southern parts of india and also for sri lanka just keep in the temperatures down to thirty one in colombo here in the arabian pincher it's all looking fine at the moment thirty four degrees in doha on earth saw the picture
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thirty nine in mecca and as we head on through into sunday doe has temperature rises to thirty six. stories of life. and inspiration. as series of short documentaries from around the wilds that celebrate the human spirit against the odds. al-jazeera cinemax gangs.
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a quick reminder now of our top stories here on out you see room for palestinian protesters have now been killed by israeli gunfire during ongoing protests along the gaza israel. the u.n. special envoy for syria says chemical weapons inspectors in the syrian town of duma should do their job as quickly as possible without any interference and students across the united states are marking the one thousand anniversary of the columbine school massacre in which thirteen people were shot to. south africa's president has visited northwest provinces to quell violent protests over poor local services so around the poles i've got shortest trip to the u.k. because of the rest reassured locals that he was there to listen more than twenty people have been arrested since the demonstrations began in around the city of mash again and what mistakes they said fired rubber bullets to disperse crowds and turn
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set cars alight and set up world blocks catherine solemnly is there the capital of south africa's northwest province around pools has been holding an urgent meeting with leaders of his a.n.c. party. so right outside the heritage house where the president has been meeting with the provincial leadership of the governing party and see he wants this issue resolved as quickly as possible so right here we have most of the people who are businessmen who sees that the buildings their shops were destroyed and looted during the protests we also have people who have grievances the protests started on wednesday and you know people say that they are very frustrated they're angry by the state of service delivery they want good housing jobs and they're also angry about corruption that he has been levelled against the top. leadership and
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particularly against the premier who has been accused with a sum in his administration of having this corrupt dealing with the infamous bradley is in a particularly a case involving medical supplies so the people want to step down and that's why the president is here in this meeting i think he's going to be trying to be pushing for a consensus by their resolve a lot of pressure for the premier to resign many of these people are saying that he needs to resign that he has not done his job as he should this is of north and south korea can now call each other directly thanks to a newly installed hotline south korea's presidential blue house in north korea's state affairs commission test of the hotline for four minutes it's in preparation for expected talks between south korean leader when j. and a north korea's kim jong un ahead of next week's summit. in
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the asian fishermen have rescued a boat load of a hinge of muslim refugees thousands of kilometers from their homeland the group of about one hundred was brought ashore in a chip province it's unclear how long they've been at sea that they were reportedly weak and also moammar rushed about seven hundred thousand ranger have fled me in mars' rakhine state mainly by land since the military crackdown started in august well flooding has hit refugee camps in bangladesh where hundreds of thousands of range are still sheltering daphne cook from save the children says work is continuing to ensure the refugees are kept dry and safe. we've been strengthening hillsides with sandbags and with stairs to make sure that people can still access critical services when the rain stops we've been providing children with the support they need to make sure they can keep accessing education and vital places to be safe to say the children has been supporting your injured people in causes
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bizarre since two thousand and two and we will be here until as long as the need is there at the moment their range and different options on the table for what may happen to the remainder people in the coming months and years but as long as there is the nation as long as in particular there are children that need the support of agencies like save the children it will be that there's been a twist in the trial of two million more journalists who've been covering the range of crisis with a placement telling the court that they were lured into a trap while on and juries see all of the reuters news agency ever accused of violating a state secret by acquiring official documents up the policeman who was appearing as a prosecution witness alleged one of the senior officers and ordered colleagues to hand over the documents to entrap journalists normally you know with every surprise the truth has been revealed in this way we thought from the beginning which case was a setup but we didn't expect the police would testify like we have the testimony will
