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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 20, 2018 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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rewind returns with a new series of care bring your people back to life i'm sorry i'm brand new updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries there has been a number of reforms put in price since the program was full rewind begins with mohammed at the time i was in libya i was the global. and the other student i was very fortunate to be awarded a scholarship rewind on al-jazeera. every dude he's being and it's being leaked and you measure to support intelligence agencies all. to do things in secret that are a little politically embarrassing all of the colleagues that i knew chose to retire from the n.s.a. we could not stand by and see all the work that they had done being used for mass
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surveillance digital dissidents at this time on al jazeera. for more palestinians killed by israeli fire as thousands protest on the gaza border for a fourth successive friday. of them to they went on they says al jazeera live from london also coming up. royal succession commonwealth leaders agree that the group's leadership should pass from the queen to prince charles. the basque separatist group that south africa from victims of its attacks as it moves towards the spam. and some of those players weren't born when our took over at arsenal now after almost twenty two years still think that.
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a very warm welcome to the program. roles have been held for palestinians killed by israeli gunfire during ongoing protests along the gaza israel border four people including a child killed on friday and at least four hundred seventy others have been injured palestinians are rallying along the border for the fourth successive friday marking prisoners day in support of the thousands of detainees in israeli jails over forty palestinians that now have been killed by israeli soldiers since the protests began last month barna smith has more from the scene of the protest on the gaza israel border. the protest camp this week is three hundred meters closer to israel than it was last week because the ultimate ambition of these protests is to demand is to get the right of return and what they want to do they say is by may fifteenth when these protest climax is to make it all the way down there another
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seven hundred meters away to the border with israel and many people want to try and cross that border with israel and it is that scenario that the israelis a particularly worried about they last night dropped a lot of these leaflets on to the residents of gaza this warning people here not to take part in the protest telling them that the israeli military will not tolerate any attempt to breach the border but it doesn't at first look seem to affect the numbers of people coming here maybe as many as ten thousand similar number to last week across all five protests science in gaza and we have also seen again injuries people injured by live fire people injured by inhaling tear gas numbers as i say similar to last week but they're expecting many many more people as these protests reach that climax on may fifteenth. hollywood actress natalie portman has pulled out of a ceremony in israel where she was due to receive
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a prize of the jewish nobel when who was born in jerusalem and holds jewel israeli and u.s. citizenship says she's not comfortable participating in any public events in israel as she's distressed by recent events with a prize she was due to get was launched to recognize jewish achievement and contributions to humanity. u.n. special envoy for syria says chemical weapons inspectors in the syrian town of duma should do their job as quickly as possible and without any interference stuff on the mr made the comments after holding talks with russian foreign minister sergei lavrov in moscow as he tries to renew diplomatic efforts to end the seven year crisis do we need a political discoloration not only a military difficult lesion and i hope that will be possible good for the
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discussions now regarding the political process i am very pleased to hear what you heard and i heard from minutes the level of and from minister show you all that in spite of what happened last week and it is still a very recent there leave the strong commitment from the russian federation to a deep push for the political process. or a show and says more now from moscow. well both men sergey lavrov and stuff and de mistura acknowledged that things had got pretty rough in recent weeks and that the tension had to come down significantly stefan de mistura said that things have got dangerous difficult and tense last week there were serious concerns around the world that in the aftermath of the allegations of yet another
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chemical attack in syria there was the possibility the very real possibility of a significant military entanglement between the united states and russia in syria now lavrov of. de mistura i think both quite grateful that didn't happen de mistura was pointing to the success of the de confliction lines being used between the militaries of those two countries saying that those works and he hopes they continue to work but you get the sense from de mistura and i think he put it fairly bluntly there that he wants the page to be turned are on the duma incident the chemical incident so that they can start talking about peace in syria properly once again but i have to say that it's quite hard to see if the circumstances are right for that to happen now or they there's been a long time since geneva last made any significant progress and we now have a situation where there are of course yet again credible accounts of chemical
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weapons being used in syria we have the geopolitical tension being pretty high at the moment between the united states and russia and we also have a situation in syria where russia the united states turkey and iran are all vying for territorial spears of influence there so getting all of these different factions around the table working towards a long it's a settlement for syria looks as hard now as it has ever be him. inside syria rebels have abandoned the pocket of land northeast of damascus under an evacuation deal it's believed all members of the group known as the army of islam have now left the area of do mair and the nearby calamine rebels have agreed to lay down arms it's expected they'll begin leaving within days said horta reports from beirut in
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neighboring lebanon. so its allies regaining control of more territory from the opposition the town of demand is no back under state control after the rebels lay down their arms and agreed to be evacuated to the north of the country to other rebel controlled territories in the north of the country the remaining rebel factions in the eastern caliban enclave have also agreed to surrender without a fight there was the threat of military action and this is what the government has been doing it was using the strength of military action to bring about a surrender in this eastern caliban enclave being really strategic for the government because it lies along the main highway between to mask this and baghdad the government is using this tactic as well with the with the rebels in the countryside of homes in the northern countryside of homs telling them you can face what the rebels of eastern water faced if you don't agree to lay down your arms there is a ceasefire in place and negotiations are set to continue on sunday but i still but
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talks with i still have collapsed eisel of course controlling a pocket of territory in southern in southern to masochists i still refusing to evacuate and leave to the east of the country to the bad the desert and so the army and its allies have begun a battle to recapture that territory so the syrian government pushing ahead with the with its military option really the way it wants to solve this crisis by crushing the rebellion in recapturing territory from the rebels instead of engaging in any political process the heir to the british throne prince charles is to succeed queen elizabeth as head of the commonwealth in a one comes after talks between the ages of the fifty three member states which is a cost so on thursday queen elizabeth publicly endorsed her son for the rule while there had been previous calls to take the position around all the members of the alliance john holmes joins us live now from central london hi there joe so there was some talk of the roll tape saying how has this then been decided.
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well you know previously this has been a deeply sort of to boo subject because essentially what you're talking about is the end of the reign of queen elizabeth. the fifth through obligation or or through death she's unlikely to abdicate so that's basically what we're talking about here it was the queen herself who brought it up earlier in the week when she gave a hint that she would like to see prince charles eventually succeed her she never said as much publicly and this was always going to be a summit at which this issue of succession was going to hang in the air if not actually become an issue of concrete fact while she got the ball rolling and here they are today announcing in dorset really the leaders of the commonwealth agreeing amongst themselves that what she wanted is what would happen that prince charles her eldest son would indeed succeed her it was widely assumed that he probably would she's given up a lot of her duties in recent years particularly travel she's previously traveled to all of the commonwealth countries many of them multiple times he has stood in
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for more and more so he's more and more seen as a face of the commonwealth and therefore it was widely assumed though not by any means his right to take on that role and there had been critics who had said look this is an organization that is deeply anachronistic it has lost its way it needs a new sense of purpose a new sense of direction let's bring leadership out from the members themselves perhaps have a rotating presidency give everybody a say well they haven't got that in the end and those who wanted to see change to see reform probably won't get it with prince charles but of course they will get a sense of stability a sense of continuity and john what about this question. yes that came up earlier in the day as well in a meeting with boris johnson the foreign secretary attended by. who is the zimbabwean foreign minister who is representing zimbabwe years of of course not any longer a member of the commonwealth having been a member for many many years two thousand and three it was when president gabi then
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pulled zimbabwe out of the commonwealth deeply annoyed by international criticism of his rule and of his his democracy. but zimbabwe really wants to get back in now under new leadership emerson and god where he'll have elections this year and boris johnson said look there is a way back into this club what you need to do is prove that you are going to hold free and fair and open elections and and as an open democracy therefore you might win back a place in the commonwealth and that's hugely important to small countries like zimbabwe who find it difficult to stand alone on the world stage the commonwealth gives them that sort of umbrella global platform it gives them trade advantages it gives them other advantages in terms of relationship relations with big economies and that perhaps as people search for meaning and in the commonwealth is a sign of at least for some countries what the purpose and meaning is so how they're joining me live from central london thanks. south africa's president cut short his visit to the u.k. for the commonwealth summit to deal with problems at home so around the pools as