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be very strong support for the defendants case. appalls government is banning all public vehicles that are more than twenty years old in a drive to combat air pollution but some say the move is unfair on people who rely on their vehicles to make a living in a stressed reports live from the capital katmandu. catastrophic can be a nightmare and often the pollution levels exceed that of larger cities like new delhi and beijing you know to manage pollution and accidents in the past government started enforcing an old decision to ban public vehicles that are more than twenty years old last year public eagles alone were sponsible for more than seventy thousand major and minor accidents in the comedy valley. twenty zero vehicles were banned from the city two years ago but the ban has now been imposed across the country according to the department of transportation as many as sixteen thousand vehicles will be taken off the roads because of this decision. just
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a few hours outside gottman due in bank village there are a few buses transferring locals drivers here are happy that the ban has just come into effect but i know it's dangerous to run all verses on these roads bricks understood in can fail and there can be accidents but vehicles old advantage twenty years to even thirty years out instead of working out around here. but the decision has upset some transport entrepreneurs' who are often accused of acting like cartels just last month become the dented their monopoly on bus routes and allowed new buses now don't trip and your say this twenty year ban will impact the rural areas the most if we have four wheelers operating in the hills they cost one hundred to one hundred fifty thousand dollars now we can't replace those vehicles and people will be deprived of the services if vehicles are damaged even within five to ten years they should be removed from operation capping the life of big girls to twenty years is unscientific. the parties pay high rates of taxes to port
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new vehicles up to two hundred eighty eight percent government officials say it takes no longer than twelve years to recover a divestment on public transport and extra eight years its profit transport entrepreneur say they already run at a loss and it was subsidies to buy you vehicles now they're threatening to go on an extended strike but government officials say they're not going to back down. on the government. of the government so far has only a regulatory managerial role in the public transportation sector we need to operate our own public transportation system like the metropolitan cities into valid countries we are lobbying and hope to demonstrate this all over the country to some corporate and good numbers to lessen the ban of all vehicles might not have much impact on government as pollution but if both sides don't compromise and vehicles are not replaced on roads the poorest people in the country may have less access to
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public transport. also sirrah that might do now the heir to the british throne prince charles is expected to be named queen elizabeth successor as the head of the commonwealth leaders from the fifty three member states have been discussing the issue at a meeting at windsor castle on there is the queen elizabeth publicly endorsed her son for the role there had been previous calls to will take the position around other members of the alliance which on the whole joins us now live from central on the hi there john also there was some talk of rotating this was this then been decided. yes there's been talk of retaining the role has been criticism of inertia within the commonwealth tied so closely not just to the british government but to the monarchy for many of its even more most of its history really but that was not to be queen elizabeth broke her silence her longstanding silence about her successor during the course of this week hinting that she'd like prince charles to take over it's long been assumed that prince
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charles would take over albeit this is not a hereditary title so he had no sort of right to it but she has over the past few years been relegated more and more her duties passing them on to him she's given up foreign travel he's been seen more and more within the commonwealth in her stead so it probably was widely assumed but yes and there were those calls for change and there was a pretty stiff diplomatic offensive underway by the british government and by the royal family itself during the course of this week and eventually it has been we are told decided indorsed by the leaders that prince charles should eventually succeed his mother when she either abdicates the throne presumably or of course dies but those who who who hope for change who hope for things to be different for probably won't find it they'll find stability and consistency of course in the prince of wales but change probably not and john that has also been taught on the sidelines about the possibility of zimbabwe rejoining.