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instead been visiting northwest province where there have been violent protests over poor local services more than twenty people have been arrested since demonstrations began in and around the city of martin kang on wednesday they supply rubber bullets to disperse crowds who in turn are set cars alight and set up roadblocks catherine soy is in my camera capital of northwest province around the pulsar has held an urgent meeting the leaders of his a.n.c. party. so we're right outside the heritage house where the president has been meeting with the provincial leadership of the governing party and see he wants this issue resolved as quickly as possible so right here we have most of the people who are businessmen who says that the buildings their shops were destroyed and looted during the protests we also have people who have grievances the project started on wednesday and with you know people say that they are very frustrated they're angry by the state of service delivery they want good housing jobs and they're also
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angry about corruption that his has been levelled against the top leadership and particularly against the premier who has been accused with asylum in his administration of having this corrupt dealings with the infamous bradley is in a particularly a case involving medical supplies so the people want him to step down and that's why the president is here in this meeting i think he's going to be trying to be pushing for a consensus by their resolve a lot of pressure for the premier to resign many of these people are saying that he needs to resign that he has not done his job as he should still to come this half hour across the united states students walk out of class. on the nineteenth anniversary of a columbine shooting. heavy rains and floods
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a week happen in waiting to camps in bangladesh increasing fears of what the long sea can bring all that and more when we come back. welcome back across the western parts of asia we've got quite a weather systems at the moment there's been some snow clearing away across the eastern areas well a cloud around the caspian sea region and we're also seeing this area of low pressure pushing across turkey and that's going to continue to move further east during the course of sunday pushing down into parts of iran and iraq it's about tehran and the bank could see some showers the eastern side of the matter train not looking too bad of a stage the flows coming from the north to keep the woman the moment twenty degrees the high in beirut here in the arabian princes all its final moments bill is thirty nine degrees in mecca on saturday temperatures here in doha just on the rise to
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back up to thirty six degrees but time to get through to sunday and similar around the rest of the gulf states so i said across into southern portions of africa where here we've got to find conditions across much the region little bit of cloud around the eastern cape otherwise you've got to get quite a long way north into well all the way up towards tanzania and kenya before you start to see sniffin charis much of zambia drawing fine same goes the bulk of angola coming south it's looking fine across the mid be aplenty sunshine here fine day right across botswana and then as we head into south africa should be fine in cape town with a maximum temperature of twenty degrees. a
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quick reminder of our top stories here on the edges iraq. for palestinian protesters have now been killed by israeli gunfire during ongoing protests along the gaza israel border un special envoy for syria says chemical weapons inspectors in the syrian town of do much to do their job as quickly as possible without any interference commonwealth leaders have agreed that prince charles should take over
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as head of the group one squint elizabeth no longer holds the world. well that summit was overshadowed by criticism of the u.k. government's treatment of long term residents from commonwealth countries especially in the caribbean and a rally to show solidarity is taking place in south london the dean is they are high they're going to what are people been telling you that's important to them. well julie we've been hearing very passionate speeches from a succession of people. talking about the the destroy us that's been caused by people known now as the wind rush generation families being treated as if they were british when in fact they were and it's a problem that's been going on for a long time now we've been reminded but it's only now that it's created a a storm of media interest that the government is under increasing pressure but this is a problem going back several years and initially most of the most heartbreaking cases
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involve people who came here is children in the fifty's and sixty's and have suddenly been denied health care suddenly lost their jobs even been threatened with deportation of them as a debater so as to how many people have actually been deported to places like jamaica where they actually had never been perhaps since they were the age of two years old i'm joined by somebody who's of the next generation whose parents came here in the one nine hundred fifty s. henry porter just explained to me where they came from and term what they had to do once they were here to actually get the recognition that they were british. is henry robert some unison black workers member on the experience for my parents was that they came to the u.k. in nineteen fifties mid fifty's that was before jamaica was independent in one nine
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hundred sixty two my father came to the country on a british passport so did my mother so did my grandmother in nineteen around nine hundred seventy one maybe i was around seven or eight years old you know i heard you know a lot of one happiness seen in the house and you know i've come later to understand that it was because there were no no. long the british citizens and they were just told that they had to leave to remain and they had to apply and pay to have british citizenship when they'd never left the country they'd never aligned themselves to any other country that came here as british citizens and had to now be applying for british system which they already have now some of the speakers tonight have said that this is clear racism because the government when it changed its policy knew which group of the population were going to be affected would you agree i would say that. you know blocking proper caribbean people and the group that he's going to
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affect. there's a long history of being used and abused and you know always being the negative side of things that may be seen as people that are disposable so you know. yeah there's got to be an element of racism because if you look for the buck passed from the repeat it is windows generation these are people that came from former colonies colonies slave colonies where the wealth of those colonies came to enrich those countries you later now have the interest generation coming to build out these countries after the war and then you finish they use them. detain in some your denying some health care. you. destroy their records where you have very you know national archives you destroyed those records which is in a cynical to say well you know let's just follow this hardcore rhetoric because we
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need to maybe jump on the bandwagon and steal a march on these other groups that are being hard on immigration which is not on it which to me is totally unfair you know rather than putting everybody into one bar you would have known that these people are common well we talk about the special relationship with america one of the special relationship with the commonwealth. thank you very much henry roberts thanks for your time well of course this situation is by no means resolved many people in a desperate situation the government including the home secretary or interior minister or rod facing calls for her to resign. as home secretary is the prime minister so plenty of political ramifications here in britain that's him bob there joining me live from such london. about separatist group eta has apologized for the suffering calls to victims and their relatives during his forty year campaign of violence well then eight hundred people were killed in bombings and shootings
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carried out by the group during its battle for an independent state in northern spain and southwest france johnny and reports. after decades of violent an apology for this car bomb attacks shootings and assassinations in the name of independence i better an acronym that stands for basque homeland and freedom started as a student movement opposed to general franco's military dictatorship that went on to become one of europe's most violent and injuring armed groups from one thousand nine hundred eighty eight to two thousand and ten it killed more than eight hundred twenty people nearly half of them civilians. or for that. we are aware that during this long period of all struggle we have created a lot of pain including many damages for which there is no solution we want to show respect for the dead those injured and the victims that were caused by the actions
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of eta we truly apologize spain's government welcome the statement saying eta had been defeated by the weapons of democracy. this shows as political economic social and international just these last words not for as a for all the democrats if he's a deserter with the help of the state security forces judges and the international community. etter fell out of favor with the basque people decades ago and for some victims the apology was not enough. that doesn't fulfil my expectations i think it's a statement where they've tried to justify their acts and overall there's a selective forgiveness which i can't understand at all because we are all victims we have all suffered the pain caused by. the group's journey to dissolution has been long. in march two thousand and six after announce its first permanent cease fire and in response the socialist government started peace talks but nine months later at a bombed a car park at the international airport killing two people then in twenty ten the
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group announced it would not carry out further attacks a year later it declared a permanent ceasefire. and twelve months ago with the help of mediators it led french authorities to a cache of weapons explosives and munition completely disarmed this apology is the last step before its full dissolution expected in may but the healing process will take many years al-jazeera. students across the u.s. are marking the one thousand anniversary of the columbine school massacre on a national day of action against gun violence in schools this was the scene outside the white house in washington d.c. where hundreds of students are gathering in silent protest in a teacher were killed in the one nine hundred ninety nine columbine shootings the answer movement in the u.s. has gained new momentum since the parklands school shooting in february which seventeen people were killed and the gallacher has more now from park. well things
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were fairly low key here at the marjory stoneman douglas high school the school has about three thousand students less than one hundred walked out of their classrooms this morning that's because many more want to stay inside and carry out what they call a day of service that means registering people to vote calling their senators to apply political pressure but of course these students have not been alone today there's been more than two thousand demonstrations from maine all the way to hawaii we've seen people leaving their schools in droves in states across the country this is the generation that's really been affected by gun violence particularly in schools one study i read this morning said that two hundred thousand children have been affected since the columbine massacre of nineteen years ago but little has changed legally these students really want to apply pressure to the politicians that's why they're registering people to vote in the midterm elections ultimately this generation will grow up fairly fast and they are bound to vote on this one issue because their demands are pretty clear they want to see a ban on assault rifles increased background checks and ultimately this generation