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there has been yes that happened during the course of friday in a meeting attended by the british foreign secretary boris johnson and the zimbabwean foreign minister who represents zimbabwe here. of course you'll remember that in two thousand and three robert mugabe then president of zimbabwe pulled the country out of the commonwealth he was fed up of criticism aimed at his government it is democracy he called it in the colonial club that he wanted nothing more to do with what it turns out that zimbabwe does rather want a bit more to do with the commonwealth now that it's in and the new leadership. will be elections in july the message from boris johnson was there is a way back into the club if you are elections are credible if they are for the first time in many many years judged free and fair and it is perhaps today this very sort of thing that illustrates those people who wonder what the purpose and mission and direction of the commonwealth is that it whilst it may seem difficult for larger countries to see the draw of membership of this loose friendly sort of
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club for much smaller ones it's vital its value is enormous they get a seat a global seat at the table they get trade advantages it is an alliance that to the likes of zimbabwe is very important to help their joining me live from central on the journey thank you german capital berlin is slowly getting back to normal after the discovery of a world war two which sparked a massive evacuation when ten thousand people were or just leave an eight hundred thousand radius area in the city center including the main railway station bomb disposal experts to fuse the five hundred kilogram british bomb which was dropped more than seventy years ago germany uncovers around two thousand tonnes of unexploded munitions every single year. that finally one of the world's most famous football faces has a nose he is quitting his job at the end of the english season frenchman arson bingo will leave london club arsenal after a record breaking twenty two years in charge leaseholder reports on the end of an
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era for one of football's most successful on the ships. he's the longest serving manager in english premier league history but after more than two decades in charge a statement on arsenal's website confirmed the news after careful consideration and following discussions with the club i feel it is the right time for me to step down right awesome venga i am grateful for having had the privilege to serve the club the so many memorable years when vango arrived at arsenal from japanese football in one thousand nine hundred sixty fans were asking aston who but he leaves as one of the most influential managers in football history isn't what he was and is still an influencer though in football he made. has a fantastic career outstanding personality vanga won the english premier league on three occasions most famously in two thousand and four when his team went through the season unbeaten they were dumped the invincibles he lifted the f.a.
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cup on seven occasions but the frenchman was also viewed as a revolutionary for his early use of sports science and nutrition. basically moved the goalposts for everybody else who's still doing the same thing still prepare and in the same way he came in with different ideas despite success in england arsenal failed to win the champions league during his tenure. fans began to lose faith in recent seasons an attempt to humiliation by by munich last year was marked by protests he'd often pondered his own future. on the street i would love to be here forever because that would mean i would be a mortar but. i'm not naive enough to believe that views were mixed outside of arsenal's harm ground on friday. but i ship to give all the best they went all the way but where you have to go i was quite disappointed with us when we
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leave him because he's been such a great manager and holds a legacy in the club itself like aussie aussie when go so is sort of relief as well because he hasn't had the best of great seasons ultimately bankers managerial rain will be remembered fondly after twenty two years he's time at arsenal has just one month left to run elease homan al-jazeera where you can find out much more about the stories we are following head straight to our website al-jazeera dot com loads of video on demand and contributions from all over the call. a quick reminder now of our main stories amount to zero four palestinian protesters have been killed by israeli snipers during protests along the gaza israel border hundreds more have been injured palestinians are rallying along the border for the fourth friday in
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a role they're marking prisoners day to support thousands of detainees in israeli jails forty one palestinians have now been killed by israeli soldiers since the protests began last month. the u.n. special envoy for syria says chemical weapons inspectors in the syrian town of duma should do their job as quickly as possible and without interference stuff and a mr made the comments after talks with russian foreign minister sergei lavrov moscow. it is important that we turn the page on this alleged chemical attack recall that we need to go back to the basics and basic this lower pressure political process trying to avoid that should it become a international area of playground of dangerous inside syria rebels have abandoned the pocket of land northeast of damascus under an evacuation deal it's believed all members of a group known as the army of islam have now have now left the area of doing air now in nearby column and rebels have agreed to lay down arms and it's expected they'll
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begin leaving within days. students across the united states are marking the one thousand the anniversary of the columbine school massacre on the national day of action against gun violence in schools twelve peoples in a teacher were killed in the one nine hundred ninety nine columbine shootings the anti gun movement in the u.s. has gained new momentum since the parkland school shooting in february in which seventeen people were killed south africans presidents several rounds of holes or has visited northwest province amid violent protests over poor local services more than twenty people have been arrested since the demonstrations began in around the city of mccain on wednesday he said fired rubber bullets to disperse crowds then in turn have set cars a lights and set up roadblocks the demonstrators are calling for the region's premier who's a member of the willing and see party to step down. it's just been announced that the heir to the british royal prince charles has been approved to succeed queen
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elizabeth as head of the commonwealth he does have fifty three member states have been discussing the issue at a meeting at windsor castle where there is a queen elizabeth publicly endorsed her son for the will and they have in previous calls to rotate the position around other members of the alliance. you aren't firmly up to date those are current headlines a.j. selects is next and of course you can always refer to al-jazeera dot com to keep up with the fake stories see you later.


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