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these students that have been so badly affected by gun violence don't want to see anyone else lose their lives north korean officials can now call each other directly thanks to a new installed hotline south korea's presidential blue house and north korea's state affairs commission tested the hotline for four minutes in preparation for expats to talk to and south korean media and in north korea's kim jong un next week that has been a twist in the trial of two mean larger unless you've been covering the range of crisis but the policeman telling the court they were lured into a trap while on a and choice so all of the reuters news agency are accused of violating a state secrets law by acquiring official documents the policeman who was appearing as a prosecution witness alleged one of his senior officers had ordered colleagues to hand over the documents to entrap to journalists. so normally you know we're very surprised the truth has been revealed in this way we thought from the beginning this case was a set up but we didn't expect the police would testify like we have this testimony
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will be a very strong support for the defendants case. german capital berlin is slowly getting back to normal after the discovery of world war two bombs parts of mass evacuation around ten thousand people were ordered to leave an eight hundred meter radius area in the city center including the main will weigh station bomb disposal experts to fuse the five hundred kilogram british bomb which was dropped more than seventy years ago germany uncovers around two thousand tons of unexploded munitions every year and finally one of the world's most famous football faces and as he's quitting his job at the end of the english season frenchman arson bingo will leave london club arsenal after a record breaking twenty two years in charge leaseholder reports on the end of an era for one of football's most successful partnerships. he's the longest serving manager in english premier league history but after more than two decades in charge a statement on arsenal's website confirmed the news after careful consideration and
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following discussions with the club i feel it is the right time for me to step down right ass inventor i am grateful for having had the privilege to serve the club the so many memorable use. when vango arrived at austin ill from japanese football in one thousand nine hundred sixty fans were asking aston who but he leaves as one of the most influential manages in football history isn't what he was and is still an influencer though in football he made. has a fantastic career outstanding personality vanga won the english premier league on three occasions most famously in two thousand and four when he's team went through the season unbeaten they were dumped the invincibles he lifted the f.a. cup on seven occasions but the frenchman was also viewed as a revolutionary for his early years of sports science and nutrition. basically moved the goalposts for everybody else was still doing the same thing still prepare
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and in the same way he came in with different ideas despite success in england also failed to win the champions league during his tenure was that we were going to have fans began to lose faith in recent seasons an attempt to humiliation by by munich last year was marked by protests he'd often ponded his own future on the street i would love to be here forever because that would mean i would be mortar but. i'm not naive enough to believe that views were mixed outside of arsenal's home ground on friday whether he would win every british ship to give out the best moments all the way but where you had to go i was quite disappointed with awesome wenger leave him because he was such a great manager and holds a legacy in the club itself like aussie aussie when god. is so overleaf as well because he hasn't had the best of great seasons ultimately bangas
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managerial rain will be remembered fondly after twenty two years he's time at arsenal has just one month left to run elease homan al-jazeera. i wind of the main stories on al-jazeera for palestinian protesters have been killed by israeli snipers during protests along the gaza israel border hundreds more have been injured palestinians are rallying on the border for the fourth friday in a row they're marking prisoners day to support thousands of detainees in israeli jails forty one palestinians have now been killed by israeli soldiers since the protests began last month the u.n. special envoy for syria says chemical weapons inspectors in the syrian town of duma should do their job as quickly as possible on without interference stuff and a mystery made those comments after talks with russian foreign minister sergei
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lavrov in moscow it is important that we turn the page on this alleged chemical attack recall that we need to go back to the basics and basic this lower pressure political process trying to avoid that should it become a international area of playground of dangerous inside syria rebels have abandoned the pocket of land northeast of damascus under an evacuation deal it's believed all members of a group known as the army of islam has now left the area of doom where a nearby kalman rebels have agreed to lay down arms and it's expected they'll begin leaving within days the heir to the british throne and prince charles is to succeed queen elizabeth as head of the commonwealth when she's no longer in the role in as what comes after talks between leaders of the fifty three member states at windsor castle on thursday the queen publicly endorsed her son for the job had been previous calls to will take the position around other members of the alliance. so
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the africa's president cyril ramaphosa has visited northwest province amid violent protests over poor local services more than twenty people have been arrested since the demonstrations began in and around the city of my cane on wooden stake these have fired rubber bullets to disperse crowds who in turn have set cars alight and set up will blocks the demonstrators are calling for the region's premier who's a member of the ruling a.n.c. party to step down. you are officially up to date those are current headlines inside story is next and we'll be back in just under half an hour's time with a full hour of news hope to see them apply. saudi
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arabia's ambitious economic plan the kingdom has announced several multi-billion dollar projects to diversify its economy away from oil but.


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